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LLS Chapter 209 – That’s right, I AM the adulterer!

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Chapter 209 – That’s right, I AM the adulterer!
Translated by: Sephilia
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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When Yue Yang had gone to the Yue Clan Castle and brought Princess Qian Qian, Yue Yu and Yue Bing in a horse carriage back to the place where the Xie Clan and Yue Clan had clashed just now, he found out that the two sides had moved to the Yue Clan Village at the foot of the mountain.

The Yue Clan’s people stood on the left while the Xie Clan’s people stood on the right.

Other than Elder Yue Hai and a few of other elders, there was also the Substitute Clan Master Yue Shan, as well as second uncle Yue Ling who had hurriedly rushed back upon hearing the news.

However, the eldest sons of the First Mistress, Yue Tian and Yue Yan were not present. It seemed as if they had safeguarded themselves intentionally.

Acting as the middleman and witness were Jun Wu You and the people from the Four Great Clans. It was not much different from when it was the New Year. There were the Feng Clan’s Feng Xiao Yun, Xue Clan’s Xue Wen Dao, Yan Clan’s Yan Qian Zhong and the person who acted as Jun Wu You’s left hand and commanding officer of the troops, Feng Kuang. The Four Great Sects had also sent people here. Yue Yang could only recognise one of them, and that was Yue Feng’s instructor, Elder Ku Ming. As for the other two, Yue Yang did not recognise them.

Amongst the other two, one of them had red hair that resembled a lion’s, standing tall and majestic. He had a shining radiant eyes that made him even look more powerful.

On the other hand, the man who was standing beside the Lion Man looked reserved and elegant. His snow-white robe had green dragon patterns all over it. Yue Yang was slightly startled. It looked like this was the dragon ambassador from the Eastern Ocean Crystal Palace. Only rankers from the Eastern Ocean Crystal Palace would have differently coloured dragon patterns on their white clothes.

From ascending order, the colours went by the order of red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and violet. It was said that a red dragon pattern was already a small Level 6 Beginner [Elder].

This green dragon patterned dragon ambassador did not seem to be an ordinary elder either. At the very least, he would be a Level 7 [Overlord] ranker in strength.

As for that red-haired big-sized lion-like fellow, he seemed to be a ranker from Western Lion Pagoda. This was as the Northern Moon Fairy Pavilion did not accept any males. The fairies from the Moon Fairy Pavilion also hardly joined any fights in the world. Yue Yang’s Level 4 [Divine Vision] swept across the two people. A trace of a smile gradually formed as his lips curved at the sides. He looked around and saw Elder Ku Ming. Yue Yang felt that old man was concealing his talents a little. He was a pretty good old man. Elder Ku Ming did not sit in front of a horizontal table like the other witnesses, but rather on a slab of stone. The position he was sitting in caused Yue Yang to look twice in surprise.

There were innumerable amounts of experts at the Xie Clan side.

Yue Yang found out that excluding Xie Tu and Xie Nu, there were five other rankers at the [Overlord] level. As for Level 6 [Elders], there were close to twenty of them.

There were even two old men who had attained Level 8 [Emperor].

These two men were arrogant and lofty. They were also the only people sitting around a table and were served tea at the Xie Clan’s side. All of the Xie Clan’s men were incomparably respectful to them. Even when Xie Tu and Xie Nu spoke, they had lowered their heads slightly.

The two old men looked similar. They seemed like twin brothers.

Both of them had white hair and eyebrows, with their hair like cranes and a youthful face. They looked benevolent and kind-hearted, like the immortals in stories. They did not seem to be those old gods who placed themselves on a pedestal… Yue Yang thought that if the old fox, the eagled-eyed Xia Hou Wei Lie and other people were not standing beside Elder Yue Hai, the Xie Clan would have already started their onslaught against them. After all, their strength was far, far greater than that of the Yue Clan’s.

At the Yue Clan’s side, Yue Yang found out that the two rankers that he had seen in White Stone City’s Warm Cottage had came as well. They stood beside Elder Yue Hai.
(Shiro: Yue Yang’s house in White Stone City is called Warm Cottage)

One of them was as powerful as a lion, the other with a presence as hidden as a leopard.

Within the crowd, the two people were not too conspicuous, but in Yue Yang’s eyes, they were pretty strong.

