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LLS Chapter 195 – Spirit of Flame and Smoke

Chapter 195 – Spirit of Flame and Smoke
Translated by: May
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Xiao Wen Li stopped Yue Yang. However, she didn’t make a move.

She just looked at the dead lady with her head tilted to one side. She was blinking her eyes as if she was thinking of some solutions.

When all of them looked at her, putting their hopes on her, Xiao Wen Li could only shake her head inaudibly at Yue Yang indicated that she had no solution. Yue Bing embraced Xiao Wen Li and cried broken-heartedly, “Please think about it. There must be a way. You could certainly think of a good solution. Please think about it again. I beg you, please.”

Ye Kong and the Li Brothers were watching Xiao Wen Li anxiously, hoping that she would perform a miracle.

Princess Qian Qian gripped Yue Yang’s arms tightly while she embraced Yue Yu. She was extremely nervous. In fact, not only her, Yue Yang was extremely nervous too. He knew that Xiao Wen Li shook her head because she was really out of ideas, but he still hoped that there would be a miracle.

Xiao Wen Li was bewildered as Yue Bing embraced her and cried loudly.

She looked at Yue Yang. Suddenly, she made a hand gesture to Yue Yang.

Yue Yang was startled.

Could it be that Xiao Wen Li wanted to speak to him alone? As Yue Yang was struck by a thought, he took her in his arms. He asked her, pleasantly surprised, “Do you have a solution?”

Xiao Wen Li grabbed Yue Yang’s hand and bit his hand softly until the blood was coming out from his finger.

She blew the wound on Yue Yang’s finger with her small little mouth as she felt sorry for Yue Yang. She then pulled his finger towards the dead lady’s forehead and used the blood to draw a Rune on it.

When they saw her making her moves, everyone held their breath as they were afraid that they would disturb her.

Yue Yang felt that the Rune was a little familiar. It seemed like he had seen it somewhere else. However, Xiao Wen Li had already drawn a Contract Runic Circle on the dead lady’s forehead before Yue Yang could recall where he saw it before. Princess Qian Qian shook her head soundlessly. Although a human could form a contract with any beasts, it was impossible for a human to form a contract with another human. This Ancient Law could never be changed. A warrior could form a contract with a Humanoid Beast, but absolutely not with a human. It was impossible to form a contract with a weak human no matter how strong the warrior was.

Princess Qian Qian couldn’t understand the Xiao Wen Li’s actions but she knew that no contract could be made between humans.

Xiao Wen Li drew the runes all the way down from the dead lady’s cheek, neck, shoulder and chest with blood as she held Yue Yang’s finger.

Lastly, a giant Runic Circle was drawn on the position of the dead lady’s heart again with Yue Yang’s blood. As she finished drawing, she held Yue Yang’s finger and kissed it. She felt sorry for Yue Yang. Her big and adorable eyes were filled with tears and was about to cry.

Actually Yue Yang didn’t mind to lose some blood as long as there was hope. He wouldn’t even mind it even if he had to pay a high price to save the tavern girl.

“I’m alright. Good girl, don’t cry.” Yue Yang comforted Xiao Wen Li by holding her in his arms softly and kissing her little cheek.

“Ung.” Xiao Wen Li then did a hand gesture, trying to say that she needed some fire. It seemed like she wanted to burn the dead body of the lady.

“We’ll go and get some alcohol and oil. We will be back in a short while.” Ye Kong and the Li Clan Brothers immediately turned and dashed out. However, when they brought the alcohol and oil back, Xiao Wen Li shook her hands. She then pulled Yue Yang’s hand and shook it.

Could it be that Yue Yang had to burn the body himself?

Ye Kong handed the alcohol to Yue Yang but Xiao Wen Li still shook her head.

Yue Yang was struck by a thought. Could it be that Xiao Wen Li wanted him to use [Nirvana’s Flame]?

That [Nirvana Flame] was no joke. Once it was used, the whole area would probably be destroyed. It would put Yue Bing and Princess Qian Qian in danger.

As Yue Yang thought of the consequences, Yue Yang wrapped the dead body with a bedsheet. He had decided to bring the dead body to a suitable place then only he could think of a way to use [Nirvana’s Flame].

