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LLS Chapter 167 – When three women meet, the world will be in great chaos

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Chapter 167 – When three women meet, the world will be in great chaos
Translated by: Sephilia
Edited by: Shiroyukineko and Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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“Ah, actually, she’s my wife. She is already bearing my baby in her womb, I didn’t dare to tell you this before.” Yue Yang acted as if he was ungrateful.

“…” The mysterious beauty was blown away.

“Hahahahaha!” Luo Hua City’s Mistress was initially dumbstruck for a short while. However, immediately afterwards, she burst into a huge fit of laughter. She laughed until her shoulders were trembling wildly and finally even her tears came out. She patted Yue Yang and, resisting her urge to laugh, said, “She’s still a virgin, how could she bear a baby? Can your jokes be more hilarious?”

“City Mistress, how do you know she’s a virgin?” Yue Yang asked while acting dumb.

“Didn’t you realise that she has that nice virgin smell like me? I say, Yue Yang, you have to see who the other party is if you want to lie!” Luo Hua City’s Mistress laughed.

“There’s really a virgin smell? Let me smell it!” Yue Yang moved closer to the mysterious beauty.

“Go smell yourself!” The mysterious beauty beat Yue Yang down to the ground with a book.

“Now that I think about it, your skin really is thicker than the city walls.” Luo Hua City’s Mistress bent down and placed her slim finger on Yue Yang’s chin while grinning. Her lips were only a few centimetres away from kissing Yue Yang’s lips. Her breath was like a flower’s, and her actions were ambiguous. “Actually, you don’t have to be so nervous. No matter what kind of relationship you have with her, it’s fine! I’m just a little concerned over the lifetime happiness of my future Guard Captain. Don’t misunderstand!”

“I’ve already misunderstood… Ah, no. What I meant was, I wanted to misunderstand. No, I mean I said that the misunderstanding has already been cleared up, I’m not nervous!” Yue Yang was a little incoherent.

“Your heart seems to be beating really fast?” Luo Hua City’s Mistress’ eyes seemed to carry a mischievous glint while laughing.

“This, proves that I have great vitality.” In this posture, Yue Yang could see a bit of snow-white skin. Thankfully, he didn’t drown in that wonderful yet unfathomable sea of breasts. Under this situation, if his heartbeat did not quicken, then he was Dongfang Bubai.
(Sephilia: a character in a famous novel of a guy who castrated himself in order to master a legendary martial arts skill https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dongfang_Bubai)

“Your face seems to be a little red?” Luo Hua City’s Mistress asked again.

“It proves that I am healthy and my complexion is good!” Yue Yang’s answer was extremely fluent.

“Why are you sweating at the tip of your nose?” Luo Hua City’s Mistress lightly blew on Yue Yang’s face. She nearly melted Yue Yang’s bones from her cuteness.

Flirting while they were in this kind of ambiguous posture, if his heart didn’t quicken, his face didn’t redden and he didn’t sweat from the tip of his nose, then Yue Yang’s name would have already been changed to be called Liuxia Hui*. The most terrible thing was that there was still a mysterious beauty watching them from the side. The double stimulation made him feel really bad. Many times, Yue Yang was on the verge of pushing either one of them down. After all, neither of the women were bad at all.
(*Sephilia: an Ancient Chinese politician with eminent virtue. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zhan_Huo)

However, he was also very greedy in his heart.

He felt that both of them were great women and he could not just give them to others so easily. He had to take the both of them for himself.

Of course, it would be even harder for him to take everything. Therefore, Yue Yang could not act too perverted. He had to act like an upright man and reduce their vigilance towards him.

Yue Yang said resolutely, “The tip of my nose is sweating because the weather is too hot!”

Just after saying this, a gust of cold wind blew and filled the sky with snow.

Snowflakes drifted down from the sky…

The mysterious beauty suddenly turned around, sneezing so lightly a mosquito wouldn’t even be scared from it, and said to herself, “This weather is really too hot!”

“Don’t worry, my clothes are Heattech™ !” Seeing that there was a chance for him to be gallant, he quickly sprung up and took off his leather coat, wrapping it over the mysterious beauty’s body.

“Your movements are really well trained… “ Luo Hua City’s Mistress judged Yue Yang with her gaze and asked while grinning, “Can you take off another layer?”

“If I take off any more, I’ll be naked. However, If you really want it, I can give it to you. I haven’t washed my pants for half a month. Is it fine?” Yue Yang was preparing to take off his pants.

