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LLS Chapter 173 – Battle, Undying Hui Tai Lang!

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Chapter 173 – Battle, Undying Hui Tai Lang!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Hui Tai Lang let out the loudest howl it had ever howled since it was born. Its wolf howl shocked the whole heaven and earth, reverberating through the mountain valley and left a resounding echo.

Its red eyes were glaring to the point that it was about to pop out.

It was so angry that its chest almost exploded. The black flames on its body blazed like volcano erupting, soaring up to the sky, the shock wave from the explosion exploding in all directions. Just as the Hyena, Leopard and Scorpio Lion were about to tear the Six-tailed Fox Spirit into shreds, Hui Tai Lang leapt up the mountain wall like a Demon King descending with a loud rumble. With just one leap, it bounded through a space of more than ten-meters away, colliding into the Leopard who had the fastest speed and sending it flying away. It then stood firmly in front of the Six-tailed Fox Spirit which was heavily injured and was on the brink of death. It, who was still a Silver-ranked Level 4 currently, wasn’t affected by the other party’s higher-ranked pressure. The fury accumulated in its four eyes were practically enough to burn the whole heaven and earth!

Its black flames soared up to the sky, its demonic qi exploded.

Its proceeding howl towards the sky had actually scared the six beasts that were higher-levelled than it was, causing them all to retreat backwards.

That Corrupted Warrior jumped in fright from Hui Tai Lang’s tyrannical howl. He had even thought that it was a Gold King Beast initially, his legs trembling from fear.

But observing it closely, he realized that it was only a Silver-ranked Level 4 Two-headed Demon Wolf. Furthermore, it was uncontracted.

He couldn’t help but be overjoyed by the unexpected fortune falling to his hands, “Hahaha, seems like I, Lie Lie, had struck it rich today. That intelligence that I have received before was indeed correct, that brat really had a Two-headed Demon Wolf. I had definitely made the correct judgement to stay here and ambush them. Haha, it’s good this way too. Compared to a six-tailed Fox Spirit, I like Two-headed Demon Wolf more…”

The three Bronze-ranked Level 6 Hyenas realized that Hui Tai Lang only looked imposing on the surface, but its level was actually lower than themselves. They began to let out echoing growls and charged forward altogether.

They bare their bloodied mouth wide, trying to use those sharp teeth that could even shatter cow’s horns to bite onto Hui Tai Lang.

One Thunder Leopard was extremely cunning. It didn’t fight against Hui Tai Lang, but leapt to the side instead, agilely jumping on the mountain walls. With a single leap, it prepared itself to pounce onto the heavily injured, unconscious six-tailed Fox Spirit, thinking of ending its life completely.

Seeing its opponent making its move, the black flames on Hui Tai Lang’s body burned even brighter.

Hui Tai Lang leapt high up and turned into a ball of fiery meteor, colliding right into that Thunder Leopard’s ribs.

That Silver-ranked Level 5 Thunder Leopard was sent flying from the impact of the collision. “Boom,” it crashed onto the mountain cliff, shattering some rocks and setting a few rocks loose, causing it rustle down. Hui Tai Lang didn’t wait for the Thunder Leopard to make a sound, instead it immediately bounded and charged towards the Thunder Leopard. It opened its mouth and immediately locked onto the Thunder Leopard’s throat. Its other head bit on the Thunder Leopard’s spine and refused to let go. Its four claws seized that opportunity to embed itself onto the mountain cliff, before it violently smashed the Thunder Leopard onto the mountain cliff.

This way, it further increased the damage from its bite, causing the wound opening to widen and made it bled even more. It could also prevent that Thunder Leopard to resist it or struggle free.

This was the hunting skill that Yue Yang had taught it… He told it that a lot of beasts had the ability to fake its death. Biting their neck off wouldn’t guarantee their complete death. The best way to hunt was to attack both the enemies’ throat and their backs, injuring them heavily. Hui Tai Lang had two heads anyway. In the midst of attacking, no matter how the enemy struggled, he told it to sink its teeth even deeper into them and bite them with greater strength.

But Hui Tai Lang hadn’t been able to master the technique. Yue Yang was extremely unsatisfied with its performance and even called it an idiot dog.

Right now, in a crisis, the hunting skill that it had learnt before was unleashed immediately. The blood that flowed from its prey’s wounds greatly stimulated Hui Tai Lang’s killing intent and comprehending ability.

He even managed to use the hunting technique that Yue Yang hoped it would learn but it could not before to kill its opponent.

Even though the enemy was a Thunder Leopard that was higher-levelled than itself, it did not have the power to resist under Hui Tai Lang’s attack.

