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LLS Chapter 191 – Coming Home

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Chapter 191 – Coming Home
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Opening Fourth Mother’s lower jaw, Yue Yang checked if her airway was clear from obstruction. He was prepared to carry out the CPR.

But he suddenly had second thoughts. Yue Yang stopped and looked at Princess Qian Qian, Luo Hua City Mistress and the others. He pulled Princess Qian Qian’s hands and said, “You do it!”

“I, I, I don’t know how!” Princess Qian Qian was so flustered that she shook her hands wildly.

“It’s very easy. Just pinch her nose, then cover her mouth with yours and blow air into her. You have to take in a deep breath at first, try to breathe in more air, then breath out into her mouth. After blowing breath into her twice, Luo Hua, start to press her chest. Lock your palms together, don’t use too much force and break her ribs… The proportion for artificial respiration and chest pressure must be 2:30. What are you guys doing, still staring blankly like fools?” Yue Yang realized that he only knew the theory, speaking of really saving others, if he did not count that time with Luo Hua City Mistress, he had never really tried to save a person before.

“I also don’t know how!” Luo Hua City Mistress looked down in panic, her hands continued to tremble violently, as if showing the anxiety she was feeling in her heart right now.

“Idiot, do it yourself… If you, who are the only one who knew it, didn’t save her, how could you let them save her? This is about saving a person’s life. What do you think this is? Idiot, I’ll just do it then!” The mysterious beauty saw that everyone was at a loss on what to do, so she took the initiative and bend her body over Fourth Mother’s, giving her chest compressions. Princess Qian Qian also bent down hurriedly, but she couldn’t grasp the essential thing that she must do and wasn’t able to blow her breath into Fourth Mother. Seeing that it was quite impossible to leave it to the her, Yue Yang decided to save Fourth Mother personally.

This was saving someone!

He must save Fourth Mother, he wouldn’t think about other things anymore. It was not the time to think about those things now.

He took off the mysterious beauty’s veil and placed it on Fourth Mother’s lips, then performed artificial respiration to save her. Yue Yang had seen this method in television before. This prevents any foreign objects such as saliva or other things to be blown into the victim’s lungs. One could use a piece of veil or gauze as a separation.

Of course, there might not be such items in the place where they needed to perform artificial respiration, so this method is not a must and not a required rule in artificial respiration.

Yue Yang didn’t care that much about looking at the mysterious beauty’s face, immediately bending over and blowed two breaths into Fourth Mother’s mouth.

The mysterious beauty hurriedly matched Yue Yang as she began chest compression right after he finished blowing his breaths.

The mysterious beauty’s compressions was extremely light. She did not dare to exert too much pressure, afraid that she would break Fourth Mother’s ribs. Yue Yang continuously reminded her to compress with a slower pace, but with a little more force. Princess Qian Qian, on the other hand, reminded the mysterious beauty not to use too much force. As for Luo Hua City Mistress, she helped to massage Fourth Mother’s hands as she said to Yue Yang, who was blowing in breath into Fourth Mother, “Quick, Fourth Mother’s hands felt very cold, you guys, quickly save her…”

“We can’t do it too quickly. Everyone stay calm, don’t be too anxious, and don’t cry! You have to maintain a sustainable pace for CPR!” Yue Yang himself was also extremely anxious, but he knew that if he showed his anxiousness, then everyone would fall apart. He must persevere and continue resuscitating Fourth Mother.

“What other methods do you have?” The mysterious beauty realized that there wasn’t much effect after they performed CPR, so she quickly asked Yue Yang to think of another way.

“Electric shock, we need electricity to shock her heart to move. Another way is to cut her chest open and massage her heart directly!” Yue Yang knew a lot of ways to save a person, but he had never tried any of them before.

When he thought about how he was going to cut open Luo Hua City Mistress’ chest and massage her heart before, Yue Yang still break out in cold sweat.

That kind of method was extremely dangerous.

