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LLS Chapter 178 – Phoenix Fairy Beauty

Chapter 178 – Phoenix Fairy Beauty
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Sky Law?

Sky Law was one of the strongest Rankers in the Demonic Palace of the Falling Cangue Mountain. Together with Sky Pearl and Sky Wrath, she was one of the Three Major Sky Demons!

It was said that Sky Law was a woman, who ranked second amongst the Ten Major Sky Demons. Her abilities was only second to the strongest ranker of the Demonic Palace, Sky Pearl. Sky Law was an existence that was even stronger than Heavenly Imperial Guardians. A Level 6 [Elder] would probably end up being instantly killed if they accidentally bumped into her. Right now, Yue Yang, Princess Qian Qian and the others were injured all over and were completely exhausted. How would they be able to defend against such a strong Major Sky Demon?

Yue Yang felt his heart sink. From the beginning, he had already felt that something wasn’t right.

The old cunning fox was unable to hide his true strength from him, but this Minor Sky Demon Phoenix Fairy Beauty could. However, logically speaking, with her rank, she shouldn’t be any stronger than the old cunning fox…

Unless she really was Sky Law!

The mysterious beauty’s first reaction was to shake her head wildly, “Impossible, you can’t be Sky Law! Every single Peak Ranker in the world has already agreed to ban killing promising younger generations from each other’s sides. If you really are Sky Law and you killed us, then all the Heavenly Imperial Guardians from the three countries and the strong rankers from the Four Great Sects would immediately charge towards your Falling Cangue Mountain and completely annihilate the Demonic Palace… If you really are Sky Law, you wouldn’t join in the fight to kill us. We are merely a younger generation. You ought to be fighting against the strong warriors from the Demon Abyss in Tong Tian Tower’s Seventh or Eighth Floor. Why would you be here to kill us! Phoenix Fairy may be a fake name, but I daresay you are definitely not Sky Law!”

The enchanting and alluring Phoenix Fairy Beauty giggled, “Don’t be nervous, even if I’m not Sky Law, I am still a Minor Sky Demon, Phoenix Fairy. You all are still not my opponents.”

After hearing this, Princess Qian Qian’s expressions turned a little better.


If she really was one of the Three Major Sky Demons, “Sky Law”, then they wouldn’t even need to fight this battle.

At this time, only Yue Yang still kept the doubt that he felt from the bottom of his heart.

“You, I’d like to ask you a question. Why don’t you summon your beast? Are you afraid that I would see through your trump card?” Phoenix Fairy Beauty sent a smile to Yue Yang, her voice gentle and sweet as if she was talking to a lover. However, the sweeter her smile was, the swifter the beads of cold sweat formed on Yue Yang’s head appeared.

Through all of the battles that Yue Yang had faced, he would rather be injured than summon his beasts.

This was because there was a kind of unexplained fear in his heart. He feared that this Phoenix Fairy Beauty would see through his secrets. No matter if it was the matter about how the Bloody Queen that had fused with his Phantom Shadow, the Barbarian Cow Shadow’s reconstructions, or the little lamia Xiao Wen Li’s existence, they were all his secrets. If anyone ever found out about it, even if he win the battle this time, he would draw an infinite number of enemies.

He had three Guardian Beasts, whose lives were tied to him and abilities shared with him. This was something that others could only hope for in their dreams.

As long as the Phoenix Fairy Beauty announce this to the public, or reported it to the Demonic Palace, the consequences would be inconceivable.

Yue Yang didn’t have the confidence to kill this Phoenix Fairy Beauty Ranker who at least had the strength of a Minor Sky Demon. If he wanted to defeat her, he had to use that weakness. If she was really Sky Law, then that weakness must be something that she had purposely revealed to lure her enemies into her trap. If that was really the case, he would definitely meet a really unfortunate end.

After killing Gu Zhui, Yue Yang had tried to observe Phoenix Fairy Beauty in secret. He discovered that she was completely indifferent, looking as if Yue Yang had only stomped on a little ant in her house. When Yue Yang hid inside the water and shot his Innate Invisible Sword Qi that pierced through the back of Duke Xian’s head, killing him, the person with the strongest ability amongst the team, the Phoenix Fairy Beauty was still calm and unperturbed. Only when Princess Qian Qian, Luo Hua City Mistress and the mysterious beauty killed the other four enemies outside did her expression changed a little.

