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LLS Chapter 174 – Tides of Strong Enemies, Fierce Battle Descending

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Chapter 174 – Tides of Strong Enemies, Fierce Battle Descending
Translated by: Yunichan
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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On the peak of the mountain cliff, Heaven’s Line Cave.

Yue Yang was about to climb out of Heaven’s Line Cave to rescue Princess Qian Qian when there was suddenly a large quake from above. The booming sound was as if Lightning Gods had struck the mountain top. Rock fragments rained down like raindrops.

In the midst of the rubble which messily splattered onto the ground, a human shadow also fell and landed like a meteorite. She seemed as if she was no match for her opponent and was thus struck down the cliff.

As the person was about to crash into the rocks, Yue Yang immediately flew over and caught her.

However, as the gravitational momentum was too forceful, even with Yue Yang’s abilities, he was unable to completely neutralize the crashing motion. Both people were hence smashed onto the rocks, smattering them with a loud rumble. Yue Yang’s vision blackened in spells of time. Thankfully he had reduced a good large part of their falling momentum. If it didn’t, two of his rib bones would probably have been broken by now. Looking at the person in his bosom, as expected, it was the Imperial Swordswoman Princess Qian Qian. Without saying a word he whipped out his Hui Jin Magic Blade.

“Idiot, I am the real one!” Princess Qian Qian was afraid that this fellow would attack her, so she immediately glared at him with her noble gaze, warning him not to do anything to her indiscriminately.

“Didn’t you already return to the palace? Why were you following me from behind?” Yue Yang did not want to part with the beauty in his arms, his nose moving about her neck to take deep breaths of Princess Qian Qian’s virgin scent, silently sighing in pleasure. With such a beauty in his arms, it was really better than having the entire country under one’s rule. No wonder so many people would rather die under the climax of sexual pleasures. A sexual lifestyle was too much of a desire to look forward to.

“Stay away from me…!” Princess Qian Qian was speechless when she saw that even in this kind of situation, this brat had not forgotten to take advantage of her, sniffing her body everywhere. Her face reddened and she jumped, pushing Yue Yang’s wolfish paws away.

A burst of [Hellfire] rumbled down from the sky with a loud bellow. This time the target was not Luo Hua City Mistress, but Princess Qian Qian.

Instead of retreating, Princess Qian Qian advanced towards the sky of raging flames and waved her sword.

The flames split into two halves.

The Sword Qi that reverberated out from her slash rose into the sky and slashed onto the rocks on the roof of the cave, deeply penetrating within as it sliced the rocks in its way.

She was worried whether Yue Yang would be burnt into charcoal in the midst of the [Hellfire]. But when she looked back, she realized that this fellow was squatting right behind her, using her body as a shield, and was safe and sound. He even had a wily smile on his face that was itching for a spanking. This made Princess Qian Qian really annoyed. “What are you doing?”

Yue Yang was currently admiring Princess Qian Qian’s lovely figure and perky butt. Normally, these were mostly covered by her silver armour, hence it was not too obvious.

But just now she had to forcefully wave her sword to attack. With those big movements, her curves were immediately exposed.

Of course, Yue Yang only admired and did not say it out loud. He initially thought to say that he was staying behind her to avoid the flames, but once he was glared at by her noble gaze, he accidentally said “I am just admiring the scenery here … … ”

“How’s the scenery then?” Princess Qian Qian was furious.

“Not bad, it’s just that I can’t see it clearly, it’ll be better if the armour is removed.” Yue Yang’s imagination was running so wild that he accidentally said the truth again.

“Then I’ll let you see as much as you want!” Princess Qian Qian raised her butt, and her body suddenly knocked backwards, her butt knocking into Yue Yang’s face and blasting him numerous meters away. Yue Yang rubbed his nose which was hurting badly, silently thinking that even sexual luck was not something that he could endure painlessly. If she had knocked him without anything covering her butt it would be nothing much, but she just had to wear a full bodied silver armour that was hard and solid, it was too much.

Luo Hua City Mistress was too busy to attend to the both of them. She was currently staring at one stalk of Starlight Serene Indigo Grass that was outside the boundaries of protection of the Protective Shield, burning into a pile of ashes by the [Hellfire]. The flower became spots of starlight, disappearing within the interiors of the cave.

As a person who loved flowers, she was extremely infuriated.

But at this moment, there was no other choice than to repress her anger, and gather the remaining Starlight Serene Indigo Grass, placing them into the jadebox she had previously prepared.

Loud rumbles periodically sounded from the top of the cave. Crushed rocks the size of boulders smashed down from above.

