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LLS Chapter 214 – Girl, I’ll give you a smile!

Chapter 214 – Girl, I’ll give you a smile!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Nice thing?

Of course he must receive it! Yue Yang didn’t hesitate for even a second.

Princess Qian Qian was actually very curious about the Crescent Platinum Ornament. Just as she was about to take a closer look, the stingy brat had immediately tucked it away. She really wanted to throttle him.

Elder Nan Gong paid respect to Jun Wu You slightly before turning towards Yue Yang and gracefully spoke to him, with a manner as if he regarded Yue Yang as a fellow Innate Ranker, “Yue Yang, since you have decided to stay in the Soaring Dragon Continent, I shall see you again in nine months!”

Yue Yang thought, nine months later, if his powers had not reached Innate Level 5, he would not go and sign whatever Innate Alliance Contract he should be signing.

It was not a must to sign it anyway, who would have time for that?

On the Tong Tian Tower Sixth Floor, there was sinister-looking Thousand Goblin Sect Leader looking for a fight with him, like a tiger watching its prey.

However, it was a different case if that mysterious oneesan Introducer could personally send him off to sign the contract… At that time, he might even be able to see Night Empress’ real face and smell Phoenix Fairy’s body closely! Was that smell on her body really a virgin’s smell? He must make sure of this matter no matter what. If it was really a virgin smell, he might as well push Phoenix Fairy down too. It was her own fault for always making fun of him all this time.

Even if he didn’t push her down, she would probably push him down sooner or later…

At this time, while Yue Yang was lost in his imagination, Elder Nan Gong had already bid farewell to the rest of the people and was about to leave

The two War God Guards also each opened a teleportation scroll. Before they left, both of them turned towards Yue Yang at the same time, coincidentally.

They had complicated expressions on their faces.

Princess Qian Qian felt that she must be alert with this kind of expressions in the future. This brat already had too many girls at his side, if these two dragon girls joined in too, she wouldn’t even have a position to stand. Hence, she had to warn him not to turn out like her father, that incapable monarch who had three or four wives. If it were only her friends, she could still bear with it, but she hoped he wouldn’t build a large harem in the future. Otherwise, she would definitely fight him to death!

“What are you daydreaming about? They are already gone!” Princess Qian Qian nudged Yue Yang’s forehead with her fingers lightly.

“I was thinking how much is the reward for the winner of Hundred Schools Elite Tournament…” When Yue Yang said this, the crowd of people was immediately shaken. This brat was already an Innate, why would he join the Hundred Schools Elite Tournament? How would others even fight against him? They would probably only be bullied to death!

“Rest assured, I have signed your name up since long ago, one for the Team Matches and the other for Individual Overall Matches… It was a pity that you had no interest at that time, otherwise, you could also participate in the Individual Combat Skills matches or Individual Beast Matches. This way, you could snag all three championships.” Fatty Hai reported without any regrets. He had already known that Yue Yang had the power to win the tournament, but at that time, Yue Yang had no interest whatsoever to participate in the competition. Hence, he had signed Yue Yang’s name up on his behalf.

“Brat, are you really going to compete?” Even the old cunning fox disapproved that notion.

Although the cunning fox really wanted Ivy Academy to win, he felt that it would be really unfair if Yue Yang, an Innate, participated in the Hundred Schools Elite Tournament. It was practically bullying.

What would happen if he bullied other kids too much and made them cry?

When Yue Yang heard this, he immediately refuted, “Hey, am I not a student? I also have the rights to participate in the Hundred Schools Elite Tournament, you know? As long as I am a student, I have the rights to participate. There are no rules stating that Innates can’t participate! Furthermore, I currently don’t have Innate powers, I have overused my powers too much when I killed Tu Cheng. Right now, even that Xie Clan Master’s son Xie Qian Qiu, that upholder of justice, could easily kill me in an instant. I have risked my life to participate in the competition, how could you disapprove of me instead of supporting me?”

Everyone started sweating speechlessly. Let alone Xie Qian Qiu, even if all the Xie Clan banded together, they would probably not be able to pinch one of this brat’s fingers.

He probably said all this in order to pick a fight with the Xie Clan.

Right now, the Xie Clan was like a stray dog. Nobody wanted to speak up and help them.

Going against an Innate, were they tired of living? Let alone others, even the Zi Jin warriors that were helping the Xie Clan, those Level 6 [Elders] and Level 7 [Overlords] had all quietly left the Xie Clan, drawing a line separating themselves and the Xie Clan.

