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LLS Chapter 172 – Go Berserk, Hui Tai Lang!

Chapter 172 – Go Berserk, Hui Tai Lang!
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Shiro: Chinese raws uses ‘it’ for Hui Tai Lang and the Snow Fox. I don’t mind using he/she or continue to use it, so let me know how you guys feel about it and I might change it to he/she instead. So yeah, enjoy the chapter 🙂 Let me know if there’s any mistakes.

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“You must’ve been dreaming!” Luo Hua City Mistress nodded affirmatively.

Yue Yang was speechless. He knew that he wasn’t dreaming about that. This was because he was dreaming about something else at that time. There was no way that someone could have two dreams at once. Even if Luo Hua City Mistress didn’t want to say it, Yue Yang could guess that it was probably the mysterious beauty that had followed him. It could’ve also been the Imperial Swordswoman, Princess Qian Qian. They said that they don’t know each other, but in reality, they were probably all friends, very close friends at that.

What confused Yue Yang the most was the fact that he couldn’t sense the mysterious beauty’s presence at all.

She should be hiding somewhere within his detection range. She couldn’t be too far off, so why couldn’t he sense her at all?

It really was confusing. Did she know his detection range? The mysterious beauty had become more and more mysterious in his mind…… unless….. unless it had something to do with her Inherent Skill?

Yue Yang was suspecting many things in his mind, but his expression did not change at all.

After resting for a while, they continued their climb onto the Cloud Peak Lake.

Using half a day’s time, Yue Yang and Luo Hua City Mistress finally reached the top of the Cloud Peak Lake that was suspended in midair.

In Yue Yang’s eyes, this place probably used to be a geyser opening on an inactive volcano. After many years had passed, it turned into a giant mountain top lake. The Cloud Peak Lake wasn’t that big. Although it was foggy, if one looked closely, one would be able to see the edge of the lake on the other side. The lake was basically an oval shape. It’s diameter was around a few kilometers and the circumference looked to be less than twenty kilometers.

“Are there any water beasts here?” Yue Yang had heard a lot of rumors about water beasts in lakes. But of course, that was the case in his previous world.

“What kind of water beasts are you talking about? Some sort of gigantic fish-type beasts?” Luo Hua City Mistress didn’t know much about the existence of water beasts. This was because in Soaring Dragon Continent, there were too many types of strange beasts. It was impossible to know every type of beasts.

“Uhh. Let’s just pretend I didn’t ask about it.” Yue Yang wasn’t too interested in water beasts either.

This was because Yue Yang had seen an abundant amount of beasts already. At the same time, he had killed a bunch of them too. Yue Yang wasn’t too curious about new beasts anymore.

The Starlight Serene Indigo Grass did not grow on the Cloud Peak Lake. It grew on the peak of an even higher mountain.

The steep and mysterious mountain that Yue Yang climbed was slippery and barren, sustaining no life whatsoever. Yue Yang had to expend a tremendous amount of energy in order to carry Luo Hua City Mistress and himself up the mountain. Luo Hua City Mistress could climb by herself, but she was feeling very weak. Every once in awhile, she would have to rest. The wind on the mountain was very cold and it sounded like the wailing of ghosts and the howling of wolves. Yue Yang was worried about her so in the end, he decided to carry her up.

It was empty at the peak of the mountain. Other than some snow lying on the ground, there was completely nothing else.

Originally, Yue Yang was a little discouraged as it seemed like the Starlight Serene Indigo Grass had already been picked by someone else. However, after Luo Hua City Mistress surveyed the area carefully, she found a small crack on the ground. This filled Yue Yang up with hope.

There seemed to be a small cave there. It seemed like someone could enter if they forced themselves in.

The two entered and began to climb a few dozen meters downwards. After a while, they discovered that at the edge of a cliff that protruded out, there were strange flowers that was glowing faintly like stars. Above, it looked like there was a line of starry sky, and below was a hole sheltered from winds. The Spiritual Qi from heaven and earth coagulated together, inspired and stirred by the breath of creation. Sure enough, only this magical place would be able to nurture the growth of the magical flower.

The Starlight Serene Indigo Grass. He had looked through the medicine encyclopedia and found out that it was very hard to obtain.

According to the encyclopedia, it was a rank 6 Legendary Medicine!

