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LLS Chapter 213 – Dragon Ladies? I don’t need you, I have many beauties

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Chapter 213 – Dragon Ladies? I don’t need you, I have many beauties
Translated by: Sephillia, Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Krithika, Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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“There’s no need to pay any fee. When new members join us, not only will we not demand anything from them, we will also provide them with some supplies for free so that the new member can quickly adapt to and experience Tong Tian Tower. At the same time, we also ask the new member to sign a contract to refrain from unleashing their power under normal circumstances. As the difference in strength between Innate Rankers and normal people is far too great, it’s too easy for them to cause catastrophic harm and mass casualties of warriors on the Soaring Dragon Continent. Thus, under normal circumstances, we request that all Innate Rankers abide by the contract and try their best not to do anything in the Soaring Dragon Continent. At the upper floors of Tong Tian Tower, there’s a world that’s a million times bigger than the Soaring Dragon Continent. Innate Rankers will have to rely on their own strength to acquire their own territory. Over there, you can do whatever you please without being restricted. The Innate Contract is only effective on the Soaring Dragon Continent. This is also the protection that we offer as the Innate Alliance to the Soaring Dragon Continent.” Elder Nan Gong patiently explained to Yue Yang.

“That I can’t do, what if someone wants to kill me just like those two maniacs? If I don’t retaliate, then do I just extend my neck and let them chop it off?” Yue Yang was not happy and opposed the notion.

“Whoever conspired to harm Innate Rankers, no matter what kind of reason or purpose they have, Innate Rankers have the right to annihilate them!” Elder Nan Gong replied determinedly.

Hearing this, the Xie Clan’s people trembled.

They were in deep trouble now. They were completely at the Yue Yang’s mercy.

Although Yue Yang did not have the time to care about them right now, Xie Tu and the others did not dare to slip away silently. If those two silver-winged and silver-armoured female guards attacked again, the Xie Clan might turn into ashes! It was absolutely impossible for normal warriors to contend against Innate Rankers. Xie Tu had already made the decision to cut his losses and protect the Xie Clan as best as he could…

Feng Xiao Yun, Xue Wen Dao, Yan Qian Zhong and the others all perked up their ears to listen to this. It was, after all, a rare opportunity.

Normally speaking, Elder Nan Gong would silently come down to the Soaring Dragon Continent. It was an extremely rare opportunity to see him invite Yue Yang so openly in front of others.

Everyone had gained more knowledge on the Innate realm too. Although they might not be able to ascend to the Innate realm, there was at least some form of hope present there. Not only that, but the accumulation of such knowledge would be exceedingly useful for future generations.

All they longed for was for Yue Yang to ask a little more, so that they could understand a little more.

This brat Yue Yang was already an Innate Ranker through and through. It was far too late for everyone even if they wanted to be jealous of him. If they wanted to play any tricks, they would be courting death already. The only solution was to renew and rebuild ties with the Yue Clan. The rise of the Yue Clan was already impossible to stop. Even if this Innate Ranker Yue Yang did not meddle in the affairs of the Yue Clan, the Yue Clan would be worry-free as long as he existed… Situations like today, where the Xie Clan collaborated with the Zi Jin Empire’s warriors to assault the Yue Clan Castle would never happen again.

As for the Xie Clan, everyone knew that they had become pigs ready for slaughter under Yue Yang’s blade.

The Xie Clan’s people would die a horrifying death, but it was not at all unjust.

After all, they were just dead men walking while exposing their idiocy… Nobody had ever seen idiots who mistook siblings as an adulterous couple, nor had anyone seen suckers who called the princess a bitch in front of the emperor, not to mention the morons who dared to try snatching the Innate Heavenly Badge right in front of the Innate Ranker!

They had brought everything upon themselves with their own hands!

“What’s up with these two girls?” Yue Yang’s Level 4 [Divine Vision] had identified some secrets behind those two silver-winged female guards and he was extremely curious about them.

“If a new Innate moves to the sixth floor of Tong Tian Tower for the first time, they may perhaps fall into an endless string of battles, causing them to be unable to cultivate. Therefore, the Innate Alliance will introduce a few “Senior Combat Imperial Guards” to the new Innate that can be hired to support the Innate and manage various tasks. Their strength can range from the Soaring Dragon Continent’s Level 6 to Level 9 or even Innate level rankers. Every “Senior Combat Imperial Guard” has different abilities and the criteria for being able to hire each one of them is also different. Normally speaking, the stronger they are, the harder it is to hire them.” Elder Nan Gong patiently explained.

