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LLS Chapter 164 – Night Empress

Chapter 164 – Night Empress
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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If he didn’t have a mission to save people, Yue Yang would have pretended not to hear anything. He would first try to listen to find out what was going on.

Right now, however, even a minute of delay might result in the annihilation of Old General Ma and his army.

Yue Yang hurriedly yelled out his story, “Dear owners, I have no intention to barge into your Mirage unannounced. My teleportation target was actually the Teleportation Circle in front of the Imperial Palace. However, because I was carrying someone with me, there was a slight disturbance in the dimension. Please release me first… I have a mission that is related to the life and death of many people, I need to enter the Imperial Palace and seek an audience with the Tian Luo Emperor Hua Xu Ri as soon as impossible. If the two of you wanted to punish me for barging in, please punish me after I meet the Tian Luo Emperor!”

Although he didn’t understand if this ‘Mirage’ was a beast or a dimensional space, Yue Yang felt that these two people must be extremely powerful to be able to possess such an entity.

By chance, maybe the two of them were close to the Emperor Xu Ri. Maybe they would not try to make things difficult for him when they see him trying to seek for help.

Indeed, the two voices immediately become silent the moment Yue Yang spoke.

After a while, the voice that sounded like a girl’s soft and delicate voice resounded, “Brat, who are you? How could you still hear us talking even inside the Mirage?”

Yue Yang sweated inwardly. His Level 3 [Divine Vision] was not working at all, yet he could listen very clearly with his ears. This ‘Mirage’ thing was really weird.

Although he was thinking of this in his heart, he hurriedly replied, “I am a student from Da Xia Kingdom Ivy Academy, my name is Titan. A few days ago I went to Despair Abyss to train, but who would have guessed that I would be surrounded by the Corrupted Beings from the Demonic Palace that had come to besiege the Hope Town today? Hope Town is in grave danger. There are countless Giant Spiders surrounding the whole ground and thousands of flying beasts eyeing the soldiers and citizens in Hope Town viciously from the sky. Old General Ma had personally sent me out of the besieging beasts and told me to seek for help from the Tian Luo Emperor Hua Xu Ri. He wanted me to ask His Majesty to at least dispatch a Heavenly Imperial Guardian over… The battle situation is extremely urgent right now, I urge the two of you to release me quickly. I really need to find His Majesty the Tian Luo Kingdom Emperor, Hua Xu Ri, as fast as possible.”

“Brat, aren’t you afraid that we are actually members of the Demonic Palace?” That younger, delicate voice asked again with a little of mischief in her tone.

“If the two of you really belonged to the Demonic Palace, then you would have definitely recognised the Tian Luo rebel, Black Winged Tan Wu Fang, that I was carrying just now. And you wouldn’t be asking me any other things now, you would probably have killed me on the spot.” Yue Yang was certain that these two people was not from the Demonic Palace. At a place close to the Imperial Palace where they were right under the Emperor’s nose, how would it be possible that there were people from the Demonic Palace? Furthermore, if they were really people from the Demonic Palace, why would they say these useless words to him? They could just kill him straight away.

“Aren’t these words of yours too confident? Maybe Demonic Palace members will even like such a foolish brat like you and think that you have a high potential, so they didn’t kill you! What does the Black Winged Tan Wu Fang even count as? He was just a pawn created purposely by the Three Major Sky Demons. The Three Major Sky Demons had purposely joined hands together to save him, this is tantamount to a propaganda from the Demonic Palace. Do you think just a mere weak Black Winged Tan Wu Fang was worth it for the Three Major Sky Demons to come personally and save? Do you think he could be useful to the Demonic Palace at all? You, on the other hand, are different from him. You, brat, seemed to have quite a lot of potential in you. Of course they would choose you over him… “ The soft female voice rebuked Yue Yang’s words. However, with the words that she said, she had actually proven that she did not belong to the Demonic Palace.

“The battle situation is really very urgent. Please release me quickly now. When I have met the Tian Luo Emperor Xu Ri, I will come here again to receive my punishment.” Yue Yang hurriedly asked the other side to release him.

He felt that this place was a different dimensional space. It was as if it was a boundless space; there was only this limitless lake no matter how far the eyes see.

Teleportation Scrolls were of no use here.

Yue Yang knew that it didn’t matter if if this was a beast’s ability or a dimensional space created by someone, other than getting the owner’s permission, he would never be able to escape from this place.

