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LLS Chapter 187 – Threefold Strengthening?

Chapter 187 – Threefold Strengthening?
Translated by: Yunichan
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Even though the difference between a Level Two [Innate] and a Level One [Innate] was only one level, it was an insurmountable chasm.

Amongst the group of [Innate] Rankers, even the meticulously cautious and prudent Thousand Goblins Sect Leader did not feel that Yue Yang, who had just been promoted to [Innate] less than two days ago, could defeat the battle-experienced Tu Cheng.

Yue Yang had not even truly mastered [Innate] strength, while his opponent had been battling on the upper floors of Tong Tian Tower for many years. He was a young fellow who was of young age and had insufficient strength, while his opponent was a distinguished [Innate] who had profound strength and excellent beasts … No matter how one compared them, Yue Yang was far from being on par with the Massacring Demon Elder, who had been training for more than two hundred years and had a well-known reputation. Even Jun Wu You, State Grandmaster, and Elder Yue Hai did not have hundred percent confidence in Yue Yang. They had supported Yue Yang because, firstly, this was the Night Empress’s suggestion, and the Night Empress would never harm Yue Yang; secondly, because of Sky Law’s hint. Since she was the one who had opened up Yue Yang’s potential and directly helped him to be promoted to become a true [Innate], she should be the person who best understood his ability. Since she did not oppose this, and even thought that Yue Yang may be able to defeat Tu Cheng, then of course, Jun Wu You and company would not oppose it as well.

What eased the minds of Jun Wu You and company the most, was because Yue Yang’s Introducer was ‘her’.

‘She’ was Yue Yang’s Introducer.

Just this was enough to fill those who supported Yue Yang with confidence.

Even though he may not necessarily win, but they believed he would probably not lose. In this battle, even if it was still a tie after fighting to their last breaths, for a young, twenty year-old Yue Yang being able to tie with Tu Cheng, whose fame had lasted for two hundred years, a Level One [Innate] drawing against a Level Two [Innate] was also a victory with extreme importance!

Yue Yang was still young and had an inexhaustible potential, whereas Tu Cheng, who had been reknowned for so long had already reached the peak of his strength. His potential had already been exhausted and there was no longer any possibility of improvement for him.


Tu Cheng who had leaped in mid-air suddenly gave an unexpected loud shout when Yue Yang was about to meet his attack.

His body paused, both of his arms opening wide.

A series of strong shock waves exploded. A golden light beam diffused outwards from his two palms, and blasted Yue Yang away with the force of a large explosion. Tu Cheng knew that Yue Yang had an [Innate] skill that could bind others. Previously, he had been careless, and had been beaten up by him. Now, he had already thought of a method to deal with Yue Yang, and it was to use mid-range attacks … His [Binding] Inherent Skill was certainly powerful, but such a strong Inherent Skill could definitely only be used for a few times, and only in a long range. Tu Cheng predicted that Yue Yang’s Inherent Skill could only be used to its full strength if he was in contact with his opponent or at a very near distance.

Hence, he decided that he would not give Yue Yang such an opportunity at all. He would simply use the shockwaves emitted at mid-range to defeat him.

Even though he could not kill him, but he had a hundred types of devilish methods to depose this fellow.

One of them was to entirely break the fighting spirit of his opponent, and deal blows to his opponent’s resolution. As long as this fellow lost the heart of a Ranker and became a coward whose whole body was trembling in terror and could not even raise a fist, then even if he had potential, it would be to no avail.

Tu Cheng had seen many talented youngsters who had become cowards and useless beings after experiencing significant setbacks.

Now, he was going to completely break this arrogant young fellow … …

“You want to became an [Innate] Ranker? Pay some school fees first!” Tu Cheng, who had estimated a safe distance, was pleased. He flashed and reappeared behind Yue Yang’s back. At the moment when Yue Yang was waving his fists, Tu Cheng summoned a Platinum Grimoire. A halo of light rose, and blasted Yue Yang away. He was prepared to use an extremely precise and ingenious Grimoire Summoning to push Yue Yang, who was completely incapable of counterattacking, into the pits of despair.

