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LLS Chapter 202 – [X-ray Vision], Perverted Heart

Chapter 202 – [X-ray Vision], Perverted Heart
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Standing in front of Yue Yang, the Guardian of the Gemini Temple was beyond Yue Yang’s expectations.

It wasn’t any kind of beasts. Instead, it was Yue Yang’s own shadow.

A shadow that was exactly the same as Yue Yang.

His appearance, height, abilities, and even movements and habits were all identical. Yue Yang felt like he was looking at the mirror. The only difference was that this shadow could use his combat skills, while Yue Yang’s body was restricted by the limitations of the Ancient Code. Beside the shadow, there was Xiao Wen Li’s shadow, and behind him, there were the Bloody Queen’s, the Thorny Flower Demoness’ and even Hui Tai Lang’s shadows. At the back of Yue Yang’s shadow’s back, there was even the shadow of the sleeping Yue Bing!

No matter what kind of abilities that the warrior who entered this Gemini Temple had, this temple would create a shadow exactly like him.

Yue Yang summoned his grimoire and turned the little Golden Beast on his wrist into a dagger.

The shadow on the opposite side also did the same thing.

He was a complete copy. The only different thing was that Yue Yang couldn’t personally participate in the battle, but the shadow on the opposite side had already taken out his Hui Jin Magic Blade, raising it up high.

It could be said that the more powerful Yue Yang’s abilities were, the faster he would fail at this battle… If it were a useless nerd without any combat power at all that entered this Temple, maybe he would have a higher chance to clear the Gemini Temple.

The stronger the warrior, the faster he would fail at this Trial!

“Can you speak?” Yue Yang sensed that since the Gemini Temple had completely copied his abilities, if they fight head on, he would definitely lose. Yue Yang thought, if the shadow had completely copied his thoughts too, then he wouldn’t want himself to lose in this battle since he wished to clear this Trial. However, his hope was wrong, because the shadow on the other side couldn’t speak at all. He also didn’t seem to have intelligence; he only had combat abilities. The shadow wore a golden mask that had a crying face on one side and a smiling face on the other, as he started to walk towards Yue Yang. The Bloody Queen’s Shadow flew high up in the sky while the Thorny Flower Demoness’ Shadow summoned countless clusters of flowers that started to take root on the ground. Hui Tai Lang’s Shadow had also started to release its Qi as the strongest shadow, Xiao Wen Li’s Shadow, followed behind Yue Yang closely, moving in a zigzag manner.

Yue Yang froze. This attacking move was a move that Xiao Wen Li and him had practiced for a long time before they develop mutual understanding in battles.

Just now, at the Taurus Temple, they had put this move into use. He never thought that the shadow would be able to copy this move so easily.

The only thing that made Yue Yang felt lucky was that his Innate Level 1 Strength had not been copied by the shadow. As for the Invisible Innate Sword Qi, it seemed like the Ancient Law could not detect his skill and did not copy them too. It seemed like it wouldn’t be possible for the Gemini Temple to copy them, otherwise he would lose this battle even more miserably. If the shadow had used [Nirvana’s Flame] and [World Exterminating Wheel] the moment he attacked, Yue Yang wouldn’t even need to fight at all.

Fortunately, the only thing that the Gemini Temple had copied was Yue Yang’s superficial abilities. The only beasts that were copied were also only those that followed Yue Yang when he entered the temple, such as Xiao Wen Li and the others.

His other beasts such as the Spirit of Flame and Smoke that was still inside the Dimension of Duel, the Quintet Golden Puppet Mice and the Barbarian Cow Shadow were not copied too.

Seemed like these copies were directed towards beasts whose strength could be copied. However, this alone was already enough to make Yue Yang despair, because there was his own additional shadow who had could perrsonally participate in combat…

Yue Yang also realized that the golden mask that the shadow had worn was a mysterious Artifact.

Even with his Level 4 [Divine Vision], Yue Yang still couldn’t see through the golden mask’s properties.

He could only feel that this golden mask was closely related to the copies… It was just like the golden bell that was hung on one of the Three-headed Chimera’s head, the pure and holy Sheep-head, and the golden hoop that was hung on the White Bull’s nose. This golden mask must also be a key to decide victory or defeat in this battle. If Yue Yang didn’t manage to take control of this mask, he would definitely not be able to defeat the other side. He would then not be able to clear the Trial.