The Yue Clan that did not have an Innate Ranker would be easy to bully, but the Yue Clan who had an Innate Ranker now was like a ferocious tiger that preys on humans. Whoever went against them would definitely be killed.

Even a fool wouldn’t help the Xie Clan fight against the Yue Clan.

“I was wrong! Boo hoo… I have a pig-heart, I forget my benefactors, I am not a person… Old Marshall, on behalf of that time where you lead us all in wars, please spare the Xie Clan and leave us with a way to survive. I beg for your forgiveness, I will kowtow to you!” Xie Tao suddenly kneeled and wept bitterly, then started slapping his face left and right continuously. His face that was continuously slapped began to swell like a pig’s face. With blood streaming down from his nose, Xie Tao crawled towards Elder Yue Hai’s feet and kowtowed non-stop. Even he, who held a high status as a Clan Master, had behaved in a “If you don’t forgive me, I’ll cry to my death in front of you” manner.

Xie Tu and Xie Nu signalled to the whole of Xie Clan members and guards to kneel down.

The shame of kneeling down was insignificant compared to the annihilation of their clan.

With so many warriors present, even if Elder Yue Hai was ruthless, he wouldn’t order his army to annihilate the Xie Clan. No matter how harsh their punishment would be, it wouldn’t be as harsh as annihilation of the whole clan!

On the contrary, if they stayed resistant and stubborn to the end, they believed that Yue Yang, that Innate, would not even need to attack them personally, as the warriors amongst the audience would take the initiative to attack them instead. They would probably get rid of Xie Clan in a short while… The annihilation of Xie Clan was not a bad thing to them anyway. This way, they would have one less rival to fight with.

“Grandpa, I’ll leave it to you to settle this. Personally, I feel that you should punish them severely.” Yue Yang clutched the barely breathing Qing Song and Hei He flower fertiliser, turned around and left.

Yue Yang’s manners and actions were extremely appropriate.

As an Innate, his words were regarded as important. Elder Yue Hai could use his words as an excuse. The Xie Clan wanted to escape their punishment completely? That’s impossible! However, Yue Yang was of the younger generation. If he personally butchered the Xie Clan under the watch of so many people, the older generations would definitely feel awkward. It would also leave the others with a dark impression of the Yue Clan that would not be changed very easily. Right now, by turning away and leaving, he showed that he, as an Innate, would not care about managing these simple matters. This action of his had saved a lot of people their honour and reputation. The crowd would definitely be grateful to him.

Elder Yue Hai glanced at Yue Yang and nodded quietly.

This matter, if Yue Qiu, his son, were the one to handle it, he would definitely not be able to handle it in such a way. He had a very upright personality, so he did not understand and also did not like to use his position to his advantage.

Xiao-san, on the other hand, was definitely more outstanding than his father… Jun Wu You and the old fox nodded their heads at each other quietly. Even the Zhang Fei-like Eastern Sky King’s lighted up. Other than them, those who had realized what had happened included Xue Wen Dao from the Xue Clan, Feng Shao Yun from the Feng Clan and Yan Qian Zhong from the Yan Clan.

In the Xie Clan, only Xie Tu felt joyful when he heard Yue Yang’s words, instead of feeling bitter.

If Yue Yang simply left without saying anything, Xie Tu believed that Yue Yang would get involved with the Xie Clan in the near future and annihilate their whole Clan. Xie Tu truly believed that this Yue Clan Third Young Master was someone who was ruthless enough to destroy his enemies from their roots… Now that he had said “punish them severely” instead, other than taking into consideration the Xie Clan’s position, he had also left them with a way to survive. He showed them the kindness and benevolence of the Yue Clan.

Leaving this matter to Marshall Yue to settle was his biggest kindness.

If it was left up to Marshall Yue, the Xie Clan would definitely not be annihilated. Xie Tu sighed in relief as he looked at Yue Yang’s retreating back, a strand of gratitude surfaced in his eyes.

If he was the Innate instead, he would definitely not let his enemies get away so easily.

This might just be the reason why Yue Yang could be an Innate at such a young age; and the reason why he, who had trained and cultivated for many years, could only amount to a Level 7 [Overlord]!

