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LLS Chapter 211 – Brat, you’re an [Innate]?

Chapter 211 – Brat, you’re an [Innate]?
Translated by: May
Edited by: Krithika and Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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“Yes, I am here for this reason.” Elder Nan Gong gave a certain answer after he paid his respects to Jun Wu You humbly.

“Wow! Congratulations, Elders Song and He!” Xie Tu, Xie Nu and their clan were feeling extremely excited. Their Clan Master, Xie Tao also stopped pretending that he had lost consciousness. He rushed out immediately with a face full of smiles as he congratulated Elders Song and He. Although Elders Song and He both appeared outwardly calm, their flushed looks revealed their joy and happiness. Their palms which were formerly steady were trembling with excitement.

Becoming a member of the Innate Alliance was a dream for all warriors throughout their lifetime. They had waited too long for this.

The guards from the Xie Clan were cheering nonstop and their cheers appeared louder and louder.

Thunderous applause was aroused.

In contrast, the generals of Yue Clan appeared dim and dejected.

They were so near to gaining their victory after they had lowered their enemy’s morale with great difficulty yet they lost their chance to defeat their enemy due to the visit of the Innate Ranker, Elder Nan Gong.

Ye Kong and Fatty Hai were feeling extremely nervous in their heart. If their enemy were recruited into the Innate Alliance, then they would launch a drastic counterattack for sure. At that time, Yue Yang would definitely be in danger. Who would dare to obstruct when an Innate Ranker wanted to launch his or her attack? The Innate Rankers could just murder anyone as they wished if someone had provoked them or even if they had no right or reason. The existence of the ordinary warriors were like ants in the eyes of an Innate Ranker.

They believed that Yue Yang would be an Innate Ranker in the future for sure. Ye Kong and Fatty Hai never doubt on Yue Yang’s ability considering his talent.

However, it would be a disadvantage for Yue Yang as they met this kind of situation now.

If Jun Wu You and the rest weren’t ahead right now, Ye Kong and the others would have rushed out in order to let Yue Yang escape immediately.

While there is life, there is hope!

Battling with the enemy was the last thing which Yue Yang should do at the moment. Yue Yang would have no problem challenging Elders Song and He if he cultivated hard for another ten years.

However, at the moment, Yue Yang was still too young and hadn’t had enough time to cultivate. Even if he was very talented, his combat power would not be at the same level as an elder who had cultivated for two to three hundred years.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Nan Gong.” The Elders Song and He knelt and greeted Elder Nan Gong in extreme excitement in the midst of the enthusiastic applause from the Xie Clan’s guards.

Although Elders Song and He had a higher status among the ordinary warriors they were nothing when compared with Elder Nan Gong.

Elder Nan Gong was the Chief of the Ten Council Members of Innate Alliance. A thousand years ago, he was the one who had invited the Innate Rankers of Soaring Dragon Continent to join the Innate Alliance. Qing Song and Hei He who were two hundred and fifty years old were just brats compared to Elder Nan Gong.

The guards of Xie Clan burst into louder cheers as they saw Elder Nan Gong humbly reach out his hand to help both Elder Song and Elder He up.

As expected, the one whom he would invite were the most powerful Elders Song and He.

Initially, everyone were still a little worried as there were also many talented and powerful warriors on the side of the Yue Clan. For instance, there was the Eastern Sky King whose strength was nearly approaching Level 8 [Emperor].

Qing Song and Hei He were feeling so touched that they were about to cry. God would indeed blessed those who had worked hard. They had finally gotten the reciprocation after they had cultivated with all their might for more than two hundred years. The world of Innate Rankers had finally opened the door and welcomed them. They had walked the path to Innate Rankers for more than two hundred years since they were young until their hair turned gray as they grew older. They had slaved through until today, when they finally got to meet the invitor, Elder Nan Gong. As they thought about it, both of them were trembling as they were feeling so emotional. They knelt on the ground and looked at each other with their tearful eyes as if they were going to hug each other and cry bitterly.

However, Elder Nan Gong politely said something that made everyone stunned. “May I know who you are? I’m very sorry. I think both of you have some misunderstandings.”

The words came like a bolt from the blue.

Qing Song and Hei He were very upset. Could it be that Elder Nan Gong wasn’t here to invite both of them?

The cheers from the Xie Clan stopped immediately.

All of them fell silent.

