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LLS Chapter 171 – Mysterious Rune, Complete Level Up

Chapter 171 – Mysterious Rune, Complete Level Up
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Shiro: Last chapter, Luo Hua and Yue Yang saw giant letters in the sky… I’m changing the ‘letters’ to ‘runes’ in this chapter.

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Shiro: Last chapter, Luo Hua and Yue Yang saw giant letters in the sky… I’m changing the ‘letters’ to ‘runes’ in this chapter.

What Luo Hua City Mistress’ saw was a ray of rainbow light appearing on Yue Yang’s head, shooting right towards the Runic Circle on the Ancient Rune.

She couldn’t see anything clearly. That ray of light might only be a ray of rainbow light, but it might also be a figure of a Guardian Beast.  

Just as Luo Hua City Mistress was about to ask Yue Yang about it, she realized that his eyes were closed and his body was floating in the air. His breath was calm, as if he was sleeping. She didn’t see his Grimoire, but she saw the Halo Shield of his Grimoire erected and surrounding his body. Golden streaks of light poured out continuously, forming dozens of meters high pillar of light that shot right towards the giant Runic Circle above the mountain peak.

At this time, the giant Runic Circle was emitting a weird yet marvellous sound, coupled with rays of bright white light that looked like an aurora, beautiful beyond compare.

When the pillar of golden light touched the Runic Circle, the Runic Circle seemed to receive a huge amount of energy, the white light that it was emitting exploded ten times larger than before. It became so bright that Luo Hua City Mistress and the Bloody Queen couldn’t open their eyes at all.

The Runic Circle then emitted a beautiful, mysterious and heavenly sound, before it suddenly started to revolve.

Luo Hua City Mistress tried to block the light with her hands, and through the slit of her fingers, she saw countless golden and white runes raining down from the sky. The white runes in the sky which were originally very big became smaller very quickly. On the other hand, the golden runes which was smaller in size originally, grew bigger the moment it touched the golden pillar of light. Countless mysterious looking runes fluttered in the sky rhythmically as if dancing to a song. They fluttered down to the ground with their incomparable beauty. In the end, they entered Yue Yang’s body and disappeared without a trace.

An extremely small amount of runes floated towards Luo Hua City Mistress’ body.

However, they did not enter Luo Hua City Mistress’ body easily like the way they had entered Yue Yang’s body. On the contrary, they knocked against each other and even rebounded away, floating back into the sky again.

Amongst these runes, there was a small portion that had successfully entered Luo Hua City Mistress’ forehead, heart and palms.

Luo Hua City Mistress felt a shock jolting through her body.

There were many types of pure, immense energy bursting on her forehead, heart and hands, rapidly joining together inside her body, as if rinsing through her whole body very thoroughly. There was so much energy that it almost burst out of her body, but it finally pooled in her abdomen. She could feel that a Giant Runic Circle had appeared inside her Spirit Realm and was constantly assembling itself. It gave her a kind of feeling that seemed to understand but not to understand what was happening… Luo Hua City Mistress who couldn’t level up and had reached the bottleneck previously, suddenly received enlightenment in her mind, as if she had suddenly mastered the knowledge and understood perfect wisdom.

Her Summoning Grimoire floated out on its own and emitted a bright golden light. Her protective shield appeared and re-absorbed some runes that had rebounded away.

Luo Hua City Mistress’ Spirit Realm received a huge shock and she lost her consciousness.

Similarly, her body also floated in the sky.

However, her body only floated 1 metre above the ground, unlike Yue Yang who was floating more than ten meters high above.

Right before Luo Hua City Mistress lost her consciousness, she felt two familiar figures embracing her, one of them even cried out in surprise. She immediately felt assured. With these two people here, she, who had exhausted her spirit and mental state could finally rest and sleep peacefully.

On the other side, the Bloody Queen raised her hands and cupped them together to catch some of the pure energy that had condensed into golden runes, looking astonished and startled.

At this moment, Yue Yang who was surrounded by countless runes suddenly created a unique hand gesture unconsciously in mid-air. A ball of rainbow-coloured Runic Circle appeared in his two hands, which then floated to the Bloody Queen’s forehead.

The Bloody Queen let out a cry that was the highest pitched that she ever did.

She spread open her wings and flew straight towards the sky.

When she flew back down, her body was ignited in flames. There was also golden rays of light coming from under her feet that flowed to the top of her head and down to her legs again. Finally, the golden rays of light gathered at her wings and shattered into millions of pieces as it smashed into her feathers.

The million pieces of golden rays floated in the sky and fluttered into Yue Yang’s body, forming a white golden pillar of light before shooting right towards the Blood Queen’s forehead again.

The Bloody Queen’s body had become renewed from the top to bottom.

Her fiery hair started to change then and there, turning platinum in colour as it draped over her shoulders gracefully. Her long hair hung down like a waterfall right until her butt.

