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LLS Chapter 184 – A Heart’s Sincerest Cry!

Chapter 184 – A Heart’s Sincerest Cry!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Yue Yang had never rushed so much to get somewhere before, but he didn’t feel tired at all.

Even though he was carrying Yue Bing and was running through a mountainous path for a few dozen kilometers, Yue Yang didn’t feel anything, enduring the whole thing in one breath. His heart was angry and indignant, making him feel more choked and uncomfortable over time. Nothing must happen to Fourth Mother and the little girl, otherwise Yue Yang would probably turned into an avenging Demon King.

Yue Bing was carried by Yue Yang at first, but when she saw it was too exhausting for Yue Yang who was sweating profusely, she put her sadness aside and got down, running alongside her brother.

It was just that her speed was too slow, unable to catch up with Yue Yang.

Although Yue Yang pulled her hands along, it was still tiring for her.

Finally, Yue Yang summoned the Bloody Queen and ordered her to carry Yue Bing. Although the Bloody Queen couldn’t fly too fast carrying a person, but Yue Bing wasn’t very heavy. With great difficulty, she could still match Yue Yang’s speed. When the Bloody Queen got tired, Yue Yang carried Yue Bing again and ran along the way.

This long path of running made Yue Yang realized that he still lacked one type of beast, and that was: a mount.

A mount wouldn’t be needed at normal times, but during emergency, there could never be enough.

After running for a few hours along this long path without rest, searching around the surrounding with its sense of smell, Hui Tai Lang led Yue Yang and Yue Bing straight to the Starved Dog Range. When they reached in front of the Starved Dog Range, where the mountain peaks could be seen from afar, clouds floated overcast and it started raining cats and dogs. Hui Tai Lang who was relying on its sense of smell to search, gradually lost its ability to do so. Due to the heavy rain, it lost its way and was unable to search for Fourth Mother and the little girl’s tracks…

“Brother, what do we do, what do we do?” Yue Bing started crying unstoppably. In the rain, she hugged her brother as she cried out loudly.

“There must be a way, there must be a way…” Yue Yang also hated the damned heavens for making it rain at times like this, but he was definitely not going to admit defeat.

For Fourth Mother, he would definitely not succumb.

Even if his opponent was the heavens itself, Yue Yang would resist until the end.

This wasn’t a battle. Fighting with the Phoenix Fairy Beauty, his life might not be in danger even if he lost. Because, for a person like her, if she really wanted to kill him, she wouldn’t need to spend so much effort, she could just kill him instantly. It was because Yue Yang saw through the fact that the Phoenix Fairy Beauty would definitely not kill him, so he didn’t fight with everything he had, conserving his strength instead. Only then would he be able to have a future. However, this matter of saving Fourth Mother, if he gave up, then their lives would be in grave danger. Hence, he would not give up no matter what. He must save both Fourth Mother and the little girl.

He must only win this fight, he couldn’t lose!

Since Fourth Mother’s and the little girl’s smell had disappeared, washed by the rain, they had lost their tracks.

What do they do now?

Yue Yang turned a few rounds before finally deciding to summon Xiao Wen Li out.

“Xiao Wen Li, do you understand what I meant? I mean, take this searching as a part of the battle. Use your battle sense and find the location of Fourth Mother and little Shuang-er, do you understand? We will go according to your battle sense and save Fourth Mother… If you can’t, then we can find that Chang Dao instead. But I hope that we can first find Fourth Mother. I saw a few horse carriage tracks on the road, and the tracks are quite deep. Someone must have saved them, maybe it is Uncle Nan or Aunt Xu. But I daresay someone has already saved Fourth Mother…” Yue Yang’s words was said only to console Yue Bing, because there might be a possibility that Chang Dao had kidnapped Fourth Mother and ran away with a horse carriage. But Yue Yang was still unable to make Xiao Wen Li understand to use her battle sense to find Fourth Mother, “Try to feel it with your sense, use your natural senses and think about where they are. Then we will go to the way that you pointed out, do you understand?”

“Unn!” Xiao Wen Li seemed to understand. However, she pointed out a direction towards the White Stone City.

“No, wrong, I know Fourth Mother’s house is in White Stone City, but Fourth Mother has been kidnapped by someone. Kidnapped, do you understand? We are trying to find her, find Fourth Mother and little Shuang-er. Try to feel it for a bit, sense their presence carefully. Where is Fourth Mother?” Yue Yang felt that if Xiao Wen Li couldn’t find her, he would quickly enter his Dream Realm and ask the Heavenly Sword Goddess. No matter what, he must find Fourth Mother.

