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LLS Chapter 176 – This Brat is Really Abnormal!

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Chapter 176 – This Brat is Really Abnormal!
Translated by: Yunichan
Edited by: Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Shiro: Forgot to say it just now, Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!! Hope (for chinese readers) you had a great reunion dinner with your families 🙂 Have a blessed Chinese New Year!

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When Gu Zhui’s sudden, fast attack arrived, Yue Yang had already disappeared without a trace.


Duke Xian collapsed onto the rocks painfully, the fresh blood near his heart and neck splashing onto the ground.

In contrast to Xing Meng’s swift recovery of bleeding wounds and revival of battle strength, Duke Xian’s two legs thrashed around and seemed to be completely dead after a while.

This time, it was Princess Qian Qian’s turn to crease her lovely eyebrows. “This old fellow seems to be feigning death… Your trick to injure yourself to lower the enemy’s guard just now had failed. How was it? How much were you beaten up? ”

Yue Yang appeared behind her. He shook his head, indicating that he was fine.

But in truth, there was a huge gaping wound around his waist. There was a deep tear on his flesh caused by the fishing rod’s whip just now, that one could almost see to his bones …

“This fellow has a shadow in his body that can’t be seen by others. It should be a Guardian Beast. Other than being able to sneakily attack Xing Meng’s eyes, it could also grab Duke Xian’s limbs, and can even suffer blows in defense of its master. All of us must take note of this.” Gu Zhui immediately realized there was something wrong and reminded his comrades of this.

“[Aurora Light]!” Luo Hua City Mistress shot the destructive [Aurora Light] towards Duke Xian’s corpse from the high cliff where she was standing on.


The [Aurora Light] destroyed all the rocks near the pool. A large slab of rock on the surface subsided into a concave with a loud roar, and the water flowed into it, becoming a new pool of water.

When the [Aurora Light] disappeared, there was a shadow standing at the side of the pool.

Green head, golden back and black tail.

There was an old tortoise in human shape standing there. Its falcon-like beak produced the voice of Duke Xian. “I haven’t exposed my true form for so long. Youngsters nowadays really can’t be underestimated! Alright, in return for your actions, and to neutralize the rage in my heart, I have decided to torture all three of you to death, and then eat all of you alive… ”

“Thousand Year Kappa?” Yue Yang cried out involuntarily. After such a long battle, this fellow was not even a human being?

“I want to ask you, if we die, will you still be able to recognize me in your next life?” Princess Qian Qian lightly wiped away the trail of blood from Yue Yang’s mouth, switching from her default tigress attitude, asking him in a soft and gentle tone.

“If you are still a great beauty, I guarantee that I would be able to recognize you with just one look.” Yue Yang nodded his head with all certainty.

“What if I become an ugly girl?” Princess Qian Qian asked.

“Even if I recognize you, I will pretend that I don’t know you…” Yue Yang spoke truthfully. However, without even being able to finish his sentence, he was punched by Princess Qian Qian.

“You will not have a next life, because Duke Xian has the ‘Devouring Soul Pearl’. You will be forever trapped within the Devouring Soul Pearl until your souls are completely consumed!” The Luminous Demon Ding Zang started to laugh evilly.

“These few little thieves are easy to handle, I can defeat them with just one hand! Both of you leave, I’ll see you off!” Yue Yang extended his hand and lifted Princess Qian Qian up, throwing her upwards with all his effort towards the cave roof entrance of Heaven’s Line Cave. At the same time, he raised his Hui Jin Magic Blade, slashing at Gu Zhui who was hurtling towards him. His legs rotated in the air like a spinning pinwheel, kicking the injured eye of Xing Meng, forcing both of them back.

Duke Xian, who had a human head and tortoise body, appeared behind Yue Yang in an extremely fast speed that Yue Yang could not even imagine. He delivered Yue Yang a blow, sending him flying away.

Yue Yang twisted his body in midair, and rebounded his body from the rock he was sent flying to, propelling himself into the air.

