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LLS Chapter 166 – Meeting girls again!

Chapter 166 – Meeting girls again!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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What appeared in front of Yue Yang’s eyes was a pile of Giant Spider corpses, towering high as if it was a small mountain.

Raging flames still continued to burn the ground.

The whole of Hope Town was already levelled by a frightening power. Even the mountain peak on top had been crushed to pieces. The mountain that had been split apart revealed cliffs and jagged edges. A gigantic meteor was embedded deep into the ground not far from where Yue Yang was standing, glowing in embers as thick, white smoke rose up to the sky.

It was obvious that a great battle that Yue Yang wouldn’t be able to imagine had exploded in this place. It was definitely a fight between peak rankers.

Yue Yang was secretly glad.

Luckily he had been trapped inside the Mirage and was not able to come out. Otherwise, if he came back to Hope Town and encountered a battle at this scale, let alone reaping the loot from the battle as a third party, he might even lose his life if he wasn’t careful. It was good if he could get a strong ranker’s corpse as fertilizer, but it would be best if he didn’t meet with a very strong enemy in the meantime, otherwise it would be very dangerous for him. Yue Yang realized that other than Giant Spiders, there were also various flying beasts’ corpses lying on the ground, their corpses piling everywhere… At a place surrounded by torches, there was some people who had set up a small camp. Outside the camp, Old General Ma, who was covered in blood, sat on top of a giant stone.

“You have come. Sit.” Old General Ma looked completely exhausted. Seeing Yue Yang coming over, a streak of happiness revealed on his face.

“I, I came back late…” Yue Yang wanted to explain that he had came back late because he had mistakenly entered the Mirage and was stuck inside for more than an hour. But the words were stuck in his throat, in the end, he decided not to explain it.

“It was actually my purpose for you to be caught by the Imperial Guards. The Teleportation Scroll I gave you had the Imperial Palace Back Garden recorded as the Teleportation Target, instead of the Teleportation Circle outside the Imperial Palace. I knew what kind of battle would unfold here. I couldn’t let such a young person like you return to such a dangerous place.” Old General Ma extended his hands and patted Yue Yang’s shoulders lightly, “I’m already very happy that you came back again… I really thank you for risking your life to seek help. If it weren’t for you, all of my soldiers would probably have been annihilated. I would also like to thank you for not abandoning us until the end. You really are a comrade that is worthy of being relied upon. In the future, if there is anything you need help with that this Old Ma can do, just say it and I will definitely come help you no matter how far I am.”


Yue Yang realised that this Old General Ma was actually an old cunning fox.

He had actually sent him off to ask for help because he wanted to protect him. Furthermore, he even purposely planned for him to break into the Imperial Palace’s Back Garden, and be seized by the Imperial Guards. The only thing that was out of Old General Ma’s expectations was that he had actually burst into the Mirage instead, and was trapped until now. Old General Ma had even thought that he had been caught by the Imperial Guards and was only released until now.

However, as for the matter of seeking reinforcements, Yue Yang didn’t want to take credit for something he had not done.

He immediately shook his hands, “It was the Hurricane Chi Hou Team that delivered the report, not me. I have returned late. Here’s your Tiger Seal!”

Old General Ma suddenly laughed, “Did you think a mere Hurricane Ci Hou Team soldier could make the Heavenly Imperial Guardians move? Furthermore, two Heavenly Imperial Guardians that came. This was not something a mere soldier could do. Actually, the Teleportation Scroll that I gave you was something that was bestowed to me by His Majesty. I can only use it during a dangerous situation. That scroll was not for me, these old bones, to use and save myself. Its purpose was to protect a young promising next generation like you… Normally, this Teleportation Scroll should only be used when the total annihilation of the whole army is imminent, right at the end of our lives. Although I didn’t know what you said to His Majesty, it was definitely because of your words that His Majesty had sent out two Heavenly Imperial Guardians to us. Heavenly Imperial Guardians wouldn’t move easily. Even if we all die in battle, they already had an arrangement with the country that they wouldn’t care about the country’s matters. The Heavenly Imperial Guardians will only move when the country’s safety or a the country’s future is at risk, protecting the country… This time, the Heavenly Imperial Guardians moved because your life was at stake, threatened by the Demonic Palace. They would definitely not care about the life or death of some normal soldiers!”