He thought that he should get out first, and immediately run away after meeting with the Tian Luo Emperor Hua Xu Ri. Only fools would come back here to receive punishments… Yue Yang also had this weird feeling in his heart. Maybe this place was actually the Tian Luo Imperial Palace, and these two people were the Tian Luo Emperor’s relatives or people with powerful connections to the Emperor. Otherwise, why didn’t the two of them show any signs of surprise even when he kept saying that he was going to meet His Majesty?

The girl’s delicate voice laughed out, “Do you think you can meet with the Tian Luo Emperor Hua Xu Ri as and when you please? Saying that you will return here again to receive your punishment, it would be strange if you didn’t run away as soon as I released you! I’m never going to release you! My punishment for you is lifetime imprisonment in this water prison!”

“… “ Yue Yang started sweating profusely. He was really speechless to have met with such a person.

“Two Heavenly Imperial Guardians and three Enshrined Elders of Tian Luo Kingdom have already been dispatched by His Majesty’s orders. Before you came, a few soldiers from the Hurricane Chi Hou team* had already came to ask for reinforcements.” The other voice that carried an imposing presence slowly said. “Please don’t mind my younger sister’s rudeness. However, anyone who intruded into the Mirage must stay for 1 full hour before they can leave. This is outside our control. After an hour, you will be able to leave this place on your own.”
(*Shiro: Previously translated as Hurricane Expel Noble Team, changing it to Hurricane Chi Hou)

“…” Yue Yang sweated even more profusely when he heard this. He really thought that perhaps this fellow was actually the Tian Luo Emperor Hua Xu Ri. However, if he really was the Emperor, Yue Yang could let it go if he didn’t reward himself for coming here to report after facing many difficulties, but the Emperor didn’t even offer him his thanks. Wouldn’t that be too inhospitable for an Emperor?

“Haha, this brat is really interesting! He didn’t even know what Mirage is, what a fool! Hahaha!” The girl’s delicate voice started laughing out loud without stopping.

“Wait there quietly then!” The imposing voice didn’t wait for Yue Yang to reply and immediately disappeared after saying that.

Yue Yang never thought that he would meet with such a disaster coming here to seek reinforcements.

Fortunately the Tian Luo Heavenly Imperial Guardians had already been sent on their way.

He floated on the water for quite a long while as thousands of questions surfaced in his heart.

He had obviously teleported to the Imperial Palace, so why would he fall into this Mirage instead? Why would this place be filled with so much water? Yue Yang then decided to swim to the bottom of the body of water. He felt that maybe there was something he could find at the bottom of the water.

However, after searching for a long time, this Mirage thing made Yue Yang even more confused than ever.

Beneath, other than water, there was completely nothing else.

There wasn’t even a single fish.

In the end, Yue Yang floated back to the surface of the water with nothing to do.

The delicate girl’s voice resounded again in his ears. Her voice, that seemed to be whispering to his ear, asked naughtily, “How is it? Did you find anything?”

“There’s completely nothing.” When Yue Yang replied, the girl started laughing non-stop.

“When you come out of this Mirage, would you go and ask for a reward for your battle accomplishment from the Tian Luo Emperor, and then quickly leave this place with a teleportation scroll?” Although the girl was extremely mischievous, she could see through other people’s hearts. She had even correctly guessed Yue Yang’s next plan of action when he come out.

“I don’t have teleportation scrolls in my body, I can’t go even if I want to.” However, Yue Yang would definitely not admit it in the open. He was afraid that this girl would do something and trick him again.

“Hahah, silly liar! Do you think I’m a three-year-old kid? If you don’t have teleportation scrolls inside your Lich Ring, would you be so calm when you are talking to me? I can still recognize a Lich Ring when I see one. I also know about that little thing on your wrist. The funny thing is that it is a fighting-type beast, but you actually turned it into a wrist guard. Who is your master? How could he manage to teach you into a fool?” The delicate girl’s voice’s words made Yue Yang’s heart twitched a little. He never thought that she would know about the mysterious little Golden Beast that he couldn’t see through with his [Divine Eyes].

Was the mysterious Golden Beast a fighting-type beast?

Yue Yang thought about it again. It seemed that whenever this little thing see a dragon crystal, it would become extremely powerful. As for defense, he had never seen it defending him before.

As for turning its appearance into a wrist guard, it had done it on its own. It was the one who transformed itself into a wrist guard…

“I don’t have a master!” Yue Yang immediately started to act pitiful. He actually do have a master, that was the Sword Goddess Oneesan. However, this secret Master must never be mentioned to anyone.

