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LLS Chapter 205 – Stomp the Bird, Burst the Balls and Let’s Start to Roast!

Chapter 205 – Stomp the Bird, Burst the Balls and Let’s Start to Roast!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Yue Yang turned around and saw a tall lanky man wearing a long white robe.

He looked extremely arrogant. His looks could forcibly pass as handsome, but he looked pale, as if he had drunk too much wine. Yue Yang saw that this person’s face looked as cunning as a fox, he had eyes small as slits, thin lips and crooked nose. It was enough that he kept a long hair draped over his shoulders, but he had to plait them into small braids in both of his ears, making him look weird and flirtatious. However, even with such an inappropriate appearance as a student, this fellow was still as confident as king.

Princess Qian Qian scowled angrily. She had wanted to glare this arrogant and foul-spoken fellow to death.

However, she turned around and looked at Yue Yang. She then decided that she would give the opportunity for him.

She should allow her man to solve domestic problems!

Previously, she had listened to her father. Right now, she would just listen to this brat and leave matters to him…

She pulled Yue Bing slightly and gestured to leave matters to Yue Yang, they should just wait and watch the show. At first, Princess Qian Qian was a little worried if that idiot fellow would recognize her and ran away in fear. Who would knew that she was actually thinking too much. That vulgar guy (official nickname) measured the three girls up and down, completely not recognizing Princess Qian Qian, who was not carrying any sword on her back or wearing her silver armour. She was merely a warrior who was wearing leather armour. The vulgar guy didn’t pay Princess Qian Qian a lot of attention, he only thought that she was a heroic, beautiful looking woman. He didn’t recognise her as a Ranker.

In the end, the vulgar guy saw Hui Tai Lang, who was standing behind Yue Yang.

Yue Yang reckoned that the reason this idiot was looking at Hui Tai Lang was because he thought Hui Tai Lang was a Bronze-ranked Level 3 Ironbacked Demon Wolf…

“It’s you?” Yue Yu recognised whom the vulgar guy was, her snow-white face was immediately masked with coldness. She humphed, “Xie Qian Qiu, although speaking bullshit is your forte, could you please not show off so much? Also, have your eyes gone blind or have you placed them on your butt instead? When did you ever see me flirting and getting touchy-feely with guys?”

“I saw it with my own eyes. Slut, you are still flirting and getting touchy-feely in front of me even now. Does he only have that Bronze-ranked Level 3 trash of a dog? Do you think I don’t have such a beast? My Golden-eyed King Ape is already Bronze-ranked Level 4, my Ox-head warrior is also Bronze-ranked Level 4. I am so awesome, yet I don’t parade myself around the town. Why are you even showcasing your trash of a dog! Yue Yu, you whore, you think you can be rude to me just because you found a pretty boy? You want to break our engagement? Dream on!” The tall and thin guy called Xie Qian Qiu laughed evilly.

However, no matter how arrogant he was, he didn’t dare to make any assumptions.

The moment he saw Hui Tai Lang howling, he immediately took out a red crystal and summoned a strengthening-type Gorilla.

Red light flashed as the Gorilla merged with his body. His originally thin body immediately bulged out with muscles as he turned into a 2-metres-tall, hulk-like guy. His top had torn apart and shred to pieces due to his bulging muscles. His smooth, white skin had also slowly turned Gorilla-like as thick hairs started to grow on his body.

The Xie Qian Qiu who had increased combat skills due to the strengthening from his Bronze-ranked Level 4 Golden-eyed King Ape looked incomparably aggressive.

Afterwards, he had even summoned his other Bronze-ranked level 4 Ox-head Warrior, pleased with himself. He seemed to want to scare Yue Yang to death, unbridledly showing off his abilities.

He pointed at Yue Yang as he arrogantly humphed, “Pretty boy, kneel before ME at once, and lick my toes!”

Yue Yu thought that Yue Yang would probably be able to kill this idiot with one move if he really attacked him.

