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LLS Chapter 200 – Barbarian Cow Shadow’s Evolution

Chapter 200 – Barbarian Cow Shadow’s Evolution
Translated by: May
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Due to the limitation of the Ancient Law, Yue Yang couldn’t attack with combat skills at all. He could only fight with his beasts.

Yue Yang still couldn’t be sure of the White Bull’s strength though he had Level 4 [Divine Vision]. He just felt that the White Bull was stronger than the Three-headed Chimera that he faced before.

Xiao Wen Li transformed into a rainbow light and hovered around Yue Yang’s body. Although Yue Yang couldn’t attack, his fast speed and response were very useful in the battle. He managed to dodge the attack though he couldn’t attack his opponent back. With Yue Yang’s support, Xiao Wen Li’s combat strength would be enhanced as well. The White Bull’s eye, which was brimming with intelligence initially, started to show murderousness.

A terrifying, omnipresent wave of mental attack suddenly flashed as the White Bull glared at them.

If it were other beasts, they would have escaped long ago. However, Xiao Wen Li still remained calm as she reached towards Yue Yang with her hands, following him as he flew high to the sky.

Yue Yang summoned his Grimoire and raised his protective shield to block the attack when the metal attack struck on him.

At the same time, he also let Xiao Wen Li go so that she could fly towards the White Bull. Xiao Wen Li flew like an arrow from a high altitude. The weak point of the White Bull was located on the upper part of its back. This was the only angle where its eyes couldn’t launch an attack. Although the White Bull has no blind spot on its front, back, left and right, the little space on the upper part of its back was still its blind spot.

The nearer Xiao Wen Li was to the White Bull’s spine, the higher the chance that she would hit its blind spot. If it was in a high altitude, it would instead be easier for the White Bull to glare at its opponent.

Xiao Wen Li twisted her body lightly in the air. She altered her flight trajectory from time to time while she glided down splendidly in order to prevent the White Bull from turning back to stare at her.

The White Bull was good at executing its long-range mental attack wave, hence, its weakness must be in close combat.

Yue Yang was getting more knowledgeable and experienced in fighting against his enemies. He made the most rational tactical arrangement. When it was combined with Xiao Wen Li’s extraordinary response and her automatic adjustment to Yue Yang, Yue Yang was confident that Xiao Wen Li could defeat the White Bull. As long as Xiao Wen Li could get close to the White Bull and used her [Binding] Inherent Skill, the White Bull would undoubtedly be defeated.

The Three-headed Chimera also lost to Xiao Wen Li in this way before.

‘Moo…moo!’ Surprisingly, the White Bull stood up like a human all of a sudden. There was no more blind spot as it could turn around easily now. Its eyes stared at Xiao Wen Li who was flying around in high speed. Once again, the mental attack shockwave exploded.

Yue Yang flashed and appeared behind Xiao Wen Li all of a sudden. He carried her and disappeared when the mental attack wave was about to struck on her body.

He learned this from the Marquis of Zhi Jin. He rarely used this skill since it required a lot of Innate Qi. However, the situation was very critical. He had to save Xiao Wen Li instantly.

Although Xiao Wen Li would not die for real since she was a Guardian Beast, Yue Yang still didn’t wish to see her getting injured, let alone seeing her die. Yue Yang was unable to determine whether the White Bull or its mental attack wave blast possessed the ability to instantly kill its opponents like [Doom’s Eyes] or not.

He would not take any risk.

Yue Yang and Xiao Wen Li gave up on their plan synchronously after they failed in their first surprise attack. They started moving again, looking for the best chance to attack patiently.

Among all the surprise attacks, this was the first time they retreated first as their opponent could see through their tactics.

It seemed that the White Bull had a very high intelligence.

Yue Yang took the first move as he flew towards the White Bull. He took out the Gold Beast which had transformed into his wrist guard and targeted it to the White Bull. The wrist guard transformed into a dagger rapidly in mid air. Although Yue Yang couldn’t attack or release Innate Qi, the dagger shot out the tip of blade to attack the right eye of the White Bull. The White Bull was lured by his attack, just as he had expected. It retreated by moving a few steps backwards ingeniously and avoided the Gold Beast’s range of attack. The terrifying mental attack wave blast was unleashed again.