At the same time when Yue Yang was blasted away, Tu Cheng summoned a Strengthening-type Ancient Giant Beast that was as enormous as a small hill.

The golden Ancient Giant Beast that was summoned howled out into the sky and assimilated into Tu Cheng’s body.

At that moment, Tu Cheng’s body became numerous times larger.

Now, Tu Cheng’s body was about ten meters tall. One of his fingers was almost as large as Yue Yang’s thigh. His open palm could completely envelop Yue Yang’s entire person.

Summoning a Strengthening-type Ancient Giant Beast was not enough. Tu Cheng decided to make Yue Yang feel desperate and inferior on the basis of strength, and completely pulverize his fighting spirit. A second Summoned Beast was summoned in the midst of golden light.

This time, it was a golden giant dragon.

Yue Yang had seen wyverns, but this was his first time seeing a giant dragon.

“Second Strengthening!” Tu Cheng yelled. The majestic and awe-inspiring golden giant dragon transformed into a bright ray of golden light, and assimilated into him.

Gigantic dragon wings sprouted out from Tu Cheng’s back. Both of his hands turned into dragon claws, and a dragon tail grew out from his back. All these made Tu Cheng look almost like he had become a human-shaped giant dragon. The [Innates] who were familiar with Tu Cheng knew that if the first strengthening of the Ancient Giant Beast merely added to his strength and size, then the second strengthening would cause his battle strength to increase exponentially. The second strengthening would also add the golden dragon’s skills of [Power Pressure], [Dragon Breath] and [Fly] to his skillset.

With these three skills, Tu Cheng’s victory was guaranteed.

His opponent’s level, realm, battle strength and especially his beasts could not be comparable to him … … Just the skill of [Power Pressure] could already reduce one’s opponent’s battle strength by half. Additionally, he had the terrifying [Dragon Breath] which was even scarier than [Hellfire], and [Fly], which made it impossible for his enemies to escape.

This battle was one that could be won without being fought.

Every single person in the group of [Innates] thought that way in their hearts. Only Pheonix Fairy Beauty, who had stood out individually, had a mysterious smile on her face, as if she was sneering at Tu Cheng’s silly antics that were a waste of effort.

The purple-robed handsome young man from the Demonic Palace revealed an even more hateful look at Yue Yang when he saw the smile on Phoenix Fairy’s face.

But he did not show this openly, like a poisonous serpent which was deeply hiding its true colours.

“I’ll turn you into a roasted pig!” Tu Cheng pounced towards Yue Yang from a distance of ten meters. His enormous mouth opened, and a whiff of [Dragon Breath] spouted out.

“……” Yue Yang did not retreat. Instead he advanced, directly rushing to face Tu Cheng headon.

In a breath, Yue Yang summoned his Silver Grimoire, and the protective shield rose, ricocheting the imminently reaching [Dragon Breath] away. Everybody was extremely shocked. This fellow could actually use [Instant Summoning]? If they did not notice that his Grimoire was actually a Silver Grimoire, there would be practically nobody who would believe that this was a young rascal who was only twenty years old. This ability to control the skill of Instant Summoning was practically not something that a young person could master.

Jun Wu You and Elder Yue Hai were the ones who were the most surprised. They both knew that this fellow had only just contracted a Grimoire not long ago. Only half a year had passed, and yet he had already mastered Instant Summoning, which was something that other people may not even be able to master in twenty years.

It was not that they have not seen a genius before, it was just that they really haven’t seen one that was genius to such a frightening level …

It was the difference between half a year and twenty years.

Those who managed to learn it in twenty years were already considered geniuses. This… his growth really made people speechless.

Also, this fellow had always behaved like a useless trash. Jun Wu You and Elder Yue Hai sweated even more profusely. Turned out that this brat was also good at pretending to be useless!

Tu Cheng, who initially wanted to burn Yue Yang to a crisp, was instead burned in the face by his own [Dragon Breath]. He howled in pain. The [Innates] opposite them frowned when they saw this. This brat had actually erected his protective shield at the right time to protect against [Dragon Breath]. If he erected the shield one meter too far, it would be able to reach Tu Cheng. If her erected the shield one meter too close, the [Dragon Breath] would blast Tu Cheng away like a bullet. His grasp of the distance was just right.

