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LLS Chapter 180 – Saving Luo Hua, performing CPR!

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Chapter 180 – Saving Luo Hua, performing CPR!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Yue Yang immediately moved closer. He had actually wanted to look at the wound on the mysterious beauty’s chest.

The mysterious beauty’s face turned into 囧.

If it weren’t for his face that was filled with concern and anxiousness, she would have already used her Ancient Book to send him flying over to ninth clouds and above. She blocked Yue Yang with her hands and tried to explain gently, “I’m okay, my heart wasn’t injured, so the injury is not life-threatening. I was just hypnotized by the enemy just now, I lost all the strength in my body and fell into a semi-unconsciousness, unable to get out from the mental trap.”

“It’s good that you’re okay…” Yue Yang heaved a sigh of relief.

So turned out that the Phoenix Fairy Beauty was just scaring him. She didn’t really kill the mysterious beauty, she was only trying to make him angry.

He was provoked to the point that he completely went berserk and lost all of his reason, so what had actually happened afterwards? Was it the mysterious beautiful teacher who had ample bosoms who had driven Phoenix Fairy Beauty out? The reason that he was Innate Level 1, was it because he went berserk just now and hence managed to break through a new level? It seemed like Phoenix Fairy Beauty didn’t really do anything bad to him. She only used her peculiar ability to cast an illusion and provoke his wrath, making him breakthrough Innate Level 1.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty should neither be relative nor a friend to him. Why would she do that then?

Yue Yang couldn’t understand, but he felt that Phoenix Fairy Beauty, this woman with gigantic breasts, was extremely frightening. She could even send him flying like a bullet with her gigantic breasts. Yue Yang sweated profusely.

“I’m going now.” The mysterious beauty saw that Yue Yang was deep in thoughts. She suddenly bidded him farewell.

“You have suffered from serious internal injuries, so you will have to rest properly. Stay in bed and don’t go anywhere else.” Of course, Yue Yang was unwilling to see the little beauty off, he hadn’t even asked for her name. Maybe this girl was really Miss Xue. If that was so, he would definitely explain to her clearly that the matter of their engagement cancellation was a plot done by someone else, he didn’t know about it at all. Yue Yang felt that even if it was an Engagement Cancellation Letter written by the pitiful guy himself, he wouldn’t admit that it was him. No matter what, he wouldn’t let this girl go, he wouldn’t let her walk away from his palms.

“Don’t bother about me.” The mysterious beauty was a little resistant towards Yue Yang’s concern to her, but she immediately softened her tone: “I am fine. You should go and look after Qian Qian and Luo Hua!”

“Wait a minute, could you perhaps tell me your name?” Yue Yang thought that she wouldn’t answer him, but he couldn’t help but ask her about it.

He really wanted to know this mysterious beauty who loved to read books and stalk him.

Who was she actually?

Was she Miss Xue or another person?

Was she stalking him because she had an engagement with the pitiful guy before or was it because she was curious about him? Was she ordered by someone or was she tailing him on her own will?

Everything was a bunch of mystery. Yue Yang hoped to clear the fog and understand the truth. Even if he could only know a little more about her, it would be better than guessing in the dark like this. Of course, he also knew that with this girl’s personality, she probably wouldn’t tell him anything. However, if he could dig out even a little bit of secret, he wouldn’t let the opportunity go.

With regards to Yue Yang’s question, the mysterious beauty acted as if she didn’t hear anything. Instead, she stood up, turned around and immediately left.

Yue Yang immediately charged towards her and asked, “Why did you save me that time?”

“Why don’t you tell me about your secret then? Everyone has their own secrets…” The mysterious beauty turned around and smiled. Her smile was silent and didn’t really show in her expression. However, her eyes that were as clear as springwater was smiling, immediately filling Yue Yang’s heart to the brim. He never thought that her smile would have such a powerful charm over him. It was as if he suddenly saw a ray of light in his darkness and loneliness, illuminating his whole heart.

Yue Yang’s heartbeat accelerated by a hundred more beats per minute.

He felt like she was his first love. He always wanted to talk to her, but his mouth would stammer and he couldn’t say anything in the end. He could only look at her dazedly.

The mysterious beauty turned around and waved her little, snow-white hands lightly, bidding her farewell.

As a light breeze flowed from her body, she disappeared from Yue Yang’s sight… She was just like a Wind Snow Elf who came and went soundlessly, but she was also like a mysterious fairy who brought about light into Yue Yang’s life!

He must never miss such a girl. He must succeed in winning her over and add her to his harem, Yue Yang held his fist tight as he decided his heart.