“If you don’t have a Master, how would you be able to master all these skills at such a young age? You won’t be able to trick me, I am a hundred percent sure that you have one! You really don’t? You really don’t have a Master? That’s impossible. Someone must have taught you secretly!” The delicate girl voice seemed to be a Master herself. She suddenly say out, “Seems like your Master only teach you martial art skills secretly, but didn’t teach you any knowledge with regards to the use of beasts… How about this, I can become your true Master. As long as you can sincerely call me Master and listen to me obediently in the future, I will teach you and turn you into a great disciple our institution!”

“I can acknowledge you as my Master, but you must be a beautiful girl!” Yue Yang had his own conditions.

“Don’t worry, I am more good looking than what you imagine me to be. Having a person like me as your Master is worth your luck in three lifetimes,” The delicate girl’s voice was extremely confident with her appearance.

“If I were to have a Master, other than being good looking, she must be full of wisdom too. I don’t want to acknowledge a wallflower as my Master. Say, what abilities do you have?” Yue Yang was actually holding a Miss Universe pageant.

“My abilities? There’s a lot. I know more than 200 different languages and I could write in more than 100 different languages. I can also read Summoning Seals and different kinds of rare, treasure books. I can identify more than 100,000 different kinds of beasts, including that beast on your wrist which is probably the last surviving ‘Tong Tian Beast’ in this world and in the Tong Tian Tower. I can break different kinds of Enchantment Seals, and even if it is an ancient equipment that is already covered in dust, I can restore them to their original appearance…” The delicate girl’s voice then continued her list of accomplishments for around ten more minutes non-stop. Yue Yang’s chin had almost dropped to the ground.

Who was this girl?

She, wasn’t she too powerful?

Yue Yang’s heart twitched. There are quite a lot of things he wanted to learn from her quickly, for example, this mysterious Golden Beast which was the only living ‘Tong Tian Beast’, Summoning Seals, how to break Enchantment Seals, ancient equipments and so on…

In the future, if he wanted to enter the God’s Ruins, he must be proficient in all these, otherwise he would leave empty-handed from a mountain of treasures.
(Shiro: God’s Ruins – chapter 74)

The shameless guy from another world immediately revealed his sincerest smile when he realized the advantageous situation.

His smile was as bright as the sun, revealing his shiny teeth…

“Master is indeed powerful. May I know Exalted Master’s reputable name?” In order to gain knowledge, Yue Yang had shamelessly started calling her Master.

“Too late, I have regretted offering you to be my Discple. I suddenly feel like I can eat any food at random, but I shouldn’t acknowledge a disciple at random. You should find another person to acknowledge as your Master!” The delicate girl’s voice started laughing non-stop in a boastful tone. Just when Yue Yang wanted to faint, she stated her condition, “You can come to me again when you have reached the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower and obtained the ‘Source of Life’ and ‘Dream Jade’. Only then would I consider taking you as my disciple!”

“Nonsense. If I can reach the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower, why would I still want to acknowledge you as my Master?” Yue Yang almost wanted to explode, how could she put out such a condition?

“Even if you managed to reach Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower, you are still a kid in my eyes. You may have a lot of confidence in yourself, but let me tell you a secret to bruise your confidence a little. In your current level, I can probably defeat you with my one single finger.” The words said by the delicate girl’s voice made Yue Yang jump in fright.

He had initially thought of her as a naughty princess or a princess consort. Who would know that she was this strong… Fortunately he had his [Counterfeit] Inherent Skill, otherwise he might not be able to hide his [Innate] status!

Who was this girl exactly?

“Who are you exactly?” Yue Yang felt that this girl was not that simple. His heart started thumping quickly as he prayed so that she wouldn’t recognise him as the newly crowned young Innate Ranker.

“I won’t tell you my name, because you are not my disciple. But if you want to show your respect to me, you can call me like how the other warriors call me usually. My title is ‘Night Empress*’!” When this delicate girl’s voice said this, Yue Yang felt like lightning had struck in a clear sky and exploded right on his head. He immediately cried out, “You are one of the Tian Luo’s Three Great Heavenly Imperial Guardian, ‘Night Empress’? The ‘Night Empress’ that had caused the Marquis of Zi Jin to be gravely injured with just one move?”
(*Shiro: Night Empress was previously translated as Ye Hou in chapter 145. I thought Ye Hou is a name…)

“Two moves. I have actually used two moves when I defeated the Marquis of Zi Jin.” The delicate girl’s voice corrected him.

“My Heavens!” Yue Yang immediately jumped in fright. The Marquis of Zi Jin was so powerful, yet she had defeated him with just two moves. Wasn’t this girl’s power too frightening to behold?

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