That Eastern Sky King who looked like a black Zhang Fei had also come. When he saw Yue Yang coming down slowly from his horse carriage, the Eastern Sky King immediately flew over to welcome him slapping Yue Yang’s shoulders hard as he said, “Yue Clan’s Little Three, relax. You’re my daughter’s person, so this emperor will definitely protect you. There won’t be any opportunity for others to bully you!”
(Sephillia: See Three Kingdoms Zhang Fei, imagine with darker skin: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zhang_Fei)

“I’m just your daughter’s guard captain. If Your Highness could describe things clearly, then that would be better.” Yue Yang was sweating profusely. Thankfully, this fellow didn’t say that he was his person, otherwise others would have doubted his sexual orientation. However, the Eastern Sky King did not care at all, and patted Yue Yang’s shoulders again. “What kind of talk is that? Little Luo Hua and you will be a pair sooner or later, it’s fine even if I protect you in advance!”

These words did not seem to be spoken like a king, but rather like a mafia boss.

Of course, there didn’t seem to be any ranker familiar with what kind of amazing person the Eastern Sky King was. Thus, everyone felt that it was normal and not weird at all.

It was the two elders who were being offered tea on the other side who lightly snorted. “These words are what Your Highness has said. However, does it represent the intention of the Tian Luo Kingdom?”

“Old Qing Song, even if others fear you, I don’t give a damn about you at all. Aren’t you just a Level 8 Intermediate [Emperor]? How strong are you to be this arrogant? In my eyes, you two old farts are definitely not going to reach Level 9 [Saint] in this lifetime. You can spend your entire old life rotting in the ranks of Level 8. So what if I said I would protect them? This is my son-in-law, if you dare to lay a single finger of him, I will immediately bring my troops and attack your Zi Jin Kingdom. Let’s see if your Zi Jin Kingdom’s Wolf Army are stronger than my Storm Cavalry!” The Eastern Sky King could fight well against the ferocious Zhang Fei, his tone was as if someone had lighted a barrel of gunpowder in him.

He was Tian Luo Empire’s number two, being ranked just under the Emperor Hua Xu Ri.

Tian Luo’s emperor Hua Xu Ri did not like to bother with political affairs. He left most of them to his state officials. Thus, if one were to talk about the most energetic personality in Tian Luo Empire, it would be this Eastern Sky King.

The Eastern Sky King was originally the crown prince, but this fellow was a battle maniac. He hated meddling in political affairs even more than Hua Xu Ri. He even hated being in the royal palace. He felt that it was a huge prison. Therefore, he relegated his position willingly and gave the position of the emperor to his younger brother Hua Xu Ri. Then, he became the Eastern Sky King, living his life freely.

It could be said that even if the Xie Clan or any other power could raze the Yue Clan’s Castle to the ground, they would definitely not dare to touch the Eastern Sky King.

If the Eastern Sky King was harmed, that Tian Luo Empire would definitely do their utmost to take revenge for him by sending out their elites.

“Nothing below the sky can be more important than reason. Let’s reason this out first!” The old fox hurriedly quelled the Eastern Sky King’s anger. After all, the Emperor Jun Wu You was sitting and waiting at the centre of the discussion. The Four Great Clans and the Four Great Sects were also present. At least, they had to show some dignity. As for the Xie Clan, although the two old men wore a displeased expression, but they were not willing to have a dispute with the Eastern Sky King, so as to avoid having more issues cropping up.

Xie Tao, who was the the city master of Blade Mountain City, good friends with Yue Shan last time as well as the substitute Clan Master of the Xie Clan, came out from the right side of the crowd.

Alongside him, there were two guards who were carrying a stretcher.

On top of it, there was a corpse that was too horrible to look at was laid out on it…

That corpse was Xie Qian Qiu, whom Yue Yang had ruthlessly beaten up before allowing Hui Tai Lang to eat his fill. In order to make him suffer a more painful death, Yue Yang had even broke a healing stone for him, causing him to live within an inch of death. Even if Xie Qian Qiu moved back to the Xie Clan, he would not die easily. Seeing that there was an additional finger mark between Xie Qian Qiu’s Eyebrows, Yue Yang reckoned that the Xie Clans’ masters had broken his skull to prevent him from dying an excruciating death, delivering a blow that released him from pain.

