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LLS Chapter 189 – Working together to save Fourth Mother

Chapter 189 – Working together to save Fourth Mother
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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In the Dimension of Duel, Phoenix Fairy frowned a little.

She muttered to herself, “Why would that little brat set a teleporting point here before teleporting away? Is it his habit? No, it can’t be. If it is habit, then he wouldn’t try to hide it from me… He must have some kind of secret. Could it be that he wanted to come back to collect Tu Cheng and Kuang Zhan’s corpses? But Tu Cheng’s and Kuang Zhan’s equipments are all items that recognized their master. It will also be useless for him to have it. That’s weird. Should I peek a little… But if I put the ‘Eyes of Truth’ here, he would be really angry if he found out. Sigh, forget it then… One day I will definitely dig out all of your secrets!”

“Why don’t you wait for him here then? With his sense, he definitely wouldn’t discover your presence!” Night Empress’ voice resounded out.

“Damn, that gave me a fright. Night Empress, you haven’t left?” Phoenix Fairy jumped in fright, patting her chest adorably as she scolded the Night Empress in a coy tone.

“Stop acting coy with me. Your move doesn’t work on me. Sky Law, if you don’t mind me saying, I’d like to remind you to stay away from Yue Yang. Otherwise, you’d regret it.” Night Empress’ gentle voice was like a light breeze brushing across the surface of a lake.

“Thanks for the reminder. It’s just that, you know that he is dangerous, why don’t you stay away from him then?” Phoenix Fairy gave her an enchanting smile and replied back.

“Because he’s a couple with our Luo Hua, so he’s more or less family. I obviously need to watch out for him, so I will definitely not allow you to bring him to the Demonic Palace. Also, it will be best for you to do foolish things less. I could hear it from your elder sister’s tone just now that she is really angry. Sky Law, aren’t you afraid that she will capture you and lock you in the Black House for one or two hundred years? I remember that you have just been released not long ago, right? Did you think that you have improved a lot and have the ability to go against your elder sister?” Night Empress didn’t show herself, only her voice resounded out, sounding a little amused.

“I want to live freely. As long as I could be happy, I don’t care if I’m sealed.” Phoenix Fairy’s face immediately changed when the time when she was sealed was mentioned. It was obvious that she didn’t take things as easily as she tried to be.

“Up to you then!” Night Empress laughed lightly before her voice disappeared slowly. She, who was hiding herself, had soundlessly left the Dimension of Duel.

“No matter what, I’m set on stirring up trouble this time! Nobody likes me anyway. Hahaha, I’m a bad woman, I’m a bad woman, so I would need to do bad things, hahahahaha!” Phoenix Fairy stared blankly for a long time before finally laughing out loud. She laughed until her shoulders trembled and tears flowed down her eyes.

She continued to laugh as she drew a Runic Circle and tore a dimension in space, before disappearing into thin air.

Before she disappeared, an almost indiscernible sigh resounded in the Dimension of Duel.

It was very faint, almost unheard.

Starved Dog Range.

At this time, black clouds covered the sky. Although there was only a light rain, everywhere was covered in puddles of water, it was extremely moist.

Yue Yang discovered that his whole body was in pain, but thinking of saving Fourth Mother, he forced himself forward. Right now, there was not enough Spirit Qi in his body to summon the Bloody Queen. Fortunately, there was still Xiao Wen Li, the considerate and obedient little loli.

He didn’t know what kind of method Xiao Wen Li used, but she managed to enter into the Celestial Grimoire and called the Bloody Queen out for Yue Yang.

This time, however, the direction that Xiao Wen Li had pointed out wasn’t the largest valley in the Soaring Dragon Continent.

Although there would be weird noises coming out from that large valley at times, as if there was an ongoing battle that Yue Yang wanted to check, he finally decided to believe in Xiao Wen Li’s sense.

The direction she had pointed out was a place behind the Starved Dog Range.

There were a few mountains and valleys that were not connected in the middle blocking their path. If Yue Yang wanted to reach the place that Xiao Wen Li had pointed out, he must go around the Starved Dog Range, journeying to the right.

Although the Bloody Queen could lift Yue Yang and fly into the sky, she couldn’t carry him flying for too long. Furthermore, Yue Yang was also extremely anxious and worried about Fourth Mother, hence he ordered the Bloody Queen to go first and save Fourth Mother. If he could rescue Fourth Mother one second quicker, he would move one second faster.