A deathly silence engulfed the whole place. Almost all the warriors stared at Elder Nan Gong as though they couldn’t understand his words no matter how hard they were trying to figure them out.

Elder Nan Gong wasn’t here to invite Qing Song and Hei He?

East Sky King who was covering his face as he couldn’t bear to watch the situation just now jumped out all of a sudden after hearing Elder Nan Gong’s words. He pointed at Qing Song and Hei He who appeared pale and disappointed and asked Elder Nan Gong, “Aren’t you here to invite them to join the Innate Alliance?”

“Their strengths and abilities are not bad. However, they still need to work harder as there’s still a big gap for them to reach the Innate level.” Elder Nan Gong shook his head lightly as he swept his eyes over Qing Song and Hei He. His denial threw the Xie Clan’s warriors into despair and even caused Elders Song and He to collapse and faint. He then nodded his head lightly and said, “I am here to invite another person.”

Eastern Sky King shouted “Wahhh!” Excitedly as he heard the words.

He clapped his hands and shouted at Qing Song and Hei He who were about to faint. “Have you ever heard of the story of old tortoise? Let me tell you the story since I’m so merciful. There were two old tortoises in this world who had always been hallucinating on their own successes. They were obviously someone who stayed under the well, who knew nothing of the world yet they were so shameless and thought that they could climb out from the well and fly to the sky. Do you think they could fly? Could they fly with their thick face? Congratulations to Elders Song and He for getting invited by the Innate Alliance. Hahaha! This is definitely great news! I am representing Tian Luo Kingdom to congratulate the two tortoises who have finally flown high up into the sky. No, I must compose a poem to express my excitement: Tortoises’ shamelessness are undefeatable under the heavens; Nobody could beat them when they unleashed their nonsenses!”
[May: Thick face means shameless in Mandarin.]

Feng Kuang continued, “Da Xia Kingdom Army would like to congratulate both of you after the Eastern Sky King!”

The Old Cunning Fox also couldn’t bear to stay silent. He nodded his head and said, “The whole of Ivy Academy would also like to congratulate Elders Song and He to return to Western Paradise- Oops, I meant ascend into the Innate Level with honour.”
[Return to Western Paradise literally means die in Mandarin.]

Although Feng Xiao Yun and Xue Wen Dao didn’t say a word, they had been trying hard to hold their laughter in their hearts and almost burst keeping it in while watching this since it was another unexpected mistake.

Yan Qian Zhong had been counting on Elders Song and He to show their power but now he just wished to cover his face as he couldn’t bear to watch any longer.

Even he felt embarrassed for both of the old men.

If he had known this earlier, he would definitely have refused to befriend the Xie Clan. They were indeed some useless fellas. Yan Qian Zhong made a decision in his heart in that split second. He decided to break off his relation with Xie Clan. Without relying on their secret relationship, it seemed that the Xie Clan would fall devastatingly after this incident and wouldn’t be able to lay their hands on the Yue Clan anymore. There were many talents among the young generation springing up in the Yue Clan. Apparently, the Yan Clan could only stay still at the fourth place as they didn’t have the fate to surpass the Yue Clan.

“Other than congratulating Elders Song and He, the Yue Clan would also like to thank both of you for showing our Xiao-san how the younger generation should behave. Both of you are really doing a great job!” Elder Yue Hai sneered as he clapped sarcastically. Jun Wu You, Old Cunning Fox, Feng Kuang and him already knew the result earlier. They just endured silently and only launched a fatal attack right after Elders Song and He had lost their pride and prestige to repress their arrogance.

The Yue Clan’s generals were clapping their hands with all their might. The clamor was ten times louder than the Xie Clan’s just before.

This time the Xie Clan’s guards wished to hide themselves under the ground due to great embarrassment.

Qing Song and Hei He, who had been living a luxurious life and been flattered by countless people all their lives, couldn’t bear this kind of humiliating situation. Both of them were feeling so angry and embarrassed at the same time. As they were in great anger, they couldn’t control their emotions and breath. They felt dizzy and blood was coming out from their throat.

Two puffing sound were heard.

Both of them spurted out the blood and fell to the ground almost simultaneously.

Initially, Xie Tao wanted to rush out to carry Qing Song and Hei He back. Xie Tu pulled his elder brother’s clothes lightly to dissuade him.

Qing Song and Hei He had been done in. They had lost their pride. If the Xie Clan get too close with them, they might even weigh the Xie Clan down. More importantly, since Elder Nan Gong wasn’t here to invite Qing Song and Hei He, he would most probably invite a warrior from Yue Clan then. The biggest possibility should be Princess Qian Qian, who had the most promising future.

