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LLS Chapter 201 – The Trial that no one had ever cleared in ten thousand years!

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Chapter 201 – The Trial that no one had ever cleared in ten thousand years!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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This time, the Ancient Law’s reward was much lesser than the previous one. Not all of Yue Yang’s Shadows received a reward.

Only the Barbarian cow Shadow received a reward.

[Bloodeye Double Kill]: When [Doom’s Eyes] is triggered to kill an enemy, there is a small chance that a related enemy will be killed too. This skill will not work on non-living beasts or undead beasts who don’t have souls.

Yue Yang realized that the Barbarian Cow Shadow seemed to have another skill that appeared to be useless. The chances of one killing with [Doom’s Eyes] was already very little, the chances of triggering this [Bloodeye double Kill] would almost be next to none.

However, this was a free skill given to him from the heavens, so Yue Yang couldn’t return it even if he wanted to. He could only receive it. He immediately diverted his attention from the special skill that was given to the Barbarian Cow Shadow from the Ancient Law, and anxiously looked at the changes on the Barbarian Cow Shadow’s body. She was still in the midst of evolution, bathed in a golden light as black smoke seeped out from her body relentlessly. Her body became smaller little by little and the horns on her head twisted backwards. The silver-coloured cow horns had also slowly turned into gold colour.

The gold-coloured horns slowly turned smaller and grew longer backwards.

Her obviously masculine face outline slowly became softer and more feminine.

Her 2-meter tall height might still be very big, but it was much better than her previous build. The current her even looked more slender than before.

Her sturdy, bulging muscles were now only limited to her arms and thighs, completely disappearing from the rest of her body. Instead, a girl’s smooth and tender skin was covering the rest of her body. Although she didn’t have a snow-white, tender skin like the Bloody Queen’s, compared to her previous body, her skin had completely changed. Then, Barbarian Cow Shadow’s body and the Barbarian Cow Leather Armor that she was wearing started to ignite in fire, dropping lumps of fire on the ground…

Her two arms weren’t bulky anymore, her fingers had also become thin and slender.

The tail on her back had also completely disappeared. Above her thighs, a womanly butt was present. Other than the part of her body below her knees, which were still cow’s legs and hoofs, there were no other characteristics that showed that she was a Barbarian Cow.

The Barbarian Cow Shadow suddenly bent over in pain as a bright golden light suddenly emitted from her heart area.

As the flames on her body subsided, the new Barbarian Cow Shadow who stood back up again made Yue Yang gasp in surprise.

Her body was completely bare, all the armors that she wore previously had completely disappeared. Although her skin was a little bronze in colour, it seemed even healthier and full of vitality. On her extremely well-proportioned slender body, the most eye-catching part of her body that would make others immediately spurt nosebleed was a pair of what Yue Yang would reckon as a G-cup breasts. If it weren’t for the fact that she was 2-metres tall, those treasures that would cause a storm in other’s blood wouldn’t be proportionate to her body at all.

There was a little golden bell dangling from her neck, resting in the middle of those incredible breast.

There was also a golden wristband on her wrist.

Her waist was no longer sturdy and stocky like last time, instead, it was shapely and smooth like a normal girl’s. Due to her ridiculously big butt, she looked like she had a beautiful pear-shaped build.

Yue Yang’s gaze travelled further down…

Yue Yang suddenly felt a perverted impulse in his heart. But she was his own Guardian Beast. Between humans and beasts, is it really okay?

Seeing the Barbarian Cow Shadow’s current sexy body, the Bloody Queen was a little jealous. Fortunately, although she lost in terms of the chest area, she still had the upper-hand on the other parts of her body compared to the Barbarian Cow Shadow. Xiao Wen Li, on the other hand, didn’t understand anything at all. She saw that the part below Barbarian Cow Shadow’s belly was a little different from her own. She tilted her head in curiousity and was even thinking of reaching her hands out to touch that part. Yue Yang hurriedly grabbed her curious hands and handed some of his clothes to Barbarian Cow Shadow.

Although his clothes were a little too small on her, he didn’t prepare anything for her beforehand. She had to make do with this.