“Quickly find Fourth Mother. If you can’t come back quickly to report to me, then stay there and secretly protect her safety. Do you understand what I mean?” Yue Yang knew that there was no more Innate Rankers in the Starved Dog Range. However, the Thousand Goblins Sect might have some Minor Innates. He didn’t dare to make assumptions. As he ordered the Bloody Queen to investigate Fourth Mother’s whereabouts, he quickly dragged his sore and exhausted body towards the direction Xiao Wen Li had sensed.

According to Xiao Wen Li’s guidance, Yue Yang finally reached the other side of the Starved Dog Range after half an hour.

On the other side of the Starved Dog Range, there was a humongous cliff. Halfway through the cliff, there were jagged rocks protruding out. After going around it, there was a towering mountain ridge.

The name of this mountain ridge did not sound very good. It’s called “Dog’s Leg Cliff”. It was name as such not because it’s shaped like a dog’s leg, nor because it’s located behind the Starved Dog Range. Legend said that there was once a war, where there was a shameless traitor who had allowed his enemies to infiltrate his own camp through a secret pathway in this Cliff, orchestrated a pincer attack on his army from the front and the back, hence causing a complete defeat of his own army… In order to remember the disgusting act of this traitor, the later generation had named the cliff where the secret pathway was hidden the “Dog’s Leg Cliff”!
(Shiro: Dog’s leg can also mean a derogatory term for henchmen)

Yue Yang didn’t know if the legend was true or false, but there must be a small connecting pathway inside the cliff. This fact had already been verified by the Warrior’s Guild.

If the Warrior’s Guild hadn’t verified it, they wouldn’t draw a streak of line that represented the secret pathway on the map.

He didn’t see Bloody Queen at all. Yue Yang resisted the pain in his body and climbed up the slippery cliff that normal warriors would never be able to climb. It was only at this time that he realized that there was a whole new world up there. In the slippery, dangerous cliff, there was actually a mountain cave that couldn’t be seen from below.

Even if Yue Yang did not have Hui Tai Lang’s sharp sense of smell, he could smell a strong smell of blood coming out from within the mountain cave.

As he prepared to infiltrate into the mountain cave, a black shadow suddenly appeared behind his back.

Hui Jin Magic Blade exploded out with a slash.

When there was only a gap as wide as a string left, before Yue Yang chopped the other side’s head off, he halted his Hui Jin Magic Blade suddenly.

That was because Yue Yang realized that the person who had suddenly appeared behind him was the Principal that had promised him to save his sister. She was still wearing the same clothes just now, but she covered her face with a white veil. A trail of fresh blood flowed from her mouth, blossoming like fallen cherry petals. Yue Yang felt extremely guilty looking at that. She had forced her exhausted body to use her [Heart’s Cry] Inherent Skill in order to find his Fourth Mother… Right now, she must not have been able to find his sister, hence she switched over to Starved Dog Range instead… Yue Yang supported the beautiful Principal whose body was swaying back and forth, asking her softly, “Are you okay?”

“I’m okay. I am not injured, this is my old sickness. It’s nothing much.” The beautiful Principal who was covered in white veil consoled Yue yang instead, “Your Fourth Mother is alright. Wu Xia is protecting her in secret while Qian Qian and Luo Hua are waiting for an opportunity to save her. My body is weak, I couldn’t help much, so I stayed outside to wait for you. Go inside now, they would be reassured if you are with them!” The beautiful principal’s body had been trembling non-stop. When she spoke, the fresh blood dripping from the corner of her mouth stained her white veil with red.

“Wu Xia?” Yue Yang froze. Was that the mysterious beauty’s, who liked to read books, name?

Seeing that the beautiful Principal’s body was about to sway and fell to the ground, Yue yang immediately supported her up, placing his palms on her back and channeling his Innate Qi into her to help her heal her wounds.

The beautiful principal struggled weakly as she resisted, “You don’t have to waste your strength, my illness is already beyond cure. Just reserve your strength to battle for now, I would be fine if I go back and rest! I couldn’t find your sister, she should have already been brought back by the State Grandmaster… If you saw Wu Xia, don’t tell her that I have used my [Heart’s Cry] Inherent Skill. If she asked, just tell her that you did not come to see me at all…”

She had not finished speaking before her head slumped to the ground.

Yue Yang hurriedly hugged her in his embrace and channeled some Innate Qi into her.