Although she hated Xie Qian Qiu, she didn’t want Yue Yang to become sworn enemies with the Xie Clan because of her. She hurriedly shouted, “How shameless you are, Xie Qian Qiu! Who do you think you are? How dare you act so arrogantly? Scram, stop getting all crazy here. This is not your Xie Clan’s Courtyard, so stop showing off here!”

Xie Qian Qiu was immediately angered when he heard this, “Bitch, don’t even think that you can pretend to be a virtuous woman just because you have the Yue Clan behind you! You are going to graduate soon, and your graduation day is the day of our marriage. At that time, you, second-hand woman, are going to be my personal slave. I can touch you wherever I want. There’s not that many days left. Go on, pretend as much as you wish! Pretend to be pure and chaste, pretend that that rotten part of yours below is actually gilded with gold! Hahah, what use would all this pretends do? Wouldn’t you still be mine in the end? Yue Yu, I have endured a hypocritical fiance like you for far too long. Why don’t you let yourself be caught by me today? You are not made of jade and gold anyway, you are just a promiscuous woman! Haha, I’m going to come for you now, let’s see how the Yue Clan will protect you!”

Yue Yu was so angry that her face had gone completely white. Her whole body was trembling, she was so furious that she couldn’t even speak.

Yue Yang only watched coldly from the side, allowing the clown to continue his performance.

Yue Yang’s Level 4 [Divine Vision] could see through a lot of things.

For example, Xie Qian Qiu’s beast might be one of the strongest amongst his peers, it was actually pretty good. However, Yue Yang’s [Divine Vision] could see that this Bronze-ranked Level 4 Beast was evolved using magic crystals. Hence, even if it was a Bronze-ranked Level 4, it wouldn’t even compare to another person’s Bronze-ranked Level 3 beast that was cultivated painstakingly using other ways.

Hence, it could be deduced that the Xie family’s dramatic increase in power had actually come from wealth and support behind the scenes.

This type of levelling without expending time and effort was only a short-term benefit, an instant burst of power. Although it looked very powerful on the surface, it is actually just trash.

Yue Yang didn’t know who was supporting the Xie Clan behind the scenes, but looking at Xie Qian Qiu, he could more or less understand one thing.

The Xie Clan was only a pawn that was set up in the front lines by somebody in the dark who was controlling them behind the scenes.

Their only use was to deal with the Yue Clan, or even all of the Four Great Clans!

Let alone Feng Qi Sha, Yan Po Jun and Xue Tan Lang – the Three Great Killing Stars who grew through solid training – Xie Qian Qiu’s power could not even compare to the Yue Clan’s younger generations – Yue Tian, Yue Yan, even Yue Ting. Their strength differed greatly. Yue Yang reckoned that Xie Qian Qiu’s power was more or less at the level of the worst performing Yue Clan younger generation – Yue Bao. If they really fought, Xie Qian Qiu didn’t even have his own grimoire, he would definitely lose out from Yue Bao.

With his weak, alcohol-induced body and the two Bronze-ranked Level 4 beasts that were cultivated from magic crystals, Yue Yang could defeat him with just one of his fingers.

However, Yue Yang decided to show a performance to this idiot.

The harsher, the more abusive Xie Qian Qiu spoke to him, the more reason he could have to bash him up for Yue Yu. He could also beat him up even more ruthlessly!

This pesky little guy who talked a lot of bullshit, was the Xie Clan really unwilling to break the engagement no matter what?

Now that Xie Qian Qiu had said such unkind and ruthless things, he could never go back on his words. Let’s see how the Xie Clan could still protect him later!

Yue Yang couldn’t do anything to Yue Yu’s tragic fate when he only heard about it last time. Now that the problem had shown himself in front of him, Yue Yang would not let him go easily. Although he had not had much interaction with his cousin, he knew that she was gentle and kind. She also seemed to have helped the pitiful guy a lot last time, so he didn’t mind helping her a little.

At this moment, a girl walked out from the trees on the boulevard pathway.

She had ample bosom and butt, and she looked very sexy and flirtatious.

Her clothing was not exactly appropriate, Yue Yang could see half of her bosom that was skimpily covered by her half-worn clothes. It was obvious that she was having a wild time with Xie Qian Qiu in the bushes just now.

