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LLS Chapter 196 – Mysterious Diary

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Chapter 196 – Mysterious Diary
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Shiro: A change of terms… Yu Long Valley > Royal Dragon Valley. This is from chapter 44.

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The old cunning fox didn’t understand the matter of the tavern girl turning into the spirit of flame and smoke too. Grandma Wu Teng was also not present, so Yue Yang decided not to pursue the matter anymore.

This matter, the lesser people knew, the better.

The people inside the Main Hall seemed to have finished their discussion and reached to a conclusion.

Yue Yang didn’t know what they had discussed, but seeing that the old cunning fox was winking at him, it seemed like they weren’t discussing a bad thing.

After their long discussion, the eagle-eyed Xia Hou Wei Lie brought Fatty Hai, Ye Kong and the others back, saying that he wanted to give them a special Hell Class. Ye Kong and the others felt that their powers were far too behind Yue Yang’s and that they would only be burdens if they stayed with Yue Yang. They could only grit their teeth and followed the eagle-eyed teacher for their Hell Class. Even the previously lazy Fatty Hai had also started to work diligently, influenced by Yue Yang.

His improvement could practically pop the others’ eyes out.

Before Ye Kong left, he asked Yue Yang if he would want to participate in the Hundred Schools Elite Tournament.

Yue Yang had even killed strong Innate Rankers like Tu Cheng and Kuang Zhan, so he was initially uninterested in fighting against a bunch of school kids. But seeing how Yue Bing was hoping to see him in action, he finally nodded. Yue Bing really hoped that his brother could wash away his bad reputation of a useless trash in the country. When she saw that Yue Yang had agreed, she immediately nodded her head emotionally.

Although Yue Yang had wreak havoc in the Yue Clan’s Castle previously, the number of people who knew that Yue Yang was no longer trash and was a super strong ranker instead was not many.

Yue Bing thought that if her brother swept through the competition and won the first place, there’d be no one else in the whole world who would ridicule him anymore.

“Go to Tong Tian Tower. You should first clear the Tong Tian Tower First Floor Trial Twelve Zodiac Temples. When you have cultivated a Holy Beast, we can go and complete the World Tree Quest together. You have improved quite a lot, but shouldn’t you take care of your sister? Bring her along!” Princess Qian Qian didn’t give Yue Yang a chance to rest, forcing him to work.

“Has your level rose to Level 5?” Yue Yu was worried about Yue Yang’s level the most. If he had levelled up to Level 5 [Grandmaster], then he wouldn’t be able to enter the Twelve Zodiac Temples.

“No.” Yue Yang normally didn’t take out his grimoire during battles, hence his level was still very low. He was only a Level 2 [Braveman].

“Go then!” Princess Qian Qian had already levelled up beyond level 5 due to her daily trainings since young with her teacher. She didn’t have any chance of entering the Twelve Zodiac Temples, so she was extremely envious of Yue Yang. Of course, in order to pursue the strongest power, she had focused on cultivating her Guardian Beast, hence her strength had far surpassed her peers. Other than Yue Yang, this brat with abnormal strength, all the others were not her opponents at all.

The old cunning fox had also supported Yue Yang’s training.

He indicated that he was willing to stay behind and help Yue Yang settle the rest of the matters, and also escort Fourth Mother and Shuang-er to a safe place to stay.

As Yue Yang’s power had increased by a lot to the point that he had even managed to kill the Thousand Goblins Sect’s disciples, Tu Cheng and Kuang Zhan, the Thousand Goblins Sect would probably have no intention to attack Fourth Mother again in the meantime. After a long discussion, Elder Yue Hai, Jun Wu You and the old cunning fox had decided to send Fourth Mother into a secret and safe place for her safety. They wouldn’t let others know about her location.

As for the other things, such as the tavern girl’s families, they had also already ordered someone to bring them away to a safer place and allow them to begin a new life there. Yue Yang did not have to bother with all these.

Yue Yang really wanted to see Yi Nan and Luo Hua City Mistress, but they had both went into hiding and declined to see him.

It was as if they knew that their families had met Yue Yang, so they didn’t want to see him.

Yi Nan was a little better, she had left Yue Yang a letter saying that she would be going home for a while. She would meet Yue Yang again later during the Hundred Schools Elite Tournament. Luo Hua City Mistress, on the other hand, didn’t even leave any news for Yue Yang. Princess Qian Qian said that Luo Hua City Mistress was spending her time growing the Beautiful Demonic Flower and the Starlight Serene Indigo Grass at her home everyday, and was living a contented life. She probably had forgotten about Yue Yang completely.

As for the beautiful School Principal who looked like the mysterious beauty, Princess Qian Qian didn’t mention about her at all, as if she had never existed.

Yue Yang wanted to ask her about the other girls, but he felt that Princess Qian Qian, this tigress, was already fed-up with jealousy when she mentioned Luo Hua City Mistress. If he asked her about the mysterious beauty too, she might even turn into a berserk tigress and attack him. In the end, he decided to endure his curiosity and didn’t ask her about it. If his cousin Yue Yu and his sister Yue Bing weren’t here, Yue Yang would definitely not let go of this opportunity. This tigress was actually a really nice girl. Her body was of top-quality and her strength was also powerful. As for her temperament and character… He would just ignore that. Most importantly, this girl’s [Six Records] Inherent Skill was a threat to him. The quicker he pushed her down and made her his woman, the faster that threat would disappear.

Although her father Jun Wu You was the Emperor, and that pushing down his daughter would probably made him very angry, pushing down the tigress had already been Yue Yang’s long time wish, he would definitely not give up.

Maybe Princess Qian Qian had sensed that it would be dangerous if she stayed together with Yue Yang, hence she had purposely pulled Yue Yu to her side. She even pulled Yue Bing to her side too.

In front of his cousin and sister, it would be difficult for Yue Yang to turn into a Big Perverted Wolf.

Tong Tian Tower.