If it were them, would they be able to do it better?

Nobody answered the question out loud, but the answer in all of their hearts were the same: They could not have done it better.

“[Windstorm]!” Even though Tu Cheng had suffered a blast of his own spouted [Dragon Breath], it only caused him pain. He was not injured at all. However, he was so embarrassed that he flew into a rage. He started to spin his body and hands like a pinwheel, creating a [Windstorm] that encircled the protective shield as it whirled.

The Grimoire’s protective shield was linked to its master’s state of mind. Small amounts of attacks would not have any impact on its master.

But long term attacks and tremendous quakes would affect the Grimoire master’s mind.

If the one attacking was a Ranker of Level Six and below, then even if he continuously attacked for an hour, it would not cause much of an impact on even the most low-levelled Bronze Grimoire Contracter …… But Tu Cheng was an [Innate]. Although the tornado [Windstorm] that he produced did not have enough power to destroy the protective shield, after some time, it would definitely affect Yue Yang’s state of mind. In a battle between experts, even a teeny bit of impact would cause one to completely be at a disadvantage.

Yue Yang did not hide within the protective shield to wait for the [Windstorm] to pass. These kind of [Windstorm] created by strength like this could be created by Tu Cheng anytime.

He instantly kept his Grimoire, and unexpectedly appeared behind Tu Cheng.

Using both of his hands, he grabbed at Tu Cheng who was as large as a small hill and raised him high into the air, then tossing him into the air of the [Tornado Windstorm]. At that moment, Tu Cheng was swept up into the sky.

“Its [Teleportation] and [Binding]!” The [Innate] rankers frowned yet again.

There was nothing strange for an [Innate] to master the Teleportation Skill. But this fellow had just been promoted to become an [Innate] and barely two days had passed. How did he learn it? The weirdest thing was how this fellow managed to teleport out from under his own Protective Shield. Before the Protective Shield vanished, Grimoire Contractors could walk out from within, but they definitely could not teleport out from it, could it be they had seen it wrongly? Or had this fellow reached the level of being able to instantly keep his Grimoire, and at the same time, could also instantly teleport?

The [Windstorm] disappeared and Tu Cheng fell down from the air. His reactions were very quick, he had already spread his giant wings out when he almost crashed to the ground, landing steadily.

Even though he did not slip and fall, he still felt that his reputation had completely been thrown away.

This fellow had actually returned all his proudest signature moves. This was a bigger and an even more intolerable humiliation to him than a ruthless slap to his face!

His [Dragon Breath] had been rebounded and his [Windstorm] had been used against him…

The furious flames in Tu Cheng’s heart were already raging to the extreme.

He did not believe that with his Level Two [Innate] strength, he could not defeat this young rascal of Level One [Innate] strength. He decided to use the most direct method, using the greatest force he could muster and the most barbaric strength in his body to defeat his opponent head-on.

Could this fellow even make his own fists rebound on him?

“He!” Tu Cheng raised his giant fist and ruthlessly pounded towards Yue Yang.

With a giant rumbling sound, Yue Yang was blasted ten meters away.

Tu Cheng was pleased with himself. Yue Yang’s [Binding] Inherent Skill was not omnipotent, it probably has a limit on the amount of times it can be used. Under his powerful attacks, this brat would definitely kneel on the floor and beg for his forgiveness! When he thought about how this brat was going to kneel in front of him, his voice quivering and choked with tears as he begged for his forgiveness, Tu Cheng felt extremely pleased. The one who laughed at the last moment would be the real victor. Young fellow, you are still too green!

He raised his giant fist a second time, using his full strength to execute his punch.

Jeering and mocking as much as possible at him, he sneered, “Young fellow, have you not suckled enough milk from your mother? Why do you only have such little strength? Haha!”

The group of [Innate] Rankers opposite all felt that there was no suspense in a fight where a Level Two [Innate] was pitted against a Level One [Innate].

The disparity was so obvious and it wasn’t something that could be made up for by technique.

