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LLS Chapter 185 – I shall grant you death!

Chapter 185 – I shall grant you death!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko, Janet
Edited by: Shiroyukineko, Rango, Khh
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Shiro: Sorry for the delay guys… I fell asleep editing them halfway lol
Shiro (Edit): Lol sorry guys…I fell asleep editing 185 halfway then I was like whatever let’s just post and sleep. Then I realized that there are actually quite a lot of duplicates because i was trying to tl both on offline google docs on my laptop and my phone during my vacation lol (I went straight for a trip to Hong Kong right after my midterms). Fixed most of them, thanks to editors who fixed them for me and readers who notified me about the errors. Sorry once again!

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“Wait a minute! So you guys are really here!” The old cunning fox suddenly appeared not far ahead, shouting loudly, “You really made me run around in circles…”

“Quickly help us to save Fourth Mother!” Yue Yang yelled out, charging towards the old cunning fox and grabbing his sleeves, before dragging him straight towards the teleportation gate.

“Stu, stupid! Let me go! We have already found your Fourth Mother! You are going to save your Fourth Mother carrying your sister on your back? What nonsense are you doing?” The old cunning fox hurriedly held Yue Yang, the rash brat, down. Yue Yang and Yue Bing were both stunned when they heard him. Fourth Mother was already saved? Could it be that the old cunning fox had saved Fourth Mother and brought her back? How did he know that Fourth Mother and the little girl were kidnapped?

“Nonsense, if I leave Yue Bing alone, what happened if the enemies are still around and decided to attack her? You are also not here, how would I be assured leaving her alone!” Yue Yang didn’t thought that leaving Yue Bing in this place alone was a good idea. Although it may not be convenient for him to carry her and save Fourth Mother at the same time, it would be much better than leaving her alone.

If he left Yue Bing alone, how terrified and insecure would she be? She would probably driven insane with her imagination.

She would be an easy target for the enemy to attack… No matter how tired Yue Yang was, he wouldn’t abandon his sister. As for the old cunning fox’s news about Fourth Mother, if she had already been rescued, that would definitely be the best news ever!

Yue Yang and Yue Bing didn’t ask for more details on the rescue as they were immediately overjoyed, cheering and hugging each other.

After confirming the news repeatedly with the old cunning fox, Yue Yang finally believed that the old cunning fox was not lying to him. Immediately, his whole body was washed with exhaustion.

He didn’t manage to help at all, he even ran around in circles for the whole day.

However, no matter what, Fourth Mother had finally been rescued.

However, the old cunning fox didn’t claim credit for himself. Instead, he shook his hands and said, “It wasn’t me who rescued her. It was His Majesty and Marshall Yue who led a group of soldiers and personally rescued her. When I heard about the news, your Fourth Mother has already been rescued, I was only responsible for finding the two of you. The preparator who tried to rob your Fourth Mother is the Thousand Goblins King’s subordinate. His/her power was extremely strong, even Marshall Yue and General Feng Kuang were injured a little. Fortunately both of them are fine. Let’s go, your Fourth Mother is waiting for you two… This time, the situation was really dangerous. If it wasn’t for the help from the State Grandmaster’s [Reveal] Inherent Skill that allowed us to rescue your Fourth Mother, the Thousand Goblins King’s plans would have gone smoothly. Who would have thought that the Thousand Goblins King’s power has become this strong!”
(Shiro: Thousand Goblins King is actually Ten Thousand Goblins King – 万妖王. I think Thousand sounds cooler than Ten Thousand, so I’m going to name him Thousand Goblins King instead)

Speaking of Thousand Goblins King, the old cunning fox’s expression turned serious.

“Grandpa and General Feng Kuang were injured? What kind of person is that Thousand Goblins King exactly?” Yue Bing was shocked.

In Soaring Dragon Continent, although the old man Yue Hai who was a [Senior Elder] might not be the strongest Ranker, his fame in wars was almost unrivalled. He even led a group of 500 soldiers to fight against 200,000 soldiers and defended their city walls which was located near a cliff, for one whole month. Although Marshall Yue Hai had the help of a natural stronghold to defend the city, the achievement of defending a city to death was something that any other Marshalls or Generals couldn’t even hope to catch up. It was also because of this battle that Elder Yue Hai was nicknamed the “Ironman Yue” ”Iron Wall Yue”.

That battle was Elder Yue Hai’s breakthrough to fame.

It was just that after that battle, Elder Yue Hai lost an arm.