“If you are not willing to let her go, you should just chase after her. Just leave me and Luo Hua here to die,” Princess Qian Qian’s voice was extremely weak, but the jealousy in her voice was enough to flood the whole mountain cave. It could even drown Yue Yang alive.
(Shiro: note that drink vinegar = jealous in Chinese. Here, it could also be translated as ‘the vinegar in her voice was enough to flood the whole mountain cave’)

“Your Highness the Princess, are you alright?” Yue Yang had only noticed that Princess Qian Qian was still stuck inside the mountain wall at this moment. He hurriedly leapt over to her to help her out.

“Don’t come here. Find me some clothes…” It’s not that Princess Qian Qian couldn’t come out herself, it was just that Phoenix Fairy Beauty had shattered her clothes completely.

Although she had an outspoken and straightforward personality, she couldn’t let Yue Yang see her body naked.

Hence, she continued to hide inside the concave space in the mountain wall.

Of course, she was also gravely injured and was thoroughly exhausted to the point that she almost collapsed. She also didn’t have any strength to move.

Yue Yang hurriedly gave her Yue Bing’s clothes, taking them from his Lich Ring. They might not fit her perfectly, but it was better than nothing.

If they had gone according to what Yue Yang had thought secretly in his heart instead, Princess Qian Qian would be better off walking around naked. However, he thought that it would be difficult for this wish of his to be realized. The purpose of the naked Princess Qian Qian was to allow him to have an unobstructed view of her body. But she might try to kill him to prevent him talking to others about it, or start crying loudly and drown the whole of Soaring Dragon Continent with her tears… Yue Yang definitely wanted to push her down in his heart, but it was a little difficult to do now. The best thing to do was to pretend that he was a good boy and reduce the defense she had in her heart. If he wanted to push this wild tigress down, he could only do it at the time when the defense in her heart was at its lowest and when they were not in a situation where they have to be alert.

“Close your eyes!” Princess Qian Qian warned Yue Yang not to peek, otherwise she would let him know the power of her little white teeth. Let’s see if she wouldn’t bite him to death!

“Don’t worry, I’m a good boy… I guarantee that I will not peek.” Yue Yang showed his sincerity.

He was not going to peek, he was going to watch her openly and blatantly instead.

Princess Qian Qian knew that this brat was a pervert, so she had already covered her breasts and the part below with her hands. Other than glaring at him with her tigress eyes, she had even bared her white teeth.

She thought that if she hid inside the dark concave mountain wall, Yue Yang wouldn’t be able to see her body clearly.

Unfortunately, she didn’t know that Yue Yang had shared Empress Fei Wen Li’s [Night Vision] ability… Of course, Yue Yang pretended not being able to see anything on the surface as he gave the clothes to Princess Qian Qian. He awaited in anticipation for the tigress to reach her hands out and take the clothes from his hands, therefore reveling her body.

“Put the clothes down, then scram.” Princess Qian Qian saw that this brat had almost drooled a waterfall, so she knew that he had taken advantage of her. Turned out that this brat could actually see her body!

“I didn’t see anything! I didn’t see your slender waist nor your long legs, I completely didn’t see anything,” Yue Yang wanted to prove that he was innocent.

“Wipe your drool!” Princess Qian Qian really couldn’t stand this brat. He was obviously a pervert yet he tried to act like a good boy. How could there be such a shameless person like him in this world?

Yue Yang was afraid that this tigress would suddenly grab onto a boulder and smash it to his head, so he didn’t dare to stay longer. He immediately put the clothes down and ran away hurriedly.

Returning to Luo Hua City Mistress’ side, he carried the sleeping Luo Hua City Mistress up.

Suddenly, his face went pale.

He realized that Luo Hua City Mistress had no heartbeat…

Heavens, Luo Hua must not die, he still wanted to be the first man to push her down! Yue Yang was scared to death as he hurriedly lay Luo Hua City Mistress’ body on a rock with flat surface. He reached his hands out to check her breathing, but found that she wasn’t breathing too.

It seemed like Luo Hua City Mistress had been too gravely injured. Her injuries were also not treated for a long time, hence her body had become too weak and her heart had stopped from shock.

If he didn’t perform CPR and chest compressions on her right now, this girl would definitely die!

“Don’t scare me, don’t scare me, quickly wake up!” Yue Yang was so scared that his heart almost exploded. He was so anxious that he almost went insane. How could he watch Luo Hua die and do nothing? Yue Yang punched himself, “Calm down, calm down, think about what you should do… CPR, chest compressions, I can do it, I can do it!”

Yue Yang took a deep breath, and tried his best to calm down.