The problem was how could he snatch the golden mask away from his own shadow that possessed the same skills that he had?

The stronger he was, the stronger his opponent would be.

The strength of this shadow could be seen when he turned the little Golden Beast into a dagger just now. At first, the copy didn’t have that, but when he did the action, the copy on the opposite side would also learn and had the same abilities.

Xiao Wen Li shook her head and turned into a rainbow light, floating into Yue Yang’s body.

The figure of Xiao Wen Li’s shadow on the other side trembled a little. She didn’t disappear, but it was obvious that her abilities were weakened by a whole lot. At the most, she would only have the strength of the White Bull that they had fought just now. Seeing that Xiao Wen Li’s copy wasn’t able to summon her Diamond Grimoire, Stone-Element Medusa, Storm Mermaid and Thunder Naga, Yue Yang sighed in relief. The current situation was extremely dire, but Yue Yang had secretly thought of an idea… He would definitely not be able to win fighting the opponent head on. No matter how strong a person was, he would not be able to defeat himself so easily. Furthermore, in the situation where he himself couldn’t personally participate in the combat, he would definitely not be able to win against himself.

Right now, Yue Yang felt that his only advantages were the fact that his hidden strength had not been copied, and that his opponent didn’t have any intelligence, only combat abilities.

This Gemini Temple Trial, there must definitely be a way to clear it.

However, before finding the way, everyone could only return home empty-handed and dejected…

Taking advantage of the fact that his protective shield was still present, if he immediately charged towards the Right Hall and the Left Hall to find Artifacts, then go to the Back Hall and clear the Trial, would that be a good idea? Yue Yang thought about this. He then recalled all of his beasts, carried his sister and then flew like a flash towards the Left Hall. It was empty inside. There was only a line of words on the walls of the Left Hall: Truth becomes fiction when the fiction is true.

“What the heck? Did you guys think this is the imaginary world in the Dream of the Red Chamber? You still dare to say such words!” Yue Yang sweated profusely.
(Shiro: The phrase was the opening quote from one of the Four Great Classical Novels in China, Dream of the Red Chamber. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dream_of_the_Red_Chamber)

Taking advantage of the time, Yue Yang ran to the Right Hall.

At the Right Hall, there wasn’t the second part of the quote from the Dream of the Red Chamber ‘Real becomes not-real where the unreal’s real’ written on the wall. Instead, there was a painting of a giant mask that was half smiling and half crying.

Yue Yang wiped off his sweat. Fortunately it was not the second part of the quote, otherwise Yue Yang would think that the designer of the Twelve Zodiac Temples was a person from his world. It was only a giant mask painting of a half-smiling and half-crying face on the wall.

Seemed like this golden mask was the key to clearing the Trial, but how could he snatch it from his copy?

Yue Yang ran outside again and discovered that his copy was watching him running around leisuredly, sitting on one side. It seemed like he had no intention to attack Yue Yang at all.

With the complete protection of the protective shield and the key to clearing the trial safe on his face, he obviously didn’t need to care about Yue Yang’s futile efforts of running around the Temple. He had waited relaxedly in the middle of the Wrestling Ring as Yue Yang tire himself out. His eyes also looked like how Yue Yang carried himself normally, an expression of a smile yet not a smile. Yue Yang was almost driven mad looking at the shadow’s actions.

“Forget it, it’s not a good time today to fight.” Yue Yang carried his sister and slipped away out from the Wrestling Ring.

The shadow didn’t move at all, but Xiao Wen Li, Bloody Queen and Thorny Flower Demoness’ Shadow immediately chased after Yue Yang.

When Yue Yang, who was carrying his sister, reached the teleportation circle and was about to teleport away, all the shadows suddenly disappeared into thin air. The golden mask quietly lied on the ground. With its half-crying and half-smiling face, it looked extremely out of this world…

In this ten thousand years, there was not a single person who succeeded in clearing the Gemini Temple.

This was because there had been no one who managed to defeat a shadow that had the same abilities as themselves, under the situation where they couldn’t participate in the battle personally.