After successfully avoiding the falling rocks, Yue Yang and Princess Qian Qian discovered that the enemies above had already forced open a giant crack on the crevices of Heaven’s Line, jumping into the hole in an aggressive manner.

The person who came was the Luminous Demon Ding Zang.

He seemed to be cautious fighting against both Yue Yang and Princess Qian Qian. Upon his descent, he immediately summoned his Grimoire, raising his protective shield.

In contrast, the Luminous Demon Ding Zang’s comrade was extremely arrogant.

His comrade was a tall and sturdy giant who stood at above three meters in height, and was as strong as an ox with tightly packed and ripped muscles all over his body.

There were strangely shaped gauntlet that resembled a large hammer in both of his fists. The black gauntlet had numerous wolf fangs as barbed tips. It not only looked extremely terrifying in strength but also seemed to have a large potential to kill and injure. Whoever was punched by those would at the very least suffer bone fractures throughout his entire body.

The giant looked exceptionally confident. His upper body was naked and his skin was exposed, not wearing any armour at all. Even his two legs were only clad in black leather pants.

Upon descent, he smashed the giant rock that he stepped on into pieces, causing rippling tremors that shook the entire cave.

Yue Yang realized that this giant could be stronger than the Luminous Demon Ding Zang. He was also a pure Strengthening-type beast’s maniac warrior. With the support of a Gold-ranked Beast within his body, he absolutely had a terrifying battle strength. Although it could not compare to the abnormal Marquis of Zi Jin, but one definitely could not underestimate this monster. It would already be a tough and arduous battle to fight with these two enemies. However, in reality, there were certainly not only two enemies to face.

There was another enemy, a masked man who was as thin as a bamboo pole.

He soundlessly floated down on a piece of rock. He had leaped down from an altitude of more than ten meters and yet did not make a single sound when he landed. Such light leaping skill made Yue Yang frown. He would rather fight with two giant-like strength-type opponents than fight agile-type opponents like this masked skinny man.

The fourth enemy was an old man wearing a bamboo rain hat. He held an emerald green fishing rod in his hand and also carried a large bottle gourd on his back.

He may look a little like a village fisherman, but his power should be one of the strongest amongst all of them.

There was still a fifth enemy who was floating down from the roof of the cave.

This person was a woman with a sexy figure, wearing heavy makeup and dressed gaudily, with fresh flowers on her head. Her breasts were like huge balls sticking out, and were almost bursting out from her top. At the same time, they were very bouncy, and when she landed on the ground, the pair of giant balls started bouncing without any sign of stopping.

Even though on the surface, Yue Yang’s eyes were emitting hearts and mouth was drooling non-stop looking at the view, he was extremely alert inside.

If this gorgeous lady who dared to wear a maxi dress to battle was a weak fighter, she would perhaps already be utterly defeated by now. However, when she landed, the skinny man and the old fisherman immediately took steps away from her. Even the insanely strong giant also took two steps ahead, pretending to press in on Yue Yang and Princess Qian Qian. But in actual fact, it was trying to keep its distance from this frightening woman who was lightly kissing her phoenix fairy fingernails and smiling alluringly … … Yue Yang felt that she may not be the strongest one, but was definitely the most terrifying one out of the five. To suffer a punch from the giant would probably severely injure him, but to be raked by this woman, he would probably be toast.

This battle was five against three, the enemies clearly gaining the upper hand against them.

Yue Yang realized that this team of opponents really complemented one another perfectly.

There were two Strengthening-type Rankers amongst the five, one strong and one agile, one as the main attacking force and the other for mounting sneak attacks. This already constituted sufficient attacking power. Additionally, they had the Elemental-type Luminous Demon Ding Zang’s [Hellfire], practically covering both long-range and close-range type battles. As for the old fellow, he had large amounts of stored energy. Just by looking at that long Emerald-green Fishing Rod, one could tell that he had unsurpassed battle skills and was positioned as the coordinating commander. The cooperation of the four of them blended into each other well.

Finally, there was still the gaudy woman who was the most fatal. On the surface, she looked as seductive as a whore, but was in actual fact, she was probably as poisonous as a serpent.