Yue Yang summoned the grimoire in a flash and raised his protective shield.

He managed to block the mental attack wave blast.

At the same time, Xiao Wen Li appeared from Yue Yang’s back. Her Dual Icicle Blades immediately attacked the White Bull who had just unleashed its mental attack wave.

Any beasts would need a short period of time in between skills to unleash their skills repeatedly. The more powerful the attack was, the larger this gap would be!

Yue Yang and Xiao Wen Li were aiming for this time gap.

However, the second mental attack wave blast had struck on them before Xiao Wen Li could use her [Binding] Inherent Skill. Its impact blew Yue Yang and Xiao Wen Li off at the same time. In mid-air, Yue Yang and Xiao Wen Li struck each other’s palms and flew to two different direction at the same time.

The horrifying mental attack wave blast exploded like a mountain flash flood. It was even ten times stronger than the previous one.

Turned out that this White Bull was actually hiding its strength, It wanted to unleash the two continuous attacks as a surprise attack just now.

If Yue Yang and Xiao Wen Li weren’t alert throughout the battle, perhaps its surprise attack would have been successful. A Bronze Barbaric Bull which was located at more than thirty meters behind Yue Yang was hit by the mental attack wave blast. Its huge body was blown up in the air and flew a hundred meters away. None were sure whether it was dead or alive. Even the group of Barbarian Bulls at a hundred meters away were swayed due to the blow of the blast

The two Hundred Years Old Treant Defenders were destroyed and collapsed.

Yue Bing called out to Yue Yang, who disappeared to nowhere, as she threw balls of green flames to the Hundred Years Old Treant Defenders to heal their wounds after the blast was over.

Bloody Queen was also flying disorderly in the sky due to dizziness. She finally regained her stability after sometime.

The Barbarian Cow Shadow, Ah Man started running wildly as she saw the White Bull speeding towards Yue Bing.


The Barbarian Cow Shadow hopped up high at the moment when the White Bull was about to run into Yue Bing. She laid heavy punches on the White Bull’s back. The White Bull turned its head and glanced at Barbarian Cow Shadow with a red light shining in its eyes. Fortuitously, a red light also shined in Barbarian Cow Shadow’s eyes… It was the showdown between [Doom’s Eyes] versus [Doom’s Eyes]!

The body of the White Bull swayed. It seemed dizzy but it didn’t collapse.

On the other hand, the Barbarian Cow Shadow stayed still for a moment, but fell down at last. The Bloody Queen swooped down and a Banshee Scream burst out beside the White Bull’s ear.

The White Bull swayed again, almost fainting due to the Banshee Scream.

Xiao Wen Li flashed out and slashed the White Bull’s neck with her Dual Icicle Blades.

Ice coagulated rapidly. The White Bull was frozen into a large ice statue though it was struggling.

Yue Yang landed from the sky with his shattered clothes. He had no time to check on the Barbarian Cow Shadow. He waved his hands towards Yue Bing and indicated her to leave the place and return to the hallway.

Two Gold-ranked Barbaric Bull charged towards Yue Yang as if they wanted to kill Yue Yang with their large horns. Yue Yang was holding the dagger which was the mysterious beast’s transformed form. It easily slashed one of the Gold-ranked Barbaric Bull’s indestructible horn down without even the slightest effort. Xiao Wen Li was even faster. She had already reached the other Gold-ranked Barbaric Bull. As she reached out her hands, her Dual Icicle Blades penetrated the Gold-ranked Barbaric Bull’s eyes deeply.

Right at this moment, the ice covering all around the White Bull broke into pieces.

A gigantic fist punched out from the crushed ice.

The target of the devastating punch was Bloody Queen who was flying down at a high speed to coordinate with Yue Yang’s attack towards the Gold-ranked Barbaric Bull.

Bloody Queen didn’t notice that she was flying toward the path of death. It was too late for Yue Yang to unsummon her. However, at the critical moment, a shadow jumped up and blocked the gigantic fist.


The gigantic fist knocked a hole on the shadows’ body and broke through it.

The shadow caught the opponent’s fist which was still forging ahead like nothing happen at all. The shadow grabbed the fist tightly with flame and smoke breathed out from its nose and mouth. The red light flashed on its eyes once more.

