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LLS Chapter 162 – Mastering Fire Ability

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Chapter 162 – Mastering Fire Ability
Translated by: Sephilia, Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Rango, Shiro
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Hui Tai Lang saw an opportunity and immediately pounced over to bite.

The Black Winged Tan Wu Fang had only lost control of a part of his body. He did not completely lose his ability to battle. He tried his best to struggle and raised his hands to counterattack. The people watched the whole scene in astonishment. When Hui Tai Lang had bitten the Black Winged Tan Wu Fang’s shoulder maniacally, he started to roll away and kick in the air. However, when Hui Tai Lang jumped to the side and bit hard on his leg, this Black Winged Tan Wu Fang started to raise both his hands and flailed wildly instead… He seemed to have jumbled up the control of his hands and feet.

However, his power was still there.

Even a casual sweep of his flailing arms or legs across a hard rock surface would leave a deep crack.

The wings on Tan Wu Fang’s back flapped as he rushed up towards the sky.

However, he had completely lost his sense of direction, crashing everywhere like a blind fly. he would suddenly change altitude, and fly upside-down at times, crashing into the wall. At other times, he would fly at dizzying speeds towards the floor… The more Black Winged Tan Wu Fang wanted to control his body, the weirder his actions were.

Everyone’s eyes were on Yue Yang.

Everyone knew that this was his doing. The only thing they didn’t know was what he meant when he said ‘Spores’.

“What a fool!” From the darkness, a mysterious cloaked person slowly appeared. His eyes were faintly green like a firefly’s glow. There were some luminous decorations on the face of that cloaked man. With a flick of his giant sleeve, he swept the Black Winged Tan Wu Fang onto the ground, and pressed his right hand against his head. Tan Wu Fang who was originally rampaging violently around, became like a little worm in his hands, completely unable to struggle.

A surge of towering flames burst out from the palm of the mysterious man.

At the same time, everyone felt a wave of heat pouncing towards them. Following that, they smelt something weird, like the smell of charred flesh. Then, they heard Tan Wu Fang let out an extremely painful cry.

Tan Wu Fang fell onto the ground, his entire body as black as charcoal.

The soldiers could not help but hold their breaths at the hooded fellow’s actions.

Not only them, even Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the others were scared. Did he just kill the Black Winged Tan Wu Fang with a single move? Before that, Yue Yang had beaten Tan Wu Fang black and blue, but although he had been beaten up so much, Tan Wu Fang did not even suffer any serious injuries and still possessed extremely strong combat abilities. But now, this cloaked guy had actually killed Tan Wu Fang instantly with a single move.

With this as the basis, wouldn’t this cloaked guy’s strength be much stronger compared to Yue Yang?

Everyone’s hearts beat in unison like drums, pounding heavily.

Yue Yang slightly furrowed his eyebrows as he looked towards the mysterious cloaked man.

He noticed that this mysterious cloaked man had used a special-type Fire Spirit to completely incinerate Black Winged Tan Wu Fang’s body inside out, causing the spores that he had implanted into Tan Wu Fang to be burnt totally.

Originally, the implanted spores had fused with the strengthening-type beast, fusing into Tan Wu Fang’s body. Unless his beast was taken out, it was impossible to eliminate the effects of the spores.

However, this mysterious cloaked man could use his Fire Spirit to incinerate the spores. He only incinerated the spores, without going overboard and killing the Black Winged Tan Wu Fang. This level of control was really ingenious. This mysterious cloaked man was definitely an expert who was well versed in using fire. Regardless of whether it was his beasts, techniques or body composition, all of them would definitely be the perfect combination to make full use of fire energy. This fellow was definitely the second strongest enemy he had encountered after the Marquis of Zi Jin. If he wasn’t careful, he would easily be defeated.

Facing a strong enemy, there was no fear in Yue Yang’s heart. On the contrary, his thirst for battle became stronger.

His blood boiled.

Enemies like this were exactly the kind of targets for battle he was looking for.