He had never personally studied about how to save a person, and also had never tried to massage hearts directly. He hadn’t even thought about what kind of consequences that would happen when he cut her chest open. Yue Yang was afraid that too much electric power would injure Fourth Mother further, hence he hurriedly added, “The electric shock must not be too high. We must use our palms to release the electric shock, the surface area in contact with her chest must be big. The time of contact must also be short, just enough to shock her lightly… I think, we’ll have to take note if there is a lot of blood flowing from the wound when we cut open her chest and massage her heart. If there’s a lot of blood, that will mean that she still have heartbeat. We must wait until she does not bleed, which will mean that there’s no blood pressure and that her heart will need to be massaged… Actually, I have never tried it myself before!”

The mysterious beauty immediately refused to use the electric shock method, “My electric shock is used to kill enemies, I can’t use it to save a person. Thunder Naga can’t do it too, we are not the curing type!”

Princess Qian Qian stomped her foot non-stop. She was anxious to save Fourth Mother’s life, but she couldn’t help with anything. Her heart was full of worry to the point that she almost exploded.

After the third round of CPR, Fourth Mother still had no reaction.

Yue Yang steeled his heart. If he continued to hesitate now, Fourth Mother would die. If her brain did not receive oxygen supply for more than 10 minutes, it would cause an irrevocable damage. He really shouldn’t delay right now… He took out his Dragon Slaying Dagger and was about to cut Fourth Mother’s chest open and massage her heart directly…

A small hand suddenly reached out from behind. Xiao Wen Li’s small body squeezed in front of him.

A ball of white light condensed in her small hands as she placed it lightly on Fourth Mother’s body. After receiving the energy from the ball of white light, Fourth Mother’s expression became glossier and more lively. However, her breathing and heartbeat was still not present. Xiao Wen Li reached out her little hands and extended it into Fourth Mother’s clothes. A bright rainbow light shone throughout her body, before slowly disappearing into thin air. Xiao Wen Li’s hands almost seemed like it was going to fuse with Fourth Mother’s body. Ten seconds later, Yue Yang and Princess Qian Qian suddenly heard a light heartbeat. But the mysterious beauty didn’t find any breathing when she tried to check Fourth Mother’s breathing. She hurriedly asked Yue Yang to continue his artificial respiration…

Yue Yang was both surprised and happy. He hurriedly blow two more breaths into Fourth Mother’s mouth.

Xiao Wen Li’s hands had entered into Fourth Mother’s body, her hands continuously massaging Fourth Mother’s heart until her heart recovered its own beat, before she slowly withdrew her hands.

Fourth Mother’s body slowly shook. Although her heartbeat was extremely weak, Yue Yang could clearly feel that it was still beating.

Her breathing was also present, albeit faint. It was very faint at first, but it slowly become stronger, and finally returned to normal. Her lips started to become rosy again, and her hands and feet also started to become warm again. Yue Yang held Xiao Wen Li tightly, feeling extremely grateful for his little darling. It was really lucky that she was here to save Fourth Mother. Otherwise, if he tried to save her with his clumsy skills, he didn’t know what would happen… If he really cut Fourth Mother’s chest open and massage her heart, if her heartbeat and blood pressure recovered, then she would probably bled to death. What would happen then… Yue Yang really didn’t dare to think of the consequences!

The three girls hugged each other emotionally and tightly, crying out relentlessly.

Only at this moment did their tears flowed out like a beads of pearls falling from a pearl necklace with a broken string.

Of course, this were happy tears.

When Yue Yang put the exhausted Xiao Wen Li down, the mysterious beauty had already put on her veil back again.

Although Yue Yang didn’t care about looking at her face, he had seen it a little bit just now. Although he had not observed her face carefully, when he thought about it again now, he seemed to have some impression on her face… This mysterious beauty looked extremely similar to the beautiful principal, almost as if they were the same person. It was just that her face looked much better and healthier than the sickly, pale and beautiful school principal. Other than their different hairstyles, Yue Yang really couldn’t differentiate the mysterious beauty and the beautiful principal at all… Could it be that they were sisters? But it seemed like the beautiful principal didn’t have sisters at all!