“…” Xiao Wen Li’s finger still pointed at the direction of White Stone City stubbornly.

“Heavens, no, no. Not White Stone City. We have just come from that direction. We want to go to the Starved Dog Range. Do you see that mountainous range? Fourth Mother must have gone there. Try to sense it carefully, and find where exactly she is!” Yue Yang was sincerely anxious.

“…” Xiao Wen Li closed her eyes and tried to feel for a long time. However, in the end, her fingers were still pointing towards White Stone City.

“What do we do? Brother? What do we do?” They were in a dilemma now. Hui Tai Lang had led them to the Starved Dog Range while Xiao Wen Li felt that they were still at White Stone City.

“Are they truly in White Stone City? Or are they on their way? Are they far?” Yue Yang was extremely troubled. His logic tells him that it would be best to believe in Hui Tai Lang, it did lead them correctly so far after all. But Xiao Wen Li would definitely not trick him at this kind of time, she had always been very obedient. Furthermore, her battle sense was extremely strong and she had always been able to make strategic decisions. Hence, Yue Yang felt that he should believe in Xiao Wen Li more.

It was just that he might make a huge mistake with terrible consequences if he turned back now.

Yue Yang stomped his feet. Making his decision, he decided to bring Yue Bing back to the Academy.

He decided to ask the old cunning fox to go to the Starved Dog Range on his behalf to save Fourth Mother. It would be best if he could catch Chang Dao. As for himself, he would use a teleportation scroll to return back to White Stone City. If Fourth Mother was still hiding inside the White Stone City, it would be best if he returned.

Yue Bing was stunned. When she heard that, she immediately praised Yue Yang’s idea.

The old cunning fox wasn’t in the Academy. Yue Yang almost went insane, he angrily wrecked the old cunning fox’s house. In the end, he thought, if he couldn’t find the vice principal, the principal would be fine too. In any case, he only need to find a strong person to help them.

Yue Yang quickly brought Yue Bing and rushed to the small building which was the Principal’s office.

There were strange magic circles, pillars and a labyrinth made out of well-trimmed bushes blocking Yue Yang’s path.

If it was at normal times, it wouldn’t be difficult to pass through it.

But Yue Yang didn’t have time to walk around the bush…

He completely didn’t care and exploded his strength, destroying everything on his path straight away. He left Yue Bing outside as he burst forward all the way, turning the whole place outside the small building upside down.

On the way to the second floor, he realized that there was an increasing pressure pushing him down which each step. When he reached the second floor, the pressure was almost ten times stronger than on the first floor. Yue Yang was extremely surprised. Seemed like this Principal was not an ordinary person.

However, Yue Yang couldn’t care so much. When he couldn’t open the door, he immediately took out his Hui Jin Magic Blade and slashed open the door.

However, just like entering the Mirage back then, he couldn’t slash the door. It was as if there was an incorporeal dimensional space shielding the Principal’s room in the second floor.

“Is it so difficult to meet the Principal?” Yue Yang was furious. He was about to use his Innate strength and destroy this dimensional place. Just as he was raising his Hui Jin Magic Blade ferociously and was about to unleash his Innate strength to break the dimensional space, suddenly an extremely gentle voice resounded, “Student Titan, do you need something?” Yue Yang felt the pressure disappeared as his body uncontrollably fell forward, falling to the floor.

When he lifted his head, he realized there was a thin lady looking down on her table, swiftly writing something.

Her long, black hair flowed down smooth like a waterfall, covering almost half of her face.

Yue Yang could only see her neat bangs. Due to the angle, he couldn’t see her face clearly. However, from her snow-white skin and delicate hands, Yue Yang could feel that her temperament was different from the others. She was just like a stalk of white orchid, clean and lofty.

She gave off a feeling of an especially educated person that was both calm and pure. She resembled a pure immortal in paintings who did not bother herself with the common folks troubles.

