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LLS Chapter 179 – Beauty Beautiful As Ever

Chapter 179 – Beauty Beautiful As Ever
Translated by: Yunichan
Edited by: Shiro, Rango
TLCed by: Shiro

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Within the cave, the ice and snow started to slowly melt.

The Giant Xing Meng suddenly roared, and the ice on his body exploded. Frozen, he collapsed on the ground and could only recover after a long while. When he stood up, he discovered that both Yue Yang and Luo Hua City Mistress had fallen on the ground inside the cave, unconscious. Elated, he shouted, “In the end, this mission would still be completed by me, Xing Meng! Haha! Gu Zhui and Duke Xian have already died in battle, and Ding Zang is just a cowardly weakling, they are not fit to share the fruits of victory with me!”

He leaped in front of Yue Yang and raised his Wolf Teeth Gauntlet, preparing to send a killing blow downwards at him.

Suddenly, he sensed that there seemed to be somebody behind him and was shocked.

Turning his head, he discovered a fluffy and adorable little loli lamia that was blinking her huge eyes while looking at him. She looked extremely adorable, but the power with which she moved scared Xing Meng stiff.

That fluffy and adorable Little Loli was holding two small and exquisite icicle blades in her hands.

With just a light slash, Xing Meng realised that his right leg had been chopped off silently and the wound had been completely frozen in a split second.

“Argh!” Xing Meng was shocked. His body definitely couldn’t be considered weak at all. Then how could one slash be sharp enough to remove his leg? How was this even possible? Even the Giant Mountain Splitting Axe could not hurt his skin… Wait, those must be Divine Army Weapons!

Xing Meng was so frightened that he fled for his life without looking back.

Hopping frantically with one leg, he heaved his body up with his arms as he climbed the rocks, escaping from the cave entrance of the Heaven’s Line Cave in an undignified manner, being extremely afraid that the little loli lamia would chase him down.

However, the little loli lamia did not give chase. She merely took out a dark golden bow that was larger than her body, her fingers dancing across it as she pulled it. Numerous flashes of lightning gathered, forming a ball of explosive lightning streaks, whizzing towards Xing Meng’s back.

There was a loud rumbling sound.

As if struck by lightning, Xing Meng was blasted away mid-air, as lacerating wounds opened on his back. His entire body was burnt to the colour of charcoal-black.

Disoriented, he fell down from mid-air, rolling on the bumpy cliff, knocking into snow piles and shattered rocks along the way. When he came back to his senses, he was already enroute to the Cloud Peak Lake under the valley. He was so scared that he immediately tried to grab the rock walls, slightly reducing his falling momentum……

After much expended effort and difficulty, Xing Meng managed to break his fall. He crawled down from the edge of the cliff.

Looking at his reflection in the lake water, he realized that he had become a roasted pig, the type that was charred, because all his skin had become charcoal.

“I will definitely take my revenge for this!” Xing Meng was furious. He wanted to take revenge immediately after he recovered from his injuries and this time, he would definitely fight his enemies to the death. If he could not take them head on, he could secretly get help from his family and friends. In any case, he would make his move as soon as he had the opportunity to do so. Moreover, there was somebody providing information for him, so he was not afraid that he would not have this opportunity. After being reduced to this one-eyed and one-legged state, Xing Meng was especially fuming with rage.

“Woof!” The sound of a strange dog bark suddenly sounded from behind him.

“Shitty dog, scram!” Xing Meng realized that there was a demon wolf which sported an entire body of injuries. Perhaps it had sniffed the blood on his body, hence there was a hint of bloodlust in its eyes. Xing Meng was furious. Even a Bronze-ranked Level 3 Demon Wolf dared to target him? If not for his painful wounds that made him reluctant to make even small movements, he could have used just a single hand to crush it to death.

“Meow…” The severely wounded Demon Wolf suddenly changed itself to sound like a cat, taking two steps closer at the same time.

“Its also good to eat some dog meat to supplement my recovery!” Xing Meng laughed coldly as he stood up, preparing to finish off this odd severely injured Demon Wolf with one punch.


Suddenly, a dark golden Summoning Rune appeared on the Demon Wolf’s forehead. Strange runes also flashed in its eyes.

Its body rapidly changed shape and started growing large.