Her wings was also completely reborn, turning platinum in colour.

Looking at her now, she looked even more powerful, agile, and beautiful than ever before.

This transformation surprised the Bloody Queen so much that her face was filled with tears of joy. She understood that she had levelled up from Gold-ranked Level 5 straight to a whole new tier, stepping into a new realm that most beasts would find it extremely difficult to reach: Platinum-ranked Level 5… This evolution had even surpassed her previous life’s level reaching a whole new realm of Platinum-rank. What would wait for her in the future was a whole new world, a world that other beasts could only dream about!

Only by surpassing this boundary would she be able to step into the realm of wisdom and intelligence.

Only by surpassing the King-rank would she be able to become what was known as Holy Beast.

The Bloody Queen kneeled on the ground as tears streamed down her face.

All of this was bestowed to her by her master… Although he was her master, he had never enslaved her like the ugly humans did in the legends that she heard before. Even under the situation where he knew that she was a Guardian Beast that would never die, he had also never allowed her to stay in dangerous situations…

Just when the Bloody Queen was crying emotionally, two pillars of golden light rose up from both of her sides.

The two pillars rose high up, even higher than Luo Hua City Mistress, inching closer to Yue Yang’s body.

One of the pillars of light joined with Yue Yang’s body immediately.

Countless runes fluttered down to the ground…

The Bloody Queen could feel that although she had rose up to Platinum-ranked Level 5, she could still feel a kind of intense pressure, as if there were two other stronger Guardian Beasts snarling at her side and declaring that they were stronger than herself.

Following that, a figure suddenly jumped down heavily from the sky onto the small platform, shaking the whole platform so much that it wobbled.

It was the Barbarian Cow Shadow, Ah Man. She had also come out from the Grimoire at a certain point of time. There was a golden-coloured Runic Circle on her forehead too, it looked sort of similar to the Bloody Queen’s, but a little bit different. At the same time, her body had also slowly transformed… The Bloody Queen had just wanted to stand up when she suddenly felt an extremely strong pressure pushing her back down. She had to bend over and struggle before she could finally resist that unrivalled power. In the sky, there seemed to be a ten-meter tall gigantic figure shining brightly.

It was unknown how much time had passed, but suddenly, there was a heavenly, nature-like cry coming from within the Runic Circle above. Following closely afterwards, there was also another nature-like sound echoing the first one.

Those nature-like sound was actually not hearable by ear, it reverberated right into others’ souls.

The Bloody Queen immediately kneeled down, sprawled on the ground, showing her respect to the creature in the sky.

When those two clear, nature-like cry disappeared, the Giant Runic Circle above the mountain peak also slowly stopped revolving. The white light it had emitted had slowly disappeared as it returned back to normal, as if nothing had happened before. Only some of the runes on the Runic Circle had shifted a little, the runes arrangement looking a little different than before.

The rest of the golden, floating runes revolved quickly and entered into Yue Yang’s body.

The golden pillar of light disappeared.

Yue Yang who was floating ten metres high up in the sky slowly floated back down, light as feather.

The Bloody Queen was just about to reach her hands out to catch her master, but she realized that the little lamia loli that her master dearly loved was holding him in her arms as they floated down. There was a mysterious rainbow-coloured Runic Circle on Xiao Wen Li’s forehead too… The Bloody Queen hurriedly bowed to show her respect before reaching her hands out to hold Luo Hua City Mistress in her arms.

On the other side, the Barbarian Cow Shadow ‘Ah Man’ who had undergone her third reconstruction reached out and caught the other two figures in her arms, placing them on the ground lightly.

Yue Yang felt like he had dreamt for a long time.

In his dream, he felt like there were countless of people and stories. He even heard people speaking and laughing in his ears. At times, there was even a silverbell sounding laughter in his dreams. However, when he opened his eyes, he couldn’t remember anything from his dream. That kind of feeling was as if he was seeing something right in front of his eyes yet he was unable to touch it at all. He simply couldn’t remember anything. It was extremely a weird feeling.

Turning over into a sitting position, he saw Luo Hua City Mistress sleeping sweetly on top of his body.

This was a chance bestowed to him by the heavens!

Yue Yang was about to reach his wolfy paws out and carry out a magnificent taking of advantage when Luo Hua City Mistress was still sleeping.

However, he unintentionally saw that on the other side, the Bloody Queen was staring at his hands without blinking, her eyes seemed to be filled with a kind of light… Her gaze looked almost human; unlike a beast’s, her gaze was filled with intelligence and wisdom. When he looked at her forehead, he saw a golden coloured Runic Circle engraved on her skin, making her look different from before… When he observed her more clearly, he realized that the Bloody Queen’s body had undergone a huge transformation. Her wings had even turned into a platinum colour.