It was the Barbaric Cow Shadow who fell down on the ground a moment ago!

[Doom’s Eyes] was launched once again!

There was a Gold Ox-head Giant standing behind the crushed ice. Her body wavered and seemed to fell on the ground. Before Xiao Wen Li could respond, the Bull-head Giant straighten up its knees and stood still on the ground.

When its eyes stared, a double mental attack wave blast exploded like mountain torrent.

Barbaric Cow Shadow, Ah Man reached out her hands and grabbed the gold ring of the Golden Ox-head Giant tightly. At the same time, golden rune appeared on her forehead.

The golden rune also appeared on the palms which were connected with the gold ring.

Gold light was flashing in the blast.

Suddenly,the gold ring separated from the Gold Ox-head Giant’s nose. It then slipped onto Ah Man’s wrist and became her gold bracelet. The runes on the gold bracelet were shining dazzlingly. As the Gold Ox-head Giant roared, the mental attack wave blast which were exploded at the same time just now messed up and turned up into a terrific explosion.


The huge shockwave blew off everything.

Everything seemed insignificant in the terrific explosion.

Yue Bing lost her conscious once she felt the shockwave.

By the time she opened her eyes, she noticed that Yue Yang was letting Bloody Queen and Xiao Wen Li to bind up his wound which was still dripping with blood half-nakedly.

“Brother, where is the Ox-head Giant?” Yue Bing asked as she discovered that the scene was in a mess with Bronze, Silver and Gold Barbaric Bulls’ bodies lying all over the place. It turned out that the Gold Ox-head Giant was nowhere to be found and elder brother’s rib was injured. A long wound which seemed like being pierced by the horn was found on his body. Bloody Queen also suffered from several injuries on her body too. However, her injuries were considered lighter if compared with Yue Yang.

The one who had the worst injuries was Barbarian Cow Shadow. Her chest and lower abdomen were in a complete mess.

Luckily,she didn’t have a living physical body. Most importantly, she was a Guardian Spirit Beast. Else, she would have died if she was just a normal beast.

When Yue Yang found out that Yue Bing was awaken, he immediately waved his hand and said, “It’s nothing. These are just some minor injuries. The Ox-head Giant has transformed back into a White Bull. Its power decreases as it loses its gold ring. It disappeared through teleportation after it transformed into a gold light. It seems that we have passed the battle of Taurus Temple successfully. I never thought it would be this tough.”

Yue Bing still had a lingering fear. She never thought that the White Bull could transform into human form and became a female Ox-head warrior who was about the same size as the Barbarian Cow Shadow.

Furthermore, the female barbarian cow which the White Bull transformed was far more powerful than the Barbarian Cow Shadow.

Perhaps it was the Holy Beast which Grandma Wu Teng mentioned that it could transform into human form. No wonder it was so powerful.

She was not only able to emit a mental attack wave but also unleash [Doom’s Eyes] twice. The most terrifying fact was that she was unharmable even when the Barbarian Cow Shadow glared at her with her [Doom’s Eyes]. Fortunately, her brother was stronger than the White Bull. Otherwise, Yue Bing couldn’t imagine how the battle would end. Yue Bing closed her eyes as she thought of it. Now she realized how big the gap was between her and her brother. If she didn’t put in more effort then she might not be able to help her brother in the future.

She must cultivate hundred times harder later. Anyhow, she didn’t want to burden her brother like what happened today anymore.

Yue Bing had made a decision in her heart.

Yue Yang had no idea what was playing in her mind.

He was also worried when he recalled the battle just now.

The gold ring was a divine artifact. He wasn’t sure how long the ‘human vs bull battle’ would take if Barbarian Cow Shadow didn’t remove it from the White Bull.

The corpses of Barbaric Bulls were kept in his Lich Ring. One of the corpses of Gold-ranked Barbaric Bull was left for the purpose of reconstructing Ah Man’s body. Yue Yang went to the left hall and brought out Little Thorny Flower Demoness while Yue Bing was taking her rest. When he ran to the outskirts of the temple, Hui Tai Lang had already killed all the Ox-head Warriors. However, it was a great challenge for it to oppose hundreds of Devil Eyes which were floating in the sky. Thus, Hui Tai Lang was still battling with them.

