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LLS Chapter 212- Greed, Insanity, Instant Kill!

Chapter 212- Greed, Insanity, Instant Kill!
Translated by: May
Edited by: Krithika, Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Yue Yang scratched his head as he listened to Eastern Sky King’s questioning. “I think I was an [Innate] before. However, my power dropped after I killed Tu Cheng and Kuang Zhan.”

“You killed Tu Cheng? Mother of god!”

Eastern Sky King trembled in sudden fear. He let go of Yue Yang immediately and tidied up his collar. He laughed satisfyingly. “Although I’m not an [Innate], it is good to have a son-in-law who is an [Innate]. Son-in-law, when will you marry Xiao Luo Hua?” At first, Jun Wu You was drinking water calmly but he spurted the water as soon as he heard what Eastern Sky King had said. This Eastern Sky King was way too shameless. How could he call Yue Yang as his son-in-law in such a smooth manner?

Feng Xiao Yun and Xue Wen Dao looked at each other then turned to Elder Yue Hai at the same time. They stood up together and cupped their hands at Elder Yue Hai as they congratulated him.

As for Yan Qian Li, he could not close his mouth at all.

The envoys from the Western Lion Pagoda and the Eastern Golden Crystal Palace also stood up immediately and cupped their hands at Elder Yue Hai as they congratulated him. It was normal that they had looked down on the Yue Clan last time as the Yue Clan had no [Innate] rankers. However, it was different now. The Yue Clan not only had an [Innate] but the [Innate] was only twenty years old. What kind of concept was this? From now on, they had to value and respect the Yue Clan much more than before, no matter how their sect had treated the Yue Clan in the past.

Elder Ku Ming also felt stunned as he looked at Yue Yang. He felt surprised but he quickly resumed his former woebegone look.
(Shiro: Ku Ming in chinese means bitter and depressed. I’m really worried about these characters’ parents naming sense)

The Yue Clan’s Generals were the happiest ones.

At that moment, all of them were very happy and joyful. Many of them were so excited that they cried.

Finally there was an [Innate] in the Yue Clan. This was the first [Innate] in thousands of years. Their hope had finally come true after they had hoped and waited for generations.

Yue Clan, the most vulnerable Clan amongst the Four Major Clans had finally rose in power. The ancestors of the Yue Clan had put in a lot of effort just for this day. Some of them died in the battle for their clan, some lived on as they suffered in silence, some gave up on cultivating but studied Puppet Techniques in order to revive the Yue Clan, some concentrated on cultivating and memorising mantras to make a breakthrough even though their body was about to burst… Finally, they finally had an [Innate Ranker] after so many sacrifices made by the previous generations.

Although [Innate] depended on one’s efforts, the Yue Clan had paid an unestimated price in order to continue their clan bloodline and protecting their next generations.

Thousand years of sacrifices.

Their efforts were only rewarded today.

For these thousand years, it was the first time they got the payback when they thought that all their efforts had been wasted.

Hundreds of warriors and guards as well as the servants and ex-clan disciples kneeled down as they felt touched. Some of them cried bitterly. The deer-riding Fifth Grandfather also cried at this moment. Although the most gifted Yue Qiu in their clan passed away, his son who was the most useless, always got bullied by others and was mocked by the whole Soaring Dragon Continent had followed his father’s footsteps towards the path of excellence and became an [Innate Ranker].

Jun Wu You and Elder Yue Hai hugged each other with tears in their eyes at this moment.

The Da Xia and Yue Clan had been linked together since long ago with a relationship where the existence of either one of them would affect the other one as well. If one of them received glory, the other one would also be glorified and honoured. Although the Yan Clan was in the frontier of Da Xia, they were located nearer to Zi Jin Kingdom. For the Xue Clan, they had very few male bloodlines. The Feng Clan was only good at fighting duels but had no leaders. Only the Yue Clan had been serving under the Da Xia military to protect Da Xia for these thousand years continuously, generation after generation.

If it wasn’t for the three reviving heroes from the Yue Clan, perhaps Da Xia Kingdom would have been downgraded to a third-rate small kingdom now.

At first, Jun Wu You and Elder Yue Hai had given up all their hope after the most gifted person in these hundred years, Yue Qiu, died in battle.

They didn’t expect that Yue Yang, who was still so young, had actually endured silently while cultivating secretly as he bore with the criticisms such as ‘useless’ and ‘idiot’ for these fifteen years and had finally reached the Innate Realm. Jun Wu You, Elder Yue Hai and Feng Kuang were still feeling touched from this unexpected surprise although they drank until they were dead drunk after they got to know it on the day Yue Yang defeated Tu Cheng.

He was definitely a gifted child from God.

Although the gifted Yue Qiu had passed away, God didn’t treat the Yue Clan unfairly as he compensated them with a more talented gift, Yue Yang.

