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LLS Chapter 210 – Don’t be happy too early!

Chapter 210 – Don’t be happy too early!
Translated by: Sephilia
Edited by: Krithika, Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Shiro: Hey guys, sorry there’s a lot of confusion and mistranslation last chapter because there are a lot of characters being introduced. I’ve edited them again so they should be correct now. Here’s the summary of people outside of Yue Clan present:
Jun Wu You (Da Xia Emperor)
Feng Kuang (Da Xia General)
Eastern Sky King

Four Great Clans
Feng: Feng Xiao Yun
Xue: Xue Wen Dao
Yan: Yan Qian Zhong

Four Great Sects
Elder Ku Ming (Yue Feng’s instructor, Floating Mist Sect)
Dragon Ambassador Bi Bo (Eastern Ocean Crystal Palace Sect)
Lion-like fellow from (Western Lion Pagoda Sect)
No one from Moon Fairy Pavillion came

Xie Clan
Xie Tu & Xie Nu (slaughter and anger pair, Level 7 [Overlords]. Xie Tu is a City Master)
Xie Tao ( Xie City Master, City Master of Blade Mountain City, substitute Clan Master of Xie Clan)
Two Elders Song He (Level 8 [Emperors], identical twins, one called Qing Song and the other Hei He)

“What do you mean brother? That’s a lie! That time, Qian Qiu and I witnessed that bitch pulling his hand!” The sexy girl hurriedly refuted anxiously.

“That’s right, she’s absolutely correct. At that time Second Sister was definitely pulling my arm. If not for Second Sister pulling me, I would have already punched Princess Qian Qian. When I was peacefully reading my book, Princess Qian Qian suddenly punched me twice for no reason whatsoever. Regardless of whatever happened, she did pull me back aggressively in an all too “effeminate” way. I can definitely testify this fact for her.” Yue Yang nodded his head to confirm.

“Princess Qian Qian was around at that time too?” This sudden revelation almost caused Xie Tao to fall flat on the ground.

“That’s not right! How could one of the other two bitches be Princess Qian Qian? Who doesn’t know that Princess Qian Qian carries a greatsword on her back and wears silver armour? That day, the other two bitches were both wearing warrior’s clothes, Princess Qian Qian wasn’t there at all…“ That pretty and flirtatious girl’s words caused Xie Tao to be fuming mad. She should have shut her mouth long ago, yet she was babbling on without end.

“Shut up!” Xie Tao really wanted take this evil woman down with a single punch. But with a crowd watching, he could not move, and could only keep his bitterness inside.

“Was I the bitch you just spoke about?” asked Princess Qian Qian, stepping out of the carriage.

“That’s her! That day, there was another bitch too…” Before the pretty and flirtatious girl could finish her sentence, she saw Yue Bing stepping down from the carriage. She immediately pointed her finger, directing Jun Wu You and the others to her, testifying, “These two were the accomplices! There’s also Yue Yu, that slut…“

“Nonsense!” Xie Tao really wanted to punch her to oblivion, but Feng Kuang coldly gazed at Xie Tao, warning him, “City Master Xie, you’d best not move. Otherwise, we will be forced to kill you. The three sect ambassadors have already guaranteed the safety of their lives, after all.”

The Xie Clan’s wiseman Xie Tu lowered his head in disappointment. Everything was over.

Really, both success and failure were controlled by women, after all.

At first, the Xie Clan had gotten a great opportunity. However, because they were too impatient and were unable to wait before moving against the Yue Clan, they had questioned the Yue Clan without investigating clearly what happened.

Now, even if they had a thousand mouths, it was probably impossible to explain it… If they had only mistaken Yue’s Clan’s Third Young Master as an adulterer, it would still be fine. They did not expect Princess Qian Qian to also be travelling with him. Under this kind of situation, how could the Second Miss possibly be doing something disgraceful with him?

They were siblings after all! If the Xie Clan had stubbornly identified them as an adulterous couple, the Clan would have become the world’s greatest joke!

The Eastern Sky King was already rolling on the ground laughing as hard as he could.

His fist was hitting the ground repeatedly, but it was not enough to suppress his laughter.

The Yue Clan’s Castle Guards could not help but roar with laughter too. However, the Xie Clan’s guards dejectedly lowered their heads.

This time, they had lost too much face…

Feng Xiao Yun pointed towards Yue Yang, asking Xie Tao, “Now that all the criminals have gathered here, namely Yue Clan’s Third Young Master, Second Miss, Seventh miss, and Princess Qian Qian, is there anything else you would like to add?”