“Luo Hua City Mistress, Princess Qian Qian, and this Titan who is deliberately concealing his identity, today, I am honoured to introduce to you our comrades from the Demonic Palace. ” The Luminous Demon Ding Zang’s shrill voice sounded. “You are the youngsters with the most potential such that the Ten Major Sky Demons ordered for you to be seized no matter what, even if you have become corpses. Today, we risk the great danger of a complete wipe-out of our army and sincerely invite you to join our Demonic Palace … … Even though the name ‘Demonic Palace’ is not nice-sounding, but other than that, we are actually the world’s the most outstanding, most free, and even the happiest Rankers. As long as you become members, you will be able to experience a brand-new and exciting world. You will never be able to find out more secrets on this rigid and inflexible Soaring Dragon Continent, because those old fellows would keep telling you that they will tell you next time or that you would understand once you reach that level. They won’t tell you the truth … … But we are entirely different from them. Our strongest rankers would impart the most important information down the ranks every year such that everybody can level up quickly … … The Falling Cangue Mountain is not what you imagine to be the Land of the Abandoned Demons, but is in fact a happy heaven, a blissful world! ”

“Nice speech!” Yue Yang carelessly clapped twice, and then yawned. “Just that it’s a little too long.”

“……” Princess Qian Qian kept staring at the gaudy woman’s chest. One could tell that she was a little jealous of that pair of giant breasts that could cause nosebleeds.

Luo Hua City Mistress did not even raise her head, but continued to quietly, silently and gently gather the Starlight Serene Indigo Grass, as if a little extra strength from her would cause pain towards the Starlight Serene Indigo Grass. She lovingly put each stalk of Starlight Serene Indigo Grass into the jade box, not sparing even the flower buds which had not blossomed.

These Starlight Serene Indigo Grass would not be spared in the battle which was going to break out later even if they were not picked.

It was precisely because they were fated to be destroyed that Luo Hua City Mistress was lamenting their eventual fate.

On hearing Yue Yang’s sarcastic remark, the Luminous Demon Ding Zang was not angered.

He pointed to the three-meter tall giant and introduced him. “Allow me to introduce our Demonic Palace’s very own Hercules, ‘Xing Meng’, who is widely known for his brute strength. He once smashed a Battle Kodo Beast’s head into pieces bare-handed. He had also once twisted and broke Giant Mammoth’s tusks, killed Giant Iron-skinned Crocodiles, headbutted Iron-horned Wild Oxen, and tore apart Bronze-bodied Forest Boas … … He is now ranked the thirty-eighth in the Demonic Palace, and is known as the ‘Mountain Destroyer Earth Demon’.”

Yue Yang nodded and clapped. “Not bad, the makings of a labourer.”

The three-meter tall giant Xing Meng’s face immediately blackened, his two eyes seemed to be almost spouting fire in anger.

The Luminous Demon Ding Zang pretended not to hear Yue Yang’s words, and went on with his introduction. “This is ‘Gu Zhui’. If you think that him being ranked thirtieth in the Demonic Palace is not high enough, you can take a look at Soaring Dragon Continent’s Killer Roll. There are a total of ten wanted men that have a bounty placed on their heads. The one at the top of the Roll is our very own ‘Gu Zhui’. ”

As the Luminous Demon Ding Zang continued his introduction, the extremely tall, masked skinny guy gracefully bowed at Princess Qian Qian. “I am interested in killing the Princess. Please forgive me when I offend Your Highness later.”

“Bah!” Princess Qian Qian really had an unyielding character. Her response was an arrogant spit in contempt.

“Thank you Princess!” Nevertheless, the masked skinny man named ‘Gu Zhui’ smiled evilly, the wicked bloodlust in his eyes growing in intensity. But he still suppressed his bloodlust, as if waiting for the best opportunity to explode. The Luminous Demon Ding Zang then introduced the old fellow wearing the bamboo rain hat and holding the fishing rod. He smiled a little deferentially and said. “Ranked number twenty-six in the Demonic Palace, ‘Duke Xian’ that was the talk of the town a hundred years ago. Three thousand six hundred and eighty one military successes accumulated throughout his life, this record is practically something that us later generations cannot hope to beat … … Countless Rankers have died under the hands of ‘Duke Xian’, even including a few Kings. If I recall correctly, Princess Qian Qian’s two uncles, the extremely intelligent Prince Xian and Prince E have also been defeated by him … … ”

“Such small things that happened in the past is not worthy of mentioning!” The old fellow smiled, pleased with himself.

“Don’t overestimate yourself, old fellow, because your name or your looks both look like they really need a spanking!” Yue Yang was extremely not used to this. Why didn’t this old fellow go to the mountains and retire? He was already so old, yet he was still so arrogant. How would the younger people feel?

“Are you not going to introduce me to this young handsome fellow?” The incredibly pretty giant breasted woman tossed a flirtatious look at Yue Yang.

