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LLS Chapter 208 – Are they even human?

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第二百零八章 他们也算是人吗?
Chapter 208 – Are they still human?
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Xie Tu measured the youngster in front of him who looked to be around 20 years old. He was unusually young, but the Qi that he exuded was even shocking to him, who was a Level 7 [Overlord].

If that youngster had only killed a few beasts or people before, he wouldn’t have such a potent killing intent.

This kind of killing intent seemed to be on the level of a General who had fought in great battlefields and narrowly escaped deaths many times.

He must have already killed more than thousands of people. His killing intent was equivalent to a Demon King’s!

It was a killing intent that normal warriors wouldn’t be able to exude no matter how long they train.

This youngster was still so young, yet he possessed such a ruthless and merciless killing intent. Could it be that he had started killing the moment he came out from his mother’s womb? Xie Tu’s heart involuntarily trembled… He had never seen anyone amongst the younger generations who had a more ruthless killing intent than himself. Even the Three Great Killing Stars, Feng Qi Sha who had killed the most, didn’t have a killing aura like this youngster. In fact, his was not even worthy to be mentioned to this youngster!

If he liken Feng Qi Sha’s killing intent to a wolf cub, this youngster’s killing intent was like a fierce tiger who had just ripped off a man’s head from his body!

Just how many people have he killed exactly? How many strong Rankers did he kill to have that Demon King-like killing intent?

Xie Tu couldn’t imagine it at all.

“Who are you?” Xie Tu had initially thought that only the Substitute Clan Master Yue Shan or the Clan Master Elder Yue Hai would be worthy to be his opponents. He never thought that the Yue Clan had a youngster this powerful. The Four Great Clans really lived up to their names. Although the Yue Clan looked like they had fallen on the outside, the strength that they were actually hiding was definitely not to be looked down upon. Xie Tu suddenly had a feeling that it would be too early for them to pick a fight with the Yue Clan now. They had also been too careless. The Xie Clan had not even finished investigating the matter thoroughly before they hurriedly stormed to the Yue Clan Castle. They had really been unwise.

“Yue Clan Guards, retreat from the line 10 metres back and I’ll behead you!” Yue Yang didn’t pay attention to Xie Tu, instead he glowered at the Clan Generals who were trying to retreat.

The Clan General who had retreated the furthest was stopped by Hui Tai Lang, who snarled, opened its bloody mouth wide and bared its sharp teeth.

That fellow was so frightened that he started to wet his pants and pleaded for his life!

Seeing this, the Yue Clan Generals were absolutely horrified. Everyone was so shocked that they started trembling.

This abnormal Third Young Master was definitely not joking. Previously, he had even dared to kill his Elders when he brought Fourth Mistress and forced his way into the Yue Clan Castle. His ruthlessness had almost created a river of blood. Even after the Substitute Clan Master Yue Shan came out, he had still dared to fight him. If it wasn’t for the fact that Clan Master Yue Hai had came back on time, the consequences would be unimaginable… Afterwards, in the Clan Tournament, this Third Young Master had even dared to beat one of the Floating Sect members up. Furthermore, no one dared to scold him for his brazenness.

Towards this little devil who dared to kill his own elders, the Clan General didn’t want to provoke him and disobey his orders.

Furthermore, with Third Young Master supporting this battle, they would really lose face if they still retreated.

“WAHHH!” They immediately pulled themselves together and increase their battle spirits. Gathering behind Yue Yang, they confronted the Xie Clan Generals with Yue Yang as their leader.

As for the two Elders, seeing that all the Clan Generals had recognized Yue Yang as their leader, were greatly displeased.

However, they fully understand Yue Yang’s exceptional performance before. Right now, this brat was no longer someone they could restrict or control. Since they did not have the great capabilities of that brat, they could only endure the humiliation gloomily.

Furthermore, with a strong enemy picking a fight right at their door, if the Yue Clan did not pull themselves together and work as one, they would really be finished.

As they thought about this, the two Elder also divided themselves into two troops, one on Yue Yang’s right and the other on his left, echoing their war cry together with Yue Yang’s troops.

The Xie Clan Guards had lost more than 20 people in the short moment since Yue Yang entered the fight, hence they were also a little apprehensive. However, as the Level 7 [Overlord], Xie Tu, floated down and stood right in front of them, the Xie Clan Guards’ will to fight immediately increased. They roared their war cry loudly in response to Yue Clan Generals’ cries.

“WOAHHH!” The Xie Clan Guards shouted loudly, wanting to show their superiority from their Qi and their numbers and intimidate the Yue Clan Generals.