However, Elder Yue Hai didn’t retire from the battle scene after being crippled from war. Iinstead, he demonstrated extraordinary talent and skill, getting stronger and stronger with time. His single crusade would not end until his army had won thousands of battles. Other than the few battles they fought in the Demon Abyss where they had to retreat due to the huge difference in strength, his army wars rarely resulted in defeat. He was Da Xia Kingdom’s most reliable, most trusted war god, the Marshall Commander.

As for Feng Kuang, there was no need to confirm his strength. Although his army wasn’t as powerful as the Elder Yue hai, his powers were more or less the level of Elder Yue Hai.

Just by hearing his nickname, “Thousand Dried Bones”, one would know what kind of person Feng Kuang was right away.
(Shiro: Same thing as the Thousand Goblins King , Thousand Dried Bones is actually Ten Thousand Dried Bones – 万骨枯. Changed it for naming sake, hope you guys won’t mind)

The number of enemies who died under his massacre, no matter if it was human soldiers from the Soaring Dragon Continent or demons and monsters armies from the Demon Abyss, went beyond the thousands.

That was how he was nicknamed as the “Thousand Dried Bones” by the common folks…

Even with Elder Yue Hai, General Feng Kuang and the Da Xia Emperor Jun Wu You fighting altogether in a team, two of them were still injured. It was obvious that the enemy’s powers was extremely terrifying. However, Yue Yang and Yue Bing had never heard the name “Thousand Goblins King” before. Who was he actually? Was he a Demon King in the Demon Abyss? Or a Lich King? Or was it a human Ranker’s nickname? Was he a small kingdom’s King?

When Yue Yang thought of this, his forehead creased into a frown.

Especially when he noticed how serious the old cunning fox’s expression was. It made Yue Yang slightly shiver. Even the old cunning fox thought that he was extremely formidable. Seemed like he was definitely not an easy opponent.

“Thousand Goblins King, he is an extremely terrifying demon. He was extremely brutal, killing was like his second nature. Furthermore, he had also cultivated numerous, incomparably vicious skills. Three thousand years ago, due to his brutality to humans, he was sealed by the ancient human Rankers. However, his loyal disciples continued to determinedly and fanatically followed him all this while, accumulating strength little by little, generation by generation. Throughout the years, when they felt that they were confident enough with their abilities to break the Thousand Goblins King’s seal, they would rise in revolt and attack us. There would at least be one bloody war between humans and these disciples who wanted to rescue Thousand Goblins King in every hundred years or so… The bereaved families of the Thousand Goblin King disciples who died in these battles have since worked together with the Demon Abyss and build a close relationship with the Demonic Palace. Their surviving vitality was extremely strong, it was very difficult to eliminate them from the roots. Furthermore, it was said that they had already cultivated an Innate, and they were concealing their great strength. In the last hundred years, they had begun to stir troubles a few decades ago to test their strengths, but failed. Right now, it seemed like they are about to rise in revolt again… If these vicious, fanatical disciples managed to open the “Heaven Stairway” and find the “Heaven Resurrection Crystal”, they would succeed in breaking the Thousand Goblins King’s seal. If they succeed in resurrecting the Thousand Goblin King into this world, this world will probably turn into hell with blazing flames and rivers of blood…

When the old cunning fox explained this, he was looking at Yue Bing, intentionally or otherwise.

Yue Yang was a little bewildered. The old cunning fox didn’t explain why the Thousand Goblins King’s disciples wanted to kidnap Fourth Mother. Instead, he was looking at Yue Bing with that kind of look. What was going on?

Could it be that Fourth Mother was related to the Thousand Goblins King’s seal and resurrection?

Teleporting through the old cunning fox’s teleportation gate, Yue Yang and Yue Bing arrived at the Main Hall of the Imperial Palace and saw Fourth Mother who had just been rescued.

Fourth Mother seemed to still have lingering fears, her face deathly white. Her whole body was wrapped in Jun Wu You’s scholarly robe, her arms and feet were both bare. With her slightly revealed plump cleavage, it was obvious that she was naked underneath. Could it be that she had been taken advantage of by those infidels…? Yue Yang’s heart immediately palpated, feeling extremely saddened and furious… Fourth Mother immediately ran towards Yue Bing and hugged her daughter with open arms, before crying out loudly.

“Mom!” Yue Bing hurriedly hugged her mother back, crying as if it was the end of the world.“Mother!” Yue Bing tightly embraced her mother, crying until she nearly couldn’t catch her breath.

