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LLS Chapter 186 Part 2 – 1v1, Supreme Duel!

Chapter 186 Part 2 – 1v1, Supreme Duel!
Translated by: Sephillia
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Shiro: Guys, I apologize for the delay and lack of news. I’m having problems with my internet connection as I am still in Hong Kong for holidays. I’ll try to release UUTS in one or two hours.

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The Golden Giant who was originally about to stomp towards Yue Yang was pushed back nine steps by State Grandmaster.

The two Heavenly Imperial Guardians, Jun Wu You, Elder Yue Hai and Feng Kuang all walked away, standing together with State Grandmaster. They shielded Yue Yang, and stood as a united front against many strong enemies.

Yue Yang was rather moved.

He knew that if this battle really began, Jun Wu You, Elder Yue Hai, Feng Kuang and the others could easily lose their lives.

As for the three Innates fighting against the four Innates on the opponent’s side, even if he counted himself in, they might not be able to win easily. The most fearsome thing was that there was still Innates from the Demonic Palace who were eyeing the scene covetously. If one of the sides fell, he was afraid that they would take advantage of the situation.

Not only that, those fellows who sought entertainment were the same. They would not stand idly and watch at the very end. They would definitely add fuel to the fire and plunder the beaten side.

Although they knew perfectly well that it was impossible for them to win this battle, Jun Wu You and the Da Xia Empire’s rankers’ stubbornness still moved Yue Yang’s heart. On Earth*, Yue Yang saw many harmonious societies, friendly neighbours who were close to each other developing together, having a great sense of friendship and all these things. Those foreign spokespeople talked about denouncing violence, solemn protests, condolences and other of such empty words. It did not have that kind of firmness that was present decades ago when the atomic bomb was the rights for speaking, not to mention that kind of grand stance of killing any outsiders two thousand years ago…

Now that he had heard it, he realised that although the Da Xia Empire was not really that strong, their attitudes were one of the best.

They would fight if the enemy wanted to. Even the emperor could bet his life in battle.

No wonder enemies who were strong beyond compare showed their respects first and foremost to Jun Wu You. The reason was that this emperor was worthy of Ranker’s, or even everyone’s respect. He may perhaps not be the best emperor, but he was definitely one of the firmest, most uncompromising and fearless emperors around.

If their emperor did not fear death, then would his generals and troops fear death?

If their emperor dared to put his life on the line, then would his generals, troops or even the citizens not dare to risk their lives to?

Of course they would!

Yue Yang’s blood was boiling. His power was rising without end, reaching even closer to his berserk state. He was prepared to be the first to rush in and kill off that Golden Giant. It might not be possible for him to take out the other Innates, but this Golden Giant whose strength was the closest to him was definitely one he could kill!

“Oi, little boy, you’re being mischievous again. Did you get into trouble again? I have just gone home to take a shower, and you have already kicked up a huge ruckus.” Unbeknownst to Yue Yang, the Phoenix Fairy Beauty had already appeared behind him. Her slender arms wrapped across Yue Yang’s shoulders and neck. Her cherry red lips gave a sweet red aroma at the side of his ear. Her voice was like a tender, flirting lover.

“Sky Law, you know him?” Many Innate rankers were extremely surprised. When they saw Phoenix Fairy Beauty appear behind Yue Yang while being so affectionate, their expressions fluctuated.

“This is my little boyfriend. If anyone hurts him, I want you to compensate another one for me!” The Phoenix Fairy Beauty giggled, as if her words were true.

“Scram, go far away from me!” Yue Yang did not have the mood to flirt around with her.

This Phoenix Fairy Beauty appearing when Fourth Mother had not been saved was an even worse thing to happen.

