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LLS Chapter 198 – Artifacts, Choices, Secret Method

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Chapter 198 – Artifacts, Choices, Secret Method
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Shiro: Apologies for the delay… Also, mistranslated last chapter. Last two paragraphs – “secret Inherent Skill” should have been “[Camouflage] Inherent Skill”. At the beginning, Yue Yang had lied to his family that his Inherent Skill is [Camouflage].

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Yue Yang suddenly flew to the wall, his hands moving in a flash.

Before a minute even passed, the giant painting had already been restored. When he slowly floated back down to the ground, the whole hall shook as the heavy sound of a secret mechanism was activated.

Yue Bing didn’t care about those other things, she only cared about her brother. Yue Yang immediately fell into her embrace the moment he dropped to the ground. Yue Bing held Yue Yang tightly, anxious and nervous, afraid that her brother had been injured. She saw that there were Golden Runes moving within Yue Yang’s eyes, shining brightly like the sun. There were also some Runic Circles revolving in Yue Yang’s forehead. Very quickly, those dazzling lights receded, and everything returned back to normal.

Her brother had finally returned back to the brother that she was familiar with. Yue Bing secretly sighed her relief in her heart. Seeing his brother flying all over the place just now really made her worried. She had even thought that her brother was about to abandon her and fly straight to the legendary Heaven Realm.
(Shiro: mild spoiler: Heaven Realm will appear in later chapters)

Let alone Yue Bing, even Yue Yang didn’t know that his [Divine Vision] levelling up to Level 4 would cause such a strong reaction.

He could feel that his Level 4 [Divine Vision] had fused together with his [Traversing Naked Eye] flawlessly, forming a single new ability.

It was as if it was an ability that allowed him to see through objects.

But to get into that state was extremely tiring for Yue Yang, it also consumed a lot of Innate Qi.

At this [Divine Vision] just now, Yue Yang was even able to see through Yue Bing’s snow-white body. He was so shocked that he immediately stopped his [Divine Vision] state. Otherwise, he would have seen some parts that he shouldn’t see. Yue Yang lightly patted Yue Bing’s head, consoling her, “It’s fine, I’m fine. That… my [Camouflage] Inherent Skill has levelled up, I found the crux of the secret mechanism, so I managed to solve the puzzle. Let’s look around and see what kind of Artifact is there!

In his heart, Yue Yang chanted, “I’m not a sis-con.”

He chanted in his mind until his perverted thoughts disappeared, before he finally sighed in relief.

Yue Bing obviously did not know what Yue Yang was thinking in his heart, she was an extremely pure minded girl who never thought towards that direction before. She nodded innocently and followed Yue Yang obediently.

The secret mechanism had opened a pathway on the wall. After entering the secret pathway and walking for around ten meters, there was a sacrificial altar.

There were three Artifacts lined up on the sacrificial altar.

They were all different in sizes.

Yue Yang sweated profusely as he saw that there were a wooden plaque in front of the sacrificial altar, where the words “Choose Two” was written. Yue Yang obviously did not care about this rule. He had worked so hard to solve the painting puzzle. Only fools would follow the rules. He was about to swing his hand, throw that wooden plaque away and take all three Artifacts when Yue bing, the extremely obedient girl, immediately stopped her brother’s greedy actions. “The rule stated that we can only take two. I think it would be best if we only take two. It would be bad if we took more and activated some kind of secret mechanism that caused us to be locked in this room. Let’s just follow the rules and clear the trial!”

“Alright then. You can choose one!” Yue Yang had actually looked around and found no secret mechanisms in the surrounding walls at all.

Taking less or more wouldn’t concern activating some kind of mechanisms, but maybe it had something to do with the reward that they would receive after clearing the trial.

Yue Yang decided to endure it. He decided to focus on the Intelligence Reward that they would receive after clearing the Trial instead. These Artifacts wouldn’t be able to be compared to the Intelligence reward that the Ancient Laws would give them… Yue Bing chose a silver ring. Yue Yang saw that the ring only had poison detection properties, it was completely useless… But Yue Bing liked it a lot, so he didn’t stop her. Yue Bing took the silver ring, but realised that it was not suitable for her fingers, her fingers were too small.

However, she couldn’t bear to put it down just like that. Seeing Yue Yang observing her actions, she mischievously stick out her tongue.

Amongst the other two Artifacts, one was a pearl necklace.

Using his [Divine Vision], Yue Yang realized that it was actually a consumable item. It was called “Soul Pearl” and could only be used three times at the most to defend against Soul attacks.

