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LLS Chapter 20 – No Money? Then Sorry.

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Chapter 20 – No Money? Then Sorry.

Translated by: TaffyGirl13
Edited By: Rango, Rend, Shipreck

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“Your skin is indeed Stone Skin, but your inner organs probably aren’t as hard, right? When you let me cut you, your outside skin wasn’t injured at all, but you reached out to rub your chest right now. And this means? You probably felt some hidden pain in your chest? In that case, you can probably get stunned too.” Yue Yang didn’t show any hint of fear. On the contrary, he laughed out loud.

He dodged Rock’s fists in a flash, leaping into the air.

He skillfully rotated the axe with his wrist, and the thick axe flew down towards Rock’s shiny bald head. He exerted all of his Innate energy, and fiercely struck down.

Immediately, another sound like colliding with metal rang out.

Rock’s body swayed. His thick hands cradled his head. He was feeling incomparable pain, and wanted to loudly cry out.

However, before he even had the time to make a sound, his eyes had already rolled to the back of his head, and his body fell to the ground with a thud.

If it had been anyone else slamming his head down, perhaps Rock would’ve been able to endure it. However, for people like Yue Yang who was an Innate Ranker with Innate strength, his Stone Skin was as defenseless as a piece of tissue paper; the energy directly went through his head.

Although his skull hadn’t split apart, the inside of his head had been badly shaken.

From before the battle began, Yue Yang was the victor. He threw the deformed metal axe away, and nonchalantly brushed off his hands, as if he had done a very insignificant thing. However, if other people had been watching this amateur fell a Level 2 Upper-ranked Braveman, the White Stone City’s valiant and famous Rock, in a single attack, their jaws would drop to the ground.

But to an Innate Ranker, the fact that an Innate Ranker defeated a Level 2 Braveman is not surprising in the least. That was something as simple as eating a pie.

[EN – Translation says as simple as eating peas 😛 we just americanized it]

“Alright, let me see. I’ve defeated the first monster. I wonder how much money there will be” Yue Yang’s attitude was like that of killing monsters for treasure, rather than hunting people for vengeance.

When Rock felt a ton of ice cold water get dumped on his face, he dazedly awoke, and suddenly realized that he had been tied up with palm fibre rope.

He wanted to resist.

However, Rock discovered that his bonds were tied extremely skilled, and were extremely annoying.

His arms and legs were tightly tied, with a stick behind him to pull him straight, making it impossible to bend. He was unable to summon any energy, so there was no way he could pull the bonds apart.

Just as Yue Yang was checking all of Rock’s belongings, he saw that the fellow had awoken, and said in discontent, “You poor bastard, aside from the little bit of money on you, do you have any other places where you’ve hidden away over 100 gold? If you do, then I’ll consider letting you live…” Yue Yang didn’t have the heart of Buddha; he only wanted money.

“I’m going to kill you.” He cursed, Rock was getting angry enough to explode.

“I can understand your emotions, but a man must uphold his dignity towards reality, so why don’t we continue our talk about the ransom? Have you really no savings hidden away?” Yue Yang asked.

“Let me go right now. Do you know who I am? I’m the number one most capable person in the Violent Beast Mercenary Group. If you dare kill me, then the leader, Tie Kuang, will hunt you down for vengeance, and the Violent Beast Mercenary Group will exterminate your entire family.” His attitude was still as arrogant as before.

“Eh? You’re going to exterminate my entire family? I’m starting to feel a tiny bit afraid now.” Yue Yang laughed.

The Violent Beast Mercenary Group was one of the three great mercenary guilds in White Stone City. Yue Yang had obviously heard of it before; moreover, he also knew that the guild leader, Tie Kuang, was the city’s number one tyrant.

However, no matter how terrifying Tie Kuang was, this was only from the point of view of the average person.

Even if Tie Kuang found out that Rock had been killed by Yue Yang, he wouldn’t dare confront a member of the Yue family, one of the four great families, for revenge.