Yue Yang would of course not ask the mysterious beauty about it now, he pretended not to see her face at all.

“Good darling, you really did good!” Princess Qian Qian also hugged Xiao Wen Li and kissed her cheeks. Yue Yang was a little flustered, he didn’t know that this violent girl actually liked little children.

Xiao Wen Li’s exhausted little face blushed a little as she struggled and wriggled out of Princess Qian Qian’s embrace.

She turned into a rainbow of light and returned to Yue Yang’s body, continuing her sleep.

Yue Yang was afraid that the ground was cold, so he quickly carried Fourth Mother on his back. After thinking a little, he warned the three girls, “This matter, don’t speak any of it to anyone in the future. Just think like nothing had happened before!” Seeing that Yue Yang was looking at her especially when he said this, Princess Qian Qian immediately voiced her defense, “Why are you looking at me? I’m not a blabbermouth, did you think I will say it to others? I really hate the way you are looking at me now, why are you looking at me so suspiciously? Don’t look at me, otherwise I’ll beat you up!”

She raised her fists in defense against Yue Yang’s doubt.

Luo Hua City Mistress hurriedly smoothed things over, “It’s nothing much, you are just saving Fourth Mother. I didn’t think there was anything wrong, saving someone is a good thing!”

The mysterious beauty replied Yue Yang directly, “What are you thinking about? Get those evil thoughts out of your head!”

Yue Yang secretly wiped his sweat. It was great that they didn’t misunderstand. He was afraid that the three girls would think too much. He tied Fourth Mother’s soft body on his back with a rope, while Princess Qian Qian carefully carried Yi Nan on her back.

The four people looked at each other, everyone was beyond exhausted.

They had fought great battles continuously. They had first fought at the Heaven’s Line Cave in the Cloud Peak Lake at the Despair Abyss, fighting a bloody battle with the Demonic Palace’s Rankers. Their bodies had not yet recovered, yet they had came here to save Fourth Mother. Now that they had managed to save Fourth Mother, their bodies felt thoroughly exhausted. Yue Yang had even fought Tu Cheng before this and unleashed his Innate Strength, his body was even more tired and sore all over. He carried Fourth Mother and walked forward. Princess Qian Qian carried Yi Nan and followed, walking exhaustedly.

Luo Hua City Mistress and the mysterious beauty both supported at each other and walked behind them.

Yue Yang spent more than an hour to walk the 10 kilometers of underground tunnel, reaching the place where he had killed the demoness with wings and the man with wolf claws.

Yue Yang stored both of their corpses into his Lich Ring. The three girls wondered as to why he had done that, but didn’t ask too much.

“This secret pathway might be related to the “Heaven Stairway”. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be this kind of restrictive force here.” The mysterious beauty deduced. “If there’s time in the future, we should explore this place once again and investigate it carefully. The Thousand Goblins Sect’s movements had been very suspicious lately, we have to be more careful…”

“Let’s talk about it later. I’m really exhausted right now, I just want to rest.” Princess Qian Qian increased her pace and walked beside Yue Yang, “Luckily your Brother Yi Nan is not heavy, otherwise I won’t have the strength to carry him out. I say, Little Liar, you, do you actually like this kind of type?” The mysterious beauty and Luo Hua City Mistress didn’t say anything, but their ears were pricked up, trying to listen to Yue Yang’s answer.

“I don’t have time to talk bullshit with you!” Yue Yang felt like all the bones in his body had been broken. Fourth Mother who was actually really light, felt as heavy as a mountain on his back.

“I can help you carry her for a while!” Luo Hua City Mistress was still the kindest, taking the initiative to shoulder Yue Yang’s burden.

“No need!” Yue Yang didn’t want to look weak, refusing her offer immediately.