“Aih!” Elder Yue Hai couldn’t help but to sigh a little. He turned his head, unable to bear watching this scene.

“Fortunately we rescued her in time, otherwise the consequences would be unthinkable. Little Yue Yang, this is not your fault. It’s our fault for neglecting our duties. Thousand Goblins King’s subordinates were all extremely cunning, they had even managed to plant a spy inside the Yue Clan. When we realized that there was something wrong, they have already made their move.” Due to Yue Yang’s exemplary performance on the fake Elder Tian Suo’s case in the Medical Institution, General Feng Kuang had a really good impression on Yue Yang. General Feng Kuang, who rarely spoke himself, initiated to explain the entire story to Yue Yang, “Those women in the tavern are people on your side, right? They were extremely sharp, they had immediately acted the moment when they received the news. They were the one who helped Fourth Mother escape. If it wasn’t for them, Fourth Mistress would probably lost her life now…”

“You guys should stay in the Imperial Palace for some time. I don’t know about other places, but it would definitely be safer inside the palace.” Yue Yang knew that Jun Wu You was an unusual Emperor, but he never thought that Jun Wu You would personally went out of the palace to help chasing after the criminals and rescue Fourth Mother. His impression on the Emperor immediately became a lot better.

A white-haired old man who was carrying the little girl suddenly entered. The little girl was crying irreconcilably.

However, the moment she saw Yue Yang, she immediately jumped down to the ground and threw herself into Yue Yang’s embrace.

It wasn’t good when the little girl cry. She poured out her heart when she cry and let out her voice as loudly as she could, not caring about anything at all. She was unlike Fourth Mother and Yue Bing, who was hugging each other and silently wiping their tears. Instead she would cry as loud as she could. Especially when she saw Yue Yang, her cries had almost made the Main Hall collapse. She had completely cried all of her fears and humiliation out.

“Don’t cry, don’t cry… Little baby, don’t cry…” Yue Yang hurriedly consoled her.

“My darling, Shuang-er, come here quickly, let me hug you tooo!” Fourth Mother hurriedly loosened Yue Bing and walked towards the little girl, wanting to hug the little girl.

“Big brother, big brother Xiao San!” Who would have guessed that the little girl had turned her head instead, unwilling to let her hands off from Yue Yang no matter what. She kept hugging Yue Yang and refused to let go. Everyone thought that the little girl had gone too attached playing with her brother usually, even her mother couldn’t be compared to him at this kind of situation.

“Shuang-er, I thought I wouldn’t be able to see you anymore!” Fourth Mother hugged Yue Yang and Yue Bing altogether, crying out loudly.

“Wuuu!” Yue Bing had also ran over and huddled in the hug, hugging both her brother and mother tightly and crying out loudly.

“Fourth Mother… Where are your clothes? Yue Yang felt something wrong when they hugged each other together with the little girl. She was really naked under the robe. Could she really be taken advantage of by those bad people?

“Cough, your Fourth Mother is fine. We came just in time, only her clothes were torn.” General Feng Kuang reached his hands out and patted Yue Yang’s shoulders, “As for those bastards with bad intentions, I have already killed them all. You’ll have to thank all of your loyal subordinates, they protected your mother in front of the horse carriage right until the end. It was only when they saw me rescuing your mother did they finally breathed their last breath in peace. Although they were born into families with low-class background, I really respected them. They could practically be lauded as heroes and heroines!”

“My subordinates?” Yue Yang was shocked. When did he had any subordinates?

A fog of doubt floated into his mind, like black clouds that covered the sun.

He felt that something was wrong somewhere.

He knew that something was wrong somewhere. Could it be the timing of the appearance of the Thousand Goblins King? Could it be their purpose of attacking them? Or could it be the process of the rescue? They even said he had subordinates. There was a strange feeling that he just couldn’t shake off…

Yue Yang felt a little anxious in his heart, he even felt like the world was turning in the wrong direction.

He couldn’t understand the reason, but he suddenly had a severe headache.

He couldn’t help but to shut his eyes and tried his utmost to use his Innate Qi to eliminate the headache and dizziness in his head. Who would knew that when his Innate Qi flowed to his brain, his head felt even more painful than before. It was as if his brain was pricked by countless needles, extremely uncomfortable… His eyes, especially, which were the most sensitive part of his body, were searing in pain from getting pricked with his Innate Qi. Amidst his extreme pain, Yue Yang suddenly had a revelation.

