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LLS Chapter 186 Part 1 – 1v1, Supreme Duel!

Chapter 186 Part 1 – 1v1, Supreme Duel!
Translated by: Sephillia
Edited by: Shiroyukineko, Rango, Khh
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Shiro: For those who read before I edited yesterday, I made some mistakes. Here are some changes of terms:

  1. Hundred Transformations Demon Disciple > Hundred Transformations Demon Elder.
  2. [Open Heaven’s Eyes]’s first realm was seeing through what the eyes can see. > [Open Heaven’s Eyes]’s first realm was [Naked Eye Traverse].

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Suddenly, a red teleportation portal with twin revolving rings instantly appeared on the right hand of the Hundred Transformations Demon Elder.

Yue Yang was slightly startled, thinking that she wanted to escape.

He sneered and reached out his right hand, that was covered with mysterious runes, and leaned forward, grabbing the demonic witch, Hundred Transformations Demon Elder’s throat tightly. He then raised her up before throwing here with as much force as he could to the other side.


The entire hall shook. The rumbling sounded out as the Hundred Transformations Demon Elder’s body hit the ground. The sound echoed for a long time. The marble floor was shattered like a spiderweb, extending outwards. Seeing that the red twin ring teleportation portal had appeared, the old fox immediately brought Yue Bing and the little girl away. Jun Wu You, State Grandmaster, Elder Hai and Feng Kuang was on their guards, as if worrying that some strong enemy would descend upon them.

The weird and unusual thing was that they did not try to stop the teleportation at all. They also did not destroy that red twin ring teleportation portal either.

The Hundred Transformations Demon Elder was very strong. However, ever since Yue Yang had officially become Innate Level One, he found out that he had a level of power that could shake the entire continent, especially when buffed by the runes and the Giant Phantom Shadow.

Level 7 [Overlords] and Level 8 [Emperors] did not seem to be undefeatable existences now.

With the effects of his frightening power and the Binding Innate Skill, Yue Yang whose power had been unrestricted found that he could easily decimate a Level 8 ranker!

“Aya…“ Hundred Transformations Demon Elder cried for her bitter fate in her heart. She knew that the opponent was an Innate. She was already in despair.

No matter whether the foe was old or young, as long as he was Innate, then they would not be someone she could win against. Of course, she initially did not think that she lacked the strength to even escape. If she felt that she could not win, then she thought that she could definitely escape from this Da Xia Palace. However, when this guy started attacking her, she had completely given up. This guy knew a kind of binding skill that freeze her completely… Not to mention escaping, she couldn’t even struggle to resist! This encounter was simply equivalent to a lifetime’s worth of misfortune! The only hope now was that the Innate Treaty could bind him!

“Say it, otherwise you’ll regret living in this world!” Because Fourth Mother was still in the enemy’s hands, Yue Yang was extremely infuriated.

He twisted the Hundred Transformations Demon Elder’s right hand, and started snapping her bones from the fingers up. Bone by bone, joint by joint, he snapped all the finger bones of the Hundred Transformations Demon Elder’s right hand, causing her to be in so much pain that she wished that she were dead.

Of course, this was just the beginning. The true suffering was still Yue Yang’s Innate Qi. A thread of it went up the nerves of the broken bones and shot upwards.

The Hundred Transformations Demon Disciple Elder had never experience this kind of soul-searching pain that could even corrode her bones. She howled miserably to the heavens.

Yue Yang would not show mercy just because his enemy was a woman.

In his eyes, an enemy was an enemy. There was no distinction between a male or a female. Even if it was a perverted LGBT enemy, he would kill without hesitation!

“Falling into your hands, I admit defeat. But, I really don’t know the whereabouts of your Fourth Mother. That’s not the mission I have responsibility to carry out. That’s being handled by the Hundred Wings and Hundred Eyes, it’s completely unrelated to me. My mission is only to attract your attentions, and kidnap Yue Bing and Yue Shuang while at it… I really don’t know!” The Hundred Transformations Demon Elder did not speak much at first. However, she quickly became aware that her resoluteness was completely meaningless in front of Yue Yang.

