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LLS Chapter 175 – No one can take advantage of me!

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Chapter 175 – No one can take advantage of me!
Translated by: Sheng, Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Yue Yang couldn’t avoid confronting Giant Xing Meng’s punch.  

Behind him was Princess Qian Qian. If he dodged it and let her take the hit, even if she was fine afterwards, she would probably curse him forever. Yue Yang couldn’t dodge the attack, but he wasn’t stupid enough to fight against a three-meter-tall Giant whose arms where even thicker and harder than his own body head on. He first used his leg to kick Princess Qian Qian’s small bottom, sending her flying away like a cannonball. He used the momentum from kicking her body to spin in the air, ingenuously avoiding Giant’s punch and at the same time landing a kick on Giant Xing Meng’s face. However, Yue Yang’s kick that had packed additional strength from Giant Phantom Shadow’s power and was strong enough to even destroy a bison’s neck bone, didn’t do much damage to Giant Xing Meng.

The Giant advanced instead of retreating, brandishing his giant club as if his sole intention was to pulverize Yue Yang’s tiny body.


Speaking of strengths, Giant Xing Meng’s terrifying, barbaric strength was indeed stronger than Yue Yang’s. If Yue Yang didn’t have the additional strength from Giant Phantom Shadow, he might not even compare to Giant’s single finger.

As for defense, Giant Xing Meng’s skin was even harder than a Giant Mammoth’s.

Yue Yang had never seen a case where the enemy could totally disregard his attack even after using the full strength of his legs. However, according to that saying from Stephen Chow’s movie, “In the world of martial arts, speed defines the winner”, becoming powerful in fighting was not solely based on strength and strong defense alone. Real martial art skill centered around speed and technique, not the biggest fist or the strongest strength.
(Shiro: Stephen Chow is a well-known actor in Hong Kong, one of his well known movie is Kung Fu Hustle. Quote taken from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TX322TcTpSs – 1:23:50)

If they were comparing reaction speed, skill and agility instead, Yue Yang would probably be able to beat Giant up while flirting with girls. He would even have the time to eat, wash his clothes etc in the middle of it all…

When Giant Xing Meng threw out his thunder-like punch, Yue Yang could easily avoid it and at the same time return his attack with ten kicks or even more. If his enemy was only the Giant Xing Meng, then he could only meet his miserable death under Yue Yang’s tyrannical attacks! However, Giant Xing Meng could display his maximum strength when he, the skinny Gu Zhui and Duke Xian coordinated with each other.

The skinny Gu Zhui summoned a human-like Skeleton Puppet that had a pair of skeletal wing on its back and wrap himself up inside the Skeleton Puppet’s skeleton.

He then flashed towards Yue Yang’s back, faster than lightning.

The bony wings on his back pricked at Yue Yang’s back like a poisonous scorpion tail.

His hands was about to attack Yue Yang…

“Go away!”

Duke Xian had also rushed over, brandishing his Emerald-green Fishing Rod.

His spear technique looked like a hundred thousand spears dancing, the rod’s after-image dense like a forest.

The attack seemed to be able to pierce into dimensional spaces, emitting a loud hissing sound.

When Yue Yang saw this, he immediately jumped off of Giant Xing Meng’s face and shot out like a bullet. He twisted his body and avoided the skinny Gu Zhui’s fatal prick, then welcomed Princess Qian Qian’s sword, slipping through it like a fish. Spreading open his arms, he hugged Princess Qian Qian and charged towards the ground, breaking away from the pincer attack together with her. Even if they ended up tumbling miserably into a puddle of water, but at least they escaped the three-men pincer attack, safely breaking away from the battle.

”Isn’t that the Yue Clan’s Spear Technique?” Princess Qian Qian was extremely stunned when she saw Duke Xian executing the Yue Clan’s Spear Technique with his Emerald-green Fishing Rod.

”Heheh, those years were really difficult. I only managed to learn this technique by torturing and questioning a member of the Yue Clan. If I remembered correctly, his name was called Yue Guan.” The Yue Clan member Yue Guan that Duke Xian had mentioned was the old man Yue Hai’s uncle. Yue Guan was originally a genius martial artist that the Clan had put all of their hopes on. However, one day, he went missing on his way to a meeting and completely disappeared without a trace. The Yue Clan believed that he was assassinated by an enemy clan and spent ten painful years searching for the assassin, but they never found him. They didn’t know that he was actually trapped by Duke Xian, a member of the Demonic Palace.

”…….” Yue Yang realized that Duke Xian’s true strength wasn’t the Yue Clan’s Spear Technique. His real abilities were still deeply hidden.

Could it be that this fellow’s skills were even stronger than the Yue Clan’s Spear Technique?

