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LLS Chapter 188 – [Nirvana Flame] and [World-Exterminating Wheel]

Chapter 188 – [Nirvana Flame] and [World-Exterminating Wheel]
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Yue Yang could clearly see through Tu Cheng’s body after Threefold-Strengthening.

However, he was unsure if he could create the same effect by adding another shadow. The reason was that the beast that Tu Cheng had used was a completely different and unique beast. ‘Volcano’ was supposed to be an element-type beast, so how could it fuse together with a Giant Dragon and an Ancient Giant Beast? Yue Yang was extremely confused. But Tu Cheng had actually managed to do it. With the facts laid before his eyes, Yue Yang couldn’t help but to be confused.

Tu Cheng whose whole body was covered in flames looked like a Flaming Giant.

He raised his fists and smashed it down hard.

Obviously, Yue Yang couldn’t face against it head on. Hence, he retreated swiftly backwards.

“[Flaming Spear!” Tu Cheng condensed the flames on his body into a flaming spear and shot it towards Yue Yang ruthlessly.

Taking advantage of Yue Yang trying to dodge his attack, Tu Cheng swiftly moved behind Yue Yang. However, he did not pummel Yue Yang’s body with his fists. Instead, he pummelled the ground with all of his strength.

Rumble, a loud sound resounded.

The ground split apart and a volcano crater filled with spitting magma had been summoned by Tu Cheng.

If Yue Yang was stunned by the shockwave just now, he would have fallen into the red magma crater and melted into smoke. Or at least, his whole body would have been burnt by the magma. However, Yue Yang’s figure had disappeared, his real body had re-appeared in front of Phoenix Fairy instead. Yue Yang shouted furiously towards the Phoenix Fairy, “What the heck are you doing? If you have something to say, you could just say it out in front of the crowds. You just have to whisper them softly in my ears, and you are speaking nonsense to boot! So annoying!”

“I’m whispering words of love to you, so obviously I would need to secretly say it to you. It’s embarrassing to let the others hear it..” Phoenix Fairy cheerfully replied, completely ignoring Yue Yang’s temperament.

“I don’t have anything to say to you!” Yue Yang felt that this girl was completely taking him as her pawn.

She might not like being pursued by that Sky Dragon, so she pretended to find a boyfriend on the surface. If she directed all Sky Dragon’s attention to himself, she would feel a little more relaxed.

He hadn’t even taken advantage of her, and he had to become her black sheep. He was simply furious.

Phoenix Beauty winked at him, before laughing out alluringly, “Alright, I won’t say it anymore. Little Sweetheart, don’t worry and fight your battle properly!”

Yue Yang bellowed in fury, “Who’s your Little Sweetheart? I don’t even have any relation to you at all! If you had let me get it on with you, I would have understood. But I haven’t even taken advantage of you! After I have finished fighting this battle, if you let me push you down, I will allow you to call me Little Sweetheart!”

Phoenix Fairy seemed to be a little embarrassed when she heard this. She lowered her head and bumped her forefingers together shyly, “I am still sore at that place, you know… You, how could you refuse to acknowledge me the moment you turn your back?”

The crowd immediately strained their ears to hear about the gossips.

Tu Cheng who was standing on the other side, had used this opportunity to increase his strength again. He secretly summoned a few more ‘Volcanoes’ and hid these ‘Volcanoes’ underground. As long as Yue Yang stepped on it, it would immediately blew up.

Jun Wu You and Elder Yue Hai looked at each other, thinking that there was something wrong somewhere.

Why did Yue Yang ran over to Sky Law in the middle of a fight? Furthermore, he had been keeping his calm and reason all this while, so why would he be furious now? Could it be that Sky Law was using hypnosis on him? The two Heavenly Imperial Guardians also looked at each other in confusion. They were not very familiar with Yue Yang, but they thought that Sky Law was trying to make him angry on purpose. It seemed like it was related to what she had said just now… Just now, Sky Law had said, “Get angry! As long you get angry, you will win. Your opponent only had a body of hard shell, he is very easy to fight against!”.

Yue Yang should be an extremely calm person who was an expert in measuring his opponents and had a fast reaction speed.

Such a person wouldn’t be easily angered.

However, when he was really enraged, the strength from his fury would be extremely terrifying.

“Which part of you is sore? I haven’t even touched you!” Yue Yang shouted furiously. He was beaten black and blue by her before, she even sent him flying like a bullet with her chest. Shouldn’t he be the one who’s sore?