It did not matter if she was truly Sky Law, this woman was definitely not an easy opponent to handle.

Yue Yang hoped that her disguise was merely a beast’s ability, not her body’s own ability to control Qi… Yue Yang wouldn’t summon Xiao Wen Li even if he was beaten to death. Xiao Wen Li was his secret weapon, no matter what, he shouldn’t let such a strong opponent knew about it. If he couldn’t beat her, Yue Yang thought that this Phoenix Fairy Beauty would take him, Princess Qian Qian and the others captive to the Demonic Palace in the Falling Cangue Mountain. At the most, he could just wait for the three kingdom’s Heavenly Imperial Guardians, Grandma Wu Teng and the old cunning fox to save them.

He could only show his trump card two two kinds of people. First was someone who would never betray him and would help him to keep this secret, and the second was someone who would die.

Even if it was his family that would never betray himself, he wouldn’t let them know about this secret easily, because this knowledge served no advantage to them at all.

“I heard that your strength would be able to increase multiple folds when you are angry, even ten times stronger… Come then, attack me with your strongest attack!” The alluring Phoenix Fairy Beauty reached her slim, snow-white hands out to Yue Yang, her fingers that was dyed in Phoenix Fairy Juice pointing towards Yue Yang who was located far away. She then clamped all her five fingers into a fist, and Yue Yang’s whole body suddenly flew towards her.

Tumbling in mid-air, Yue Yang turned around and took out his Hui Jin Magic Blade, igniting its purple flames.

A move that had the ability to split the whole heaven and earth slashed down…

However, he was shocked to see an extremely frightening scene.

The [Spherical Beheader] move that he slashed down with all of his strength was actually stopped by the Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s single finger.

“Good boy, don’t hold back. You can use more strength, I can take some beating.” The Phoenix Fairy Beauty revealed a warm smile but her actions didn’t show any mercy. With a twist, she smashed Yue Yang’s whole body onto a rock. Thundering rumbles ensued as the whole cave shook from the impact. Yue Yang felt his vision turned black and his head buzzed. His spine and ribs ached incomparably, as if he had received a shock that shook all the bones in his body.

The wide rocks underneath Yue Yang’s body split open like a spider web upon impact with his body, forming cracks all over the ground that trailed all the way to Princess Qian Qian’s legs, who was still frozen in shock.

The frozen ice surface of the pool also shattered from the impact.

Luo Hua City Mistress’ body, who was lying on the ground, actually jolted up from the impact even in her unconsciousness. The mysterious beauty hurriedly held her body down.

The Phoenix Fairy Beauty stooped down, exposing her nosebleed-inducing, gigantic breasts exclusively for Yue Yang’s veiw as she asked with a smile, “Is it very painful? Are you a little angry now? Young people don’t have to be rational all the time, it’s not right for you to act so rationally everytime. You ought to get angry, be reckless and hot-headed like a mad bull. That’s how youngsters should act!”

“I…” Yue Yang was so angry that he was about to start cursing.

However, before he could even start cursing, the Phoenix Fairy Beauty had already grabbed him with one move and threw him towards the mountain walls, sending him flying off, shooting like a meteor onto the mountain wall.

Yue Yang rebounded from the mountain walls with his legs, quickly unleashing a counter-attack and used all of his strength to ignite the purple flames on his Hui Jin Magic Blade, infusing his newly found fire ability into his Twin Fish Spherical Beheader move, slashing towards Phoenix Fairy Beauty.

But Phoenix Fairy Beauty only reached her hands out and grabbed onto Yue Yang’s wrist.

Yue Yang’s Hui Jin Magic Blade hung suspended less than three centimeters away from her eyebrows, unable to advance any further.

At this time, Phoenix Fairy Beauty raised her incomparably enchanting face and smiled, “Why don’t you try using that [Binding Chains] ability of yours? Is that your Inherent Skill? But why do I keep feeling that your eyes are always glinting with some kind of ability, making me feel uneasy?”