It was uncertain what kind of places they would thrive in, but they usually grow in places of high altitudes where they are bathed in starlight. The altitude had to be high enough where no other plants could sustain life within a fifty foot radius. According to the legend recorded in the Medicine Encyclopedia, the Starlight Serene Indigo Grass had actually originated from the Outer Realm, the world beyond Tong Tian Tower. Ten thousand years ago, there was a Starlight Princess who loved solitude, and pureness. She loved being secluded in the mountains and spending time with her flowers. However, the Starlight Princess was assassinated afterwards. When she was assassinated, her blood splattered all over the flowers. Her soul then began to fuse with the flowers, and among the flowers, was her favorite… the Serene Indigo Grass. The Serene Indigo Grass received most of the Starlight Princess’ Spiritual Qi out of all the flowers. Thus, people begin to call these flowers the Starlight Serene Indigo Grass.

The flower was like its old master. It loved solitude and pureness. It would not bloom without a starry night and those without a pure heart could not pick the flower.

If any ordinary person tried to pick the flower, its Spiritual Qi would scatter and the flower would wither away.

Seeing the Starlight Serene Indigo Grass, Luo Hua City Mistress became very excited. She pulled Yue Yang to one side and warned him not to get close to her. Before she entered the cave, she bathed herself and washed her clothes in a small pond near the cliff and got rid of all of Yue Yang’s dirty male odor from her body. Only then did she walk towards the Starlight Serene Indigo Grass harboring excitement in her heart.

Although there were only a few flowers, they gave off a very radiant shine.

Before she picked the flowers, she paid her respects to the Starlight Princess, “Your highness the Starlight Princess, please allow this one to have three of your flowers. I’m not asking for any more. Just three. Please.”

“Why does it seem like there’s something wrong?” Yue Yang suddenly felt a shiver in his heart.

There were no beasts guarding the cave entrance at all. Maybe it was because this small cave where the Starlight Serene Indigo Grass grew was located at the edge of the sky, where no strong beasts noticed its existence. However, Yue Yang still felt that there was something wrong and just couldn’t feel assured. Just as Yue Yang, who was filled with doubts, tried to look for clues around the cave entrance, he heard a delicate shout coming from right on top of the cave entrance, followed by a loud sound. It seemed like someone was fighting ferociously. When Yue Yang turned around to see what was happening, a scorching hot fireball shot into to the small cave opening, aiming straight towards Luo Hua City Mistress.

Yue Yang was shocked. He recognized this type of flames.

This… This was the Luminous Demon, Ding Zang’s Hellfire.

Sure enough, the Luminous Demon Ding Zang had been following them, harboring evil intentions… However, who was the one that noticed the Luminous Demon trying to attack him and stopped it at the same time?

Was it Princess Qian Qian?

Yue Yang was familiar with how Princess Qian Qian always let out a shout when she fought. Her shout was very unique and different from others, it was extremely sharp and clear, and it was also filled with spirit. It sounded like hero’s cry. Although he wasn’t able to hear the cry very clearly just now, he knew that there was great crisis up above… With Princess Qian Qian’s strength, she wouldn’t be a match on a one-on-one duel with the Luminous Demon Ding Zang…Right now, even in the midst of a ferocious battle, the Luminous Demon Ding Zang still had spare power to shoot Hellfire to attack Luo Hua City Mistress. Furthermore, he still managed to set fire on the Starlight Serene Indigo Grass. This meant that not only the Luminous Demon Ding Zang was here, he had also brought a few reinforcements!

“Watch out!” Yue Yang anxiously tried to jump up towards protect Luo Hua City Mistress.

“Don’t come here. You must not come over!” Luo Hua City Mistress hurriedly called out her grimoire and summoned her shield to block the flames.

In her heart, the Starlight Serene Indigo Grass was the most important. Even if she was hurt, she didn’t want to see such priceless artifact wither away.

A loud sound reverberated from the outside again. The intensity of the battle outside shook the whole cave. Yue Yang didn’t know what the situation was like outside so he immediately climbed out and prepared himself to assist Princess Qian Qian…

Under the mountain, Hui Tai Lang leisuredly accompanied the three-tailed Snow Fox. It continuously tried communicating with the little Snow Fox through the use of different languages.

However, its usage of other languages sucked. Let’s not talk about the three-tailed Snow Fox, even if other animals heard it, they wouldn’t know what it was saying either.

It was better for it to use body gestures.

From time to time, Hui Tai Lang would go and catch some small animals and tried to win the beautiful fox over.

What it didn’t know, however, was that the three-tailed Snow Fox was a vegetarian like its owner. If it had given the fox something like a Frost Truffle or a Wisdom Fruit, then it would definitely have won the little Snow Fox over. As for the small animals that was drenched in blood, the fox did not like it at all. The fox had graciously wrapped its tails around itself and started sleeping on the floor, quietly waiting for its master to return.