At the same time, the Hyenas that didn’t have a great jumping power and the Thunder Leopard whose leg had turned mushy like tofu after being heavily injured by Hui Tai Lang, only watched without doing anything, unable to be of help. They could only watch helplessly as Hui Tai Lang mauled their comrade. They could only roar ferociously at Hui Tai Lang, trying to provoke it.

The Silver-ranked Level 6 Scorpio Lion spread its wings and clumsily started to fly.

It was about to prick Hui Tai Lang using its scorpion tail.

As long as Hui Tai Lang was poisoned, its battle power would be greatly decreased, and it could even die…

Without waiting for the Scorpio Lion to fly closer to it, Hui Tai Lang flung its two head and threw the Thunder Leopard in its mouths towards the Scorpio Lion. Unfortunately, the Scorpio Lion’s scorpion tail was pointing right towards the front. As a result, the Thunder Leopard was impaled at the Scorpio Lion’s tail and it immediately cried out a cry that reverberated through the mountain valley. Hui Tai Lang then turned around and jumped using the mountain wall as foothold towards the Scorpio Lion’s back. It tore the ugly wings on its back off with its teeth violently, and also tore the Scorpio Lion’s skin with its claws to shreds. That Scorpio Lion was originally clumsy in flying due to its enormous body and heavy weight. It was already struggling to fly due to the weight of the Thunder Leopard’s body. With the additional pressure from Hui Tai Lang, it had reached its limit to fly. When its wings was torn off by Hui Tai lang, it immediately fell to the ground like a meteor.

“Boom!” The Scorpio Lion and Thunder Leopard fell on the ground with a loud sound.

“It’s so smart!” That Corrupted Warrior was completely astonished. This Two-headed Demon Wolf was a hundred times smarter than what he had imagined it to be.

“Awwooo!” Hui Tai Lang that had been pressing on the Scorpio Lion’s body to make it fall, turned in midair, its four claws embedding themselves deeply into the Scorpio Lion’s head. The moment the Scorpio Lion fell to the ground, however, it loosened its claws and immediately took the opportunity to jump, decreasing the impact from falling.

The Three Hyenas immediately charged towards it fiercely, baring their teeth and claws, wanting to bite Hui Tai Lang to death.

But it was too late. Hui Tai Lang had already shot towards the Thunder Leopard who was heavily injured from the multiple attacks it received.

After being bitten on its neck and back, impaled on a scorpion tail and crashing heavily to the ground, if it weren’t for the fact that it was a Silver-ranked Level 5 beast, this Thunder Leopard would have probably been dead long ago. Just as it was about to struggle up and return back to its master’s side, Hui Tai Lang howled loudly and collided onto the Thunder Leopard, sending it flying away.

Hui Tai Lang had smashed it to the mountain wall again.

Then, Hui Tai Lang’s left wolf head once again bite on the Thunder Leopard’s neck in a deadlock, sucking its blood at the same time to hasten the Thunder Leopard’s death. Its right head, together with its claws, tore at the Thunder Leopard’s abdomen, violently tearing it into shreds…

It remembered Yue Yang telling it before… When it was facing against a bunch of opponent that was difficult to win against, it must attack the weakest one first, and furthermore, it must kill it completely.

Towards Yue Yang’s words, “Rather than injuring 10 fingers, it’s better to just break 1 finger”, Hui Tai Lang didn’t really understand. However, it understood from Yue Yang’s multiple demonstrations that it must definitely kill one of its opponents. It must definitely kill it completely until its opponent truly die!

The Thunder Leopard that was on the brink of death let out a fierce current of electricity from its body, crackling loudly.

Before it died, it had used its final move to survive, releasing the electricity current in its body to electrocute its opponent. Although it was more skilled in forming a ball of electricity on its mouth and shoot it towards its opponent, it didn’t have the chance to do it now. It could only try to release electricity from its whole body, hoping that Hui Tai Lang would loosen its bite as a result.

The electric current exploded, causing Hui Tai Lang’s body to crackle with electricity as smoke slowly emitted out.

However, Hui Tai Lang steeled its heart and bit the Thunder Leopard even tighter, refusing to let go. Even if the Thunder Leopard scorched itself to charcoal, it would never let go.

The other Thunder Leopard immediately formed a ball of electricity and shot it towards Hui Tai Lang, who avoided it agilely. Seeing that its attack had failed, the Thunder Leopard charged forward with its fastest speed in order to save its comrade. It bit onto Hui Tai Lang’s back legs hard, and like its comrade, released the electricity in its body continuously, intent on saving its comrade. The two Thunder Leopard’s electricity flowed on Hui Tai Lang’s body back and forth, electrocuting its body until smoke came out.

