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LLS Chapter 207 – Trespassers will be prosecuted without any mercy!

Chapter 207 – Trespassers will be prosecuted without any mercy!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Yue Yang, Yue Bing and the others walked towards Miss Feng’s room to see Fourth Uncle.

Fourth Uncle was still sleeping, laying on a rattan chair. Two pieces of handwritten letter was right by his side, one designated for Fourth Mother and the other to Yue Yang. This Fourth Uncle’s appearance turned out to look younger than what Yue Yang had thought. He looked handsome, and he had a Lu Xiao Feng-like moustache in the shape of “八” on top of his lips. He wore a white turban on his head and a green, long-robe on his body. Half of his body was covered with embroidered quilt. If it wasn’t for the fact that he looked like he had a hard time to breathe, they would have thought that he was taking an afternoon nap.
(Shiro: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lu_Xiaofeng)

His skin seemed to have lost its vitality and looked very pale and white.

Faintly, his body was even emitting a dead aura that a healthy person wouldn’t have. Yue Yang reached out to sense his health, and found out that his condition was worse than what he had initially thought.

The Parasite Pill and the Bone Eroding Dried Fern might not even be able to stop his illness from worsening. If they wanted to save Fourth Uncle, looks like there was only one way, and that was to quickly kill the Parasite Cultivator and dug out the Thousand Poison Parasite Queen’s Inner Pill from his body…

Miss Feng was a young mistress wearing a silk white robe. She had a beautiful appearance, but her expression looked haggard and sallow. Her eyes had also turned red from crying.

Seeing Yue Bing, she hugged her tightly, choked with emotions.

She didn’t tell Yue Bing the truth about the poison, but consoled Yue Bing instead, saying that she would definitely cure Fourth Uncle and telling Yue Bing not to worry. Princess Qian Qian and Yue Yu could hear the grief in Miss Feng’s voice, but Yue Bing was still young and was desperately hoping for her father’s recovery, so she wasn’t suspicious about Miss Feng’s words at all, only nodding her head instead. Miss Feng then hugged Yue Yang while wiping some tears away. Then, she asked Yue Yang to come one side. The thing that made Yue Yang baffled was that she didn’t mention anything about Fourth Uncle at all. Instead, she asked about Yue Yang’s daily life, vaguely hinting that Yue Yang should prepare himself to be strong for the Fourth House, and take responsibility for his family.

Yue Yang didn’t need to feel Miss Feng’s pulse to be able to tell that she had also been poisoned by the Hundred Rigid Worms Poison.

It was just that she found out about it early, hence she had taken preventive measures. That was why the effects of the poison was still trivial.

“It’s okay, in the future, visit your Fourth Uncle again when you have the time. He was still talking about you guys just now, but he got tired, so I will not be waking him up.” Miss Feng gave the letters to Yue Yang, vaguely hinting that these letters were some kind of will. When Yue Yang accepted the letter, he observed her bulging stomach. Miss Feng immediately shook her hands, “The baby is fine, you guys can rest easy!”

Hearing her words, Yue Yang felt that this Miss Feng would probably die after giving birth to her child.

This, this should be the reason why she allowed the Hundred Rigid Worm Poison to enter her body…

Right now, Miss Feng could clean her name. She shouldn’t be the person who wanted to harm Fourth Uncle. Unfortunately, she had also fallen to the enemy’s trap.

Yue Yang left the room first, taking the chance to read the letter that Fourth Uncle left him while the three girls were talking about private matters with Miss Feng. There were two kinds of handwriting on the letter. The first part of letter was written by Fourth Uncle Yue Ling, who stated that he was very happy and reassured when he heard that Yue Yang had become successful. He also told Yue Yang not to pursue this matter any further. He said, “You have to be the leader of your family and protect your family members. Take care of your Fourth Mother and your two younger sisters. Put their safety as your priority instead of seeking revenge, otherwise, more disasters will ensue if you fall into the enemy’s trap. Your enemy is extremely powerful. Even the whole of Da Xia Kingdom would have difficulties fighting them. Your last way out is to escape your enemy’s radar and ensure everyone’s safety.” Afterwards, Fourth Uncle had also told Yue Yang two secrets. The first secret was that Yue Qiu had left the pitiful guy a ‘present’ somewhere in the Tong Tian Tower Fifth Floor. Yue Qiu had also said that his son would probably need this ‘present’ when he went up to Tong Tian Tower Sixth Floor. The second secret was something the mysterious mother of the pitiful guy had said. She said that in God’s Ruins, there was a ‘Special Passage’ that she had solved before, but was unable to enter. She hoped that her son could investigate the truth about this passage if he managed to enter it…

The later part of the letter was written by Miss Feng.

