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LLS Chapter 182 – Idiot, I’m not going to talk to you anymore!

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Chapter 182 – Idiot, I’m not going to talk to you anymore!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Shiro: Hey guys, there wouldn’t be a chapter on Tuesday as I have mid-term exams… Sorry… Please check release schedule for more details.

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After a long while, Yue Yang finally reacted. He turned around from Princess Qian Qian’s face, afraid that she would feel awkward. He consoled her as he said: “Actually, I ain’t see nothin’!”
(Shiro: It’s kinda hard to tl this, but think of it as Yue Yang speaking in kansai dialect)

Princess Qian Qian really wished to bite this abominable brat and swallowed him whole, from the bottom of her heart.

After staring for so long, so much that his eyes were about to pop out, he still dared to say that he didn’t see anything.

“You really didn’t see anything?” Princess Qian Qian was a little bit flustered. She really couldn’t stand this brat’s gazes, as she hurriedly took her legs down from Yue Yang’s shoulders.

“It was all dark so I didn’t see anything…” Yue Yang hurriedly tried to prove his innocence.

“What?” Princess Qian Qian thought these words were too ambiguous. What did he mean by dark? He was really spouting nonsense.

“That’s not what I mean. I mean, the lighting here is very bad. I didn’t see anything clearly because it was only a glance. Furthermore, your legs are very white and they really dazzle my eyes. I really didn’t see anything just now!” Yue Yang replied, revealing exactly what he wanted to hide.

“What did you say?” Princess Qian Qian screeched, completely driven mad.

“I really didn’t see it clearly. I didn’t even see your undergarments that was white and had a little lace on the sides very clearly…” Yue Yang had not even finished speaking before Princess Qian Qian suddenly turned into a tigress and charged towards him in fury. She pushed him down to the ground, revealed her set of white teeth and bit on Yue Yang’s shoulders violently. Yue Yang cried out in pain, but his wolfy blood started to boil with anticipation. He turned their bodies around and pressed Princess Qian Qian down to the ground instead. He was about to reach his wolfy paws out and turn this tigress of an Imperial Swordswoman into a little sheep, then carry out that legendary thing called ‘pushing down’, when suddenly…


Who would know that in Yue Yang’s anxiousness, he had used too much strength when he turned their bodies around and pressed Princess Qian Qian under him. As Princess Qian Qian cried out in pain, the snow underneath their bodies collapsed, unable to support the weight of both of them. The two people involuntarily tumbled down and splashed into the Cloud Peak Lake.

Due to his rash wolfy actions, using too much strength and lacking in gentleness, they ended up getting dunked in cold water.

Mission Pushing Down had failed.

Princess Qian Qian really wanted to kill Yue Yang. She wouldn’t brought up the matter about him kicking her butt anymore, but he had almost crushed her ribs just now and even threw her into a cold lake in the end.

She really had never seen such a pervertedly eager and savage fellow…

“I still have one more set of Yue Bing’s clothes. Go and change your clothes, don’t get a cold later!” Yue Yang immediately fawned upon Princess Qian Qian the moment he helped her get out of the water. He secretly contemplated about his experience in failures. Seemed like if he wanted to succeed in pushing down, he shouldn’t be too anxious. What was he so anxious about just now, he had wasted such a good opportunity! He could even succeed in pushing her down, since it was this tigress who had initiated pushing him down first… Now everything was ruined, she probably wanted to murder him right now. It was such a waste of a good opportunity.

“I really hate people like you!” Princess Qian Qian wanted to storm away initially, but seeing that her whole body was wet and her clothes were torn, she thought that she couldn’t go home exposing her little butt along the way. This matter would turn disastrous if anyone knew about it. Hence, she could only contain her wrath and receive the clothes as she yelled at Yue Yang angrily.

Yue Yang hurriedly expressed his apology and even guaranteed by patting his chest, “Tigress, don’t be angry, I will take responsibility of you.”

When Princess Qian Qian heard this, she almost fell into the Cloud Peak Lake again.

What the hell, who would want him to take responsibility?

He wanted to take responsibility? Then wouldn’t he benefit more instead… Princess Qian Qian really wanted to cry aloud.

When Princess Qian Qian finished changing and came out, she realized that the brat had gone topless and was roasting a few fishes on a campfire. Seeing this, she really wanted to tie him up on a rod and roast him alive like those fishes instead. But when he passed her a delicious-smelling roasted fish, Princess Qian Qian felt that she was a little hungry. She didn’t try to be polite, instead, she decided to eat her fill before she took revenge on this brat.

“You must not talk about this matter to anyone, especially Luo Hua. If she ever heard about this, I will definitely kill you!”

Princess Qian Qian first ordered him to keep his mouth shut.