Returning to Tong Tian Tower First Floor, this time, Yue Yang felt really comfortable, having three beautiful companions with him. Previously, he had ran up the Royal Dragon Valley and was drenched in sweat. Now, he didn’t even need a teleportation scroll, he had sat on a Flying Carriage pulled by a bunch of Deer-Eagles. Furthermore, there were even dinner provided from Princess Qian Qian.
(Shiro: I’ve no idea what a Deer-Eagle is. Here’s the raws… 坐了由大群鹿鹰驾拉的‘空中马车)

“I’ve never seen such a penny-pincher like you. What are you going to do with your pile of money?” Princess Qian Qian was almost driven mad by Yue Yang’s refusal to spend a single cent.

“I’m keeping it for betrothal gifts!” Yue Yang defended himself shamelessly.

“…” Princess Qian Qian only rolled her eyes when she heard his answer. She became gloomy for a long time. As she sat on the Flying Carriage, she thought about kicking Yue Yang out of the carriage. Yue Bing had never taken a ride on this Flying Carriage that had a rental fee of 20 gold before. She was extremely happy as she looked at the amazing scenery from above. Yue Yang had flown on airplanes a lot of times before, so he didn’t think much of the slow moving Flying Carriage. Instead, he took the opportunity to read the mysterious diary that the pitiful guy’s parents had left him as the three girls chatted with each other.

Even with Level 3 [Divine Vision], he still couldn’t read through the hidden words. However, with the help of his [Traversing Naked Eye] state, he could read the information very vaguely.

In Yue Yang’s Dream Realm, under the Heavenly Sword Goddess who had turned into a big loli’s teachings, Yue Yang had also learned a type of Innate Sensing.

When he combined it altogether, he could vaguely sense the piece of information in the diary.

That piece of information seemed to be from the pitiful guy’s mother. She wrote: When cultivating a beast, it would have greater growth if it was cultivated for a longer period in each level. It would also be a good thing if the beast learn more skills and experienced more breakthrough in each level… On the contrary, levelling beasts based on strength instead of teaching new skills was a bad thing for a beast’s growth. She had also pointed out especially that a beast’s growth could be divided into five types. The first type was strength levelling. This method allowed beasts to swallow Magic Cores to level up. This was the fastest way but the most harmful way of cultivating a beast. The second type was battle levelling. This method allowed beasts to learn and level up during battles. This was the best method to cultivate a beast but the slowest and the most dangerous one. It wouldn’t be a problem for strong warriors, but for an ordinary, weak warrior with little power, allowing their beasts to level up solely with battles was practically a joke. This was because such method involved a high risk of the beast dying or become crippled during the battle. There was no guarantee for their beasts to stay alive. This method would be best for a powerful warrior who wanted to cultivate his Guardian Beast.

The third method was a combination of the first two, cultivating the beast by feeding them magic cores and participating in fights. This was a method that most warriors in the Soaring Dragon Continent had adopted. The levelling speed would be fast and this method would also cultivate beasts with stronger power. For ordinary warriors, this method was the best one, but for a strong warrior, this method was not the most optimal one. This was because the beast would reach their limits after levelling to a certain point. Other than anomalies, they would probably not be able to go very far.

The fourth method was to cultivate both the master and the beast together. As they grow together, their growth would become much stronger together. But not everyone could use this method. It was limited to their bodies’ compatibilities.

Yue Yang realized that Princess Qian Qian was using this method. Luo Hua City Mistress and the mysterious beauty were sort of using a similar method too, but they did not only cultivate one beast alone like Princess Qian Qian, who only had her Guardian Beast.

What surprised Yue Yang was that the fifth method was sort of similar to his own cultivating method.

The pitiful guy’s mother had pointed out that this method of cultivation could not be copied. The warrior must have a special type of body in order to make a ‘Spirit Blood Contract’ and turn a beast into his Guardian Beast. Then, after cultivating the Guardian Beast to Holy Beast and above, with a secret technique, the warrior would be able to evolve their beasts to Divine Beasts or even higher. Yue Yang was surprised that the pitiful guy’s mother had actually known about Spirit Blood Contract. Furthermore, he was aware that he had always been using this method to contract Beasts. However, he didn’t do it purposely. The end result was coincidentally similar to what the pitiful guy’s mother had described of the fifth method.
(Shiro: Spirit Blood Contract – refer to chapter 26)

Through the information from the mysterious diary, Yue Yang had managed to learn quite a lot of secret knowledge.

There were even more secret knowledge hidden deep inside the diary.

Yue Yang secretly sighed helplessly. If only his [Divine Vision] Inherent Skill could rise to Level 4 now, he would probably be able to read more secrets.

“The pitiful guy’s mom was definitely a very powerful person. So far, only Empress Fei Wen Li has known about the Spirit Blood Contract. If she also knew about it, she was definitely not an ordinary person!” Yue Yang sighed in his heart.

Now that Yue Yang thought about it carefully, he felt that his body must be ‘special’ because he had come from another world. He was different from the others.

Although the tavern girl had died, she had turned into his Guardian Beast and even formed a contract with him.

This was definitely impossible for a person from the Soaring Dragon Continent.

There was also the Bloody Queen, who had fused together with Phantom Shadow and became his Guardian Beast. Barbarian Cow Shadow was also a beast formed after Yue Yang used [Possession] on the Bronze Barbarian Cow. As for Xiao Wen Li, it was needless to say that she was his Guardian Beast. Her contract was drawn by Empress Fei Wen Li herself right in front of him when she was still in incubation.

There were the mysterious Golden Beast and the Reaper Mantis which was still in incubation too. They were also related to his blood!

Even the Thorny Flower Demoness liked to lick his blood…

Yue Yang thought about it carefully and felt that he should probably investigate more in this direction. Regretfully, his Level 3 [Divine Vision] still could not see through the whole bulk of information in the mysterious diary. The amount of information that Yue Yang could see from the secret diary left behind by the pitiful guy’s mother was very limited.

“What book are you reading?” Princess Qian Qian was very curious.

“Porn.” Yue Yang was afraid of this tigress’ curiosity. He immediately replied with a perverted answer to put an end to her curiousity.

