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LLS Chapter 199 – Secret Method, Yue Bing’s Great Improvement!

Chapter 199 – Secret Method, Yue Bing’s Great Improvement!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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The pitiful guy’s mother had mentioned a secret method.

This secret method was suitable for two people who had a couple or husband and wife relationship. Furthermore, the better the relationship between the two were, the more effective the secret method would work. The first step to the secret method was for the couple to link their mind very closely together, as if there was nothing standing in between them. Then, they would have to channel their Spirit Qi towards each other, just like how warriors link their Spirit Qi with their beasts. The two of them must support each other’s Spirit Qi, combining each other’s strength to execute summoning skills. If this secret method was trained to a certain level, the two people could even unite and unleash combat skills together… The strength that come from the combination between combat skills and summoning skills was extremely powerful, it might even give rise to an unimaginable evolution.

Of course, the specific results vary with different people. However, even the worst fusion would be stronger than the strength of a single person alone!

This secret method that had already existed since the ancient times was lost in the recent thousands of years. The pitiful guy’s mother had accidentally acquired this knowledge, but she believed that the secret method that she formulated was still incomplete. Otherwise, if two people truly fuse together, their strength would have increased at least ten times greater.

In the end, she re-named this secret method that she researched herself as [Body Fusion].

Originally, this [Body Fusion] was only meant for couples or husband-and-wife to cultivate, but Yue Yang couldn’t help but to suggest it to Yue Bing.

Although Yue Yang was a big pervert, he actually didn’t have any perverted intention to his sister. He also didn’t have any intention to take advantage of his sister when he suggested this [Body Fusion] method, it’s just that he couldn’t help but want to help his sister, seeing that his sister’s strength was still lacking.

Yue Bing was both obedient and stubborn, she would normally trained herself very hard.

However, she lacked a mentor in the plant-type beasts category, hence her growth was very slow. Yue Yang really couldn’t bear it anymore, he felt that he had not done his duty as her brother.

As for the method to train this [Body Fusion], Yue Yang felt that as long as he didn’t think of anything dishonest, there wouldn’t be any problem.

Furthermore, Yue Bing would also not have any weird thoughts. She was just a pure-hearted, innocent little girl, who would think that her brother was only helping her to increase her strength. At the same time, Yue Yang also did not tell her everything about the secret method. He only told her to co-operate with him obediently and also that he would channel his Spirit Qi into her body. At that time, she should also summon her beast using her own Spirit Qi.

“Brother, I’m ready.” Yue Bing placed her hands on her brother’s palms and slowly closed her eyes. She followed Yue Yang’s instructions and calmed her mind, emptying her thoughts.

Due to her trust and 100% confidence on her brother, she had successfully entered into her Spirit Realm naturally.

Other girls might encounter a mental block due to their wariness to their partner, but to Yue Bing, this mental block did not exist at all.

The one who was connecting with her mentally was her own brother.

Yue Bing was completely at ease.

Yue Yang was greatly surprised that Yue Bing was able to enter into her Spirit Realm at such a quick speed. The secret method had said that they would probably fail more than a hundred times when they first started, but Yue Bing had succeeded on her first try… It seemed like this girl’s mind was still pure like a sheet of white paper, with no distracting thoughts at all. Yue Yang secretly praised her and immediately tried to get rid of any distracting thoughts in his mind. He then slowly channeled his Innate Qi into Yue Bing’s body. Her body trembled a little but there wasn’t any resistance at all… The Innate Qi flowed through her arms and blood channel, just like it had moved in Yue Yang’s body. When the Innate Qi had flowed throughout her whole body, it came out again from her other hand.

Even though only half of Yue Yang’s Innate Qi had entered her body, it was still a lot for her, as her channels had not been opened yet.

She summoned her grimoire out on reflex.

Usually, she would need to rest an hour at least before she could summon her grimoire the second time.

Right now, it had not even been an hour yet, but she managed to summon her grimoire again successfully. Furthermore, she could summon it more relaxedly and more naturally, almost spending no effort at all.

Yue Bing felt a bright golden light was shining inside her Spirit Realm. She seemed to see her brother’s figure inside the golden light. His face was hidden within the bright light, hence she couldn’t see very clearly, but she could still feel his powerful power. His eyes were shining brightly like stars.

She felt her body becoming lighter and lighter, as if she was fusing together with the golden light.

Her body floated towards her brother.