If it were placed on another place, Yue Yang would definitely not pay attention to this trash of an Artifact. However, at this place, it was actually a very good item. This was because there were a bunch of Barbarian Bulls outside who could unleash their [Doom’s Eyes] anytime. Their [Doom’s Eyes] were practically killing machines that could destroy a person’s soul immediately.

Although Yue Yang wasn’t about to allow Yue Bing to participate in the battle, it would be safer for her to wear this.

Yue Yang placed the pearl necklace on her.

Yue Bing suddenly blushed a little, and said softly, “Mom said that it would be better for a girl not to wear pearls…”

Yue Yang was confused. He remembered that pearls had “soothing effects, promote Yin energy, and detoxification”. Why couldn’t girls wear pearls? He asked curiously, “Why can’t you wear it?”

“…” Yue Bing shook her head and didn’t explain it to Yue Yang. Instead, she just bowed her head obediently and allowed her brother to help her put on the pearl necklace.

Her pure white color of the pearl set an interesting contrast on her cream-white neck, to the point that Yue Yang had an impulse to place a kiss on her skin. But this was his sister, so Yue Yang could only gulp down his saliva and keep his wild imaginations under control. He put on his best good-brother-appearance and patted on Yue Bing’s black hair, nodding towards her, “I’ve put it on!”

The remaining Artifact was a silver dagger.

Yue Yang felt that this long dagger that was called “Eye Destroyer” should be an Artifact used to deal with the Devil Eyes outside. He already had a Dragon Slaying Dagger, so he didn’t need the Eye Destroyer… Yue Bing seemed to think that she had acted too selfishly, and placed the silver ring back on the sacrificial altar, thinking of her brother first. She picked up the silver dagger “Eye Destroyer”, ran over to Yue Yang and passed it to him, “Here!”

“Didn’t you like the ring?” Yue Yang didn’t understand. Why would she put the ring back?

“It’s okay, this dagger would be useful to you, brother. Furthermore, I already have the pearl necklace.” Yue Bing smiled splendidly, her smile beautiful like the first snow of the year. Her smile made Yue Yang a little dazed as he received the dagger. Then, he carefully put the dagger on her waist and said, “Here, I’ll give you another dagger. Use this to protect yourself!”

“Yeah!” Yue Bing nodded very resolutely.

As for the beautiful but useless poison detecting ring, Yue Bing had already forgotten all about it.

She felt that her first choice might not be suitable for her, because she was certain that her brother would choose the most suitable things for her, no matter if it were Artifacts or choices in her life.

Yue Yang left Yue Bing at the entrance of the right hallway. Right now, their protective shield had disappeared. If she went out and was glared by the bunch of Barbarian Bulls outside, even if she had the Soul Necklace, Yue Yang didn’t want to take the risk of losing Yue Bing. Yue Yang didn’t want her exposed to any kind of danger. Of course, he also couldn’t let her stand watch and do nothing, so he took out a Healing Crystal and healed her two Hundred Year Old Treant Defenders. At the same time, he brought the Bloody Queen and the Barbarian Cow Shadow to fight against the bunch of Barbarian Bulls.

Yue Yang took up the two gold-ranked Barbarian Bulls personally.

Although the Bloody Queen and the Barbarian Cow Shadow could probably win the battle themselves, they would be gravely injured and exhausted with the presence of these two Gold-ranked Barbarian Bulls.

Yue Yang lured the two gold-ranked Barbarian Bulls to the left side pathway and entered it. The gold-ranked Barbarian Bulls couldn’t follow him inside, hence they could only roar angrily from the outside. Yue Yang seized the opportunity to summon his Thorny Flower Demoness. He shouldn’t waste the Ox-head Warrior’s corpses. Of course, this matter must be kept secret from little Yue Bing… This matter about the Thorny Flower Demoness swallowing countless warriors whom she had not even finished digesting must never be known to anyone. Inside the two Thorny Flower Demons giant stalks, there were Tu Cheng’s and Kuang Zhan’s corpses too, which were still undigested.

The Thorny Flower Demoness seemed to be saving these two Innate Rankers’ body for her third evolution to become the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen.

When Yue Yang summoned the Thorny Flower Demoness, he realized that the originally silver-ranked level 1 Thorny Flower Demoness had levelled up to gold-ranked level 1. Her previously 11, 12 years old looking body had also grown up, right now she looked around 13-14 year old. Seemed like she was a little bit smaller than Yue Bing. Her chest had also started to develop little buns that looked incomparably cute… The clothes that Yue Yang gave her last time was too small for her now. Furthermore, the Thorny Flower Demoness didn’t like to wear clothes at all. When she was summoned, she immediately jumped into Yue Yang’s embrace, giggling happily.