He opened a Teleportation Scroll and raised the teleportation gate that led to the Dimension of Duel where he had fought against Tu Cheng.

Of course, Ye Kong and Fatty Hai were scrambling to enter the teleportation gate. Princess Qian Qian, Yue Yu and Yue Bing were anxious too, hence they also entered the teleportation gate. The bodies of the Golden Giant, Tu Cheng and the Silver Giant, Kuang Zhan were still on the ground. The corpses of the Golden Dragon and Ancient Giant Beast were also found all over the ground disorderly. The volcanoes buried underground hadn’t exploded. What surprised Yue Yang the most was that the bodies and corpses hadn’t decayed and looked intact even though they were there for more than ten days.

“Please stay away.” Yue Yang requested Ye Kong and the rest who were watching in a circle to step further away.

Ye Kong and the rest hurriedly moved back a few steps. Yue Yang looked at them helplessly. Seeing that they had not moved as far as he’d like, he flew further away himself, bring the dead body of the tavern girl with him.

Although he still couldn’t use his Innate Strength now, when he unleashed his power, the impact from the energy was like a hurricane, immediately blowing Ye Kong and the others away with the shockwave.

Even the awfully heavy Fatty Hai was also blown away by the shockwave. As he fell down, he was so astonished that he couldn’t speak. They knew that Yue Yang was very powerful, but they never expected that he was actually this strong, possessing such an unbelievable strength! Princess Qian Qian fared better as she already knew about Yue Yang’s strength. However, both Yue Yu and Yue Bing were so stunned that they couldn’t close their mouths.

Yue Bing immediately summoned her grimoire as she saw Yue Yang intended to enhance the explosion even more.

On the other side, Fatty Hai also clumsily summoned his grimoire. After a long time, he finally summoned his grimoire. With their protective shields erected, Yue Yang didn’t have to worry that his [Nirvana’s Flame] would hurt Yue Bing and the rest.

Yue Yang attempted to condense [Nirvana’s Flame] on his palm.

It was easier to control [Nirvana’s Flame] in his Innate State. Yue Yang still couldn’t summon [Nirvana’s Flame] smoothly after he tried hard for a long time. Xiao Wen Li gestured at Yue Yang not to be distressed. She held Yue Yang’s legs tightly with her little hands as she waited for him quietly. Then, suddenly, a dark golden Ancient Rune appeared on Yue Yang’s body and the [Nirvana’s Flame] finally condensed on Yue Yang’s palm. The dead body of the tavern girl was burned into ashes in just a second.

There seemed to be a kind of Runic Circle burning inside the [Nirvana’s Flame] for two seconds.

However, the dead body of the tavern girl had vanished in a puff of smoke and disappeared without a trace as the [Nirvana’s Flame] faded away on Yue Yang’s palm. It was like the tavern girl had never existed in the world before.

Even Innate Rankers couldn’t endure [Nirvana’s Flame], let alone an ordinary lady.

Yue Yang was dumbstruck.

He never thought that he wouldn’t even have time to regret his actions. The dead body of the tavern girl had been burned down within a second.

Seeing that her Resurrection Ritual had failed, Xiao Wen Li couldn’t help but to hug Yue Yang and cried out loudly. It was the first time she had cried out so dejectedly. From her point of view, she had not only destroyed the chance to resurrect the lady, she had also wasted a lot of Yue Yang’s blood. For a moment, she couldn’t accept her failure and cried out loudly as she threw herself into Yue Yang’s arm. Her tears spilled all over Yue Yang.

“It’s ok. Don’t cry. This is her fate. It’s not your fault!” Yue Yang was very sad too, but resurrecting a dead person couldn’t be forced. It was the lady’s fate that she couldn’t be revived. It was not Xiao Wen Li’s fault.

“Wuwuwu…” Xiao Wen Li cried broken-heartedly.

This was the first time she cried like a child in front of Yue Yang. It was so different from her usual image as a little god of war.

Yue Yang breathed a gentle sigh. He caressed her back lightly and kissed her tears away gently.

He had tried his best, but he had failed…

The pitiful tavern girl’s life was so desolate and sad. She even lost her only opportunity to revive.