“That time, you had went berserk and pushed me to the ground. You were just like a barbaric bull and did that. Even when I cried out in pain, you still continued to do it non-stop. If it wasn’t for my good health, I would have died because of you…” Hearing what Phoenix Fairy had said, Yue Yang almost vomited blood. He had completely forgotten that he had ever pushed this girl down. Furthermore, this girl should have been the one who would be more likely to push him down. How could he had pushed her down?

Yue Yang turned around and saw that Sky Dragon’s face had turned even darker than Judge Bao.

His eyes seemed to spout flames that was a hundred times, a thousand times hotter than Tu Cheng’s [Dragon’s Breath]. He practically wanted to burn Yue Yang to death with his glare!

The crowd of [Innates] also seemed to have misunderstood a little. This was not strange, Sky Law would have pushed this brat down because she loved handsome men. If they had no relations at all, why would she protect him? That was obviously not possible!

“Stop spouting nonsense. Even if I had really done it on the spot with you, I won’t take responsibility for it! Scram!” Yue Yang felt that he might have pushed her down, but he would never take responsibility for it.

Whoever said that he had to marry someone after pushing them down?

Why couldn’t they maintain their lovers’ relationship after they had done the deed? If he had really pushed her down and had to marry her and stayed at home, what kind of familial blissful sexual relationship he would have?

For example, if he pushed girls like Yi Nan, Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress down, then brought them back to his house as wives to warm his bed, that would still be good. They were the girls he liked anyway. But who would want a girl like the Phoenix Fairy? If he pushed her down, then so be it, he would take it as a one-night stand. Furthermore, Yue Yang also suspected that he hadn’t actually done it. If he really had done it, it would be weird if this girl hadn’t sucked his energy dry. When he woke up, his Spirit Qi had recovered and his body had also healed. There was no indication nor evidence on whether he had done it or not.

He remembered that his clothes were still neat and tidy that time. Furthermore, there were also quite a few girls around looking at him.

If he really pushed the Phoenix Fairy down, it would be weird if those girls did not work together to slap him to death afterwards!

Most importantly that mysterious big-breasted beauty might have already arrived earlier. If he had really pushed Phoenix Fairy down, she should have stopped him from doing it.

Of course, if he really pushed the Phoenix Fairy down before…

There was that possibility. Because Yue Yang had completely forgotten what he had done when he was on his berserk state. He might have really torn the Phoenix Fairy’s clothes at that time, pushed her down and did the deed right then and there! Yue Yang wasn’t really sure, but he wanted to use his actions to show one point. No matter what happened, he would not take responsibility. As the saying goes, “If it’s free, why don’t we accept it?”. Such was Yue Yang’s perspective.

However, Yue Yang would never be so cold-hearted towards Yi Nan, Luo Hua, Qian Qian and the mysterious beauty who loved to read books.

However, as for the Phoenix Fairy, even if he had done it a hundred more times, Yue Yang would still feel like he had not done anything.

She had looked for trouble on her own, why would he be polite towards her?

“Don’t be so cold-hearted towards me… If you treat me this way, my heart will break into pieces!” Phoenix Fairy completely ignored Yue Yang’s reaction, twisting and shaking her sexy waist alluringly instead. She then moved her snow-white, tender little face closer to Yue Yang’s lips, caressing his chin with her slender fingers as her cherry lips whispered, “I am just worried about you… You have to quickly finish the fight and save your Fourth Mother!”

“…” These words was like a bright sunlight that had cleared the foggy sky, exploding in Yue Yang’s mind. Yue Yang couldn’t think of anything else other than Fourth Mother’s beautiful smile.

“If you don’t go and save her, she might even encounter some mishap. At that time, you wouldn’t be able to be filial with her. You are her obedient little San-er, if she died before you managed to repay her kindness for bringing you up, wouldn’t you regret it very much…?” Phoenix Fairy whispered at Yue Yang’s ears, spitting out a dream-like pink bubble from her mouth. In an instant, Yue Yang’s energy had changed.

The other [Innates] realized that Yue Yang’s energy was just like a volcano’s, hiding a tremendous amount of strength that could erupt at any time.

Every single person secretly increased their alertness.

Thousand Goblins Sect Leader voiced out his protest, lightly harrumphing, “Sky Law, wouldn’t you violate the rules if you do this? It’s a one-on-one Supreme Duel. Are you doing this to help him or disturb the battle flow?”