When Yue Yang came out from the Twelve Zodiac Temples, a few Silver-armoured Guards looked at him astonishedly. This was because they all knew that this brat had went in for a few hours. Strangely, he did not die, he had even carried his little sister out. This brat seemed to be the one who came and sleep through the whole Trial the previous time, a few guards could vaguely recognise him, but they couldn’t be very sure.

The Gold-armoured Guard Leader had already known that Yue Yang was an extremely strong warrior who was just hiding his strength.

The previous Trial Clearing Rate that he recorded had almost made the Gold-armoured Guard Leader faint in shock last time. In this Gold-armoured Guard Leader’s perspective, this brat had magically cleared a trial although he was weak and useless.

However, seeing that Yue Yang’s face was not beaming with joy and his sister was sleeping on his back, it seemed like he had encountered some setbacks.

But the Gold-armoured Guard Leader couldn’t be very sure.

“Did you encounter setbacks? Maybe you can gain more information if you go to the Warrior’s Guild and find out more about the Trial. Your two companions have already left.” The Gold-armoured Guard Leader was acting business-like on the outside, but as he brushed past Yue Yang, he whispered in a very soft voice, barely audible to Yue Yang alone. “Princess Qian Qian didn’t want to wait, so she had gone back to rest. She said she will wait for you at Windchime Inn.”

“Thanks.” Yue Yang scampered off quickly, leaving the Twelve Zodiac Temple.

If he could participate in the battle himself in the Gemini Temple, Yue Yang would not leave so quickly. He would probably try to clear it first.

But since he couldn’t personally participate in the battle and the shadow copy also seemed to be very frightening, Yue Yang obviously chose the last strategy of the Thirty-Six Stratagems: If everything else fails, retreat. He planned to ask Princess Qian Qian first, maybe the tigress would have a good idea.
(Shiro: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thirty-Six_Stratagems)

Leaving the Star’s Domain, Yue Yang returned to the Warrior’s Guild.

After walking through various wide roads, walked over two stone bridges, and searching his map for a long time, Yue Yang finally found the Windchime Inn that was located in an isolated place, away from the rest of the city. However, there were quite a few people there. The place give off a feeling like the Chengde Mountain Resort or the Wenquan County. Although it was a little isolated, it looked beautiful with its pleasant country scene. Since people liked refined, beautiful landscape like this, guests naturally came to this inn unceasingly. Before Yue Yang even managed to enter, he was suddenly stopped by tall, burly guards… They said that this place was restricted to nobility or Rankers of Level 3 [Heroes] and above, people who could afford to stay here.

“I am Luo Hua City Mistress’ Personal Bodyguard. I came here to visit Princess Qian Qian.” Although Yue Yang had stated his identity, the bodyguards still doubted him.

“There are quite a few beasts in the vicinity, please allow us to escort you to the Inn.” The Guard Leader seemed to be offering their services to escort him on the surface, but in reality, they were afraid that Yue Yang was a fake. If Princess Qian Qian didn’t recognize him, they had decided to immediately crush all of Yue Yang’s bones and threw him out to the wild dogs.

“Up to you!” Yue Yang was too lazy to bother with these small fries, he immediately turned and walked forward.

The Guard Leader and two of his subordinates quickly followed.

The Windchime Inn was extremely big, unlike a normal resting lodge. Yue Yang didn’t know if there were hot springs here, but there was definitely a lot of attractions around.

In front, there was a huge building. The Guard Leader gestured at Yue Yang to go to the reception… Who would know that before Yue Yang managed to enter the building, there was a maid wearing silk clothings bowing at him respectfully, “Welcome, honoured guest. May I enquire if you are the esteemed Yue Clan Third Young Master? Princess Qian Qian has been waiting for you for a long time, please follow this servant!”

She treated Yue Yang as if he was a VVIP guest. The Guard Leader standing behind Yue Yang started to sweat profusely.

Fortunately he didn’t start beating Yue Yang on impulse, otherwise, he would really get into a big trouble.

Who would know that this youth who was wearing tattered clothes and carrying a sleeping girl on his back would be a friend of the Princess?

“Yue Clan Third Young Master… Could it be that useless trash of the Yue Clan?” One of the guards asked in curiousity.