There were many benefits to his family’s influences. Perhaps the family’s wouldn’t treasure every descendent, or care for each grandson. However, if anyone dared to look down on the great family’s power, and killed any member, even if the member was just a coward, the whole family’s elite forces would be dispatched to gain back their place and their face that had been sullied. The military forces guarding the family were both imposing and glorious.

Yue Yang had never thought of using his family’s name to do anything. Moreover, in his opinion, Rock was a type of little monster that had absolutely no power.

Besides, if the number one Violent Beast Mercenary Group was only this skilled, it seemed that their awesomeness was very limited.

“Let me go, or else I’ll tear you alive.” Rock said in response to Yue Yang’s words, and felt extraordinary shame and humiliation. He had never in his life suffered from being looked down upon like the opposite party was doing to him right now. He wasn’t even seen as a person; he was only a pitiful bug.

“It seems that our discussion has ended. You don’t have money? Then I’m sorry, but you’ll become fertilizer for my Thorny Flower. It’s time for its meal.” Yue Yang commanded the Thorny Flower to swallow Rock. Because Thorny Flower gained more energy from eating people alive rather than corpses, the probability of variation would increase. This was especially true for warriors that were still united with their Beasts. After the Thorny Flower ate someone and goes through variation, there would be little chance that the Thorny Flower would gain the enemy’s Beast’s abilities, or the Thorny Flower would greatly increase its own original powers.

That’s why Yue Yang had not killed Rock earlier, and decided to make Thorny Flower swallow the fellow alive.

“Ah?” Rock looked above him. The Thorny Flower had its terrifying mouth gaping wide open, and he saw its mouthful of sharp teeth preparing to swallow him. In that instant, he was scared out of his wits.

Although death was scary, with a Kacha, his head fell down to the ground. Just like that, it was over.

Now it wasn’t as simple as just dying. The Thorny Flower’s gaping mouth had to swallow him alive, and slowly digest him into its own body. This was really too terrifying; he had no clue how long the digestion would take until he would actually die.

This was torture; dying would be better.

Rock didn’t try being brave anymore, and immediately began piteously crying for mercy.

If this brat wanted to use the axe to kill him, he definitely wouldn’t be merciful. The opposite party couldn’t use the axe to defeat his Stone Skin and kill him, but continuing to live this way was too frightening.

Yue Yang indifferently waved his hand, “Sorry, you need to pay me money for me to kill you. If you don’t have 100 gold, then don’t bother speaking.”

Rock felt that a bolt had suddenly struck down from the blue. Where would he possibly get 100 gold?

If he had 100 gold, why would he be working as a mercenary? He would just directly buy a residence in the countryside, and enslave some girls under him as an old rich man and forget about everything else. When he saw the Thorny Flower’s gaping mouth prepared to swallow his legs, he cried out in panic, “Let me go, let me go, I’ll give you 100 gold. By morning tomorrow, I’ll definitely have 100 gold.”

“The Rock who didn’t even have a total of 10 gold on his body, please don’t just randomly spout bullshit. Lying isn’t right.” Yue Yang would never get tricked by something like this; he had no tolerance for empty words. He rubbed Thorny Flower’s head and commanded, “You should swallow him head first, otherwise, this fellow will start crying out. If the surrounding neighbors are woken up, then it won’t be good. People still have to go to work in the morning. Speaking of which, I’m a bit hungry. You slowly enjoy your meal, while I go eat a midnight snack….” Rock began screaming out like a pig being killed. However, Yue Yang pretended not to hear, and whistled as he casually walked away.

“Spare me, spare me!” Rock cried.

“I believe that when you were killing others, your victims also begged you for mercy. But have you ever once spared them? No. You’ve done very well, and I should learn from you.” Yue Yang turned around and gave a harmless smile, speaking in a tone of incomparable ease.

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