“You are the Principal?” Yue Yang heard that the Ivy Academy’s Principal was a beauty that no student had ever seen before. However, he never thought that she would be this young. She looked like she was a student, maybe even those geeky girls who scored exemplary results! Looking at her personality and interests, she looked a little similar to the mysterious beauty who always brought a book with her everywhere. It’s just that her voice and hairstyle was different from the mysterious beauty, otherwise, Yue Yang would have suspected that they were the same person. Yue Yang realized that he didn’t feel anything right now, he only wanted to save Fourth Mother. Hence, he hurriedly explained to the Principal who was still writing her documents busily, “Someone kidnapped my Fourth Mother and little sister. Tracking their smell, they should be at the Starved Dog Range. However, there was a big rain halfway there, hence we lost their tracks. I tried to sense them using their spirit, and found that my Fourth Mother is still in White Stone City. I, I came here to beg your help. Hope that you could lend me your strength… You can go to the White Stone City or the Starved Dog Range, but I hope that you could come and help me go both places to check their location. The old cunning fox, no, the Vice Principal is not here, Grandma Wu Teng and the eagle-eyed teacher is also not here, hence I can only ask for your help. I hope you can do us this favour. As long as you helped me save Fourth Mother, if you have any request in the future, I will do it without a second word!”

“I understand. Could you shout to your Fourth Mother and little sister sincerely with all of your heart when I raise my hands? I have a [Heart Cry] Inherent Skill, I would need your heart’s sincerest cry to determine their location!” The beautiful Principal who was bending over her desk slowly raised her hands, that was soft and tender as an orchid and flawless, unblemished. Her gentle voice floated into Yue Yang’s ears, “Start to cry out now, the more heartfelt your cry is, the more accurate I would feel their location in!”

“Fourth Mother!” Yue Yang shouted loudly. He didn’t know if this was possible, but he would believe her Inherent Skill.

A surge of bright light appeared on the beautiful Principal’s hands.

It then turned into countless pictures.

Yue Yang saw in front of a horse carriage, Uncle Nan and Aunt Xu was helping Fourth Mother up the horse carriage. However, before he managed to see the picture clearly, it had already disappeared.

The beautiful Principal suddenly coughed a little, “Your heart is not calm enough. You have to maintain the state of an empty mind. Try to call out sincerely once again, I can only use my Inherent Skill three times in one month. Don’t waste this chance again.”

“Alright… Fourth Mother, Fourth Mother, Shuang-er!” Yue Yang tried to calm himself with all his effort. He thought about how Fourth Mother had always taken care of him and got rid of any other distracting thoughts in his mind. He only thought about Fourth Mother with all of his heart. This time, when he cried out, the whole space was shaken, as if there was an invisible shockwave that had blasted through the room.

The bright light in the beautiful Principal’s hands shattered then rearranged themselves into a picture.

There were two horse carriages moving forward side by side.

One carriage turned a corner halfway and went towards the Red Cliff City while the other went towards the Black Forest City.

The scene flashed. The horse carriage that had moved towards the Red Cliff City had stopped and Fourth Mother, who was wearing common folks’ clothes, hurried got down from the carriage. There were two familiar-looking woman helping Fourth Mother down, but Yue yang couldn’t remember who they were. They walked towards a small bridge and went on a small raft. As the small raft floated away, the horse carriage also continued on its way.

Yue Yang suddenly realized that Fourth Mother did not actually go to the Starved Dog Range. Instead, she had gone to Red Cliff City, and got off her carriage halfway.

The scent that Hui Tai Lang had followed was Uncle Nan and Aunt Xu who had worn Fourth Mother’s clothes to attract the enemy’s’ attention. It seemed like Fourth Mother was afraid that someone would follow them from their scent.

“It’s still not very clear. Shout out louder this time, it’s your last chance!” The beautiful Principal started coughing in pain. Seemed like this [Heart Cry] caused a great distress to her body.

“Fourth Mother!” Yue Yang shouted loudly once again.

His head buzzed, as if there was a hammer that had shaken his soul.

Countless scenes shattered and surged inside Yue Yang’s mind.

Not only could he see it with his eyes, the scenes had also appeared inside Yue Yang’s minds. The bright light on the beautiful Principal’s hands burst into more magical pictures. The scenes clearly showed there was an enemy chasing after Fourth Mother. Furthermore, there was not only one, there were more than a dozen of them. There was even an expert amongst them, who could chase after them easily and killed everyone inside the carriage ruthlessly. There were some enemies who continued to pursue forward, while some others went against the stream. There were also enemies who tried searching by the river. They had split apart to search for Fourth Mother… There was another scene showing Uncle Nan, Aunt Xu and another woman who had disguised herself as Fourth Mother being captured… Finally, Yue Yang saw there was a shadow pouncing onto the bamboo raft. Other than seeing Fourth Mother’s horrified expression, Yue Yang could also seem to hear Yue Shuang’s terrified cry!