“This…” Hearing this, towards Soaring Dragon Continent’s culture of being fiercely protective of their future generations, Yue Yang felt happy and thought it was ridiculous at the same time.

They could ignore the lives of a few thousands soldiers, but they could actually cherish a younger generation with high potential and fight for them, even if they aren’t a young warrior from their own country.

Yue Yang felt that this was simply too ridiculous.

However, as he thought back, he also felt that it was logical.

To an Innate Ranker, normal people were just as insignificant as a small ants. If they had to take care of all of these small things, they would be completely vexed. Would a normal person stand guard outside an Ant’s Nest and help those ants kill their enemies and protect them from harm? That was obviously impossible. However, if it was a weak, small baby whose life was in danger, a normal person would definitely take care of that baby. They would probably not stay on the sidelines and simply watch without doing anything… To Innate Rankers who fought on the Eighth or Ninth Floor of Tong Tian Tower and the Demon Abyss, the Soaring Dragon Continent was just a small, tiny village. If something happened to the neighbour’s child, although he is not their own, they would come help that child.

After thinking about it this way, Yue Yang felt that it was actually quite normal.

If it was him, he might also do the same.

A lot of people die in Mercenary Groups everyday, he couldn’t bemoan the sad state of the world and stay by their side every single day, protecting them from being bitten to death by demons. Although he might have nothing to do, he would also not go that far. However, if he met a mercenary soldier that he was fond of and that mercenary soldier was attacked by beasts, he would probably help him…

Those rankers would probably have the same thinking and attitude as he did!

Yue Yang nodded. Now he realised, maybe the Night Empress had actually purposely trapped him inside the Mirage for an hour.

As for the other person whose voice carried an imposing presence, could he actually be the Tian Luo Kingdom Emperor, Hua Xu Ri?

However, why did the voice… why didn’t the voice sound like a guy’s? Could it be that the Tian Luo Emperor Hua Xu Ri was actually a woman… Yue Yang hurriedly abandoned that thought. It was because the Soaring Dragon Continent regarded men as superior to women. If Hua Xu Ri was a woman, she would definitely not become Emperor.

Furthermore, Hua Xu Ri’s sister was also not the Night Empress.

Hua Xu Ri had two sisters, one was a blood-related sister and she became Jun Wu You’s Consort, while the other was a step-sister and she married the Emperor of Zi Jin.

Maybe the other voice that carried an imposing presence was one of the three Heavenly Imperial Guardians. As that person didn’t appear again afterwards, so maybe he/she had gone to Hope Town already.

“In the future, you must be careful of the people from the Demonic Palace. They might set you as their target.” Old General Ma patted Yue Yang’s shoulder. “I can’t help you much. I can only say a few words, if you need help, this Old Ma and my three thousand Hurricane Elite Troops who owe our lives to you will help you anytime!”

Old General Ma jumped down from the rock, waved his hands then left without turning back.

At a far distance, Yue Yang could see thousands of Hurricane Elite Troops that uniformly bowed towards Yue Yang. Then, they lifted their injured comrades and went inside the Teleportation Spell, leaving this place of death.

The next day.

Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the Li Clan brothers was sent away on a mission given by the eagle-eyed Xia Hou Wei Lie.

Yue Bing and Yi Nan, on the other hand, was brought by the old cunning fox to meet the Principal. It was said that they became transcribers, and had not returned yet. With nothing to do, Yue Yang learnt Space Teleportation related knowledge from the old cunning fox. This time, the old cunning fox could be as cocky as he pleased and say, “What? You can’t even do such a simple thing? Such a genius like you, how could you not be able to do a simple thing like this?” the moment he opened his mouth.

Yue Yang was so suffocated to the point he couldn’t even speak. He had sought for old cunning fox’s teachings because he didn’t know how to. If he knew how to, he would have kicked him to the ninth cloud!

After jeering at Yue Yang for a whole day, the old cunning fox felt really happy in his heart.

He gave Yue Yang a book named Comprehensive Collection of Space Theory to learn by the heart and whistled as he went away to attend an Imperial Banquet.

“I have never seen such a jerk of a teacher my whole life. I hope that old bastard will drop dead on the street!” Yue Yang didn’t know any Death Spirit Curses Techniques, otherwise he would have thrown a few curses on the old cunning fox’s head. Fortunately, Yue Yang’s bad mood didn’t last long and took a turn for the better instead. This was because a messenger had come from the Thief Guild, passing him a letter from Luo Hua City Mistress. She said that she had arrived at the ruins of Hope Town, and urged him to quickly come to her place.