It turned out his Innate [Invisible Sword Qi] had a special branch skill called [Open Heaven’s Eyes].

This [Open Heaven’s Eyes] was not an easy skill. Normally one would not be able to open it so easily, one must cultivate to a suitable realm before one would be able to open it.

Yue Yang never thought that he could open it at this time… Although he only opened the most basic, first level of [Heaven’s Eyes], it was still an extremely rare occurrence. Most importantly, once this [Heaven’s Eyes] were opened, it would be able to complement his Inherent Skill [Divine Vision]. They might even fuse together into one, becoming a new kind of ability…

[Open Heaven’s Eyes]’s first realm was [Naked Eyes Traverse].

More accurately, this was the most basic realm of heightening the senses of his vision. It was still not the true [Open Heaven’s Eyes] yet, it was only the superficial beginning.

Yue Yang covered his eyes, feeling as if a golden light shone into his eyes. Afterwards, he felt as if there was something that broke out from his eyes, making him shout out in pain, “Ah!”

Everyone was shocked by his shout. They thought that his brat had lost control and was about to go berserk again.

Elder Yue Hai and Feng Kuang both looked at him nervously.

The current Yue Yang was no longer the youngster who barged into the Yue Clan Castle previously. He had now improved by leaps and bounds, so it wouldn’t be easy to stop him. Even Jun Wu You was cautious against Yue Yang’s movements. If this brat really went crazy, he was prepared to stop him personally too. He hoped that this brat wouldn’t destroy his palace.

“What’s wrong, San-er?” Fourth Mother was shocked, retreating a few steps back as she hurriedly asked full of concern.

“I understand, I finally understand it now… Fourth Mother, let’s return home. We’ll pack up our stuff and clean up, then move out from there and find a place where nobody can find us.” Yue Yang hold the little girl who was still hugging him and sobbing non-stop tightly. This little thing had refused to let go and continued to hug Yue Yang no matter what he did.

“Re, return? Fourth Mother is afraid… San-er, could you return instead, pack and clean up? Then we can move out!” Fourth Mother was still frightened out of her wits.

“All of you guys can just stay here, I will ask someone to send your stuff over. You should just stay in the palace.” Jun Wu You had thought that Yue Yang was about to go berserk initially. Who would know that this brat was actually thinking of leaving. He hurriedly urged them to stay, “Here at the Da Xia Imperial Palace, there are no rules and regulations like other places. Don’t worry.”

“San-er, let’s just stay here!” Fourth Mother hurriedly advised Yue Yang too.


Yue Bing knew that with Yue Yang’s personality, he didn’t like to receive favours from others.

Furthermore, their mother always taught them to always work hard and continue to improve themselves. Hence, she also didn’t oppose the idea of leaving, it was just that she thought leaving without saying thanks after his Majesty Jun Wu You and Grandpa had rescued their mother was a little rude!

“Bing-er, move over to that side. Here, carry the little girl and wait for me there!” Yue Yang took the little girl who refused to let go even if her life depended on it and yanked her off. He then shoved her into Yue Bing’s embrace. The little girl was unresigned and struggled for awhile, but finally gave up resisting. It was just that her little mouth started to cry out “Wah, wah”, looking like she was completely frightened by Yue Yang. Everyone was baffled, for what reason did this youngster want to advise fourth mother to leave the imperial palace so badly?

“San-er, I understand that you are very stubborn, but you should listen to His Majesty’s and your grandpa’s words. In any case, you are still very young…” Fourth Mother wiped away her tears.

“Alright that’s enough, you impostor! I was already suspicious of you from the start, it’s just that I didn’t have the ability to see through just now. Now I can see that in this outer shell of Fourth Mother, there is a cunning demoness hiding.” Yue yang took out his Hui Jin Magic Blade and pointed it to Fourth Mother, his killing intent exploding viciously.

His words shocked everyone present, including Jun Wu You, Elder Yue Hai and General Feng Kuang. Even the white-haired State grandmaster frowned his eyebrows.

They had actually rescued a fake Fourth Mother? This Fake Fourth Mother was an enemy?

If that was the case, where was the real Fourth Mother?

Yue Yang, this brat, he had only came here for a few minutes. How could he be sure that this Fourth Mother was fake?

“San-er, don’t joke around. I’m not fake, i’m not. I’m your Fourth Mother!” Seeing the Hui Jin Magic Blade, Fourth Mother was crying in shock as her face paled.

