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LLS Chapter 216 – Reward, [Gemini] Inherent Skill

Chapter 216 – Reward, [Gemini] Inherent Skill
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Yue Yang carried Yue Bing as he rushed into the Gemini Temple Rear Hall.

The second kind Gemini shadow tried with all her might to stop him, but she was completely chained by Xiao Wen Li’s [Binding Chains]. With Xiao Wen Li’s [Binding Chains] and Dual Icicle Blades attack, the shadow could hardly move at all. On the other hand, the Stone-element Medusa, Storm Mermaid and Thunder Naga immediately rushed towards the hallway leading to the Rear Hall and unleashed their strongest skills, blocking the path and helping Yue Yang to gain more time to enter the Rear Hall.

The [Storm Conch] resounded… and with the Stone-element Medusa and Thunder Naga’s help, the Storm Mermaid summoned a storm that engulfed every single corner of the Gemini Temple.

Thunder filled the whole place. As long as the kind Gemini shadow gained an inch of movement, she would be struck down by the thunder.

Xiao Wen Li spent her utmost effort to hold the second kind Gemini shadow back in place. She knew that the shadow in front of her wouldn’t be injured. No matter how she was beaten up or heavily injured, she would recover within a short period of time. However, Xiao Wen Li still attacked her with her strongest attacks, because the shadow’s capabilities wouldn’t increase, she would still be a Gold-ranked Level 6… This was the reason why Yue Yang had risked this plan. As a Gold-ranked Level 6, although she had a high wisdom and was a Holy Beast, Xiao Wen Li should still be able to handle her. The current Yue Yang didn’t care about what was happening in the surrounding, he only ared about getting to the Rear Hall. As he entered the Rear Hall, he saw a painting of a warrior god hung on the wall. There was a pair of sculptures underneath the painting, one was a smiling face while the other had a dark expression…

“It’s you guys!” Yue Yang hurriedly placed Yue Bing near the statue with the smiling expression, then took out his Crystal Card, preparing to receive the reward for clearing the trial.

Suddenly, a ray of light flashed from behind him.

From an empty space, in a flash, a figure had teleported towards them.

It was that kind Gemini shadow, who was bounded by Xiao Wen Li just now. The burst of strength that she unleashed was actually equivalent to Yue Yang when he lifted the ban on his Innate strength. She teleported immediately into the Hall, striking Yue Yang’s back with her fist. Yue Yang never imagined that this shadow would also know how to teleport and unleash his Innate strength. When the shadow attacked him, he did not have time to lift his Innate restriction to defend himself

The strike from the shadow caused Yue Yang to see stars and almost fainted, his inner organs completely messed up.

Yue Yang finally tasted the taste of his own punches.

In theory, the kind Gemini shadow would be as strong as him… Her terrifying punching power had broken Yue Yang’s spine and ribs. Fresh blood spurted out from his throat, sprinkling on the Golden Mask, as some drops of blood fell onto Yue Bing’s face.

Yue Yang was afraid that the impact of the blow on his body would crush his sister, hence he gritted his teeth and endured the punch. If it weren’t for the fact that he had learnt the Force Neutralizing skill to “use gentleness to counter strength” with the loli in his dreams, he would have died with that one punch. Only now did Yue Yang realise that his punch really felt horrible… On the other hand, when Yue Yang spurted blood, the kind Gemini shadow had also vomited blood.

That’s weird, why does she look more injured than him?

Yue Yang was confused.

He immediately realized that whatever he learnt in his dreams, such as the Force Neutralizing skill that uses gentleness to counter strength or Innate Invisible Sword Qi, were skills that the Ancient Laws could not copy.

The kind Gemini would also receive the same injury that Yue Yang had, but she didn’t know how to neutralize the force, hence she would obviously be much more injured than Yue Yang.

However, the Ancient Laws immediately healed her heavy injuries. Not only were her injuries healed, she had also recovered Yue Yang’s full strength.

As Yue Yang watched in shock, the kind Gemini once again lifted the ban on her Innate strength. Raising her left hand up, she seemed to be summoning [Nirvana’s Flame], the skill that Yue Yang had used to kill Tu Cheng. Her right hand seemed to be summoning [World Exterminating Wheel], the skill that Yue Yang used to kill Kuang Zhan… A frightening Ancient Law Runic Circle appeared on her body… The only thing that was different from Yue Yang was she couldn’t manage to summon [Nirvana’s Flame] on her left hand, it was merely a normal flame. However, it was enough to alarm Yue Yang to the point that his heart rate shot up to 300.

