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LLS Chapter 194 – Please grant me a name, I want to become human!

Chapter 194 – Please grant me a name, I want to become human!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Yue Yang followed Princess Qian Qian and and Yue Yu to the White Stone City Medical Clinic.

He found out, in surprise, that the mysterious subordinate turned out to be the big-breasted tavern girl from the Eastern Tavern… Right now, the lower half of her body had already been crushed and she was on the brink of death, lying on the bed in the Medical Clinic. Although everyone in the Medical Clinic had tried their best to save her, her injuries were far too severe. Yue Yang did not even need to touch her to sense that her life was about to end. There was no hope for her to recover.

This big-breasted tavern girl, other than allowing her to help him to pawn off the reward from killing Tie Kuang, Yue Yang had not gotten into contact with her again.

Afterwards, Yue Yang had gone to Tong Tian Tower to search for Yue Bing, then brought Fourth Mother to go back to the Yue Clan Castle, and did a myriad of other things. He never saw her again. He also had no time to return to White Stone City again.

Why would she disguise herself as his subordinate and rescue Fourth Mother?

How did she know that Fourth Mother was in danger?

Even if Fourth Mother was in danger, how did she know the relationship between Fourth Mother and himself? This matter was simply too strange!

Yue Yang really couldn’t understand it at all… The only thing that he could understand now was that this big-breasted tavern girl had no ulterior motives. She had even sacrificed her life to save Fourth Mother!

“There are a total of 13 of them. Other than the little girl who had disguised herself as Shuang-er and narrowly escaped death, the others had all sacrificed their lives, only she is left. She has stubbornly tried to stay alive, because she is determined to see you before she died!” Yue Yu’s voice was choked with emotion as she summoned a ball of white light, placing it lightly on the tavern girl’s body. If it were a normal patient, or even if it was a patient that was gravely injured, they would immediately be healed with this light. However, it did not have much effect on her. Although the tavern girl’s body had recovered a little, for someone who was on the brink of death, the recovery didn’t have much effect. The tavern girl could not even open her eyes.

“She is at her limit!” Princess Qian Qian said with a heavy heart.

“Brother, quick, think of a way…” Yue Bing hugged Yue Yang’s arms as she wiped her tears. Not only her, even Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the others were shaking their heads and sighing in sadness. This tavern girl was a survivor that they managed to snatch back after going to the Starved Dog Range to fight against the Thousand Goblins Sect at the old cunning fox’s and the eagle-eyed teacher’s order. The others had all died and only one was left, but she was also gravely injured.

“Let’s try it then!” If it were the Yue Yang before, he wouldn’t have any way. But he had just learnt a lot of Innate Qi controlling techniques and skills from the big loli in his Dream Realm. One of them was pertaining to a medical skill.

He reached out his hands and lightly placed it on the tavern girl’s forehead.

Innate Qi seeped into her forehead extremely gently, rousing her brain that was unconscious.

With Yue Yang’s current medical knowledge, he could only rouse an unconscious patient. Unless his medical knowledge increased by a hundredfold, he wouldn’t be able to save such a gravely injured patient. Even the Imperial Doctors sent by Jun Wu You had given up on her… Yue Yu’s beast was a healing-type, hence, she knew that it was a miracle for Yue Yang to be able to rouse an unconscious patient!

Very slowly, very slowly.

Colour slightly filled the tavern girl’s pale face as her eyelashes slowly trembled.

Under the joyful crowd’s watch, she slowly opened her eyes, looking through everyone’s faces for a while before finally landing her gaze on Yue Yang.

She immediately recognized him. A pleasant surprise filled the tavern girl’s eyes, as she became more energized. Her lips trembled, as if she was trying to speak. Seeing that his skill really had an effect, Yue Yang hurriedly channeled more Innate Qi into the tavern girl’s forehead.

“Really, it’s really you. I thought I would never see you again.” The tavern girl’s voice was weak, so weak that it almost couldn’t be heard.