Elder Yue Hai stated his first condition, and that was to ask everyone present to keep the fact that Yue Yang was an Innate a secret. Elder Yue Hai knew that he wouldn’t be able to hide this matter for long, but he would try to hide this secret for as long as he could. His precious grandson still had a lot of things to do in the Soaring Dragon Continent, announcing his powers publicly would not be a good thing. At least, Elder Yue Hai thought that he should prevent this matter from being publicly announced to the world. As for the people secretly passing this information to the others, he knew that he couldn’t control it 100%. He could only prohibit them from doing it…

Princess Qian Qian and the others did not stay at the Yue Clan Village to see how Elder Yue Hai would punish the Xie Clan. Instead, they quickly followed Yue Yang.

They were all very curious. How could Yue Yang be an innate at such a young age?

Yue Bing and Yue Yu couldn’t understand at all, but Princess Qian Qian thought that Yue Yang becoming an Innate must have something to do with the Ancient Runes on the cliff at the Cloud Peak Lake. Of course, it would also have something to do with Yue Yang’s own talents and strength. Countless people had tried to climb that steep cliff, but only he himself could trigger the activation of the Ancient Runes Magic Circle. He had even helped the others to benefit from the Runes!

Fatty Hai, Ye Kong and the Li Clan Brothers almost went insane with happiness. They couldn’t imagine how Yue Yang could turn into an innate ranker, but they couldn’t be bothered to ask.

They only knew that they would definitely have a bright future if they followed Yue Yang!

“Are you really going to participate in that Hundred Schools Elite Tournament? Isn’t that really boring? Why don’t we go and complete the World’s Tree Quest instead? Also, are you not going to clear the Gemini Temple Trial anymore?” Princess Qian Qian didn’t want to participate in the Hundred Schools Elite Tournament, because her powers was already unrivalled amongst the competitors.

“Qian Qian, this year’s tournament will be different from last year’s. The champion this year will not be one of the Three Great Killing Stars anymore, but the Three New Stars instead! The one with the highest odds of winning is a Junior [Elder] from the Floating Mist Sect; the second is a prince from the Zi Jin Kingdom, a favourite disciple from the Western Lion Pagoda Sect. It is said that he is an extremely gifted and strong warrior, the first person who is able to defeat three elders from the Western Lion Pagoda. His powers should not be belittled.” Yue Yu’s words was to secretly hint at Princess Qian Qian that her pursuer would be coming too, so she should not be fighting with Yue Yang about this matter later.

“Alright then, I will also participate… However, I will only participate in the Team Match!” Princess Qian Qian looked at Yue Yu full of gratitude, and the two girls smiled at each other.

“Who is the third new star then?” Yue Bing asked enthusiastically.

“He’s the prince of the Tian Luo Kingdom. It was said that the whole female student body voted him as the most handsome-looking man on earth. His smile could make girls faint on the spot, and when he walks on the street, he could make a lot of people bump into carriages, walls, poles etc. In any case, no matter if it is a girl or a guy, everyone will not be able to help but sigh in adoration at his sight. It’s a pity that the Tian Luo Prince is an Ice Prince. He did not have any interest in anyone, he only cared about cultivating and training his beasts. Otherwise, girls would probably have lined up in front of him to offer themselves on a platter, allowing him to choose whoever he liked!” Yue Yu’s words faintly reminded Princess Qian Qian not to look at handsome guys. Yue Yu could see that her little brother’s jealousy was even more deadly than a tsunami.

“Aren’t you over-exaggerating?” Princess Qian Qian expressed her disbelief, but she had also caught Yue Yu’s signal and made a mental note not to talk about handsome guys in front of Yue Yang in the future. This brat’s tolerance was really weak. Furthermore, this brat didn’t look that bad appearance wise. Although his looks were not that handsome to the point where he could make people faint on the spot, his looks grew on people. People would like him more and more the more they look at him. Yue Yang’s handsomeness belong to the ‘bad boy’ type and was well worth a second look!

Princess Qian Qian felt that if only this brat wouldn’t act like a big pervert every single day, if only he could act serious and honorable, his handsomeness level would immediately shot up ten times higher.

Yue Yang didn’t know what was going on within Yue Yu’s and Princess Qian Qian’s minds, he couldn’t tell the hidden conversation between the close friends.

However, he was immediately unhappy upon hearing that someone was more handsome than him, “I hate anyone who could be more handsome than me. I will kill him on the spot!” When Fatty Hai heard Yue Yang’s words that was full of jealousy and killing intent, he jumped in fright. Patting his chest, he said, “Fortunately, I looked like this. Seems like looking like this is also a form of fortune!”

But Ye Kong was suspicious, “I think handsomeness is subjective? Girls’ definition of handsome boys are more often the weaker, more refined scholars. We, as guys, wouldn’t think that those guys are handsome.”

