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LLS Chapter 206 – The Mysterious Mother

Chapter 206 – The Mysterious Mother
Translated by: Yunichan, Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Rango, Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Yue Yang was worried that the Xie clan would act at once when they heard the news, and exact revenge on Fourth Mother and the little girl.

Hence, Yue Yang hurriedly returned to White Stone City.

The numerous possessions at his home had already been emptied. Fourth Mother and the little girl had also already left with the Old Fox’s men. Only a few elderly stayed to watch over the house. Yue Yang only knew that these elderlies were actually the family members of those tavern girls after asking them their identity. They were already old and they cherished the old times, so they were unwilling to leave White Stone City and move to Shang Jing. Hence, they volunteered to stay back to help Yue Yang look after this little residence. Yue Yang initially wanted to console them, but all of his words were stuck on his throat; he did not know what best to say.
(Shiro: Ivy Academy Vice Principal will be known as Old Fox from now on)

Finally, he and the three ladies – Princess Qian Qian, Yue Bing and Yue Yu, went to look around the city market. They bought a few bags of daily necessities and gave them to the elderlies as a slight show of appreciation of their efforts.

Even though the Old Fox had left them with enough money to ensure a comfortable life, the few elderly people still accepted the items happily.

What they needed was additional care and concern shown to them, and not material possessions.

Yue Yang prepared to return to the Yue Clan Castle to see if there were any moves made by the Xie Clan. He also wanted to inform Elder Yue Hai about this at the same time.

It would be bad if the Xie Clan had attacked right up to their doorstep and the Yue Clan was still unaware of what had happened.

Before leaving, Yue Yang looked at the few elderlies who saw them out, and said, “The lives of my Fourth Mother and younger sister could only be saved because the tavern big sisters had risked their lives. From now on, they are all my big sisters, and you are all my elders. Stay in this place at ease, this is your home! ”

Hearing this, tears immediately streamed down the few elderly people’s cheeks.

The leading old lady nodded her head fervently, choking with emotion. “Don’t worry, Young Master. We, these few old bones, can take care of ourselves. Young Master and Young Mistress, take care as well!”

After leaving White Stone City, the three girls’ eyes were red. Yue Yu, who was full of sentimentality and sympathy, kept wiping her tears.

These elderly people’s daughters had sacrificed their all for the Yue Clan, yet they did not ask for anything in return.

When Jun Wu You offered to bring them to Shang Jing to enjoy their twilight years, they rejected, preferring to stay and look after this residence instead…

When Yue Yang and the others returned to the Yue Clan Castle again, Yue Yang did not see Fourth Mother.

She and the little girl had already been sent to a secret place to live in seclusion by the Old Fox. Nobody knew where they had been sent to.

The Substitute Clan Master Yue Shan was not around, and Second Uncle Yue Ling was not around either. Elder Yue Hai had personally sent Fourth Mother into seclusion and had yet to return. Yue Yang sweated profusely, with such an empty Yue Clan, if the skilled experts of the Xie Clan launched an attack on them, who could defend the castle?

Even though there were twelve elders, three of the Grand Elders did not partake in the running of the household, and a few of them were already very old.

As for the ones who remained, Yue Yang had even dealt with and eliminated two of them.

If two Level Seven Overlords from the Xie Clan really launched an attack on them, Yue Yang figured that the Yue Clan Castle was really going to end up as a battlefield of corpses strewn everywhere, with blood spilled across the landscape and a lone flag left fluttering in the wind.

Yue Tian and Yue Yan were at home, but they were all waiting for the Clan’s Puppet’s to be ready. Due to their great loss in abilities, if they did not rely on puppet beasts to keep up with their appearance, they would definitely be utterly defeated in the Hundred School Championship Tournament. To them, who had always ranked within the top 10, this was something that they would never accept! When Yue Yang returned, they had naturally avoided him, unwilling to provoke this devil. Yue Yu and Yue Bing went over to give their respects to the female elders in the Clan. When they returned, they had even brought a bad news. It seemed that Fourth Uncle’s illness had gone worse, so Miss Feng had brought Fourth Uncle back to the Feng Clan.

Yue Yang was confused. Didn’t they say that Fourth Uncle condition had gotten better?

Why had it gone worse now?

“How about we go there and see what really happened?” Yue Yang had a nagging feeling that something was wrong. Someone had kidnapped Fourth Mother, and just as they had managed to rescue her back, Fourth Uncle’s condition had gone worse. It was all too coincidental.

“We can go and take a look now, maybe we can help them a little,”” Princess Qian Qian knew that Yue Yang had a Medicine Encyclopedia. Although it might not be of use, they could still try their luck. Most importantly, Fourth Uncle had expended a lot of effort to get the Spirit Beast Awakening Knowledge Pill for Yue Yang. Yue Yang ought to give him a visit, this was how a filial son would behave. What worried Princess Qian Qian was that Yue Yang and Yue Bing would suffer a huge shock if they heard some kind of bad news instead. She was worried especially for Yue Bing, who definitely wouldn’t be able to hold on.