There was a flash of black shadow in the air and Duke Xian appeared again.

Duke Xian’s long metal tail swiped across and whipped Yue Yang away… Seizing this opportunity, Gu Zhui shot his bone out, extending his bones and pierced it through Yue Yang’s right shoulder, pinning him onto the rock wall.

Xing Meng’s heavy fist arrived soon afterwards, but Yue Yang had already disappeared.

He appeared within the protective shield of Luo Hua City Mistress, holding up her lovely body with both hands.

“Idiot, I am not leaving, I am not a Strengthening-type Ranker like Princess Qian Qian, I can’t escape! Let me go, I want to stay and fight with you!” Luo Hua City Mistress started to scream.

“I am a man, what I say is final!” Yue Yang used all his effort to throw Luo Hua City Mistress towards the Heaven Line’s cave entrance. Luo Hua City Mistress was thrown involuntarily, landing on one of the highest rocks. She still wanted to jump down, but Princess Qian Qian had turned and leapt over to her. She hugged Luo Hua City Mistress to her waist, giving Yue Yang a deep look. Gritting her teeth, she leapt out of Heaven’s Line Cave.

Within the cave, Yue Yang was the only one left. He now wanted to face all five opponents on his own.

“Do you know why we didn’t prevent them from leaving?” The Luminous Demon Ding Zang started to laugh out loud. “That’s because we still have people outside!”

Large rumbling tremors travelled from the cave opening.

Terrifying howls of wolves and women’s shouts successively sounded.

The loud sounds of battle constantly travelled to the cave below and echoed throughout the cave for a long time.

The Luminous Demon Ding Zang pointed a finger at Yue Yang and nodded with an unexpectedly serious expression on his face. “You don’t know how much the Ten Major Sky Demons treasure you. In order to hunt and kill you, without a second thought, they dispatched large amounts of forces to distract the attention of both Da Xia and Tian Luo Kingdom. They even sent a Minor Sky Demon, four Earth Demons and five Human Demons, ten people in total, to come forth and eliminate you with such an unprecedentedly large and powerful army… You are our priority target, if you don’t surrender, you have to die! As for Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress, under the siege of four Human Demons whose abilities were their exact nemesis, I believe they won’t be able to hold on for long… By the way, let me tell you another piece of information, the Demonic Palace has placed so much importance on you that we even especially send a Human Demon to hunt and kill your Two-Headed Demon Wolf and Luo Hua City Mistress’ Three-tailed Snow Fox. You guys have definitely no chance of escaping alive. From today onwards, all traces of your existence will evaporate into nothingness in the realms of humans, and will disappear eternally from people’s memories…”

Yue Yang raised his eyebrows, and his expression was unexpectedly serious and somber. “You all want my life? Then you should offer something sufficient in value in exchange!”

Duke Xian with his human head and tortoise body opened his falcon-like beak and laughed coldly. “Little fellow, you have no chance. Even with just me, I can kill you a hundred times!”

Xing Meng, who was blinded in one eye by Yue Yang pounced on him madly and punched him furiously.

Up till now, he still could not understand how Yue Yang was able to soundlessly shatter his eyeballs. Actually, not only him, everybody could not understand this, even the Phoenix Fairy Beauty who was sitting on the horizontal rock had a frown on her face. She hadn’t been able to see clearly in the instant when Yue Yang was hit by Xing Meng. This fellow must have done something, but she could not completely see through how or when Yue Yang had actually made his move. He was hit by Xing Meng, but not only he was completely fine, he was also able to blind Xing Meng’s eyes. This was simply too strange!

Yue Yang raised his Hui Jin Magic Blade.

The spiralling [Spherical Beheader] shaped itself into layers of a blade tower in Yue Yang’s hands, cutting across the space surrounding it.

Xing Meng raised his giant Wolf Teeth Gauntlets and forcefully met the attack head on, making sparks flying everywhere.