A raging black flame started to burn. This was followed by the appearance of a pillar of dark golden light that morphed into the figure of an enormous Giant Golden Wolf. The Giant Golden Wolf then diffused into the body of the Demon Wolf. There was an ear-splitting howl and the Demon Wolf’s black flame exploded into a storm like the breaking out of a flash flood. Even Giant Xing Meng, standing upright on one leg, could not help but be forced to hop back.

Black smoke rose up in spirals and dissipated into the air. The Demon’s Wolf black flame turned into a dark golden Black Hellfire, which converged into a ball, burning continuously.

What appeared in front of Xing Meng was a Three-headed Demon Wolf that emitted dark golden Black Hellfire around its neck and down its spine. Out of the three heads, the middle one was the largest, the other two was slightly smaller. Each of the Three-headed Demon Wolf’s foreheads had a unique Summoning Rune on it.

The aura that it gave out resembled that of a Demon King descending…

“This wolf can actually control its transformation? Isn’t this a Gold-ranked Level 5 ‘Cerberus’? No, that can’t be, this should be an Ancient beast, the World Destroying Demon Wolf. Even if there are two more heads, it definitely must be an Ancient Demon Wolf! ” Xing Meng felt his head was going to explode. It was better for him to avoid Ancient Demon Wolves, which knew how to conceal their true strength and could control the transformation of its body. Luckily, it was not very high-leveled, otherwise he would have been turned into dog food.




The three heads all made different sounds, but the six wolfish eyes expressed a kind of bloodlust that revealed one single word: Food!

Xing Meng hurriedly hopped two steps backwards, trying as much as possible to reduce the sound he made. Gently, he carefully reached into his torso and took a large Demon Crystal. Throwing it on the ground, he said. “Dog-kun, be good and eat the Demon Crystal. Human meat is not nice to eat. If one is not enough, I’ll give you another one!”

However, the terrifying Demon Wolf did not even look at the Demon Crystal. With one paw, it sent the Demon Crystal that was intended as a bribe flying away, and pounced forward to Xing Meng with the speed of lightning.

What ensued were cries of pain and howls of suffering…

At Heaven’s Line Cave.

When Yue Yang woke up, he realized that his entire body that was filled with wounds had healed without his knowledge.

His body contained powerful and abundant amounts of Spiritual Qi.

When he sat up, he realized that there was a kind of uncontrollable strength that shot him up into midair when he was just trying to sit up. After much effort, he only barely managed to control it a little. He remembered that he had gone berserk when he saw the Phoenix Fairy kill the three girls. Why haven’t he died? Furthermore, how did he had a breakthrough instead? Yue Yang realized that his body now possessed a powerful source of strength that was hard to control. It felt like he shake the whole mountain with a punch and create a river with a kick. Landing on the ground, Yue Yang did not manage to control the amount of force he exerted and both of his feet actually smashed into the stone surface, burying him deep into the rocks. The hard and solid rocks felt as soft as tofu… Yue Yang staggered as he almost fell down. As he placed his hand on the rock walls to steady himself, he had not even used an ounce of strength when the rocks were immediately smashed, leaving five deep traces of a hand.

Yue Yang saw the mysterious beauty lying on the ground. Wanting to rush over to save her, his two feet exerted strength and his entire body shot into the rock walls like an artillery shell.

With a loud rumbling sound, he was buried deep within the rock.

This speed was more than ten times faster than before.

Yue Yang was unable to successfully control his newly attained strength. At the same time, he was also extremely puzzled. When did he become this strong?

Was this done by the Phoenix Fairy?

“They’re fine. Come up, I have something to tell you.” A clear voice travelled down from the entrance of the Heaven Line Cave. On hearing this, Yue Yang thought this voice was very familiar, but he could not remember where he had heard it before.

With one leap, at super speed, there was not enough time for Yue Yang to turn and he smashed into the rocks, coming out of the other side with a thundering rumble.

He jumped out of the smashed rocks in an undignified manner. Only now did he realize that in front of him, there was a mysterious lady who was wearing a snow-white, skin tight and waist-tight dragon leather outfit, showing off her small, delicate and lovely shoulders. Even though he could only see her back, an eureka moment flashed within Yue Yang’s heart. He called out in sudden realisation. “It’s you!”