Their horses didn’t stop to rest as they continued to travel towards He Yang Feng’s residence.

He Yang Feng’s residence was not as big as the Yue Clan’s Castle, but their residence was still very big, they were still considered one of the noble, distinguished families in the area.

The Feng Clan’s Clan Master immediately invited Yue Yang and the others to the Main Hall when he heard that they had come. After exchanging a few pleasantries, he pulled Yue Yang to one side to talk.

Yue Yang didn’t understand why this old man had done this. What was it that he couldn’t say in front of Princess Qian Qian and the others? When he followed the Feng Clan’s Clan Master into the Inner Halls, the old man who seemed quite healthy suddenly sighed, as if he was filled with bitterness and suffering.

“Feng Clan Master, if you have anything to say, please fell free to say it to your junior.” Yue Yang still didn’t know what this old man actually wanted to say.

“You belong to the younger generation, so in reality, i shouldn’t be telling you any of this. It’s just that, aih, you are the only son of the Fourth House, so I must still tell you!” Feng Clan Master gestured Yue Yang to sit down as he muttered slightly. He then began speaking, “This thing had dragged on far too long, back and forth. I think you should be able to guess a little in your mind… My daughter and your Fourth Uncle have reached their limit. It seemed like they are not going to last very long…”

“What?” Yue Yang was so shocked that he immediately stood up.

“Aih, we have been too careless and negligent. We have fallen into the enemy’s plan, and when we finally understand the plan, it’s all too late.” Feng Clan Master’s expression was filled with sorrow as he gave out a long sigh.

“Didn’t you say that Fourth Uncle had gotten better before?” Yue Yang really couldn’t believe his own ears. Previously, they had said that Fourth Uncle had gotten better, but why did they tell him such a grievous news now?

“Yes. We had all thought your Fourth Uncle will recover. However, we never thought that the enemy had actually used two poisons on your Fourth Uncle, not one. The first poison was the Bee Emperor’s Poison, and this poison actually suppressed the effects of the second poison, Hundred Rigid Worms Poison. When the Bee Emperor’s Poison start to disappear, the second hidden Hundred Rigid Worms Poison would take effect. This type of poison does not show any strong symptoms at first, but as long as the victim sleeps, the poison’s toxicity will multiply once in their sleep… You also knew that your Fourth Uncle had slept a lot because he needed to rest. The poison had spread to his heart, no medicine can save him. The enemies plan was extremely thorough. Now, even though we know the poison harming your Fourth Uncle, we can’t heal him at all.” Feng Clan Master sighed as he sat beside Yue Yang, his expression filled with grief.

Hundred Rigid Worms Poison, Yue Yang had seen it in his Medicine Encyclopedia before. He knew that it was a type of silent, deadly poison.

When it first entered the body, the poison’s effects were extremely minute.

However, it could multiply and infiltrate deeper into the victim’s body.

As long as the victim didn’t realize it, it would rapidly spread throughout the victim’s body. When the victim was unconscious or sleeping, it would multiply in an insane speed. In the end, the victim’s body would turn as rigid as the Hundred Rigid Worms and die. This poison didn’t exist in the Soaring Dragon Continent at first, but a few thousand years ago, a Da Xia Emperor had died from this poison, his body turned rigid all over. After Innate Rankers joined hands together to investigate the Emperor’s cause of death, they finally knew of this poison.

It was said that this Hundred Rigid Worms Poison need 100 people’s brain to be produced. Hundreds of parasites would be bred inside the brain. The parasites would then eat each other until the last one was left. That parasite would be called Parasite King.

The Parasite King would then have to be cultivated in Demon’s Blood, Dragon’s Saliva, Voodoo and other things. It would also need to be refined with a secret technique before it was ground into powder.

The moment this powder was ingested, the victim would suffer from the Hundred Rigid Worms Poison.

Hundred Rigid Worms Poison, this should be one of the Thousand Goblin’s Sect Hundred Poisons. Its only weakness was its long incubation period. Its incubation period could be as long as two years. The longer the incubation period was, the more toxic the poison would be.

Yue Yang knew it had almost been a year since Fourth Uncle was poisoned. In addition, he had slept for a long period of time, hence helping the poison growth. No wonder Feng Clan Master could only sigh in helplessness.

“Although the Hundred Rigid Worms was one of the Hundred Poisons, there must be a way out…” Yue Yang remembered from the Medicine Encyclopedia that there was a kind of medicine that could resist the poison’s effects. If he could get that medicine, even if he couldn’t fully heal Fourth Uncle, he believed he could still save his life. There was also another way to save Fourth Uncle, and that was to kill the one who cultivated the Parasites. There was a Thousand Poison Parasite Queen in that person’s body. If he killed this person, then the effects of the Hundred Rigid Worms Poison would be weakened… Normally, the person who cultivated the Parasites would also have the legendary Parasite Pill. Although the medicine encyclopedia did not state if the Parasite Pill would have any effects on Hundred Rigid Worms Poison, Yue Yang decided to first try out his luck.