The moment his Innate Qi circulated around her body, Yue Yang realized that this beautiful principal’s body was extremely weak and fragile, to the point that it was hard for him to believe. Even old geezers who had been lying in bed for decades drinking medicines everyday would still be stronger than her. Most importantly, Yue Yang realized that there was a kind of weird energy in her body that was absorbing her life energy non-stop. If it wasn’t for this weird energy in her body, she wouldn’t be so weak… Yue Yang’s Innate Qi that had been channeled into her body had also disappeared into thin air, completely absorbed by that energy. Only a small portion of his energy managed to stay within the beautiful principal’s body.

The beautiful principal slowly woke up. Her first reaction was to struggle out of Yue Yang’s embrace.

Her second action was to touch her face to check whether her white veil was still on.

After she realized that Yue Yang had not touched her veil, she seemed to sigh secretly. Yue Yang wanted to support her up, but the beautiful principal shook her hands adamantly and refused, “Don’t waste time on me anymore, quickly go and save your Fourth Mother! I can return home on my own, you don’t have to worry about me. My condition has been like this for a few decades, and I still have not died yet. I won’t die so easily… You, did you really not touch my veil?” The beautiful principal opened a teleportation scroll, but before she entered the teleportation gate, she suddenly asked with a weak, trembling voice.

“No!” Yue Yang shook his head.

Actually, he had sneaked a peek on the beautiful principal’s face just now, and realized that other than her deathly pale complexion, she was actually an unrivalled beauty.

But Yue Yang did not recognize the beautiful principal at all, he felt that he had never seen her face before.

At the beginning, he thought that she was the mysterious beauty who loved to read books. But that doubt had been quickly cleared because the mysterious beauty was not as weak as the beautiful principal. Their voices are a little similar, but if he tried to observe carefully, their voices were also kinda different.

The beautiful principal’s words and actions made Yue Yang extremely surprised.

It almost seemed like she had recognized him from the start, as if she was trying to hide some kind of secret from him. She had even forced herself to help him find his Fourth Mother with her exhausted, weak and fragile body… The thing that confused Yue Yang the most was that the mysterious beauty who loved to read books also seemed to be familiar with him. Furthermore, at the most dangerous time of his life, she had also sacrificed herself to protect him. What relation did these two girls actually have?

These two girls, how were they related to the pitiful guy?

Otherwise, were they acquainted with the pitiful guy’s parents? Were they the pitiful guy’s relatives?

“It’s good if you didn’t. Alright then.” The beautiful principal’s body trembled a little before falling again. She wanted to leave hurriedly, but Yue Yang grabbed onto her hands hurriedly. He channeled some Innate Qi as he steeled his heart and asked with a little hesitation, “We, do we know each other previously?”

“No, we don’t know each other previously. I only know about you when you came to the Ivy Academy to study.” The beautiful principal’s reply made Yue Yang even more confused. The thing that made Yue Yang even more confused was that she didn’t seem to be lying. The beautiful principal struggled to pull her hands off lightly. Yue Yang was afraid that her weak body would fall, so he immediately let go and supported her from afar, prepared to send her away. Before the beautiful principal entered the teleportation gate, she turned her head and nodded lightly, “Previously, I had heard about you before, but I have never seen you in person… When I heard that you had pulled your Fourth Mother and sisters with a carriage back to the Yue Clan Castle, I felt happy for you. A true man should have done what you have done. Quickly go and find your Fourth Mother, don’t waste anymore time on me. You and I have no relations at all…”

Seeing the beautiful principal’s disappearing, weak body, Yue Yang hurriedly turned around and flew into the mountain cave.

He didn’t believe that he was not related to the beautiful principal at all. They must certainly be related in some way. Furthermore, that mysterious beauty who loved to read books must have been related to them too.

Of course, if she didn’t tell him, he couldn’t force her to answer.

He could try to ask Fourth Mother after he found her. She would definitely tell him the truth!

There were many passages within the mountain cave, curved and meandering. Yue Yang saw that there was a big platform in front that was filled with a big mess. There were countless corpses and weapons strewn all over the ground. It was as if a huge battle had unfolded right there. Inside, there were a few exits leading out of the room. Yue Yang felt anxious, which way should he go to?

Then, he suddenly saw the Bloody Queen flying out from one of the exits. Yue Yang was immediately elated.