“Is it true that you’ve reach the Innate level?” Princess Qian Qian asked as she grabbed Yue Yang’s collar as soon as Eastern Sky King put Yue Yang down. She stared at Yue Yang with her fierce tigress eyes. “When did that happen? Brat, have you deceived me all this while? See if I don’t beat you into a pulp!”

“How could I dare to cheat you? You know that I am very scared of tigress!” Yue Yang smiled but it was a crooked smile. Princess Qian Qian blushed and put him down immediately.

“Brat, did you really want me to beat you up? I will sort you out later!” Princess Qian Qian was about to punch Yue Yang with her fist but she hurriedly pretended to be a well-behaved child as she saw all the elders were looking at her direction. She tidied up Yue Yang’s collar exactly like how Eastern Sky King did, annoying him on purpose, “You don’t look like an [Innate] at all. How could a pervert like you be an [Innate]? The way I see it, Elder Nan Gong must have recognised the wrong person.”

”No, it can’t be wrong. Elder brother is an [Innate] for sure!” Yue Bing denied it immediately, afraid that Princess Qian Qian’s words were actually right.

“Xiao San, why didn’t you tell me about this earlier? Boo hoo…I am too happy right now!” Yue Yu’s emotions were so stirred up that she covered her face as she cried out loudly. Her tears overflowed, slipping through her fingers.

As for Ye Kong and Fatty Hai, both of them hugged each other tightly and bounced up and down to express their intense happiness.

They couldn’t believe it. It was like a dream.

However, they would rather never wake up from this dream, hoping that this beautiful dream would continue forever.

The guards from the Xie Clan sat down dejectedly. All of them were feeling down and sad while the Yue Clan were feeling happy and joyful. They really wanted to cry, but no tears could flow out of their eyes.

Xie Tao, Xie Tu and Xie Nu looked extremely gloomy and depressed. It was too late for them to even regret their actions. If only they hadn’t been impatient and used force on the Yue Clan impetuously, if only they had investigated clearly, if only they hadn’t sought help from Elder Song and He from the Green Summit Clan, if only they hadn’t invited all the high-ranked warriors from the Zi Jin Kingdom to besiege the Yue Clan… They had made so many mistakes and any one of these was enough to kill them. What should they do now?

Although Xie Tu was the wisest person in the Xie Clan, not even he himself could think of a way out now.

“Yue Yang, son of the Yue Clan, I, as the Chief of the Ten Council Members of the Innate Alliance, would like to invite you to join our Innate Alliance. Please go to Xuan Yuan Residence at Level Six of the Tong Tian Tower on the eighteenth in nine months time. This Innate Heavenly Badge is exclusive for you and it can prove your identity as an Innate Ranker.” Elder Nan Gong handed a dazzling Heavenly Badge to Yue Yang. There were ancient runes carved on the edge of the badge. The badge was decorated with a moon and two diamond-like stars. The radiance of the stars were so dazzling that people could barely look at it. Everyone look at it with devotion and admiration. The badge symbolized the status of an Innate Ranker. Every person looked forward to it even if it was just Innate Level 1.

There were so many warriors in the world.

However, only very few of them could get this kind of Innate Heavenly Badge.

Usually, it took more than decades or even centuries for an [Innate] to be born. The existence of an [Innate] who was as young as Yue Yang was absolutely unprecedented in history.

Elder Yue Hai and the rest surrounded the badge. Although they couldn’t reach Innate level, it wasn’t bad to have a closer look at the badge.

While all of them were admiring the badge excitedly, Qing Song and Hei He suddenly threw themselves at Yue Yang with a villainous look. It seemed that they wanted to take away the badge forcibly. Jun Wu You, Elder Yue Hai, Old Cunning Fox, Feng Kuang and Hawk-eyed Xia Hou Wei Lie were extremely angry. Had these two old fellas gone crazy? How could they forcibly take away the Innate Heavenly Badge? All of them gathered their maximum combat strength and prepared to give the two old fellas a fatal attack together.

Feng Xiao Yun, Xue Wen Dao and Yan Qian Li also gathered beside Yue Yang.

They too would attack if Qing Song and Hei He wanted to take away the badge forcibly.

Even the Dragon Ambassador Bi Bo from the Eastern Ocean Palace, the red-haired man from Western Lion Pagoda and Elder Ku Ming from the Southern Mountain Floating Mist Sect summoned their beasts out on the spot and got ready to launch their attacks to stop this kind of insane act.

If the Innate Heavenly Badge was forcibly taken by others in front of all the people here, it would be a disgrace for the Soaring Dragon Continent once the incident was spread out.

“Elders Song and He, you can’t do this!” Xie Tu and Xie Nu, the two Level 7 [Overlord]s, rushed out and held Qing Song and Hei He’s thighs tightly.