This mysterious beauty was the beautiful oneesama with snow-white breasts whom he had met at the Shang Wu Camp before entering Tong Tian Tower. She was the one who gave Yue Yang a Crystal Card. At the same time, she was also the Introducer for Yue Yang’s entrance into Tong Tian Tower. This was an extremely mysterious beauty whom Yue Yang couldn’t find anything about, no matter who he tried to ask. Nobody would tell him even the smallest details about her.

As for those who knew her personally, their faces changed and they rapidly changed the subject when she was mentioned.

Even the old cunning fox only laughed awkwardly and sealed his lips.

Who on earth was she?

Even the Night Empress, who was one of the esteemed Heavenly Imperial Guardians of Tian Luo Empire, spoke of her with a hint of jealousy. From this, one could tell that this beauty oneesan with G-cup breast was extremely strong!

“I know that you have been looking for me and perhaps you have many questions for me.” The mysterious beautiful oneesan did not turn back her head, but merely spoke gently. “There are many things that would constitute a burden for you if you know about them now, that’s why I did not tell you anything… But if you want to listen, I can always tell you. Just that when you know of it, perhaps you won’t be as happy-go-lucky as you are now.”

“Then let me ask you a few questions!” Yue Yang did not want to know the truth only to be saddled with some sort of responsibility. He was only a little curious and meddlesome, hence he asked, “Can you tell me who you are?”

“I am your Introducer to Tong Tian Tower.” The mysterious beautiful oneesan replied lightly.

“What is an Introducer then?” Yue Yang did not understand.

“Hmm, an Introducer is about equivalent to a master or mentor, but you don’t need to formally become my apprentice. I will just give you guidance that you need in an entirely free capacity, which you don’t need to repay. I would also not force you to learn anything in particular. If the day comes when you don’t need me as an Introducer anymore, you can break away from this relationship. Actually, all Rankers have a predecessor (sempai) as an Introducer, you are not the only one.” The beautiful oneesan nodded her head slightly.

“But you didn’t teach me anything!” Yue Yang sweated, wasn’t this type of Introducer too irresponsible?

“Last time, I had a clever and quick-witted little sister with extremely good potential. I wished from the bottom of my heart that she would level up fast and not take any detours, becoming the Strongest Ranker as early as possible. Hence, I arranged a practice route that was most suitable for her, giving her the most suitable beast and best treasures. I gave her the best for every single thing, and followed everything according to her wishes… But ultimately, she chose a path that I never imagined her to take. After leveling up to become the Strongest Ranker, she immediately broke off relations with me, and fell out with me. She thought that my arrangements were some sort of mistake, that restricted all her freedom in life, that made her feel that everything was planned for her… After that, I reflected on my actions. Perhaps she was right, and freedom is the most important thing in this world. I gave you nothing, but I gave you freedom. You don’t need to accept my arrangements or my missions, you possess the ultimate freedom of will and life. You don’t need to train to a certain realm or be under the pressure of competitive rankings like others… I hope that you would be happy, live happily, train happily, and do what makes you happy. No matter what you do is right or wrong, I will not interfere. You got stronger because of your own hard work. Hence, I may not be fulfilling my responsibility as an Introducer, but you are free!” The beautiful oneesan slowly raised an example, her voice gradually become softer.

“Freedom is good, but not saying a thing at all is also not good.” Yue Yang thought that it was certainly good to be free, but it was also not wrong to have somebody guiding him.

“What do you wish to know?” The beautiful oneesan asked.

“Ah, for example, the current state of my body. What’s happening?” Yue Yang felt that his strength increased a lot but he did not know how to control it. This gave him a huge headache.

“Your body’s current state is at Level One of the [Innate] realm. In such a state, living in Soaring Dragon Continent will cause you some trouble, because what you touch will be destroyed. When you hug a loved one, he or she may suffer a bone fracture. Hence after reaching the [Innate] realm, you can’t live in Soaring Dragon Continent if you don’t know how to control it.” The beautiful oneesan suddenly laughed.

Her laughter was soft, but extremely pleasant sounding.

It was like a light wind brushing across one’s face, so gentle that it rejuvenated people’s minds and bodies.

“Then what can I do?” Yue Yang now felt that it was important to have an Introducer. Simply relying on himself to comprehend things would take too long.