“Stop pretending. You’ve made too much blunder. Even if I did not manage to see through your disguise, I will also suspect that you are fake.” Yue Yang raised three of his fingers, “Firstly, I was given some directions by my Principal’s [Heart’s Cry] Inherent Skill just now. She told me that Fourth Mother had just been kidnapped not too long ago, but you had been rescued for more than an hour ago. My Fourth Mother was captured on a raft, but you were rescued from in front of a horse carriage. With General Feng Kuang’s words, I could already determine that you are not my Fourth Mother. The second point is Shuang-er’s response to you. Although Shuang-er likes to stick to me, she wouldn’t refuse her mother’s hug. Her mother will always be her first choice. On the other hand, Shuang-er didn’t show any reaction to you at all, it was as if you were a stranger. That’s why I became even more suspicious of you. Thirdly, you don’t act like you are Fourth Mother at all, you understand? You only looked like Fourth Mother on the surface, you don’t have the substance she had inside. My Fourth Mother would never wear another man’s clothes, and she would definitely not let herself continue to be naked underneath the robes. Fourth Mother is a virtuous woman who is ready to die to preserve her chastity. If her enemies really wanted to humiliate her, she would definitely bite off her tongue to kill herself rather than live and resigned to her fate.

She is a mother who is timid at normal times but is calm when facing a major situation. My good mom who is always calm in problematic situation, it doesn’t matter if I fought until I was drenched in blood from head to toe or if the world ends; as long as Bing-er, me and Shuang-er is here, she will still be our mother. She is a great mother who would bear the burden of the whole sky for us if it is needed. She would definitely not be so emotional like you, crying and shouting in distress all this time… In the family, normally, she would listen to my words, because she feel that I am the small leader of the family. However, in front of an audience, she is my mother, so she will never allow me to be rude to my elders. Furthermore, she would never abandon our peaceful and warm home so easily… If it is the real Fourth Mother, she will never stay in the Imperial Palace unless both Yue Yang and Yue Bing have agreed to stay… As for you, you did not even think about anything and decided to stay straight away. You even pretended to advise me. As for your outer appearance, I have nothing much to say. You have a completely different body than Fourth Mother. I could even see through the disguise of a fake Princess Qian Qian whom I was not familiar with, let alone the Fourth Mother who nurtured me and brought me up. How could I not recognise her?” Yue Yang immediately raised his Hui Jin Magic Blade the moment he finished his speech.

“Hahaha!” The fake Fourth Mother suddenly spoke with a different voice. A ball of black light flashed as a fog-like shield surrounded her body.

Then the fog-like light entered her body once again, but the fake Fourth Mother had turned into another alluring woman.

She was much taller than Fourth Mother, she was even one head taller than Yue yang.

Her voice was filled with a pretty and flirty tone.

She pointed at Yue Yang with her black, sharp fingernails, “Sect Leader told me to be extra careful towards you, but I didn’t pay attention to his words. Now it seems like the Sect Leader wasn’t talking emptily. Brat, you are really hard to deal with.”

Jun Wu You and Elder Yue Hai looked at each other. They seemed to recognise this woman. Their faces gradually turned serious.

The white-haired State Grandmaster smiled, “I was thinking who was it, so it turns out to be the Hundred Transformations Demon Elder. No wonder you managed to fool us all. I thought there was something wrong in my heart, but there wasn’t any reaction from my [Reveal] Inherent Skill… If it wasn’t for little Yue Yang who discovered you in time, you would really have fooled us all.”

The old cunning fox who hadn’t speak since the beginning had also nodded and agreed, “That’s right, I’m really ashamed of myself. We are all already so old, yet we couldn’t compare to a little kid. It’s really embarrassing!”

“She has indeed done a perfect disguise. Furthermore, she purposely did not wear any clothes, so that we would feel that it was improper to look and wouldn’t dare to look at her too much.” Feng Kuang roared angrily, “Spit it out now, where is the real Fourth Mother? Although Hundred Transformations Demon Elder is one of the Four Major Demon Disciple of the Thousand Goblins Sect, you’ll have to consider your abilities if you want to leave here alive.”

“You guys have the advantage in numbers, so I would definitely not be able to defeat you all. However, if I want to leave, you guys would definitely not be able to stop me. Other than those two old geezers who could probably kept up with me, you guys are not even fart in my eyes. If it wasn’t for the Ranker’s Agreement that prohibited me to kill emperors and harass kingdoms, I would have already killed all of you [Elders] and [Overlords]. Why are you acting powerful in front of me? No matter what, I am still a Minor Innate.” The Hundred Transformations Demon Elder swept a condescending glance across the people in front of her. It was as if she thought that she could completely disregard everyone in this room except for the old cunning fox and the State Grandmaster.