From a distance, the sensitive Princess Qian Qian who had the [Six Records] Inherent Skill could already smell the scent of indecency from this woman’s body. She immediately frowned as she pulled Yue Yu and Yue Bing and retreated a few steps behind. Xie Qian Qiu thought that they had retreated because they were afraid of him, and he immediately become even more arrogant as he laughed out loud gleefully. When that sexy girl saw Yue Yu, she immediately started a train of curses and foul language like a volcano that had just erupted…

Her curses were simply not fit for anyone’s ears.

Yue Yu shook with anger.

In the end, she finally could take it no more. She pulled Yue Yang and said, “Xiao-san, don’t bother about these dogs, let’s go!”

“Thinking of running away? Not that easy!” Xie Qian Qiu leapt high up, jumping more than 10m in distance, landing heavily in the middle of the road in front of Yue Yang and the others. His arms were spread wide apart, blocking their way.

His Ox-head Warrior also followed, stomping all the way.

Its target was the lazy-looking Hui Tai Lang.

Hui Tai Lang originally really liked to fight, but it had fought against too many strong opponents. It had killed Silver-ranked beasts, heck, it had even killed Gold-ranked beasts.

Hence, towards a Bronze-ranked Level 4 Ox-head Warrior, Hui Tai Lang really couldn’t feel too enthusiastic or raise its spirits to fight it.

“Kneel down, open your mouth and suck me. If your blowjob is satisfactory, I can consider letting you and this bastard off. Otherwise, I will beat you to death right here and now! As for you, pretty boy, kneel down and bark. If I don’t tell you to stop, you must continue to bark. Otherwise, I will not only behead your bastard head, I will also destroy your whole family!” In reality, it was not the first time that Xie Qian Qiu did this kind of thing. Dallying in daylight, raping women and destroying others families were something that he had done countless of times.

If it was at a crowded place, he would probably exercise restraint.

However, this place was the most secluded and isolated place in the Shang Jing Academy. It was a retirement place for old teachers.

In such an isolated pathway, there wouldn’t even be students walking through during the day. Xie Qian Qiu thought that if he didn’t take this chance to gobble the three beautiful girls up, he would not do himself any justice.

He wouldn’t meet these kind of beautiful, high quality ladies everyday…

Xie Qian Qiu started taking off his pants. Seeing this, the three girls immediately turned around, spitting out in disgust.

They had seen obscene guys before, but they had never seen such an obscene guy!

Princess Qian Qian punched Yue Yang’s shoulders and shouted, “Idiot, why are you still staring like a fool? Quick, finish him off!”

Hearing this, that sexy girl was immediately angered. She summoned a strengthening-type, Normal-ranked Level 3 Leopard and fused together with it, turning into a Leopard Girl with black spots all over her body and sharp claws.

She jumped up and charged forward.

She ruthlessly brandished her claws, sweeping it against Princess Qian Qian’s smooth, flawless face as she shouted angrily, “Bitch, does your mouth feel itchy? I shall help you scratch it!” Princess Qian Qian was about to punch the slut down and send her flying away, but suddenly, purple flames rose to the sky as a shinning flash of sharp blade swept across the Leopard Girl. Yue Yang had already moved one step earlier and cut through the Leopard Girl’s claws.

That Leopard Girl fell down hard on the ground, wailing out miserably and rolled on the ground in pain.

Yue Yang’s expression didn’t change as he stomped his foot down onto that Leopard girl’s chest. Princess Qian Qian, Yue Yu and Yue Bing immediately heard the sound of ribs breaking.

The sexy girl immediately shouted out in pain, begging him to stop.

Blood spurted out from her mouth.

Yue Yang then kicked the girl’s lower jaw, causing more teeth and blood to spurt out even more, scattering all over the ground.

That Ox-head warrior immediately charged over and brandished its axe, trying to slash at Yue Yang. However, before it could even raise its axe, its head was already sent flying by Yue Yang’s slash. Yue Yang turned around as the Ox-head Warrior’s headless body thudded heavily on the ground.