“Who would want it!” Luo Hua City’s Mistress extended her hands and touched the leather coat draped over the mysterious beauty. She said this rather abruptly, causing Yue Yang’s heart to nearly be scared out of his body. Luo Hua City’s Mistress seemed to have said it accidentally. Surprised, she said, “This is wyvern skin? Was it the wyvern that we fought in Hanging Pavilion*? The quality of the skin isn’t bad, I didn’t think that you would be able to make this so quickly!”
(*Shiro: Previously translated as pavilion in the sky, etc. It’s the Bloody Queen’s Pavilion, I’m going to call it Hanging Pavilion this chapter onwards)

“You fought a wyvern with her at the Hanging Pavilion?” This time, it was the mysterious beauty who looked at Yue Yang with eyes as sharp as knives.

“Definitely not! Because the two old men were too particular about detail, the wyverns that I fought with Luo Hua City’s Mistress hasn’t been done yet. This was the Poison Wyvern that I fought with Princess Qian Qian, that silly girl, when we went together to the Eagle’s Cry Valley in Gui Jian Chou… “ Yue Yang hurriedly admitted while explaining the situation.

The two women heard it and immediately a look of understanding appeared on their faces. “Ah, so it was fought with Princess Qian Qian!”

Yue Yang immediately started sweating. It’s over, how did he manage to drag Princess Qian Qian into this?

This time, he wouldn’t be able to convince them of his innocence.

Seeing the sharp gazes of the two women, Yue Yang raised his hands in surrender. “Please don’t misunderstand. Actually, I don’t have any relationship with Princess Qian Qian. Although I went to Eagle’s Cry Valley to fight monsters with her, but I didn’t flirt with her before. I didn’t touch her breasts either. I wouldn’t even know of the fact that her breasts are a little larger than the both of yours, neither would I know that her waist… Anyway, I was very obedient that time. I didn’t do anything, I don’t know anything!”

“Go on.” Luo Hua City’s Mistress started gathering light in her hand.

“Seems like I will believe your story soon!” The mysterious beauty was also prepared to summon a blizzard.

“God, I’m really innocent… Who can prove it for me? Hui Tai Lang, say that I’m innocent!” Yue Yang was really going to cry, why did it become worse the more he described it? Seeing his master say this, Hui Tai Lang immediately used its newly acquired foreign language, and “meowed”. Afterwards, it nodded its head happily, proving that his master was innocent.

Yue Yang tumbled.

Luo Hua City’s Mistress and the mysterious beauty clapped and sneered as they commended him. “Not bad, even the pet was trained to the extent where it can help with its master’s lies.”

Yue Yang almost fainted and tried to explain while sweating profusely, “I really didn’t do anything to Princess Qian Qian. That silly girl would use her eyes with heavy makeup to stare at me. It’s really terrifying! She’d take her sword to cut people down too. She’s very fierce, unlike the two of you, who are gentle and soft. How would I dare to flirt with her? It’s more like she’s flirting with me. I really have no relationship with her at all, the heavens can testify for me!”

“I can testify for him too.” Behind Yue Yang, a clear-sounding voice rang out. It sincerely affirmed the fact. “He really didn’t do anything else to me, aside from ripping all of my clothes into shreds while pinning me down under him.”


Turning his head, Yue Yang suddenly discovered that the swordswoman oneesan, Princess Qian Qian was standing behind him.

He thought that he had poor eyesight and rubbed his eyes.

Finally, he discovered that it was not an illusion. Instantly, his sweat fell down like rain.

Curious, Luo Hua City’s Mistress asked, “What happened after your clothes were torn into pieces?”

“His wolfish hands… “ Princess Qian Qian, who was wearing a suit of silver armour, nodded honestly and admitted the truth of being assaulted by Yue Yang’s wolfish hands.

“No, I was only trying to deceive a flesh-eating crow at that time, I assure you I didn’t touch it!” Yue Yang hurriedly explained himself.

“Yes, he didn’t touch it.” Princess Qian Qian affirmed Yue Yang’s explanation, and nodded. “His wolfish hands had actually grabbed them…“

“What happened after his wolfish hands grabbed them?” At this time, the mysterious beauty suddenly asked.

“After he grabbed them, nothing happened. I mean, he didn’t grab them and nothing happened afterwards. No, I mean, the enemy appeared, we were busy fighting the enemy, we didn’t have time to do anything else!” Yue Yang reminisced what happened that day. He was pushing Princess Qian Qian down, and he had reached his wolfish hands out, but did he really grab them? At that time, he was too nervous. He really seemed to have touched it a little from his memory. His memories weren’t too clear at that time. Did he grab them or not? Yue Yang was unable to confirm it. He felt that the entire process was muddled in his head.