He was even able to execute a Spear Technique using a light and flimsy fishing rod. This showed that he truly had deep and profound skills and technique. Yue Yang turned around and realized that the rock that Princess Qian Qian had stood on previously had been filled with small, fine holes. These were all caused by the wind impact from Duke Xian’s Spear Technique.

If the Duke Xian’s Spear Technique’s wind pressure was already this dangerous, then if that Gold-ranked treasure Emerald-green Fishing Rod were to prick a person, that person would probably die miserably.

Yue Yang thought about this and twitched his brows a little.

Princess Qian Qian noticed the change in his expression. She reached her fingers out and wrote a few words on his back lightly.

”I understand…” Yue Yang knew that at the beginning, both sides were only testing out each other’s strength. The next battle would be when they would fight to the death. Luo Hua City Mistress had also finished gathering the Starlight Serene Indigo Grass and was charging her [Aurora Light].

If they could teleport, then Luo Hua City Mistress would’ve called out to Yue Yang and Princess Qian Qian to come inside her protective shield and teleport away from this place.

The problem was that on top of the Heaven’s Line Cave, there was a black-coloured pillar of light suspended in mid-air.

It disturbed the whole dimensional space making it impossible to teleport.

If one wanted to leave this place, one must fight to the death……only the winner would be able to leave; the loser could only stay within the cave forever.

Not only did Yue Yang’s, Princess Qian Qian’s and Luo Hua City Mistress’s expression became serious, even Giant Xing Meng, the skinny Gu Zhui, the old man Duke Xian and the Luminous Demon Ding Zang didn’t dare to be careless. This was because when they were testing out each other’s strength just now, they couldn’t even gain a little advantage. These three youngsters were definitely not going to be easy opponents… The only one who still had a smile on her face was that beautiful, alluring Phoenix Fairy beauty who had a pair of swaying, gigantic breasts. She was currently sitting on a flat rock near the walls inside the mountain cave. Her bare, delicate, exquisite and smooth legs looked even more beautiful with the pair high heeled shoes that she was wearing.

She watched the situation below as she leisuredly swayed her legs lightly, her face smiling all the while.

“Tenfold Muscle Strengthening!” Giant Xing Meng yelled.

A cloud of black smoke exhausted from his mouth.

The black smoke transformed into a black ox head humanoid, and it fused together with Giant Xing Meng.

In an instant, Giant Xing Meng’s muscles began to change rapidly, bulging and becoming even more muscular. Clusters of muscles fold over each other. A layer of black, metallic kind of radiance appeared on Giant Xing Meng’s skin. After the fusion, Giant Xing Meng’s strength and defense had increased by tenfold. With just one attack, he could destroy mountains and shatter rocks open. This was also the reason why he was called the “Mountain Destroyer Earth Demon”.

Gu Zhui didn’t summon anything any more, he only moved his legs and began to do a weird dance.

Those who were familiar with the skinny Gu Zhui’s attacks knew that this was his [Death Dance].

As his movement speed increased along with the speed of his dance, Gu Zhui’s body split into two, and from two, he split into four.

Finally, the number of Gu Zhui’s copies skyrocketed, as if there were dozens of Gu Zhui doing the same dance on the ground.

Duke Xian, on the other hand, summoned a small shrimp and let it rest softly on his fishing rod’s hook.

Yue Yang’s gaze froze when he saw this. This shrimp looked harmless on the surface, but it was actually the most deadly one!

Yue Yang remembered what he read from the Beast Encyclopedia before. Amongst the ‘Top Ten Vicious Beasts’, there was a beast that Yue Yang did not expect to be amongst the top ten at all, and that was the ‘Shrimp’.

This Deep Ocean Crossbow Shrimp’s body wasn’t big, but it could shoot high pressure Water Arrows that could easily pierce through the bodies of three Mammoths placed next to each other. Furthermore, the friction caused by these arrows could reach up to three thousand degrees celsius. In deep oceans, this Shrimp could easily kill a King Octopus with its arrows……Yue Yang couldn’t be certain if this little shrimp was really the Deep Ocean Crossbow Shrimp, but either way, he mustn’t be careless.

The Luminous Demon Ding Zang didn’t shoot [Hellfire] towards Yue Yang anymore. The opponent that he had chosen was Luo Hua City Mistress.

“[Hellfire]!” He aimed at Luo Hua City Mistress, a little passively.

That was because he couldn’t attack Luo Hua City Mistress who was protected within her protective shield. Furthermore, Luo Hua City Mistress had also gone all out to attack with her [Aurora Light], targeting the Phoenix Fairy beauty sitting on the flat stone high above the mountain. The Luminous Demon Ding Zang immediately moved to protect the Phoenix Fairy beauty, but he had to unleash two rounds of [Hellfires] before he could block against Luo Hua City Mistress’ [Aurora Light]… Luckily, Luo Hua City Mistress’ [Aurora Light] charging time was slower than his [Hellfire].