“Normal people will first learn how to control their strength. After learning the [Presence Concealing] Skill, they will then slowly level up to [Innate]. You, however, are a little different from them. You are still a kid who doesn’t know anything, yet you have already levelled up to the [Innate] realm and become Level One of [Innate] in one go. That’s why you ended up with the current situation. Now, you possess the strength of a Level 9 [Saint], but you are using the kind of strength a Level 6 [Elder] would use to control it. Of course that will be impossible.” The beautiful oneesan still did not turn her head. She only extended her hand backward, her white fingers lightly touching between Yue Yang’s eyebrows.

A knowledge gently wove itself into Yue Yang’s brain, enabling him to suddenly see the light.

So that’s how it is…

An entirely new knowledge emerged within Yue Yang’s brain.

At the same time, it combined with his current state, blending and integrating, until it became an enlightenment of wisdom as he achieved perfect understanding.

Summoning his Qi, using this method of concealing his energy, Yue Yang immediately found that all the strength in his body had been perfectly sealed within his body. It slept quietly, waiting for him to awaken it when he needed it… In a split second, his body returned to his previous state. The feeling of exercising perfect control over his actions came back again.

He moved his limbs about a little, realising that it’s more of a blessing to be a normal person.

After becoming [Innate], whatever he touched smashed into pieces. That sort of life was really too terrifying.

Luckily he was outside. If he was inside the Ivy Academy or at home, he might injure Yue Bing or little Yue Shuang if he pulled or touched them.

His current state was the best. He could just be a normal person at normal times, but during battles, when he need to lift the restraint on his strength, he could remove the seal and battle with the strength of an [Innate]. This would kill two birds with one stone!

“There are certain things which are better left unsaid. Even though you may be confused and muddleheaded, but you could slowly fumble about and level up and also be able to comprehend. Additionally, within the various realms and environments, you will meet all sorts of people. Interacting, learning and training with them would enable you to slowly learn as well. Isn’t this process even more interesting? Also, you are a little man, you also have your own pride. You probably don’t want other people to restrict you too much. So whatever you want to know, I’ll tell you next time! Train hard, I’ll come back to find you after a year…… ” The beautiful oneesan seemed to be prepared to leave.

“Wait, beautiful mentor, what’s your name?” Yue Yang hurriedly asked for the beautiful oneesan’s name.

“Names are not on the agenda of the Introducer. If you really want to know, after you get to the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower, you will see a Warrior Ranking Board. The one on top is my name.” The beautiful oneesan almost made Yue Yang burst in curiousity.

“So how strong are you?” Yue Yang thought that if she was very strong, then he would also benefit from his association with her. Next time, if he saw people like the Phoenix Fairy, he could throw out her name to scare the other party. Wasn’t she a mere ‘Sky Law’? His own mentor was a pro that was ranked first on the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower’s Warrior Ranking Board… The beautiful oneesan smiled as if she saw through what Yue Yang was thinking. “There’s also another Ranking Board at Ninth Floor of Tong Tian Tower.”

“You’re still at the top of the ranking?” Yue Yang was so surprised that he almost fainted.

“There’s no top ranking for that Ranking Board, because those ranked at the top have never officially battled each other. In other words, I am one of those ranked in front.” The beautiful oneesan’s words almost made Yue Yang fall flat onto the ground, what was the difference between this and being the top?

“My last question: Beautiful mentor, do you have a boyfriend?” Yue Yang was extremely suitable in moonlighting as paparazzi, because he was extremely meddlesome.

“If there’s a human guy who’s able to break through Tenth Floor of Tong Tian Tower and enter into the Eleventh Floor, I may consider him a little. After all, living alone for a thousand years has been a little lonely.” The beautiful oneesan’s words held very strong hints and almost hooked Yue Yang’s attention away. But what made Yue Yang almost faint was that this beautiful oneesan who did not look any older than twenty years old was actually a thousand year old witch…… Forget it, even Bai Suzhen had to train for a thousand years to become Madame White Snake. Also, as compared to Empress Fei Wen Li, this was nothing. One of her naps would take ten thousand years, that was even scarier!
(Shiro: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legend_of_the_White_Snake)

Yue Yang saw the beautiful oneesan drew a line in the air and immediately create a tear in space, then disappeared into it. Yue Yang was no longer shocked, his heart was already numb with enough shock for a lifetime.