Could he withstood this attack now?

That time, even Tu Cheng, who had a power close to Innate Level 3, wasn’t able to withstand it. Kuang Zhan, who was hiding far away was also unable to withstand it. Furthermore, he couldn’t even lift the ban on his Innate strength now, how could he withstand this fatal attack?

Let alone Yue Yang, even Xiao Wen Li who was rushing across the hallway let out a shocked, alarmed cry.

Although the [Nirvana’s Flame] was fake, the [World Exterminating Wheel] was real.

When the two attacks fused together into a destructive attack, Yue Yang had zero chance of escaping nor defending… He really did not think that although he had guessed everything correctly, he had guessed the second kind Gemini shadow wrongly. She actually possessed all of his skills, it was just that she would not use them at normal times, she wouldn’t attack the challenger fatally. However, right at the end of the Trial, she would finally make her move… Maybe in this ten thousands of years, this was the first time that she attacked. Yue Yang could only sigh in helplessness at his own over-abnormal abilities. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been defeated in his own battle.

That kind Gemini shadow charged towards Yue Yang with tears streaming down her face, her left hand controlling the fake [Nirvana’s Flame] while her right the [World Exterminating Wheel], prepared to die herself.

Xiao Wen Li’s [Binding Chains] Inherent Skill could only stop her for a second.

In the end, Xiao Wen Li helplessly hugged Yue Yang. She had tried her best, but this was all she could do currently. This was because the kind Gemini shadow had Yue Yang’s strongest abilities, even if her [Nirvana’s Flame] wasn’t real, all her other skills were completely identical to Yue Yang.

Just as the destructive skill were about to hit Yue Yang’s body, Yue Bing suddenly woke up from her death-like coma. Her eyelids moved slightly as she opened her eyes.

The two Gemini statues suddenly glowed with a brilliant, radiant golden light. The Gemini statue on the left shot out a pillar of light that entered into Yue Bing’s forehead and a beam of golden light that shot into Yue Yang’s back. It even bathed Xiao Wen Li with its golden radiance. That kind Gemini shadow broke into pieces in that instant, turning into black and white rays of lights. The white light brought fragments of the [World Exterminating Wheel] and floated into Yue Bing’s body.

On the other hand, the black light floated past Xiao Wen Li’s body and entered into Yue Yang’s chest.

That fake [Nirvana’s Flame] also smashed into pieces. A ball of fire flew towards the Stone-element Medusa who was charging towards Yue Yang and the others to help, floating on top of her snakes hair. Immediately, her snake hair became flaming snakes hair.

Yue Yang and Yue Bing’s summoning grimoire floated out as their pages turned…

Before they managed to see the rewards for clearing the trial, Yue Yang and Xiao Wen Li weakly sat on the ground, hugging each other tightly.

They had just narrowly escaped a life and death situation just now.

If Yue Bing had not woken up to complete the mission needed to clear the trial, then everyone would have died. Yue Yang had almost died in the hands of his own unique skills. Yue Yang was really so terrified that his body was drenched in cold sweat. This Gemini Temple was really abnormal… Fortunately he had brought Yue Bing along as he guessed that the Gemini Temple Trial required two people to complete. Otherwise, he would have definitely died. This battle was the most frightening one that Yue Yang had ever faced, even more dangerous than when he was fighting against that Dark Specter that was sealed inside the White Jade Beetle. This was because his enemy was not anyone else but a shadow who had exactly the same skills and abilities as himself.

When Yue Yang thought about it again, he felt that he was really lucky.

Fortunately that kind Gemini shadow didn’t know how to shoot Innate Invisible Sword Qi. Otherwise, he would have died in an instant with one shot of her Sword Qi.

Xiao Wen Li released a burst of pure white light to heal Yue Yang’s injuries.

On the other side, the Storm Mermaid carried Yue Bing, who had passed out again, gently and brought her to Yue Yang’s side. Yue Yang froze when he realized that there was a fragment of [World Exterminating Wheel]’s Runic Circle on Yue Bing’s back. That shattered fragment of [World Exterminating Wheel] slowly disappeared into her body. Yue Yang immediately felt that this lass was perhaps very lucky. If she could reach Innate strength in the future and understood how to use this [World Exterminating Wheel], even if it was only a shattered fragment, it would definitely have a frightening amount of power, enough to completely annihilate her opponents.

Yue Yang was afraid that Yue Bing would wake up, so he immediately put on new clothes on her, whose clothes had turned into dust. He then started to look at her grimoire.

“[Gemini] Inherent Skill?”