“Mhm, the enemy came, after around two hours or so…“ Princess Qian Qian’s words really made people misunderstand easily. The enemies came after two hours. Then, what should have been done should have been done. What shouldn’t have been done was probably done too!

“What did the both of you do in those two hours?” Luo Hua City’s Mistress asked.

“Nothing!” Yue Yang felt that what he just said, let alone the two of them, even he could not believe himself either.

“Are you feeling uncomfortable somewhere?” The mysterious beauty asked. It seemed that she suspected that Princess Qian Qian was carrying Yue Yang’s little baby.

“My body is still fine. It only hurt afterwards for a few days!” Princess Qian Qian’s words made Yue Yang plant his head on the ground. If Jun Wu You were to hear these words, he would probably chop off his head. These words were too ambiguous! It was hinting that Yue Yang had pushed her down forcefully, so it hurt for a few days afterwards… Yue Yang felt that even if he jumped into the Yellow River, he wouldn’t be able to wash away his sins. Besides, there was no Yellow River for him to jump into in the Soaring Dragon Continent.
(Sephilia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yellow_River)

“Fine, I admit it. I wanted to do that, but I didn’t dare to do it…“ Yue Yang felt that if he did not speak some truth, he would really have to prepare his will and epitaph.

“I feel like I can’t really trust the confession of this criminal.” Luo Hua City’s Mistress was just like a stern judge.

“Why did you not dare to really do it?” The mysterious beauty’s question sounded like a lawyer’s.

“I didn’t have the guts to.” Yue Yang answered like this.

“Mhm, I can testify that he has no guts. His guts is just a little higher than the sky after all.” The more this swordswoman Princess Qian Qian wanted to help, the more trouble she created. She was here to cause trouble for him.

“We can present his verdict now.” Luo Hua City’s Mistress seemed like she was preparing to sentence Yue Yang to his death.

“Wait, I want to say my last words.” Yue Yang lightly coughed and cleared his throat. “I’m very regretful that I didn’t manage to push three beauties down when they fainted in front of me. Now, I regret it far too much. If heaven gives me another three chances, I will sincerely tell the three women that I want to push them down. Not only that, I want to push each one down ten thousand times!”

The world quietened down.

Yue Yang heaved a sigh of relief. He should be fine now.

Although he wanted to push them down, but it had not become the truth yet. This should not cause him to be sentenced to death.

After a few seconds, the mysterious beauty suddenly opened her mouth, causing Yue Yang to have an impulse to commit seppuku. Only now did he find out that Luo Hua City’s Mistress and Princess Qian Qian were not his mortal enemies. The truly troublesome woman was this mysterious beauty whose name he didn’t even know!

Only she was his true nemesis!

“Aside from me and Luo Hua City’s Mistress, who’s the other girl that fainted in front of you?” The mysterious beauty asked a very important question.

“I’ll cut down this evil siscon in front of me!” Princess Qian Qian realised. It was apparent that out of these three girls, she was not part of the group. She had never fainted in front of him before. Although she was pushed down before, but she was awake at that time. Then, the third girl that fainted in his embrace could only be Yue Bing… As Princess Qian Qian thought this, her temper flared up. She drew her greatsword, ready to chop him into pieces.

“Wait, I remember there was a female thief who was shorter than you by a head, but her body was really slender.” Luo Hua City’s Mistress pointed at the mysterious beauty and tried to recall.

“Ah, you mean Brother Yi Nan!” The mysterious beauty seemed to have a greater understanding towards Yue Yang than Luo Hua City’s Mistress and Princess Qian Qian.

Yue Yang fell onto the ground as he heard this.

She even knew of this. Was this girl stalking him everyday?

Seeing that the three girls looked at him with gazes as sharp as knives, Yue Yang hurriedly shook his head and waved his hands, saying, “It’s a misunderstanding! I didn’t know that Brother Yi Nan was a girl at all! My friendship with Yi Nan is completely pure…“

The mysterious beauty suddenly took out a piece of jade, handing it over to Yue Yang. “This was what I picked up after we fought the Marquis of Zi Jin. Please explain your great and pure friendship with Brother Yi Nan using this engagement jade from the Hundred Flower Valley.” Yue Yang was about to vomit blood, how did this jade end up in her hands? No wonder he wasn’t successful when flirting these two days. He had lost this lucky jade pendant.
(Shiro: Refer to chapter 97, Brother Yi Nan gave Yue Yang ‘his sister’s’ token, a jade pendant necklace that will serve as a prove of identity if Yue Yang visited them in Hundred Flower Valley.)

The three women all looked at Yue Yang curiously, seeing what else he could say at this point of time.

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