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LLS Chapter 177 – Major Sky Demon? Sky Law?

Chapter 177 – Major Sky Demon? Sky Law?
Translated by: Sephillia
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Shiro: Some changes to terms, sorry guys! Three Great Sky Demons > Three Major Sky Demons. Junior Sky Demon > Minor Sky Demon

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Just by looking at the superficial injuries he had, this guy would have died long ago even if he had ten lives.

But against all expectations, he was still alive.

The most frightening thing was his expression. There was a kind of cold killing intent like the edge of a knife. It was sharp like the Grim Reaper’s scythe or the claws of a Demon King that could be used to gouge people’s hearts out.

The giant Xing Meng and the Luminous Demon did not know what best to do. Should they rush forward together to kill him off? Or should they wait for the Minor Sky Demon Phoenix Fairy Beauty to move instead? Under everyone’s watch, Gu Zhui’s head had been snapped by this guy. The scene spoke for itself; Duke Xian, that thousand year old turtle had eventually died underwater. How did he die? How was his head claimed by this guy? Nobody knew… This guy emitted a sense of mystery from head to toe. Nobody could see through him at all!

Out of all of them, the one who had this kind of feeling the most was the Phoenix Fairy Beauty.

She had been calmly observing the opponents. She realised that this guy had been concealing his true strength all this while.

He had almost never thought of failure. He had never marked Duke Xian, Gu Zhui, Xing Meng nor Ding Zang as his main enemy. She could see that the target that he feared and wanted to hunt down the most was herself…

Would he rather be hurt than reveal his true finishing moves?

When an extremely tragic and miserable howl had come out from outside the cave, the Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s expression changed slightly.

“What’s going on?” Ding Zang and Xing Meng’s expressions both changed. They knew clearly that this did not sound like Princess Qian Qian’s nor Luo Hua City Mistress’ voice. Conversely, it seemed to be from one of their companions.

Could it be that they had even failed when fighting 4 on 2? Those four beasts were meant to restrain Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress…

How? How was this possible?

With a light sigh, the alluring and gorgeous Phoenix Fairy Beauty put her own finger to her lips, then softly sighed. “The hunting plan has failed. I agree to give up on the mission. All of you, go!” Her words were like a bolt from the blue. It caused both Ding Zang and Xing Meng to stand there stupefied. The plan had failed? Giving up on the mission? She hadn’t even moved… Giving up on the mission now…

“Ah… “

Another tragic howl came out from the cave. It was even clearer than the previous sound.

Not only that, this sound was completely different from the previous sound.

This was another companion.

Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress who were outside were fighting 2 against 4. But, not only were they able to win, they were also able to kill those Human Demons whose beasts were their beasts’ natural enemies so quickly?

Ding Zang and Xing Meng both felt that what happened today was incomparably weird. There were hundreds of questions unanswered and mysteries everywhere.

Suddenly, they heard the mouth of the cave quietened down and it was deathly still again. It was almost as if nobody was fighting above. The Luminous Demon Ding Zang and Xing Meng looked at each other. They were both guessing that Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress had taken down their four companions along with them.

A breeze of cold air soundlessly blew in.

The Luminous Demon Ding Zang and the Giant Xing Meng could not help but shiver in the cold.

Their bodies jolted as fear crept into their faces…What level of ranker did it take to have this kind of chilling ability that could so soundlessly make them shiver from the cold? What kind of beast did it take to have such power? Ding Zang and Xing Meng found out that their surroundings were turning into frost. Even the pool nearby had started to freeze up, amassing a thick layer of ice.

Only when the air they exhaled had turned into fog did the two people realise that within a minute, the entire cavern had been frozen into an ice cavern.

This had turned into a world of ice.

The Phoenix Fairy Beauty started to smile. She giggled, her giant breasts swaying around wildly. “So you had concealed such an expert after all. No wonder you were so calm!”

“It’s egg-calm!” Yue Yang was even more righteous.
(Shiro: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Egg-calm)

“What?” The Phoenix Fairy Beauty was confused by Yue Yang’s strange play of words.