She only realized that her brother was actually a giant when she flew nearer to him. He was at least 10 meters tall. Compared to him, she was extremely tiny…

Her brother, who was bathed in golden light, reached out his golden, giant hands. His hands that was filled with dark golden Runic Circles easily caught her in his palms. Then, countless burst of energy erupted from his hands, making her own hands grow bigger at lightning speed!

Yue Bing realized that after she received her brother’s power, she was also turning into a giant.

Standing on her brother’s hands, when she reached out her hands, she felt that she could almost reached the blue sky above.

If she opened her eyes, she would realize that her physical body was floating above the ground. Her hands were still holding Yue Yang, but her body was floating almost one metre above the ground.

Behind her, a 10 metre tall green-coloured female giant that was emitting a dreamy green coloured light had appeared. She looked very similar to Yue Bing, but had a more mature look. Her beautiful, green hair was like the lush green leaves growing from thick trees. There was also a pair of green-coloured wings that was shining brightly on her back. There were leaves, flowers, rainbows… Yue Yang watched dumbstruck, however, afraid that the change in his mental state would affect Yue Bing’s evolution, he hurriedly concentrated his mind, channeling his Innate Qi into Yue Bing’s body relentlessly.

When her first blood channel was finally opened, Yue Bing let out a shout in her unconsciousness.

Golden light enveloped her body.

On the other hand, that green-coloured female giant bent her body over, drawing towards the golden light, entering into Yue Bing’s body again.

Yue Bing’s Beginner Silver-ranked Grimoire burst open with a golden light and levelled up to Intermediate Silver-ranked Grimoire on its own. At the same time, the pages quickly turned. On an empty page, a new illustration had appeared. It was the illustration of that green-coloured female giant bathed in golden light just now… Yue Bing’s Qi exploded as her clothes turned into ashes. The shockwave from her Qi explosion shocked those Barbarian Bulls away. Even that White Bull which was sleeping soundly had opened its eyes and looked towards Yue Bing. Its eyes emitted a kind of intelligent light, but no one knew what it was thinking. The two Hundred Years Old Treant Defender who had died from [Doom’s Eyes] had been re-summoned, and they kneeled respectfully in front of Yue Bing…

Yue Yang realized that Yue Bing’s body was trembling as she suddenly fell from the air. He hurriedly caught her and hugged her in his embrace.

Not caring about the fact that she was naked and bare, Yue Yang immediately took out a set of clothings and put them on her body.

When he was done, he curiously looked at Yue Bing’s Silver Grimoire that had just levelled up…

Green Light Tree Demoness: Humanoid element-type. Silver-ranked Level 1. Guardian Beast. Has an elemental body and connected to nature. Special Skill: [Regenerate], [Green Rush], [Spirit Root].

“Guardian Beast?” Yue Yang never thought that Yue Bing could also possess two Guardian Beasts.

Could this be an inborn potential that she already have initially?

Or could it be because of the influence of his Innate Qi? If he execute the same [Body Fusion] with Luo Hua City Mistress, Princess Qian Qian and the Mysterious Beauty, would they also evolve like Yue Bing? Also, has the current Yue Bing reached her limit or does she still have the potential to grow?

Yue Yang couldn’t answer those questions, he also couldn’t understand what had happened.

The only thing he knew was that this was an extremely good news!

What did obtaining another Guardian Beast signify for Yue Bing? Even a fool would know that this meant a brand new and unlimited future for her.

Compared to Yue Yang, the abnormal guy from another world who had N number of Guardian Beasts, Yue Bing might still be lacking. However, compared to other people, Yue Bing had already gained a huge advantage of another Guardian Beast when she was only at the starting line! Furthermore, this was only the beginning… Maybe, as their [Body Fusion] level up to higher realms, she would be able to undergo many more evolutions. The pitiful guy’s mother had truly said it correctly. This kind of ancient, secret method, if it was used in the right way, would reap huge benefits for both parties involved.

When Yue Yang placed his hands on Yue Bing’s Silver Grimoire and channeled his Innate Qi, like magic, the Green Light Tree Demoness female giant’s figure appeared, almost as if she was summoned by him. She looked much smaller than she was just now, only around 3 metres tall. Her body was still transparent like before, but it was obvious that it looked better than just now. It had a bit more substance now. The Green Light Tree Demoness also seemed to possess some intelligence. She looked at Yue Yang full of curiosity, as if surprised that it wasn’t her master who had summoned her, but Yue Yang instead…. She then threw two balls of green light onto the bodies of the two Hundred Years Old Treant Defenders. The two Treant Defenders’ combat power immediately increased as they furiously charged towards the Bronze-ranked Barbarian Bulls. Attacking together, they had immediately sent a Bronze-ranked Barbarian Bull flying away.