That was because, Yue Yang was preparing to break all the bones in her body, then rip them out of her body while she was still alive.

Her words did not seem like a lie to Yue Yang.

He raised his right hand and snorted. “In that case, you can die!”

Receiving useless information from the Hundred Transformations Demon Elder, along with his anxiousness of wanting to save Fourth Mother, Yue Yang decided to give a single blow to this Hundred Transformations Demon Elder and immediately set off after killing her.

A voice rang out from behind Yue Yang. “Aren’t you awesome? Lad, if you don’t know the rules of the Innate Realm, then this old fellow can teach you!”

A big hand that was glowing with a golden light extended from behind, grabbing Yue Yang’s wrist that was held up high.

It was more ferocious than thunder, faster than lightning.

Yue Yang’s left fist which held thunderous power came back. He would certainly not hold back, delivering a blow with full power to the enemy…


A muffled sound of collision resounded across the hall. The sound was both oppressing to the chest and nauseating.

Yue Yang was jolted backwards by a kind of power that could not be defended against. He first collided with a pillar which snapped before crashing onto a wall. He only stopped when he nearly broke through the wall to the other side. The wall was deeply hollowed out, the bricks turning outwards. Cracks could be found all over the wall, extending like snakes.

On the floor, a deep and long drag mark could be seen.

That was the result of Yue Yang attempting to use his legs to stand firmly. If he was not an Innate, if he did not use his entire force, he would probably be knocked flying out of the palace.

On the other hand, his opponent, a Golden Giant, was also knocked back five steps.

Deep footprints could be seen on the marble floor.

There was a splendid halo below the Golden Giant’s feet. He wore an outstanding set of Gold-ranked armour with a special golden radiance. There was a greatsword on his waist and a hunting cape on his back. A golden mask covered his face, causing people to be unable to discern his identity. They could only determine his strength by the Silver Moon Twin Star Badge he had on his chest.

A Silver Moon Twin Star could indirectly show the realm that this guy was from. He was Innate Level 2!

Behind the Golden Giant, there was also a vague silhouette of shadow that was extremely obscure, but one could still vaguely see a human form out of that shadow.

If a person was not paying attention, they might have even thought that this shadow was the Golden Giant’s beast.

In truth, Yue Yang discovered that this faintly discernable shadow was the truly terrifying enemy.

This faint shadow’s realm could not be seen clearly even with the combination of Yue Yang’s Level 3 [Divine Eyes] and the [Traversing Naked Eye]. However, he knew one thing for certain. Comparing the Golden Giant to this faint shadow, the Golden Giant might not even be equal to one of the shadow’s hands.

This gap would probably be the same gap in strength between him and the Phoenix Fairy Beauty…

“I pay respects to His Highness, Jun Wu You. We did not mean to intrude in your palace, much less interfere with political affairs that His Highness is handling.” The faint shadow seemed to have faintly bowed towards Jun Wu You. Using a kind of mysterious voice, he spoke. “Regrettably, we must do this. We cannot sit idly and watch a Ranker that is on the verge of entering the Innate ranks forcefully killed by the people in your palace… Perhaps she has committed an error. However, according to the agreement that us Innates have made with the various countries, we have the rights to redeem our outstanding juniors. Therefore, please offer us a condition. We will not ignore the honor conferred on you emperors by the Ancient Code and our ancestors. However, please understand our plight as well.”

“Since you’ve declared war against Da Xia as well, I won’t agree to release this person. This isn’t the problem between you Innates, this is an affair related to the Soaring Dragon Continent. You Innates can do as you like on the 6th floor of Tong Tian Tower and above. However, since the start of the Soaring Dragon Continent, there have been laws protecting it. Our country’s affairs are not controlled by Innates at all. You Innate rankers cannot interfere with our decisions, unless you declare war on us and kill us all. Otherwise, you cannot take away the Hundred Transformations Demon Elder.” Jun Wu You was extraordinarily stubborn. Even though he was just a Level 7 [Overlord], but towards Innate rankers, he did not show any sign of weakness.

“How troublesome. If we want to bring the person away, do you think you can stop us?” The Golden Giant sneered.

He stomped on the ground and shook his hands.