Princess Qian Qian punched him, but did not say anything else. Having her sensitive [Six Records] Inherent Skill, she could tell that this brat was lying. Although Princess Qian Qian was curious about the secret that he didn’t want anyone to know, if he didn’t tell her, she wouldn’t pursue the matter. Yue Yu was blushing a little when she heard Yue Yang’s answer. As she awkwardly brush a glance on the book, she realized that Yue Yang was only holding a diary in his hands. She immediately sighed in relief, as she realized that her naughty cousin was actually only teasing Princess Qian Qian.

Yue Bing had never thought that her brother would do something bad, and she knew that her brother particularly liked to tease Princess Qian Qian. She chuckled happily. Right now, she had laughed even more times in a day than she did in a month compared to last time. She was slowly walking out of her lonely and gloomy space.

Returning to the Star’s Domain, the group went straight to the entrance of the Twelve Zodiac Temples.

Princess Qian Qian and Yue Yu couldn’t enter. They waited outside as Yue Yang and his sister Yue Bing made a party and entered the Twelve Zodiac Temples.

As Yue Yang had cleared the Aries Temple previously, this time, both Yue Yang and Yue Bing were teleported to the Taurus Temple.

“Brother, let me lead the attack!” Yue Bing decided to perform an exceptional performance in front of her brother.

“No, I have a better idea.” Yue Yang suddenly thought about the secret methods on the mysterious diary. Maybe he could use these methods on Yue Bing.

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        • DMR says:

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          And other than when she was kidnapped, same with Little Aunt, so on one hand I definitely agree with you, but on the other he has kinda thrown them under the bus, and are only useful to move the story along, their existence is almost negligible.

          So honestly even though everything is slowly progressing to a big happy harem, it’s like Yun Che doesn’t care about anything other than sex, and protecting them, the romance is almost dead and everything that made AtG unique is kinda getting blown up.

          PS: Chu Yuechan is my favorite, (atm) I just hope nothing stupid happens you know kidnapped, forced to be a concubine that kinda garbage, if that happens AtG will officially become just like every other wuxia/Xianxia out there.

        • DMR says:

          What are you talking about? ATG and ISSTH are both like every other Xianxia (plot wise at least)… it’s just the author’s write them in ways that they still seem engaging and interesting.

          And Yun Che just believes in polygamy… and the other girl (who happens to be one of closest things to his true loves along with Little aunt) is just too young…..

          He does plan on saving his other lovers and becoming strong enough that everybody is safe… but it won’t stop him from expanding….

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          Which is the problem with these few chapters…. normally, he only showed going for 1 girl at a time, and there were lots of other events going on that helped distract us from the stuff.

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          ….. that said, these chapters give me the same feelings I felt when Yun Che’s romance with Cangyue actually got serious… feeling he’s awesome, but also feeling sad cause of his relations with the other girls…

        • Imoutolicious says:

          Well I didn’t mean plot wise, in some ways Xianxia novels are all the same, same with shounens, I meant that even if some bad stuff has happened with Yuechan, I hope it doesn’t destroy the feel of AtG, you know NTR that kind of stuff, because even though it get’s dark, Yuechan would rather die with her child than suffer that kind of thing.

          As for Yun Che believing in polygamy idk, I just think he let’s his dick think for himself and the girls are open mined enough to not care, just as long as he loves them equally, and I don’t really think the romance is dead just for once the author is treating the girls more as an object rather than a person, so it just feels like they go with the flow.

          That said, I just think what it really comes down to is that, Yun Che hasn’t been able to balance everything out, or more specifically the author only give’s a few lines here and there, or maybe spending a full chapter with it, than you never see it again, except when he is acting like a horny dog.

          So in the end I feel as though I will need to wait for another few hundred chapters before declaring ‘ the romance is dead’ and similar things, a lot of people have been harshing on AtG the last few chapters, but it’s still a good story, and honestly it’s not possible to please everyone.

        • DMR says:

          Well… it isn’t that uncommon for a story to have a few chapters that piss people off.

          MGA, Coiling Dragon, ISSTH, etc.

        • Imoutolicious says:

          Of course I know that, it’s why I stopped reading MGA, at least until it reaches over 1000 chapters, because hopefully by then the thing that pissed me off would have passed, (when Zi something was forced by her clan to be married off, by her parents, the third girl in his harem.)

          And obviously bad stuff has to happen or else it wouldn’t have any consequences and everything would just be one-sided, but it’s the level of bad stuff, honestly I would rather Yuechan have been killed off than stuff like that happening, and with her killed off it would still piss off the reader, just the emotional aspect wouldn’t be so warped.

          When it comes to emotions, and pissing off the reader, few surpass the martial god series MGA, MGS, PMG, like even though AtG and LLS! Might get dark it will still never surpass the level of these novels that happens continuously.

          Honestly only one other Chinese novel that I have read has pissed me off more than MGA, and that is [A Step Into the Past] aghhh, that pissed me off so much.

        • DMR says:

          I was talking about Chu Feng’s rape moment and stuff….

          The thing with his 3rd harem member being kidnapped… it’s supposed to piss us off…but that makes the villains easier to watch die….

          And lets be honest… in almost 100% of Xianxia, the antagonists are overly evil, and in the stories, most of the characters are horrible vile disgusting people (and while the MC ain’t a saint, he’s still much much better).

          How many Xianxia characters DON’T piss people off….

          I think the only series that made me sympathies with the majority of the villains is Douluo Dalu… and that one over all didn’t really seem to have many villains… just one specific enemy/group (which makes Tang San different from other Xianxia authors) and in a way, it was over all sympathetic and the people of Spirit Hall are more enemies than villains, since even the ally groups of the MC would have done the same if in Spirit Hall’s shoes…

          Spirit Hall just had the bad luck to be the strongest power…. which in turn made them the ones to attack everybody and Tang San join the weaker side and show off as a hero…..

          And to be honest, Desolate Era pissed me off more than most others (I mean, Alice pissed me off a bit, but she actually regretted her actions and really didn’t want to hurt Linley… so it felt pathetic to hate a girl cause of a mistake she made in life when most of Linley’s best friends are sexist players themselves and Linley is a sh*tty father).