Xie Tao almost wanted to find cracks on the ground so that he could squeeze into it. He hurriedly shook his head, saying, “A misunderstanding, it’s a misunderstanding!”

“It’s not a misunderstanding!” The two elders who had the strength of Level 8 [Emperor]s suddenly stood up. The elder on the right laughed coldly. “No matter whether they were recognised wrongly, the fact that the Yue Clan’s children joined hands to kill the future master of the Xie Clan, Xie Qian Qiu, is an ironclad truth. The Yue Clan must compensate the Xie Clan in some way. Xie Qian Qiu is one of the children that we brothers had fancied. Now that the children of the Yue Clan have beaten him to death, we as his masters must take back some justice!”
(Shiro: Sorry, a mistranslation on chapter 208. At the bottom of chapter 208, “Xie Tu shouted “go and get the ‘two elders Song He’ here to support us.” These two elders are collectively called Two Elders Song He, because one is called Qing Song (who always stood on the left) and the other Hei He (right). They are Level 8 [Emperors], identical twins and also witnesses for the marriage between Fourth Mother and Fourth Uncle – chapter 98)

The moment he spoke, the veins on Jun Wu You’s temples popped.

Even idiots knew that Xie Qian Qiu was a trash that was could not even compare to mud that could be used to build walls. Except for abusing his power to rape women, he did not have any strengths at all.

If not for having ulterior motives, even if a young man with ten times the qualifications of Xie Qian Qiu was sent in front of the Two Elders Song He, they would probably not bat their eyelids even once. Xie Qian Qiu, let alone Level 8 [Emperor]s, he would not even impress Level 6 [Elder]s. If not for the fact that he was born in the Xie Clan as well as being the eldest son of the first wife and born with a silver spoon, he could only be trash among trashes!

The power behind the Two Elders Song He was the self-proclaimed world’s Fifth Sect, the “Green Summit Sect”.

The Green Summit Sect was the current guardian sect of the present Zi Jin Empire.

Originally, traitors who wanted to steal the Yue Clan’s ultimate moves fled to the Zi Jin Empire and created a new sect. Under the support of Zi Jin Empire, they constantly recruited rankers, and slowly rose in power. The Yue Clan had always been suspicious of the sect leader and vice sect leader of “Green Summit Sect”. They were Moqi Li Mie and Duan Mu Ke, the two great villains who had tried a thousand years ago to poison the top rankers of the Yue Clan and steal the secrets of the Innate Spear Technique. That year, the two people had been close relatives of the Yue Clan. Due to their overwhelming talent, they had obtained the utmost trust from the Yue Clan members and were viewed as kin brothers by them. However, during the time of crisis when the Clan Master was poisoned and surrounded by powerful enemies, they had disappeared without a trace. Ten years later, Moqi Li Mie and Duan Mu Ke had reappeared in the Zi Jin Empire. At that time, they were already part of the Zi Jin Empire’s Five Great Shamans. They had also set up “Green Summit Sect” with the support of the Zi Jin Empire’s emperor.

The present-day “Green Summit Sect” had already become the Chief Guardian Sects of Zi Jin Empire, and proclaimed themselves as the fifth sect in the world.

Since a thousand years ago, Green Summit Sect had always been the mortal enemies of the Yue Clan and even the Da Xia Empire.

It tried to destroy the Yue Clan many times. However, the Yue Clan had always had a talented younger generation emerge and save the Yue Clan during times of crisis.

Today, even if these Two Elders Song He did not speak, everyone could already guess that these two old folks would definitely not leave the matter at that. They were definitely here to cause trouble.

Yue Yang did not know who these two old folks were, nor did he know the grudges that the Yue Clan and Green Summit Sect had against each other. If he had known, he would definitely say that their motives were painfully obvious.

To address the difficult questions raised by the Two Elders Song He, Yue Yang stood up.

He was extremely generous and admitted it in a single sentence. “That’s right, I was the one who beat him to death. So what if I beat him? I ought to beat him up after all. It would be tragic if I don’t beat him!”

Hearing the astonishing arguments that Yue Yang had raised, Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the others nearly banged their head on the ground.

The people on the Xie Clan side were already seething with anger since long ago, so much that their facial expressions had already become distorted.

It would be fine if he said that it was a misunderstanding. There would be a way out of this difficult situation if that was the case. Now, this fellow had actually admitted to beating that person to death straightforwardly. Not only that, he had still displayed such an arrogant attitude!

