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LLS Chapter 168 – Little Scoundrel, don’t even think about it!

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Chapter 168 – Little Scoundrel, don’t even think about it!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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“There’s nothing to explain, Brother Yi Nan pitied me because no girls liked me before, so he was planning to introduce his sister to me.” Yue Yang hurriedly put on the jade pendant back on his neck. With his lucky pendant back, Yue Yang had gained back a little of his courage and confidence.

At least there was still Yi Nan, he wouldn’t be afraid of not being able to find a wife.

As for the three girls in front of him, since the milk had already been spilt, he would not care about salvaging it any more. At least he still had one.

When his abilities grew stronger in the future, if he still couldn’t pick up girls, then he should just force them instead. As long as he could push them down, he wouldn’t be afraid of them slapping him. He could pamper them slowly after they had all become his. Picking girls up is a process of conquering their heart and body; it’s best if he could conquer their hearts before conquering their bodies. If it was really impossible to do so, then he could do it the other way around too. Conquer their body first, then conquer their hearts… Of course, the latter method would require him to have a strong and powerful foundation.

Otherwise, the consequences of trying to force a girl when he was still very weak could only end in tragedy. There was even the possibility that the girl would cut off his little brother.

Yue Yang felt that they were colluding together to fight against him. On the surface, this alliance looked impossible to break. However, no matter how strong an alliance was, they wouldn’t be able to compare with the expert way he divide his heart.

As long as he continued to sow discord amongst them, their sisterhood alliance would definitely crumble sooner or later.

As long as they were alone, he would be able to catch them when they were off their guard.

“So it turns out that Yue Yang already had an engagement to be married, congratulations!” Luo Hua City Mistress smiled as she reached her hands out and caressed Yue Yang’s hair. On the surface, it looked like the City Mistress was caring for her subordinate, but the sour smell that she emitted could even be smelled five kilometers away. She might not have fallen in love with this foolish and audacious little thief yet, but any girl would feel a little jealous seeing the excellent man that they wanted to get close to be booked by another woman.

“That’s a really good explanation. It perfectly explained the great and pure friendship between you and Brother Yi Nan. I think I can believe that Brother Yi Nan and you are innocent.” The mysterious beauty closed the Ancient Book in her hands, then disappeared in front of Yue Yang with the wind.

“Sorry, I’m just buying soy sauce.” Princess Qian Qian didn’t know [Space Teleportation], but she had a Teleportation Scroll with her.

“Hey, actually…” Yue Yang hurriedly called out to her.

“Actually you wanted to say that I am a silly girl who liked to glare at others with my Yan Zhi Hu eyes, right? You don’t have to repeat it again, I have heard it all just now.” Princess Qian Qian’s leg flew out and kicked hard at Yue Yang’s butt, sending him flying away. Then, she stomped her foot angrily as she entered the Teleportation Gate and left.

“It’s okay, Princess Qian Qian is an impetuous person. She gets angry easily but calms down easily too.” Luo Hua City Mistress laughed as she pulled Yue Yang up, patting dusts from his body. Her face was full of smiles as she said, “Furthermore, you are not at a disadvantage since whoever kicked you must become your wife as a compensation for your loss*. Princess Qian Qian had kicked you just now, so she wouldn’t be able to run away from her responsibilities. Congratulations, Yue Yang, in the future, you will gain a tigress…uhh, I mean, Princess Qian Qian, as your wife!”
(*Shiro: Chapter 152 right at the end)

“I’m going to faint!” Yue Yang realized that the three girls who said that they didn’t know each other were actually sharing information about him. No matter what words he had said before, the three girls all knew about it.

What was the relationship between them actually?

Or maybe they had formed a sisterhood alliance in order to fight against him, sharing information between each other?

He had never heard them mentioning each other before… From the Night Empress words, he could deduce that Luo Hua City Mistress was actually a Tian Luo Kingdom’s citizen. On the other hand, Princess Qian Qian was a Da Xia Princess. As for the remaining mysterious masked girl who liked to read and stalk him everyday, who exactly was she?

Could it be that she was a Princess from the Zi Jin Kingdom?

Impossible, Zi Jin Kingdom was full of burly and ferocious men, beauties were almost an extinct species in the Zi Jin Kingdom.

Truthfully, Yue Yang actually suspected that the mysterious beauty was Xue Tan Lang’s sister, which meant that she was actually the Miss Xue that the pitiful guy had cancelled his engagement with.