Within the entire palace, Yue Yang estimated that there were two strongest Innate rankers. The first was that faint shadow, that was the strongest enemy! The other one was the Phoenix Fairy Beauty. This girl was one of the Three Major Sky Demons of the Demonic Palace. She was a ranker who would definitely not help the Da Xia Empire. It could not be said for certain that she wouldn’t cause mischief behind their backs. Therefore, her appearance caused Yue Yang to feel even more annoyed. He gave her a completly disgusted expression.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty acted as if she were distressed and sobbed, “I have just allowed you to do that, yet you’re so cold to me. I’m so heartbroken!”

Everyone looked like they had a sudden realisation. No wonder this guy could be so amazing. Turned out he was the Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s little lover!

Of course, some people doubted it.

“Sky Law, is this real?” An especially elegant man from the Demonic Palace stood up and asked.

“Could you not care about my private affairs? Sky Dragon, if you want to meddle in other people’s business, wait till you’re in the top 3. No, top 3 is impossible for you. You can talk to me if you managed to rank in the top 5!” The Phoenix Fairy Beauty berated this person ruthlessly. Not only that, she did not even look him in the eyes.

“Fine!” That especially elegant male’s face changed when he heard it. He tightly clenched his fists and his eyes shot out rays of light like a sword, almost piercing into Yue Yang’s heart.

“Master of Thousand Goblins Sect, please sincerely apologise to His Majesty, and compensate us according to our wishes. Finally, please explain clearly why you are releasing the “Extinguishing Light” that’s used to kill an entire area. Only then can you leave. Otherwise, we will not spare any resources in fighting a war with you.” The State Grandmaster said as he became serious again. His identity and his words represented the determination of the Da Xia Empire. That determination was to never suffer humiliation. No matter whether they fought a bloody battle to the end or not, they had to protect the dignity of their country.

“He’s already an Innate, and he forcefully stopped us from saving someone. There is nothing wrong with our Sect Leader killing him. You say that he doesn’t know of the treaty, what evidence do you have? You say that he doesn’t have an Introducer. If he didn’t have one, how did he rise to the Innate realm?” The Silver Giant who wore a silver mask sneered as he retorted.

“Let me say a few words first then. This guy’s Innate was accidentally triggered by me yesterday. As for who his Introducer is, I don’t really know that. Sect Leader (Thousand Goblins Sect Leader), you can’t really talk your way out of wanting to kill my little lover. If I didn’t hear it wrongly, in the Soaring Dragon Continent, Innates are banned from attacking their outstanding juniors, especially killing them in a devastating manner… Sect Leader senior didn’t really do anything good in particular. I’m uncomfortable hearing your words. Can Sect Leader give me a reasonable explanation?” The Phoenix Fairy Beauty clutched Yue Yang tightly, preventing him from speaking. This was not a battle of courage, this was related to the power balance between the entire Soaring Dragon Continent and Tong Tian Tower.

“Really, only two days? He became this strong after ascending to Innate in just two days? I don’t believe it, it’s absolutely impossible!” The Silver Giant did not believe it at all.

“There’s no place for you to speak. If you interject again, I’ll grab and drag you to Tong Tian Tower’s sixth floor and kill you in front of the crowds. We’ll see who can save you then. Be mindful of your identity. In front of numerous rankers, so many of them aren’t talking at all. You, the weakest guy, keep rambling on and on. Don’t you feel shame? I am asking the Sect Leader of your Thousand Goblins Sect, not you!” A look of disgust flashed across the Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s face.

“…” The Silver Giant hurriedly took two steps back, hiding behind the Sect Leader, the faint shadow, lowering his head while remaining silent. However, his eyes flashed with anger.

“Sky Law, could you not scare my people? We’re still an alliance after all.” That Sect Leader who was like a shadow talked in a dull tone.