Everyone had seen many arrogant people before. However, they had never seen someone as arrogant as this fellow! Facing dozens of experts who had already established their reputations long ago, he as a junior was still arrogant like hell. He really deserved a beating! At the Xie Clan side, you could just pick a random person and that person would be a Level 6 [Elder] and above. If not for giving some respect to Jun Wu You, the Da Xia Empire’s emperor, the Xie Clan would have long since swept the Yue Clan clean…

“Yue Hai, is this your opinion too?” Elder Qing Song who stood on the left side was agitated and angry.

“What he said is not my opinion. However, my thoughts doesn’t stray far from that. On the other hand, as the Clan Master, I am unable to manage him properly. If you have the capability, help me discipline him a little.” Elder Yue Hai was calm and collected. Since his grandson was already an Innate who had even killed the Thousand Goblins Sect’s Tu Cheng and Kuang Zhan, no matter how great or experienced the Two Elders Song He were, they were destined to flop.

No matter how powerful the Two Elders Song He were, could they be more powerful than those two Innates, Tu Cheng and Kuang Zhan?

They were so arrogant and haughty, but could they consider the Thousand Goblins Sect’s leader beneath them?

The Thousand Goblins Sect Leader had witnessed firsthand the deaths of Tu Cheng and Kuang Zhan, killed by his own Clan’s Third Young Master. Yet, he did not dare to seek him out to settle his debts. What does this Elder Qing Song and Elder Hei He even counted as!

“Since that’s the case, then fine. I’ll teach your junior the manners he should have when he sees his seniors!” Hei He who was standing on the right was prepared to take Yue Yang down. Princess Qian Qian suddenly stood forward and spoke. “Fellow seniors, I imagine that it’s better if everyone is made clear on the situation. As for this esteemed senior, since everyone’s still trying to reason with each other, it’s not your turn to discipline this junior yet.”

Elder Hei He was shaking with anger. He really wanted to kill Princess Qian Qian with a single slap, but Xie Tu hurriedly rushed forward and whispered a few sentences to him.

Moving against Princess Qian Qian was the dumbest way of doing things.

With the Yue Clan’s matters not resolved, falling out with the Da Xia Empire now was the most unwise decision to make.

If Princess Qian Qian were to lose even a strand of hair, then the Four Great Sects and the Four Great Clans would definitely extend their hands to protect her. The Heavenly Imperial Guardians would even more so arrive here upon hearing the news. If Hei He were to move, Da Xia Empire would have a reason to retaliate. By doing this, they were essentially declaring a war between the Xie Clan and the Green Summit Sect against the Four Great Sects, Four Great Clans and Da Xia Empire.

More importantly, the opposition was currently willing to be reasonable.

The more they moved, the more they would look like they were in the wrong. They would seem to be angry as a result of embarrassment.

Hearing that Princess Qian Qian was about to burst out with the truth, Xie Tao quickly waved his hands, saying, “A misunderstanding, this is a misunderstanding!” He knew what kind of trash his son was. Perhaps he was trying to take advantage of Princess Qian Qian before being beaten to a pulp by the opposition. If that was really the case, not only would the Xie Clan be unable gain an upper hand over the Yue Clan, they would also receive the stain in their reputation for taking advantage of a princess and humiliating royalty.

“This is definitely not a misunderstanding. Actually, this was what happened…“ Princess Qian Qian recounted the incident to everyone, and added, “I can’t completely repeat the obscenities that Xie Qian Qiu’s spoke. Not only that, Xie Qian Qiu also stripped. There was an intention of raping us three girls. If not for us three having the ability to protect ourselves, if not for Yue Clan’s Third Young Master stepping forward to protect us, and if we were normal girls instead, that fellow who is not worthy to even be a beast would have succeeded in raping us.”

“So that was what happened!” The crowd finally understood after hearing it.

Before this, everyone was puzzled. How did Xie Qian Qiu become an ally of justice? They did not expect that this was completely the Xie Clan’s distorted truth. They had used this opportunity to slander people. Come to think of it, Xie Qian Qiu was originally a notorious lecher. Being unable to change his bad habits was the most possible truth!

Whether it was anger that gripped his heart, or not having the face to see people, Xie Tao suddenly spewed blood from his mouth.

With a sway of his body, he fainted.

The guards from the Xie Clan side hurriedly assisted Xie Tao back.

“Juan Juan, you slut. How dare you raise your hand against Princess Qian Qian!” Xie Tu hurriedly tried to distract everyone, roaring towards that sexy girl.

“City Master Xie Tu, please wait! For the time being, it’s not your turn to pin your blame on one of your accomplices.” Feng Kuang coldly snorted. “I hope everyone will give a satisfying explanation to Da Xia’s Royal Family regarding this matter.”