Every time he defeated an enemy like this, it would be another round of upgrades, another leap in strength…

“Be careful, he’s the ‘Luminous Demon’, Ding Zang! He’s a Demon with extreme proficiency in controlling fire! In the Demonic Hall, his strength is ranked 38th. He’s the Demon with the most hope of becoming a Sky Demon.” Old General Ma stood up shakily from the ground. Although the scent of honey did not completely disappear, but because Black Winged Tan Wu Fang fainted, the Mad Bees Fog had dissipated, causing it to lose most of its ability to affect Old General Ma’s mind while he had transformed into a bear.

“It’s 36th. I had just took out the 36th-ranked ‘Ghost Face’ earlier on.” The mysterious cloaked man rebuked using his sharp voice.

“He seems to be the leader of the corrupted attackers. We’ll fight this strong enemy together.” Old General Ma knew that although he was adept at fighting wars, the was a huge gap between his strength compared to the Luminous Demon Ding Zang. He had to fight him alongside Yue Yang, otherwise this battle would be dangerous.

“You’re not fit to be my opponent. Only he might be able to take one or two of my hits.” The Luminous Demon Ding Zang completely ignored Old General Ma.

The Old General Ma rushed at him in a fit of rage. A pair of huge hands crashed down blocking the heavens and the sky.

The Luminous Demon Ding Zang waved his huge sleeves. Blazes of flame swept across the sky.

Old General Ma hurriedly protected his eyes using both of his arms, and was forcefully pushed back by the Fire Spirit that pounced on him head on. He tried his utmost to stand firm. However, the terrifying Fire Spirit could not be resisted and pushed him away. On the floor, a deep pit was formed that stretched for many metres.

As the crowd looked on, they were all overcome with shock.

Just with a single Fire Spirit, he could push Old General Ma that possessed an unmatchable power back. Just how strong was this fellow?!

The next thing they knew, another terrifying event had happened. As Old General Ma slowly put down his bearified arms, the soldiers discovered that his face was still burnt black although he had blocked the flames with his arms. Under the gazes of thousands of men, Old General Ma fell… Just with a single move, without even touching the body, he was defeated by the Luminous Demon Ding Zang. The two Deputy Generals hurriedly went forward, thinking of saving Old General Ma. Suddenly, they cried out “Ouch!”. As it turned out, when they grabbed onto the Old General Ma’s shoulderplates with their hands, they found that the steel shoulderplates were glowing red from the fire.


Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the others swallowed nervously at the same time.

Yue Bing and Yi Nan however looked nervously towards Yue Yang. They were both worried for him.

With regard to the flames of the Luminous Demon Ding Zang, although Yue Yang had a little headache over it, he was not afraid of it. No matter how overpowered this fellow was, compared to the Marquis of Zi Jin, their strengths were still significantly far apart. After fighting with Grandma Chi and exhausting a great amount of energy, the Marquis of Zi Jin still had enough power remaining to be able to kill him instantly. In the end, he even let himself be defeated by Yue Yang.

Why would he need to be fearful of a Luminous Demon Ding Zang!?

The only problem was that after fighting a bitter battle against the Marquis of Zi Jin, getting berserk twice at the bottom of the valley, the amount of Innate Qi in his body had been heavily used up.

This, was what Yue Yang really had a headache over…

However, only in this kind of extreme challenges and dangerous situation could Yue Yang temper himself, improve, and make breakthroughs.

Yue Yang had a slight grin at the corner of his mouth. He waved towards Yue Bing and Yi Nan, signalling to them not to be worried. At the same time, he took out his Hui Jin Magic Blade, then walked with big strides towards the Luminous Demon Ding Zang.

“This is my Hellfire, it is absolutely impossible for you to defend against it.” Ding Zang had great self-confidence.

His elemental-type beast was Hellfire. Unless it was a beast that was its direct weakness, anyone who went up against him would be at a severe disadvantage.

Most importantly, this elemental-type beast Hellfire was a Guardian Beast. It would never die, nor would it betray its master. Not only that, it belonged to the Flame of Hells Category. It was one of the best beasts in the world. Possessing a Gold-ranked Level 6 Hellfire at his side, Ding Zang did not believe that any opponent who was a Level 6 Advanced [Senior Elder] or weaker would be able to withstand his attacks. Even if it was a Level 6 Advanced [Senior Elder], without possessing a beast that could directly counter his beast’s element, they would probably lose to him.

The “Ghost Face” who was ranked 36th was actually a little stronger than him.

However, he eventually died to his Hellfire too.

