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LLS Chapter 203 – Biting and Pinching

Chapter 203 – Biting and Pinching
Translated by: Yunichan
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Princess Qian Qian moved in closer, moistening her cherry lips, looking as if she wanted to kiss Yue Yang.

At that moment, Yue Yang was very excited. He thought, could it be that this tigress wanted to push him down? Looking at her as she slowly shifted downwards, Yue Yang’s heart was wildly beating. Could it be that she wanted to do ‘that’ to him? Did she really want to give him a ‘love bite’… … Princess Qian Qian parted her cherry lips slightly, her pink tongue as smooth as velvet, as her lips moved closer to Yue Yang’s chest. It looked like she wanted to kiss him downwards to pleasure Yue Yang.

Oh god, as expected, this tigress really liked to take the initiative in pushing him down!

Yue Yang was excited. He felt that he should give a chance for her to take initiative. In any case, even when she had pushed him down first, he could regain the upper hand later in the game. At that time, it would not matter who was on top or below, it would still be a mutual pleasure!

Unfortunately, she had instead bared her little white teeth and ruthlessly bite on Yue Yang’s chest, causing Yue Yang to yell in pain.

“Is that Xiao San? What happened? You two, stop fighting!” Yue Yu could faintly hear the commotion outside. Thinking that Yue Yang and Princess Qian Qian were having a lovers’ quarrel, she hurriedly used her towel to wipe herself, preparing to come out to mediate the fight.

“We’re fine!” Yue Yang hurriedly answered. He wanted to grab Princess Qian Qian and then throw her out of the house ruthlessly. But at this moment, her offense strategy suddenly changed.

Her white teeth no longer bit him. Instead, her little pink tongue gently licked his wound, kissing it lightly.

It was as tender as possible, and she even blew lightly across the wound in the end, like a lovable little wife.

Even though it was painful for Yue Yang, once he saw this girl displaying such tenderness, he slowly lowered his raised hand as she had made him feel so much sizzling pleasure that he could not bear to throw her out. However, when Yue Yang was prepared to forgive her, Princess Qian Qian’s hand immediately pinched his butt with much force, forcing him to yet again jump and yell in pain.

Yue Yang only understood now.

This girl was not making ‘love bites’; she was really biting with all her might. She had even used her tiger claws to pinch his butt. She was really a classic violent girl, he really could not handle her.

Of course, Yue Yang was also someone to be reckoned with.

He was extremely retaliant, and he would definitely exact his revenge a hundred fold whenever he suffered a setback. Hence, Yue Yang prepared to pin this girl to the ground, tear off all her clothes, and then bite harshly onto her breasts a hundred times, and lick it a hundred times. As for pinching butts, of course he would pinch her butt at least a hundred times too… Princess Qian Qian wanted to escape, but Yue Yang ferociously tightened his grip on this little alluring woman who drove him mad, and then pinned her stubbornly onto the ground. He raised his wolfish claws, preparing to put to use his ‘Thirty-Six Clothes-Removing Moves’.

Some noises escaped from the wooden door. It seemed that Yue Yu was about to come out.

At this moment, not only Yue Yang, even the struggling Princess Qian Qian immediately leaped up.

Smiles appeared on their faces at the same time, as they clasped each other’s hands tightly.

Princess Qian Qian smiled as if she were a tigress pretending to be a little fox. “So it turns out that our Yue Yang has returned. Welcome! I am not sure how the situation was when you cleared the trial of the Twelve Zodiac Temples? Did you clear it without a hitch?”

Yue Yang’s actions were even faster than Princess Qian Qian. As he leaped up, he had even managed to re-adorn his long trousers at the same time.

He similarly faked a smile. “Thank you Your Highness for your concern. Yue Bing and I have successfully cleared one trial. Clearing trials are nothing, really… ” Lowering his voice, he then whispered in Princess Qian Qian’s ears. “Tigress, I will not be a man if I don’t take revenge. If I don’t exact revenge on you, I will not be called Yue Yang, just you wait! Let me tell you, tigress, if you remove all your clothes later, and surrender on your own accord, I would still consider torturing you a little less. Otherwise, I’ll defile you first and then kill you, and defile you again and kill you!”