Although Princess Qian Qian did not yet have the Innate Strength but with her excellent natural talents, it wouldn’t be a problem for her to achieve Innate level.

Elder Nan Gong appreciated those who were talented. It was not impossible for him to invite her in advance.

When Elder Nan Gong walked towards Princess Qian Qian, Xie Tu nodded his head surreptitiously thinking that he had guessed right.

Although both Elders Song and He were at the intermediate level of Level 8 [Emperor], but their potential had reached their limits and they were old. More importantly, they hadn’t improved for more than ten years. If Elder Nan Gong chose them after consideration, he should have invited them earlier. As Xie Tu recalled these things now, he feel that the Xie Clan had rejoiced too early. Just like when they launched their attack on the Yue Clan this time, they had made their moves before they carried out investigations which had led to unexpected mistakes. Although the Xie Clan had someone backing them, there was still a big gap when compared with the Yue Clan who had a strong foundation. Not to mention other aspects, by just comparing the two Clan Masters, Elder Yue Hai was far more excellent than Xie Tao.

As Xie Tu observed cautiously, he found out that even the substitute Clan Master, Yue Shan who had remained calm and silent all through was also more excellent and stronger than his elder brother.

Yue Shan remained emotionless even while everyone else was cheering for Elders Song and He. Was he the Yue Shan whom his elder brother had deemed not worth to even be mentioned?

Although the incident had not ended yet, Xie Tu knew that the Xie Clan had already been defeated in this battle. Moreover, they were completely, thoroughly, utterly defeated miserably. The Xie Clan had failed due to their impetuosity and carelessness. They had made their moves eagerly without finding out the Yue Clan’s strength and their hidden trumps. Then things just got out of their hands. Xie Tu was feeling fearful in his heart as he looked at the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master who was surrounded by a murderous aura like a devil king. Apparently, this brat would not let the Xie Clan off that easily. Furthermore, he had a close relationship with Princess Qian Qian… If Princess Qian Qian was invited into the Innate Alliance, the Yue Clan would also develop accordingly. The Xie Clan was in danger now.

Xie Tu closed his eyes in pain.

“Me? Are you looking for me? I am not an [Innate] and I am still far away from that.” Princess Qian Qian looked in panic at Elder Nan Gong who was walking towards her direction. She waved her hands and said, “You must be wrong.”

“Young lady, there is indeed a gap for you to reach the Innate level but the gap is very small. It’s just that you don’t know how to unleash the Innate Strength. If the young man beside you is willing to lead you towards improvement, I believe that you can break through to Innate Strength. Young lady, I believe that I can invite you not long later. Actually I am here today to invite the young man next to you.” Elder Nan Gong smiled at Princess Qian Qian. Then he nodded his head at Yue Yang and followed by a graceful courtesy that no one had seen before.

“What?” Not only Princess Qian Qian but everyone present was completely shocked.

Of course, everyone was shocked except for Jun Wu You and Elder Yue Hai who had seen how Yue Yang killed Tu Cheng and Kuang Zhan, the two Innate Rankers.

The experts in the Xie Clan almost fainted over with shock. Elder Nan Gong was here to invite the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master??!


Xie Tu felt that his heart almost broke into pieces. A sense of danger was running wild in him that made him feel extremely fearful. The impossible and scariest thing had happened. Yue Clan had an [Innate] and the [Innate] was the ruthless, murderous-looking Yue Clan Third Young Master who hated the Xie Clan. This time the Xie Clan would be in a disaster where their whole family might be exterminated. Xie Tu recalled how Yue Yang acted and spoke just now and realized that this brat might just really be an Innate, otherwise he wouldn’t be so arrogant and condescending.

If it was an ordinary younger generation instead, how would they dare to threaten to kill both Elders Song and He?

Yue Shan’s gaze was cold. He seemed to know the truth that Yue Yang was an [Innate]. However, his hands still couldn’t help but tremble when he watched how Elder Nan Gong evaluated Yue Yang.

Eastern Sky King was stunned as he looked at Yue Yang. He couldn’t respond at all for a long time.

Suddenly, he ran to Yue Yang and lifted Yue Yang up as he grabbed Yue Yang’s collar. He roared at Yue Yang like a demon, “Brat, you’re an [Innate]?”

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