“That badge is ours! This brat only has the power of Level 6 [Elder] at most. He is not qualified to acquire the Innate Heavenly Badge. It belongs to us. We are the ones who are the nearest to Innate Realm among all the people here. Don’t tell me that both of us aren’t as capable as a kid! I refuse to accept this. The Innate Heavenly Badge is mine. I’ve cultivated for two hundred and fifty years. For what reason can this brat take away the badge which is supposed to be mine?” Qing Song’s eyes got red as he roared frantically.

As he shook his legs, an explosive shock wave was launched.

Xie Tu spat out blood due to the shock wave but he still didn’t want to let go of Qing Song’s thigh. Qing Song pulled Xie Tu’s hand forcibly and threw him away without difficulty.

On the other side, Xie Nu hurriedly escaped before Hei He made his move.

He realized that Elder Song and He had gone completely crazy. Losing their opportunity to be [Innate] rankers was a huge shock for both of them. First, they had been humiliated and then they felt extreme envy. These two seniors who had been respected by the warriors couldn’t control their greed anymore and turned into two madmen who acted unscrupulously.

Yue Yang pushed everyone who was trying to protect him aside lightly and walked out from the crowd.

He reached out his hands to the red-eyed Qing Song and Hei He. He opened his palm and showed them the Innate Heavenly Badge. “The badge is here. Take it if you can.”

“Youngster, go to hell!” Qing Song and Hei He summoned their beasts respectively. The imposing manner was so strong that it was like being struck by a hurricane. It blew all the warriors below Level 6 [Elder] away. Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the Li Brothers could barely stand still after they were blown to more than ten meters away. Since Yue Bing used to maintain herself in a battle ready state at all times as directed by Yue Yang, she summoned her grimoire in an extremely fast and ingenious manner as soon as Qing Song and Hei He launched their attack. Even Elder Nan Gong had glanced at her either accidentally or intentionally as he was impressed with her performance.

Qing Song and Hei He ferociously launched their attacks, packed with power as strong as a hurricane’s.

Everyone realized that these two fellas had gone completely insane.

Suddenly, two silver light streaked across the sky like meteor and shot right towards Qing Song and Hei He’s back just as everyone protecting Yue Yang was about to launch their attacks on the two Elders.

A small hand appeared. In the perspective of Jun Wu You and the rest, this small hand felt like a giant dragon’s claw. It pressed on the back of Qing Song’s head, who was charging forward to kill Yue Yang, pushing him down onto the ground easily.

On the other side, the same movement had also happened at the same time with Hei He. He was also pushed onto the ground as a small hand pushed his head from the back hard onto the ground.

The earth shook incessantly, but there was no sound of explosion.

However, the crowd could still hear a dull trembling sound from underground for a long time. It sounded like there was an ancient giant beast digging in the underground continuously.

When the smoke and dust slightly settled, the crowd of people could see the two heroic and valiant-looking, silver-winged female Guards dressed in silver armors. Each of them were stepping on Qing Song and Hei He who had the power of Level 8 [Emperor] down onto the ground respectively.

Qing Song and Hei He who were Level 8 [Emperor] were just like a worm in front of them. Neither of them could retreat nor withstand their attacks.

They couldn’t even gather the strength to struggle at all.

“Elder Nan Gong, the two of them dared to attack an [Innate]. May we ask, do you wish to kill them?” The silver-winged, silver-armoured female guard on the right stood up and threw Qing Song whose bones were all fractured onto the ground as easy as if she was just throwing rubbish on the ground before she greeted and seeked permission from Elder Nan Gong.

“Let’s punish them after this.” Elder Nan Gong only looked at Yue Yang as if he didn’t notice Qing Song and Hei He’s presence at all. He smiled as he asked, “Little friend Yue Yang, do you wish to join the Innate Alliance now or stay in Soaring Dragon Continent for a period of time and only join us nine months later? You can leave with me now if you like. You will get everything that an Innate Ranker would have. I personally wish that you can come with me now because you need to learn a lot of things. It will be better if you join us nine months in advance instead of staying here. If you stay here, your environment might not be suitable for you to cultivate and upgrade your power. Of course, I will definitely respect your decision. So, may I know what is your decision?”

Everyone was looking at Yue Yang and waiting for his reply.

In Yue Bing’s thoughts, she would definitely hate to part with her elder brother. However, she didn’t want to obstruct her elder brother’s future. Therefore, she looked at her brother encouragingly instead.

“Do I have to pay any membership fees if I join the Innate Alliance? I don’t want to join if I have to pay. Oh yea, what is the benefit of being an Innate Ranker? Are there any welcoming gifts such as artifacts and mythological beast?” Yue Yang asked after he tucked away his Innate Heavenly Badge.

Yue Yang’s words was like a bolt out of the blue for everyone present.

Others dreamt of being invited to Innate Alliance their whole life, but he, on the other hand, had came out with terms and conditions instead.

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