But thinking about it again, if Miss Xue was really jilted by the pitiful guy, then she must really hated him to the bone. If the mysterious beauty was really Miss Xue, she would have beaten him to death, why would she risk her life to save him? Especially when they were fighting against the Marquis of Zi Jin, whose strength could induce despair in his opponents. On the verge of death, she had actually wanted to use her last blizzard to give him time to run away… A girl like her who could risk her life for him, could she really be Miss Xue who should be hating him down to his bones?

Yue Yang couldn’t be sure, but he was very curious.

“Hey, hey. Although they have all gone away, I’m still here… If you think you have to go after them, then go quickly!” Luo Hua City Mistress looked amiable and easygoing on the surface, as if she didn’t care at all. However, Yue Yang could be sure that if he really went after the other two girls, he would probably not be able to meet Luo Hua City Mistress ever again.

Only a fool would dump a girl in front of him to go after another!

Yue Yang jumped up and quickly held Luo Hua City Mistress’ hands, pretending to be incomparably loyal and sincere, “Reporting to City Mistress, I have promised you my service and assumed the position of your personal Guard Captain to protect you 24 hours a day. Furthermore, I can also work overtime at night for free!” His words immediately amused Luo Hua City Mistress and made her laugh out loud until her whole body shook.

In the end, she sent Yue Yang a look, “I daresay you are the most shameless person in the whole world!”

Shortly after, she added, “Can you tell me how many girls exactly have you flirted with? Ten? A hundred?”

Yue Yang stomped his foot and stand at attention, pretending to be honorable and all, “Reporting to the City Mistress, a hundred woman is my life’s goal! Your personal Guard Captain’s current successful count is zero. End of report, waiting for your next instructions!”

“Hahaha!” Luo Hua City Mistress’ hands rested on top of Yue Yang’s shoulders as she laughed hard. Her body had become weak with laughter and she almost fell into Yue Yang’s embrace.

The sweet smell from her body penetrated deeply into Yue Yang’s heart.

If he were to speak of Luo Hua City Mistress’ sexiest moments, it was when she was laughing with her unique, unrestrained laughter. Her loud laughter did not make him feel that she was disgraceful. On the contrary, it made him feel that she was very natural, exuberant and frank. She made him feel that she was showing her joy that was truly from the bottom of her heart. The laughter that she laughed out didn’t look fake nor concealed, it was real and out in the open. It even had the lovable quality that others didn’t have; it was extremely beautiful.

Yue Yang really wanted to hug the Luo Hua City Mistress who liked to laugh tightly, then kiss her cherry lips fiercely and suck her sweetness and happiness from her mouth.

His hands moved slightly, but stopped afterwards.

It was not yet the right time.

Inevitably, the day where she would take the initiative to hug him herself would come. She would then inch her cherry lips towards him and stay beside him forever.

As long as he managed to make her completely fall for him… This Luo Hua Mistress, he would definitely not let her escape from his hands. He must definitely win her over and make her fall in love with him!

“Alright, I shall employ you as my temporary personal Guard Captain for a month. After a month, if your performance is not up to par, I will fire you immediately.” Luo Hua City Mistress finally managed to stop her laughter after great difficulties and declared, pretending to be strict and honorable. “My personal Guard Captain, I am tired from my journey. It’s all forest and wilderness here, there’s no human settlements even within a few dozen kilometers in radius. Do you have any good idea?”

“The good idea is…” Yue Yang then carried Luo Hua City Mistress on his back in one swift movement, his forearms supporting her legs and his hands propping her butt, before he started walking with great strides.

Luo Hua City Mistress felt that this brat had opened her legs a little too wide when he carried her up. Furthermore, the way his back rubbed with her bottom part also felt a little uncomfortable. Her snow-white face immediately turned red as she felt something warm coming from the place that was rubbing against him.

She wanted to scold him and struggle to come down, but she suddenly felt an indescribable feeling of satisfaction and comfort being carried by him that way.

Might as well, she thought, as she slowly rested her upper body onto his back. At first, she tried to prop her body up to prevent her chest from touching his back.

However after a while, she felt that it was extremely tiring this way. She kept moving and changing the positions of her arms, trying to find the most comfortable position. In the end, she finally circled her arms around his neck and slowly relaxed her body, pasting her whole body onto his back. She naturally relaxed her whole body and allowed him to carry her forward. Luo Hua City Mistress discovered that this posture was not as awkward as she had imagined it to be. On the contrary, she felt an unusual sense of security.