Phoenix Fairy’s fingers floated lightly around Yue Yang’s eyes, her face flashing with a mysterious light. Her eyes looked like she was ridiculing the opponent, “I am actually helping you guys. Aren’t we allied together? I saw your subordinate setting up a lot of volcanoes underground with all of his might just now. His actions was not discreet at all, hence I had especially asked my Little Sweetheart to come over here to talk with me, so that he would be able to set it up properly… Now he seemed to be more or less done preparing, and had hidden around ten over volcano traps. Haven’t I helped you a lot?”

Thousand Goblins Sect Leader was slightly embarrassed and immediately refuted, “Actually, the ‘Volcano’ was an element-type beast that Tu Cheng and Kuang Zhan shared together. When Tu Cheng summoned the Volcano, Kuang Zhan would inevitably show a reaction. Please don’t misunderstand.”

Phoenix Fairy shrugged her shoulders elegantly, before giving a light kiss on Yue Yang’s cheeks, “Then it’s my misunderstanding… Little brat, don’t die here, otherwise your Fourth Mother will also die!”

“Fourth Mother!” Yue Yang’s originally blank eyes suddenly flashed with light that looked like a flash of lightning.

The energy that he had hidden inside erupted with a force a thousand times, ten thousand times more powerful than Tu CHeng’s Volcano eruption.

As Yue Yang howled out furiously, he instantly released all the strength in his body. He had even released the strength that he couldn’t control before, the strength that even he himself had not known existed in his body.

The Ancient Runes on his body spinned ferociously, forming a completely new Runic Circle.

At Yue Yang’s back, an enormous Runic War Circle dispersed out like a ring of light. Following that, there was a smaller Runic War Circle spinning inside the first Runic War Circle.

Radiant burst of light shot out, sharp like an arrow. The Innate Rankers around blocked the light with their hands, but realized that their hands felt hot from Yue Yang’s light. Those who were not powerful enough realized that their fingers were burnt from Yue Yang’s light. They couldn’t help but be fearfully surprised… The light that burst out from Yue Yang’s berserk body had already contained such a tremendous amount of strength. If they were hit directly by his fists, wouldn’t they be done for then?

“His strength had almost reached Innate Level 2!” The Silver Giant, ‘Kuang Zhan’, who was standing behind the Thousand Goblins Sect Leader, muttered out, his voice trembling.

“No, I think it’s already at the level of Innate Level 3…” The Thousand Goblins Sect Leader’s voice sounded a little choked. He had never seen such a person before, who could increase his strength to such a level in an instant. He really couldn’t believe his own eyes.

Furthermore, the furious Yue Yang’s strength was still increasing continuously.

Innate Level 3 was not his limit yet.

Suddenly, a flame that could destroy everything on its path appeared. It was countless of times hotter than Tu Cheng’s Volcano’s magma, a pure and clean flame. The appearance of these flames caused every single Innate’s expression to change. Everyone suddenly had the impulse to run away, because, that flame was a flame that not even Innates could withstand, the [Nirvana Flame]. Possessing two balls of [Nirvana Flame] would be enough to cause the Innates on the opponent’s side to tremble with fear. But there was actually a ten-meter tall pillar of [Nirvana Flame] surging from Yue Yang’s body… That kind of ultimate destroyer of a flame would make anyone who saw it feel helpless and powerless.

Fortunately this pillar of [Nirvana Flame] had only surged upwards and did not hit anyone. Otherwise, other than the Thousand Goblins Sect Leader, everyone would have been instantly killed.

The Thousand Goblins Sect Leader was also scared out of his wits.

Although his strength had almost reached the limits of a human and almost nothing could have the ability to destroy his body or soul, one of the few things that could really destroy him was the [Nirvana Flame]!

Phoenix Fairy was also a little surprised at first, as if she couldn’t believe that the explosion of strength from Yue Yang’s second berserk could reach this realm. She faintly felt that her [Charm] Inherent Skill would be a perfect match to this brat’s berserk. As long as she used her [Charm] on him, then he would continue to get stronger and stronger… Every Time he went berserk, every time his strength exploded, his body would would amalgamate with the Ancient Runes even more, enabling him to display an even greater strength. As for the [Nirvana Flame] hidden in his body, he would also be able to increase its strength!

His future was limitless.

As long as his body could withstood more of her [Charm], his strength could still increase even more.

