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LLS Chapter 190 – Do I really need to do CPR?

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Chapter 190 – Do I really need to do CPR?
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko, Krithika
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Yue Yang raised his Hui Jin Magic Blade and rushed over to help Princess Qian Qian.

Although he had just fought a great battle with Tu Cheng, was sore all over and unable to use his full Innate strength, he could still use his Twin Fish Circle’s [Spherical Beheader] and his [Yang Pole] fire ability, revealing his formidable power. After awaking his [Nirvana Flame] ability, his [Yang Pole] fire ability had become even stronger and purer. When Yue Yang raised his Hui Jin Magic Blade, the purple flames enveloping his blade immediately turned into a tangible fireblade, slashing down with a power that could rend heaven and earth upon a Depraved Being expert riding a Golden Tiger Shark in the lake .

That Depraved Being expert immediately thought that the situation wasn’t good. A tangible fireblade? That was not something that he could stand against. He hurriedly rode his Golden Tiger Shark away down to the bottom of the lake.

If it was another time, Yue Yang would definitely have other plans.

But there was not enough time now.

He immediately summoned Xiao Wen Li and ordered her to attack the enemies in the lake.

Yue Yang didn’t care that much anymore. He grabbed Princess Qian Qian and threw her into the lake, then hugged Luo Hua City Mistress who was not that skilled in water and jumped into the lake. He didn’t want to waste even a single second. He prepared to bring the two girls along as he forced his way through this hurdle and save Fourth Mother quickly… As for these Depraved Beings experts who were skillful in water combat, he would leave them all to Xiao Wen Li to handle.

Luo Hua City Mistress screamed, because she never thought that Yue Yang would use such a barbaric method to force his way through.

He had not yet defeated the enemies, and the three of them did not have any water-related abilities. Their combined strength might not even be a tenth of their enemies’. Were they really going to force their way through?

Then, the Stone-element Medusa and the Storm Mermaid was summoned by Xiao Wen Li. They swam with a speed much faster than Yue Yang’s. Their combat power underwater was a few times stronger than their abilities above water. The figures of the Stone-element Medusa and the Storm Mermaid flashed as they split the water and overtook Yue Yang, Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress. Even Xiao Wen Li who was the last one to enter the water, was much faster than Yue Yang.

When it came to water battles, it was definitely the Stone-element Medusa’s and the Storm Mermaid’s realm.

The Storm Mermaid immediately called forth her Storm Conch when she jumped into the water. It was as if an invisible demon hand had created a mess on the lake, as huge whirlpools appeared everywhere and threatened to suck all living things into it. The Stone-element Medusa held Princess Qian Qian and Yue Yang who was holding onto Luo Hua City Mistress and dove into an underground channel at the bottom of the lake.

The Golden Tiger Shark swam furiously over, opening its mouth widely. Its sharp teeth glinted with menace, looking extremely terrifying.

The Stone-element Medusa turned around and glared at the Golden Tiger Shark.

She also relaxed her hands and let Yue Yang and Princess Qian Qian go.

She quickly raised her bow and shot an accurate shot.

That Golden Tiger Shark was so afraid that it immediately turned around and swam away, even trying with all its might to jump out of the lake surface. It was as if it had met its predator, afraid beyond compare.

There was another Golden Swordfish and a Golden Octopus hovering around outside, not daring to come any closer. As for the three Depraved Beings experts, they were still trying to resist the whirlpool that was getting stronger and stronger. They could force themselves to stay in their place, but they were unable to move freely. Their subordinates, who were all experts in water battles, their men, who were all lying in ambush, and their beasts, on the other hand, were all sucked into the swirling whirlpool. No one managed to escape the suction force of the whirlpool… The Golden Tiger Shark who had escaped the Stone-element Medusa’s attack by jumping out from the water surface had not managed to fall back into the lake when a flash of lightning suddenly shocked its body with a loud clap of thunder.

The Golden Tiger Shark saw a terrifying scene. There was a graceful, terrifying beast floating on the lake surface who had summoned thunder, striking every single beast that had come out from the lake surface with lightning!