“You still haven’t died?” From a hole above, Princess Qian Qian’s voice resounded. It was tinged with incomparable amounts of anger. “It looks like you should die and leave your mouth behind. You still want to dally with women?”

“Why would I dally with women? Tonight, the bridal room is no problem too.” Hearing Princess Qian Qian’s voice, Yue Yang fell onto the ground and stretched out, as if he had fainted over. Xing Meng was extremely happy. He flew over with his fists raised, ready to beat Yue Yang into a pulp. As for Princess Qian Qian, Xing Meng felt that Ding Zang’s Hellfire could completely restrain that almost purely strengthening-type warrior. It would be fine to leave her to him.
(Seph: 洞房 is Chinese for bridal room. XXX happens there. It can also be literally read as a cave room.)

Just when the Giant Xing Meng was about to move, suddenly, two black shadows fell from above.

With a “Pa” sound, they fell onto the rocks, breaking the rocks into innumerable pieces.

One of the spherical fragments rolled towards the feet of Xing Meng. When Xing Meng looked at it, he realised that this was the head of one of his companions who was frozen over, with his eyes open although he was dead. Those eyes that resembled a dead fish continued to stare at himself, just like Gu Zhui and Elder Xian. It was really disgusting and horrifying.

The Luminous Demon Ding Zang was also bewilderedly looking at one of the fragments.

He recognised it as the shattered upper body of one of their other companions. Although it had been shattered beyond recognition, but he still barely identify that it was one of their companions. Now, Ding Zang could confirm that the four companions they had outside had all died in battle. At the very least, two of them had died after being frozen. There were not just attacking three people, they were attacking four. There was still another mysterious expert who was adept at freezing skills. It was something that they had not anticipated before they set out. This expert’s ability at hiding his/her presence was incredibly good. None of them, even Phoenix Fairy Beauty, had realised that this person had been hiding themselves outside…

Now, he finally understood why this guy had hurriedly sent Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Princess out of the cave.

That was to attract the attention of the four enemies lying hiding outside. He had long known that there were people lying in ambush outside. He had attracted their attention instead, allowing the concealed expert to launch a surprise attack on the four enemies, coordinating together with Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress to hunt the enemies down.

His four companions outside had died in a single battle, completely wiped out.

It was not that they were lacking in strength. It was just that they had been tricked by this guy and that mysterious expert hiding outside…

Princess Qian Qian hugged Luo Hua City Mistress and came in again from the Heaven’s Line. Her silver armour had been broken to the point where it seemed difficult for it to cover her body. Her body was full of fresh blood, and she had as many wounds as Yue Yang did. Her thigh and shoulders had multiple deep, slash wounds. Ding Zang recognised the wounds as the Hundred Soldiers Human Demon’s weapon. He was chosen specifically to counter Luo Hua City Mistress, but he had been taken out by Princess Qian Qian instead. As for the other beast meant to counter Princess Qian Qian in close combat, the Thousand Feather Human Demon, his secret silver arrow had pierced Luo Hua City Mistress’ chest instead. Before the “Thousand Feather Human Demon” died, it howled out tragically as its soul was annihilated. It seemed like it had been killed at the risk of Luo Hua City Mistress’ life with her using [Aurora Light].

As for the other two beasts, the “Wolf Soul Human Demon” and “Fiend Human Demon”, they had instead been frozen alive and turned into ice sculptures by the mysterious expert…

They were unable to use the Fiend Human Demon’s telekinesis to interfere with Luo Hua City Mistress’ gathering of spiritual qi to release her [Aurora Light], nor were they able to use the Wolf Soul to surround Princess Qian Qian. Although their abilities could restrain Princess Qian Qian and Luo HUa City Mistress, but against the mysterious expert who was proficient at using ice-related abilities, they had met with a tragic end!

Ding Zang’s mind flashed quickly as he thought of various possibilities.

He could almost imagine how Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress had fought during the battle…

Suddenly, Ding Zang saw the Phoenix Fairy Beauty gestured with her hands.

This was the gesture that only Demonic Palace rankers who had summoning grimoires knew. It was the “Sky Demon Escape”.