Yue Yang immediately acted as if he had not done anything, whistling gleefully as he carried his Hui Jin Magic blade that was dripping with blood, walking towards Xie Qian Qiu who was staring dumbstruck, unable to believe his own eyes…

“Ah… ah!” Xie Qian Qiu suddenly snapped back to his senses, frightened to his very core as he turned around and immediately ran away.

But the moment he turned around, he found that Yue Yang was standing right in front of him, smiling brilliantly.

That smile looked identical to a devil’s.

Xie Qian Qiu couldn’t help but be frightened to his core. Losing control, he couldn’t help but to thoroughly wet his pants. Drops of pee splashed to the ground.

When Yue Yang raised his blade, Xie Qian Qiu immediately shouted madly, jumping up high to the sky. He was thinking of jumping out of this frightening place with his super strong jumping strength. He didn’t have any courage to fight against Yue Yang at all, because he had seen clearly how this pretty boy had actually killed his Bronze-ranked Level 4 Ox-head Warrior with one slash of his blade. Such an enemy would be impossible to fight against.

Hence, Xie Qian Qiu’s only thought was to: RUN!

“Clown, continue your show! I haven’t seen enough!” Yue Yang flashed and immediately appeared in the sky. With a swing of his blade, he smashed Xie Qian Qiu’s crooked nose, beating his bulky Gorilla body that had been strengthened down straight to the ground.

“Spare me… ahhhhh!!!”

Xie Qian Qiu’s pleas were cut short by Yue Yang’s stomp.

Just like a toad being stomped by a person.

When Yue Yang lifted his foot back up, Xie Qian Qiu’s face was completely destroyed. Blood spurted out endlessly from his mouth.

Seeing this, Yue Yan shook his head, as if he was unsatisfied with the damage he had done. He then proceeded to stomp on Xie Qian Qiu’s fingers one by one, patiently breaking his bones as he said coldly, “Cry out, cry out as much as you like! Cry out louder, right, just like that. Actually, you can cry out louder. Cry out as if you are really in pain! If you could try to sound like a pig on the way to its slaughterhouse, that would be perfect!”

Yue Yu was afraid that Yue Yang would kill Xie Qian Qiu. Although she completely hated Xie Qian Qiu that trash, killing him would cause a war between the Yue Clan and the Xie Clan.

She didn’t want her clan to get a strong enemy that would fight them to the death because of her own matters.

Seeing Yue Yang raising up his blade, she immediately shouted out, “Don’t kill him! This kind of trash is not worth it for you to kill…”

“If the Yue Clan can’t even protect a single girl, how can we be known as the Four Great Clans? We should just be named the Coward Clan then.” Yue Yang laughed coldly as he gestured to Yue Yu not to intervene and leave it all to him. He then cut Xie Qian Qiu’s pants open with his Magic Blade. When he saw it, he immediately laughed out, “I have even thought that you have a huge beast since you were so arrogant! You only had a little sausage, and you dared to say you have slept with a thousand girls? You don’t even compare to Young Master Guan Xi, and you still dare to be so arrogant! There’s no other way. If I don’t open your eyes here, I think you would die with regrets. Open your eyes clearly, you should feel so ashamed of yourself that you would commit suicide on your own!”
(Shiro: I have no idea who Young Master Guan Xi is)

Yue Yang started to undo his pants. Princess Qian Qian and Yue Yu could see this brat’s indecent actions from the corner of their eyes, they immediately blushed with awkwardness and disgust.

As for Yue Bing, she immediately lowered her head and shut her eyes tight, not daring to turn around.

Yue Yang didn’t care about what the three girls would think about him then, as he slowly undid his pants and said, “Behold the Big Cannon, ready to launch; Big Hydrant, ready to launch; Big Cannon, shoot!”
(Shiro: I tried)

He then awesomely shoot his pee into Xie Qian Qiu’s mouth that had been so beaten up that it had become deformed.

In the end, he had even shook himself comfortably and pulled his pants back up.