Miss Feng clarified that there wasn’t much time left, and stated that she would accompany Fourth Uncle to a tomb and bury themselves deep inside, to prevent the spread of the Hundred Rigid Worms Poison. She would wait patiently for her death there.

As for the baby in her belly, if it was a boy, he would be sent back to the Fourth House to continue the Fourth House’s legacy.

If it was a girl, she would be left with the Feng Clan.

She hoped that Yue Yang could pay more attention on his new little brother or sister on behalf of Fourth Uncle. Her letter was extremely sincere, making Yue Yang feel that Miss Feng was a good mother. Even when she had decided to die together with her loved one, she still thought about her child…

“I have never doubted that you are a good older brother before. You could bring your Fourth Mother and your younger sister back to the Yue Clan, so I know your character… In the future, I hope that you could take good care of your siblings. Siblings should support each other!” Miss Feng’s ended with these words, vaguely hinting that she would be entrusting her baby to Yue Yang in the future.

Seemed like she had already decided to die.

Yue Yang didn’t speak for a long time as he thought, “Was there really no other way to save them?”

Must he watch Fourth Uncle and Miss Feng both die slowly, helpless to do anything? Think, could there be any other way?

There was still time. Even if he couldn’t use his full strength now, after resting for three months and recovering his Innate Strength, wouldn’t there be anything he could have done? Yue Yang didn’t want to accept defeat just like this. How could the enemy defeat him with just one poison trap? There must be a way out. This was a slow poison, not a strong poison that would immediately kill the victim. There was still a few months time… As long as they could find that Parasite Cultivator fellow, there would definitely still be a strand of hope left!

Even if that fellow turned out to be an Innate Ranker, didn’t he manage to kill Tu Cheng and Kuang Zhan, the two Innate Rankers, before?

At the very least, he must put in effort to find a way out. He shouldn’t be giving up so easily.

As he went out to the Main Hall, the Feng Clan Master patted Yue Yang’s shoulders. He did not speak, but he had personally see Yue Yang, Princess Qian Qian, Yue Yu and Yue Bing out himself.

Returning back to the Yue Clan Castle, Yue Yang and the others found that the Yue Clan Village had been totally destroyed, as if a hurricane had passed by.

After asking around, they found out that the Xie Clan had come over, aggressively fighting any Yue Clan General who dared to block their way. They had also smashed a lot of shops along the way as they commanded for the Yue Clan to hand over Yue Yu and her bastard lover to them. However, the Xie Clan still had some apprehensions, hence they did not kill their way right into the Yue Clan Castle.

The Generals of the Yue Clan were extremely depressed, because the culprit who had caused this mess wasn’t Yue Tian, Yue Yan, Yue Bao or even the abnormal Third Young Master Yue Yang, it was actually their most obedient, gentlest and kindest Yue Yu.

They absolutely couldn’t believe that Yue Yu would have a bastard lover, because their Second Young Mistress had always been with Princess Qian Qian.

Furthermore, everyone had seen how Yue Yu had returned to the castle together with Princess Qian Qian, and there were only Seventh Young Mistress Yue Bing and the abnormal Third Young Master Yue Yang with them. How could there be a bastard lover! They had adamantly refuted Xie Clan’s slanders towards Second Young Mistress’ reputation. It was widely known that the Xie and the Yue Clan were at odds with each other, even an idiot would know that these people didn’t have a good intention coming here. They had definitely come here purposely with this excuse to make a scene.

The Xie Clan didn’t bring their Level 7 [Overlord] expert, the ‘Exterminator’ Xie Tu with them, but both the Yue and the Xie Clan Generals had fought a great battle.

In the end, the Yue Clan suffered a disadvantage. Their Yue Clan Village had been smashed to bits and pieces.

When Jun Wu You and Elder Yue Hai heard about the news and arrived, the Xie Clan had already left the place.

“What actually happened here?” Elder Yue Hai saw Yue Yang and asked him about the destroyed Yue Clan Village.

“I don’t know, I went to visit Fourth Uncle with Second Sister and Bing-er. Princess Qian Qian was also with us!” Yue Yang put up an appearance, pretending that he was a good boy who never fought and that he completely didn’t know anything.

“Grandpa, it’s all my fault!” Yue Yu couldn’t be like Yue Yang who could lie without blinking his eyes. She immediately kneeled and explained the whole situation from the start to the end.

Princess Qian Qian was afraid that she would be punished by Elder Yue Hai, hence she reiterated Xie Qian Qiu’s words to him.