Seeing that Yue Yang didn’t dare to look at Barbarian Cow Shadow’s body, the Bloody Queen suddenly flew towards him and hugged his back. She pasted her soft, tender body tightly on his back, allowing him to feel her curves and softness. Xiao Wen Li also joined in the fun, her little hands wrapping themselves on Yue Yang’s thighs as she rubbed her face on his lower abdomen. Xiao Wen Li was only trying to act like a spoiled child on Yue Yang, but currently, the guy from another world’s willpower was strained to its breaking points. The fire in his heart burned even bigger as Xiao Wen Li rubbed her face on his abdomen.

He carried Xiao Wen Li up and gave her a kiss, trying to subdue the fire in his heart.

Xiao Wen Li become very happy.

She hugged Yue Yang back and showered his face with kisses. In the end, even the Bloody Queen also leaned her face closer towards Yue Yang, breathing hot air.

Yue Yang caressed the Bloody Queen’s face. He had wanted to turn his head and kiss those cherry lips, but Yue Bing, who was on the ground, suddenly moved. Yue Yang and the Bloody Queen was so surprised that they immediately released each other. Only Xiao Wen Li, who was completely ignorant about all these, continued to hug Yue Yang tightly.

Yue Bing mumbled some words unconsciously, before continuing to sleep.

The fire in Yue Yang’s heart was finally quenched as he picked his sister up and started to read the new information about the Barbarian Cow Shadow on his Grimoire.

Barbarian Cow Shadow: Named “Ah Man” by her master. Humanoid special-type. Intelligence Unlocked. Gold-ranked Level 5. Living half-entity. Guardian Beast. Undergone humanoid Reconstruction five times. Special Skills: [Trample], [Doom’s Eyes], [Bloodeye Double Kill]…

There wasn’t much difference on the description, but when Yue Yang saw the words ‘Intelligence Unlocked’, he was extremely touched.

It was not important if the Barbarian Cow Shadow levelled up or not. If the Barbarian Cow Shadow didn’t have intelligence, then she would only become a dumb beast who was destined to toil every day in the future. She would have a future only if her intelligence was unlocked. Only then would she be able to evolve into a Holy Beast… As for Divine Beasts, Yue Yang didn’t hope too much. Only heaven knows the requirements to evolve a beast into a Divine Beast! Even such an intelligent beast like the Bloody Queen who could speak was not a Holy Beast. Yue Yang would already be very happy if the Barbarian Cow Shadow could evolve into a Holy Beast!

Another thing that made Yue Yang very happy was that amongst the Barbarian Cow Shadow’s description, her ‘half-entity’ description had already turned into a ‘living half-entity’.
(Shiro: Explained in chapter 37 and 48. Barbarian Cow Shadow is a half-entity, which means that she was half a shadow, so she did not have any feelings such as pain, unlike other living beasts)

Seemed like the Barbarian Cow had finally started to have life.

Although she may not look completely like a human now, she had finally started to have life. This would also mean she was nearer to becoming human-like. If this continued, she would probably reached the realm of human-like very soon.

Turning human-like and possessing intelligence were essential requirements to become a Holy Beast, it was also extremely important points!

Unlike the Bloody Queen, Ah Man was still obedient and well-behaved after her evolution.

Yue Yang recalled her into the Silver Grimoire. He thought that she would rebel against him like the Bloody Queen had, but she had actually obediently turned into a golden light and returned into the grimoire without any resistance at all. As Yue Yang turned his grimoire and observed the Barbarian Cow Shadow’s picture, he felt extremely proud. Amongst so many beasts, only she and Xiao Wen Li were obedient to him. As for the others… Hui Tai Lang would hide behind his back and eat magic cores secretly. The Bloody Queen, needless to say, she was practically a finicky princess. Thinking of this, Yue Yang couldn’t help but to smack the Bloody Queen’s perky little butt, causing the Bloody Queen to be stunned.

“Why, did, you, hit, me?” The Bloody Queen didn’t understand why her master had punished her. She thought about the battle she fought just now. Hadn’t she done her best?

“Smack, smack!”

Yue Yang was a little embarrassed. He was just thinking about it, but his hands had actually really spanked the Bloody Queen’s butt.

Realizing that he had hit her wrongly, he proceeded to catch the Thorny Flower Demoness who was hopping around happily, placed her body on his knees and spanked her butt a few times too.

Surprisingly, unlike with the Bloody Queen, Yue Yang had hit the Thorny Flower Demoness lightly. The Thorny Flower Demoness didn’t care about being hit, she was enjoying it instead. She twisted her little butt and was reluctant to get away from Yue Yang’s knees.