The Thousand Goblins Sect Leader who was light as a shadow, however, had a bad premonition at this moment. He looked towards Jun Wu You and Elder Yue Hai, and discovered that even though they had anxious expressions on their faces, but it was still far from panic. This proved that this newly promoted [Innate] fellow still had some strength left and would not be easily beaten. When he looked at Phoenix Fairy, his heart shivered. Phoenix Fairy’s smile had became even wider than her smile just now. Her expression was as if she was looking at a young tiger cub that had still not known how to hunt for prey but had successfully caught a wild water buffalo. The tiger cub seemed to be trying to practice its hunting skill continuously, and could not bear to consume its prey at one go …

A strange feeling flashed across his heart.

Before this, that fellow was blasted away by one punch of Tu Cheng and was forced to retreat ten meters, smashing the pillars and almost collapsing the walls.

At the moment with Tu Cheng having Twice-Strengthened, his strength had been raised by not less than ten times. With another blow at full strength, and this fellow meeting his attack with his fist, he only retreated ten meters.

What did this mean?

This meant that this fellow had been continuously improved himself in the battle, and was continuously becoming stronger. His strength had progressed from just now, when he had collapsed at a single blow, to his current state where he was almost on par with the Twice-Strengthened Tu Cheng. If they continued to fight, with Tu Cheng continuously using up his strength, and this fellow continuously improving, after a long attrition, the Level Two [Innate] Tu Cheng may very well be defeated by this Level One [Innate].

This fellow definitely had some sort of talent to be able to learn and grow in battle … … Otherwise, the Night Empress would definitely not have proposed for him to fight Tu Cheng one on one in an Supreme Duel.

Sky Law would also not approve of it, and would definitely not stand out on her own accord to volunteer as a judge!

As this thought flashed past his mind, the Thousand Goblins Sect Leader was extremely angry. He felt that he had been tricked by the combined co-operation of the Night Empress and Sky Law.

Most importantly, the fact that ‘she’ would also agree to this one-one-one Supreme Duel proved that this brat’s Inherent Skill might not even be [Binding]. This could possibly be a certain special ability of his beast. This brat’s true talent was definitely being able to learn and grow in battle!


The Thousand Demons Sect Leader saw that Yue Yang was still forced to retreat by the second punch.

He took note and counted the number of steps that Yue Yang retreated. Just now, it was ten steps, and he had retreated by ten meters.

Now it was nine steps, and it was also nine meters … … Just now, the footsteps were deep, each of them smashing into the ground. Now, the first few footsteps were still extremely deep, but the last two steps had become obviously shallower!

“Brat, use all your power! Hahaha, where’s the strength you had just now?” Tu Cheng was now very arrogant. He felt that his strength could completely overpower his opponent, all his punches connecting squarely with Yue Yang. He estimated that he only needed another ten punches or to make this fellow collapse to the ground, sapped of his strength, and sustain injuries serious enough to make him cough blood… To fight a proper battle with an [Innate] was different from exchanging moves with normal Rankers. In a situation where one did not defend himself at all, as long as he sustained a hit from an [Innate] Ranker, he would also immediately collapse.

As long as this fellow’s body was sapped of his strength, once he sustained a blow from his giant fists that had been Twice-Strengthened, all the bones in his body would probably be crushed to pieces.

Even if he could be saved on time, his future would also be bleak.

Tu Cheng had an extremely pleased smile on his face.

He raised his giant fists high into the air, ready to smash downwards with full strength, forcing Yue Yang to sustain his blows.

“Wait, Tu Cheng, let’s concede this battle, don’t fight anymore.” The Thousand Goblins Sect Leader was not so stupid as to let his subordinates function as practice targets for others. Moreover, this fellow had enormous potential. If they let him level up just like that, then his own Top Ten position could even have to be shifted backward. He decided to give this competition up. One competition loss was nothing, but he definitely could not let this fellow grow.

“What?” Everybody was in disbelief as they looked towards the Thousand Goblins Sect Leader in shock.

“Hmph, what a shrewd fellow!” Only Phoenix Fairy was a little dissatisfied, but lightly harrumphed without a hint of surprise.