The three Hyenas that were about to charge forward and attack Hui Tai Lang, together with the Scorpio Lion, hurriedly retreated, afraid of getting implicated by the huge electric current swirling in the air.

“Hisss…” As it endured the pain of being electrocuted, Hui Tai Lang’s claws that had been continuous scratching and clawing had finally managed to tear open the Thunder Leopard’s abdomen. In an instant, blood splattered out as Hui Tai Lang pulled the Thunder Leopard’s intestines out. At this moment, in the sky, the Metallic Rune Pole descended on the ground. That Corrupted Warrior called Lie Lie brandished the Metallic Rune Pole before smashing it heavily on Hui Tai Lang’s back.

This fellow had a deep understanding on the weaknesses of wolves, dogs, foxes, cats and all these beasts. For smaller beasts, their weaknesses were extremely obvious. First was their throat being bitten and second was their spines being smashed.

Had it not for the fact that Hui Tai Lang had evolved into Ironback Demon Wolf before, its spine would probably have been broken to half receiving this heavy blow.

Right now, however, it furiously howled loudly.

It didn’t fall even when its back was smashed, on the contrary, it even bend its waist and shook that Metallic Rune Pole off.

Hui Tai Lang’s two heads attacked on both of its sides while its claws spared no effort in pulling the Thunder Leopard’s innards. That Thunder Leopard’s chest was completely torn open as countless of its innards spilled all over the ground.

Hui Tai Lang was still afraid that the Thunder Leopard was not completely dead, it even tore the Thunder Leopard’s heart that was still beating out and swallowed it down in one go.

Three minutes. Hui Tai Lang finally managed to kill one enemy, the Silver-ranked Level 5 Thunder Leopard!

“This bastard!” That Corrupted Warrior called Lie Lie had the powers of a Level 6 Beginner [Junior Elder]. He was extremely furious when he saw this and immediately raised his Metallic Rune Pole up before swinging it down towards Hui Tai Lang’s body. With this heavy blow, Hui Tai Lang’s body flew over ten meters away.

Hui Tai Lang who was sent flying in mid-air landed heavily onto the ground. Its four claws left a deep scratch on the ground as blood dripped from the corner of its mouth.

However, its eyes were still burning with anger, glaring at the Corrupted Warrior coldly.

The Scorpio Lion’s scorpion tail suddenly ambushed Hui Tai Lang from behind, pricking its right hind leg.

Hui Tai Lang didn’t panic. Instead, it turned around and immediately pressed down the scorpion tail with its claws. Its two wolf head then violently bit at the Scorpio Lion’s tail. The Scorpio Lion wailed in pain and flung its tail, throwing Hui Tai Lang hard on the ground.


After seeing Yan Po Jun’s Blazing Lion, Yue Yang had taught Hui Tai Lang, “Idiot dog, do you know what are lion’s weaknesses? It doesn’t have enough power on its hind legs, so it will not be able to attack its opponents with its hind legs or jump very far. Its body is also very hard and inflexible, so it will be difficult for lions to attack enemies at their back. At this time, what you need to do is to attack its anus and injure its innards, do you understand? Don’t attack lions head on, you have to attack them from behind! Of course, you’ll also have to see if it’s a male or female lion. Female lions are much more flexible than male lions, so it would be difficult to execute this move. I’m talking about male lions here, just like that Yan Po Jun’s Blazing Lion. Idiot dog, do you understand?”

At that time, Hui Tai Lang didn’t understand his words, but it understood it right now.

With its master’s teaching and its inborn natural abilities, its two heads bit on the Scorpio Lion’s hind legs while its claws embed itself deeply inside the Scorpio Lion’s anus. It used its greatest strength to tear the hole open, tearing the Scorpio Lion’s innards and pulling them out… Blood splattered on the ground non-stop as the Scorpio Lion howled a miserable cry… Behind them, the Corrupted Warrior Lie Lie who was raising his Metallic Rune Pole could only stare dumbstruck.

What a cunning bastard!

The scene in front of him was simply hard to believe. A Silver-ranked Level 4 Two-headed Demon Wolf could actually inflict so much damage to his Silver-ranked Level 6 Scorpio Lion. Furthermore, it was all done right under his nose.

“Bastard, you are seeking death!” The Corrupted Warrior Lie Lie who finally returned to his senses raised his Metallic Rune Pole furiously, violently smashing it onto Hui Tai Lang’s Body.

“…” Hui Tai Lang didn’t resist nor let out any sound. Instead, it continued to bite tightly onto the Scorpio Lion’s hind legs as its claws continued to claw onto the Scorpio Lion’s anus. It kept pulling different parts of the Scorpio Lion’s innard each time it clawed into it.