“Three Great Killing Stars and Three Great New Stars, this year’s Hundred Schools Elite Tournament will definitely be fun!” Yue Bing felt that the more skilled warriors there were, the better it would be for her brother’s reputation when he managed to defeat all of them.

“It’s not only those 6 experts, there is also the Holy Spear Female Knights Team from the Tian Luo Fragrance Academy, Dragon Ambassador Can Lan Yu from the Eastern Ocean Crystal Palace and the others. They are all favourites for the winner of the championship. At the thief guild’s bets, their odds of winning are almost as high as the Three Great Killing Stars.” Yue Yang didn’t doubt Yue Yu’s words at all, but he was a little confused. How could there be so many appearances of strong, young warriors suddenly?

“People would usually cultivate their strong, young warriors in secret, but due to the worsening situation in the Soaring Dragon Continent, as the battle between Kingdoms became even more heated, Kingdoms started to dispatch their younger generations… They considered this championship as a test of skills!” Princess Qian Qian was aware that the Hundred Schools Elite Tournament wasn’t that simple.

It had secretly become the chessboard for various Kingdoms to play their pawns.

Their strongest younger generations had instead became their Kingdoms pawn to try out other Kingdom’s abilities.

The only ones who joined the tournament without any political motives might only just be Yue Yang, Ye Kong, Fatty Hai, Li Clan Brothers and the others.

Yue Yang thought quietly. Not many days was left before the start of Tournament, if he start preparing today, maybe he could still make it. Yue Yang didn’t have to prepare much for himself, but he needed to train Yue Bing, and he would also need to give a few pointers to Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the others.

Returning back to the First Floor of tong Tian tower, Ye Kong and Fatty Hai went to complete the Bison’s Grain Quest. They had to collect 10 Bison’s King horns.

Yue Bing followed Yue Yang and entered the Gemini Temple multiple times. Although they had to quickly escape from Gemini Temple afterwards, Yue Yang had confirmed a lot of things in his heart. He had even discovered that Yue Yu’s Grandmaster had not noticed one tiny problem. With regards to the matter of clearing Gemini Temple, Yue Yang started to have confidence in clearing it. But he had to prepare a lot of stuff to truly clear it. He had to spend 100 times more the effort to prepare for the gemini Temple than to prepare for the Hundred Schools Elite Tournament.

For example, one important thing was to ask Luo Hua City Mistress to teach him how to train his body to enter into a death-like coma state.

If he couldn’t do this, he wouldn’t be able to defeat the Shadow.

My dear Luo Hua City Mistress: The most beautiful Luo Hua of my heart, I miss you. Time passed so quickly, it has almost been one month without you. Your servant would like to remind Her Highness, the most beautiful City Mistress, that you haven’t paid my salary yet… I hope that before I died of hunger or of missing you in the Windchime Inn, I could see your beautiful figure again.

Yue Yang wrote a letter to Luo Hua City Mistress, and even signed off with “Your most trusted, loyal Personal Guard who is willing to work overtime to warm your bed”.

Princess Qian Qian didn’t have any opinion on Yue Yang’s sign off, but she was deeply unsatisfied with three words from the letter’s first sentence.

She felt that it would be better to strike off “the most beautiful” or change that phrase to something else.

Towards this opinion, Yue Yang’s reply was, “Shoo, shoo. Stay away from this Young Master, don’t hinder me from chasing after girls! If you want, I can also chase after you, but you always put on your princess airs. It’s not easy for me to write a love letter to chase girls, you know?”

“What did you say?” Princess Qian Qian immediately raised her fist. She didn’t care if Yue Yang was an Innate. Whoever dared to take liberties with herself, she would first beat them up and hear their explanation later on.

“Don’t be angry, girl. I’ll give you a smile!” Yue Yang saw that the situation was not good. He didn’t know about the vinegar jars on the outside, but the vinegar jar right over here was about to overflow. He immediately utilised thirty-six ways of undressing, ah, no, he meant thirty-six ways of flattering, deciding to first capture the tigress for his future blissful sexual life and think about the consequences later. It was indeed effective, once Yue Yang unleashed his Flattery Technique, Princess Qian Qian immediately spurted out a giggle, amused by him.

In the end, she used her tigress eyes to grant him a magnificent roll-eye.

Her girlish actions almost made Yue Yang’s bones crumble on the spot… Goodness, if this tigress could act cutely like this, she was really undefeatable!

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