She had lived tragically throughout her whole life. Yue Yang shook his head as he saw the others crying sorrowfully. After he collected the dead bodies of Tu Cheng, Kuang Zhan, the Golden Dragon and Ancient Giant Beast, he held Xiao Wen Li who was still crying and prepared to leave this sad place.

Suddenly, a volcano which was hidden under the ground exploded.

Boom Boom!

The fiery lava spouted high to the sky along with the trembling sound that shook the ground.

Yue Yang was astounded. These volcano traps were actually designed by Tu Cheng to injure him. It would not explode if no one triggered them. Why did it suddenly break through and exploded?

Boom, boom, boom, boom……….

Ten volcano which were hidden under the ground exploded one by one. The blood-red lava spouted high up into the sky. The volcanic ash, thick smoke and the blood-red lava flowed out from the volcano. Before Yue Yang could react, Yue Yu suddenly screamed emotionally. “Come here, quick! Look here. There’s a weird shadow there… Everyone, look!” Yue Yang looked at the direction where Yue Yu had pointed and discovered a weird shadow formed by flames and thick smokes flying hither and thither in the lava. It seemed like it was having fun as it moved in and out of the lava.

“What is that?” Yue Yang noticed that the shadow which was made up of around 30% flame and 70% thick smoke looked very similar to the dead tavern girl.

The shadow didn’t have a solid body. Her body could barely be seen in the midst of raging flame and smoke. Her body changed irregularly, as if she could twist and deform anytime. For a moment, she became a column of smoke rising high up into the sky. In the next moment, she had became a fireball and smashed into the lava.

The lava was not only harmless to the shadow’s body, but also increased its energy.

The thick smoke and lava from the volcano became part of the shadow’s body as she moved in and out of the volcanoes.

Yue Yang caught a glimpse of a familiar rune on the forehead of the shadow. A bunch of indistinct Runic Circles which could barely be seen were found on her body too. This shadow was indeed the evolved tavern girl. She didn’t die, instead, she became a ‘Smoke Lady’ whose body was made up of thick smoke and flame. She neither looked like a human nor beast. It was hard to categorized her into any category.

However, everyone was cheering for she was revived regardless of how she looked.

Xiao Wen Li was the happiest one. She held Yue Yang’s neck and cheered out emotionally.

Although the Resurrection Ritual wasn’t successful, it hadn’t entirely failed either. Part of her thought was right. At least the lady who had wasted a lot of Yue Yang’s blood had her soul revived, although her body was completely destroyed.

“She seems to not recognize us anymore…” When Princess Qian Qian called her a few times, the Smoke Lady who was made up of thick smoke and flame twisted her body and came up to stand in front of Princess Qian Qian as she swirled a pillar of thick smoke. She stared at Princess Qian Qian with her flaming eyes for a while and left as she couldn’t recognize her. She looked like a child who had lost all her memory, and only cared about playing happily all by herself.

“It’s alright as long as she is happy.” Yue Yang smiled. Perhaps this was the best ending for the tavern girl.

If she still retained her previous life’s memory, it would only make her suffer even more.

Without the restriction of the body, wasn’t it better for her to have fun without care or worries? Sometimes it was a form of happiness when one’s couldn’t remember or understand a thing.

Yue Yu nodded her head as she agreed with Yue Yang. She also thought the same.

Yue Bing smiled brightly with her face which was still covered with tear stains. The storm had finally come to an end. She held Yue Yang’s arm, acted in a slightly coquetting manner, “Brother, let’s bring her home even if she is in this form.”

“Let her stay and live her life here. She belongs to this place. It might not be good for her to return to Soaring Dragon Continent.” Yue Yang stroked lightly on Yue Bing’s little head as he rejected her suggestion.

“Wouldn’t she feel lonely if she stays here alone?” Yue Bing asked, as she was reluctant to be part with the lady.

“It doesn’t matter. We will visit her when we are free.” Yue Yang carried Xiao Wen Li with one of his hand as he opened a Teleportation Scroll with his other hand. They were getting ready to leave.

When the Smoke Lady who had only bothered to play happily all by herself saw the figure of Yue Yang carrying Xiao Wen Li, she whirled and stood right in front of Yue Yang as she looked at him without blinking her flaming eyes. Yue Yang waved at her to say goodbye. Suddenly, she approached Yue Yang and gazed into his eyes. She even extended her flaming fingers, as if trying to touch Yue Yang’s eyes.