On hearing this, Princess Qian Qian smiled like a fox spirit.

Similarly, she whispered back, “Are you trying to threaten me? Not so easy, brat, if you have the balls, come and do it now!” After that, she raised her voice, at a volume where Yue Yu could also hear. “Congratulations, Yue Yang. It has been many years since anybody could successfully clear the trials of the Twelve Zodiac Temples. You are really worthy of being called the Pervert of all Perverts, ahh I mean, you really are worthy of being called a hero amongst the youths!”

Yue Yu knew that these two people were a little like sworn enemies, clashing with each other every time they saw each other.

Even though a blind person could tell that these two people harbour feelings towards each other, their personalities and tempers got in the way. Currently, they were still in the situation of being at total odds with each other like sworn enemies.

Yue Yu had actually not finished wearing her clothes, and her body was wrapped in a white bath towel. But she was so worried that Yue Yang and Princess Qian Qian would start fighting, so she hurriedly opened her door and stuck out her head to take a look.

Upon seeing that the two were holding hands and smiling instead, she was immediately pleased. “It’s good that you guys are all right. Sit down for a while, I’ll come out soon. Just now I have cooled some pickled plum juice. It’s in the cupboard, you guys can drink it first!”

Reassured, she closed the bathroom door to wear her clothes.

Outside, Yue Yang and Princess Qian Qian immediately turned against each other and made their moves.

This time, the amount of strength they used was almost equal. They could not push each other down and both of them fell onto the ground.

Yue Yang had used more strength on her hands, but Princess Qian Qian had a flexible and supple body. She made up with the lack of strength in her hands by adding a leg, using her long legs to hook and pin down Yue Yang’s right arm, both of her hands locking Yue Yang’s left arm in place. Her entire body twined around Yue Yang, removing any opportunity for him to use his strength. Both of them were in a very compromising situation, but none of them realised this, as they were too preoccupied with trying to win against each other.

“Surrender now, otherwise I am going to use my finishing move!” Yue Yang felt that there was a need to let this girl see who she was dealing with, and let her understand what was called male dominance.

“Absolutely not!” Princess Qian Qian’s response was stubbornly against surrendering. She knew that Yue Yang did not dare to use too much strength and wanted to use it against him. The commotion made by full-blown wrestling and shouting could not be easily explained if they were heard by Yue Yu, hence he could only use his strength silently. On the other hand, she herself had the support of her beast. Even if she did not use her full strength, she could still resist Yue Yang to an extent for now.

“You are courting death… ” Yue Yang would never really fight her, so he directly put his ‘Thirty-Six Clothes-Removing Moves’ to use.

He could not remember, but some pervert had once said the wise words of ‘Any difficult woman would not be able to defeat a guy once her clothes were taken off’.

This girl was a tigress and was hard to tame.

But as long as he stripped her naked, she would definitely turn into a lovable and cute little lamb.

Suddenly, soft steps sounded from outside the room, followed by the voice of Yue Bing calling for her brother. In one second, Yue Yang immediately transformed from a mighty pervert to a good older brother. He released Princess Qian Qian, leaping up to answer her. “Bing-er, we’re fine, we have already returned.”

Princess Qian Qian hurriedly tidied up her clothes, afraid that Yue Bing would misunderstand her if she saw that she was dressed messily.

She even threw a meaningful glance at Yue Yang, asking him to help to see if there’s anything out of the ordinary with how she looked.

Yue Yang matter-of-factly extended his hand and helped her to straighten her collar.

Then, with lightning-fast speed, he grabbed and pinched those erect breasts hard, causing so much pain to Princess Qian Qian that tears almost flowed out of her eyes. Yue Bing then came into the room and was pleasantly surprised at the luxurious chambers, not noticing Princess Qian Qian who was covering her chest as she clicked her tongue in admiration. “Where is this? This room is too beautiful, it’s decorated as if it is a palace … … ”

“This room is rented by Her Highness the Princess, of course it won’t be bad. There’s even some iced pickled plum soup in the cupboard, I’ll pour some out for you!” Yue Yang was too pleased with himself. He had launched a surprise attack on the tigress successfully, and even rendered her speechless, unable to say a thing about it. It would most likely become something she would never forget. Even if they became an old couple in the future, she would probably not forget this day. But it was her own fault for biting, pinching him and be so arrogant about it… Yue Yang faced Princess Qian Qian’s death glare head-on leisuredly, whistling as if nothing had happened, and running to the cupboard to take out a large pot of iced pickled plum soup.