“Heavens, it’s a Thunder Naga…”

The three Depraved Beings experts came out to the lake surface. When they saw the Stone-element Medusa and the Storm Mermaid entering the water, they knew that this battle would not be easy to fight. These two beasts were killing machines underwater. Stone-element Medusa had the ability to turn every single living thing into stone and sink them into the depths of water. As for the Storm Mermaid, although most mermaids were delicate and fragile beings, there was one exception, and that was the Storm Mermaid. The delicate and beautiful Storm Mermaid had the powerful ability to overturn seas and rivers. Let alone Tiger Sharks and Swordfishes, these kinds of normal-sized beasts, even the Gigantic Whale, a Colossal-type beast, wouldn’t dare to provoke a Storm Mermaid… However, the thing that caused the three people to despair was that a third kind of terrifying monster had also appeared: the Thunder Naga!

Stone-element Medusas were quite rare. They were usually hidden in small deserted islands where no human populations exist. They might also hide underneath lakes, refusing to get into contact with human beings.

Storm Mermaids would usually swim freely in the vast ocean. They loved freedom and also liked to play, so they very rarely attack others.

However, the Thunder Naga was very different from the first two.

They had existed in this world to become killing machines.

It didn’t matter if it was the Deep Ocean Naga or the Sea Naga, they were both underwater killing machines and lunatics with superhuman combat powers. They would chase everything that they targeted relentlessly until they killed them. If one were asked what was the most intelligent and terrifying monster underwater, there could only be one answer: Naga!

And if one were asked which type of Naga was the scariest among all, there could only be one answer too: Thunder Naga!

The chances of a Thunder Naga born was only one in ten million of a normal Naga. Furthermore, once they were born, their level would at least be a Gold King Beast. They might even already be a Holy Beast when they were born… Thunder Nagas could easily summon thunders, no matter if they were underwater or above water. They would be able to easily massacre their opponents. They were originally not beasts from the Soaring Dragon Continent. It was said that ten thousands of years ago, Ancient Ancestors had brought them back to the Soaring Dragon Continents oceans from the Tong Tian Tower and the Demon Abyss. Even though there were only a few Nagas that existed, they quickly became the strongest beings in the oceans, the kings of the ocean. The original ‘kings’ of the oceans “King Cuttlefish” and “Great White Shark King” were often seen electrocuted to death by the Thunder Naga, their corpses floating on top of the ocean…

The Thunder Naga that the Ancient Ancestors had brought from Tong Tian Tower and the Demon Abyss were only Gold King Beasts, but this Thunder Naga that had appeared on the lake in front of them was actually a Diamond-ranked beast. Furthermore, she was even cupping the legendary treasure, “Thunder Orb” in her hands.

Above the cliff, black clouds gathered.

Strikes of lightning was summoned by the Thunder Naga, accurately striking every single living thing on the lake surface.

Every living things died immediately, none of them was given any mercy.

The three Depraved Beings experts recklessly escaped to the shore, running away from the lake.

If this goes on, they would either be turned into stone by the Stone-element Medusa and drowned to the bottom of the ocean, or shattered into pieces by the Storm Mermaid’s whirlpool. The most frightening one would be getting electrocuted by the Thunder Naga’s lightning. Whoever was struck by that fearsome lightning would probably be burnt to crisps alive…

The Golden Octopus was hit by the Stone-element Medusa’s golden arrow, its tentacle was petrified. It then smashed into pieces from the whirlpools that the Storm Mermaid had summoned, and in the end, only its bald head was left. It still tried to escape by spouting water from its mouth, but was finally slashed by Xiao Wen Li. It spouted a large amount of black ink, thinking of escaping in the dark. However, unknowingly, the Golden Beast who turned into a bracelet on Yue Yang’s wrist had returned back to its original appearance. It completely did not care about the black ink and straight away bore into the octopus’ wound, overbearingly plundering the magic core inside the Golden Octopus brain.

The other Golden Swordfish could swim very quickly. It had already escaped ashore.