          But the series that pissed me off the most was “Shen Yin Wang Zuo”. Honestly, the group that pissed me off the most was the parents of the main girl in that story… They sacrificed their daughter and want to make up…. but the way they are doing everything just makes me sick.

          They keep on intruding even though she wants them to stay away and they try to act like parents (like killing her boyfriend) without once actually even thinking of the consequence to her psyche and keep on acting like they have the right to even consider themselves her parents and involve in her life…

          I’m all for them wanting to repair the relationship… but I can’t support HOW they do it. They should at least realize that they lost the right to be her parents and that they should slowly try getting closer without crossing the line.

          And the author just pisses me off cause I know he’s just going to repair the relationship, when I want them to actually leave her family alone instead.

          Filial Piety is too strong in Xianxia and it just pisses me off.

          The Xiao Sect in ATG is second place.. using that “he’s young and full of lust” excuse…

        • Imoutolicious says:

          It’s true, I know the author’s to these stories set it up to where the antagonist is evil, vile and do stuff to make the reader pissed off and want to see them dead, which is honestly the backbone of the martial god series, which is why I brought it up.

          As for Daouluo Dalu, they just chose the wrong person to try and kill, you’re right that other than Tang San’s friends, and what’s left of his family, pretty much everyone would try to get Xiao Wu the only difference is that Spirt Hall is the most powerful group of people on the continent, but because of this they have made many enemies.

          Honestly even though their actions are logical it doesn’t change the fact they are scum, which what the author is going for, in most xianxia they just keep killing off enemies, until one day they meet their fated foe, but in Daouluo Dalu, from beginning to end, it’s been just one enemy, which is definitely unique.

          Desolate Era, just feels so rushed I mean really it started out sooo good, but the last 2-3 volumes have sucked so bad, I haven’t even read the last 10 or so chapters.

          Alice in my opinion is a whiny gold digging little whore, she was cheating on him because she was afraid to hurt him? She didn’t see him on purpose and avoided him to not hurt him? Bullshit, she is just a self-centered little brat, It doesn’t matter if she regretted her actions, dumb people tend to do that, and it wasn’t a mistake, she made her choice, she felt that Linley wasn’t worth her simply as that, and up until he had forgotten about her did she finally realize what she had done, and regretted everything. But she chose that path all by herself, if she really loved Linley there were many things that could have been done and said, but nothing was done, and Linley’s friends other than George are all sexist players, no point arguing that.

          Linley father wise, was not very involved but he wasn’t a bad father, it’s just his cultivating was his first priority, that’s what most people are like in xianxia and wuxia, it’s just usually the MC breaks out of that cast, in this case IET didn’t want to give any one other than Linley screen time.

          As for Divine Throne, her family is trash, it made no freaking sense the way they acted, even if you’re forced to make your daughter go through that kind of torture, why weren’t you by her side? Simply holding her hand would have been enough, but you abandoned her when she was just a child and did nothing to help or love her, than you act like it’s the worlds greatest crime for her not to forgive you. I agree that was sickening, the father needed an ass kicking and the mother a good backhand across the face, I mean they literally leave her alone in basically a coffin for years because she couldn’t hear, feel, smell, or taste anything and her body was basically in a coma where you could still see everything happening around you, than after she get’s better you try to get close, wtf?

          The Xiao sect just like many others in AtG treat women like tools, and objects so it’s no surprise they think that way, because being young in a world where women are just used to vent your lust, them saying that just proves how dumb they are when it comes to humans.

        • DMR says:

          Ummm… to be honest, I feel that you are being kinda bias towards Alice.

          The problem with Alice was that she wasn’t honest with Linley and just broke up rather than running away and trying to not see him, because she was too scared to give him a face to face break up.

          And really, is there any human that hasn’t done a mistake? Alice didn’t want harm to come to Linley and did care (which is why she didn’t tell him and properly break up; she was too scared to hurt him and hoped he would just forget about her).

          Just because a person cheats or isn’t honest doesn’t mean they are a bad person; it just means they did a bad thing. Alice over all seemed to be a decent person, yet because of 1 bad thing, people are cursing her for life.

          And to make matters worse, she was a teenage girl.

          At worst, what Alice deserved was losing Linley’s friendship and the guilt of hurting him….

          And if they actually were forced to interact together again and actually fell for each other all over, I wouldn’t have minded, cause I do feel that humanity should forgive.

          Frankly, after what she suffered, I actually felt there was no justice… there a so many worse characters out there that deserved what she suffered.

          Besides…. it was a long distance relationship…. teenage romance and long distance relations are the ones that fail the most….

          So people are going to hate her for screwing up a relationship that was practically doomed to failure…

          It’s just that people are too touchy about cheating and break ups, and if our favorite characters get hurt, we get pissed. Also, we got influenced by Disney and it’s concept of love and other stuff.

          And for the “gold digging” thing…. I’m actually mixed about that.

          Think about it… for so many years in our history, females lives and quality of life depended on the man. Everything for them depended on the man at it is only recently.

          And marriage being for love is also a technically newer thing (it was common in stories, but in truth, you’d be lucky to marry outta love).

          This is a culture where one normally puts their family above themselves and status is usually a big thing.

          And even in our world, the man being the bread winner is still firmly in our culture.
          Besides, Alice wasn’t being a gold digger… it was the opposite…. Linley was just too good for her (as she thought of it). He was handsome, strong, powerful, talented and just full of potential.

          And while she was surprised at how quickly he shot up, it wasn’t the heights he received itself.

          And Linley wasn’t mad at the break up, but the fact that she didn’t have the courage to tell him and made him find out in a bad way (and is there any person who never had a moment of cowardice?).

          I don’t think one moment should be enough to actually hate a person (unless if that one moment happened to be all their screen time). Frankly, in every other scene, Alice was shown to be a great person (which is why Linley was willing to still help her; if she was actually a horrible person, would he have really gone to help her?)

        • Imoutolicious says:

          What it comes down to is simply this, she betrayed him, nothing else needs to be said about why things happened.