Xie Tao’s entire face was contorted with pain. He held back his tears and bowed to Jun Wu You, saying, “Your Highness, that year, you sent your humble servant to guard Blade Mountain City, your humble servant has been cautious and conscientious for the past few decades. Not one day did I ever dare to slack off. That day, Your Highness came personally to bless the engagement of the Yue Clan’s Second Young Mistress to Qian Qiu. It should have been a match made in heaven, the marriage between the Yue and the Xue. It is still something that your humble servant has yearned so much for. Unexpectedly, little Qiu breathed his last after a horrific accident… Your Highness, you have to uphold justice for your humble servant! If the Yue Clan wanted to break the engagement, although it would break our laws and tradition, your humble servant would have bore the pain and agreed to it. I never thought that Qiu-er would be beaten alive just because he lost his temper after seeing the scandalous actions between the Yue Clan’s Second Young Mistress and her bastard lover and denounced them a little. How could an elder send off his descendant? Your humble servant’s heart is bleeding! I implore you, Your Highness, please uphold justice for your humble servant!”

Seeing his wrinkled face covered in tears, if an outsider did not know the truth, they might have really been fooled by him.

The only regret the Xie Clan had was that Xie Qian Qiu’s infamy had spread far and wide. In comparison, the Yue Clan’s Second Young Mistress had always been a gentle and virtuous girl. In this situation, it seemed to be a desperate action to counter-charge and suspect the victims of the incident.

Jun Wu You offered a seat to Xie Tao, but did not say anything else.

However, the dragon-robed warrior from the Eastern Ocean Crystal Palace looked at the corpse doubtfully and asked, “Xie Clan’s Master, you said that Yue Clan’s Second Young Mistress were in cahoots with the adulterer and killed your son. Do you have evidence? Could you elaborate on how he was murdered? If everything you claim is through words, where is your evidence?”

“Dragon Ambassador Bi Bo, my son and Lady Juan Juan met Yue Clan’s Second Young Mistress walking along with the adulterer. The two people was fooling around with each other and showed their ugly colours. Unable to bear looking at them, my son went up to them in rage, but he could not fight them with his power. In the end, he was insulted to death by the adulterer. Before his corpse went cold, everyone had already known what kind of evil scheme he had fallen into. My Xie Clan’s people are holding on to the evidence. Lady Juan Juan had one of her arms cut off by the adulterer but luckily managed to escape. She is still in an unstable state. If Dragon Ambassador Bi Bo agrees to ensure that Lady Juan Juan does not fall into the evil schemes of the enemy, I’ll invite Lady Juan Juan out to describe the tragedy that happened to my son… “ Xie Tao seemed as if he was extremely sad, and cried again.

“Invite Lady Juan Juan out then. Dragon Ambassador Bi Bo, Brother Ku Ming and I, the three of us, will guarantee that the witness’ safety.” The red-haired big-sized fellow affirmed with his answer with booming voice.

The sexy girl whose arm was cut off by Yue Yang came out. First, she curtsied to Jun Wu You, then to the rankers of the Four Great Sects and the Four Great Clans.

Afterwards, she recounted what happened that time in a tearful voice.

Through her words, Yue Yang was a murderer whose crimes filled the heavens, who did ruthless things. His actions made people’s’ hairs stand on end. He could be classified as an immoral and despicable person. Conversely, Xie Qian Qiu was described completely differently, turning from a notorious ladykiller to become a great and just hero. She had almost forgot to add that Xie Qian Qiu would do a good deed every three days…

Anyway, after such a tearful accusation, even Yue Yang himself started to doubt his morals. Was he really an extremely evil person who had committed such grave offences?

Princess Qian Qian nearly applauded her performance. She had seen countless people crying as an act, but this was the first time that someone had acted so naturally.

Hearing the sexy girl’s accusations, everyone looked at each other.

They felt that it was a little unbelievable. How could Yue Clan’s Second Young Mistress who was this kind and virtuous had a lover?

This kind of situation should happen on Xie Qian Qiu instead! It could still be a possibility if Xie Qian Qiu was dishonourable and abandoned his fiancee, beating Yue’s Second Young Mistress to death!

What in the world was going on?

“Lady Juan Juan, your lamentations have been heard clearly by everyone! Now, facing the Yue Clan’s crowd, did you see the figure of the adulterer? If that person is there, can you identify him?” Jun Wu You duly asked.