Its master hurriedly tried to recall it back to his summoning crystal.

However, a golden arrow shot out from the water, shooting right through the Golden Swordfish’s tail. Following that, the Thunder Naga’s lightning ruthlessly struck on the Golden Swordfish’s body.

There was also a small snake, a water dragon-like beast who threw the Golden Swordfish body into the air. The Golden Swordfish’s body suddenly disappeared before it smashed heavily onto its master, the Depraved Being expert’s face, smashing its petrified tail into pieces. Before the Depraved Being expert could breathe, Xiao Wen Li had already surged out, brandishing her Dual Blades and easily cutting the struggling Golden Swordfish into three pieces…

“No!” The Golden Swordfish’s master, the Depraved Being expert watched helplessly as his most treasured beast died in front of him. He cried out miserably.

“Quickly go, it’s not the time to be sad right now. It’s more important to protect your life!” His comrade, the other two Depraved Beings experts pulled him along with all of their might, as they charged into the underground river and escaped using a speed that they had never done their whole life.

In the lake, the gravely injured Golden Tiger Shark watched helplessly as its master abandoned it and ran away.

Facing against the Thunder Naga’s thunder balls, Stone-element Medusa’s golden arrows, the Storm Mermaid’s water dragon and Xiao Wen Li, it suddenly did an extremely clever action. It first tried to run away, but then it decided to give up. It turned its stomach over, floating on the lake surface. It didn’t put up a single resistance, and hoped that its opponents would have mercy and spare its lives seeing that it had completely acknowledged its defeat.

Beasts who were Golden-ranked and above often had a wisdom that normal beasts wouldn’t have.

They could abandon their fights and betray their master. This was not a strange phenomenon.

As for Bronze-ranked or Normal-ranked beasts, although they could also run away and betray their master, their intelligence were extremely limited. When their attack failed, they would only panic and try to run away. They might not be able to think of surrendering to their enemies.

Towards its surrender, Xiao Wen Li raised her Dual Blades, but finally dropped them again.

It seemed like she didn’t really like a gold-ranked beast like this Golden Tiger Shark. It seemed like in her eyes, the Golden Tiger Shark was just a useless trash of a beast.

Xiao Wen Li watched as the Golden Tiger Shark trembled, tilting her head to one side as if she was thinking of something. Suddenly, she took out a summoning crystal. She didn’t want to contract it, so she gave the summoning crystal to the Stone-element Medusa. The Stone-element Medusa also hesitated for a while before finally reaching out and drawing a summoning circle on the Golden Tiger Shark’s forehead after Xiao Wen Li’s relentless urging. She tried to seal it twice, but failed. The Stone-element Medusa was so angry that she immediately raised her golden bow and was about to kill this Golden Tiger Shark… Finally, under Xiao Wen Li’s advise and help, she finally contracted it successfully on the third try.

The Golden Tiger Shark was so afraid that it kept trembling non-stop.

When the contracting was successful, its huge body turned into a ball of golden light and flew towards the summoning crystal.

When the Stone-element Medusa summoned it out, the Golden Tiger Shark didn’t care about its gravely injured body and immediately displayed its most loyal behaviour, currying favor with its new master.

It turned its spear-like head and charged towards those beasts on the lake that were dizzy from the whirlpool, attacking them and massacring them without restraint… However, the Stone-element Medusa didn’t look at it at all, she had already chased after Xiao Wen Li, who was chasing after Yue Yang.

“Die, whore. Just try to block me again!” The demoness with wings on her back and the skinny man with wolf claws attacked the mysterious beauty together. If it wasn’t for the fact that she had just fought a great battle, and that her body had not recovered completely, her combat power had been greatly decreased, the mysterious beauty wouldn’t end up being so miserable. She gritted her teeth, resisting the two strong enemies’ attack with all her might. She even ignored all the curses that they spouted at her.

If the two of them managed to go past her, she would immediately use her [Light Wind Teleportation] and blocked them again in front.

She would stop them by using the protective shield erected by her [Instant Summoning].