Seeing that Xie Qian Qiu was pretending to be dead, Yue Yang shouted to Hui Tai Lang, “Hui Tai Lang, have you eaten a roasted sausage before? I’m feeling really good today, I can even cook one personally just for you!” The purple flames on his hands started to burn brightly. Xie Qian Qiu had thought that he could avoid the crisis if he pretended to be dead, so he allowed Yue Yang to piss on his mouth and pretended to be unconscious. When he heard about roasted sausage, he was shocked and immediately turned around, running for his life.

Yue Yang laughed coldly and kicked Xie Qian Qiu’s back hard, almost breaking his spine.

Yue Yang then flipped Xie Qian Qiu, who was wailing miserably on the ground, over and stomped hard on his little bird and balls, turning them to mush. He then threw a ball of purple flames down, starting to roast it… Burnt smell spread around the area. When Hui Tai Lang looked again, it found that its roasted sausage had become burnt sausage. How was that a delicious roasted sausage? When Hui Tai Lang reached out with its paws to touch it, it realized that only ashes was left. There wasn’t anything delicious to eat at all.

It looked at its master in confusion… Yue Yang kicked it angrily, “I accidentally burnt it, so what? If you can’t eat a roasted sausage, can’t you just eat something else? That idiot’s body is all full of meat!”

Hearing this, Hui Tai Lang no longer held back.

It opened its mouth, immediately chomping on Xie Qian Qiu’s body…

The three girls had already ran far away when Yue Yang took out his Big Cannon, waiting for him on the other side. Although they were quite far away, they could still hear Xie Qian Qiu’s miserable wails. They didn’t think that Yue Yang was ruthless. In fact, they thought that Yue Yang was logical. They started to discuss in a whisper. The three girls all agreed that if bad guys meet Yue Yang the ruthless guy, it’s really their lifetime of bad luck!

However, for someone like Xie Qian Qiu who liked to provoke others, a loathable trash of the society, it’s not too much no matter how much Yue Yang bullied him.

The only thing that Yue Yu was worried of was that the Xie Clan would definitely come and get their revenge afterwards. What would they do then?

Seeing that Yue Yang had returned, Princess Qian Qian was confused as she could still seem to hear Xie Qian Qiu’s miserable howls. She asked curiously, “Why didn’t you kill Xie Qian Qiu? With your abilities, you could probably destroy him completely by just raising your hands. Why did you still leave him alive?”

Yue Yang first reached out to Yue Bing and rubbed her forehead, reassuring her.

Then, he turned to Princess Qian Qian and Yue Yu and laughed brilliantly like the sun, “I wouldn’t go around provoking others, but if someone came to me and provoke me, or if he had ideas on me or my family, I will kill them all no matter how many come to me! Xie Qian Qiu wouldn’t be able to leave. I’m just letting him die a slow death, it’s much more painful that way. At the same time, I’m also setting him as a warning to the others. They should never have ideas on our family, otherwise not even god could save them! What could the Xie Clan amount to, anyway? If they send people over to talk, I’ll talk with them. If they send people over to fight, I’ll fight them! If they dared to attack me, I will destroy their whole clan. Everyone only have one life anyway, who would be afraid of them?”

“Xiao-san, you have grown up. You have really changed a lot compared to last time! Thank you for helping your Second Sister, otherwise, today, I’ll…” Yue Yu buried her face and wept emotionally.

“Brother, I support you!” Yue Bing definitely was Yue Yang’s number one fan.

“The Xie Clan alone is not considered very strong, but they had a powerful backer behind them… “ Princess Qian Qian hugged Yue Yang’s shoulders as she half-teasingly, half-seriously said to Yue Yang, “This Princess here is a bit free nowadays, I can keep you company and go crazy with you! How’s that? Am I not a good bro?”

“Bro, let’s go and drink! We’ll not go home until we are completely drunk!” Yue Yang was prepared to make the tigress drunk. If she turned into a drunken cat, wouldn’t she follow his whims and wishes?

“…” Princess Qian Qian did not need her [Six Records] Inherent Skill to be able to hear this brat’s perverted thoughts. She remained silent.

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