She remembered that at the Hanging Pavilion in the Flying Mountains, he had carried her this way before.

Remembering it again now, she felt that it was extremely comfortable.

Although this brat was a little fickle-minded, he was quite truthful about his bad points, unlike those men who put up a false appearance and made her feel disgusted.

Remembering all the times they went through together, and then remembering the scene that happened just now, Luo Hua City Mistress couldn’t help but to laugh out again. When Yue Yang curiously turned his head around, Luo Hua City Mistress asked something that even she herself had never thought she would ask, “When you were carrying me to escape from the Hanging Pavilion before, did you ever tried to touch me secretly?”

Yue Yang immediately jumped in fright. Although his wolfy paws was pressing against Luo Hua City Mistress’ butt unbridledly, his mouth had hurriedly denied, “I have never done such a thing like touching others secretly! I have never even thought of it… “

“Then what are you doing now?” Luo Hua City Mistress almost sweated to death. How many times had this brat actually touched her secretly? His movements seemed to be seasoned and professional!

“It was just a momentary loss of control, really!” Yue Yang sweated profusely, why didn’t his hands listen to him?

“How long are you going to lose control then?” Luo Hua City Mistress felt that if she let this brat continue to knead her butt, she would probably become a well-kneaded dough.

“If you don’t mind, I’d like to lose control for a while more…” Yue Yang couldn’t bear to let his hands go. With such a wonderful feeling in his hands, he wouldn’t want to let his hands go so easily even if he die. Above all, listening to her sweet breathing in his ears and her heart thumping, these feelings simply made his wolfy blood boil! If he could carry her like this, he didn’t mind carrying her for his whole life!

“How bothersome. You are too rude, you failed as a Guard Captain!” Luo Hua City Mistress tried to twist her body around to show her resistance, but Yue Yang had taken it as encouragement instead.

“If my performance is not up to par, you can deduct it from my pay. My performance will get better over time…” Yue Yang felt that he was almost burnt by the fire of passion. He turned back, wanting to kiss Luo Hua City Mistress as he seeked her cherry lips that was breathing out her sweet-smelling breath.

Luo Hua City Mistress avoided him, disallowing him to kiss her.

However, as the movements of Yue Yang’s wandering hands became even more serious and persistent, determined to kiss her no matter what, she slowly lifted her head.

Slowly closing her mesmerizing, dazed and beautiful eyes, her lips slowly trembled.

She slowly leaned closer, her lips blossoming like a flower blooming…

Kiss her!

No matter if the sky fell or the earth split apart, he must definitely kiss this beauty!

As Yue Yang was about to fiercely kiss her, a sudden gust of wind blew. Both him and Luo Hua City Mistress jumped in fright, lifting their heads at the same time as they looked around the surroundings, thinking that the mysterious beauty had come… After looking around for quite a while, they didn’t see anyone, but their hearts almost stopped out of fright.

When Yue Yang wanted to kiss her again, Luo Hua City Mistress bit on his earlobe and laughed out loud, “Little Scoundrel, don’t even think about it!”

The slight pain on his ears sent Yue Yang’s senses reeling.

His wolfy blood boiled!

He really wanted to just go ahead and push her down, but he was certain that not only would Luo Hua City Mistress refuse to be pushed down, a certain hidden female thief would also watch him being beaten black and blue without doing anything. Maybe even the Imperial Swordswoman who had left angrily would come back to join in the fun and beat him up too…

Forget it, it was too easy to be exposed doing bad things during the day.

He should wait for night time!

This Luo Hua girl would fall for him sooner or later, so he shouldn’t be too impatient. Food must be savoured with every single bite. Even tofu must be eaten bite by bite!

Just as Yue Yang was thinking about how to launch a sneak attack on Luo Hua City Mistress that night, a teleportation gate suddenly opened behind him. Princess Qian Qian brandished her great sword and rushed out loudly. Yue Yang jumped in fright. What had actually happened? Could it be that the mysterious beauty had told her about how he had acted insolently towards Luo Hua City Mistress? Could it be that this tigress had wanted to catch them in the act then slash him down with her sword?

Who would have known that Princess Qian Qian’s lovely shout afterwards would make Yue Yang’s heart started palpitating instead. This was because Princess Qian Qian’s shout was: “Run, quickly!”

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