“Sect Leader, you are asking me to concede defeat? Let me kneel down and beg for this fellow’s forgiveness?” Tu Cheng was even more shocked. If the person saying this was not the Sect Leader, Tu Cheng would probably have responded with a fist. He did not dream of his most respected Sect Leader would order him to concede defeat. What did conceding defeat mean? It meant that in front of many familiar faces, he had to kneel and beg for forgiveness from a young rascal who was only twenty years old, an enemy who had even humiliated himself … Once he kneeled, could he even straighten his back and continue living in the future? He was an [Innate] himself, not a commoner. No matter how strong the opponents he faced were, he had always towered loftily above them. Now, he had to kneel down?

“I think the best is to conclude the competition as fast as possible. It doesn’t matter even if you concede defeat, your strength is undoubted by everybody. No matter who you kneel to, this would not change.” The Thousand Goblins Sect Leader sighed lightly. “You are an [Innate], and I respect your decision. But if you continue the battle, you would most likely regret it.”

“No, even if I die in battle, I will never regret it!” Tu Cheng yelled in an almost frantic manner. “I would rather die than kneel!”

“Up to you!” The Sect Leader knew that he was unable to forcefully restrain him. Now he understood the intentions behind the Night Empress’s suggestion of the one-on-one Supreme Duel a little. Supreme Duels could not be forcefully stopped by anybody. Once the decisive battle commenced, there must be a winner and a loser. By proposing an Supreme Duel, the Night Empress’s motive was not to cause a blow to Tu Cheng, but it was directed at himself. She had already expected that he may possibly want to stop the battle, hence she proposed an Supreme Duel instead of an Honour Duel.

Also, Sky Law, this sly woman, had also suggested the condition of kneeling down and begging for forgiveness.

She had tricked Tu Cheng!

Sky Law knew Tu Cheng’s temperament and disposition. In front of the crowd, the reputation-loving Tu Cheng would never admit defeat, because admitting defeat meant kneeling down and begging for forgiveness.

Tu Cheng was an [Innate], but he was not the type of Ranker who was ready to bow and submit or endure humiliation in order to fulfill a more important goal. He was merely a strong and stubborn-headed ox.

The Thousand Goblins Sect Leader was in a very bad mood. Firstly, it was because he was unable to tell Yue Yang’s true strength. Secondly, it was because he was tricked by the combined scheme of the Night Empress and Sky Law. Thirdly, his subordinate Tu Cheng did not comply with his orders completely. However, with his disposition of enduring troubles silently, he also did not show this to others. On the contrary, he pretended to respect Tu Cheng’s decision. His behaviour may have confused everybody now, but he had also imperceptibly changed the angle of the situation to benefit himself … … If Yue Yang really won, then everybody would become more reverent of him due to his previous foresight. If Tu Cheng lost, then the potential impact on him would be minimized.

“Sect Leader, please forgive Tu Cheng from disobeying your order. This is my first time disobeying your order, and it will also be the last time as well. From now onwards, Tu Cheng dares to guarantee that I will never disobey your orders again. However, today, please permit Tu Cheng to have a decisive battle with this fellow to determine victory. I will not accept this kind of ending and I do not believe that I will fail. He is a Level One [Innate] and he has the help of the Ancient Runes. His level of strength is not far from mine, but Sect Leader, Tu Cheng is really confident of beating him! Because Tu Cheng has already succeeded in training Threefold-Strengthening!” Tu Cheng turned his body and knelt down on one knee to humbly apologise to the Sect Leader.

To fall out with the Sect Leader was not a joke. Tu Cheng was not that kind of idiot, he understood the Sect Leader’s strength and temperament clearly.

But Tu Cheng could not accept this defeat.

Even if the brat he was facing had potential that was regarded importantly by the Night Empress and Sky Law and was also extremely cunning and had fast reflexes, he was just a newly promoted [Innate] after all. He was only a Level One [Innate]! He, himself, was an [Innate] that had trained for two hundred years, and not long before this he had already trained Threefold-Strengthening.

The amount of battle strength added up from Threefold-Strengthening was already close to that of an Infinite Level Three [Innate].

Could it be that with his unlimited strength that was almost as strong as the strength of a Level Three [Innate], he still could not defeat a small kid of Level One [Innate]?