          No she isn’t a bad person, she made a mistake and she paid for it horribly I agree there are so many worse characters out there that deserved what she got, her only family (father) was killed in the best horde, her husband whom she just married was killed leaving her with nothing, and the man she truly loved didn’t even spare a single glance at her.

          Dude I wouldn’t be mad or disgusted with her if she had acted differently, sometimes kindness hurts worse than anything else.

          she didn’t want to hurt him, she was scared to confront him, but everything she did only lead to a pathetic conclusion.

          She felt he was too good for her,and she was right, for all the good things about her, if all it takes is a little talk from her father, and a man that had only a decent noble status, to make her cheat and stab someone in the back she knows loves her with all his heart, than she doesn’t deserve them.

          Linley has his faults no denying that, but he would still never do something so pathetic, even if it meant hurting him and her, he would still never go behind her back.

          She was young and dumb, who at some point in their life isn’t, but she was a very intelligent girl both mentally and socially, how could she not know how Linley felt, and how he would feel?

          No matter what it doesn’t change the facts about what she did, and why she did it, Linley was a bigger man then about 90% of the readers for forgiving her, he even helped her, most people would shun and watch her fall.

          The main reason I can’t stand it, is simply because she acted way too pathetic, she says she loves him, but stabs him in the back, then whenever she seems him her heart would still beat for him, like she never fell out of love for him, and would only feel regret and sadness.

          What it comes down to is, she is not loyal at all, and all it takes is a few honeyed words to change how she feels, simple as that, in today’s society we call that a whore.

          You know the biggest things that made it to where I can’t stand her is? When he saves her life again, and she watches how he doesn’t even glance at her, nor talk to her and leaves.

          She felt bitterness and heartache, and nothing but regret, like really women how stupid are you?

          Again I agree she isn’t a horrible women, and there are far worse people out there who deserve what she went through, but it doesn’t change the fact that she did them, she felt she made the right choice for everyone including Linley, but the last thing that went through her head as he was leaving, destroyed any ounce of pity I had for the girl.

        • DMR says:

          …. um…. okay….. well….. uh….

          I don’t know what to say to that… while I don’t agree with you, it is nothing to argue since it’s just your opinion (not meant as an insult or argument or anything)….

          So this’ll be something else to agree to disagree…

        • Imoutolicious says:

          I guess, but you’re to forgiving to the girls, if it was Linley that had done it, you would be just as annoyed as me.

          Believe me I don’t hate her, she did something stupid and regretted it, but in my eyes it doesn’t change the fact she did it. Linley forgiving her is honestly the best outcome she deserves, and the author knew that.

        • DMR says:

          Yah, but humans do bad stuff… I think if we hold on to something just because they did it, then we should hold on to everything fellow humans did.

          I think it’s just that we are too used things being black and white…. and relationship issues are usually touchy….

        • Imoutolicious says:

          By that logic no one person is evil/good, Alice is a good person she made a bad choice and was painted as horrible/evil because of the choice she made, it’s not like she decided that I’m gonna wear different colored socks, because I feel like it.

          No she stabbed a dagger through someone’s heart both mental and psychologically, it was on purpose. Again not a bad person just made a bad decision, should we hold her responsible for it? Absolutely, but can she be forgiven? Definitely, that’s not black and white, that’s human nature.

          What I pointed out to you was that, because she is a girl you feel bad for her and feel as though it was unjustified, but if it was Linley or another male character that had done it, you would feel annoyed or maybe even hate, but because she is a girl you automatically defend her, that’s black & white.

          And relationships are inherently touchy, because it involves feelings, something we humans will never completely understand.

        • DMR says:

          I admit, that in Xianxia, I do lean towards females…. but that’s because of how twisted things are towards women… but it is mostly towards fan reaction…

          I feel fans overly hate some characters, so I feel pity for them, and if the characters do something bad during the chapters, I’d usually hate em’ for a few days.

          If a guy cheated once or just left a person, I would usually not actually mind. It’s just how things get resolved that usually piss me off.

          More like the by that men get over women…

          Like with Fatty from Douluo Dalu… I actually do love the guy… but at the moments, I’m having issues with him…

          Do I actually hate the character? No. Am I currently a bit annoyed at him? Yes.

          And frankly, among characters that deserve punishment, I probably wouldn’t have pitied Alice as much if she didn’t have to go through all the sh*t she did right after the break up…..

          Just too much crap to the point that my rage became pity…..

          The only character I truly hate (that isn’t a full on spoilt douche that thinks raping women is okay and etc.) would be Jellal… and that’s cause Erza-chan is MAI WAIFU >.<

        • Imoutolicious says:

          Well that’s just Xianxia for you, since it’s based on ancient civilizations where women no matter how influential they are, are still just women, and it’s that thought process which is the foundation for these novels.

          And fans are twats a lot of the time, very few actually think and just hate the character for something they did, and that’s the end of it. Very rarely do they actually give a reason, and legit reason for that matter, as to why they hate them.

          Well for the cheating I hate it no matter what, because to me I’m like if you don’t like the person why be with them? And do this crap instead, it’s disgusting and pathetic. But with Alice she wasn’t a horrible person, just made a really dumb decision, it’s almost like ntr because she was forcible taken away, but she didn’t even resist it, that’s why I really hated her character. And what really set me off was how she handled everything and the conclusion, otherwise I would have just been upset and disappointed but instead, it lead to very negative feelings towards her.

          And honestly I have a lot of characters like fatty, for instance in the last 5-15 chapters of AtG, Yun Che was really starting to annoy me, but I don’t hate him.

          Alice definitely deserved some retribution, but I agree it was excessive because she isn’t a bad person, but because she made one really bad decision her life was basically ruined.

          And it only got worse to the point she was almost raped, at that time most readers were wanting it to happen and I was like no wtf why? It’s not like she tried to kill him or someone important to him, destroy him in anyway, she just ended things in a really twisted and messed up way.