“You are just a Minor Innate who relied on others to be strong, why are you acting powerful in front of me!” Yue Yang was furious. He removed the limitations on his strength level by level as a Runic Circle rose up above his head and flashed. With a rainbow coloured light, he channeled his Spirit Qi to his right hand and grabbed onto the Hundred Transformations Demon Elder’s throat, not giving her even a chance to defend herself, and smashed her on the ground ruthlessly.

A loud explosion ensued, the whole Palace Main Hall was shaking severely.

As the Hundred Transformations Demon Elder cried out miserably, Yue Yang stomped on that huge breasts of hers ruthlessly, with no mercy at all.

Only a loud cracking sound of fractured ribs was heard before the Hundred Transformations Demon Elder spat out a mouthful of fresh blood violently.

Elder Yue Hai, Jun Wu You and Feng Kuang’s chin had all almost dropped down to the ground. Even the old cunning fox and the State Grandmaster was completely dumbstruck. Did this brat just struck down a Level 8 Intermediate-[Emperor], the Minor Innate “Hundred Transformations Demon Elder”, with just a single move? What kind of strength did he possess to be able to do that? Even if it was an Innate Ranker, he wouldn’t be able to easily struck the Hundred Transformations Demon Elder down to the ground with a single move so easily, right? The Hundred Transformations Demon Elder was, in any case, a well-known and vicious criminal for over two hundred years. Before becoming powerful two hundred years ago, she was a notorious demoness who sucked thousands of men’s Yang energy, a demoness who struck fear in many people’s hearts the moment her name was mentioned…

Was she really struck down with just a single move by this brat? Without even a chance to resist or defend herself?

This, this was really unbelievable.

“Spit out my Fourth Mother’s location immediately, and I shall grant you death!” Yue Yang increased the strength on his feet, causing the Hundred Transformations Demon Elder’s chest to produce a series of painful, cracking sound, “Otherwise, I’ll make you feel a life worse than death!”

“You are an Innate, you are an Innate. You can’t kill me… According to the agreement between Rankers, Innate Rankers must not attack people who are lower ranked than them as and when they please, especially killing them. I am an Elder from the Thousand Goblins Sect and our Sect Leader had once participated in your Ranker’s Agreement. We, the Thousand Goblins Sect will not kill your people; Hence, you, Innate Rankers, should also not kill us… If you violate this contract, you would cause a world war. You would also make an enemy out of all the Innate Rankers. At that time, you would be consigned to eternal damnation. You must definitely not kill me. Not only that, you also have to let me go!” The Hundred Transformations Demon Elder cried out anxiously with her mouth full of blood.

“Innate? You are actually the seventh Innate of the Da Xia Kingdom?” The State Grandmaster almost fainted. No wonder [Elder] Ming Xin said that the seventh Innate was not older than thirty years old. What did she mean not older than thirty years old? This brat was only twenty years old!

“You did really well hiding it from this old geezer!” Elder Yue Hai was trembling all over. He couldn’t believe that the Innate that shook the whole country was actually his own grandchild.

Furthermore, it was the grandchild whose performance was the trashiest amongst all at normal times.

Even his most promising son, Yue Gang, had not been able to climb onto the Innate Realm.

He never thought that instead, his grandchild who had endured silently and put on an appearance of trash for decades had finally cultivated into the Innate Realm, the realm that no one in the Yue Clan had managed to reach in thousands of years! He, he might even be the first young Innate, a twenty year old Innate, in the whole of Soaring Dragon Continent, no, even from the beginning of history.

Jun Wu You, however, mumbled out while massaging his temples, “No wonder that Qian Qian treated him so nicely… This is bad, wouldn’t this mess up the seniority of the family? I would be one generation lower than Big Brother Hai, so I will need to call him grandparent-in-law? This is a mess…”

“You don’t have to spout all these Innate Ranker’s Agreement. I never signed any agreement before, nor have I heard about it before. I will kill you, even if ten thousand Innate come to save you. Motherfucker, you had actually dared to transform into Fourth Mother to trick me! You are still not telling me her location? Alright then, I shall grant you the most miserable way to die!” Yue Yang became angrier as he spoke, increasing the strength on his feet to step on the Hundred Transformations Demon Elder chest. He crushed all her ribs alive, cracking them one by one.

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