“Then, are they the mercenaries that you’re recommending me to hire? Senior Combat Imperial Guards? Then how much money are they going for?” Yue Yang was interested in hiring beauties. Furthermore, these two beauties could really fight!

“They’re priceless. They aren’t “Senior Combat Imperial Guards”; they are “War God Guards” with a far greater intellect and potential. Normally speaking, they will choose an Innate Ranker to support on their own accord based on the potential displayed by the Innate Ranker and improve alongside them. It’s impossible for ordinary Innate Rankers to own a “War God Guard”!” Elder Nan Gong’s words caused the crowd to drool with envy.

From Elder Nan Gong’s words, a conclusion could be reached.

That was… this brat Yue Yang was not an ordinary Innate, but an Innate with extremely great potential. After all, Elder Nan Gong had brought with him War God Guards that even other Innates didn’t have!

The only person who felt a little jealous was Princess Qian Qian. This brat was originally a casanova and completely a huge pervert.

Now that two absolutely beautiful War God Guards was going to be given to him, what would happen?

If this went on, it would be weird if he didn’t forget the person that was originally in his heart… This was extremely bad. Were there no ugly ones among the ranks of the War God Guards?

Princess Qian Qian was imagining things in her head, causing her to feel sour. Originally, she wanted to reject them in Yue Yang’s stead. However, she wasn’t related to him in any way at all, causing her to feel frustrated.

“Then have they fancied me? Are they free of charge?” Yue Yang had a perverted delusion and was feeling great already. All this time, he had always been most loved by little lolis while oneesans looked upon him with hostility. Never once had he seen an oneesan who had fallen in love with him at first sight. His charm could only win over little lolis.

Now, his luck had finally turned.

Oneesans finally came to him!

The Innate Realm was really powerful! Without even going in, beauties had already come knocking on his door. This kind of life was really too blissful (TL: Sexual innuendo)…Yue Yang was so moved to the point where he was almost going to cry.

“Yue Yang, my little friend, these two are the War God Guards that the Zhi Zun has personally picked for you. I think they probably don’t know you at all. If you have any questions, you can ask them directly.” Elder Nan Gong coughed lightly. He really wanted to remind this fellow not to have such a wild imagination. Even if he had potential, at Tong Tian Tower’s sixth floor and above, who would know that there was a young Innate below on the Soaring Dragon Continent who had great potential? If not for “her” giving him two of the War God Guards she had by her side, how would he have gotten War God Guards before even entering the Innate Alliance? That was definitely impossible!
(Shiro: Zhi Zun is Yue Yang’s Introducer, Phoenix Fairy’s sister. I’m going to call her Zhi Zun for now, but I think Zhi Zun is more of her title, instead of her real name. But I’m just going to use Zhi Zun for simplicity’s sake.)

“Both of us are dragon ladies from the Eastern Goblin Tribe. Although we have Zhi Zun orders, we are not completely sure that you are the master that we have to follow. We have to find an Innate Ranker that could help us improve our own powers. Right now, we still couldn’t confirm that you have that kind of capabilities. Hence, we will not form a contract with you immediately right now, unless you could prove to us that your abilities are stronger than ours!” The heroic-looking War God Guard on the left spoke up, pouring cold water on Yue Yang’s spirits in an instant. Seemed like they still didn’t want to follow orders, they had their own thought.

“We won’t necessarily contract with you, you know!” The right War God Guard’s character was not as serious as the left; she was cuter.

“Only if you test your potential on the sixth floor of Tong Tian Tower and verify that you are helpful to us later on will we consider.” The left War God Guard stated another condition.

“We’ll only consider, you know!” The right War God Guard added cutely again.

“Annoying, that’s so troublesome! Ah… Forget it. You can go back now, I have a lot of beauties by my side. I don’t care about War God Guards or whatever… Aren’t they just two dragon ladies? There’s nothing for you to be so arrogant about! I will only say one sentence: This Young Master don’t need you!” Yue Yang waved his hands very manlily. However, although he looked carefree on the outside, his heart was bleeding profusely. They were two high-quality Dragon Ladies! He was really a fool to send them back home just like that!