“Are you talking about Bone Eroding Dried Fern?” Feng Clan Master sighed again, “The only place on earth that had the Bone Eroding Dried Fern had already been destroyed by someone. Dozens of the disciples of the Panacea Sect that had been collecting herbs were all annihilated. Their storage had also been completely plundered, including the Bone Eroding Dried Fern. As for the Jin Gu Miao Family that I am closed with, their elders had been killed, and the Parasite Pill that they had been passing down through the generations had all been taken away. Even his corpse was completely burnt by the enemy. If it wasn’t because I have completely left without a way, why would I feel so helpless…? An older person had to see a younger person off, what a bitter life!”

“Why would the enemy do this to Fourth Uncle?” Yue Yang was extremely confused. Fourth Uncle was ordinary and not powerful at all, why would the enemy do this to him?

There was also Fourth Mother, what was her identity actually?

Yue Yang realized that there was a huge plot here. The enemies’ had been plotting, including the pitiful guy’s engagement cancellation and drowning, Fourth Uncle’s ambush and poisoned, and Fourth Mother’s kidnapping. There must be a huge plot here, a huge wave under the calm sea, an unseen, endless whirlpool of schemes.

Feng Clan Master paused as he looked at Yue Yang. Suddenly, he said something that made Yue Yang very surprised, “Maybe the enemy suspected that your parents have not really die and have been protecting the Yue Clan all this time. Hence, they did all these to force your parents out. You must know that your mother was the only person in the whole of Soaring Dragon Continent that had ever entered the God’s Ruin’s Inner Layer. Anyone who wanted to enter the God’s Ruin’s Inner Layer would have to find your mother first…”

Yue Yang was dumbstruck.

Only then did he realize the importance of the diary that the pitiful guy’s parents had left him.

The secret of the God’s Ruins must have been recorded inside the diary. There must be an answer to the mystery that the whole of Soaring Dragon Continent couldn’t crack within the information listed in the diary.

Furthermore, there was the dark, ordinary-looking Black Jade Pendant where Empress Fei Wen Li had been sealed for ten thousands of years. Now, Yue Yang finally understood everything. The reason why the pitiful guy was set up by others to cancel his engagement then drown himself, turned out that it was because of this enemy.

“My father, mother, what kind of person were they?” Yue Yang was very curious about the pitiful guy’s parents now, especially the pitiful guy’s mother. It was the first time that he heard from others that she was actually this powerful. She was actually the only person in the world who managed to enter the God’s Ruins… No wonder Elder Yue Hai did not say anything about his mother to him, turned out that there was still a mountain of secrets revolving around the pitiful guy’s mother.

“Your mother was a mysterious woman, I’m not very sure about her situation. But I had seen your father before, I watch him grow up since he was still very young. You look very much like him, but you are a little prettier than him. Your skin also look better, maybe it’s the traits you get from your mother. Your father was an extremely courageous man, he feared nothing. It’s just that his character was a little stubborn, hence he had died early. It was really a great loss for many! Your grandfather, if it wasn’t for the fact that he was so grieved by the loss of his beloved son, he wouldn’t grow a head full of white hair within a night. He was consumed in depression. I have been friends with your grandfather for close to a hundred years, yet I have never seen him so depressed before… If your parents are still here on earth, there would definitely be no one so daring and brazen, bullying others to this extent!” When the old man finished speaking, he shook his hands, “I’m already old, your grandfather is also already old. You youngsters must take good care of yourself. If you can’t beat your enemy, you must remember to suppress your anger. Be patient and wait for your chance, while there’s life, there’s hope… Go and see your Fourth Uncle, he should also have some words he wanted to say to you!”

Yue Yang took his leave, his mind still thinking about the old man’s words just now.

The pitiful guy’s parents turned out to be so powerful. It seemed that there were countless of secrets recorded in the two diaries. Only if he could unseal this secrets would he be able to find out the truth. If the pitiful guy’s mother was such a person, then Fourth Mother who was her sister, what kind of secrets was she hiding?

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      Everything else is just fluff. Powering up, girls, gear, summons, fights, traveling, and the constant introductions of new things is all just fluff while the author tries to find a way to tie it all together and finally create a plot.

      So in other words I disagree with you in that the plot is progressing, since there was none there to begin with. But I am happy that we might finally start to see one emerge.

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      • Wish says:

        When I say the plot is progressing im saying that before felt like a random collection of events that just happen but now that’s starting to stop instead of random encounters they start to become plans. Also there is the demon that one of YY’s uncles had as a follower that hasn’t been explained and mainly I was talking about the Xie clan’s mysterious strong backer that hasn’t been explained. That backer is the start of a plot much bigger than you may imagine.

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