“If you want to give an explanation, the Yue Clan should give the Xie Clan a satisfying explanation first! That your Yue Clan’s child killed Xie Qian Qiu is a fact presented in front of your eyes. As for what Xie Qian Qiu did when he was alive, there is a possibility that some people intentionally fabricated the incident. Those can be ignored for now. What I can only see in front of my eyes is that my disciple, Xie Qian Qiu, has already been killed by someone!” The Elder Qing Song latched onto this notion.

“Seeing the performance of clowns for a good deal of time, I feel like it’s about time to wrap it up.” Yue Yang coughed a few times, and waved towards the Elder Qing Song, saying. “Old geezer, does it matter if Xie Qian Qiu is killed? I’ll send you to the west as well! (Shiro: Chinese beliefs – nirvana is in the west) How old are you? Why aren’t you waiting for your death at home? You even jumped out to act as if you were high and mighty. Say for yourself, are you braindead? You want to die for no reason at all? Your time has long gone, it’s currently the era of the younger generation like us, understand? After we’ve finished talking reasonably, we’ll just talk with our fists. I’ll still stick to my principles. No matter how many people you send, if you don’t surrender, I’ll kill every single one of them. I won’t stop even if I have to chase you to the ends of the earth…”

“Junior, you really are mad!” The Elder Qing Song was so angry that his lungs almost burst.

“It won’t be too late to praise me when I step on top of your head with my foot!” Yue Yang had the intention of acting high and mighty in front of the crowd. Facing these two old geezers who did not see anyone as worthy of being compared to them, this was the best offering that he could make.

As Elder Qing Song was prepared to move against Yue Yang, two silver stars suddenly flashed from above.

Just like shooting stars, they drew a beautiful arc across the sky.

Finally, they fell towards the centre of where everyone was.

Originally, everyone thought that this kind of thunderous unblockable fall would cause a world-shaking explosion. The Clan guards who were of lower levels were so scared that their faces were drained of colour.

Only those with [Elder] rank and above people were waiting calmly… As expected, the landing of the two silver stars were as light as feathers, not startling anyone at all.

The two silver stars turned into two girls with silver wings and silver armour. Silver radiance emitted from their bodies. There were profound halos flickering under their feet.

With a light draw, they took out a golden teleportation scroll each.

In that instant, a golden teleportation portal rose.

A neatly-shaved white-haired elder wearing simple yet extremely clean clothes with the temperament of a scholar walked out slowly. First, he bowed slightly to pay his respects to Jun Wu You. Then, with his unique metallic voice, he spoke. “Esteemed Da Xia Emperor, please forgive Nan Gong for coming here without an invitation.”

Almost everyone who saw this old man who came forward were shaken as they saw him.

After all, this white-haired elder who called himself Nan Gong was the Chief of the Ten Council Members of the Innate Alliance. Normally, he would reside in the sixth floor of Tong Tian Tower. He would not appear in the ordinary world under normal circumstances. However, if one were to approach the Innate realm in the world, he would appear to invite this ranker who was close to the Innate Realm to join the Innate Alliance.

His appearance represented the tidings of incomparably good news.

With just his appearance, that would prove that someone was being fancied by the Innate Alliance.

It could be said that the appearance of Elder Nan Gong was one of the most desired things that could happen in the lifetime of a warrior. Without his appearance, it would be impossible for the person to ever reach Innate.

Almost all of the warriors saluted this Elder Nan Gong. The action was spontaneous and sincere. This Elder Nan Gong who frequently gave people good news was worthy of everyone’s respect.

Of course, a person from another world like Yue Yang would have never heard of him before. From the start, he did not understand what was going on.

The entire area was filled with excitement. However, the most emotional ones were Qing Song and Hei He.

This was because they were both Level 8 Intermediate [Emperor]s, hence they were the only warriors present who were the closest to the Innate Realm. There was only a fine line separating them from the Innate Realm. After waiting for their entire lifetime, they felt that the day where people from the Innate Alliance would receive them had come.

This, how would this not bring them a pleasant surprise?

How would they not be extremely jubilant?

Seeing Qing Song and Hei He being so emotional, the old fox nearly told them not to be too happy too soon!

“Mister Nan Gong, perhaps someone among us has fulfilled the requirements to join the Innate Alliance?” Jun Wu You was also so excited that his entire body was shaking. A ridiculing smile erupted from Qing Song and Hei He’s lips. They already knew the answer to that question.

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