But Yue Yang’s hearing was sharp. He nodded and comforted her, “It’s me. Don’t worry, your injuries will definitely get better. We will think of a way to heal your wounds. Thank you for saving my Fourth Mother and little sister! Right now, you shouldn’t think about other things, just keep your mind on getting better. You will definitely get better!”

The tavern girl revealed a wry, weak smile, as she weakly said, “I, I already know that I won’t get better. It’s my own body, I, how could I not understand my own health… But it doesn’t matter, I don’t regret this, I feel like it’s an honour instead… A small, insignificant person like me who had never done any big things or saved any person my whole life, my whole life… What happened to me was also my heartfelt wish… For a person like me, it’s a disgrace for me to live, a sin for me to live. But I persisted on living, in order to take my revenge… Now I have taken my revenge and fulfilled my wish. I have no more regrets in my heart…”

As she said that, a kind of radiance surfaced in her face.

She was glowing.

It was as if all her wounds had become better, her eyes was shining with their usual brightness, her lips turned rosy, and even her difficult, gasping breath turned long and drawn-out…

Princess Qian Qian and Yue Yu knew that this was a dying flash, a sudden healthy turn before she died.

The tavern girl’s life ignited brightly for the last time, shining brilliantly before walking to the finish line.

“Actually, I, I had recognised you from the first time we met. You would usually bring your little sister out to play, and I would usually peek at you from my window. Although you always wore a mask when you came out at night to punish criminals, your eyes is one of a kind, I could immediately recognize you. This secret, I never told it to my sisters before, until Chang Dao came. He and his crooks were trying to find you. When I heard about the news, I immediately gathered my sisters. After a long discussion, they finally knew that the benefactor who helped them to take revenge was you… We decided to disguise ourselves as your subordinates and rescue the Madam and the little Miss. We thought that as long as we left White Stone City, those crooks wouldn’t be able to find us… We didn’t know that they were actually so skillful. We had separated and travelled in two groups, furthermore, we had already travelled so far away. But they still managed to catch up with us… This was a blunder on our part. Fortunately heavens have provided us with their protection and blessings, the Madam and the little miss are both fine…” The radiance in the tavern girl’s face glowed even brighter, she was also very clear when she spoke.

“No, you have all done well in this matter. Without you girls, Fourth Mother and Shuang-er would have died. I would like to thank you on their behalf!” Yue Yang was full of gratitude and respect to this tavern girl.

Previously, Yue Yang had looked down upon these girls.

Afterwards, when he knew that they were actually forced by Tie Kuang, he had sympathized with them. However, he had never thought of trying to change their lives.

Who would have known that the favour he did them at that time, which was only killing Tie kuang, would get such a big reciprocation. These humble tavern girls who were scorned by others had used their twelve lives to complete a magnificent and loyal feat, a feat that not even close families could do to each other. They had sacrificed their own lives and fled thousands of miles away with Fourth Mother. They had even used their own kid to disguise herself as Shuang-er and divert the enemy’s’ attention.

When Yue Yang killed Tie Kuang at that time, he only wished to feed him to the Thorny Flower, he never thought of rescuing these tavern girls.

Yet, his insignificant action had actually been returned by a gratitude so benevolent like a gushing spring…

“Young master, you don’t have to be sad. I had always wanted to do something for you, but I don’t have the ability to do so. I was extremely regretful in my heart. Being able to help you, even if it was only a little, is my greatest joy. I’m fine. Actually, I don’t really want to live anymore. I will only just be a disgrace if I live. You don’t know how happy I am to be able to die like this… Being able to see you once again before I die, I really have no more regrets!” the tavern girl smiled again. She was smiling so happily that even her eyes were smiling, as if she had done something that she was the most pleased with in her whole life. She was smiling from the bottom of her heart.

Yue Bing’s tears flowed down relentlessly, her drops of tears wetting Yue Yang’s arms.

Yue Yu was also crying uncontrollably…

The strong Princess Qian Qian was also quietly wiping her tears that had flowed out at some point.