The Scorpio Lion was still alive, but right now, it felt like it was better dead than alive.

It had already betrayed its master long ago and only wanted to leave this place quickly. However, Hui Tai Lang simply refused to let it go, adamant on killing it completely.

The three Bronze-ranked Level 6 Hyenas howled loudly as they charged forward, trying to bite Hui Tai Lang. However, they were immediately frightened by the violent and mad Hui Tai Lang, retreating far away and watched the situation silently instead, afraid to charge forward and attack.

The Corrupted Warrior Lie Lie didn’t know how many times he had raised his Metallic Rune Pole and smashed it against Hui Tai Lang. In the end, he smashed it ruthlessly and heavily down on Hui Tai Lang’s spine.

Finally, Hui Tai Lang loosened its bite.

Although the Scorpio Lion was still alive, it was not far from death.

A huge pile of innards that was clawed out by Hui Tai Lang scattered all over the ground… Hui Tai Lang’s whole body was drenched in blood. There were its enemies’ blood, and there were its own blood too… It stumbled and swayed as it walked towards the Six-tailed Fox Spirit.

The Corrupted Warrior Lie Lie let out a rough breath, completely exhausted. He had never seen such a determined Demon Wolf before.

Ten minutes. Hui Tai Lang killed its second enemy, the Silver-ranked Level 6 Scorpio Lion!

“Go, kill it now!” The Corrupted Warrior Lie Lie pointed towards Hui Tai Lang who was heavily injured, nearing death and vomiting blood non-stop, ordering the Thunder Leopard and the three Hyenas to bite it.

“Awooo…” Hui Tai Lang howled loudly towards the sky. It, who was heavily injured, could actually intimidate the Thunder Leopard and the three Hyenas, who retreated backwards continuously.

“All of you are trash!” The Corrupted Warrior Lie Lie raised his Metallic Rune Pole furiously and was about to crush Hui Tai Lang to death. However, at this moment, there were six bloodied fox tails that suddenly swept towards him, flinging him far away. The Six-tailed Fox Spirit’s body grew ten times bigger as its spirit force exploded. Its six tails waved as a sweet smelling smell erupted from its body. It expelled a ball of pure light that fell onto Hui Tai Lang’s body, who was heavily injured and on the brink of death… In an instant, Hui Tai Lang’s wounds immediately healed, closing up under the gazes of its enemies. Its black flames exploded once again as it loudly howled to the sky, reverberating through the mountains.

Its life force had completely recovered and it had returned to be that undying Hui Tai Lang.

When the Six-tailed Fox Spirit finished expelling its pure light, its body immediately became smaller, returning to its Three-tailed Snow Fox appearance. Its eyes slowly closed, as if it had passed away…

Hui Tai Lang went insane. It charged madly towards the Corrupted Warrior, Lie Lie. This time, its target was this strong human! No matter what, it must definitely kill him!

“Kill it, I don’t like this kind of glare the most!” The Corrupted Warrior Lie Lie realized that he felt a strange kind of fear under Hui Tai Lang’s glare.

“Awoo!” Hui Tai Lang recklessly charged forward. It only had one target, and that was this human.

Five minutes later, the Thunder Leopard which was trying to stop Hui Tai Lang was killed as its spine had been bitten off by Hui Tai lang.

This was Hui Tai Lang’s third kill.

Half an hour later, Hui Tai Lang’s body was badly mauled and mutilated, wounded all over. Its left wolf head had even been battered down to pieces. However, all three Hyenas had fallen in front of it, torn into shreds and mangled into pieces of flesh… This was its sixth kill, and it was a kill that was done even with the Corrupted Warrior Lie Lie ganging up on it!

There was only Lie Lie, who was drenched with blood from head to toe, in front of Hui Tai Lang now.

The Metallic Rune Pole that Lie Lie was holding in his hands trembled. It was the first time that he was really scared of a beast whom he had disregarded initially. He was frightened to the point that his whole body was trembling.

If this Silver-ranked Level 4 Two-headed Demon Wolf was stronger even by a little, the one dying today wouldn’t be it, it would be him… Lie Lie was a well-known Beastmaster in the Demonic Palace. He was extremely knowledgeable on beasts, hundreds of times more knowledgeable than ordinary warriors. In his whole life, Lie Lie had seen many strong beasts, but he had never seen a Two-headed Demon Wolf with such a strong willpower and determination, who had the ability to persevere until the end. He had truly never seen it before!