She couldn’t do anything else.

She could beat him up, but she was probably not his match in strength; She could scold him, but this brat’s face was thicker than the city’s wall. What could she do to him? Princess Qian Qian was seething in anger, unable to release her fury.

If it weren’t for her charging to him and biting him down, exciting his beastly nature, she would probably not end up in this state.

But he just had to…

It was not his fault alone, she also bear some faults. Princess Qian Qian sighed secretly. All the guys in this world all jumped in fright the moment they saw her. Why then, was this brat completely unafraid of her? Could it be that this brat was truly her nemesis? When she thought about this, Princess Qian Qian couldn’t help but to clench her fist and punched Yue Yang again.

“You have already beaten me up just now, why are you punching me again?” Yue Yang was confused. Why did this tigress suddenly beat him?

“This is the interest!” Princess Qian Qian immediately gave him a bossy look. Why did she need a reason to beat him?

“Which interest is it from? Is it the interest payback from looking at you, or from touching you?” Yue Yang was very strict, just like a banker. He was adamant about making clear of the interest paybacks.

“Interest payback from touching me? You touched me just now?” Princess Qian Qian was confused when she heard him. Why didn’t she feel it just now?

“No, I wanted to but there wasn’t time. But I don’t mind paying in full plus the interest in advance to touch you…” Yue Yang replied very sincerely.

Princess Qian Qian heard this was immediately alarmed when she heard this and hurriedly retreated.

In her heart, she reminded herself never to let this brat had a chance to take advantage of her. When Yue Yang tried to approach her, she immediately retaliated, sending him flying with a punch. However, before she managed to be pleased with herself, she accidentally lost her balance, falling right beside the campfire. She wasn’t injured from the fall, it was just that when she tried to get up and propped herself up with her left palm, she accidentally touched the burnt branches on the campfire. It was so hot that she cried out as she shook her hand in pain.

Yue Yang felt that his blissful sexual life must have been cursed by someone. He had not even started to enjoy it when he encountered the Ice and Fire Catastrophe.

He hurriedly calmed his perverted mind and held Princess Qian Qian’s hands, channeling some Innate Qi to treat her wounds.

Actually, a little burn was nothing much to Princess Qian Qian, who was a warrior. It would heal within a short time.

But she liked Yue Yang’s gentleness. She pretended to be in bad mood on the outside, but she was extremely happy to see him anxiously trying to treat her wounds. She even pouted at him, “I don’t need your help, let go of my hand!”

Yue Yang thought that today might not be an auspicious day, it was really not easy to push girls down.

Touching, pushing down, he’d best refrain from doing it now. He should wait for a suitable time in the future to do it. He didn’t believe that he wouldn’t be able to push this tigress down if he found a big and comfortable bed… Whenever Yue Yang remember the spring blossom that he saw just now, and the feeling he felt when he pinned Princess Qian Qian to the ground, he felt a kind of beastly impulse surging inside him.

“Pervert, wipe your drool!” When Princess Qian Qian saw Yue Yang revealing a perverted expression as he held her hand, she was speechless.

A few moments later, she opened a teleportation scroll, raising a teleportation gate and prepared to leave.

Suddenly, she turned around and like Luo Hua City Mistress, she reached out her fingers to Yue Yang.

Could it be that she wanted to caress his lips just like Luo Hua City Mistress did just now? Yue Yang gulped down his saliva. It would be best if he could kiss Princess Qian Qian farewell. If he could give her a hot, searing kiss, the kind that would split the heaven and earth and haunt her day and night, he would still have some hope to push her down in the future. Princess Qian Qian’s fingers almost seemed like she was going to caress Yue Yang’s lips, rubbing on his cheeks lightly. Electricity shot through his whole body again, as a surge of hot wave filled under his belly. The hot wave turned into raging flames, almost exploding inside him and turning him into a super ultra wolf beast.

“Look at your perverted face!” Princess Qian Qian then suddenly pinched hard on Yue Yang’s cheeks, before bursting out in laughter, “Don’t even think about it, do you think I’ll kiss you farewell like Luo Hua wanted to? Dream on!”

“Really?” Yue Yang hugged Princess Qian Qian suddenly, and with the speed of light, he forced a kiss on her lips. He ain’t gonna care if he was dreaming or not, he would take care of the consequences later after he had kissed her.


Yue Yang used too much force once again, slamming both his lips and nose on Princess Qian Qian’s lips and nose respectively.

Both of them bent down in pain.

Yue Yang’s first reaction was to sigh in his heart: He was really cursed today, it was indeed not his lucky day to push girls down… Princess Qian Qian pouted in pain, “I’ve seen idiots before, but I’ve never seen such an idiot like you before. Pig-head, idiot, I’m not going to talk to you anymore!”