“Ah … … ” On hearing this, the Luminous Demon Ding Zang actually nervously wiped the cold sweat on his head, nodding. “Who doesn’t know our ‘Phoenix Fairy Beauty’, cough, your beauty and allure is renowned in this world … …

“After talking for so long, you still haven’t gotten to the point.” The pretty big-chested woman continued to blink and toss flirtatious looks at Yue Yang. “Young handsome fellow, my name is Phoenix Fairy. I am not very good-looking, and I can’t compare to the little princess beside you. But I have some skills in giving some service. You can try me out when we are free, then you would know my positive points. Young enemy, don’t worry, you are so good-looking that I wouldn’t bear to attack you. Even causing a little injury on your face would cause me so much heartbreak! Why don’t you listen to my advice and come over to our side, and bring that little princess with you? Isn’t it great to have everybody happy together? I hate fighting and killing the most!”

While talking, the gorgeous woman used her luscious red tongue to lick her sexy lips.

Her eyes attracted the hearts and soul of men, and had unlimited flirtatious intent.

While she was talking, she kept swinging her hot figure which could induce nosebleeds in men. Her extremely bouncy giant breasts bounced up and down, making Yue Yang stare until his eyeballs almost fell out.

On seeing this fellow’s useless demeanour, Princess Qian Qian was extremely aggravated. She did not pinch him like a normal girl would, but specially extended her hand and slapped Yue Yang’s butt hard, awarding him with a hard slap as she snorted coldly, “Wipe your saliva! That woman is a Minor Sky Demon. Other than the other eight Minor Sky Demons and the Ten Major Sky Demons, those four fellows together won’t be able to defeat her. According to legend, the number of men she had sucked dry is more than one thousand. If you want to die, you can go over, and let her big breasts suffocate you!”

“Really? She really is a Minor Sky Demon? How do you judge Minor Sky Demons, is it by the three measurements?” On hearing this, Yue Yang was shocked.
(Shiro: Uhh, here Minor Sky Demon can also be called Little/Small Sky Demon. So Yue Yang was asking if she was little Sky Demon because of her three sizes)

“Nobody in the entire Demonic Palace dares to challenge the Minor Sky Demons. Only if more than half of the Ten Major Sky Demons agree, one can then be promoted to become Minor Sky Demons. The number of people that this witch has killed is even more than the amount of ants that you stepped on. Do you think she is the weakest? She just hides her true power well, idiot!” Princess Qian Qian crammed such knowledge into Yue Yang in time.

“Ah … … You’re right!” Yue Yang discovered that even with his Level Three [Divine Vision], he could not tell the level of the witch’s true strength. He had actually been fooled by her false projection of her strength, and he was very shocked upon realizing that. But luckily, using his Level Three [Divine Vision] to observe her, he discovered one weakness of this woman. A smile crept up on the corners of his mouth. This woman was very hard to fight, and he could not tell her true power. It was probably close to the level of Marquis of Zi Jin whom he fought after he was weakened from fighting against Grandma Chi.

But if he could make use of that weakness, he should still be able to fight her with barely enough strength.

Yue Yang was glad that he had the skill of [Divine Vision], otherwise he would not even know how his death would arrive in this battle!

“Young handsome fellow, where are your eyes looking at? That’s so annoying, I am not so strong. I am only ranked fifty-fifth in the Demonic Palace, a lot weaker than the four of them. Later when we fight, you, young handsome boy, must not use so much power fighting me, and don’t touch any parts of my body that you aren’t supposed to!” The curvy woman, Pheonix Fairy, swayed her waist like a snake, her enormous breasts bouncing, almost splitting her top and spilling out. On seeing this, Yue Yang could not help but inwardly swallow a mouth of saliva. This response made her laugh uncontrollably, her pair of giant balls swaying even more vigorously, making one’s nose spurt blood.

“The flirting can conclude for now.” Princess Qian Qian raised her giant sword, shouting. “If you have decided on your opponent, start fighting!”

“I haven’t decided!” Yue Yang realized that all opponents was cruelly strong. It would be tough fighting any one of them.

“Even if you haven’t decided, you still have to fight them. Do you think the enemy will give you extra time? They haven’t started attacking since they arrived here because they were carefully checking whether we had set any traps of them. Now that they have discovered that there are no traps, they will immediately fight you!” Princess Qian Qian’s words have not left her mouth when the giant “Xing Meng” powered forward and pounced towards them, raising his giant Wolf Teeth Gauntlet and slashing towards Yue Yang’s face with a thundering roar … …

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