What would others say if he let girls carried the injured people, and he, the man, walked without carrying anything?

When they reached the underground tunnel at the bottom of the lake, Yue Yang finally couldn’t endure it anymore. He put Fourth Mother down and rested for a while. He didn’t have the strength to carry Fourth Mother out of that tunnel entrance that was located at the bottom of lake, that underwater tunnel… Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress was also dead tired. They were so tired, even more tired than Yue Yang that they immediately leaned on each other and slept the moment they sat down. Only the mysterious beauty sat down warily and stayed on guard, in case there was some kind of unforeseen event… When Yue Yang looked at her, the mysterious beauty humphed lightly and said, “Just go to sleep!”

In his sleep, the sound of Princess Qian Qian’s, Luo Hua City Mistress’, the mysterious beauty’s and Yi Nan’s laughter flashed through relentlessly in Yue Yang’s ears.

Yue Yang felt that they were extremely naughty. They were obviously right beside him, yet they kept hiding from him. He could only see them occasionally.

He wanted to grab them, but he just couldn’t grab onto them.

As he entered deeper into sleep, Yue Yang realized that he had entered into his Dream Realm.

The big loli that had beaten him up N number of times previously was waiting for him in the Dream Realm, practicing her skills.

Yue Yang realized that the big loli’s skill was actually at Innate Realm right now. However, it was entirely different from his own Innate skills. Her control and technique was at least a hundred times better than Yue Yang. Under her superb control, her display of an Innate Level 1 strength made Yue Yang gasp in amazement…Turns out that he could control Innate [Invisible Sword Qi] in that way… If he knew about it earlier, he wouldn’t need to go on berserk state in order to beat Tu Cheng up black and blue.

The big loli didn’t say anything, she only performed her skills in front of Yue Yang, allowing Yue Yang to enter into a whole new realm of realization and knowledge.

If one liken the Innate Realm to a building, then Tu Cheng’s Innate Level 2 strength was like a building with two storeys.

Tu Cheng with his Threefold Strengthening was almost at the level of Innate Level 3, so it was equivalent to a building with 2.5 storeys. Yue Yang wasn’t aware of how high his level was after he became berserk, he only remembered almost killing Tu Cheng instantly.

Right now, the big loli had used another realm to tell Yue Yang that although Yue Yang’s building was only one storey tall right now, the building’s floors were not equivalent to his own strength…If one were to liken Tu Cheng’s 2.5 floors as a normal building, then the big loli’s Innate realm looked like a building that was 1 floor high on the outside, but her 1 floor building was equivalent to the Imperial City of Beijing. The area of her 1 floor storey was so much higher than Tu Cheng’s 2.5 floors… More accurately, the Innate Realm that the big loli showed Yue Yang was beyond what he had imagined it to be. Her Innate Level 1 was extremely wide and mysterious. It was not only stronger than Tu Cheng’s Innate Level 2 strength, it was at least ten times stronger than Tu Cheng’s strength!

Her Innate realm was extremely rich and abundant, magnificent beyond compare.

Yue Yang was also Innate Level 1, but he felt that his Innate Level 1 was just like an ordinary house built from wood. On the other hand, the big loli’s Innate Level 1 was like the Imperial City of Beijing, grand and majestic.

Although both of them were Innate Level 1, their strength, skill and potential were all completely different. When Yue Yang saw this, other than shock, he was also extremely happy. Now he could finally understand a little about the magnificent realm of the true Innate Level 1… Previously, he had wanted to level up hurriedly, but that would be the worst mistake. On the contrary, he would need to first cultivate a solid foundation for his Innate Level 1… Yue Yang felt that if he could also get to the level of Innate Level 1 that the big loli displayed, cultivating a good foundation like that, even if he wanted to build a skyscraper in the future, he wouldn’t need to worry as he would have a concrete and wide foundation at the start.

It was only now that Yue Yang finally realized the importance of a good foundation.