Initially, he was still able to meet this attacks using his brute strength, but Yue Yang’s hands then spun like a windmill in flowing water, repeatedly hitting Xing Meng’s arms. The Hui Jin Magic Blade penetrated Xing Meng’s skin with mad slashes, making him cry out in pain. But his defense was also abnormally strong. The attack only caused him pain but no injury. Instead, he hugged Yue Yang, then used his head which had already hardened to steel to headbutt Yue Yang.

“I’ll let you be cool!” Yue Yang was even crazier than Xing Meng. His fists were already beating up Xing Meng’s head and face like raindrops, focusing most of his blows especially in Xing Meng’s injured eye. Hitting Xing Meng’s elbows and knees in quick succession, Yue Yang finally violently headbutted into Xing Meng’s face with force, causing a loud crack. Duke Xian, Gu Zhui, and the Luminous Demon Ding Zang stared at this, completely stunned. This was their first time seeing someone fight Xing Meng with just his body.

This kid really was a lunatic…

Even somebody as strong as Xing Meng was forced to take steps backwards from Yue Yang’s blows.

When Yue Yang locked Xing Meng’s throat between his two knees, using his hands to twist his head, Duke Xian, Gu Zhui and Ding Zang heard the cracking sounds of Xing Meng’s head. Xing Meng’s head looked as if it was about to be snapped off.

Roaring, Xing Meng waved his giant arms frantically, using even more strength. Finally, he ripped Yue Yang, who had almost snapped off his neckbone, away from him and sucked in a painful gasp of air.

Gathering even more brute strength, he smashed Yue Yang heavily into the rock surface. He raised his giant legs and was ready to stomp Yue Yang into a pulp of meat.

A voice even louder than Xing Meng’s roar exploded into the air.

Like a devil, both of Yue Yang’s hands gripped onto Xing Meng’s calves. Gathering strength, he lifted Xing Meng high up into the air and smahed him against the ground heavily.

Yue Yang’s movements looked like he had just thrown a sack filled with cottons. Lifting Xing Meng, whose body was multiple times larger than his, he smashed him into the ground repeatedly, violently and madly, pulverizing the rocks and sending pieces of rock flying everywhere. Finally, as if thinking that it was still insufficient, he smashed Xing Meng onto the rock walls, creating large vibrations throughout the cave, causing it to almost collapse.

Duke Xian, Gu Zhui and Ding Zang all continued to stare, stupefied. It was their first time seeing Xing Meng being so heavily injured by somebody.

Xing Meng’s brute strength and physical combat levels were unparalleled. How was this even possible?

Could it be that this fellow’s strength was even larger than Xing Meng?

“Bastard, I can’t move, why aren’t you guys helping!” Xing Meng painfully struggled to dislodge himself from the smashed mountain walls. Shaking his dizzy and heavy head, he complained loudly at his comrades who were merely watching without lifting a finger to help him.

“This fellow has a skill that temporarily locks other people’s movements.” Duke Xian was immediately alert, he had previously gotten the worst of this.

It was not because Xing Meng’s strength could not compare to Yue Yan. It was because his movements were locked and he was unable to struggle, that was why he was beaten up so badly by his opponent… Hearing that Yue Yang’s final trump card had been exposed by his comrade, a flash of killing intent arose in the eyes of the masked Gu Zhui. It was time to take action. Dancing his [Death Dance], he transformed into more than ten copies of himself. His copies all converged towards Yue Yang, closing in on him and encircling him.

In contrast, Duke Xian’s attacks were more direct.

His giant Golden Tortoise Shell directly smashed towards Yue Yang’s head.

Yue Yang’s figure suddenly disappeared and re-appeared near some splintered rocks, delivering a heavy blow through the air… With a loud rumble, a shadow was hit away from the ground.