“Yes, it’s that person!” That sexy girl had long seen Yue Yang, as Yue Yang was sitting on top of the carriage in a conspicuous manner.

The flirtatious girl pointed towards Yue Yang, and shot a poisonous gaze at him. She gritted her teeth and yelled, “He was the one who cut off my arm and beat Master Xie Qian Qiu to death alive! It’s him, he’s the adulterer, it’s impossible for me to be mistaken!”

Pointing at him, everyone who knew Yue Yang was stunned.

Yue Yang smiled, and affirmed it by nodding. “That’s right, I’m the adulterer!”


Fatty Hai, Ye Kong and the Li brothers fell onto the ground with a thunderous sound. Even Xia Hou Wei Lie, the solemn eagle-eyed man was shocked by what Yue Yang had said.

Feng Xiao Yun and Xue Wen Dao were stunned, while Yan Qian Zhong had already covered his face, not bearing to see the sight any longer. According to his personal thinking, Yan Qian Zhong was more inclined to help the Xie Clan, as the Yue Clan had always been placed 3rd, blocking the Yan Clan’s path. Yan Qian Zhong definitely wanted to see the Xie Clan challenging the Yue Clan. No matter who won or lost, the Yan Clan could just sit idly and benefit as the third party.

Seeing now that the sexy girl identified that the adulterer was the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master, Yan Qian Li almost wanted to squeeze under the desk.

Mistake, the greatest mistake ever!

The Yue Clan’s people used their utmost strength to prevent themselves from roaring with laughter. As for the Eastern Sky King, he couldn’t care less. Tears were already streaming from his eyes, he nearly lost his breath laughing!

Xie Tao did not recognise Yue Yang. At one glance, he felt that something weird was happening. Was there something wrong?

Xie Tu and Xie Nu had seen Yue Yang before. They swore in their hearts, yet they knew that it wasn’t a good time to speak now. They were so fed up to the point that they kept stomping their foot on the ground. It would have been better if this Lady Juan Juan did not say anything. Of all the people to identify, this had caused the entire situation to topple over! Even if they were any faster, it was far too late to think of stopping her now. At first, they did not think that the adulterer that she identified would be that kid, otherwise, they would have killed her in a single stroke. It would have been better for her to die and not testify.

Xue Wen Dao and Feng Xiao Yun glanced at each other. Eventually, Feng Xiao Yun was the first to ask. “Lady Juan Jaun, are you absolutely certain that the adulterer is the person sitting on top of the carriage?”

“Even if he turned into ashes, I would recognise him! Furthermore, he admitted it himself, I beg Your Highness to administer justice for this weak lady!” The sexy girl cried while kowtowing to Jun Wu You.

“This matter… Xie Tao, it’s not good for me to speak about it. Could this be a misunderstanding?” Jun Wu You looked at Xie Tao.

“Your Highness, how could this be a misunderstanding? My son’s corpse is in front of your eyes. Your Highness and the old general has had a deep relationship over the years. Your humble servant knows this, but this situation concerns the Xue and Yue Clan’s children killing the grooms and snatching the bride away. Your Highness can’t just stand idly and watch!” Xie Tao immediately knelt in front of Jun Wu You. He pointed at Yue Yang, accusing, “The killer is in front of your eye! If Your Highness cannot bear to do it, then please step back, and let your humble servant fight to the death with this bastard!”

“Xie City Master, the adulterer that Juan Juan pointed at… Do you know who he is?” Xue Wen Dao started to feel that the entire pack of Xie Clan’s people were collectively braindead.

“Who, who is he?” Xie Tao was shaken. Just now, he seemed to have overheard the Eastern Sky King talking about that guy being his son-in-law. This was definitely a bit of a problem. Jun Wu You not willing to offend the Eastern Sky King was something to be expected, but this guy was also the Yue Clan’s Second Young Mistress lover. Being able to establish good relations with Tian Luo and Da Xia, could this guy have some special identity?

“The adulterer whom you claim is on top of the carriage is the younger brother of Yue Clan’s Second Young Mistress, Yue Clan’s Third Young Master!” Feng Xiao Yun almost cursed at them being utter idiots. They should have found a better excuse to start a war. Such a dumb accusation caused people to be embarrassed for them after hearing it.

“Ah… “ Xie Tao was utterly dumbfounded upon hearing it.

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