“HAAAHHHHH!” How could the Yue Clan Generals retreat now? Yue Yang’s Magic Blade didn’t have any mercy. Furthermore, the Demon Wolf that ate human flesh was also waiting for them behind. Retreating could only mean death, but they could still live if they fight forward. They would definitely not lose in terms of cries as they started to raise their voices altogether, delivering a thundering cry. An endless flow of elite Clan Generals had also come down from the Yue Clan Castle to provide their support.

From the Yue Clan Village, there was also an endless flow of Xie Clan Guards joining the fight, climbing up the mountain as they shouted menacingly.

Elder Yue Hai finally appeared, stepping out from the Yue Clan Castle with great steps.

On the other hand, at the bottom of the mountain, the other Level 7 [Overlord] from the Xie Clan, Xie Nu, who was equally as strong and famous as Xie Tu, also made his way up the mountain step by step… The two sides forces quickly gathered in the middle of the mountain. A great battle was about to commence.

“I don’t care what kind of intention you have. Those who have invaded my castle, I order you to lay down your arms and surrender, otherwise we will fight without further ado.” Yue Yang would not waste his time on compassionate or negotiation talk with his enemy. He only had a rule: Death for all who did not surrender. The highly reputable Yue Clan Castle had been blatantly attacked by an enemy, if they did not kill their enemies now, anyone could bully them in the future. Yue Yang didn’t have a sense of belonging to the Yue Clan Castle as if it was his own ‘home’, but this was still the pitiful guy’s ancestor’s home. Since he had replaced the pitiful guy and become the Yue Clan Third Young Master, how could he face others if he couldn’t even protect the Yue Clan Castle?

“…” Xie Tu was furious. Isn’t this brat too brazen? Right now, the Xie Clan had the upper hand be it in numbers or combat power. He didn’t even offered to negotiate, but demanded them to disarm and surrender immediately! How was that possible?

Xie Nu, who had an extremely short temper, almost went berserk when he heard Yue Yang’s words.
(Shiro: Xie means blood, it’s their clan name. Nu means anger. I have no idea why someone would name their child anger; or slaughter, in Xie Tu’s case. It’s kinda like, Son: Dad~ Dad: Yes, Slaughter?)

Xie Tu, who was more meticulous to detail, signalled to the others to wait for a moment secretly and examine the situation first.

The Yue Clan had thousand years of history and a strong foundation. Even if the Xie Clan had a powerful support behind them and was attacking them with almost a hundred elite warriors, the Yue Clan wouldn’t be defeated so easily. Attacking them on impulse would only spoil their plan. Furthermore, the relationship between the Four Great Clans were very close. If one was attacked without any justification, the other Three Great Clans who were all intimately related with each other would definitely lend a helping hand.

If the Xie Clan wanted to defeat this colossal enemy, the Yue Clan, not only would they need enough manpower, they would also need a strong justification.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to get pass the Da Xia Emperor, Jun Wu You.

Even an idiot knew how close Jun Wu You was with Marshall Yue Hai, whom he called Brother Hai. Jun Wu You had always seen Yue Hai as his brother, so he would definitely not stand by and watch in silence.

“Greetings to Yue Clan Master, Marshall Yue Hai. Today, the reason for Xie Tu coming here is only to ask the Yue Clan to hand over some people. Marshall Yue, please hand over Second Young Mistress Yue Yu and her bastard lover who killed our clan member, Xie Qian Qiu. Before, the Yue and Xie family were related by an engagement and everyone was happy. However, the Yue Clan Second Young Mistress did not know shame and have engaged in illicit relationship with another lover before marriage. There was definitely a conspiracy to kill my nephew and her fiance, Xie Qian Qiu… Right now, we had come here to ask the highly principled Marshall Yue to hand over Yue Yu and her bastard lover to be punished by the Xie Clan and upholding our laws.” Xie Tu gave his respects towards Elder Yue Hai who was striding forward. This was his way showing proprietary and laying his excuse.

“Xie City Master, as a City Master, you must not say inappropriate words. You have not investigated the truth, yet you led an army to the Yue Clan Castle. Furthermore, you have even forcefully demanded for our people. Do you think that I’m already so old that you can bully me however you like?” Elder Yue Hai exploded his Qi as his voice boomed like a thunder, shocking everyone’s eardrums to the point that their ears buzzed, almost going deaf.

Elder Yue Hai was a Great Marshall who have experienced thousands of battles. His Qi was as powerful as a mountain; sharper, heavier, and more forceful than Yue Yang’s, almost as if it had substance.

The Xie Clan Guards on the opposite side had already felt an immense pressure when Elder Yue Hai first arrived.

Now that he had shouted his reply, the Xie Clan Guards couldn’t help but to take a step back in fear.