The illusions that were attacking Yue Yang completely disappeared, and Gu Zhui’s real body collapsed onto the ground with a bang. “He can see through the illusions!” Gu Zhui’s cry of surprise had not finished when Yue Yang had already pounced onto his body. His body tightening around him, his two legs sandwiched Gu Zhui’s waist, and his hands started to twist Gu Zhui’s head, intending to snap off his head. At the same time, he snorted cold-heartedly. “Correct, your prize is a dead human head!”

The skeleton winged bones on Gu Zhui’s back pricked Yue Yang’s body like raindrops in a storm, and blood splashed all around.

But Yue Yang paid no heed to them. He, without even flinching, pressed down on Gu Zhui, with both hands determinedly twisted Gu Zhui’s head.

Frightening snapping sounds sounded from the twisting of the neckbone. As compared to Xing Meng, Gu Zhui’s defense was a lot weaker. Also, he mainly launched sneak attacks with high speed. Once he was wrapped around by Yue Yang, that was equivalent to exposing his biggest weakness to Yue Yang’s devil hands.

If Yue Yang used his Hui Jin Magic Blade or Dragon Dagger to attack him, Gu Zhui would not be afraid of him, because his skeletal bones could defend against knifes and blades.

But Yue Yang chose to use the most direct method.

Twisting and snapping his neckbone and brain… He was not a Thousand Year Old Tortoise like Duke Xian, but a human Ranker. He definitely could not regenerate his brain after it was twisted off.

“Help!” Gu Zhui wanted to struggle, but he realized that he could not even move a finger.

With only his summoned beast, the Fallen Angel Skeleton to help defend against the brutal twisting of his neck, he also used his winged bones to attack, hoping that this would force his enemy back.

Duke Xian dealt a heavy blow to Yue Yang’s back, with internal strength equivalent to the the explosiveness of a mountain torrent.

Yue Yang suffered a heavy blow like the rumbling sound of thunder, but his body was still completely fine…

Yet, in contrast, it was Gu Zhui whose fresh blood spurted out from his nose and mouth. The Luminous Demon Ding Zang shouted out urgently. “This fellow knows how to neutralize force, and can even dissipate my [Hellfire]. Duke Xian, you must use external force to attack him, and directly destroy his body!”

“Let me!” Xing Meng raised his giant fists and smashed downwards onto Yue Yang’s back like a meteorite shower, delivering multiple blows until there were huge gaping wounds of flesh that could be seen and blood splashed everywhere.

He then raised Gu Zhui together with Yue Yang into midair and delivered a torrent of punches.

His intentions were to knock Yue Yang into unconsciousness and rescue Gu Zhui.

After at least a hundred deafening lunatic punches, even Xing Meng was also panting in exhaustion. He threw away Gu Zhui and Yue Yang, thinking that Yue Yang would be definitely completely dead by now, and would already be smashed into a mess of bones.

When Duke Xian and Ding Zang saw that two of them had become a messy pulp of flesh and blood, they heaved a sigh of relief.

Only the Phoenix Fairy who was sitting on the rock cliff was still frowning.

“Is he dead?” Ding Zang asked Xing Meng.

“Definitely dead!” When Xing Meng said this, he was actually not very sure in his heart, but was just trying to appear confident.

How could he not be dead after this?

What a joke, under those attacks of brute strength, even a giant mammoth would be dead. A young fellow being able to survive something like that? Xing Meng felt that even Gu Zhui who had the protection of the Fallen Angel Skeleton might also already have been smashed to death by his power…

“I can prove that that Gu Zhui is dead. He is completely dead. As for me, I seem to be still alive!” Yue Yang, covered from head to toe in blood, suddenly sat right back up. He raised Gu Zhui’s human head that was bleeding from his eyes, ears, mouth and nose, and his eyes still widened in shock, throwing it over to Xing Meng. A devil-like grin crept up Yue Yang’s face. “Luckily I had your help. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to twist off that fellow’s head so easily. That fellow had the Fallen Angel Skeleton protecting his entire body, I almost suffered a large disadvantage!”

“……” Xing Meng also did not know whether to be terrified or to be furious, his body was shaking in fear.