A golden ring-shaped wave expanded outwards from his body. Jun Wu You, Elder Yue Hai and Feng Kuang were pushed back several steps by the shockwave.

The only person who could still stand without moving at all was the white-haired State Grandmaster.

The Golden Giant then bent his body down, preparing to grab the Hundred Transformations Demon Elder. However, a foot stomped down on the Hundred Transformations Demon Elder’s spine heavily, preventing her to get up.

It was Yue Yang.

The Golden Giant’s hand could not move.

He hadn’t been able to see nor realize when Yue Yang who was sent flying had already come over and stood next to him. He was indignant. How could an Innate Level 2 ranker like him be oppressed by a baby Innate Level 1? If he didn’t react to this at all, wouldn’t he suffer a huge humiliation?

“You’re looking to die!” The Golden Giant slowly straightened up and spat these words at him.


Yue Yang agreed in a ridiculing manner. His fist had already attacked the Golden Giant’s face.

An explosive sound rang.

The Golden Giant, whose face was completely masked, had completely withstood Yue Yang’s fist. He sneered. “Do you only have that much power?”

Yue Yang’s [Binding Chains Inherent Skill exploded at the same time with his power. With a single fist, he sent the Golden Giant flying, crashing through the ceiling of the palace. When the Golden Giant, confused and disoriented, fell onto the ground, Yue Yang spat indifferently. “Against you, it’s enough!”

“Hou, you’re just looking to die!” The Golden Giant angrily jumped back up. He had never been this badly disrespected before.

“Ugly!” Yue Yang welcome the Golden Giant’s attack. His body flashed and he had suddenly reappeared at the Golden Giant’s back. The Golden Giant had thought of a hundred over different methods to turn around and attack Yue Yang, but he couldn’t move his body a single inch. He could only watch helplessly as Yue Yang send him a blow with all of his strength, striking the back of his head heavily. The Golden Giant felt a contracdicting, indescribable feeling of fury and gloom as he flew straight towards the wall, smashing straight through the opposite side of the thick walls.

“Good Inherent Skill!” The faint shadow praised him. “Since you’re already an Innate, then I have a justification to kill you. Go to hell!”

A black beam of light shot out from the finger of that faint shadow.

This beam of light had that extremely powerful penetrative ability like lasers. However, that thin beam was oddly black.

With a flash, Yue Yang wanted to dodge it. However, he found out to his surprise that the black beam of light could bend… Just when he was prepared to take it head-on with his Sword Qi, a shriveled and aged hand came out from behind him, taking the Black Death Light. With a light grasp, an old man had suddenly appeared behind Yue Yang as he grabbed onto the Black Death Light as if he was catching a black snake.

Rubbing his hands together, the black light then disappeared into thin air.

However, his hands then started spewing black smoke upwards. His hands had turned charred black, as if they were burnt by a hot iron. The smell of burnt skin wafted out.

Slowly, an ordinary-looking old man came out from behind Yue Yang, talking in a gentle manner. “He’s just a child. If you kill him like this without giving an explanation, this old man will treat it as if you’ve declared war on us Da Xia. Also, those other friends who are enjoying the scene, are you interested in fighting with this old man? When it comes to power, I may not be as good as you. When it comes to the power of the country, Da Xia is even further behind and could not be compared to you. However, when it comes to doing something at all costs, our Da Xia boys have never lost to others. Whether it will be war or retreat, you can decide with a single sentence!”

At Yue Yang’s other side, another tall and slim old man had appeared. He looked like a refined person, just like a scholar.

He had a polite smile on his face at all times.

However, his looks were completely unlike a scholar’s. He looked more like a fierce-looking butcher with eyes filled to the brim with killing intent. He humphed. “Are you bullying our Da Xia? You pieces of shit, come at me! Regardless of whether it’s a duel or a group fight, we’ll fight you to the very end. What Innate Treaty, isn’t that just a load of bullshit? In short, if you don’t get out of here this instant, we’ll fight now. You think the Thousand Goblins Sect can scare us? Or the Demonic Hall? Who are you trying to scare? You think we’re three-year old kids?”