Princess Qian Qian was furious. She almost wanted to kick this fellow up and beyond the farthest clouds.

What a petty fellow, she only gently bit him once, and did not even bear to use any force. Yet, he pinched her so hard, so much that that place felt so tender and delicate now. She almost fainted in pain.

She had trusted him. Who would think that this fellow… If she had known, she would have bitten a piece of flesh from his chest, and let him die in pain.

What made Princess Qian Qian most frustrated was that Yue Bing had arrived.

She was too embarrassed to massage her breasts in front of Yue Bing, hence she could only repress and endure her pain.

Princess Qian Qian wanted to empty the entire bowl of pickled plum soup onto his face, but on the surface she looked as if nothing had happened. When she bent her back to pick up the bowl, she whispered back to him. “You big pervert, I am not done with you!” She saw Yue Bing who had just finished washing her face with water turn back, and immediately put on a smile on her face. “Bing-er, tell me about all the battles you encountered in clearing the trial, have you not already successfully cleared them? Come, sit beside me!”

Yue Bing took the little bowl happily, and sat on the other side of Princess Qian Qian, nodding. “It’s all thanks to Brother’s effort, I could have never defeated them myself. Why don’t you ask Brother, I fainted due to the large blast, so I am not too sure about what happened after that.”

From the bathroom, Yue Yu had changed into a new set of clothes. Carrying the fragrance that one would have after bathing, she sat across Yue Yang. “Xiao San , quick, tell us, how did you manage to clear the trials?”

Smelling the fragrance that Yue Yu carried produced some sort of reaction within Yue Yang’s heart, it suddenly jolted slightly.

This fragrance seemed to be a little familiar.

Even though it was not really identical, but there was a type of fragrance that was extremely similar … … On all of the girls’ bodies, including Princess Qian Qian, Luo Hua City Mistress, the mysterious beauty, there was that type of mysterious strongly fragrant smell. Last time, Yue Yang did not notice this, because it was normal for girls to smell nice, and they also liked to spray a little perfume on themselves, or bring around a scented purse. But when time passed, Yue Yang then realised that no matter how different it was, there was an identical fragrance on their bodies.

It was not too obvious normally, but since Yue Yu had just finished bathing, the fragrance that radiated from her was exceptionally obvious.

Could it be that this was the legendary ‘virgin scent’?

This was not what made Yue Yang most surprised. What was most unbelievable to Yue Yang was that even Pheonix Fairy, whom he previously had two intimate experiences with, also had this type of fragrance on her body … … She was a lustful Sky Demon who had sucked countless men dry. She, who was deemed as a Ten Thousand Beheader, how was it possible … … But if this sort of fragrance was not ‘virgin scent’, why didn’t normal matrons have it?

Yue Yang could not verify this, but he made a note in his heart. He must clarify this, there were still many mysteries surrounding the Phoenix Fairy.

“Everybody is talking to you!” Princess Qian Qian realised that this fellow was daydreaming, and hit him on his head with her fist.

“Ah … … Nothing, I am thinking about Gemini Temple’s Shadow Duplicate.” Of course, Yue Yang could not say that after he smelt his cousin’s scent, it had led him to suspect that the Phoenix Fairy was a virgin, so he hurriedly steered himself back to the topic at hand. “We’ve already cleared Taurus Palace, but we have yet to clear Gemini Temple. It’s a good time for you guys to help think of strategies. The battle process went like this … … ”

“You have successfully cleared Aries and Taurus Temple?” Princess Qian Qian and Yue Yu were extremely surprised. Let alone them, even Yue Bing also did not know that Yue Yang had challenged and successfully cleared Aries Palace alone.

“Those are history. Now my problem is how I am supposed to clear Gemini Temple.” Yue Yang would rather challenge ten White Bulls than challenge the Shadow Duplicate.

As for Yue Yang’s successful clearance, Princess Qian Qian really wanted to yell at Yue Yang for his abnormalness.