Compared to the fox, Hui Tai Lang was a bit too active.

It was waiting for Yue Yang as well, but it had to entertain himself somehow.

Every time it saw small animals running around, it would immediately chase them. It had also complacently chased a group of noisy Level 3 Snow Wolves ten kilometers away in order to let the Snow Fox sleep peacefully. It also casually killed a few Giant Spiders and dug their magic cores out.

However, it couldn’t bear to eat the cores and brought them back with it.

It was ready to give the cores to please the little Snow Fox.

However, when it returned to the mountain, it was shocked from the wretched sight in front of him. The snowy ground was completely covered with blood. The little Snow Fox had already turned into giant six-tailed Fox Spirit, her whole body covered in wounds that were inflicted by the group of ferocious beasts around her. She was standing there, howling in pain. Standing in front of her was a ranker. He held a green Ball of Pollution that prevented the Snow Fox from releasing its full strength. He had also stuck a Metallic Rune Pole on the ground, and that black-coloured pillar released a black ring of light that poured out continuously to greatly suppress the fox’s power.

Three Bronze-ranked Level 6 Hyenas violently bit at the six-tailed Fox Spirit’s body with their horrifyingly sharp teeth.

With each bite, a piece of flesh would come off the six-tailed Fox Spirit’s body.

Covered in wounds and drenched in blood, the six-tailed Fox Spirit couldn’t use all its strength to fight. It was being suppressed by the black halo from the Metallic Rune Pole. The Ball of Pollution had also limited her abilities. Now, its speed was only at around a tenth of what it used it be. Although it was still very fast, it could not dodge the attacks from the three Hyenas.

However, its opponents were not just the three Hyenas.

There were three more beasts that were as strong as the Hyenas. They all surrounded the six-tailed Fox Spirit and attacked. There were two Silver-ranked Level 5 Thunder Leopards and a Silver-ranked Level 6 Scorpio Lion. The six beasts bared their bloodied fangs and surrounded their prey. This prevented the six-tailed Fox Spirit from escaping while they all attacked.

“Hahahahahaha. Darling, you are finally going to be mine. Come here, come here… What a beautiful and intelligent white fox. Only I, Lie Lie, is worthy to be your master. I will definitely cultivate you to become a Holy Beast. Come over to your master! Hahaha!” The tattoo covered Corrupted Warrior took out a contract scroll and opened it.

A white light emerged from the scroll and landed on top of the six-tailed Fox Spirit’s head.

The six-tailed Fox Spirit was already in so much pain that it wished it was dead, and when the white light landed on its head, it made it suffer even more.

Its legs stumbled, it was hard for her to struggle under the light of the contract scroll.

“Wang!” The three Hyenas and Thunder Leopards continued to attack the six-tailed Fox Spirit, slowly eating away its flesh.

“Howl……” The most sinister one was the Scorpio Lion. He raised his scorpion tail and stabbed the six-tailed Fox Spirit’s leg, releasing poison into it. Normally, the poison would not have had an effect on the six-tailed Fox Spirit, but combined with the other attacks, the six-tailed Fox Spirit finally fell!

Once it fell, the Hyenas, Thunder Leopards and Scorpio Lions all pounced on it at the same time and wildly bit the six-tailed Fox Spirit. Blood was splattering all over the place. Her fur was ripped apart. They had even bitten away half of her tail. The place was filled with blood. The scene was very tragic.

The six-tailed Fox Spirit finally used the last of its energy to howl and frantically jumped up.

Using the remainder of its strength, it pounced to the Corrupted Warrior and bit the contract scroll into pieces, rejecting the contract. With its tails, it swept the Thunder Leopards and sent them flying at the Corrupted Warrior, causing him to drop the Ball of Pollution.

The Corrupted Warrior was sent flying as well. When he landed, he touched his face and felt that it was swollen. He had been hit by the six-tailed Fox Spirit and his nose started to bleed.

He became very agitated. He held the Metallic Rune Pole and continuously smashed it on the six-tailed Fox Spirit’s head. This sent the six-tailed Fox Spirit flying back a few meters. The Corrupted Warrior then started to yell, “You’ve failed to appreciate my kindness. So be it. Bite it to death!”

At that time, Hui Tai Lang was running over to rescue the six-tailed Fox Spirit with all its strength. Seeing what had just happened, Hui Tai Lang suddenly went berserk.

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