“In front, river, I, wait…” Yue Yang couldn’t really understand what the Bloody Queen had tried to say, but when he charged into the exit, he realized that there was an underground river right in front of him. The Bloody Queen pointed down, showing some markings that Princess Qian Qian had carved on the rocks at the bottom of the river. The Bloody Queen had not known how to swim, and she was afraid that Yue Yang wouldn’t be able to find her, so she could only wait for Yue Yang outside.

Yue Yang hurriedly recalled her back and jumped into the ice-cold water. He dived into the bottom of the river and followed Princess Qian Qian’s markings.

After around ten minutes, Yue Yang still couldn’t find a gap to take a breath.

Yue Yang frowned at this river. The person who kidnapped Fourth Mother might be a warrior who could hold his breath underwater. But Fourth Mother was just a normal person, what about her then?

At a distance that was around five kilometers away from the underground river where Yue Yang was, Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress were in the midst of a heated battle. Their capabilities were much stronger than the opponents’, but their opponents were greater in numbers and their purpose was to stall for time. They were facing against three strong warriors who had been swimming in the water, avoiding the battle with them at all cost instead of fighting them head on. Furthermore, they were all experts in water beasts. They had waited under the lake and defended the water channel entrance.

Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress did not have any water-type beasts, hence their attacks had been useless on the enemies.

They were waiting for Yue Yang to come, but when he did not come for a long time, the two girls’ hearts had started to become more anxious.

At one of the underground tunnel at the bottom of the lake, the situation was completely reversed. The enemies had attacked relentlessly while the mysterious beauty defended.

A demoness who had wings on her back and a thin man with wolf claws continued to attack fervently.

The mysterious beauty who loved to read books exerted her utmost strength and effort to stop these two’s attacks.

These two people’s strength were about the strength of a Level 7 [Overlord] and above. Seemed like there were quite a few experts in the Thousand Goblins Sect. They attacked in turns, but they were unable to understand the mysterious beauty’s ultimate moves, [Light Wind Teleportation], [Instant Summoning], and [Thunderstorm].

Although the mysterious beauty could not fight off her enemies and was constantly pushed back, she continued to hold on and did not let her enemies gain an inch forward towards her easily.

Although the two people were strong, it was also not easy for them to defeat her.

Especially in dangerous situations, a golden Rune Circle would appear between the mysterious beauty’s eyebrows, and increase her strength by ten times over. She was able to push her two enemies back in a short period of time. It was just that those Rune Circles would only appear at the most critical times. Furthermore, that state could only be maintained for a short period of time. The mysterious beauty could only use that ability to support her, she could not use it to defend against the two strong enemies who were working together to fight against her.

Further up in front, deeper inside the underground tunnel, at a distance of around 10 kilometers from the mysterious beauty, Yi Nan was carrying an unconscious Fourth Mother, running in front as she gritted her teeth.

She only had one thought in her mind.

And that was to ‘hold on for a minute longer’. That was because she knew that she would be saved if she could hold on longer, hold on until Yue Yang arrived here.

Yue Yang would definitely resolve all these quickly, he would definitely will!

The other rankers in Da Xia Kingdom would also hurried over to them quickly… As long as she hold on a few moments longer, they would be saved! Yi Nan had bitten her lips to the point that it bled, but she didn’t feel pain at all. She carried Fourth Mother and she continued to run forward non-stop, doing her utmost to escape and outrun the enemies that were chasing her from behind. It was pitch black in front, she didn’t know what kind of things would await her in front, but she had no other choice. She could only run forward…

Run forward, hold on. That was the only way to win!

Yue Yang swam out of the underground river, and saw Princess Qian Qian shouting exasperatedly. She had wanted to slash at her enemies many times, but due to the water buoyancy, she ended up missing all her attacks.

Her enemies had made used of the deep lake and the environment to reduce her powerful attacks greatly.

“Yue Yang, come over here quickly. We have already saved Fourth Mother… but this place seemed to be like an abandoned tunnel. There was some kind of sealing force present that prevented us to use teleportation scrolls… Fourth Mother is in front with Yi Nan, the enemies are chasing after them now. We have to quickly go and save them! These people are not only the members of the Thousand Goblins Sect, they also had a bunch of demonic sect experts. They wanted to use Fourth Mother as an offering to open the ‘Heaven Stairway’. We must move fast! Yi Nan is injured, she might not be able to hold on for long!” Luo Hua City Mistress couldn’t display her full abilities at this place, hence she felt extremely anxious. When she saw Yue Yang had come, she felt very happy and immediately rushed to his side and told him the current critical situation.