What he really needed the most turned out to be a better foundation.

Without a good foundation, he would be like Tu Cheng. Although he had reached Innate Level 2, or maybe higher, he would probably encounter a bottleneck and would be stuck at that level. This was because a good foundation would decide one’s growth! With an ordinary house as a foundation, one would definitely not be able to build a skyscraper!

Seeing that Yue Yang had understood, the big loli didn’t start to beat Yue Yang up like she used to previously.

On the contrary, she showed Yue Yang even more skills, so many that he almost couldn’t remember it all. However, the big loli was extremely patient, she had even corrected Yue Yang’s mistakes.

Although the big loli did not say anything, she personally demonstrated her skills to Yue Yang. She had used the most direct and clearest body language to tell Yue Yang all the secrets of Innate Level 1.

Yue Yang completely understood the parts where he was inadequate in. He was lacking in medical knowledge, telepathy, fusing with beast, transforming techniques and many others. He realized that other than being a little outstanding on physical skills, he still couldn’t keep up in other areas. Even his beast manipulation skills were far behind the warriors in Soaring Dragon Continent… If it wasn’t for Xiao Wen Li who was clever beyond compare, who knew how to battle on her own, he wouldn’t even be worth of mentioning if he had used his own abilities to control his beasts… For example, his lack of control could be seen when he was manipulating the Barbarian Cow Shadow. As for the Little Golden Beast, Yue Yang had not even understood how to control it himself. It had came out on its own will every single time.

“I really need to cultivate my foundation. This is extremely important!” Yue Yang sighed countless of times in his heart.

Now that he had seen the realm that the big loli had shown him, he was like a country bumpkin who had just entered a city full of tall skyscrapers, and had just known about airplanes and cars. Looking back at his straw hut, he felt extremely shameful and embarrassed.

When he woke up, Yue Yang realized that he had already returned to his home in White Stone City.

Fourth Mother was sitting in front of a table as she fed the little girl. She fed a spoonful of food to the little girl, then turned to the other side and fed Xiao Wen Li with another spoonful of food. She had even used her handkerchief at times to wipe the traces of food on the two little girls’ lips.

Yue Bing was leaning over his bed. Maybe she was too exhausted, she was sleeping extremely soundly.

“How did I come home?” Yue Yang remembered that he had obviously slept at the underground tunnel. How did he come home? Who had carried him back here?

Hui Tai Lang who was lying on the ground, hanging out its tongue, was initially bored to death. It accidentally saw Yue Yang had woken up, and immediately jumped towards Yue Yang full of energy, ecstatic beyond compare. It shouted out “Woof, woof!” relentlessly, as if it was Yue Yang’s most loyal, most trusted watchdog. Yue Yang sweated profusely. This Hui Tai Lang seemed to have mastered its foreign language well. If he didn’t look at its appearance and only hear its voice, he would have thought that it was a dog…

“San-er, have you woken up?” Fourth Mother turned around and saw that Yue Yang had woken up. Her hands trembled, almost dropping the bowl in her hands.

“Brother Xiao-san…” Yue Shuang immediately stood up on top of her chair and jumped onto Yue Yang’s body, crying out loud. Yue Bing had also woken up, but she didn’t make a sound. She only hugged Yue Yang tightly, her tears flowing down fervently.

“Ha, didn’t I say that this brat would definitely not die? Yue Yu, come over here and look, isn’t he awake now!” Princess Qian Qian and Yue Yang’s older cousin, Yue Yu, who were outside, heard the commotion inside and quickly came into the room, their faces all looked pleasantly surprised.

Behind them, there were Fatty Hai, Ye Kong and the Li Clan Brothers who were all stuck at the door, unable to come in, unable to go out of the room.

They were all extremely anxious and had wanted to charge into the room altogether, but they had gotten stuck at the door instead.