Princess Qian Qian was startled. Soon, she managed to react. “Yue Yang, she still has some memories. She still remember your eyes.”

Suddenly, the Smoke Lady took back her hands, turn into a thick smoke and flew up to the sky.

She turned into a fireball as she flew high up to the sky, before throwing herself rapidly into the nearest volcano. She then continued to play happily with the lava. Apparently, she couldn’t remember Yue Yang anymore. It was just some fragment of her memory that wouldn’t affect her state of mind.

Everyone breathed a quiet sigh. Yue Yang only smiled.

As he turned to leave, the Smoke Lady swirled back rapidly again. She followed behind Yue Yang then swirled to the front to look at his eyes.

“Yue Yang, try to summon her. She might be your beast…. Just give it a try.” In Princess Qian Qian’s opinion, the Smoke Lady couldn’t be called a human. She should belong to the category of element-type beast.

“Impossible. Human can’t form contracts with other human. This is absolutely not going to work.” Yue Yang also knew that warriors could only form contracts with beasts.

“Just give it a try. There’s a Contract Circle on her forehead!” Not only Princess Qian Qian was doubtful. Everyone had seen the fact with their own eyes. The Smoke Lady couldn’t be categorized as human anymore. Her memory had been lost while her body was formed by smoke and flame. The only thing left was her soul. All of them were wondering how this could happen.

Perhaps the Old Cunning Fox and Grandma Wu Teng would know what was happening. The best thing now would be to bring her out of the place.

Yue Yang tried to summon her in his heart. He noticed that there really was a connection of thought with the Smoke Lady.

However, it was very weak.

He tried to recall her but he noticed that there was some kind of resisting thought that rejected him.

The Smoke Lady who stared into Yue Yang’s eyes suddenly appeared shocked. She then transformed into a column of smoke, swirled high up into the sky, escaped into the lava and disappeared in an instant. Yue Yang was puzzled. He summoned Silver Grimoire. He felt dizzy when he opened it up.

As expected, a pattern of thick smoke and flame was added on the blank page.

Spirit of Flame and Smoke: Humanoid Element-Type, Silver-ranked Level 1, Incorporeal Body, Guardian Beast, Intangible, Special Skills – [Incorporeal Body], [Thick Smoke] and [Ignite].

Everyone was stunned as they looked at the book.

How could a perfectly ordinary human transform into a Guardian Beast?

They thought that one could only have one Guardian Beast. They didn’t know that Yue Yang had many Guardian Beasts, but they had also never seen a case where a human transformed into a Guardian Beast. What surprised Yue Yang the most was that he couldn’t control her. It proved that she had a high level of intelligence as she knew how to resist his will. Her intelligence level shouldn’t be lower than the Bloody Queen. If she was properly trained, her future would certainly be unlimited.

“Forget it. This is good enough!” Yue Yang felt that a good ending for this matter was enough. Anyway, there were bunch of things which were beyond him.

“Yeah. This is the best thing that could ever happen. I was hoping for this to happen.” When Yue Bing realized that the tavern girl who had saved her mother and younger sister wasn’t dead and had became her elder brother’s Guardian Beast, she was full of joy and happiness. She nodded her little head as she agreed with her elder brother.

When Yue Yang and the rest were about to leave, the Smoke Lady whirled out from the thick smoke and stared at Yue Yang’s leaving figure curiously.

Although she had lost her memory, there were a few fragments of memories which made her feel like Yue Yang was different from the others. She just didn’t know how to react properly.

Once they returned to White Stone City, Yue Yang asked Yue Bing to go to the reception and call the Old Cunning Fox.

As the Old Cunning Fox listened to them, he jumped in shock,”You must be kidding me. Both of you must be working together to trick me so that you can see me being humiliated, right? How could a human become a beast? This is impossible! A human is dead if he or she is dead. They can never be revived or be transformed into a beast. What kind of expression are you giving me? I am the Vice Principal who is so knowledgeable that I know everything about the universe. It would be humiliating if I don’t even know this kind of basic knowledge. Where is your proof? Let me see…. Oh! I’m going to faint!”

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