“What happen here?” Yue Yang was stunned, unable to make sense of the situation.

“Runes… Summons… Reborn… Level… up…” The Bloody Queen stammered out as she started to speak. Although she tried her utmost effort, Yue Yang still couldn’t understand.

“How are you able to speak now? Ah, that’s not right, you can already speak before. I mean, when did you manage to learn the Soaring Dragon Continent’s language? Your hair, and your wings, what had actually happened?” Yue Yang reached out and caressed the Bloody Queen’s platinum coloured hair and wings with his hands, then discovered that her face had started to turn red, revealing an expression that a blushing girl would have. He was immediately bewildered.

“I…have…already…levelled up… Platinum… five…” The Bloody Queen stammered again before lowering her head down, feeling shy as she tried to hide from Yue Yang’s gaze, unwilling to continue to speak.

“You are Platinum-ranked Level 5 now?” When Yue Yang heard it, he was both surprised and elated. What tonic had this Bloody Queen eaten that caused her to level up so quickly? Even if she had undergone Variant Evolution, a Gold-ranked Level 5 should have levelled up to Platinum-ranked Level 4. But she had actually levelled up to Platinum-ranked Level 5, so she should have ingested some kind of a miraculous tonic to be able to level up so much. Could it be that Luo Hua City Mistress had given it to her? What exactly did Luo Hua City Mistress gave her?

Could it be the Beautiful Demonic Flower that they had gotten from the Hanging Pavilion before?

He summoned his Silver Grimoire immediately. However, when he flipped it open, he realized that the Bloody Queen’s illustration had disappeared.


Didn’t they say that Guardian Beasts wouldn’t desert their masters?

Shortly after, he realized that this Bloody Queen must have moved her house from this Silver Grimoire to the Celestial Grimoire. As for the Barbarian Cow Shadow that was left behind, Yue Yang realized with astonishment that her body had undergone a huge reconstruction once again… When he looked at the Thorny Flower Demoness, he also saw that she had turned into a silver-ranked ‘Runic Phantom Thorny Flower Demoness’. He couldn’t summon the Thorny Flower Demoness and the Barbarian Cow Shadow, but even the Quintet Golden Puppet Mice illustration had a different Runic Circle arrangement. Yue Yang was thoroughly bewildered, he couldn’t understand how there could be so many Runic Circles that invaded inside his Silver Grimoire. Furthermore, it was even engraved in all of his beasts’ forehead.

Even the mysterious little Golden Beast on his wrist had an engraved Runic Circle on its body!

Yue Yang summoned Xiao Wen Li out and strangely discovered that the little loli didn’t have a mark engraved on her forehead. When Xiao Wen Li was summoned, she yawned adorably, her drowsy eyes looked as if she had not have enough sleep.

Forget it, he should let this little loli rest and sleep first!

Yue Yang was about to allow her to continue to sleep, but he suddenly realized that there was something different about the little loli’s body. It seemed like she had grown a little taller…?

When he used his Level 3 [Divine Eyes] to check, he realized that this little loli had actually… levelled up.

The little lamia loli who originally had no reaction and no indication of levelling up even after killing hundreds of monsters and receiving so much experience, had actually mysteriously levelled up right now. The thing that troubled Yue Yang the most was that he didn’t know how she could actually levelled up. This matter was really strange.

Luo Hua City Mistress had woken up at some point of time and laughed as she watched Yue Yang.

“What happened here? When I was unconscious, what had actually happened?” Yue Yang really wanted to make sense of the entire development, otherwise he would die from his curiousity.

“I was unconscious the whole time and even woke up later than you. How would I know what happened? I don’t know anything at all. I don’t know anything about how your Bloody Queen levelled up and evolved into Platinum-ranked beast!” When Luo Hua City Mistress said this, Yue Yang almost wanted to plant his head into the Despair Abyss. This way of saying, it was even worse than what he would normally say. This girl was definitely saying all this to take revenge on him, she was definitely saying all these on purpose!

“You are so ruthless!” Yue Yang knew that he wouldn’t get anything from Luo Hua City Mistress’ mouth. He thought, ‘Even if you didn’t tell me, I will find out the cause myself.’

“Thanks for your compliment!” Luo Hua City Mistress suddenly looked like she was trying to hold her laughter. It looked like it was really hard for her to do so. Her shoulders were trembling but not a single sound of laughter was heard.

“Who are you talking to just now?” Yue Yang suddenly asked her, taking her by surprise.

He remembered that in his dreams, it was as if he heard some girls talking and chattering, even letting out a silverbell-sounding laughter at times. The Bloody Queen had just learnt how to speak and was still a mute while Xiao Wen Li still couldn’t speak, so it was definitely not the two of them.

Since it was that way, who exactly was Luo Hua City Mistress talking to just now?

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