“Now, it’s your turn.” With wounds all over his body and bloody holes poked by the bones, Yue Yang pretended to not see his wounds. Standing up, he pointed towards Duke Xian. “The second one to die is you!”

“On what basis, young fellow?” Duke Xian stood tall and arrogant. Even with their help, Gu Zhui had still been killed by this fellow, and that made him perturbed. But he still remained confident in his many years of practice, depth and strength of power, and also the high defense of his tortoise armour, and was entirely unafraid of his opponent. He was not Gu Zhui. Yue Yang wanted to snap off his head? He just needed to hide his head back into his shell, and that would make any move against him useless!

“Because I am younger than you, and I can withstand attacks better than you.” The bloody Yue Yang walked to face Duke Xian. He did not smile, but a cold ]glint of smile seemed to flash across his eyes. “Before you pass away, I’ll tell you a huge secret. Yue Guan is not the only person in the Yue Clan who is able to withstand attacks… ”

Hearing this, Duke Xian raked his claws towards Yue Yang’s chest.

Yue Yang turned agilely and smoothly executed a shoulder throw that made Ding Zang and Xing Meng stare in wonder, throwing Duke Xian into the pool of water. Then he jumped into the water, and started to chase after him.

The Luminous Demon Ding Zang was pleased. “This fellow is courting death. He’s competing his swimming ability with Duke Xian. Throughout the Demonic Palace, other than His Excellency the Sky Dragon, Duke Xian’s ability to fight battles under water is one of the strongest, and is incomparable to others. This fellow is screwed!”

Seeing all the massive splashes in the pool, with ripples of blood continuously floating upwards, Xing Meng really wanted to go down to lend a hand to Duke Xian.

But he knew that he was not good at fighting in water. If he went down, he would definitely be beaten up.

Raising his head again, he looked at Phoenix Fairy who was still looking calm and confident and his heart settled.

With this malicious woman around, even if this fellow knew how to fly, he would still not be able to escape her hands…

After a few minutes, the terrifying stuffy sounds emanating from the bottom of the water started to cease. Xing Meng and Ding Zang saw Duke Xian’s tortoise figure slowly float up, and started to cry out in pleasure.

“Duke Xian is definitely worthy of being first in underwater battle. Sure enough, he is awesome!” The Giant Xing Meng was unable to contain his joy as he rushed to the side of the pool to welcome Duke Xian’s return. To be honest, he was already a little afraid of Yue Yang’s undying spirit that was like a cockroach. He had never seen a guy so strange and crazy as he was. It would be nothing much if it was three versus five people, but he even sent his two comrades away and fought the five of them alone.

Recalling his terrifying actions of forcefully snapping off Gu Zhui’s head even under everybody’s attacks to save him, Xing Meng was a little displeased.

He hated those whose battle spirit and determination was stronger than his!

Duke Xian’s body emerged onto the surface with a splash. Xing Meng extended his hand and pulled Duke Xian onto the shore. He was about to say a few words of boot-licking flattery when he suddenly screamed in terror. Ding Zang felt his heart shiver, and he worriedly asked. “What happened?”

“Duke Xian doesn’t have a head…” Xing Meng’s face was full of terror.

“Who says he doesn’t? It’s here!” Yue Yang slowly floated out of the water, raising the green human head in his hands high up into the air, throwing Duke Xian’s human head out, and then crawled onto the shore with a little difficulty. “I spent so much effort in fishing it up, don’t say that it isn’t there! Oh right, I don’t have much strength left, which one of you wishes to die first?”

“……” On hearing this, Ding Zang and Xing Meng were so scared that they swallowed a mouthful of saliva in terror. Their nervous throats were extremely bitter. Only now did they realize why the Ten Major Sky Demons would dispatch four Earth Demons and five Human Demons. Even then, they still think there were not enough safeguards, and added a Minor Sky Demon at the last minute.

As it turned out, this fellow was really abnormal!

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