She angrily went into the teleportation gate. Yue Yang realized that his body would often be in a state of going out of control.

Along with his wishes, his body would release a strength close to Innate strength involuntarily.

This was unlike him normally, which was why he kept estimating his strength wrongly… If it was him normally, his pushing down and kiss farewell would have gone extremely smoothly. If he wanted to blame on something, he should blame his own inability to control when he should release his Innate Level 1 strength. This strength was usually concealed, but once Yue Yang tried to use his strength, he would accidentally unleash his innate strength instead. Although Innate Level 1 Strength was not that strong, it was much stronger than the strength that Yue Yang was used to.

“The saying that picking up girls and pushing them down is a technique was really true.” Yue Yang laughed out. Although he had failed this time, he was also quite successful.

He had almost pushed Princess Qian Qian down, but she wasn’t angry at his perverted nature, she was only angry at his beastly actions.

That showed that she liked him in her heart, even if it was only a little.

This time he had failed at pushing down, but because of the things that happened today, he should be able to push her down in the future. As long as he found the right time and place, choose the right feeling and atmosphere. This tigress wouldn’t be able to run away…

Yue Yang’s mood turned for the better, as he grabbed onto Xing Meng’s corpse and returned back into the cave. He lined Xing Meng, Gu Zhui and Duke Xian’s corpses altogether, then summoned his Thorny Flower Little Demoness out.

It seemed like the Thorny Flower Demoness had grown a little more. Her biggest transformation was that the vine that grew on her little, tender butt had disappeared.

When she was summoned, she immediately ran about the whole space, especially cheerful and enthusiastic.

Yue Yang had actually prepared to give her some clothes, but who would know that the Little Flower Demoness didn’t like to wear clothes at all? She also didn’t know how to wear it, as she clumsily tried to wear her pants on her head instead. Yue Yang sweated speechless when he saw this and quickly helped her to wear her clothes himself, becoming a babysitter. Her secondary stalk had already swallowed Xing Meng’s and Gu Zhui’s corpses. As for Duke Xian’s body, it was as if the secondary stalk hated it. The Little Flower Demoness hesitated for a long while before finally summoning a bag of spore and plant it inside Duke Xian’s corpse, allowing it to grow inside his body. The spore grew to become a Level 3 Giant Thorny Flower, before it reached its roots out and joined together with the Little Flower Demoness’ cluster of flowers…

Duke Xian’s corpse could only add another Giant Thorny Flower? Yue Yang sweated.

“He was a thousand year old tortoise spirit after all, I had a hard time killing him. Even if he’s not nice to eat, you shouldn’t waste food!” Yue Yang wanted to spank this Little Thorny Flower Demoness’ butt who was extremely picky with food.

Yue Yang decided to rest inside the cave for half a day, allowing the Little Thorny Flower Demoness to consume the excess energy.

At the same time, Yue Yang also practiced to control his Innate Level 1 strength. He had no problems concealing it and lifting his limitations, it was just that he would accidentally lose control and use his innate strength at times. After practicing for a while, he summoned the Bloody Queen out and taught her to speak. He also tried to ask her about the location of the mysterious godly treasure that she knew about… Bloody Queen was still stammering in her speech, she was still not that adept in speaking and conveying her meaning. After Yue Yang consolidated all of her report, he reckoned that there was a hidden path on the Hanging Pavilion that leads to a teleportation circle. This teleportation circle would teleport them to the secret treasure, but there were extremely strong monsters protecting the treasures. The Bloody Queen couldn’t describe these monsters, so it seemed like she had never gone there too. Only her mother had ever gone to that secret treasure.

After finishing all these, Yue Yang took Hui Tai Lang, who was disguised as Bronze-ranked Level 3, and returned to the Academy.

However, Grandma Wu Teng was not present.

The old cunning fox was also not in the Academy. Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the Li Clan Brothers had already followed the eagle-eyed Xia Hou Wei Lie to train, so Yue Yang decided to bring Yue Bing back to Yue Clan Castle.

He was preparing to show off to the whole clan the scene where Yue Shuang succeeded in contracting a grimoire, helping the Fourth House to take their pride back.

Previously, his strength was not enough and he was also not very knowledgeable on the world of Soaring Dragon Continent, hence he was not able to go berserk as much as he liked.

Now that he had reached Innate Level 1, if his First Uncle Yue Shan, Second Uncle Yue Ling or any other people with bad intentions dared to pick a fight with him, he wouldn’t stand on courtesy with them anymore. For Fourth Mother, he must create the most miraculous worldly miracle, so that others would be thoroughly shocked!

Looking at the towering Yue Clan Castle, the corner of Yue Yang’s mouth curved up into a smile.

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