Yue Yang’s whole body shook as he started to sweat profusely.

Outside the window, Yue Bing was too anxious from the wait and called out for him. If it wasn’t for her calling out to him, Yue Yang would probably not be able to break away from the realm that he was feeling with his soul.

“I can sense that Fourth Mother had already been captured. Furthermore, she was captured not too long ago, by a woman who could fly. That woman was currently flying towards the direction of the Starved Dog Range. You should go to the Starved Dog Range quickly now to save her while I go and save your little sister. She should still be at White Stone City… The girl that your Fourth Mother carried was not your sister, because she didn’t have any reaction towards your cry…” The beautiful Principal waved her hand and immediately, Yue Yang had a feeling like he was pushed out of the window like a bullet.

“You, you, are you okay?” The beautiful Principal was bending over her desk, so Yue Yang couldn’t see her face. However, she seemed to be in extreme pain.

At the same time, there were drops of blood dripping on her clothes, creating blobs of red on her white, flawless clothes.

She was vomiting quite a lot of blood, shocking Yue Yang.

The beautiful Principal waved her hands, her voice a little vague, “This is my old illness, it’s nothing much. I will go immediately after I rest for a while. Quickly go and save your Fourth Mother!”

Yue Yang felt an unspeakable gratitude in his heart. This beautiful Principal was neither friend nor close relatives with him, but she was willing to help him find Fourth Mother. Even if it would cause such a great toll on her body, she still used her [Heart Cry] Inherent Skill. Yue Yang didn’t know why she was helping him. Maybe she was this altruistic with other students too, or perhaps it was for another reason, but Yue Yang was really thoroughly moved by her actions this time.

True sincerity showed itself in time of need indeed.

She had helped him without asking anything else when he really needed help.

This favour, he would definitely return it back to her!

If her body was weak and sickly, it didn’t matter what kind of illness it was, he would definitely find the best medicine to treat her.

If there wasn’t this sickly beauty, Yue Yang would really have no idea how to find more information on Fourth Mother’s location. He wouldn’t even know if Fourth Mother was dead or alive… Right now, at least he knew that there was a woman who could fly who had captured Fourth Mother and brought her back to the Starved Dog Range. As for Yue Shuang, he now knew that she had been hidden by Fourth Mother previously. As for that girl that Fourth Mother was carrying, who exactly was she?

Whose kid was she?

Who would purposely give their child to Fourth Mother, knowing that someone was trying to capture her?

Those two women’s faces looked extremely familiar, but Yue Yang really couldn’t remember where he had seen them before… Yue Yang heart was in a mess as he jumped out from the window.

Yue Bing immediately charged towards him and hugged her brother, fearfully looking at Yue Yang, afraid that he would tell her bad news.

“Fourth Mother is fine, we must go and save her quickly now. Principal has promised me to save Shuang-er. Shuang-er seemed to still be hiding in White Stone City. Principal would definitely help Shuang-er out, so we only have to save mom now! Yue Bing, don’t cry, we must stay strong. We can’t just surrender to fate. We can win, we will definitely be able to bring mom back. Definitely!” Yue Yang carried Yue Bing on his back as he opened a teleportation scroll.

“Yes, we will definitely be able to save Mom, definitely. Mom!” Yue Bing, who had tears streaming down her face emotionally cried out, her voice echoing through the clouds above.

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  1. ftxnexus says:

    Seeing how Yue Bing is so hopelessly relying on Yue Yang all the time isnt a good sign at all… Its okey if she doesnt have strength, but relying on him emotionally all the time isnt a good thing at all!

    • Jaeger says:

      Are you for real? Imagine your loving mother and sister suddenly vanished inside your house, which is full of dead bodies and blood, who wouldn’t be emotionally rattled. And to think she still too young for this kind of things.

      • ftxnexus says:

        She did kinda go through hell while “Yue Yang” was incompetent, so she should kinda understand what Yue Yang is doing. Him saying comforting words and such. She should understand her being unstable just further causes him problems and worries.

        While Yue Yang should understand that taking her with him is stupid and a waste of time. “its a good opportunity to teach her a lesson?” There will never be a good time to teach her a lesson in such circumstances!