From the look of its injuries, this Two-headed Demon Wolf should have been dead long ago. But it was still alive, and it was even trying to kill him.

With its injuries, it shouldn’t be able to stand up. It should only be able to await death quietly.

However, it was still fighting with all its strength!

“I don’t care if you are a Two-headed Demon Wolf or a Three-headed Cerberus. I don’t believe that you won’t die. I will definitely have you killed today!” Lie Lie was completely frightened. He felt that if he didn’t kill this Two-headed Demon Wolf today, he might not be able to tame beasts anymore in the future. Right now, whenever he close his eyes, he would see this Two-headed Demon Wolf’s frightening eyes in his mind. It was blood red, filled with anger and fury!

If he didn’t kill it and get rid of this fear haunting him in his heart, Lie Lie felt that he might go insane.

“Awooo!” Hui Tai Lang vomited blood non-stop. It only had the strength to unleash its last attack. If it was in its normal state, it would have been dead long ago. But for revenge, its desire to kill this human continued to spur it forward. Even if it dies, it must kill this human!

“You want to kill me? Dream on. What make you think you can kill me with your strength alone?” Lie Lie ridiculed it.

He knew that Hui Tai Lang was completely exhausted, and could probably only attack one last time before collapsing in front of him, breathing its last.

Lie Lie raised his Metallic Rune Pole, gathering his strongest power. His heavy blow that packed over tonnes of kilograms of force smashed down.


Just as Lie Lie raised his Metallic Rune Pole, gathered his strongest power and swung it down towards Hui Tai Lang, a large figure protected Hui Tai Lang with its body the moment Lie Lie’s heavy blow was barely one head apart from Hui Tai Lang.

It was the Six-tailed Fox Spirit who had pretended to be dead.

When it awoke from its unconsciousness and saw Hui Tai Lang about to be killed with the pole that was coming down, it immediately flew forward and blocked the blow that would have killed Hui Tai Lang with its own body… Hui Tai Lang watched dumbstruck as the Six-tailed Fox Spirit’s huge body collapsed down to the ground with a loud boom, its fresh blood spilling all over the ground.

Hui Tai Lang didn’t howl or cry out, it only used its last bit of strength to leap towards the Corrupted Warrior Lie Lie furiously.

It opened its mouth wide and immediately bit at his throat!

Ten minutes later, Hui Tai Lang who had one of its front leg twisted and fractured, one of its head battered to pieces, its body covered with deep wounds that even exposed its bones, spit out Lie Lie’s head from its mouth. It then struggled as it crawled towards the Six-tailed Fox Spirit… A trail of blood trailing behind it… In front of it, the Six-tailed Fox Spirit had become Three-tailed Snow Fox again. This time, its head had even been battered and weighed down by the bloodied Metallic Rune Pole.

Receiving the fatal blow for Hui Tai Lang on its own body, it had collapsed instead.

Fresh blood had dyed its originally snow-white fur completely red.

Hui Tai Lang had no more strength to shove the heavy Metallic Rune Pole away and save the Three-tailed Snow Fox trapped underneath. It could only bite the pole with its mouth and struggled to pull it off. Yue Yang’s words that ordered it to protect the little Three-tailed Snow Fox properly continued to ring in its ears.

Suddenly, a bloody tear dripped from Hui Tai Lang’s eyes…


It looked up to the sky and let out its saddest, grieving howl. Its howl could even break hearts and form tears on others’ eyes. Its bereaved cry echoed throughout the valley for a long time, reverberating continuously.

The undying Hui Tai Lang finally collapsed on top of the Metallic Rune Pole.

As it slowly closed its eyes and the bloodied view in front of it slowly faded away, that black-coloured Metallic Rune Pole suddenly emitted a faint white light. The white light grew stronger and stronger, and then, a Runic Circle appeared, clearly and vividly rising from the Metallic Rune Pole, floating into the white light. A few golden runes appeared and entered into Hui Tai Lang’s body, while some white runes entered into the Three-tailed Snow Fox’s body…

It was uncertain how much time had passed before the white light slowly dissipated and disappeared.

The Metallic Rune Pole shattered into pieces with a loud cracking sound.

The sudden sound woke Hui Tai Lang up… Its eyes suddenly opened…

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    • Dane Will says:

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      Hui Tai Lang is a level 4 silver.

      But generally each rank is considered to be approximately equal to one level, at least at the lower levels.

      If converted to flat numbers on this standard, Hui Tai Lang is 6 (4+2), the hyenas and leopards are each 7 (6+1,5+2), and the lion 8 (6+2).

      • wirlwind494 says:

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      On top of that, he will no longer get to stay by his side 24/7 due to summoning restrictions.

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