No wonder her elder sister could be interested in him and took the initiative to become his Introducer. Turned out that this brat had really concealed such an enormous potential!

Phoenix Fairy discovered that she couldn’t even see through Yue Yang’s potential even now. How could his Ancient Rune and [Nirvana Flame] be able to mix together like this? Why didn’t they repel against each other? Also, what Innate Skill had this brat cultivated? This was something that no one could ever do before. Under the circumstances where he had not finished cultivating his skill, and where he had not even known the terrifying strength he had in his body, how could his body possess two kinds of completely different, devastating powers? His skill must be a supreme, magical skill; it might even be an Ancient Innate Skill. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so abnormal!

Interesting little fellow, how many more secrets are you hiding exactly?

Phoenix Fairy’s eyes was filled with humor.


Yue Yang roared, and like a thunder, he absorbed all the [Nirvana Flame] back and condensed them into his hands.

At this time, how could Tu Cheng dare to fight against him? He was so frightened that he immediately scampered away.

However, the furious Yue Yang was a thousand times faster than light, and had instantly caught up with Tu Cheng who was flying away with his Dragon wings. With a wave of Yue Yang’s hands, Tu Cheng’s body which was protected by a volcano-like heat was destroyed in the middle by the [Nirvana Flame] on Yue Yang’s hands.

He was hacked into two parts, falling on the ground.

The Innates surrounding the area immediately gulped their saliva in fear. So strong… This was a real [Nirvana Flame], a Volcano’s heat was practically a joke in front of a [Nirvana Flame].

Tu Cheng, who had escaped from his Threefold-strengthened body of Giant Dragon and Ancient Giant Beast, howled out loudly. However, before he managed to run very far, he was hit by the berserk Yue Yang’s fists.

The [Nirvana Flame] spear that he shot out from his fists had tore through the Giant Dragon and the Ancient Giant Beast.

Instant kill!

The Thousand Goblins Sect Leader’s heart trembled. Even under a berserk state, this brat could still use the move that Tu Cheng had used just now, the [Flame Spear]. Such a quick learning capability was really frightening to behold.

“Please spare my life!” Tu Cheng thought that he was on the brink of death. If he didn’t plead for his life now, he would really die.

“Whoever tried to kill my Fourth Mother will definitely not be forgiven. AHHHH!!” Although the furious Yue Yang had not lost his reason completely, his state of mind was only focused in killing. Begging him was useless now. He raised his right hand that was holding his [Nirvana Flame] and smashed Tu Cheng’s head completely. None of the surrounding Innates dared to come up to stop him, including the Thousand Goblins Sect Leader.

He was confident that he could defeat the current Yue Yang, but he couldn’t guarantee that he wouldn’t be injured by Yue Yang’s [Nirvana Flame] attack.

Furthermore, he still could not figure out the meaning of the gigantic Runic War Circle on Yue Yang’s back. If that War Circle was the legendary [World-Exterminating Wheel] or the [Eternal Wheel], then he would really be in deep shit… Even if he could escape those Runic Circle’s imprisonment, his strength would be greatly reduced.

If he helped his subordinate now, he might have to drop out from the Top Ten Innate ranking.

Furthermore, looking at that giggling Sky Law, if he was injured, would she let him go that easily? There was also that Night Empress who was silently eyeing him on one side…

The Thousand Goblins Sect Leader sweated in his heart when he thought about this.

The Silver Giant ‘Kuang Zhan’ was Tu Cheng’s brother. Although their relationship was close, he could only take one step forward before halting on the spot, shouting loudly instead.

His desire to help his brother had angered the berserk Yue Yang. The killing intent in his eyes exploded, “Kill, whoever wanted to kill Fourth Mother must die!” He went berserk once again, the [Nirvana Flames] on his hands igniting ferociously and the two revolving wheels of Runic War Circles on his back had actually followed his intentions, shooting out towards the Silver Giant Kuang Zhan.

“Either live or die!” The Silver Giant Kuang Zhan realized in fear that he couldn’t dodge Yue Yang’s attack. It seemed like he had been locked as a target by that Runic War Circle. He could only risk everything, pulled out his sword and hacked at the wheel of light that the Runic War Circle had shot out.

The wheel of light that was shot out by the Runic War Circle had soundlessly passed through his body and shot out to a distance of 100 meters away, before dispersing into countless Runes of light and returned back to Yue Yang’s body.