Someone had kicked their butts from behind as Fatty Hai and the others fell onto the ground with a loud boom. Following them, the confident old cunning fox entered the room brazenly, stepping on top of their bodies. The old cunning fox laughed happily, as if Yue Yang had owed him 30,000 gold and promised to return it to him today. He waited until Yue Yang finished comforting the whole room full of crying girls before patting on Yue Yang’s shoulders and whispering secretively on his ears, “Brat, you are really done for this time… Heheh, beg me, otherwise I will definitely not help you. You have to beg me full of your heartfelt sincerity!”

Yue Yang sweated profusely when he heard this. What? Done for?

He was completely fine, why would he be done for? Could it be that the matter of him performing artificial respiration on Fourth Mother was accidentally mentioned by Princess Qian Qian?

But it was still done to save Fourth Mother, he had no other way at that time…

He then looked at Fourth Mother who was happily wiping her tears. Yue Yang was greatly relieved. If Fourth Mother had known about this matter, she would definitely feel awkward. Since she was acting normally, that meant that Princess Qian Qian had not said it out. Furthermore, she was also not that kind of blabbermouth, she was only a little violent, a tigress who liked to glare at others with her tiger eyes!

“Student Titan, you also knew that lying is bad. Lying to girls especially, is all the more a bad thing to do! Right now, you have lied to two girls, and their families have come over here to ask for your explanation. What do you say you should do? Previously you were still unconscious, so they had let it go. Now that you have woken up, you won’t be able to avoid it even if you wanted to. I say, you’re really done for!” The old cunning fox used the tone of a priest as he lightly patted Yue Yang’s shoulders and continued to entice him, “If you beg me with all of your heart and sincerity, I can consider to help you and talk a few nice words to them. If you, brat, are still as rude like last time and have even tricked me and made me look like a fool, don’t blame me for not helping you out! Heheh, think about it carefully on your own!”

“What nonsense are you spouting! How could such a nice, honest and upright kid like me lie to others!” Yue Yang’s words immediately made the old cunning fox fell to the ground.

“You dared to say that you haven’t lied?” The old cunning fox grabbed Yue Yang’s sleeves.

“I haven’t lied. Even if I lied, that was something that you have taught me. You are the teacher, I am the student. As the saying goes, ‘To teach without severity, is the teacher’s fault.’” Yue Yang defended himself boldly and confidently.

“You are really vicious!” The old cunning fox gave Yue Yang a thumbs up, “Let’s see how you handle the two girls’ families later on!”

“I haven’t stolen nor have I robbed, what would I be afraid of!” Yue Yang defended himself with all his might.

“But you have kidnapped other family’s girl… The little miss’ family is waiting right outside for you, in the Hall!” The old cunning fox’s expression was as if he was completely enjoying Yue Yang’s calamity, keen to watch what he would do next.

“What are you guys whispering about? Since you are fine now, I shall leave. By the way, you have destroyed my Imperial Palace Hall, but I shall let it go. I don’t live there anyway. But you have broken my Magic Cloud Phoenix White Jade Vase, and it cost over 1600 gold. When you have time, do remember to pay me back!” Princess Qian Qian, who had the [Six Records] Inherent Skill, had actually heard the conversation between Yue Yang and the old cunning fox, but she pretended not to hear it. Instead, she gave Yue Yang a piece of IOU that had a heading of: ‘Yue Yang owes Princess Qian Qian 1600 gold’ written on top. She wanted Yue Yang to sign his name on the IOU.

“Bullshit!” Yue Yang immediately tore the IOU when he received it, before shouting towards the astonished Princess Qian Qian, “Who are we? How could you let a stinky vase come between our pure friendship!”

“When did we even have a pure friendship?” Princess Qian Qian replied furiously.

“We don’t? Alright then, goodbye, I shall not see you off!” Yue Yang waved his hands, gesturing his hands towards the door to direct Princess Qian Qian out of the room. His elder cousin, Yue Yu, was laughing secretly as she tried to pull Princess Qian Qian out of the room, persuading her to the best she could. Princess Qian Qian had wanted to bite him to death, but there were a lot of people in the room. Hence, she could only pretend to be a virtuous lady and bid farewell to Fourth Mother.