          That doesn’t mean she deserves to raped, she already has to go through public and personal humiliation, let alone the fact that she betrayed the man she loved, because of her father and childhood friend coercing her into that relationship. Since she decided to leave Linley her life was just getting worse and worse, I wanted her to simply realize what it was she had done, but it wasn’t until the city was destroyed and she lost everything she had worked for did she realize that.

          And that’s really what led me to forever dislike her.

        • DMR says:

          Well, in the very end, she truly saw Linley for what kind of heroic figure he was (though she already knew).

          The way he engraved himself in her was just different in that moment.

        • Imoutolicious says:

          Well it’s whatever, she was just a stepping stone for Linley and Delia, and even though it was very excessive she still got what she had coming to her.

          And in the end despite how cruel she acted, there are far worse and more retarded characters out there.

        • DMR says:

          And she got a sorta happy end in the end and regained her friendship with him and Delia (though to be honest, I didn’t like Linley and Delia…. since I feel that too much potential was wasted there).

        • Imoutolicious says:

          Ya I agree it was sorta happy, it’s more like she was content with life, because she lived it to the fullest, even though she was a widow and the man she loved was no longer with her.

          As far as we know, she never had another lover or kids, so it was very melancholic but fulfilling.

          Linely And Delia I shipped and I still do, even though the author IET didn’t place too much importance on them, (which is probably why you feel the wasted potential) Delia is an absolutely amazing women, better than a lot of heroine’s especially in Xianxia.

        • DMR says:

          To be honest… I felt that she wasn’t that amazing and her relationship felt boring…

          She was just the classic wife that supported the husband.

          I feel that author Tang San writes better heroines.

          And Qingyue from ATG was more interesting as well.

          That said… I did find Delia’s romance coming together cute and there were a few moments….

          It’s just that overall… Delia felt too unimportant… You remove her and the story will still be almost the same…

        • Imoutolicious says:

          Like I said it’s the author not the character, the story is about Linley and no one else, that means no inner monologue and very few cases where the spot light is on any one else.

          And how the hell is Qingyue more interesting than Delia? They’re almost the exact same, beside their temperaments, one is cold on the outside, but towards the MC she is sweet, the other is smart and sophisticated , and keeps everyone but her family and loved ones a thousand miles away.

          I like Qingyue but no way is she more interesting than Delia, the only reason it seems that way is because Mars Gravity, (Atg) actually goes in depth with her, unlike I Eat Tomatoes (Coiling Dragon.)

        • DMR says:

          Well, that is part of the reason Qingyue is more interesting, but another is because of HOW her relationship happened, and how everything about her didn’t revolve around Yun Che.

          She was a character that was slowly going through struggle falling for the MC and still isn’t willing to be with him. She has jealousy and issues, but also tries to hold it in.

          She supports Yun Che’s other romance, but is also bothered by it. And how the marriage started from the beginning of the novel is very different from.

          She originally didn’t want to marry him but still wanted to help keep his pride and protect him. And even though she didn’t love him, because

          We have to remember, these characters, are CHARACTERS. How great they are depends on the writing and how much depth they were given.

          Delia isn’t very different than other heroines (if she could be called that). She just loved Linley and tried to be with him, eventually just supporting him. She didn’t have anything really standing out. And just because it was cause of how the author wrote her and didn’t focus enough doesn’t change anything.

          Yes, she wasn’t given much depth and wasn’t written as well….. but that is a part of what makes her less interesting.

          Though to be fair…. Xianxia is usually filled with quite 2-d characters that have little development (with rare exceptions… though sometimes, it feels forced).

          Unlike most Xianxia characters, Qingyue seems to actually be slowly developing, and her relationship is being written better.

          As such, Qingyue is a more interesting character.

        • Imoutolicious says:

          Dude Delia had to watch as the person she loved walked away from her, than just when things could possibly change between them, she had to leave, and found out that Linley was probably dead.

          Then she had to endure her clan, specifically her own parents trying to sell her off to other influential clans, to promote their own, even through all that she still only wanted to be with Linley.

          Then after finding out Linley was alive traveled thousands of miles just to see him, that was it, then she had the patience to wait for Linley’s heart to finally melt and not once did she complain or saying anything, she just quietly stood by his side.

          The fact you never even noticed that, but defended Alice so passionately is quite honestly disappointing.

          Again it’s the author and how much time and effort they put into their characters, AtG is a massive harem novel, so he needs to put tons of time into the girls, Coiling Dragon is simply about Linley and him becoming stronger, and what happens around him is of a little to no importance.

          I’m not saying Qingyue is boring or less interesting then Delia, but the fact you dislike Delia for such a petty reason is sad to say the least, your always on novels saying that the MC should get with that girl but when an actually amazing women shows up, you completely shun her and for what? Simply because she loves someone and tried everything she could to be with him?

          Never thought you would be so shallow, and biased in such a way. I like Qingyue and honestly I find her attitude very adorable, and her character is amazing there are many good things about her, but you only know her like this because the author took time to develop her character in such a way, if someone like Tang Jia San Shao (author or Douluo Dalu, and sealed divine throne) had wrote about her instead, you would like her just as much as Qingyue.

        • DMR says:

          Wait…. I didn’t hate Delia or show hate (you are just taking it too personally)… just think that she wasn’t a very well written character (for the reason we both stated, she didn’t get enough development and too little focus). She was a wasted character.

          How does saying that she isn’t interesting go to me hating her? I think you are jumping too many bricks there (Mario reference) and negatively over reading my comment….

          Yes, she was willing to go against her family to be with Linley…. but is that really unusual? MGA had that, quite a few of Tang San’s works had that, ATG somewhat had that (though the family conflict was different), but for this… it felt minor…

          While her family was against it and she ran away, it kinda just happened.

          And the amount of focus on her through out the story was horrible and other than the fact that she was Linley’s 2nd lover, as a character amongst other Xianxia lovers towards the MC, she didn’t have any traits that actually stood out amongst them.

          She’s just one of many female main lovers for the MC and wasn’t as interesting as many others (again, because she wasn’t used well enough).

          But how the heck does that equate to me hating her? I do actually like her…. but I can’t love her as a main character… the way she was written, she felt too much like a minor character (though to be fair…. EVERYONE in that story felt too minor minus Bebe, who felt like a secondary character).