He first lay Luo Hua City Mistress’ body flatly as he thought about how to perform CPR on her. His hands trembled as he opened her lower jaw, pinched Luo Hua City Mistress’ nose, then took in a deep breath and blew it onto her small mouth. After he blew a few mouthful of air into her, Yue Yang saw that Luo Hua City Mistress’ chest was moving up and down. He hurriedly stopped as he remembered that he wasn’t supposed to blow too much… The proportion of blowing and chest compressions was supposed to be 2 to 30, it seemed like he had blown too many times… As for his hands that were on her chest, under his nervousness, Yue Yang didn’t even remember to do anything else.

Seemed like he was supposed to put the heels of his palms on top of each other and interlock his fingers.

He couldn’t remember the other things.

Yue Yang realized that his hands were trembling hard, so he hurriedly breathed to calm himself down. He must not use too much force and break Luo Hua City Mistress’ ribs in the end.

“Wake up, Luo Hua, you are not this weak! You are a City Mistress right? Don’t die so easily like this! Quickly wake up. Don’t you like flowers? I’ll give you more flowers in the future, you can ask for whatever flower that you want, as long as you wake up… Don’t die, I beg you, don’t scare me!” Yue Yang tried to press for a few times and felt that he wasn’t pressing with enough power. He immediately tried to increase his strength as he continued to press on Luo Hua City Mistress’ chest, all the while calling out to her, hoping to wake her up.

After pressing for a few dozen times, Yue Yang realized that Luo Hua City Mistress’ heart still had no reaction.

He did another round of CPR and chest compression on her, but she didn’t turn for the better, her heart and breathing was still not present.

Yue Yang realized that her heart had stopped for too long, and his hands started to tremble harder. He remembered what he had learnt before. If there was not enough supply of oxygen into her brain and her brain continued to be lacking in oxygen for more than ten minutes, it would cause an irreversible damage.

“Don’t die, I beg you, can’t you be a little stronger?” Yue Yang tried to use his Innate Qi to stimulate Luo Hua City Mistress’ heart, but he only added vitality to her heart, he didn’t feel her heart starting to beat. Yue Yang was almost driven mad. How could Innate Qi be useless to stimulate her heart too? Was this really the end? No, Luo Hua City Mistress must not die…

“There’s nothing that I can’t do. I will definitely save you, I will!” Yue Yang took out his Dragon Slaying Dagger and tore Luo Hua City Mistress’ clothes in one move. He was about to cut a hole on her snow-white chest and reach his hands inside, performing a heart massage inside her body.

A pair of flawless, unblemished mounds bounced out as Luo Hua City Mistress’ clothes were torn. The peaks were round and white like snow mounds. Her small cherries were tender and pink, incomparably beautiful.

But Yue Yang didn’t have time to ogle at these, his mind was completely set on saving Luo Hua City Mistress.

As long as she could live, Yue Yang would rather live his whole life with a bad reputation.

He didn’t mind being called a pervert as long as she could live. She could just scold him later on… As long as she could live, he didn’t care about any other things at all! She must definitely live on…

In order to steal Luo Hua City Mistress back from the clutches of the Grim Reaper, Yue Yang became so anxious that his eyes almost turned red. He had almost lost all of his reason.

Suddenly, one hand reached out and stopped Yue Yang’s wrist.

It was Princess Qian Qian.

Princess Qian Qian was shocked when she saw Yue Yang holding his Dragon Slaying Dagger over Luo Hua City Mistress. She cried, “What are you doing?”

Yue Yang replied anxiously, “I’m not killing her, I wanted to save her. I’m saving her, do you understand? I want to open her chest and massage her heart directly. Luo Hua, she, she doesn’t have a heartbeat and she wasn’t breathing. You do CPR on her… She must not die, I will definitely not let her die so easily like this! Ah, right, can you summon a beast that can shoot electricity? A weak one will do, it must not be too strong…”

“I only have one beast, my Guardian Beast!” Princess Qian Qian was shocked at the frantic Yue Yang, and cried out, “Electricity? Cutting open her chest? Are you sure that’s a method to save a person?”

“You can shock her heart with electricity. That will stimulate her heart to start beating again…” Yue Yang couldn’t explain to Princess Qian Qian in detail; he also had no time to do so.

“But…” Princess Qian Qian had not even finished speaking when Yue Yang started to raise his Dragon Slaying Dagger.

If he couldn’t use the defibrillator method, he could only cut her chest open and massage her heart directly.

If this continued on, he wouldn’t be able to save Luo Hua City Mistress. She must definitely not die. He couldn’t just stand here, do nothing and watch her die!