Without a summoning grimoire, no matter how strong a person was, the Demonic Palace would not cultivate that person to the very last step. This was because no matter how strong that person was or how much potential they had, they would never have a greater value when cultivating as compared to people who had summoning grimoires. If a person who held a grimoire could not win against the enemy, the Demonic Palace’s Ten Major Sky Demons had permitted them to retreat and conserve their strength.

Luminous Demon Ding Zang knew that although he was not the strongest in their party, he was definitely the most important person in the party. This was because he was the only one who possessed a summoning grimoire.

The Sky Demon Escape was an order to quickly leave the current location. This was the new mission that the Phoenix Fairy Beauty had gave Ding Zang secretly.

However, in giant Xiang Meng’s perspective, this gesture turned into a completely different meaning. He thought that the Phoenix Fairy Beauty had decided to move against Yue Yang herself…

“Let’s go!” Ding Zang knew that the mysterious expert was still waiting for him outside. It was impossible to escape with his own strength and he had to find a scapegoat. As expected, the giant Xing Meng immediately soared into the sky, handing the battlefield over to the Phoenix Fairy Beauty. He went ahead of Ding Zang and flew towards the Heaven’s Line Cave entrance. Xing Meng was not a fool. He felt that judging by the habits of the opponent, no matter if it was that crafty guy or Princess Qian Qian, they would be more willing to intercept Ding Zang. This was because it was more worth it to kill Ding Zang. With himself as a strengthening-type warrior, his power and defense were extremely strong. That guy and Princess Qian Qian who were fools would not take the initiative to intercept himself.

“What… a fool.” Ding Zang ridiculed him under his breath.

Ding Zang never felt that Yue Yang and Princess Qian Qian would pursue and attack him. Even if the two could still fight, they would conserve in order to fight against the Phoenix Fairy Beauty later on.

Xing Meng and Ding Zang soared towards the Heaven’s Line.

Suddenly, an icy storm burst at the cave entrance.

Almost at the same time, Ding Zang summoned his grimoire and raised his shield. He was completely unharmed by the icy storm. However, Xing Meng completely became a lump of ice and fell onto the ground loudly. A shadow that was dressed up like a thief looked at Ding Zang with eyes as cold as ice and gave up on attacking him. The storm rushed towards Xing Meng who had been frozen into a block of ice. If he did not have a summoning grimoire, Ding Zang felt that he would have definitely died. Meeting an enemy whose element restrained his… The icy storm that the opponent employed with the terrifying speed, impeccable timing and terrifying battle sense was practically an existence that was his natural nemesis.

If he did not own a summoning grimoire, he believed that the opponent would definitely attack him first.

Ding Zang wiped the cold sweat off of his face. Looking down, he found out that the Phoenix Fairy Beauty was giving the gesture to leave. He was certain inside and gulped. He quickly soared out of the cave hole and flew madly towards a higher cliff. Then, with another jump, he soared towards the highest cliff… He summoned a wind winged beast, and successfully merged with it. Giant wings grew from his back. Then, facing downwind, he glided downwards. Only now did he realise that he really picked his own life back.

Gliding down, Ding Zang abruptly discovered a black dog completely covered in wounds nursing a small white fox. Its claws dug deeply into the rocks, slowly climbing up the cliff with great difficulty.

Ding Zang was extremely shocked.

A bad premonition flashed across his mind… Could it be that the “Hundred Beast Human Demon” could not even win against a Two-headed Demon Wolf and a Three-tailed Snow Fox that he was hunting? Then, that guy who could barge into the top 100 of the Demonic Palace was actually defeated by a wolf and a fox?

This, what kind of beasts were these?

So scary!

Ding Zang could not help but shiver. After a while, he landed onto a small platform and immediately kept his wings. Then, he took out a teleportation scroll and opened it, escaping from the current location.

He did not dare to stay in this place for a moment longer!

Ding Zang believed that if he stayed for a moment longer, his life would be in danger… Not only was that guy extremely overpowered himself, even his beasts were incomparably overpowered!