The Xie Clan Guards were afraid of Elder Yue Hai’s military glory. Even with Xie Tu and Xie Nu, the two Level 7 [Overlords] controlling the troops, their army arrangement started to get into disorder. Xie Tu looked calm but he secretly shivered. Fortunately he came here with Xie Nu today, if it was another person, the Xie Clan Guard army would probably be completely annihilated… Yue Hai, this old fellow, was indeed as firm as the rumours have said. He was definitely not an ordinary person.

Elder Yue Hai and Yue Yang, one old and one young, stood right in front of their troops.

However, their Qi was a complete opposite.

One was as violent and tyrannical as a ferocious tiger showing off his abilities, making others have difficulties in looking into his glaring eyes that could probably kill with one single look; The other was as calm and experienced as a rock, firm and steady like a mountain. He didn’t have to be angry to cast fear on other people’s hearts. Most importantly, the old grandfather and his young grandchild’s Qi both complemented each other, making them look even stronger!

This gave Xie Tu the feeling that let alone his small army, even a strong army with thousands of men and horses would not be difficult for them to defeat.

Xie Tu sighed in his heart. This was indeed the power of one of the Four Great Clans, the Yue Clan.

Even when they have fallen in power and was deteriorating day by day, they were still heroic and undying old lions. If they wanted to do anything to them, they would have to pay a heavy cost. After waging a war against the Yue Clan, would the Xie Clan even have any elite warriors left? Would other Clans take the advantage of their weakness and replace them as the new Four Great Clans? This question suddenly flashed at the bottom of Xie Tu’s heart… He suddenly found out that he had only focused on defeating the Yue Clan before, and had not thought about the consequences and the price they would have to pay if they failed!

Compared to Xie Tu, Xie Nu’s thinking was way simpler.

He thought that he and Xie Tu both could take one opponent each, one fighting against Yue Hai while the other against that arrogant bastard of a youngster. They should give them a surprise attack.

As long as they could force the Yue Clan to reveal their hidden strength, then that great power that was supporting them would be able to make a move. With the hundred over elite warriors attacking the Yue Clan, they would annihilate them with one attack. From today onwards, the Xie Clan would definitely replace the Yue Clan as one of the Four Great Clans!

“Fourth Brother, we didn’t come here to fight, we come here to negotiate.” Xie Tu changed his mind. The Yue Clan wanted to fight, but the Xie Clan must not attack first. Otherwise, they might not be able to take the Yue Clan down even when their whole army was annihilated. Taking others out from the equation, even fighting against Marshall Yue Hai and that Demon King-like youngster alone would be a very difficult battle to win. There were still the Substitute Clan Master Yue Shan, Second Master Yue Ling and the Twelve Elders. They all had powers worthy of mention. Especially the Three Great Elders who had shut themselves inside and never came out before, their strength were even deeper and more immeasurable. Others might think that they were only Level 6 [Elders], but Xie Tu heard from a secret intelligence that those Three Great Elders were not warriors that the Xie Clan could fight against even when they put in all of their power. It was just that they had taken an oath not to take a step out of the Yue Clan doors at all, guarding the Yue Clan Puppet Palace to their death. Hence, common people wouldn’t know about these Three Great Elders’ true powers.

They must pull that great power supporting them from behind to the frontlines.

Otherwise, the Xie Clan would become someone else’s lackey, become someone else’s pawn or stone to be stepped on.

Xie Tu changed his plans and cupped his hands to pay respects to Elder Yue Hai, saying, “Marshall Yue, everything boils down to logic. Today, the Xie Clan had come to talk about logic with Yue Clan. The Yue Clan Second Young Mistress, Yue Yu, had conspired with someone else to kill my nephew Xie Qian Qiu, where is the logic in this? If Marshall Yue is reasonable, then we can stop fighting. We can gather our people together to discuss about this matter!”

He felt that if the Xie Clan took the ‘reasonableness’ approach and directly confronted the Yue Clan in front of Jun Wu You, Jun Wu You and the other three great clans would not have a reason to help the Yue Clan. As for the Yue Clan, he knew that they would definitely not hand Yue Yu over. Hence, at that time, he and the great power behind them would attack the Yue Clan together. As long as the elite warriors in Yue Clan die, the Yue Clan would naturally lose their qualifications as one of the Four Great Clans.

He would definitely not allow the great power supporting them to make use of the Xie Clan to open a pathway for themselves.

At least, Xie Tu wouldn’t agree to it.

It wasn’t easy for the Xie Clan to rise in power. If they face the Yue Clan head on, they would probably lose all the power they had gained and returned to their original standing. With no more powerful people in their clan, would that great power supporting them continue their support?

“The Yue Clan is definitely reasonable. Xiao-san, go back and call your older sister out. I will negotiate with the Xie Clan. If you guys have really committed a crime, you won’t be able to run from our clan’s laws. However, if someone is trying to slander our names, I will also not stand by and watch ourselves being bullied by others.” What kind of person was Elder Yue Hai? He was a Great Marshall who had walked through hurricanes and storms. He had played with schemes like Xie Tu’s to the point that he was sick of it. With no change in his expression, he waved his hands and signalled for Yue Yang to leave.