“Why would you care if he is a useless trash or a genius? Yue Clan members must not be provoked at all costs!” The Guard Leader humphed coldly. The main reason for him not beating Yue Yang up just now was because there was Hui Tai Lang beside Yue Yang. Although it wasn’t contracted, Hui Tai Lang who was pretending to be Bronze-ranked Level 3 was still scary enough to instill fear on many people. The guards were only Level 2 [Bravemen] after all, only the Guard Leader was a Level 3 [Hero].

Even if Hui Tai Lang was only Bronze-ranked Level 3, it would be able to easily bite off their bones.


The maid led Yue Yang to two luxurious residence that was connected in the middle, before bowing in respect and said, “This servant is of a low status, so I could only escort you to this point. If Third Young Master has any orders, please ring the summoning wind chime on the entrance!”

Maybe this was why this inn was called the Windchime Inn. Here, there were windchimes in every VIP guests room.

Yue Yang didn’t quite understand the array of the summoning wind chime, so he just went and straight away open the doors to the garden and entered the residence.

He laid Yue Bing on the soft bed.

He then looked around and realized that Princess Qian Qian and his cousin Yue Yu were not present. However, their clothes and luggages were all in the next room. Yue Yang’s hearing was extremely sharp, he heard the sound of water splashing on the bathroom next door. His heart jumped, could it be that the tigress was bathing? Her clothes were all here, proving that she was in this room. Hence, the one bathing must be her.

Yue Yang quickly searched around the two luxurious residences that were connected in the middle and realized that his cousin, Yue Yu, was also not present. Maybe she had gone out.

Chance, this was a chance bestowed to him by the heavens.

It was time to peek at spring time… Last time, he was dying to wait for his [Divine Vision] to level up. He only wanted an [X-ray Vision] ability, he only wanted to be able to peek in broad daylight like today!
(Shiro: uhh the author uses words like ‘push down’ and ‘spring’, you guys probably understand what those mean right?)

Hadn’t the tigress pretended modesty last time, not allowing him to look at her body?

He would see her body no matter what!

Furthermore, he would be seeing it as much as he wanted, as clear as he wanted!

Yue Yang’s perverted heart immediately started to ignite, his heartbeat increasing by 100 bpm as his blood boiled.

Princess Qian Qian’s [Six Records] Inherent Skill was extremely sensitive, no matter where he hide to peek, she would definitely be able to discover him. However, what would happen if he hide outside, separated by a wooden door and used his newly found [X-ray Vision] skill that came from the combination of his Level 4 [Divine Vision] and [Traversing Naked Eye]?

Then she wouldn’t be able to accuse him of peeping. He was doing a just and honorable action of admiring beauties!

Although it would be a waste of Innate Qi, in order to enjoy the most beautiful things on earth, all would be worth it!

Yue Yang started his Level 4 [Divine Vision] and [Traversing Naked Eye]. Innate Qi filled his eyes, and in the next moment, Yue Yang’s eyes suddenly emitted a bright golden light. It was extremely radiant, making others unable to look at him clearly.

The wooden door that separated the bathroom and the living room rapidly turned transparent, finally turning so transparent that it was almost non-existent, not blocking anything anymore. Yue Yang secretly gulped his saliva down and looked inside…What he saw was an extremely beautiful, perfect, flawless naked body, sprinkled with countless water drops, drenched with water as streams of water flowed down her skin. Those water drops sparkled like gems, setting off a beautiful contrast with her snow-wite skin, making Yue Yang gasp in amazement.

The most beautiful scenery in the whole world could just be right here.

As he looked at her flawless back, his gaze travelled down to her slender waistline.

Further down, there were two soft, tender full moons. Those perfect arch and shape almost made Yue Yang flew to the sky in excitement, his heart beat increases by 300 bpm. His blood boiled to the top of his head, as heat pooled beneath his belly, spreading to the rest of his body…

Her long, slender, white legs attracted him endlessly. Her secret parts that was hidden from his view, especially, attracted both his body and soul.

He really wanted to immediately explore and probe those hidden territory, observing them in detail.

“No, this won’t do. This tigress is simply too alluring. I never thought that she would have such a beautiful body. Let’s just go all out now and push this tigress down first.” Yue Yang had actually thought of pushing down Luo Hua City Mistress first, because he had a greater chance of pushing her down. As for Princess Qian Qian, he thought that it wouldn’t be easy. Princess Qian Qian’s character and temperament was unlike Luo Hua City Mistress. Of course, the girl that would be hardest to push down was the mysterious beauty. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was saving Fourth Mother the other day and pulled down her mask, he wouldn’t even see her face until now!