“The one who is allied to you is the Demonic Palace, not me.” The Phoenix Fairy Beauty grinned, saying, “Don’t use the alliance to pressurize me. Even if you are a Sky Pearl, don’t even think about talking to me like this. It’s fine if you don’t care about me. Who left this little sweetheart with with no one to rely on? Who asked this little sweetheart to be treat me so coldly? Little darling, I’m so heartbroken now, I won’t care about you anymore! I’ll just watch you getting bullied by a huge bunch of bad guys like this! I’m a weak little girl after all, I had no ability to care about you even if I wanted to!”

A large group of people rolled their eyes. She was a weak little girl?

If she was a weak little girl, then there would be no strong warriors in this world!

In the Soaring Dragon Continent, no matter how the ranking was done, she would definitely be able to rank in the top ten. If she was a weak little girl, then everyone could stop living now.

Of course, looking at what she meant, she seemed to want Yue Yang to beg for her help. Everyone there felt that this matter still had room for negotiation. Even if they had already started fighting, it seemed that it would be impossible for them to investigate further. This matter would be settled if the Sect Leader took his subordinates away and bowed to the Emperor of Da Xia. If they want to investigate the matter to the end, then Da Xia Kingdom would definitely put their lives on the line. Who this Sky Law would help in the end was not certain at this point of time.

If the rankers from Tian Luo and Zi Jin heard the news and came here, the situation might even change again, moving towards another unknown.

“You want to bully little kids? I can’t bear to sit idly by and watch. We Tian Luo, Da Xia and Zi Jin are an alliance too. If you move against Da Xia, it means that you move against us three. How about this then? Since you don’t want to fight nor apologise, then make it a one-on-one duel between rankers to decide the victor. If the little Innate from Da Xia Empire wins, then you have to apologise and we won’t hand the person over. If you win, then we will return the Hundred Transformations Demon Elder back to you… This is the fairest way of dueling. Sect Leader, if you don’t agree, please don’t blame me for moving to help Da Xia.” Night Empress’s voice suddenly rang out.

“It’s Night Empress… “ Many people were secretly alarmed. She really came.

They wouldn’t care so much if any other Innate expert from Tian Luo came. But this was the Night Empress.

This Night Empress was not a good person to provoke either.

She was the same as Sky Law, the kind of ranker who could be placed in any ranking and still be in the top ten.

Not even that, she could possibly rank in the top five.

Although Night Empress did not speak to Yue Yang and assist him, but as an Innate ranker, everyone was not an idiot. They knew that she was especially protective of this guy. One-on-one was indeed the fairest mode of battle. However, in this case, she had imperceptibly helped this guy, who had just entered Innate, to escape punishment and death. This was beause in a one-on-one battle, no matter who was up on the stage, nobody would be able to kill the two people on both sides under everyone’s watch. If the most desperate situation occured, an expert from either sides would definitely move to save the innate on their side. He could only be defeated at most, there would not be any real chance to kill him.

Now, there were many Innate rankers who wanted to kill this young man who had just entered the Innate realm.

Seeing his body completely covered in runes, if he grew up, he would definitely be a serious threat. They feared that he would be an Innate ranker who could squeeze into the top 10.

Therefore, no matter what, they had to think of a way to kill this guy as quickly as possible.

“Good idea, we’ll settle it like this then!” The Faint Shadow Sect Leader was a little hesitant. He gave up on letting the Silver Giant go, and sent the stronger Golden Giant to face Yue Yang instead.

“Berserk, as long as you go berserk, you’ll win! The other side only has a hard shelled body, it’s easy to deal with!” The Phoenix Fairy Beauty suddenly kissed Yue Yang’s earlobe fiercely and gave him a plan.

“What are you all doing here?” Suddenly, a voice colder than ice resounded. “Scram, all of you! Go back to Tong Tian Tower! Those who don’t abide by the treaty will all be killed!”

The entire crowd was scared until they were shivering.

Even the strongest Sect Leader hurriedly bowed humbly as a sign of respect. “We did not mean to violate the Innate Treaty. It’s just that Night Empress has proposed a one-on-one Supreme Duel between that young guy from Da Xia Empire and our Massacring Demon Elder from Thousand Goblins Sect. Your Supreme Honour, please be fair and just!”