She only jumped up when Yue Yang delivered a last, hard spank on her butt.

She held back her tears as she miserably hid behind the Bloody Queen’s body.

The Bloody Queen thought that her romantic gesture that she couldn’t help doing just now had offended her master’s dignity, so she simply bowed her head and accept her master’s punishment. Yue Yang also didn’t explain himself, he only glared at them before he reached out and patted their heads, showing that he had forgiven them. Giving subordinates the stick and then the carrot is the true way of becoming a master, Yue Yang had copied and used this advice to his advantage.

As a result, the Bloody Queen and the Thorny Flower Demoness were extremely touched. Both of them held one of Yue Yang’s hands each as tears welled up in their eyes, almost falling out onto their faces.

Seeing that Yue Yang had forgiven them, their tears immediately turned into joy. Both of them immediately nodded their heads, showing their intentions to listen to him obediently in the future.

Xiao Wen Li watched the whole thing amusedly.

She had a unique relationship with Yue Yang, and she was also well-behaved, so Yue Yang had always pampered and showered her with praises every time. She never had to worry that she would be punished.

Seeing that Yue Yang was patting the Bloody Queen’s head, Xiao Wen Li pulled Yue Yang’s hands and rubbed it on her head too. She raised her clear doe-eyes and nodded towards Yue Yang, full of smiles, as if the feeling of his hands on her head was very comfortable for her.

“Let’s go, let’s take a look at the Gemini Temple!” Yue Yang had gained confidence after clearing the Taurus Temple Trial. He wanted to clear the Gemini Temple quickly.

What kind of beasts would await him in the Gemini Temple?

Yue Yang carried Yue Bing as he led Xiao Wen Li forward.

The Bloody Queen and the hopping Thorny Flower Demoness who had both refused to be recalled back into the Grimoire followed behind. The group of people entered the golden teleportation gate at the back of the hall, teleporting into the the third temple of the Twelve Zodiac Temples, the Gemini Temple.

The guardian of the Aries Temple was the Three-headed Chimera, while the guardian of the Taurus Temple was a beast that was close to becoming a Holy Beast, the White Bull, who could turn into human.

What kind of strong monster would there be in the Gemini Temple?

Yue Yang remembered that Qian Qian had said that there was a rule in the Twelve Zodiac Temple Quest. The twelve temples would be divided into four rounds, three temples in each round. Within each round, the third temple’s monsters would definitely be the strongest. That meant that the beasts guarding the Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces Temples would be stronger compared to the other temples. Furthermore, from the recounts of the warriors who had come for the challenge through thousands of years, a frightening conclusion had been made: The beasts from the third temple, Gemini and the sixth temple, Virgo were said to be the most abnormal out of all…

In the past ten thousand years, no one had ever managed to clear these two temples!

Normal warriors wouldn’t start challenging from the Aries Temple. Most of them would choose to start their challenge at the seventh temple, Libra or the tenth temple, Capricorn.

They knew that they wouldn’t be able to finish the whole quest, but they still hoped to clear a few trials.

Hence, most warriors would avoid challenging the Gemini and Virgo Temples, these two abnormal Trials.

Through ten thousands of years, the highest record for the Twelve Zodiac Temples was an anonymous warrior who had managed to clear nine Trials. This record became the limit of human capabilities, no other man managed to beat this record. This anonymous warrior had started at the seventh temple, Libra, and was finally defeated at the Gemini Temple.

He had left a few words: No one will be able to clear the Gemini Temple. It’s definitely impossible!

Right now, Yue Yang’s heart was filled with anticipation.

What kind of beast was it that had made that strong warrior who had held the record for ten thousand years say these words? What kind of strong beast was it actually, that no one in the past ten thousand years had managed to defeat it?

When Yue Yang entered the Gemini Temple, he realized that there wasn’t a single beast in this place.

It was completely empty.

It was only after Yue Yang walked into the arena inside that was guarded by a BOSS that he realized the reason why the anonymous warrior had said that. When Yue Yang saw the beast guarding the temple, he couldn’t help but to shout out loud, completely shocked, “Dammit, how can this be…? No wonder he said this Trial couldn’t be cleared. Turns out it’s really undefeatable! My God, this, how do I fight this thing?”

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