Yue Yang discovered that on the main page of Yue Bing’s summoning grimoire, there was actually an additional Inherent Skill.

Immediately, he was filled with an indescribable feeling of gratitude.

Clearing the Twelve Zodiac Temples could actually reward them with an Inherent Skill! No wonder the Gemini Temple was so abnormal, so difficult to clear!

There was a saying, “With great risk comes great reward”. That was indeed true. Facing against a danger where he almost died had rewarded him with an Inherent Skill. This was definitely a reward that all warriors would yearn for in their dreams but would never be able to get it…

[Gemini] Inherent Skill: Level 1. Summons a double that has a spiritual connection with the summoner. The double could perform [Spiritual Telepathy] and [Vision Exchange] from a certain distance with the summoner.

Maybe this [Gemini] Inherent Skill didn’t look very powerful on the outside.

However, it was actually a very powerful skill. Yue Yang thought that if this Inherent Skill was used well, it would be a hundred times better than whatever Flame, Ice, Poison Inherent Skills. Of course, to others, it might not be very useful, but for Yue Yang, this was definitely a deadly killing machine! [Spiritual Telepathy] was already very powerful, it could even do a [Vision Exchange]… This, this was definitely the most abnormal skill amongst abnormal skills!

Yue Yang looked at his own summoning grimoire and also found an additional [Gemini] Inherent Skill.

The strange thing was that the description for his [Gemini] Inherent Skill was different than Yue Bing’s.

Behind the description of the [Gemini] Inherent Skill, there was actually an additional word “Innate” written in dark golden colour. What does this mean? Could it be that his [Gemini] Inherent Skill had another hidden abilities?

Yue Yang couldn’t understand what was happening at this moment of time.

The thing that made Yue Yang extremely surprised was that Xiao Wen Li’s Diamond Grimoire had also been summoned. When he turned over the pages, there was also a [Gemini] Inherent Skill.

How could the reward system even count Xiao Wen Li in? There must be some kind of bug! Yue Yang hugged Xiao Wen Li as he gave her an excited kiss. He would definitely not report this bug to Heaven Gaming Company, he was extremely satisfied with this bug, so he would definitely not file a complaint. Furthermore, even if he wanted to report the bug, he wouldn’t know how to call the gods. There was also the possibility that this was how the Ancient Laws supposed to give their rewards!

Yue Yang accepted the rewards with a clear conscience. In any case, he wouldn’t reject an extra reward.

Xiao Wen Li raised her hands and pointed at Yue Yang’s Golden Mask.

“This thing? This could actually summon my own shadow?” Yue Yang realized that today was his lucky day. Not only did he receive an extra [Gemini] Inherent Skill, he also gotten the most awesome Golden Mask amongst all Gold-ranked items.

Golden Mask: “Good and Evil Gemini”. Warrior’s Accessory. Dark-type, Gold-ranked. Contains 7 Level of sealed curses. First seal has been lifted, skill: [Evil Shadow]. Rank: Gold 6 Stars.

[Evil Shadow]: Summons an evil shadow with half of the abilities as the summoner for an hour. Evil Shadow will disappear automatically when it has used up its abilities.

Yue Yang tried to summon it and discovered that what he summoned was actually the first shadow on the fighting arena that he encountered just now! However, the shadow’s abilities now ha been weakened a lot, it was only half as strong as Yue Yang. Furthermore, it didn’t have intelligence, it only had combat and slaughtering skills. It would need the summoner’s control if it were to unleash other types of skills.

In conclusion, this shadow didn’t have life or intelligence, it was only a cannon fodder.

Of course, Yue Yang was quite satisfied with it. With this shadow as a cannon fodder, it would also be good to use it to deceive people. It was definitely a beautiful, perfect existence!


Yue Yang was too happy with his loots that he had stayed inside the Gemini Temple Rear Hall far too long, forgetting to go out.

As a result, the door to the Rear Hall had closed. There’s no other way, he could only continue towards the Cancer Temple. In any case, he could also leave the Trial from the Cancer Temple.

Carrying Yue Bing, Yue Yang decided to go to the Cancer Temple. He discovered that this Cancer Temple was completely different than the first three temples. It wasn’t a temple, but an endless marshland instead. There was only a small mud path extending forward, probably leading to the domain of the Cancer Temple’s Guardian Beast. Yue Yang immediately changed his plans. He had a cannon fodder now anyway, and Xiao Wen Li and the others could properly display their skills in this place. He should just go and see if the Gold-ranked Guardian Beast of the Cancer Temple was a gigantic crab or a lobster…

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