          It’s basically one of the authors flaws….

          And you even stated yourself; if some other author wrote her, then she’d probably be more interesting. But the fact of the matter is, that would be a different character, and even if it wasn’t…. she was written by Tomato and that won’t change

          And you realize my arguments and defense towards Alice is because of how pitiful she was and how over hated she was…..

          But for the topic of Delia…. just because I don’t find her an overly amazing character or special amongst characters, it means I hate her or look down on her? Isn’t that jumping the gun?

          I get that you love Delia, but don’t take it personal if I don’t find her interesting…. it doesn’t mean I hate her, but she wasn’t that special as a character. The only thing that made her different from the rest of Coiling Dragon characters was her love of Linley.

          And it’s great for Linley that he has such a loving wife… but really.. she was just another character in the long run. The way they are written helps define the character.

          And frankly, Coiling Dragon’s strong point wasn’t really its character development….

        • DMR says:

          Spirit Hall doesn’t actually seem evil over all. They just seem like an enemy.

          I mean, sure, there were a few bad eggs…. but Bibi Dong and her newly created daughter don’t seem that evil. The Title Douluo close to being a deity doesn’t seem bad (though it does seem to imply that the previous Supreme Pontiff was scum… but no factual evidence yet).

          It’s just a dog eat dog world, where power is everything… and if you have too much, you need to desperately gain more to not be destroyed.

          Spirit Hall is a powerful enough organization where people can’t easily mess with them, but the other 2 great powers want to eradicate it.

          And many smaller kingdoms actually joined up with Spirit Hall… frankly, it is practically an Empire unto itself, amongst 2 other Empires that don’t wanna share power.
          And for ATG Xiao Sect… to be honest, I do think they know that their actions are technically wrong, but because they are the Xiao sect, they can get away with it.

          In fact, it seems that it makes them feel more powerful to do what they view as evil and get away with it, and they view their people as 1000s of times more important than others. And because the worthless douche was the young master, he should get away with more.

          Rather than looking down on women, it seems that to the young masters, they are so important that all women must serve them.

          So the people of lower status are viewed as inferior to them. An arrogance that views other lives as things that don’t matter.

          If the clan master had a daughter, she’d probably be the 2nd most valuable character minus their hidden experts of the Emperor Profound.

          So as long as the woman is a part of their family, they would value them, but if the person is an outsider, they’d view them as worthless.

        • Imoutolicious says:

          In AtG that sounds about right, honestly more than just treating women like trash, it’s just they pamper the hell out of the young master.

          Even his father is disgusted with him, but because he is his only son from the main wife he is treated like a heavenly treasure, that coupled with a horribly disgusting personality, he pretty much thinks he owns the world, and he knows his dad will let him get away with just about anything, hence his arrogant attitude.

          Spirit Hall I don’t think that they are all evil if I said that then I apologize, it’s more like Bibi Dong’s view on things have twisted to such a degree that, those below her all think it’s okay to act the way they do.

          And honestly it’s not that the two kingdoms want to control everything, it’s that Spirit Hall is extremely powerful, and very arrogant, they didn’t want them to become even more powerful because of what is happening, they knew that Spirit Hall would only get stronger and destroy the equilibrium on the continent.

          Bibi Dong has more or less decided that they entire world should be under Spirit Hall’s control, because of the ideals left behind by her master and father, to her his words are like the words of god himself, so anything he said and did she copied.

          Which is pretty pathetic, the man she loved was torn away from her by the man she viewed as the most important. Then her master was killed by Tang San’s father, and it was because the last Supreme Pontiff was going after Tang San’s mother, but she didn’t care about that at all to her everyone she just bow and submit to her master, which is in turn Spirit Hall.

          So after losing everything except Spirit Hall, she only has hate left, and nothing will quench it until the world is hers. Simply put her mind has been warped and twisted to such a degree, that nothing but her and Spirit Hall matter.

          As for the daughter I pity her quite a bit, she was raised by Spirit Hall just like Bibi Dong, and loves Spirit Hall, and because of her masters teachings and practices she became enemies with the man she fell in love with, just like her master.

        • DMR says:

          Nah, it seems that the 3 kingdoms did want power, and because of Spirit Hall’s great power, the other 2 Empires wanted to get rid of it.

          In a way, it would have been dumb of Spirit Hall to not take advantage of the situation. All 3 Empire’s want to rule after all, and Spirit Hall was the one gaining the power.

          And in the end, even if Spirit Hall didn’t agree with their leaders actions, because he was their leader, they had to retaliate….

          I feel it’s more the politics and dog eat dog world mentality that is the real problem….. which kinda gives Douluo Dalu a bit of a shonen feel within the Xianxia (which I kinda like -it’s darker than shounen, but lighter than the average Xianxia).

        • Imoutolicious says:

          Hmmm, maybe I haven’t read it for a long time now, It only has 160 or so chapters left, so I just decided to wait for it to finish.

          It’s definitely political which I hate, it’s not all that bad in this though, PMG and the like frustrate me to no end with the politics.

          I can’t really say for sure with with kingdoms, like I said I have’t really read it for awhile, but it seems to me they were just wary and cautious more than anything.

          As for the leader bit, if they didn’t feel that it was the right thing to do, why call that person their leader? Simple because they had no doubts towards them, and everything they say is the law, in other words mindless drones.

          It’s definitely darker than shounen, and lighter than a lot of Xianxia, which is nice to see, everything isn’t black and white.

        • DMR says:

          Well… it’s like how the Emperor’s word is law (except I actually prefer Spirit Hall’s system, cause even those born from the lowest of positions can rise to the top… it is much more fair than the nobles and royalty system).

        • Imoutolicious says:

          Well….That’s one of the reasons why Spirit Hall is so popular, who wouldn’t want to be able to stand at the top, especially with their strength, who would dare to offend a person of high rank in SH?

          They would be comparable to high-ranking nobles, and it was done with their strength, they weren’t born with that status.