Fatty Hai wanted to force himself not to cry. However, his face distorted badly as he failed to hold back his falling tears. He immediately gritted his teeth and forced his tears to stop.

Ye Kong had turned around, unable to watch any longer. The Li Clan Brothers were clenching their fists tightly. They were not experts in expressing themselves, they wanted to say something comforting, but they didn’t know what best to say.

Yue Yang breathed in deeply as he tried to control his emotions. He looked at the tavern girl whose complexion had started to decline and knew that her time was almost up. He leaned closer and asked gently, “Do you have any other wishes? What can I do to help you?”

“Then, please grant me a name… I don’t have a name.” The tavern girl’s voice became weaker.

“What?” Yue Yang was surprised. How could there be someone in the world without a name?

“I’m the daughter of a prisoner of war, a slave. I don’t have a name since young, I only have a number to identify myself. I’m just a lowly slave… Since I’m young, I have been sold here and there, and finally, when I grew up, I became a tool for people to vent their lust. I’m just a piece of flesh that allows people to play with recklessly, a slave with no dignity nor freedom, destined to be stepped on by thousands of people. There never have been anyone who treated me like a person before. Only you, young master, who looked at me as if I’m a person. Only you, young master, who treated me like a person… Young master, if only I could have met you earlier, how great would it be? I would even dream that I could live my life once again and become your servant my whole life. I don’t want to be sold here and there like last time, I, I don’t want to be a piece of flesh for others to play with. I want to become a person! In my next life…. Young master, if there’s a next life, please let me be your servant. You are the only one in this world who treated me like a person…”

“Young master, if there’s a next life… if there’s a next life…”

The tavern girl did not manage to wait for Yue Yang to give her a name before she breathed her last as she mumbled her last words.

Yue Yang closed his eyes tightly, trying to seal the pain and sadness in his heart.

A bead of tear that had formed in her unclosed eyes flowed from the corner of her eyes down to her cheeks.

Yue Yang reached out and covered the tavern girl’s face with his hands, closing those doe eyes of hers lightly. He nodded resolutely as he replied, “I, I will definitely give you a name. You are a lowly slave last time who was sold here and there, but from this day onwards, you are my servant. You are not an object, you are a person. You are also not a piece of shameful flesh, you would be a person with dignity and freedom. Even without a life, nobody would dare to look down on you, because your master is me! I swear to make the people who hurt you pay a thousand, ten thousand times back…”

As if she had heard Yue Yang’s words, the corners of the passed tavern girl’s still mouth seemed to curve a little, as if she was smiling.

Yue Bing hugged her brother and cried out loud.

Fatty Hai banged his head on the wall as he completely burst into tears.

Princess Qian Qian and Yue Yu held each other tightly. Ye Kong and the Li Clan Brothers’ eyes were red, as they looked at Yue Yang… In their hearts, Yue Yang was omnipotent, someone who could create a miracle even in despair. They hoped that Yue Yang could revive this tavern girl who didn’t even have a name. She was worthy to become a person, even more than some other people!

But Yue Yang had no way at all. He didn’t have the ability to resurrect the tavern girl.

Luo Hua City Mistress had said before that the Heaven Resurrection Crystal had been used up. If anyone in this world died, there would be no way to reverse the situation…

Yue Yang tried to think of another way. Could he conserve her body in ice?

Or could he use that ‘Spirit Absorbing Pearl’ that he snatched from Duke Xian, and seal the tavern girl’s spirit?

But Yue Yang didn’t know how to use the Spirit Absorbing Pearl, and he also didn’t know what kind of result it would have. However, he couldn’t hesitate now. Yue Yang immediately took out the Spirit Absorbing Pearl from his Lich Ring, prepared to place it on the tavern girl’s forehead. However, a rainbow light suddenly flashed as Xiao Wen Li floated out from his body, her little hands stopping Yue Yang softly.

Yue Yang was immediately happy, could it be that his little darling had a good idea?

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