The Green Light Tree Demoness looked at Yue Yang again before reaching her fingers out to touch Yue Yang’s body. Realizing that she couldn’t enter into Yue Yang’s body, she shook her head before entering into Yue Bing’s body again slowly.

“Unn…” Yue Bing’s eyelash slowly trembled as she opened her eyes, finally waking up.

When she realized that Yue Yang was holding her, she was immediately overjoyed as she hugged Yue Yang and shouted out, “Brother, I dreamt that you become very, very big! You are so big, like a huge building! And your whole body is also shining, shining so brightly, like the sun…”

When Yue Yang heard this, he sweated inwardly. This lass could actually enter into her Spirit Realm so easily. Even he himself couldn’t enter into his.

There seemed to be a boundless mystery surrounding the [Body Fusion] secret method that awaited him to investigate!

Yue Bing jumped up from her brother’s embrace, surprised to find out that her two Hundred Years Old Treant Defenders were actually fighting bravely against the Bronze-ranked Barbarian Bulls and were not at a disadvantage at all. She was confused as she tilted her head and asked Yue Yang, “Brother, how did my Treants get summoned again? Is this done by me in my dreams? Aih, why is there an additional title in my grimoire?” Yue Yang read where Yue Bing’s fingers had pointed to, and realized that at the back of her title of ‘Level 3 Beginner [Hero]’, there was an extra title: ‘Tree Spirit’.

Yue Yang remembered that at first, at the back of his own ‘Level 1 Apprentice’ title before, there was also another title that other people couldn’t see: ‘Innate’.

His title was dark golden in colour, while Yue bing’s new title was green in colour.

This might be related to her new abilities.

As Yue Bing turned over the pages of her grimoire, she realized that she had another Guardian Beast. She was immediately dumbstruck as she looked at Yue Yang in disbelief, as if she wanted her brother to ascertain her himself. Only then would she belief that this kind of unimaginable, nice surprise was actually a reality.

“Congrats, Bing-er! You have another Guardian Beast!” Yue Yang patted Yue Bing’s head.

“Wa…” Who would know that Yue Bing had immediately cried as she threw herself into his embrace instead. Her tears flowed down like rain from her eyes relentlessly, unstoppable. She had only stopped crying after Yue Yang comforted her for a long time, as she smiled awkwardly, “I, I’m just too happy, too happy… Brother, did you give this to me? Thank you, brother!”

“No, this is something that you have on your own… Sigh. Alright, okay, it’s nothing much to give you more Guardian Beasts. Good girl, don’t cry anymore!” Seeing that Yue Bing didn’t believe him no matter how he explained, Yue Yang decided to allow her to continue her beliefs. Although he didn’t give her the Guardian Beast, the beast’s appearance was more or less related to him. Yue Bing had never been so happy in her life. She wiped her tears as she laughed out loud. Her adorable expression that seemed like the appearance of a rainbow after rain made Yue Yang stand in awe. The current Yue Bing was now completely different from her previous self, who was a lonely, masked widow. It was as if they were two different people.

Meanwhile, the battle outside had continued on. The Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man was stomping on the ground relentlessly, sending earthquakes to the enemy. She then charged forward and grabbed the Barbarian Bulls’ horns, overturning their huge bodies to the ground.

The Bloody Queen circled around in the sky, flying here and there, swooping down to attack at times.

The Dragon Slaying Dagger in her hands had already killed 3 Bronze-ranked Barbarian Bulls and lured two Gold-ranked Barbarian Bulls far away.

At first, the outnumbered Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man was fighting bitterly, but as the Hundred Years Old Treant Defenders who had been given the blessings of the Green Light Tree Demoness entered the foray, she slowly got out from her disadvantageous position!

Yue Yang saw that the White Bull had finally stood up. Sensing that a tough battle was imminent, Yue Yang hurriedly ordered Yue Bing to stay inside the pathway as he charged towards the White Bull.

This White Bull, no matter if it was the Bloody Queen or the Barbarian Cow Shadow, none would be its match.

Its match could only be Xiao Wen Li alone!

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    • Wish says:

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      • Wish says:

        He later thinks about whether it would be wrong to do it with the summons since they are called beasts but have the same body as a human except the Bloody Queen, for example, has her wings being one of the only things other than the contract symbol on her head to differentiate her from a human since she has her own will and can speak. I still can’t decide my stance on that. For the book at least I say go ahead cause you know why not they are basically human and who can pass up on an excuse to increase the harem.

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