When Jun Wu You heard it, his expression immediately changed.

He could sense that the Xie Clan was aggressively provoking the Yue Clan. They must definitely have enough support behind them to dare to do such things. Even without Yue Yu’s matter, they would probably find another excuse. Yue Yu’s accidental provocation was nonetheless a mere trigger for their attack!

Elder Yue Hai looked at Yue Yang, then said with an inquiring tone, “Xiao-san, what’s your opinion with regards to this?”

Yue Yang was the embodiment of violence.

Since the enemy had bullied them all the way to their front door, what else was there to say? They would obviously need to beat the enemies up until they couldn’t recognise their own mothers.

Yue Yang coughed slightly, “Everyone all knew that I’m an advocate of peace who had a good and kind heart. I would do at least one good thing every month, such as helping old grandmothers to cross the road. I’m also very forgiving. Usually, when others slap my left cheek, I would offer them my right cheek too…”

The audience started to sweat profusely. If this brat was an advocator of peace, then Soaring Dragon Continent would probably be engulfed in endless wars.

Princess Qian Qian glared at Yue Yang.

She nodded towards Elder Yue Hai and said, “Since the Xie Clan has asked for a fight, we shall fight against them!”

Hearing this, Jun Wu You sweated hard. I didn’t say anything when you are helping him silently. You are even saying ‘we’ now! Girl, you are still not part of the Yue Clan at all!

“Your Majesty, how about you be the mediator between us two Clans?” Elder Yue Hai didn’t want to drag Jun Wu You to this matter. If the Xie Clan dared to provoke the Yue Clan, that meant that they were not afraid of the Jun Wu You that was supporting the Yue Clan behind. This matter shouldn’t involve the Da Xia’s Royal Family, otherwise the Soaring Dragon Continent’s state of affairs would be in total chaos. He could sense that the Yue Clan had reached the edge of a cliff. A simple mistake would cause their whole Clan to fall into an endless abyss.

“Big brother Hai, you don’t have to say anymore. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth!” Jun Wu You smiled indifferently.

The Main Butler had asked for an audience, his expression seemed flustered and worried.

Seemed like the Xie Clan had made a new move.

Elder Yue Hai shook his hand, gesturing to the Main Butler not to say the matters out. He turned around towards Yue Yang and said, “Xiao-san, take your big and younger sister away from here. This is not you youngsters’ problems.”

Yue Yang nodded, “Of course, you are the Clan Master, I will obviously listen to your orders.”

He stood up and walked towards the exit. Yue Yu and Yue Bing was confused when they saw this. Eh? Has this brat’s personality changed? Why was he so obedient?

Only Princess Qian Qian ran over and shouted, “Hey, don’t try to do anything funny!” Before she could even finished her words, Yue Yang who had walked out of the room had suddenly disappeared. Elder Yue Hai and Jun Wu You looked at each other and forced a smile. Although they knew that this brat would not listen to them, they didn’t think that he would do this kind of thing…

Below the mountain, there were even more Xie Clan’s experts marching forward towards the castle.

They had passed the Yue Clan Village, and was climbing up to the Yue Clan Castle step by step.

The Yue Clan Generals couldn’t help but to retreat due to their enemy’s great power. The two Elders saw that the other side had the Level 7-Intermediate [Overlord] Xie Tu. Hence, although they were unwilling they could only sign for the Generals to retreat and wait for support.

Level 7 [Overlord] was not an enemy that they could fight against.

Xie Tu didn’t attack at all.

As a Level 7 [Overlord], he could completely defeat the Yue Clan Generals with his Qi alone.

Just as he was savouring the moment, pleased with himself, a shadow suddenly appeared. The shadow flew down from the top of the mountain, followed by a trail of purple flames that set the sky ablaze, fast like a meteor. The sight of this make Xie Tu shiver with fright.

A strong enemy from the Yue Clan finally appeared… The purple flames in the sky twisted and turned into a dragon-shape, turning and revolving. Just as Xie Tu jumped up to the sky, preparing to clash against the strong enemy, his enemy suddenly disappeared. When he re-appeared again, he had already reached behind one of the Xie Clan Generals and slashed the General’s head off with a slash of his purple flames…

Blood splashed all over the place!

There were at least 20 Xie Clan Generals that died on the spot, under that blade that was exuding purple flames.

On the ground, other than corpses, there was also a dividing line.

Yue Yang stood right on the dividing line that was drenched in blood, holding Hui Jin Magic Blade in his hands. He humphed out coldly, “Trespassers will be prosecuted without any mercy!”

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