The Silver Giant Kuang Zhan’s body had been split into two by the wheel of light shot out from the Runic War Circle, collapsing on the ground with a loud boom.

Instant kill!

Every single Innate rankers trembled in fear.

The name of that Runic War Circle that the Thousand Goblins Sect Leader spat out with certainty had made them tremble even further. That was because the Thousand Goblins Sect Leader had mentioned “[World-Exterminating Wheel]”.

Other than Rankers who were Innate Level 5 and above, who would have the possibility to escape from this kind of [World-Exterminating Wheel], the others would end up like that Silver Giant Kuang Zhan, cut into two by the [World-Exterminating Wheel]… Such a [World-Exterminating Wheel] was not something that could be stopped by an Innate Level 5 and below. How could a Level 1 Innate brat manage to use it so easily?

Nobody could answer that question, but nobody could deny one fact.

The Silver Giant Kuang Zhan’s corpse was the best evidence.

“I’m gonna kill all of you. Kill!” The furious Yue Yang flew high up the sky. The [World-Exterminating Wheel] that had disappeared just now had actually condensed once again. Furthermore, it had actually become bigger, and there were traces of [Nirvana Flame] on its edges. Seemed like after using it once, Yue Yang had learnt to control it better. The surrounding Innates sweated profusely. What an abnormal brat! He could actually use it again? Was this brat really just Innate Level 1? Even Innate Level 5 could only release [World-Exterminating Wheel] once! Furthermore, other than this brat, everyone had never seen anyone who managed to use the [World-Exterminating Wheel] without suffering from a rebound or even suffered from a little aftereffect… Five hundred years ago, there was an insane Innate Ranker who managed to succeed in researching Runic Circles. He only managed to use [World-Exterminating Wheel] once, before his Innate Level 6 body had exploded from the rebound of executing such a skill. In the end, only his skull was left.

Not only was this brat fine after using it once, he had still wanted to use it the second time?

All of the Innate Rankers had obviously not want to become his massacring target. They hurriedly left the Dimension of Duel. Now that Tu Cheng was already dead, if they did not leave this place quickly, the next one to die could possibly be themselves…

Who wanted to fight with this abnormal, berserk little madman?

Even the Thousand Goblins Sect Leader who had the strongest ability only looked at Yue Yang deeply before drawing a Runic Circle and tore a hole in space, leaving immediately.

Seeing that everyone had left and losing all of his targets, Yue Yang suddenly lost his berserk state.

Darkness shrouded his eyes as the Runic War Circle and the [Nirvana Flame] returned back to Yue Yang’s body. Yue Yang lost control of his body and fell from the sky. Elder Yue Hai recklessly caught him in his embrace. This was still his grandchild after all. Even if Yue Yang was still covered in [Nirvana Flame], he still wouldn’t let him go. Jun Wu You was also elated with the result, he was the second to hurry to Yue Yang’s side as he clapped his hands excitedly and cheered out loudly.

“What are you cheering for? This brat had showed off too much, he would probably not be able to use his Innate strength for at least three months. Otherwise he will be in trouble.” Phoenix Fairy floated to Yue Yang’s side and leaned over to his face. Her large, alluring eyes looked at him flirtatiously, “How is it, Little Sweetheart? Do you feel comfortable after releasing all of your Innate strength? Your body will probably be sore for a month, and you must not use your Innate strength in three months. Otherwise, your weak body would probably explode!”

“It’s all your fault!” Yue Yang felt that all of his body was sore beyond compare. A kind of pain and exhaustion had engulfed his whole body. If he still had some strength left, he would have sent this Phoenix Fairy girl flying with a slap. At least, he would have groped her breasts once. He wouldn’t have let her go that easily.

However, it was even difficult for him to raise his hands now.

The two Heavenly Imperial Guardians of Da Xia Kingdom had consoled Yue Yang one after another instead, “It’s okay, at first your body will not be used to releasing your Innate Strength and will suffer from this kind of pain. Furthermore, you have used your Innate strength too much just now. Normal Innate will probably need a year to recover, but you only needed a month. That is already very fast. Don’t worry and recuperate in peace. Use this period of time to understand your state just now, that would be best for you!”

“I don’t have time, I have to save Fourth Mother!” Yue Yang panted out. He wanted to save Fourth Mother, he was still worried about her.