Hellfire was practically an invincible existence!

Ding Zang was very confident in himself. He did not believe that this lad could take his next attack. No matter whether he had a strengthening-type or battle-type beast, there was only one conclusion when he chose to fight against his elemental-type Hellfire – being charred to death!

Yue Yang continued to walk forward step by step.

He too had the faith that he would be able to obtain the final victory… His method was to break through those flames!

The Luminous Demon Ding Zang flicked his giant sleeves, conjuring a great blaze of flames. Those flames seemed to have life, riding the hot air currents and pouncing fiercely towards Yue Yang.

Some of the soldiers could not bear to watch any further. Under these flames that soared through the sky, they were afraid that the result would be the same as Old General Ma – falling in a single blow.

“God, please protect him!” Yue Bing and Yi Nan both closed their eyes and prayed for Yue Yang.

“Ah…“ Fatty Hai let out a cry of fear.

“Heavens!” Ye Kong and the Li brothers both cried out involuntarily as well. This scared Yue Bing and Yi Nan until their faces had turned white, almost fainting onto the ground. When they opened their tear-filled eyes, they found out that Yue Yang had been pushed back ten metres, just like Old General Ma. They could not help but cry out. They were afraid that Yue Yang would end up like Old General Ma, falling with a wave of Ding Zang’s hand.

However, a miracle occurred.

Yue Yang put down the blade he used to shield his front. He did not fall like Old General Ma, and was even continuing to walk towards Ding Zang.

Ding Zang could not believe his own eyes. This lad had received his attack, but why was he still standing?

Anger swelled inside him. A cloud of raging flames that was a few times larger than before rumbled loudly. In his hands, it formed into a giant blazing ball that looked like the sun, as he angrily threw it towards Yue Yang…


Under the gaze of the crowd, Yue Yang took it head-on without dodging it, using the Hui Jin Magic Blade to intercept it.

An explosion resounded in the air and everyone fell to the ground from the impact. Some roofs and walls of houses cracked, while some houses were even overturned from the hot blast of wind.

In the hot blast of wind, Ye Kong and the others struggled hard to hold on. Trying their utmost to breathe in the suffocating burning air, they tried to find Yue Yang’s figure in the darkness. Yue Bing and Yi Nan was already crying until tears were streaming down their faces. They did not know Yue Yang’s true strength, hence they were extremely worried for his safety.

At a distance 30 metres away from Ding Zang, there was a single figure standing.

It was Yue Yang.

He was still standing, holding his blades with both of his hands, not moving even a single inch.

Just when others were worried that he would fall to the ground like Old General Ma, suddenly, Yue Yang moved his body forward and continued to walk towards the Luminous Demon Ding Zang.

“This, this is impossible!” Ding Zang was dumbstruck. This brat’s strength was clearly more or less the same as Ma Xing Kong’s, but why was he able to withstand his fivefold Hellfire?

“Are you okay?” Ye Kong couldn’t help but to shout out. However, before he blurted it out, he thought to leave out Yue Yang’s name. He must not let the enemies know Yue Yang’s name! Not even considering what the outcome of this battle will be, the Demonic Palace in itself was already so terrifying. It wouldn’t be good if they tried to find him afterwards.

“This is just child’s play! Playing with fire is also my speciality!” Yue Yang suddenly revealed a shining smile and waved towards Yue Bing and Yi Nan, gesturing to them not to worry about him.

“Tenfold Hellfire!” The Luminous Demon Ding Zang was extremely furious. His whole body suddenly ignited in fire. His cloak turned into ashes as he turned into a blazing man. A pillar of dark red fire soared up to the sky ten meters tall, then it slowly coagulated and become a giant flame that looked like a Fire Dragon. There was a dragon’s head, body, wings and tail, and every single part of the Fire Dragon’s body was equipped with raging flames. The Fire Dragon then tore the air apart as it rushed towards Yue Yang.

At this time, Fatty Hai and Yue Bing had already summoned their grimoires and erected their shields.

Only those who had shields to protect themselves ended up safe in the battlefield. Every single soldier had been sent flying by the blazing firestorm, and houses had all collapsed one after another, the house’s woods raging in flames. The whole of Hope Town had turned into sandstorm and fallen into darkness. Only a single Dragon could be seen in the middle, trying to swallow a black figure.