Yue Yang couldn’t wait to push down Luo Hua City Mistress, he should just barge in and push this Princess Qian Qian, the tigress down first.

He wouldn’t think if Jun Wu You would chase after him brandishing a huge sword in the future, he would just enjoy his blissful sexual life first!

And thus, Yue Yang who was not wearing any top immediately pulled down his pants. He was about to jump, kick the door open and pin Princess Qian Qian on the ground, then push her down…

Right at this moment, a sound suddenly appeared outside.

It was a person’s stepping sound that almost couldn’t be heard.

Yue Yang was still holding his pants. Before he even had the chance to throw it on the ground, he realized that someone was pushing the door open entered into the room.

At first, Yue Yang thought that the person who entered the room would be his cousin Yue Yu. He immediately wore his pants back. When he saw who had entered, he was immediately stunned. The person who entered wasn’t his cousin, it was Princess Qian Qian instead. The tigress was carrying a bottle that had a pink liquid inside, Yue Yang thought it might be perfume or body wash. However, that bottle was emitting an extremely sweet-smelling fragrance. Even though it was sealed with a cork, Yue Yang could still smell the fragrance.

Eh? It was Princess Qian Qian?

Then, who was bathing inside?

Could he be peeking at the wrong person? Was it his cousin Yue Yu inside…? When Yue Yang thought about this, he immediately sweated profusely!

“You big pervert! What are you doing in my room?” When Princess Qian Qian saw that Yue Yang was even taking off his pants and was almost naked, she was extremely shocked. Furthermore, although it was covered by clothes, some part of him was standing up dignifiedly, as if ready to turn into a mighty dragon and break out of his constraints. Princess Qian Qian couldn’t help but be embarrassed and shouted loudly, “Get out now!”

“Who’s outside? Is it Qian Qian?” Indeed, Yue Yu’s voice resounded from inside, as she asked with a doubtful tone and turned off her shower.

“It’s me. It’s nothing, continue your bath. I went to the Warrior’s Guild to get the Beautiful Demonic Flower Perfume that Luo Hua sent to you just now.” Yue Yang didn’t know what Princess Qian Qian’s motives were for keeping his presence a secret.

But Yue Yang couldn’t escape, because Princess Qian Qian was glaring at him with her tigress eyes.

That expression, seems like if Yue Yang didn’t give her a proper and logical explanation, she would make Yue Yang feel the power of her sharp white teeth.

Yue Yang shrugged his shoulders and spread his arms, pretended to be relaxed as he shook his head and replied with a very low voice, “I didn’t know there was someone inside, I just wanted to take a bath! Fortunately you came back. Tigress, if you keep looking at me like that, I will shout ‘Sexual harassment!’, you know…”

“Go on, shout! Shout it as loud as you can!” Princess Qian Qian then suddenly increased the volume of her voice, speaking towards the bathroom, “Sister Yu, Yue Yang that brat has returned!”

“…” Yue Yang was so scared that his heart almost exploded, but fortunately Yue Yu didn’t peek out of the door. Otherwise, she would probably see a scene that resembled something like a naked man caught in an adultery act. With Yue Yang’s abilities, Princess Qian Qian wouldn’t be able to hold him back so easily, but just as Yue Yang was about to teleport away, Princess Qian Qian said something that immediately made Yue Yang raise up his hands in surrender.

Princess Qian Qian had said, “If you dare to leave, I’ll report this to Fourth Mother and Yue Bing!”

How could Yue Yang not surrender?

He miserably reached out his arms and placed his hands both on Princess Qian Qian’s shoulders, nodding very seriously, “Your Highness, I know you have been wanting to push me down for a long time. However, can I just request that after we finish doing H, could you give me some money to feed our kids…”

When he said this, Princess Qian Qian glared at him for a full 3 minutes, as if she was seeing some kind of freak.

Yue Yang thought that he had succeeded shocking this tigress to the core and was feeling very satisfied in his heart!

Who would knew that when Princess Qian Qian reacted, she would display such a vigorous action instead, making Yue Yang shout happily in pain…

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