“If you save me, I will consider sending you to the Starved Dog Range!” Phoenix Fairy had not finished speaking before Yue Yang mustered all of his strength, jumped out of Elder Yue Hai’s embrace and pushed her down to the ground. His hands grabbed at her swaying breasts as he shouted out loud, “Stop acting like a spoiled child in front of me! I don’t dig your type!”

Phoenix Fairy did not think that Yue Yang could still do such a perverted action after a great battle.

In the instant where she was frozen, she, who was floating in the air was immediately pushed down to the ground by Yue Yang.

Elder Yue Hai, Jun Wu You and the others was shocked when they see this. But when they returned to their senses, they immediately turned around and chatted as if it nothing was happening as they walked out. Jun Wu You had even said to Elder Yue Hai, “What a nice weather we have today!”

Feng Kuang had replied, “Your Majesty, there’s clear blue sky thousands kilometers away. Sunshine is shining radiantly, the weather is simply perfect for fishing in the ocean.”

As for Elder Yue Hai, he had nodded and agreed, “I happen to have a fishing boat ready.”

The two Heavenly Imperial Guardians and the State Grandmaster had also joined in, “It’s been a long time since we go out together, these old bones are going to get rusty.”

Jun Wu You opened a teleportation scroll as he invited the others, “Then what are you all waiting for? Feng Kuang, go and prepare some drinks!”

They had all left just like that, as if nothing had happened. Only Yue Yang and the Phoenix Fairy that was pinned under him was left, as they stared speechlessly at those old geezers who were strutting away, acting as if they were not there at all… Yue Yang’s wolfy hands was still pressing against Phoenix Fairy’s snow-white breasts. When the two people returned to their senses, Yue Yang immediately pulled his hands away. He discovered that he had grabbed onto them too forcefully. Phoenix Fairy’s snow-white breasts were a little red from his strength.

“In for a penny, in for a pound!” Yue Yang felt that Phoenix Fairy’s body was extremely soft and sweet. His wolfy heart started to boil and his mind decided that he might as well really push down this rampant little girl.

“Wait a minute. What are you doing?” Phoenix Fairy was a little flustered, especially when she saw that Yue Yang was tearing her clothes. She immediately cried out in surprise.

“What am I doing? What do you want me to do?” Yue Yang thought that she was speaking nonsense. They had done it once anyway, why would she pretend this way? In any case, she wouldn’t lose anything if they did it again.

“I’m fine with anything, but don’t you have to save your Fourth Mother?” Phoenix Fairy rolled her eyes. When Yue Yang heard this, he immediately pulled up his pants and jumped up, roaring angrily, “Scram, I really hate seductive, foxy women like you! You really leave me hanging nowhere! Next time when you see me, just leave me alone! Otherwise, I’ll rape you once if I see you once!”

Yue Yang scolded her over and over as he felt guilty for forgetting Fourth Mother, getting muddle-headed by his lust.

He hurriedly opened his teleportation scroll and summoned the teleportation gate, going directly to the Starved Dog Range.

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        1000x faster than light is possible, depends on medium the light is traveling through. our physics only give the speed of light in vacuum as maximum.
        but i think this is meant to be not to be taken literally.

        moving back in time depends how you define you spacetime coordinates. you can move ahead of the light that carries the information about something if you move trans-light speeds. it does not mean you are faster than time, just faster than the information.
        Einsteins theory of relativity states you cant accelerate to speed of light. not that you cant move faster than light.

        • Jason says:

          You guys are here talking about science and the theory of relativity and stuff but what the author really meant was, “he did the really fast movement thing that no one expected really fast and most people missed it” the author was just hyping things up in the middle of the fight scene and in no way means that Yue Yang went ‘faster than light’.

  7. Stampede says:

    Thanks for the chapter
    With his alter ego wolfy’s rate of failure, will Yue Yang follow Meng Hao in becoming an eternal virgin?
    And those elders are so understanding (((´^○^`) ) )

    • Jason says:

      If you want spoilers I can give you the status of his virginity in chapter 720.(I’m reading the raws and that’s the chapter I’m on not the time of any specific event)

    • Jason says:

      It’s said later that controlling the wheel is really hard so a fast moving enemy could easily dodge it and in the innate realm most of the people over rank one would be able to dodge it if it is not fired from point blank range. And at this point Sky Law could still wreak his full power self with her eyes closed.

  8. DarkArts says:

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    Where does she need any saving? I think it makes more sense if she says ‘ask’ or ‘beg’ or ‘entreat’ or ‘plead’ or something like that instead of ‘save’ there.

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