Bloody Queen flew over to help. She held a Dragon Slaying Dagger in her right hand and the silver dagger Eye Destroyer, which was borrowed from Yue Bing, in her left hand.

A [Banshee Scream] resounded.

The Devil Eyes nearby started falling from the sky one by one.

Even the Devil Eyes at the furthest distance were feeling dizzy.

Hui Tai Lang was finally looking great and powerful at the moment. It threw itself at the Devil Eyes and bit at them relentlessly. Its killing speed was even faster than Bloody Queen who was assassinating using her daggers. Although the Thorny Flower Demoness disliked the Devil Eyes’ corpses, she still obeyed Yue Yang’s command and reached her stumps out to swallow all the Devil Eyes be it alive or dead. The Bloody Queen could only stare blankly as she watched the Thorny Flower forest swallowing all the Devil Eyes alive. What power! She was indeed a killing machine who could kill anyone mercilessly!

“Quick. Clean up the battlefield now. I want my rewards!” Yue Yang didn’t bother to watch any longer. He turned around, ran back to Yue Bing and carried her while he asked Xiao Wen Li and the others to follow him.

As for reconstructing the body of the Barbarian Cow Shadow, Yue Yang kept that thought away at the mean time.

After clearing the Aries Temple, Yue Yang had received an Intelligence upgrade reward by the Ancient Law.

So what would he get for his reward after he cleared the Taurus Temple Trial?

Yue Yang was so anxious that he couldn’t wait anymore.

In his opinion, there should be a time limit for the reward. The reward would be greater if he finished the battle in a shorter time.

Thus, he didn’t border to collect all the Ox-head Warriors’ corpses and magic cores. Instead, he immediately turned and ran after he killed all the monsters.

When Yue Yang anxiously arrived at the back of the temple, he realized that the secret mechanism over there was already opened. A painting of War Gods had appeared on the wall.

The Taurus Temple was sort of similar to the Aries Temple. The two Goddess Attendants statues that was on Aries Temple were replaced by two Golden Ox-head Warriors statues which were holding an axe in their hands in the Taurus Temple instead. Yue Yang summoned his Grimoire. He felt very anxious since he was still unable to gain any reward after he had tried out all the solutions. Bloody Queen and Thorny Flower Demoness also entered the temple as they followed him. They had almost wanted to move the Ox-head Warriors statues away as they were running out of solutions.

Could it be that they didn’t finish the battle on time?

Had the reward claiming time limit started from the second that the White Bull was transformed into a white light?

Yue Yang was in despair. If ke knew about it earlier, he would have ran into the temple in the very first moment. The reward was gone since he wanted all the Devil Eyes to be killed. He failed at the last step though he had been acting very carefully and paying his utmost attention to every detail.

Xiao Wen Li held Yue Yang’s thigh softly, her eyes blinking as if she was trying to comfort Yue Yang.

“It’s ok!” Yue Yang stroked her little head lightly. He tried to think in another way. Why were the Goddess Attendants Statues at Taurus Temple so different from the ones at Aries Temple? At Aries Temple, he had to place his Crystal Card on the scales that the Goddess Attendants carried. Should he place the Crystal Card in the mouth of the Ox-head Warrior Statues? Or should he slash his Crystal Card across their eyes? Yue Yang took out the Crystal Card and tried it out. However, there were no effects at all. Yue Yang had a feeling that he was about to figure something out but he just couldn’t grasp it at that moment.

Suddenly, Xiao Wen Li pointed at the grimoire.

There was nothing in the grimoire. What did she mean?

A gold light suddenly flashed on the grimoire while Yue Yang was feeling puzzled. Barbarian Cow Shadow, Ah Man came out automatically without being summoned by Yue Yang.

She reached her hands towards Yue Yang and held the Crystal Card in his hands. Suddenly, a colourful light lighted up on the Crystal Card. Two shadows flew towards the body of the Ox-head Warriors Statues. Then, it turned into a violet red light inside the Ox-head Warriors’ eyes. At last, the red light flew back into the eyes of the Barbarian Cow Shadow.

“Could it be that the reward is restricted to the bull-type beasts only?” Yue Yang looked at the Barbarian Cow Shadow’s description on his grimoire once more. He found out that she had undergone an evolution with some new changes.

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