Fourth Mother then went to the Hall to tell the good news to the others, bringing the little girl along. Seemed like there were really quite a few people waiting outside.

Xiao Wen Li turned into a rainbow light and disappeared, while Hui Tai Lang rubbed its head on Yue Yang’s feet. After a while, it realized that Yue Yang had no time to pay attention to it, so it finally walked outside and continued to sleep, basking in the sunlight.

Yue Yang saw that Fatty Hai, Ye Kong and the others were all injured. He asked curiously, “What kind of devilish training have you guys gone through? How did you guys get so miserable?” Who would knew that Yue Yang would sweat profusely at Ye Kong’s answer. Ye Kong replied, “No, no. Devilish training is a simple thing. We had taken the Starved Dog Range by the storm, fighting against the disciples of the Thousand Goblins Sect. That’s why we ended up like this… We had almost died, luckily we managed to stay alive! Aih, I only realized how weak and puny we are now…”

Fatty Hai, on the contrary, was proudly praising himself, feeling pleased with himself, “Although we didn’t manage to save Fourth Mother, we have defeated 2 Level 4 [Heroes] and 1 Level 5 [Grandmaster]. What a great battle accomplishment! Tsk tsk tsk, you didn’t hear it, but two days ago, I was praised a little by the school. Those people who had belittled me last time almost popped their eyes out. They didn’t know that I (oresama) was born into this world with the sole purpose of defeating those Thousand Goblins Sect disciples… It was really the loneliness of an expert!”

Ye Kong and the Li Clan Brothers immediately moved away from him, allowing him to blow his own trumpet on one side.

Yue Bing didn’t say anything, but she was thoroughly overjoyed.

“Two days ago? How did I come back? Was I home for two days already?” Yue Yang frowned. Could he really slept for two whole days?

“It seemed like Princess Qian Qian carried you back. We are not really sure, but you are not only home for two days. You have been unconscious for over 10 days. Today seems to be your 11th day!” When Ye Kong said this, Yue Yang immediately sweated profusely. He had dreamt for 11 whole days?

“What’s happening outside?” Yue Yang could sense that there were quite a lot of warriors talking outside in the Main Hall.

“Sister Yi Nan’s aunt has come over. Turns out Sister Yi Nan is a sister, not a brother… “ Yue Bing felt like it was time for her to explain the truth to Yue Yang. She didn’t know that Yue Yang had already recognised Yi Nan as a girl on the first day they met. She had even thought that her idiot brother was not able to differentiate a girl and a guy because he had been cooped up in his house for too long.

“Ah? Are you sure? Yi Nan is a girl?” YUe Yang wanted to pretend to be extremely surprised, but he felt that he shouldn’t overdo it or Yue Bing would notice that something was wrong.

“You idiot, you have totally wasted a good chance to pick up girls! It’s all too late now… Just let me die!” Fatty Hai’s tears washed his whole face as he banged his head to the wall, looking extremely sad and miserable, as if he wanted to commit suicide and refused to let others stop him from doing so.

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        • Hen no Kangae ga Aru says:

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      • Wish says:

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  1. jacobpaige says:

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    I’m guessing his fiancee wants him back, but I wonder who the other girl is?

      • Wish says:

        If he ever tells them that one of the talents he awakened when he contracted his grimore allows him to “see the truth of the world” I wonder how long his other talent will keep her from realizing he was lying.

    • Wish says:

      Copied from chapter 106:” it was a beautiful woman that looked exactly like the Heavenly Sword Goddess. She wore a skintight warrior’s armour that covered her whole body, wrapping her breasts tight. The woman had a young, fresh, and innocent look”

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  3. Lednacek says:

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      Yours truly,

      • Wish says:

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      • Lednacek says:

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    • Jacob Martinez says:

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      • Lednacek says:

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