“Don’t talk anymore, come over and help quickly!” Princess Qian Qian also felt very relieved when she saw that Yue Yang had arrived.

This was really good! This brat had finally arrived!

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    • Metazoxan says:

      He’ll probably have to leave it to his summons. But since most if now all of his summons are all currently gold rank or better then they should be able to handle it.

      • Jason says:

        Because this is a Chinese novel and in this genera of Chinese novel every single girl character (usually other than the ms’s mother) is either madly in love with the mc and they bang at least once while he ends up with one main girl or the mc bangs and marries all of the girls at the same time because he is the best male ever in the history of all time.

        • watchin says:

          Umm, not a huge one. But you can tell me about certain things. Does he developed romantic feelings for her or bang her? And what about her sister?

        • Wish says:

          Yes and Yes and No The sister at some point says she’ll think about it if he goes past floor 10 but that doesn’t lead anywhere yet and his feelings are pretty much she’s hot so why not try to bang.

        • watchin says:

          Thanksss that’s cool. I actually want to know a lot more tbh. But im only gonna ask a few more. Does he sleep with qing qing, lua hoa, xia wue, and yi nan? What about ying bing, fourth mother, night empress. Im just asking all the girls I know. Oh also about his wife that cancel the marriage?

        • Tomoyuki Tanaka says:

          Spoiler alert. You have been warned. Skip this comment if you want to avoid spoilers.

          Yes (you mean Qian Qian, not Qing Qing), yes, yes, and yes. No, no and no. The wife that cancel the marriage is the mysterious beauty, and I think his first is the sickly beauty (the principal).

        • watchin says:

          Awesome. He got all them huh? ? I for sure thought ying bing would fall for him. Any reason why she cancel the marriage? And the principal was his first… Fuck? I thought of a couple more girls of: the 6 arms lamia queen, and the harpy queen? Also do he have any kids yet

        • Tomoyuki Tanaka says:

          You mean Yue Bing? She is his sister, and will always remain his sister.

          The mysterious beauty didn’t cancel the marriage – the Xue clan thought Yue Yang cancelled it from his side. The “new” Yue Yang kind of discovered there’s a conspiracy going on behind the faked cancellation of the marriage, and that the pitiful guy was murdered rather than committing suicide.

          Nope, Yue Yang doesn’t do any of his summoned beasts. Er…I think his bloody queen tried to seduce him and went as far as giving him a bl…job, but nothing beyond that, if I remember correctly. Drunken girl, I don’t think so, but my memory is a bit hazy because too many characters to keep track of. Harpy queen, Lamia queen, I don’t think so.

        • watchin says:

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        • Tomoyuki Tanaka says:

          Er…I have no idea. I actually like the manhwa, but never mind.

          Yeah, they settle and clear up the marriage conspiracy, and if I’m not mistaken, Yue Yang marries all of them (Yi Nan, Qian Qian, 2 Xue cousins, Luo Hua Mistress). Even if he didn’t marry them, he’s still in a relationship with them. But I can’t remember (probably I haven’t read that far) but I know he’s engaged to all of them when I stopped reading. Dunno about the bloody queen, I guess the author wanted to avoid going into…uh, unfamiliar territory.

          Yeah, he does. As for kids, I can’t remember, I think I only read until the part where he’s still engaged with all of them, and I think the Xue cousins realzie he’s from a different world. I’m not sure if the rest do, but the fiancee definitely knows he’s not the same Yue Yang as the pitiful guy.

          Yes, the principal, or sickly beauty, is his first. I think. Qian Qian is the second. Or was it the Luo Hua Mistress? I know these are the first three. Yi Nan is way down the line, around chapter 900? I think?

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          Thanks bro for being extremely helpful and patient. The manga is just vastly diffrent. Its hard to just like so many changes. Just to clarify, the xue cousins are the principle and xue wue right? He’s also engage to what’s her name, from demonic palace suductress? I forget her name. Well for the most part that should do it from the questions once those are answered. Yi nan love scene is so far away huh? Darn..

        • Tomoyuki Tanaka says:

          Just keep in mind that my memory is very unreliable. And yeah, the Xue cousins are the principal and the mysterious beauty. I don’t know about him being engaged to the Phoenix Fairy, I’m afraid I don’t remember her at all.

          And yeah, Yi Nan is my favorite, so that stung a lot.