In comparison, the Demon King Ha Xin who was still restricted by the confines of space was a little tragic.

Yue Yang felt that it was fine even if Demon King Ha Xin was tragic. This fellow was his opponent anyway. People like the beautiful oneesan was active around places like the Ninth and Tenth Floor of Tong Tian Tower. The Demon King Ha Xin would at most be labouring about in Tong Tian Tower’s seventh or eighth level. If he could see the corner of the beautiful oneesan’s skirt, he should be happy with it.

However, after Yue Yang calculated his odds for a while, he discovered that even if he possessed the strength of Innate Level One, he still could not defeat the haughty and overbearing Demon King Ha Xin.

But the Summoning Grimoire recorded that this fellow was a Level Eight Demon King. Could it be … could it be that he was a Innate Level Eight?

Was that fellow Ha Xin so strong?

Yue Yang hurriedly rejected that notion.

If what Grandma Wu Teng and the Night Empress said was correct, then according to the standards of the levels of Tong Tian Tower, a Level Nine [Saint] would be considered an Innate Level One. Yue Yang felt that Demon King Ha Xin’s strength would at most be only Innate Level Four or Five, or maybe he would not have even reached that level!

Yue Yang kept vilifying this strong opponent in his heart, itching to curse the Demon King Ha Xin into a pitiful little midget.

This was mainly because the psychological shock dealt by Demon King Ha Xin to Yue Yang was too big. Currently, only him and Phoenix Fairy both could penetrate the protective shield of the Summoning Grimoire.

Other people like the Marquis of Zi Jin could not do anything about the Grimoire’s halo protection.

The difference lay here.

“Wait till I have trained till [Innate] Level Five or Six, then I’ll go to the Demon Abyss to kill off Demon King Ha Xin. Whatever concubines and princess he has, I’ll capture them all back to be my female slaves.” Yue Yang was letting his imagination run wild when a weak moan sounded from within the cave. It seemed that Princess Qian Qian was already awake. Yue Yang hurriedly slipped in. He’ll think about the female slaves next time, now he must first take care of this Imperial Swordswoman who had a noble glare. This concerned his future blissful sexual life…

When he first came down, he realized that the mysterious beauty whose heart had been penetrated by the Phoenix Beauty had sat up and was covering her chest with her hand, seeming as if she was in pain.

“Don’t move, I’ll help you check!” Yue Yang volunteered himself.

“……” Is this fellow pretending to be nice, or is he a real pervert? No matter what, the mysterious beauty had nothing to say about him.

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    • Jiick says:

      Good question. That is something I was wondering for the past few chapters. If someone has an answer to that feel free to enlighten us xD

      Thanks for the chapter. Who cares how old she is – as long as she looks young, lifes long and is beautiful like that. Right?!

      • edricrockfeller says:

        Well, I can try to explain, but I didn’t read much ahead so take it with a grain of salt, okay?
        For my understanding, it’s because at a certain level of strenght ( for normal people it’s about lvl 7 Overlord) it’s possible ingrain your own soul and body with the power of the spirit(Innate Lvl) and at the same time apply your techniques to this kind of power of the soul(Innate Technique Lvl). But this kind of thing consumes much power and time. Because of this, it’s common for the Rankers only be able to achieve Innate Lvl when they already are Lvl 8 or Lvl 9 achieving that way the rank of Lvl 1 [Innate] (I should have said before but think of the two (grimoire rank and innate rank) as two rankings completely apart okay?). After that(Innate Lvl1), the rankers apply their to their souls and create the innate technique.

        And it’s because of this that Yue Yang is strange, because he throw the order by the window and give zero f*cks about it. At first, he was capable of imbue his spirit at his soul only being lvl 1 Apprentice. After that, even if he wasn’t lvl 1 [Innate] yet he was able to use a Innate Technique. And lastly, even was capable of Lvl up this technique despite not reaching lvl 1 Innate.

        That said, his ranks (at this chapter) should be the follow:
        Summon Rank (Lvl 2 Braveman – Beginner)
        Grimoire Rank (Silver – Advanced)
        Innate Rank (Lvl 1 – {don’t recall and can’t find anywhere})
        Innate Technique Rank :
        -Invisible Qi Sword (Lvl 3 – Marvellous Way of the Heart) {at verge of become lvl 4}

        That said, remember to take what is said with a grain of salt, because I can be wrong. If a mistake is spotted anywhere, please do tell, I would hate that someone understands wrongly because of me.