If Yue Yang didn’t go, everyone would not be able to take the next action, Jun Wu You would also not be able to appear on the scene.

Seeing that Yue Yang was finally about to leave, Xie Tu and Xie Nu sighed their relief.

Although they were Level 7 [Overlords], facing against Yue Yang’s frightening killing intent made their heart shiver in fear. They felt as if they were a tiger’s prey.

If their secret intelligence was right, this brat should be Yue Qiu’s son, who had been hiding and was called a useless trash for ten over years. After inheriting his father’s swordplay recently, he could finally bloom. At the beginning of this year, he had pulled a carriage as he killed his way through the Yue Clan in a bid to bring his foster mother and younger sisters back to the Yue Clan Castle and uphold their honours… The only thing that the Xie Clan regretted was that they did not send people over to observe during the Yue Clan New Year’s Tournament. They had missed the chance to observe this brat’s abilities.

From their secret intelligence, this brat seemed to have the power of at least a Level 6 [Elder], even a Level 6-Advanced [Senior Elder].

It was because this brat had suddenly become so powerful that that great power behind the Xie Clan started to suspect that Yue Qiu had not really died that year, and that he was still living and teaching his son in secret. A lot of people thought that with Yue Clan Third Young Master’s outstanding capabilities, reaching the Innate rank would only be a matter of time.

If the Yue Clan gained an Innate Ranker, then no one else could shake the Yue Clan’s position as one of the Four Great Clans.

This was also the reason why that great power that was supporting the Xie Clan was in a hurry to attack the Yue Clan.

They have to eliminate the Yue Clan Third Young Master and lure Yue Qiu out… Elder Yue Hai was already old, and Yue Shan and Yue Ling didn’t have that much power. This pair of father and son was the real threats of the Yue Clan, no matter if it was last time or in the future.

“Yes. You are the Clan Master, I will obviously listen to you!” Yue Yang seemed to be very obedient in the surface, but his Hui Jin Magic Blade immediately spurred forward, slashing across with thunder-like, unparalleled power; His blow could probably even split a whole mountain. His attack thoroughly shocked Xie Nu. As Xie Nu hurriedly avoided Yue Yang’s sneak attack, he found that Yue Yang had already threw himself into a bunch of guards like a tiger entering a flock of sheep, killing more than ten people at once.

“Boom!” Yue Yang exchanged blows against Xie Tu who was trying to stop him. A loud, thundering clash resounded as the surrounding Xie Clan Guards were thrown away from to the impact. More than half were heavily injured as Yue Yang floated back to Elder Yue Hai’s side, light as a feather.

“What nerve! You dared to kill our people right under our noses?” Xie Nu was almost driven mad with anger. Didn’t they say they were going to negotiate? This brat had actually dared to go back against his words, launching a sneak attack on them instead?

“Are they even human?” Yue Yang’s lips twitched, turning around and walking away nonchalantly.

Let alone the Xie Clan Guards, even the Yue Clan Generals all had goosebumps.

What a coldness indifference towards life! It was even colder than Thousand Years Old Ice. In this Third Young Master’s eyes, maybe those people are not even counted as ants on the road! The Yue Clan Generals hurriedly gave way to Yue Yang, respectfully seeing Yue Yang off. Their feelings were extremely complicated. They feared him but also felt a kind of spontaneous sense of pride!

Xie Nu really wanted to go berserk and use all of his power to fight this brat to death.

However, Xie Tu signalled to him to calm his anger.

When he clashed with Yue Yang previously, he had found out a shocking truth. That arrogant Third Young Master had indeed had the right to be arrogant. His power was definitely not at Level 6 [Elder], it was Level 7 [Overlord]… Xie Tu realized that even when he was prepared to clash against him, he still didn’t gain the upper hand. On the other hand, his opponent seemed to still have some force to spare.

No wonder this brat could disregard everything. The reason was because he possessed extremely strong power on his own alone, he did not need to be polite with anyone.

“Second Brother, you…” Xie Nu had never felt so vexed since he became a Level 7 [Overlord].

“Don’t provoke him. Go and get the Two Elders Song He here to support us!” Xie Tu quietly unfolded his palm. Xie Nu, who was standing in front of him, could see that Xie Tu’s hands was scorched black, as if it was burnt by a strong flame. Xie Nu was extremely shocked. His Second Brother’s strongest defense was at his hands, because he had the Thunder Fire God Arm, a precious artifact to protect his hands. Xie Nu never thought that that brat could burn his brother’s hands with only one attack and a blade.

This, how could this happen?
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