        I do understand the worries, but it isnt like she hasnt gone through hell herself. She had to shoulder her whole family herself for a certain period do remember that! Her mentality shouldnt be that weak! Especially after runnning for how long and after how many breaks(teleport stops, academy)

        It is like her whole strong independent mentality was washed away the day Yue Yang got power….

        • Grim-san says:

          I don’t believe the individuals personality was washed away by the fact that Yue Yang got power it is more like the burden that she had been under was lifted. Before he had got power who could she depend on. The answer no one. She was always fighting for herself by herself so yes she would develop a personality that would shelter her from the abuse and stress that she would be dealing with. This does not mean that it is her real personality.

          You must remember she is still young and was forced to act older than she was as the Virgin Widow. She was hated and put down by the other family members and no one would accept her. Then her brother, who was weak finally got power and was able to defend her. This was the first time in a long time someone who could defend her had appeared and was not probably wanting something in secret. This is the turning point. This is were she could finally let her real personality that she had to hide and protect start to blossom again.

          She is by no means a weak person( if you go by even the average standards in this novel), she is strong and is getting stronger. Do i believe taking her with him would not be smart, YES, but she may be able to help him against the lower minions or even when protecting the fourth mother. Even if he is very powerful we have seen others who make him look to be a ant sitting on a leaf in that realm. But those are not the majority that are present in the average population.

          She was also the one who held the defense for a long period of time protecting those that had fallen during the ant ark. In my opinion he is letting her grow because she does have great potential. There are risks and she is still strong but the loss of loved ones especially those that cared for you during the dark times is very difficult. IF she can find some solace within the words of the strong that she can’t yet measure up to is that wrong. No, she knows that she can’t do it alone and will need help. Her personality is still strong because, even though she knows her mother has been taken and her home is filled with the dead she did not collapse and she instead seeks to get her mother back. That is true determination and strength.

    • Jiick says:

      I also agree with the others. It is fine for her to rely emotionally on MC. Well she is still not strong enough but normally your mental strength seems quite high (I know this sounds stupid). Still I think that it isn’t a good idea to take her with him when trying to save forth mother since he knows that the enemies are experts. She might drag him down and saving forth mother is more important than not hurting Yue Bing’s feelings. Well that is at least what I think.

      Thanks for the chapter – great work!

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    • Jaeger says:

      Uhmm, because she is the daughter and sister of the said missing people. Also, they’re not going to a battlefield. They are looking for their mother and sister. I don’t know if in your culture you don’t prioritize family first but in Asian countries Family is important. Sometimes you don’t need to be genius to know these kind of things.

    • twxx460 says:

      It’s not that Yue Bing can’t run, it’s just that she is ‘slow’ compared to Yue Yang’s speed. Even the Bloody Queen, a platinum rank 5 beast could only barely catch up to his speed. Yue Bing is actually quite strong if compare to the populus as seen when she was mobbed by the mercenaries during the ant thing. We are just used to Yue Yang’s badassery.

  3. Jaeger says:

    Thanks for the chapter.

    I wonder who’s that woman? She should be prepared coz Yue Yang is going Chu Feng on her.

    • vls says:

      My money is on those people who “poisoned” (whether he has actually been poisoned has not been proven as they obstruct all contact with him) Fourth Master and claim that it was done by mysterious attackers and that they are the only ones who can treat him. Also they demand that they should get to have their poor, “sacrificial” daughter be first wife (also unproven claim if she even lost her purity or even if it was with him, plus they demand repayment for basically raping him when he was comatose, and this after he said he would rather die than betray Fourth Mother!) Yeah right, who are you kidding? Yue Yang is an idiot for believing Fourth Mother was okay with becoming a secondary wife. If she truly did believe their fabrication, then I have seriously overestimated her. I hope Yue Yang stops being so cold about the Fourth Master. Even though he has personally never met the guy, he IS the one his Fourth Mother deeply loves and is the one who sacrificed so much for the family. He OWES it to him to save him from those evil clutches. This one point bothers me the absolute most in this story, far more that the others. And it is because of this situation that Fourth Mother is most likely in danger.

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      Because in some ways there is nothing new to discuss. “When it rains, it pours.” Is practically a constant theme for this entire story.

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          Oh haha i got it and yes i think you are right about that he’s always rushing to do stuff he barely stays in one place. Thanks i just see this with a different perspective now

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