Princess Qian Qian held Yue yang’s wrist in a deathly grip as she cried out anxiously, “Idiot, she’s only in a death-like coma! She turned her body into that state in order to minimize the damage on her body. It’s not what you think! You idiot, don’t cut her chest open…”
(Shiro: Sorry, I mistranslated a few chapters back. Luo Hua’s Snow Fox was in a death-like coma, not fake death)

When Yue Yang heard this, his worry, fear and frenzy all disappeared. Yue Yang was stunned for a moment, but soon joy spread across his face.

So it turned out that Luo Hua City Mistress was in a death-like coma, it was not as if her life was really in danger.

Yue Yang didn’t know too much about death-like coma, he only knew that some beasts had that kind of ability. However, he immediately felt at ease. He looked at Princess Qian Qian excitedly and asked happily, “Really?” When Princess Qian Qian nodded assuredly, Yue Yang finally heaved a sigh of relief. He felt a kind of mad rush of joy and happiness that could fill the whole of heaven and earth. He immediately relaxed and laid his whole body on the ground, closing his eyes full of emotions, “She’s not dead, thank god…”

“You idiot!” Princess Qian Qian was both angry and humored at the same time, but seeing Yue Yang’s face who immediately relaxed after being so anxious and nervous, she felt moved.

Although this brat was a little stupid and liked to lie, he had a sincere heart.

He sincerely wanted to save others.

It was just that his method really made her sweat to death.

When she remembered that he wanted to cut open Luo Hua City Mistress’ chest with his Dragon Slaying Dagger and massage her heart, Princess Qian Qian did not know what to say.

Finally, she reached her hand out, touched his chest lightly and used an extremely gentle tone that even she herself had never heard before, assuring him: “Everything’s alright, don’t worry. Everyone knew how to take care of themselves…” However, when she said this, Princess Qian Qian thought that she shouldn’t be too nice to this brat, so she punched him again. “Idiot, I’ve never seen an idiot like you. I’ve also never heard about such a useless method of cutting chests open and massaging the heart inside. Do you want to save her or kill her? You are doing this on purpose, aren’t you?”

Yue Yang had also realized that he was in deep shit this time. He jumped in fright as he quickly jumped up, then quickly run away as he frantically shook his hand, “There really is that kind of method, I am the one who invented it! I did not do it on purpose, I only wanted to save her, wahhh…!”

Seeing Princess Qian Qian was about to get angry, he immediately escaped out of the Heaven’s Line Cave.

Looking at his miserable escaping figure, Princess Qian Qian suddenly laughed.

She helped Luo Hua City Mistress who was on her death-like coma to cover her exposed breasts, whispering softly, “Seems like he was really worried about you…”

Ten minutes later, Princess Qian Qian carried Luo Hua City Mistress and got out of the Heaven’s Line Cave.

Yue Yang gathered his guts as he tried to feel for Luo Hua City Mistress’ pulse. He realized that there was a weak pulse, but it was still a pulse nonetheless, so he could finally be sure that Luo Hua City Mistress was fine. As he breathed a sigh of relief, he tried to explain to Princess Qian Qian, “I really wasn’t doing it on purpose just now. Maybe my method is wrong, but there really is such a method. In any case, I didn’t tear her clothes on purpose…”

“It’s useless to explain. It’s certain now, you are a big pervert and a sis-con!” Princess Qian Qian harrumphed.

“Ugh, it’s okay if you call me a big pervert, but I’m really not a sis-con…” Yue Yang felt that he was a little bit misjudged. Why did she call him a sis-con?

“Then why would you have Yue Bing’s clothes?” Princess Qian Qian glared at him with her tigress eyes.

“We were training together previously, I was afraid she doesn’t have a change of clothes, so I helped her buy some.” Yue Yang felt that he was only doing what a good brother should be doing. Must he be criticized in doing so?

“Then how would you know what her undergarments sizes are?” When Princess Qian Qian asked this, Yue Yang was speechless. It wouldn’t be possible for him to say that he had received some education from watching romance action movies made by the beautiful actresses of some island. With regards to women’s body study, he would be able to estimate their sizes with close to 80-90% accuracy as long as he had seen it once. He had hugged and carried Yue Bing before, and she hasn’t been growing much too, so it would be weird if he could buy the wrong size… Yue Yang couldn’t explain it to Princess Qian Qian, so he could only deny it softly: “I’m really not a sis-con!”

“Can you speak it with more confidence?” Princess Qian Qian realized that she liked watching him act this way, because his reaction was really interesting. It was so funny that she had to use all of her effort to stop herself from laughing out loud.

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