Reading this, Yue Yang’s mood immediately turned good.

His beautiful sexual life had finally arrived. Since he had not had time to push Yi Nan down, pushing this Luo Hua City Mistress would also do.

As his wolfy intentions surfaced in his heart, he remembered the wonderful feeling on his back when he was carrying Luo Hua City Mistress previously. That kind of feeling… Yue Yang immediately felt a hot, tingling sensation, as if fire had started burning and electric currents had started rippling all over his body, making his throat feel dry and parched.

Seems like he would choke to death if he did not push that Luo Hua City Mistress down soon.

Yue Yang immediately opened a Teleportation Scroll that had the ruins of Hope Town as the Teleportation Target. He brought Hui Tai Lang along, and then disappeared like smoke, yelling, “Girl, I’m coming, come and smile for me!”

However, the one who appeared in front of Yue Yang was not only the smiling Luo Hua City Mistress who revealed her dimples, there was also the mysterious beauty who kept holding on to her Ancient Book.

Yue Yang was immediately petrified.

Originally, getting to see a girl again had made his heart thoroughly stirred up and excited.

But when he met up with the girl, there wasn’t just one, instead, there were two. Yue Yang was simply too excited to the point his heart almost couldn’t take it anymore!

The difficulty of pushing down a girl was already very high, so pushing down two girls, this difficulty… It was definitely more than a hundred times, no, a thousand times harder than pushing down one girl alone. Maybe, he would succeed in pushing down Luo Hua City Mistress if he had found a suitable time and place, wrote her a few romantic poems and gave her a nice surprise, in addition to violently stripping off her clothes and let loose his flirty wolfy paws. However, even a fool would know that this was impossible under the mysterious beauty’s watch!

Could he push them down at the same time?

Could he have a threesome?

Yue Yang felt that the chances of that succeeding was even smaller than the chances of him killing two Marquises of Zi Jins instantly in a single move!

“You guys know each other?” Yue Yang had a feeling that the two girls knew each other and had purposely come to find him together so that he wouldn’t have his way with them. Fortunately he didn’t bring Yue Bing or Yi Nan along, otherwise, it would really be very crowded…

“No.” Luo Hua City Mistress and the mysterious beauty denied it at the same time.

“Who are you trying to deceive?” Yue Yang was almost driven mad. How could they be so coincidentally waiting for him here at the same time if they did not know each other?

“I really don’t know her. Yue Yang, who is she? Introduce her to me…” Luo Hua City Mistress laughed out. Her laughter hinted a little killing intent, her eyes sharp like a blade as if she really wanted to cut down Yue Yang’s flesh.

“I don’t know who she is.” Yue Yang couldn’t introduce her to Luo Hua City Mistress, because he had never even seen the mysterious beauty’s face underneath the veil before. He also didn’t know what her name was.

“Then what you meant was, she was just buying that… what was that again?” Luo Hua City Mistress heard Yue Yang use the phrase ‘buying soy sauce’ before, but she had forgotten.
(Shiro: buying soy sauce means someone who just passes by, no business at all. Used a few times in the story, but I always translated it as ‘someone who just passes by’)

“It’s buying soy sauce.” The mysterious beauty’s memory was very good, she had remembered it clearly.

“She even knew ‘buying soy sauce’, and you still dare to say that you don’t know her?” Luo Hua City Mistress suddenly grabbed Yue Yang’s collars, her actions quite similar to Princess Qian Qian who had the aim to be a Yan Zhi Hu. However, other than grabbing onto Yue Yang’s sleeves, the Imperial Swordswoman had also liked to stare at Yue Yang with her Yan Zhi Hu’s eyes, as if she wanted to see through his heart. It was a pity that after Yue Yang’s [Counterfeit] Inherent Skill had levelled up, Princess Qian Qian, the Imperial Swordswoman’s [Six Records] Inherent Skill had miserably become obsolete.
(Shiro: Yan Zhi Hu is a chinese folklore about a female tiger who turned herself into a woman, no english reference found, sorry)

“This…” Yue Yang felt that if he couldn’t handle the situation carefully and answer correctly, his blissful sexual life would definitely be doomed.

For his future blissful sexual life, Yue Yang gritted his teeth.

He had decided to: LIE!

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