Within the cave, Princess Qian Qian placed the fainted Luo Hua City Mistress at Yue Yang’s side. She smiled at Yue Yang somewhat apologetically, saying, “This arrow was supposed to be shot at me and not Luo Hua City Mistress. She insisted on taking this arrow in my stead. Thankfully, it didn’t pierce her heart. Otherwise, her life would be over now. You guys just rest a while now. Wait until I cut that Phoenix Fairy into pieces, then I’ll treat the both of you. Summon your grimoire first!”

“Without him, we can’t win. Get him to come here now!” The mysterious beauty was unhurt on the surface, but the black cloth covering her face was completely stained with fresh blood. It was apparent that her internal injuries were extremely serious.

“Didn’t I say that girls can’t do anything much without guys… “ Yue Yang stood up, staggering a little. He took out that “Golden Bell” that he was rewarded with from the Aries Temple and gave it to Princess Qian Qian. “If we don’t treat our injuries me now, our blood will run dry. Do you know how to use this thing?”

“Stupid, you can’t use it. This needs a suitable person’s blood to unseal!” Princess Qian Qian knew from first glance that this was a treasure that was sealed with a curse. Without unsealing it, it was impossible to be used.

“Too bad, this is a treasure that can heal… Eh?” The mysterious beauty suddenly flew towards them. When she took it from Princess Qian Qian’s hand, a white light slowly emanated from within the golden bell. As if it had a life of its own, the light filled the area. Following that, an extremely powerful burst of white light radiated outwards, illuminating the entire cave.

“What’s going on?” Princess Qian Qian was surprised. There was no reaction when she took it. How come there was a reaction when the mysterious beauty took it.

“I don’t know either!” The mysterious beauty only felt that the powerful white light soaked into her body. The serious injuries she had sustained earlier quickly became better.

“…” Looking at the mysterious beauty, the Phoenix Fairy was stunned at first. Soon after, when she saw the treasure, she looked like she was in ecstasy, but she also looked regretful. Her expression was extremely complicated.

Princess Qian Qian’s and Yue Yang’s injuries were also healed.

Bathed in the white light, the injuries on both of them rapidly healed at a speed where the eyes could see. Within a single minute, aside from the injury dealt by the arrow that had rendered Luo Hua City Mistress to still be unconscious, Yue Yang’s, Princess Qian Qian’s and the mysterious beauty’s injuries had mostly healed. With a few light coughs, wisps of blood were coughed out from the mysterious beauty’s lungs. Princess Qian Qian bit off the broken blades on her shoulders and thighs, allowing the injuries to quickly heal under the white light.

Originally, Yue Yang wanted to pull the secret silver arrow out, but the mysterious beauty reached her hands out and stopped his reckless actions.

Luo Hua City Mistress’ injuries were too heavy. The white light was also about to fade, if the wound wasn’t healed in time…

The white light from the golden bell slowly disappeared, turning into a grey bell.

Yue Yang did not have the time to look at it. He put it inside the Lich Ring for now.

“The three of us will take turns to attack. You’ll be the main attacker, I’ll support you. Qian Qian, protect Luo Hua first. Join the fight only when we’re in danger. Anyway, your beasts are strengthening-type beasts. Summon your grimoire first and rest for a while!” The mysterious beauty gave the role of main attacker to Yue Yang.

“She’s a Minor Sky Demon, and her hands are coated with poison. She could kill me in an instant. You’re still making me the main attacker?” Yue Yang did not seem to be too pleased with the arrangement of this mission.

“I doubt that she is a Minor Sky Demon. There’s a possibility that she was actually a Sky Demon that is disguising herself to take down her prey… “ The mysterious beauty was even more daring at doubting stuff than Yue Yang.

“Why don’t you suspect that I’m one of the three Major Sky Demons, the ‘Sky Law’ of Falling Cangue Mountain instead?” The Phoenix Fairy Beauty smiled.

Her words were like a bolt from the blue.

It exploded in Yue Yang’s, Princess Qian Qian’s and the mysterious beauty’s eardrums, causing the three of them to be stunned.

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