        Yours truly,

        • Zero says:

          Thanks a lot! Now that makes much more sense, his technique that was at innate rank lvl 3, not him, and been at lvl 3 is only possible of people already at innate rank lvl 3. But when he got his technique at innate rank didnt he cause all that comotion that everyone in the continent said a innate was born!?

        • Jiick says:

          I also thank you.

          Your explanation sounds kind of reasonable but imho I think that the author somehow wanted ti implement a new and fresh power-system but kind of messed it up with the different categories. Like Zero said with the “new born” Innate Ranker. Well I think the author changed his mind how the “ranking system” works and his changing and adapting it while writing the story. It is just my guess though.

        • mena-san says:

          Check it out, you’re close!

          He became an innate from training his Sword Qi and merging his 12 meridians. This was his first “step” into the “Innate realm”.

          excerpt from chapter 13: “Unconsciously, his second energy channel, the Heart Meridian, was now linked together. Yue Yang thought that at this rate, he would be able to link all of the 12 energy channels in his body in less than a month. Once he managed that, he would be able to complete his [Innate Invisible Sword Qi]’s first stage, and truly enter the Innate Realm.”

          Innate Realm is a realm “higher” than Summoning and Martial skill. Both Martial artists (physical skill users ex: Yue spear technique) and Summoners (grimoire users) can enter into the Innate realm. Most people follow only one path (story makes clear martial users are extremely rare (Princess Qian Qian, Marquis Zi Jin, pathetic guy’s father).

          Innate Sword Qi is a [skill] he got from training with the Heavenly Sword Goddess.

          excerpt from chapter 5: “[Innate Rankers]. The reason why they could enter into the [Innate] realm was because they had a Holy Beast or a Mythical Beast. With the assimilation of Holy Beast and Mythical Beast, one’s strength and growth potential would skyrocket. It would be easier to enter the [Innate] rank this way. However, this process was extremely slow and would take at least a hundred years. Some people would even need two to three hundred years to truly enter the [Innate] realm and became an [Innate Ranker].

          However, every Soaring Dragon Continent’s warrior would need to train for at least a hundred years to master a prerequisite skill before they could start mastering an [Innate] skill.”

          So you see, skills (summon skills) have ranks, techniques (martial skills) have ranks, martial artists, grimoires, and grimoire users all have ranks.

          his technique [Innate Sword Qi] is [innate rank 3]
          he himself (his body) has just reached [Innate rank 1] (thanks to mystic runes)
          his grimoire is 1 silver (advanced), 1 divine (god level).
          he is a level 2 [braveman] in terms of summoning skill
          he has high ranked prerequisite martial techniques that can become Innate (twin fish spherical beheader lvl 2: fire control)

          it’s a little complicated. Just think that he was a level 1 noob with an advanced class skill that he shouldn’t have at like chapter 12, and now he’s finally leveling up closer to his skill level.

  1. EliteLaG says:


    Now he is even more OP than before. Lol he wasn’t [Innate] and already did crazy stuff, now with [Innate] lvl, I can’t imagine what his paws will do 😀 Poor girls XD

  2. danielmoon says:

    didn’t enter innate realm already ?everyone new someone had entered innate realm but due to his skill they didn’t know who it was, right?he should already be innate realm lv 2 or 3

    • Varler says:

      I was actually thinking the same thing. Lol. I respect him more than almost anyone in this series, just because he isn’t a total idiot when it comes to his life.

  3. Avid Reader says:

    “Don’t move, I’ll help you check!” Yue Yang volunteered himself.

    This line alone is worthy of the Golden Wolf-Paw award but if you combine it with what he will do to the other two.. they will have to redefine the term opportunistic pervert just for him…

    • Yue Qiu says:

      The dude that came out of the healing beetle and wrecked Yang’er and his enemy only to be saved by the beast in the divine grimoire.

      • Seren says:

        Wasn’t that Demon summoned in White Stone City (or something like that)? Yue Yang and Xiao Wen Li cut his arm of and Hui Tai Lang tried to eat it.

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