  3. FTxCerber says:

    >Yue Bing had never thought that her brother would do something bad, and she knew that her brother particularly liked to tease Princess Qian Qian. She chuckled happily.

    Oh if you just knew how honry your brother is.

  4. Ryo Senka says:

    And another Yue Bing will be transformed into another Yue Yang by Yue Yang himself. lol
    Thank you for the Chapter!

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      • Phu Thongouppakarn says:

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        PLASE tell me a name of that novel. I must read it.

      • D Evans says:

        Yes kinda of except the brother in that doesn’t have a real choice because of the experiment and the training he was put thorough

      • FTxCerber says:

        I wasnt able to read it anymore, vol. 15 or 16 close to the ending, got too sick and disgusting. Yes, im talking about that jugdemental hypocritic bitch.

        • Wish says:

          They get engaged when their aunt claims to be Tatsuya’s mother however he gets to the source of that bs instantly then she says that they may be full blood siblings but that artificially changed both his and her dna to such an extent that it matches less than second cousins also there will never be a problem with kids because she is genetically perfect or some other bs that they just pass off to let the incest continue. We also learn that Tatsuya was typical harem protag oblivious of his sister’s feelings and no one else’s.

        • watchin says:

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        • Wish says:

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        • Wish says:

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        • watchin says:

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    • D Evans says:

      Yes he is yue bing is his first cousin his mom and her mom where sisters who married brothers or cousins

      • QNJfwakj says:

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        • D Evans says:

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        • SpolierAlert says:

          If you look at the fact that he’s from the real world and the taoist with powers don’t exist in the real world, you will be able to guess that he’s originally from LLS world. The Taoist was just going to fetch him.

        • Redryad says:

          Where did you get that? He ended up there be cause he pissed of the Taoist monk. That and there’s been no mention of Taoist monks in soaring dragon continent.

        • D Evans says:

          Where did it say he switches places? From what I remember some guy hit him and he woke up where he is know being called you yang.

        • Redryad says:

          I am pretty sure he was kicked into another dimension by a Taoist monk. When he woke up he thought everyone had mistaken him for the other yue yang. At the very least he believes he was transported.

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    Also why is he drewling over every chick when he has a willing one in Bloody Queen? Isn’t she there for that very reason just like the reason he is cultivating the flower summon.


  10. Edradred says:

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    • Redryad says:

      Mind you this is a diary written in code, and his parents died while they were young. I am pretty sure they were planning to teach him personally but you know conspicuous sudden deaths. Beside these are probably secret training methods they didn’t want stolen.

      • Edradred says:

        The diary was written with the requirement for immense divine like perception unless I read it wrong, but the main thing that gets me is that they sealed their son’s grimoire just to teach him “to not be arrogant” when any half decent parenting would have done that anyway, but they obviously could not be bothered.

        • Redryad says:

          It didn’t require divine vision his vision let him bypass what ever they used to code it it’s probably not how your supposed to do it. And when did it say they sealed his grimoire?

  11. GonZ says:

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    • Imoutolicious says:

      Dude wth are you taking about? I thought that was obvious, when he was transported to this world he took over the dead Yue Yang’s body, it was a corpse without a soul, he came and took over it.

      Think of it like his doppelganger, it was exactly like his body in the other world, so it’s him, but at the same time fundamentally different.

      You know blood genetics, that whole biz, also it’s the fact that this world has summons Qi and whatnot, so it’s fundamentally different, but at the same time it’s essentially the same person.

      The only difference is their souls, it also explains why the pitiful guy i.e Yue Yang for the soaring dragon continent, was so cowardly.

      From his mother’s side, he was inherently kind and not a person for violence, he became cowardly when his parents passed perhaps trauma, but it’s also because he realized he was horribly weak, ( at least according to the story) and was bullied.

  12. Metazoxan says:

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    I hope his Barbaric cow girl and his flower girl both get a fair bit of that as they could both use an intelligence upgrade. As for Bloody queen if she got the benefits of even one temple she’d probably be able to reach holy beast level and contract a grimoir of her own.

    The little Lamia is already at that level so she doesn’t need help. Although it would be nice if she’d learn to talk already. As for the smoke lady since she’s based off of a human soul she should probably already have human level intelligence it’s just her memory recent made her childlike so she needs time to grow. But she probably doesn’t need any temples to upgrade her intelligence.

  13. Gummster Bing says:

    Wait, are the the girls still in the dark about Yue Yang being an Innate ranker lvl 1? I mean they said that he was still a level 2 Braveman. I’m a bit confused.

    • Kon13 says:

      Well he is a level 2 Braveman. Just people in this world are able to start cultivating inner energy after at least level (and an innate level 1 should be something like late 8 or 9 level?? not sure though). He just has too many hacks. As for whether they know it, Princes qian qian does know it from her father as it was stated. Yue Bing and Yue Yu should just know he is incredibly powerful from the pressure they felt when he burnt that tavern lady with the Nirvana Flame. About the rest we have no idea yet.

  14. Erudite_Birdy says:

    Maybe the flying carriage is being pulled by eagles worthy of a top government person.
    I’m sure they must have some of that sort and that deer-eagle is a nickname for them.
    I’m suggesting it from the symbology per the reference below.

    The Chinese character for deer is 鹿 which is pronounced lu.
    The Chinese character 禄, which refers to the salary a government official receives, is also pronounced lu.
    A picture of a deer is therefore expressing a wish for a top government office with a high salary.

    The eagle or hawk (ying 鹰) symbolizes a "hero" (yingxiong 英雄) because the pronunciation is the same.

    Article > The Hidden or Implied Meaning of Chinese Charm Symbols
    Link > http://primaltrek.com/impliedmeaning.html

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    (Logically speaking, he probably plans to help her cultivate her beasts…

    But the way they worded it, “Maybe he could use these methods on Yue Bing”, makes it sound like he wants to cultivate her like a beast.

    Which, doesn’t really make a lot of sense.

    That said, he already turned the tavern waitress into a guardian beast. It’s not entirely impossible for him to turn his sister into a beast and cultivate her into a Divine beast…)

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