In any case, before she completely passed out, she would definitely not let these two people go past her and caught up with Yi Nan. Yi Nan’s power was lacking and her body was also injured. She was also carrying Fourth Mother as she escaped for their lives. If these two enemies caught up with them, they would definitely be instantly killed.

“She is more or less done for. Bai Yi, you go after those two in front and leave this girl to me. Wait for me to summon Black Smoke, then use the smoke to hide yourself and advance forward. I don’t believe that I can’t take down a simple girl alone…” The man with wolf claws licked his lips with his long tongue, a coarse, obscene look flashing past his eyes. He felt that his opponent had almost reached her limit. If they continued to fight, she might be cut into half by his partner, the demoness with wings. He felt that it would be a pity for such a beautiful girl to die before he enjoyed her for a while. Hence, he did not suggest for a stronger attack method, but suggested to use the Black Smoke instead. When darkness shrouds them, his partner would go in front and catch the other two while he would enjoy himself here…

“This girl is too barbaric, be careful of getting your balls kicked, idiot!” The demoness with wings on her back laughed out coldly, but she didn’t oppose his intentions. In her heart, it did not matter what her partner did. The most important thing for her was to snatch the woman who could open the ‘Heaven’s Stairway’ for them.

As long as they opened the ‘Heaven Stairway’, then she and her sister could transform a hundred times over. Then, along with the three leaders of Thousand Goblins Sect, they could enter the Heaven Stairway and use the secret method to resurrect the Thousand Goblins King.

The Sect Leader had said before, as long as the Thousand Goblins King was resurrected, then the whole of Soaring Dragon Continent would tremble at their feet.

The man with the wolf claws retreated two steps back and took out a crystal stone.

However, before he managed to unleash his skill with his crystal stone, a blade tip that shot out faster than light flashed, targeting his right hand.

“Who’s that?” The man with the wolf claws avoided the sword tip and shouted loudly. At the same time, a fist had ruthlessly smashed onto his face and a furious voice exploded in his ears, “Go and ask King Yama in hell!”
(Shiro: King Yama is like the Hades of China)

Yue Yang charged over and immediately pummeled the man with the wolf claws to the ground. Although he couldn’t use his Innate Strength now, he was still on par with the man with the wolf claws, who was a Level 7 [Overlord]. In addition, he was furiously pummeling him with all his might. The man with the wolf claws couldn’t even struggle, he could only endure his pain and waved his claws to resist Yue Yang’s blows. At first, both sides attacks were more or less equal, Yue Yang gaining a little advantage as he had pinned the wolf-claws man’s body on the ground. However, the man with the wolf claws was able to use his sharp claws and return quite a few of Yue Yang’s blows… Yet, Yue Yang’s defensive abilities were actually more than ten times stronger than the man with the wolf claws.

Yue Yang’s skin was torn by the man with the wolf claws, but the cuts weren’t too deep, they were simply superficial wounds.

On the opposite, Yue Yang’s fists that fell like heavy rain were all packed with internal strength.

His Innate Qi exploded as traces of it entered into the man with the wolf claws’ bones.

The man with the wolf claws’ miserable cries resounded nonstop as his attacks became slower and slower. The initial fifty-fifty strength distribution between them slowly become forty-sixty, thirty-seventy, twenty-eighty… In the end, the man with the wolf claws were beaten black and blue by Yue Yang. He struggled relentlessly, yet was unable to escape from Yue Yang’s clutches.

Behind them, the demoness with wings on her back wanted to save his comrade, but the mysterious beauty used her last bit of strength and maintained her protective shield, blocking in front of Yue Yang.

Princess Qian Qian was slightly late, but her great sword quickly came slashing down onto the demoness with wings on her back.