“I’m going to kill you!” Yue Yang was furious. He felt that if he didn’t kill this Phoenix Fairy Beauty now, she would dig all of his secrets out.

He unleashed Xiao Wen Li’s [Binding Chains] Inherent Skill. Countless of golden-coloured Sword Qi condensed together to form Innate [Supreme Sword], shooting with a loud exploding sound straight towards the Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s heart. Such an attack could even pierce through Demon King Ha Xin’s palm. This Phoenix Fairy Beauty was only a Minor Sky Demon, so she would definitely not be able to defend against it. But when Yue Yang’s [Supreme Sword] shot out, he was shocked to discover that his [Binding Chains] Inherent Skill had already been dispelled. It was not one second yet… Demon King Ha Xin could also dispel it before one second, but at that time, Xiao Wen Li’s [Binding Chains] Inherent Skill had not levelled up yet. It had already levelled up now, yet it couldn’t stop the Phoenix Fairy Beauty for one whole second?

She, she was definitely not a Minor Sky Demon!


She was really Sky Law…

Yue Yang felt numb all over his body, absolutely horrified.

He braced himself and risked it all to pierce his [Supreme Sword] straight through Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s chest.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty let out a surprised cry at first, but immediately revealed a satisfied smile, as if she had truly confirmed something. Her alluring body flashed and she had suddenly entered into Yue Yang’s embrace, easily dodging his [Supreme Sword]. She whispered in Yue Yang’s ears, “Sweetheart, you are so ruthless… You could even bear to injure a beautiful babe like me…”

“Just die!” Yue Yang pressed her down with both of his elbow, sending blows to both of Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s temples. He also released his Innate Sword Qi out from his elbows.

“Good boy, I’ll reward you with a kiss!” Phoenix Fairy beauty pecked Yue Yang’s lips with a fleeting kiss, before floating up a little and shoved her gigantic breasts onto Yue Yang’s face. If she was an ordinary girl, Yue Yang would only feel a little suffocated at the most. However, the Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s breasts were extremely bouncy. They could actually send Yue Yang shooting off like a meteor into the ice surface of the pool, smashing into it with a splash.

Yue Yang was even faster than light as he shot out from within the pool.

Charging towards Princess Qian Qian, he instantly summoned his Silver Grimoire… He turned towards Princess Qian Qian and shouted towards the mysterious beauty who was holding Luo Hua City Mistress, “You guys, quickly run away now. Don’t become ugly girls in your next lives, otherwise I would pretend not to recognise you! We have completely lost, this damnable whore is really Sky Law. I can’t defeat her, let alone you girls… Go now, use your [Light Wind Teleportation] and take them away. I only have my last bit of strength left…”

“Forget it. If she is really Sky Law, we will not be able to escape.” Princess Qian Qian took out her great sword, “Who would know what happen in our next lives? Maybe I would become a guy!”

“Dammit, if you become a guy, do I have to become gay?” Yue Yang sweated.

“You can just become a girl then, no?” Princess Qian Qian’s imagination was even wider than Yue Yang’s.

“Since this is the case, here, hold Luo Hua. I can’t take her with me, I can only go by myself!” The mysterious beauty passed Luo Hua City Mistress to Yue Yang.

“Hey, are you really going?” Princess Qian Qian was stunned.

“See you in our next lives…” The mysterious beauty flew towards the Phoenix Fairy Beauty. In mid-air, she emitted thunder in her right hand and ice in her left, creating a world-shaking ice storm as she stormed towards the Phoenix Fairy Beauty. Yue Yang and the others could only hear her voice shouting, “I can only freeze myself with her for 10 seconds, you guys escape now!”

Loud rumbling ensued as the whole space suddenly froze to ice.

The mysterious beauty had indeed trapped herself with the enemy, frozen in ice.

Princess Qian Qian’s eyes turned red as she raised her great sword, preparing to charge forward and throw away her life. However she was held back tightly by Yue Yang.

The ice didn’t manage to last for ten seconds. It only lasted for three seconds.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty floated out from the ice, holding an unconscious mysterious beauty in her hands. She smiled towards Yue Yang and said, “Should I say you are foolish or clever? Your comrade has sacrificed herself to create an opportunity for you to escape, but you don’t even try and gave up on it immediately… Little boy, you are too calm. Are you angry now? Will you be angry if I do this?”