Even if he was beaten to death, Tu Cheng would not believe that he would lose!

Even if he disobeyed the Sect Leader’s orders, he wanted to defeat his opponent and redeem his honour! He would definitely not kneel for a weakling that was lower-leveled than him, what basis does this brat have … …

“Heh!” On seeing this, Phoenix Fairy smiled. She looked like she had just watched her prey foolishly falling into the trap she had previously prepared.

“Threefold-Strengthening?” Yue Yang wanted to experience the strength of Threefold-Strengthening.

Just now, Yue Yang had learnt the true Twice-Strengthening from Tu Cheng. He had added two gigantic shadows onto his own body, and realised that his strength had exponentially increased, until he could almost be on par with Tu Cheng. This Threefold-Strengthening … … Three gigantic shadows added together, how much strength would that be?

Originally, giant shadows required five shadows to assimilate together to become one.

Now that he learnt Twice-Strengthening, Yue Yang discovered that he would only need one more shadow to create the same effect as the assimilation of two gigantic shadows … Could it be that similarly, he could just use one more shadow, to create the same effect as Threefold-Strengthening? Yue Yang was looking forward to Tu Cheng’s Threefold-Strengthening to see how much his body changed … … He could also use the combination of Level Three [Divine Vision] and his [Naked Eye Traverse] here, and learn this Threefold-Strengthening that Tu Cheng had focused on learning for two hundred years.

In this battle, Yue Yang felt that if Tu Cheng knew the truth, he would definitely be so furious that he would vomit blood and regret so much that he would grind and break his rib bones.

It looked like other than the Thousand Goblins Sect Leader who could see through his improvements, other people did not notice his uniqueness. Perhaps there were also people who had noticed it, but these extremely scheming fellows had not shown any expressions at all.

The only one with an expression on his face was that purple-robed guy from Demonic Palace. Could it be that that fellow was a pursuer of Phoenix Fairy?

Yue Yang looked at Phoenix Fairy. He had yet to push her down, yet he had so many romantic rivals to clear. Waves of jealousy washed over him. Yet another enemy for her hand had appeared, it was really irritating!

“Little daring, don’t look at me, concentrate on the battle!” Phoenix Fairy even flirtatiously blew a flying kiss to Yue Yang.

“……” Yue Yang had nothing to say.

“Abominable!” When the purple-robed guy with handsome features saw this, he practically could not contain his anger. There seemed to be horns protruding from his forehead, and his mouth was gradually splitting towards his ears. He had slowly turned into a monster with a dragon head. Only when Yue Yang looked at him, that he quickly recovered his originally handsome appearance. Yue Yang suddenly saw the light. So this fellow was not human, but was actually like Duke Xian, the thousand-year old tortoise spirit, and was a monster… He just could not tell what kind of Thousand Year Old Demon this fellow was. His name was Sky Dragon, so could he be a Thousand Year Giant Dragon?

The sound from Tu Cheng’s Threefold-Strengthening grew even louder. He summoned a ball of red light, and tossed it to the ground.

The ground immediately started to shake, and a huge mound grew from the earth. Lava flowed out of it like a volcano.

Under the eyes of the crowd, Tu Cheng dived into the volcanic lava.

The fiery flames blazed into the sky … …

When the Threefold-Strengthening was completed, it was as frightening as a solar storm, with the shockwaves from its impact spreading outwards in a loud rumble, forcing all the people back for half a step. As for Elder Yue Hai, Jun Wu You, and Feng Kuang, even with the three of them holding hands with each other, they were still forced to take one and a half steps back, showing the strength of this Threefold-Strengthening.

Yue Yang, who was standing in the middle of floor, was gently swaying his hands flexibly like a young girl.

The shockwaves and hellfire around him all became extremely mysterious flame rings, encircling his body as they spun. Stronger shock waves were also tamed to be as obedient as a kitten … … On seeing this, the Thousand Goblins Sect Leader’s heart shivered.

He could tell that this was definitely not a skill that a youngster who had just been promoted to [Innate] could have.