“Ah…” Fatty Hai and Ye Kong was thoroughly shaken. Why didn’t he want those War God Guards when they were given to him?

“This…” Let alone them, even Elder Yue Hai, Jun Wu You and the others also felt extremely confused. What was wrong with this brat? How could he even push War God Guards away?

“What a useless manly pride!” Princess Qian Qian had her super sensitive [Six Records] Inherent Skill, she could hear from Yue Yang’s tone that he was saying that without meaning it. It was not that this brat wanted to ignore the War god Guards, it was just that those War God Guards’ words had hurt his manly pride. Hence, he would rather reject them than listen to their conditions. Even if they wanted to talk about conditions, he as the master should be the one to decide them. Otherwise, he would rather not have them. Right now, Princess Qian Qian finally could understand what kind of person Yue Yang was a little. She revealed a small smile on her mouth. She wanted to laugh, but she was afraid that he would get angry with her. She nudged him with her fist a little, and when Yue Yang glared at her, Princess Qian Qian smiled gently at him, “I support you. Even though you lost two girls, I shall compensate you with Luo Hua, Wu Xia, and one more additional girl, Yi Nan!”

“Those girls were originally mine…“ Thinking that he still had City Mistress Luo Hua, the mysterious beauty and Sister Yi Nan, Yue Yang felt better inside.

“Since you have said that, can we go back? You really don’t want to follow us back to Tong Tian Tower Sixth Floor to test your potential? Can we really go?” The left side War God Guard asked Yue yang, looking as if she was surprised at his hostile behaviour, driving them away.

“Not gonna send you off!” Yue Yang acted strong and stubborn till the end on the outside, but he really wanted to beat himself up in his heart.

They were such a high quality Dragon Ladies oneesans! He was about to give them up just like that.

Princess Qian Qian had really guessed his heart right. All for the sake of his useless manly pride, he had given up the two Dragon Ladies. He could have gotten the both of them, but there was no hope for it now!

Elder Nan Gong suddenly clapped his hands and praised Yue Yang, “Yue Yang, Zhi Zun has mentioned you a few times to me before. She said that you are someone who likes freedom. Your actions are unpredictable, your thoughts are flexible, you are determined to be free and hated binding rules and regulations. Now that I see you in person, she has really described you correctly. However, I can guarantee you that the contract in the Innate Alliance is definitely not a regulation that binds Innate Rankers. They are some kind of protection for the Soaring Dragon Continent… Let me put it this way, before you become an Innate, if it wasn’t for the Innate Contract, countless enemies would have tried to kill you. Would you still be here today then? Hence, we have to restrict Innate Ranker’s actions in the Soaring Dragon Continent. If it is on another place instead, Innate Rankers could act as they wish. As long as they have the strength, Innates can do whatever they wished to do, there are no limitations at all. It would be freer than staying in the Soaring Dragon Continent.”

Although Yue Yang’s resolution was a little bit shaken, he would definitely not want to be bullied in Tong Tian Tower Sixth Level.

In the Soaring Dragon Continent, he would not meet a lot of enemies.

Other than Heavenly Imperial Guardians, those strong rankers, others wouldn’t even be able to pose as a threat to his life. But it was different at Tong Tian Tower Sixth Level. The Thousand Goblins Sect were waiting to pick a fight with him there. Before he had the strength of an Innate Level 5, he would definitely not go to Tong Tian Tower Sixth Level. Otherwise, he might even fall into that Thousand Goblins Sect Leader’s sinister trap.

Although chasing girls are important, his safety comes first!

Only when there is life, there are girls. If he died, then Luo Hua and the others would become widows, wouldn’t that be sad…

The more serious and strict looking War God Guard on the left flew over to his side and gave Yue Yang a crescent-shaped platinum ornament thing, and said, “Zhi Zun said that if you rejected our request, then we should give this to you!” Yue Yang sweated. Could it be that that mysterious Introducer oneesan had already known that he would reject them from the beginning?

“What is this?”

Yue Yang realized that although this thing looked as simple and ordinary as his Black Jade Pendant, in reality, it was an Artifact that he couldn’t see through even with his Level 4 [Divine Vision].

The War God Guard on the right with a cuter personality nodded and said with her usual way of speaking, “It’s a nice thing, you know!”

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