Her fingers that was dyed in Phoenix Fairy Juice danced lightly before embedding themselves into the mysterious beauty’s chest…

Seeing this, Princess Qian Qian went berserk.

She brandished her great sword with all of her strength, slashing towards Phoenix Fairy Beauty with a force of more than a thousand tonnes.

But Phoenix Fairy Beauty only reached out her slim palm and softly bumped at Princess Qian Qian’s chest. Princess Qian Qian immediately shot out like a meteor towards the opposite mountain wall. Upon impact, her armor shattered into pieces as blood burst out from her body.

“Get angry, boy. Let me see your true strength. Do you hate me? Come and kill me if you hate me!” Phoenix Fairy Beauty floated towards Yue Yang’s protective shield. Her hand that was stained with the mysterious beauty’s blood pierced through his shield and slowly inched closer. Under Yue Yang’s watch, she pulled the Secret Silver Arrow that was stuck on Luo Hua City Mistress’ chest out, then aimed it at Luo Hua City Mistress’ face, “Are you angry yet? I’m gonna kill one of your lover now. Look at her beautiful, exquisite little face… I’m going to turn her into a monster and shatter all of her brain matter. Do you want to watch her die in front of you? Get angry and stop me! Otherwise, I will kill all the people close to you…”

“You are going to kill all the people close to me?” Yue Yang’s mind was completely blank. When he heard her words, the beautiful woman’s face, Yue Bing and the little girl flashed across his mind. Then there were also Xiao Wen Li, Yi Nan, Luo Hua City Mistress, Princess Qian Qian and the mysterious beauty…

“That’s right, do you want to see me killing all the people that are close to you? I will wring all of their heads off, just like how you wring Gu Zhui’s head off alive just now!” Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s face was filled with a satisfied smile, her warm and gentle voice soft as a light breeze but it also held a tinge of magical quality that seemed to entice Yue Yang, “Get angry, boy. Don’t you hate me in your heart? Charge forward and try to kill me then, push me down on the ground, bite me off with your teeth. Don’t you want to dig my heart out?”


Yue Yang was completely berserk, his berserk status exploded his strength by ten, hundred times over.

He felt something shatter in his mind, as if something had broken. It was as if a meteor had struck on a planet and shatter that planet into pieces. His whole mental state exploded and his rationale collapsed. There was only one thought in his mind right now, and that was to kill Phoenix Fairy Beauty.


He must kill this woman in front of him. No matter what, he must kill her.

Yue Yang’s consciousness had completely disappeared. His eyes turned red as a dark golden Rune suddenly appeared on his forehead. After that, small, countless runes started to appear all over his body, becoming a mysterious Runic Circle. They moved around the surface of his body as if they were alive. Yue Yang, who had gone insane, suddenly spurted a mouthful of blood, sprinkling it all over his hands. The weird thing was that the blood had immediately turned into blazing flame, raging continuously…

“Ancient Rune and Nirvana’s Flame?” Phoenix Fairy Beauty revealed her terrified expression for the first time, “This time I really played too far… Luckily this brat still didn’t know how to use his strength yet…”

“Kill you!” Yue Yang raised the raging [Nirvana’s Flame] on his hands, preparing to smash it onto Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s head.

“Not good… San-er, I’m Fourth Mother! Yes, I’m your Fourth Mother. I’m your mother, what are you trying to do? Shuang-er is still small, can’t you yield to her a little bit? If she is mischievous, I can just spank her butt for you. Do you really want to kill Shuang-er? Take your hands down now, good boy. If you are tired, sleep for a while. Everything will return to normal when you wake up again. Be a good boy and sleep!” Phoenix Fairy Beauty held Yue Yang’s hands lightly, and gently pulled it down. She tried to hypnotize Yue Yang with a mother-like gentle tone. There would be Ancient Runes that appear in front of her at times, which then entered into Yue Yang’s red eyes.

The red-colour on Yue Yang’s eyes slowly dissipated as he returned to normal. In the end, his eyes slowly closed as Yue Yang fell into Phoenix Fairy’s embrace.