That ice-cold voice was like a snowstorm, blowing through the entire palace. A single sentence caused every Innate’s heart to freeze. “A Supreme Duel? Are you bullying him because he doesn’t have an Introducer? Let me tell you, his Introducer is me! If you kill him, I will eliminate the entire Thousand Goblins Sect… I won’t be fair, please find someone better qualified than me to be fair. Before I leave, let me warn you one last time. If I find out that you appeared again on the Soaring Dragon Continent and violated the Innate Treaty, meddling in the affairs of the countries, I will massacre everyone no matter who they are!”

“…” The Innates present felt that this was a huge headache. Originally, they thought that Yue Yang was an easy prey to bully. Who knew that they would be the one getting scared to death?

This guy actually had her personally go to him to become his Introducer?

No wonder he was already an Innate at such a young age. No wonder Night Empress would be so protective, and Sky Law frantically tried to seduce him…

The Sect Leader muttered to himself softly for a while.

He bowed slightly to pay his respects to Jun Wu You. “Emperor of Da Xia, we will leave your palace and return to the Tong Tian Tower. We won’t interfere in any of your matters anymore. I wish you smooth tidings!” The implication of his words was that he would not take away the Hundred Transformations Demon Elder, but he would not order his disciples to bring Fourth Mother back either. They acted as if they knew nothing. On the surface, they were very polite and showed their respects to this emperor, Jun Wu You. In truth, they were still calculative. At least their disciples had taken Fourth Mother hostage. There was no news of her up till now.

“Hurry up and get into the Dimension of Duel, boy! Don’t think that just because you have a good Introducer, you can beat me that easily!” The Golden Giant opened up a teleportation scroll.

“…” Yue Yang was still worried about Fourth Mother, so he was not willing to duel right now.

However, by his ear, a familiar voice suddenly resounded, calming and stabilizing his mind.

This voice allowed Yue Yang to focus on the duel. She did not guarantee anything, but Yue Yang was extremely convinced that the owner of this voice would definitely ensure the safety of Fourth Mother in his stead. Not only that, he believed that she had the capability to do it.

With her around, Yue Yang could truly duel at ease.

Defeating the Golden Giant was not just to rescue Fourth Mother, but also to protect Da Xia Empire’s dignity.

Wasn’t he only Innate Level 2?

Yue Yang did not bat a single eyelid and walked into the Dimension of Duel with his chest held up high. Not only him, even the spectating Phoenix Fairy Beauty, the two Heavenly Imperial Guardians of Da Xia Empire, Jun Wu You, State Grandmaster, Elder Yue Hai, Feng Kuang and the others, as well as the opposition’s Innates had also gone in to spectate the duel. The significance of this battle was huge. If the Da Xia Empire won this battle, then it would rise again.

If it failed, then it would become the start of the Thousand Goblins Sect rise instead.

The Thousand Goblins Sect had always concealed itself in the continent for many years. It had accumulated strength over thousands of years. Even so, they only had three Innates. If the Golden Giant fell in the battle, it would be a huge blow for the comeback of the sect.

Both sides definitely could not lose. They had to win!

“One-on-one, Supreme Duel!” Phoenix Fairy Beauty voluntarily became the judge for the duel. She raised her slender hand and said, “Da Xia Empire’s Yue Yang, Yue Titan, versus Thousand Goblins Sect Massacring Demon Elder Bai Li Tu Cheng! No restrictions to the duel, no time limit, no points, no time-outs. Assistance is forbidden. Duel lasts until one side dies in battle or when one side kneels down and begs to stop. If both parties have no objections, please come up for the duel… Countdown in 3, 2, 1, duel begin!”

When the Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s hand flagged down, the Golden Giant had already flown out.

In the same way, Yue Yang had also flew through the air, meeting him head-on.

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