The blazing light beam of the [Aurora Light] burned incomparably brightly, blazing through the air, shooting straight towards the enchanting Phoenix Fairy Beauty.

The Phoenix Fairy Beauty acted as if she didn’t see anything or hear anything, but the Luminous Demon Ding Zang lashed his long sleeves as he unleashed two waves of [Hellfire], aiming towards the [Aurora Light].


The great explosion that resulted from the collision of [Aurora Light] and [Hellfire] resounded deafeningly, shaking the whole mountain, causing a few rocks to rustle down from the mountain walls.

The loud exploding sound echoed throughout the cave, deafening everyone present there even more. It was as if someone had knocked their head with a club. Both the heatwave from the [Hellfire] and the [Aurora Light]’s dissipated arrow of light shot towards the ground, where Giant Xing Meng, Yue Yang and the others were fighting in… Just as the great explosion exploded, everyone started to move synchronously.

Princess Qian Qian jumped high into the air towards Giant Xing Meng, slashing her sword towards him.

While Giant Xing Meng tried to deal with the attack, Gu Zhui tried to launch a sneak attack to kill Princess Qian Qian. However, Yue Yang grabbed Princess Qian Qian’s left leg, and threw her skillfully right at Duke Xian’s back. Princess Qian Qian’s slash chopped Duke Xian’s body in half…… but the figure of Duke Xian’s chopped body disappeared into thin air. Duke Xian’s real body had instead appeared behind Yue Yang as he snickered: “Too slow.” He let go of his bent Emerald-green Fishing Rod, and like a whip, the rod lashed at Yue Yang’s waist, causing Yue Yang to lose control and was sent flying to the ground. It was as if Giant Xing Meng and Duke Xian had undergone thousands of times of practice together; when Yue Yang was in mid-air, Giant Xing Meng very synchronously swung out his punch right towards Yue Yang’s head, sending Yue Yang flying away like a cannonball to the opposite side. As Yue Yang tumbled in mid-air, Duke Xian swished his Fishing Rod again, shooting the long fishing rod string out. The shrimp that was hooked on the string suddenly become bigger. It then shot out a [Water Pillar] that pierced right through Yue Yang’s body powerfully. The [Water Pillar] even pierced through the mountain wall behind Yue Yang, creating an open hole to the other side.

The thickness of the mountain wall was at least ten metres thick, yet it was easily pierced through by the [Water Pillar].

It was clear what would happen if such a formidable and terrifying power were to hit upon Yue Yang’s body.

Yue Yang, who was beaten up by the enemies’ coordinated attacks, fell onto the pool of water with a loud crashing sound. He didn’t get up for a while, as endless stream of blood flowed from his body.

Princess Qian Qian wanted to rush towards Yue Yang and save him, but she was stopped by the countless Gu Zui’s copies who was executing his [Death Dance]. She was pushed back continuously; it was difficult for her to even protect herself.

“There’s something wrong!”

Duke Xian managed to kill Yue Yang instantly with one move, but there was no happiness in his face.

Standing on the rock by the pool and looking down on its surface, he felt an incomparable doubt in his heart. He felt that the cunning brat was the most frightening adversary, who was even harder to handle than Princess Qian Qian. How could he be killed instantly with one move like this?

Giant Xing Meng, on the other hand, was looking down on Yue Yang instead and said, “How can that pretty boy survive after taking that much damage? Unless he has an undying body, he must be dead! Ahh……My eyes, MY EYES!”

Suddenly, Giant Xing Meng’s right eye exploded like a soap bubble, splattering blood everywhere and staining his hands in red.

Duke Xian jumped in fright at this, and he hurriedly raised his Emerald-green Fishing Rod, protecting his body.

At the same time, he seeked for his enemy’s presence in all directions.

Then, a clear voice suddenly came from his back, sounding warm and familiar as if they were old friends, “Old geezer, are you searching for me?”

Duke Xian turned his head and found a topless Yue Yang who had a brilliant smile on his face, as bright as sunshine. Yue Yang was reaching his hands out towards himself with a Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Dagger in his hands… Duke Xian wanted to quickly retreat and avoid the attack, but he realized that his body was as heavy as a rock, so heavy that he couldn’t move at all. He also wanted to raise his Fishing Rod and unleash his Spear Technique on Yue Yang, creating dozens of holes on his opponent’s body… However, his hands felt heavy as lead. No matter how anxious he was to move hisi body, he couldn’t move a single inch.

It was as if there was an invisible chain binding his body tightly.

Duke Xian was terrified.

”No one can take advantage of me! You are not an exception. This is what you owed me, paid back with additional interest!” Yue Yang pierced his Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Dagger right through Duke Xian’s back. Then, he turned and pulled out his Dragon Slaying Dagger, swiping it through Duke Xian’s neck this time, cutting off his windpipe and carotid artery agilely.

Crimson blood splattered through the air…

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