        • Wish says:

          Ok, just want to clear some things up that I found wrong in Tomoyuki’s comment.
          Bloody queen does have sex with him but it is implied between chapters not described. between chapter 723-724
          at one point I think I remember them saying that the Principal(this is sick beauty),Lou Hua, and I think Yi Nan are all carrying his babies but by chapter 760 they have not given birth yet since it was only mentioned like 50 chapters or so ago
          Principal is the first girl he has sex with followed by Lou Hua then either Sky Law(Phoenix Beauty) or another non introduced character followed by Yi Nan
          Yi Nan sex in 657

          I’m going to sleep I’ll answer any onther questions you have in the morning.

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          Thanks for clearing that up. I too fell asleep. I’m actually he got it on with the bloody queen. Damn I wish I can read the raw the stuff sounds really exciting. The love making scenes are so far away at that ? I’m happy that there pregnant! Anyways thanks

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          The raws are fairly readable if you have google mtl them. A lot is lost in translation in terms of wording and every once in a while there are grey areas that don’t fully make sense but if you just want plot then it is fine.

        • watchin says:

          yeah hope it helps. you’ve been doing it the hard way. an here i thought you could read chinese haha

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          nope 😛 I just accept the fact that they are fighting someone named ‘inflammation breaking the military’ at one point and that whenever there are a specific types of phrases where a person is the direct object that is being described their two character name is split apart and the second character goes before the phrase and the first character goes after turning things into “Chu Austrian captain, and finally with a very sincere look, look at the sea and leaves empty the fat” where ‘leaves empty’ are the twins and fat sea is Fatty Hai and sometimes the same verb is repeated like look but I’ve learned to just filter it all into what is should mostly say which is “Chu Austrian captain finally looked at fat sea and leaves empty with a very sincere look.”

        • watchin says:

          The guy below you was filling me in a lot. So he’s engage to princess quin huh? And I have no idea who his old fiance is.

        • Wish says:

          He’s also engaged to Luo Hua is also married/engaged to him. I don’t remember if they mention their weddings happening probably do. Yi Nan is also married to him(I remeber mention of this wedding day) and Sky Law never had a ceremony but everyone, her and yue yang included, considers her as one of his wives.
          Wolf is best girl.
          Lots more women that have not been introduced yet get added to the harem later!

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          And of course the wolf can join the harem in the 190 chapters that have been translated you should see how the wolf has been the character most loyal to him!(this is sarcasm)

        • watchin says:

          He’s getting even more OP huh? I believe when he does open the divine grimore he would become unstoppable. what’s the wolf rank in the current raws and has he contracted him yet?

        • Wish says:

          At 760 the wolf is sacred with its own silver rank grimore I think it is still plat rank 5 or something. Not contracted but it does have its own normal contract a beast other than its guardian beast and basically commands the “animals that can’t speak squad.”

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          damnnn He came a General that leads his own squad have a guardian beast and ranks 5 platinum and have his own grimore! My goodness!! I can’t wait to see this.. too bad it might take over 2 years to see it tho. (if I dont read the raws that is)

        • Wish says:

          Ya although general is stretching it. There are like 5 or 6 animals that follow him, most of them are uncontracted, hardly an army.

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          Can you recommend one where the MC does end up with more than one? I’ve started reading quite a few of these but I’ve only finished one and it was Coiling Dragon which only had one wife.

          I’m reading a couple that could have harem ends but it hasn’t reached that point yet.

          BTW I mean series who’s translations have actually reached this point not ones where the raws that are 100+ chapters ahead are at that point.

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          other than that IDK I’ve dropped a lot of the xanxai and wuxia novels that I started reading because of really hard cliches being over used and all of them felling exactly the same

        • Tomoyuki Tanaka says:

          Battle Through the HEavens, uh, well, it ends with Xiao Yan marrying both Xun Er and Medusa, and then inviting Ya Fei, Yun Yun, poison girl to come live with him (no Nalan Yanran). He has a daughter with Medusa and a son with Xun Er.

        • Wish says:

          Cool I kinda dropped the WN after I started reading the manwha because rereading the same stuff but at a slower pace was boring but I might try it again. Nice to know how it ends so I can see how it builds to that conclusion.

      • DMR says:

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        Besides, once she’s his waifu, nobody else can touch her.

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          And who in this series is a saint? Yue Yang himself ain’t the nicest guy around…

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