“You dared to try to kill my Fourth Mother, die, die, die!” Yue Yang’s blows grew stronger each time, beating the man with the wolf claws relentlessly, to the point that fresh blood splashed out and teeth scattered about. The man with the wolf claws’ face had almost been bashed in by Yue Yang’s punches. At the brink of death, the man with the wolf claws’ strength suddenly exploded. He sent Yue Yang flying away, thinking of escaping his death. However, Xiao Wen Li suddenly appeared right in front of him. She reached out and released her [Binding Chains] Inherent Skill, locking him in his place. Next, the Stone-element Medusa’s golden arrow immediately penetrated the man with the wolf claws’ legs and the Thunder Naga’s lightning struck down. As Xiao Wen Li brandished her blades and slashed at his arms, the Storm Mermaid unleashed a tornado that swept the man with the wolf claws up into the air… Yue Yang leapt into the air, his hands grabbing onto the man with the wolf claws’ head and twisted it. With a cracking sound, the man with the wolf claws who continued to resist even after receiving so many blows finally died after Yue Yang broke his neck.

One down!

The man with the wolf claws’ body slumped weakly to the ground.

His eyes were just like a dead fish’s, wide opened as he died without his eyes closed…

Seeing that her opponents’ reinforcements had all come, and furthermore, there was Yue Yang whose killing intent was exploding like a demon god’s, the winged demoness immediately lost her wits out of fear and quickly escaped.

Flapping her wings, she quickly escaped through the tunnel where Yue Yang had come from. Princess Qian Qian, the mysterious beauty and Yue Yang had all blocked on the other side instead, afraid that she would chase after Yi Nan.

This made the demoness extremely happy. She felt that her life was more important, so she wasn’t anxious to snatch Fourth Mother back.

When she had already flown a hundred metres ahead, she thought that she had managed to escape from the enemies’ besiege.

However, suddenly, a frightening [Aurora] suddenly lighted up in front.

It was Luo Hua City Mistress.

She needed a lot of time to cast her [Aurora].

However, the moment she cast it, no matter how strong the enemies were, they wouldn’t be able to endure the destructive power of the [Aurora].

The demoness didn’t have a grimoire’s protective shield, so she immediately tried to fly back in fear. Alas, her flying speed was a joke compared to the speed at which the [Aurora] shot out… Ten seconds later, amongst fragments of rocks, the demoness whose body was charred black crawled out in pain. She wasn’t dead yet, but the wings that she got from fusing with her beast had completely been destroyed. Even with the strength of a Level 7 [Overlord], she couldn’t escape being gravely injured.

Princess Qian Qian raised her sword… The demoness was so frightened when she saw this and screamed, “Spare my life, spare me!”

Yue Yang brushed aside Princess Qian Qian who hesitated at the last moment and grabbed onto the demoness. He humphed cold-heartedly, “Whoever harmed my family, I will kill them without mercy. I don’t care about their identity or if they are male or female!”

The demoness brandished her claws in despair, thrusting them towards Yue Yang’s eyes, thinking of struggling in her last moments.

“Kill!” Yue Yang shouted loudly. With one shoulder throw, he threw the demoness down to the ground heavily. He didn’t wait for her to struggle as he stomped hard on her spine immediately.

He also reached out for her head and twisted it like he did with the man with the wolf claws.

Simple and efficient.

He didn’t show any mercy on her just because she was a woman. Furthermore, he had even used the same method he used to kill the man with the wolf claws on her… Yue Yang had wanted to crush these two dog’s bones to millions of pieces, but he thought that they might be good fertilizer for his Thorny Flower. In the end, he simply decided to use the simplest and most efficient method of twisting their neck off instead.

“Wouldn’t it be better to capture her and question her first?” Princess Qian Qian didn’t think that killing this woman was wrong, but she didn’t want Yue Yang to become an illogical killing madman. It would perhaps be better if they caught her and handed her over to the interrogation authority who would behead her later on. Of course, that would be more troublesome, because the most important thing to do now was to save Fourth Mother. If they held her captive, they would also need to leave someone behind to watch her.

“Even if you think that way, she is already dead. Why do you think so much? She would just cause trouble if we leave her alive. Let’s quickly go and save Fourth Mother, Yi Nan and Fourth Mother are injured…” The mysterious beauty patted Princess Qian Qian’s shoulders. She then held Yue Yang and used her last [Light Wind Teleportation], teleporting Yue Yang 100 metres ahead so that he could have a head start to save Fourth Mother and Yi Nan.