The [Nirvana’s Flame] on his hands had also disappeared slowly.

The Runes on his body had completely vanished…

Phoenix Fairy Beauty laid Yue Yang down on the ground and looked at her hands that had been scorched black. Fear filled her face again, “This boy’s [Nirvana’s Flame] has actually burnt my body to this extent. when he is only an Innate Level 1. How could I allow him to level up even further?”

She raised her hand. She could easily kill Yue Yang, who was still unconscious.

Just as her hand reached Yue Yang’s forehead, she suddenly stopped.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty slowly took her hand back, blowing lightly on her scorched hands instead. That scorched black skin quickly disappeared, replaced with a snow-white, tender and soft layer of skin that quickly healed. Phoenix Fairy Beauty looked at Yue Yang with a complicated gaze, as if trying to find an excuse for herself: “Forget it, this was just a brat who had only trained for a few dozen years. He could only reach Innate Level 1 after getting berserk. At normal times, he would probably only be at Level 6 [Junior Elder] level. Why would I be afraid of this kind of opponent? I’ll kill him when I have already played with him enough! Such a handsome young boy, it’s kind of a pity if I kill him too early…”

Looking at the sleeping Yue Yang, Phoenix Fairy Beauty suddenly stooped her body and strangely kissed Yue Yang’s lips, “I can’t bear to kill you, boy. This is the first time I am softhearted towards anyone, so you shall relinquish your first kiss to me! Ha, it’s a pity that these girls didn’t know about it. Otherwise, they would probably be jealous of me to death! Lalala, I’m indeed a bad person, I’m a sinful woman!”

“Eh?” Phoenix Fairy Beauty was about to do something more exciting to Yue Yang’s body but her expression suddenly changed.

She waved her hands as her body suddenly teleported out to the cave entrance of the Heaven’s Line Cave.

On the high cliff at the peak of the cave, there was a woman whose back was facing towards her. She wore a long, snow-white, skin-tight tunic made of dragon leather. Her bare, smooth and delicate shoulders was exposed and a Six-winged Fairy as big as a person’s palm was flying round her. Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s expression immediately changed when she saw her. There was a little fear, rebellious and indignant expression on her face, and finally, she called out to her with a low voice, “Older Sister…”

The mysterious woman with her exposed shoulder harrumphed, “If I ever saw you in Soaring Dragon Continent again in the future, I swear I’ll kill you, even if you are my younger sister!”

“That’s what I was actually baffled about. Why was there no one taking care of this boy? So it turns out you are his Introducer… Annoying, you are always like this! You are always stealing the best things away from me since young; beasts, treasures, and now, you are even booking the best person ahead!” Phoenix Fairy Beauty suddenly screeched, blowing over her top.

“Wrong, I gave you the beasts that suits you the most and also gave you the best treasures. You are the one who thought that I didn’t give you enough and is always unsatisfied with me. That’s the reason why you feel that the world is unfair towards you. Let me say one last time, I booked him ahead because I have the ability to cultivate him. He is someone who has the power to surpass me, to surpass every single warrior in the Soaring Dragon Continent; he might even surpass our ancestors. He has an endless potential that you would never be able to see through completely. If you and your organization still have ideas about him, your Demonic Palace can just disappear. I will only say this once. Next time, I will kill you immediately!”

The mysterious woman with exposed shoulders waved her hands and immediately tore a rift in space, vanishing into the air.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty was driven mad as she stomped her feet, “I hate you the most! Why are all the best things always yours? This time, I will definitely not succumb to you. If you have the ability to cultivate him, don’t I have it too? You were not even looking at me when you talked to me, can you still be called my older sister? Who would want such an older sister, annoying!”

A light breeze blew. Phoenix Fairy Beauty thought that her older sister had re-appeared, she jumped in fright and quickly drew a magical Runic Circle with her hands. Immediately, a tear appeared in space and she hurriedly entered it, leaving the place.

That mysterious woman with exposed shoulder didn’t re-appear.

A faint, almost indiscernible sigh could be heard from the empty space that the Phoenix Fairy Beauty had teleported away from.

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