In those years, even him who was known to be an exceptional talent, had to spend thirty years in training such a technique. If it were others, they would definitely not be able to master it within a hundred years. Even the extremely high-leveled [Innate] still could not do this until now! This fellow was so young, and yet was so proficient in controlling his strength… What on earth did ‘she’ teach him? If it was just normal training methods, this fellow would definitely not be able to do this!

Before this, the Thousand Demons Sect Leader only faintly suspected that Tu Cheng would lose, and was hence reluctant to let him become Yue Yang’s practice target.

Now, he could almost be hundred percent certain that Tu Cheng would definitely lose this battle!

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    I can’t say I like the direction this story is going. Yue Yang being so overpowered that he’s winning almost every battle he fights is getting boring. The only time I thought he might be in danger was in the battle with the phoenix fairy, but even then there was no sense of danger because his introducer came to save him (and the berserk thing kind of spoiled it, there was no sense of despair, and I was half-expecting his berserk mode to turn everything around). It’s like no tension, because I already know the conclusion of the fight, and how it will end. Very rarely will it end in Yue Yang’s loss.

    Now it’s, blah blah Tu Cheng is stronger than Yue Yang, blah blah, Tu Cheng’s victory is guaranteed, blah blah, Yue Yang wins. Just like the Marquis battle, where it goes on and on about how the Marquis is super-strong and can defeat Yue Yang, but he still loses in the end, and after the battle Yue Yang powers up and thinks the guy is no longer a problem.

    I feel like the power-ups happen too frequently and in such extremes (like the guys noting how Yue Yang jumped in strength in six months when other people needs 20 years). The guy has everything on his plate, convenient power-ups, innate ranking, summoned beasts falling right into his lap like Xiao Wen Li, demonic queen, etc. (I think only the cow was earned), a super introducer, a sword goddess teaching him innate qi…I don’t know, it just feels boring.

    Just my opinion, though. I’m sure everyone likes how the story is going.

      • Tomoyuki Tanaka says:

        I knew someone would tell me to stop reading…

        I guess the best thing to do is either sing praises about this story, or if I don’t like it, I should just shut up, huh.

        • hargs sgrah says:

          Your critiques have merit. IMO this novel has huge power ups and little pacing. He’s too op just from the beginning. It’s almost as if he is a Hercules and every else is …not. kinda dumb

          A novel like battle though the heavens is much better paced with it’s power ups etc
          (albeit long winded occasionally)

          Interesting to an extent though; I mainly want to see what the beast turn into

        • Tomoyuki Tanaka says:

          Yeah, I agree. I like Dou Po Cang Qiong (Battle Through the Heavens) a lot better. He struggles for a lot of the story, and even when he wins, it feels like he has overcome a challenge – there’s a lot more tension and a lot less repetitive. It has already hit past 300 chapters and Xiao Yan is still at Dou Shi or Da Dou Shi level rather than jumping straight to Dou Huang or Dong Zong from the first ten chapters.

    • Jacob Martinez says:

      In my opinion all of this are just stepping stone parts of the story until he goes up to the higher levels of the tower with the other [Innate]

      • Tomoyuki Tanaka says:

        That sounds very far away. I hope the other Innate give him more of a challenge because he’s easily steamrolling his opponents right now.

    • julop says:

      That is common in wuxia and if you think about it it is quite logical. The MC begins with a normal strength and ends up beating gods. If that weren´t the case this story would have 50000 chapters instead of 1200.
      There are worst ones (in some japanese novels that i recall) where the MC are too overpowered (if a very strong person is 1000 he is 10000000 or things like that).

      • Tomoyuki Tanaka says:

        I agree…I shuddered when I read Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei. I really didn’t like how overpowered the main character was.

        Do they really need the gods though?

    • Dane Will says:

      “It’s like no tension, because I already know the conclusion of the fight, and how it will end. ”

      Do you refrain from sex if you know it will end in an orgasm?

  7. bowforme says:

    lol it’s funny that every1 thinks he’s that strong because she teached him, the truth is no1 ever did teach anything to him 🙂

    • Kon13 says:

      Plus he did it in a year, not 20 that they think. And he did that while not having any knowledge about summoning/innate/etc. since he came from another world!

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