After evolving, her intelligence seemed to have risen too. She now knew how to win her master’s favor.

She even stick out her little tongue and licked Yue Yang’s face like a cat.

Yue Yang sweated profusely. Fortunately Yue Bing did not see all this, otherwise, she would definitely mistake him for a lolicon…

“I don’t have time to play with you. Wear these clothes immediately and clear up the corpses over there. I’m really busy. Let go, let me go!” The Thorny Flower Demoness was extremely mischievous, but Yue Yang’s words were still effective on her. With his order, she immediately wore her clothes in front of Yue Yang. This time, although she didn’t wore her pants on her head, she still couldn’t differentiate the front and back parts of her clothes, especially her underwear. Yue Yang sweated even more when he saw this. He immediately stripped her clothes off and helped her put on her clothes himself.

When he was helping her put on her clothes, he thought about how he should go out and lure the two gold-ranked Barbarian Bull again, but he also thought about the magnificent view that he saw just now, igniting the fire in his heart secretly.

If this Thorny Flower Demoness grew up even more, seemed like she would evolve to become a mature, beautiful oneesan.

At that time, he would prefer to allow her to stay naked…

Yue Yang didn’t dare to think further, afraid that he would have nosebleed.

Turning around, Yue Yang realized that Yue Bing’s two Hundred Years Old Treant Defenders had already been killed by the Barbarian Bulls’ [Doom’s Eyes]. He hurriedly ordered the Bloody Queen to fly over and help, facing against the two gold-ranked Barbarian Bull. The Barbarian Cow Shadow had been strengthened with a Giant Phantom Shadow, so she could hold it on her own even fighting against a bunch of Barbarian Bulls. Other than those five silver-ranked Level 5 Barbarian Bulls who could match her strength, the other 10 bronze-ranked level 5 Barbarian Bulls could only try to provoke the Barbarian Cow Shadow and distract her attention. They didn’t dare to come in front of the Barbarian Cow Shadow, otherwise they would probably be pummeled to the ground.

“Ah Man, combat skills, use your combat skills!” Yue Yang had taught the Barbarian Cow Shadow some combat skills previously, but she had not gotten used or had the chance to practice those combat skills. Hence she could only fight with her instinct.

Yue Yang could now feel the weaknesses of his Innate combat skills… Maybe Princess Qian Qian had brought him here to make him realize where his weaknesses were. He only had the Innate Realm as his strongest combat skill. If it were another Innate, they wouldn’t have his weakness, because they could only reach the Innate Realm with the help of their beasts. Then, after hundreds of years of cultivation, their skills would be very deep and their beasts’ strength and level would also be very powerful. Innate Rankers who focused on raising their combat skills like Tu Cheng and Kuang Zhan would probably have the weakest beasts amongst all Innate Rankers. Hence, when he killed those two, they didn’t have strong beasts to protect their lives. In the end, they were killed instantly by him on his berserk state… If it were another Innate Ranker, even if they might not be a match for him, they wouldn’t be killed so easily.

If Tu Cheng and his brother didn’t depend on strengthening-type beasts, or if one of their beasts were a highly intelligent Holy Beast, would he be able to kill them easily?

One would only be able to walk properly if his legs were of the same length.

A person would be lame if one of their feet was longer and the other shorter.

Right now his combat skills had risen, but his beasts were still lacking.

This, this might be the reason why Princess Qian Qian wanted him to come here and clear the Twelve Zodiac Temples Trial. She wanted him to cultivate a Holy Beast and increase the strength of his beasts in overall.

“Brother, would that method really work?” Yue Bing saw Yue Yang had returned and happily asked him. She really wished that she could help her brother even a little, but her abilities were far too weak. The Bronze-ranked Level 5 Hundred Years Old Treant Defenders were strong enough to fight against an ordinary warrior. However, against a bunch of Barbarian Bulls, her Treant Defenders couldn’t defend themselves no matter how strong they wer. They ended up being glared at by the [Doom’s Eyes] so many times by the Barbarian Bulls who were of the same levels as them.

Fortunately the Hundred Years Old Treant Defender was a Guardian Beast who would not truly die.

Yue Yang also didn’t know if the secret method pointed out by the mysterious diary would work, but he couldn’t say it out loud. He must make his sister be more confident.

He nodded certainly as he looked at Yue Bing.

If that secret method really worked, then Yue Yang would have the confidence to bring his sister along to clear the Twelve Zodiac Temples Trial…. If that secret method indeed worked, Yue Yang would even have the confidence to cultivate Yue Bing, Luo Hua City Mistress and Princess Qian Qian into Innate Rankers. However, they would have to suffer a little disadvantage, because that secret method was a little…

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