This tall and slim old man who looked refined yet spoke in a straightforward manner lightly tapped on Yue Yang’s shoulder with his hand. It seemed to be a gesture for Yue Yang not to speak.

“Heavenly Imperial Guardians, please don’t be angry. We have justification in this situation. They can’t gloss over it.” State Grandmaster mediated with a smile on his face.

“Did you just say that you Da Xia barbarians are reasonable? What a joke, where’s your sense of reason? In Da Xia’s Palace, an Innate wants to kill a newbie Innate. Not only do you not act as the mediator, you help each other in the dark. What kind of reasoning is that? The Innate Treaty states that any Innate aside from the Heavenly Imperial Guardians can move when a country is in crisis. Nobody can interfere with the direction of the Soaring Dragon Continent, much less kill people as they please, especially juniors with potential. Otherwise, they’re the common enemy of all Innates! You had already signed this treaty to not interfere with matters. But now, you have gone back on your words! You act as men of honour on the surface, but do something entirely different behind our backs. What wrong have we done if we tried to save our comrade? Not only that, we still respected your Da Xia Country. We only wanted to redeem the Hundred Transformations Demon Elder, but you continued to bitterly oppress us. How is that justified?” At this time, a silver masked giant male appeared beside the faint shadow. He refuted in an orderly manner towards what the State Grandmaster had said.

“Oh, there’s some drama to see now. Ha! You don’t need to care about us, we’re just here for the entertainment!” Some red and black shadows appeared all over the palace.

“We, the Demonic Palace, express our neutrality towards this situation. However, we will not rule out the consequences of breaking the treaty.” Again, some Innate rankers who were emitting green, blue and purple radiances, appeared at a side of the palace.

“3 against 4 isn’t fair. The Thousand Goblins Sect only has three Innates, and Da Xia has four, I’ll help the Thousand Goblins Sect out this time.” A demonic looking man with huge curved horns growing on his head, sharp claws, a long tail and black hell flames burning around his body walked to the side of the faint shadow. He signalled that he would even sacrifice himself to correct this injustice.

“Scram, you don’t have the qualifications to rule over the matters of the Soaring Dragon Continent, demon!” Jun Wu You shouted loudly.

“Your Highness Jun Wu You, please calm yourself. I do not represent the Demon Abyss, because as everyone knows, I’ve cut all ties cleanly with the Demon Abyss. Although I’m not a human, I prefer to live in the human world. If I don’t look good, or if my identity does not conform to your standards, then I am regretful. Perhaps an Innate beauty from the Elf race would be more to your liking. Regrettably, I am not. Ha ha ha!” That demon Innate ranker bowed slightly towards Jun Wu You. However the expression on his face showed that he did not care at all.

“…” Yue Yang was about to speak. However the tall and slim Heavenly Imperial Guardian wrote a few words on his back, telling him not to talk at the moment.

“As for the matter of our little Titan wanting to kill the Hundred Transformations Demon Elder, aside from me, His Highness, the two Heavenly Imperial Guardians, as well as Marshall Yue and General Feng Kuang feel that there is nothing wrong with it. The reason is very simple. This is because the Hundred Transformations Demon Elder wants to kill his family. He has the rights to kill the murderer who harmed his kin. You would do the same if it happened to you. Another point is that he is a newly promoted Innate. He has never signed the Innate Treaty before. He does not know who his Introducer is either. Perhaps, nobody has ever told him anything regarding the Innate Treaty. Therefore, it is very normal thing for him to want to kill the Hundred Transformations Demon Elder. Try asking a young man who cultivated on his own to reach the Innate Realm. Under the situation where he did not have an Introducer, how would he know about the Innate Treaty? If not for capturing the Hundred Transformations Demon Elder today, we wouldn’t know that he was the newly promoted Innate Ranker. Everyone, if you don’t want to declare war on Da Xia, then please go back. If you want to break the Innate Treaty and declare war on Da Xia, then please feel free to go ahead. If you have the capability to kill us old men, including His Highness, then we will have no qualms being beaten to death. We will definitely believe in our rankers’ honour!” As State Grandmaster said his final sentence, he waved his hands and a shockwave erupted from it.

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