Of course, when it came to proper business, she did not cause trouble for Yue Yang.

She knitted her brows together and nodded lightly. “Gemini and Virgo Temples are the toughest Temples. Gemini Temple duplicates the challenger’s abilities entirely. No matter what abilities the challenger has, the Shadow Duplicate will similarly gain them too. You don’t know what the most terrifying attribute of Gemini Temple is. The Shadow who wears a Golden Gemini Mask is immortal. Even if you kill it a hundred times, it would still continue to respawn and continue to maintain the same amount of strength as the challenger … … Hence, fighting head to head would not result in success in clearing Gemini Temple. Your decision to take the initiative to withdraw was a correct one. It is hard to clear Gemini Temple, normal Rankers would avoid it and are not willing to challenge it. If you want to clear it, you would have to think of a way to conquer it. I can say definitively that there must be a way to clear the Temple, it’s just that as of now, we can’t find it yet.”

“I have heard of a method. Even though there’s no known case of success, but it would perhaps serve as a reference for you, Xiao San.” Yue Yu’s words immediately made Yue Yang’s eyes light up.

“Say it, Sister Yu.” Yue Bing wholeheartedly hoped that her brother would successfully clear all the Temples and become the only Ranker in the entirety of history to successfully clear all the Palaces.

As long as he could successfully clear both Gemini Temple and Virgo Temple, she believed that Brother would definitely clear the rest of the eight palaces.

The chance to scale to the pinnacle and to surpass the ten thousand years of history was just right in front of him.

Yue Bing believed that Brother was the person with the highest chance of clearing the Trials. The only regret was that Brother’s abilities were too powerful. Hence, challenging Gemini Temple became an even more arduous task.

If it was herself as the challenger, perhaps the level of difficulty would not be as hard as her Brother’s … But unfortunately, she could not help Brother! In her heart, the silently anxious Yue Bing was extremely overjoyed on hearing that Yue Yu had good news for them.

Yue Yu smiled serenely, indicating to Yue Yang and Yue Bing not to be too impatient. Her voice was tender as she told them a story. “Last time, my mentor’s mentor’s mentor was a Curing-type Doctor. She did not have any fighting abilities, and she went to challenge Gemini Temple. Her Shadow hence also did not have any fighting abilities. Also, before she stepped into Gemini Temple, she thought of a way, and that is to beat herself up extremely severely before crawling into the palace … … Her Shadow Duplicate was also injured so severely that it fell to the ground and could not stop. Merely with her determination and will, she crawled into the wrestling ring and obtained the Golden Mask. But when she arrived at the Rear Hall, and was about to succeed, she realised there was still a Strengthening-type Beast … … She was unable to take up the challenge, and she was compelled to summon her Grimoire, heal herself, and escape from the Temple! Even though she failed, she had been the one closest to succeeding … … ”

After thinking for a while, Yue Yang asked. “What is the Strengthening-type Beast at the Rear Hall of Gemini Temple?”

Princess Qian Qian and Yue Bing also looked at Yue Yu, they also wanted to know the truth.

Faced with the inquisitive gazes of all, Yue Yu lightly shook her hand. “I don’t know either. My mentor did not say it, I asked about this then, but she didn’t say.”

“Then find your mentor and ask her.” Even though Princess Qian Qian hated this fellow Yue Yang to the core, and was always thinking of biting him to death, but whenever it came to him, she still cared about any issues that he had, especially those relating to his future.

“Is that good? Maybe my Mentor has some hidden troubles that she cannot mention, maybe she doesn’t know it either. Otherwise, when I asked her then, she would have answered me, and not kept silent.” Yue Yu respected her elders more, but when she saw the determination in Princess Qian Qian’s eyes and the thirsty expression on Yue Bing’s face, her heart softened. She looked at Yue Yang who was still thinking hard, and nodded lightly. “Alright. But if Mentor does not want to say it, we cannot force her too, because then, Mentor had warned me repeatedly that it was imperative that I do not tell any outsiders!”

“Let’s go!” Princess Qian Qian saw that Yue Yang was still thinking, so she pulled him up with one hand. “What can just thinking do, we’ll first ask about the situation, you can think more about it when we come back!”

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