When Yue Yang finally found Yi Nan who was carrying Fourth Mother on her back, ten minutes had already passed.

Yi Nan and Fourth Mother was hiding within stone cracks. Luckily Xiao Wen Li managed to feel their presence, otherwise, the anxious Yue yang would definitely not be able to notice their presence.

One of Yi Nan’s ribs was broken. Someone had thrown a heavy object onto her body when they were fighting at the beginning. She was not injured very seriously at first, but as she didn’t receive medical treatment for a prolonged period of time, coupled with the exhaustion from carrying Fourth Mother and running all the time, her injuries had become worse. Yue Yang caressed Yi Nan’s hair which was drenched with sweat and was revealed after her headscarf came loose, helped her put on her headscarf back again, and laid her softly on the ground.

Although Fourth Mother’s heartbeat and breathing had almost disappeared, Yue Yang wasn’t worried, because he had seen Luo Hua City Mistress entering into her death-like coma state before.

He knew that this was a secret method of self-protection.

When Princess Qian Qian, Luo Hua City Mistress and the mysterious beauty arrived, they immediately shouted out loud, “Idiot, this is not a death-like coma! Your Fourth Mother never contracted any beasts, so she would definitely not understand how to enter into a death-like coma! Furthermore, this was not even…”

“Ah?” When Yue Yang heard this, it was like a bolt out of the blue for him. His heart immediately started to beat madly, “What did you say? Then, then, what do we do?”

“Quick, use that weird method of yours to save her… Use your, what do you call it – CPR! Quick, save her!” The three girls immediately shouted anxiously. They were so flustered that they almost cried, as they quickly laid Fourth Mother on the ground clumsily, then beat Fourth Mother’s chest disorderly like how Yue Yang had done to save Luo Hua City Mistress before.

“Are you guys telling the truth? Move aside!” Yue Yang’s hands were trembling. This wasn’t death-like coma? Fourth Mother was really going to lose her heartbeat? Heavens, he had even thought that she was fine just now!

When Yue Yang thought about this, he immediately felt really guilty.

He immediately pulled Luo Hua City Mistress, who was flustered and did not know what to do, and leaned over Fourth Mother.

In this anxious situation, Yue Yang looked at Fourth Mother, his heart trembling. Did he really need to do CPR? She, she was his Fourth Mother, and these girls were all looking at the side. This, this was really… But he couldn’t not try to save her, time waits for no man. If he continued to hesitate, Fourth Mother would really die!

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    Ok so pro tip… Never perform CPR on someone who is breathing and has a pulse, even if they are really faint.

    Chest compressions on someone who’s heart is not completely stopped will generally only make things worse, at best they’ll be heavily bruised but you could well be trying to compress the heart when it is trying to take in blood. Similarly, trying to inflate someone’s lungs when they’re still able to try breathing out can mess things up though it’s easier to sync breathing of you know what you’re doing and need to do it anyway (Google buddy breathing).

    CPR is a last ditch effort to circulate blood and oxygen until the body can take over or an expert gets there with a defib (not that defib works that well on a stopped heart). Done wrong, like this, by people that don’t know how much fore to use, like them, will often break ribs and damage organs. The media sucks at getting this stuff right, though I’m not that much better myself, so I don’t blame the author for messing up. Go take a first aid class if you can.

    • Fluff says:

      “Although Fourth Mother’s heartbeat and breathing had almost disappeared, Yue Yang wasn’t worried, because he had seen Luo Hua City Mistress entering into her death-like coma state before.”

      Keyword here: almost.

      I’ll actually correct myself… in some situations a medical professional (such as a dispatch operator) might recommend chest compressions on someone who has a pulse, and artificial respiration might be needed where someone isn’t breathing but has a noticeable pulse.
      Still, it’s best to phone the emergency services if you find someone unconscious and unresponsive

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