Ye Kong and the others cried in their hearts, “It’s the end!”

At this time, they didn’t even hope for Yue Yang to be able to continue fighting, they only hoped that he had summoned his grimoire and erected his shield as defense on time. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to escape unscathed.

He must never face the flames head on. That was not a hellfire that a person could defend against alone!

But Yue Yang’s actions and moves were still stubborn as ever.

Instead of erecting his shield, he drew a circle of light leisuredly with the Hui Jin Magic Blade in his hands. It resembled a rainbow, gently flowing like water. The Fire Dragon devoured the earth and the sky, meeting with the flowing water-like slash that Yue Yang had unleashed head-on. Ding Zang thought that this brat would definitely be finished this time. In the next second, he would definitely be burnt into ashes by his Fire Dragon. That brat should stop dreaming about extinguishing his tenfold Hellfire with that kind of small and powerless slash!

A cold smile appeared at the corner of Ding Zang’s lips.

This brat was practically seeking death!

In the next second, as Yue Bing and Yi Nan watched nervously that they almost fainted from the tension, Yue Yang had actually not been swallowed by the Fire Dragon. Instead, he had slowly revolved himself around that Fire Dragon whose body was a hundred times larger than himself… With every revolution that he made, that Fire Dragon lost a part of its body. In the sky, a mysterious ring of fire would appear with every turn he made. After Yue Yang turned 9 times, there were 9 rings of fire in the sky surrounding his body and mysteriously revolving. Under his controls, these rings of fire looeked extremely calm and docile, as if it was not going to explode at all…

“Wahhh!” Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the others were extremely shocked when they saw this and jumped a few meters back.

“This, this is impossible…” Ding Zang was filled with fear as he saw the scene in front of him. He completely couldn’t believe his own eyes.

Although Yue Yang’s gentle blade couldn’t extinguish his Hellfire, Yue Yang had easily separated the Fire Dragon into nine stable rings of fire. After realizing Level 2 of [Yin Yang] and after learning from his two failures and lost of controls previously, Yue Yang had finally truly grasped the actual method to control his fire ability.

Mastering the Level 2 [Yin Yang] had been Yue Yang’s goal of a breakthrough for a long time.

Right now, Yue Yang finally mastered the fire ability from the [Yang] pole of his [Yin Yang]!

When he finally mastered the fire ability, Yue Yang felt that his abilities had expanded greatly. It was as if he could grasp the whole world in his palms. In that moment, he had caught a glimpse to his Innate Realm’s Fourth Stage. He believed that when he had his next breakthrough, he should be able to step into his Innate Realm’s Fourth Stage.

As long as he had entered into the Fourth Stage of Innate Realm, let alone this Luminous Demon Ding Zang, even if he fought against the Marquis of Zi Jin again, he believed that it wouldn’t be that difficult anymore.

The feeling of finally mastering his skills made Yue Yang extremely moved!

From the moment he created his [Spherical Beheader], he had only spent less than a month to master this fire ability now.

Yue Yang sighed. He had only just started his Ranker’s path to become the strongest. In the future, he didn’t even know how many more mysterious things that awaited him… Even that Sword Goddess oneesan’s heaven and earth destructing kind of ability would not be an impossible feat to achieve.

It was just that he did not have enough time to train. His martial arts skills were still lacking.

One day, he believed that he would also be able to climb up onto that stage, as long as he continued to improve and open new breakthroughs.

“…” The Luminous Demon Ding Zang looked at Yue Yang with a complex expression. Suddenly, he took out a teleportation scroll. Not caring about how the disturbance in the dimension would cause a faulty teleportation, he immediately tried to escape.


It was the first time for Yue Yang to meet such a life-preserving fellow. They had only fought halfway and he actually thought of abandoning his comrades and escape?

The Corrupted Warriors standing by on the peak of the mountains started to create a disturbance. However, they were immediately hushed by the other commander in charge.

They continued to stand on guard. It was obvious that they had decided to continue to besiege the town.

Old General Ma who was heavily injured previously suddenly struggled to stand up, then rushed towards Yue Yang while nodding his head and said, “Seems like Ding Zang had retreated to the Demonic Palace to report back. Could you help me kill the surrounding enemies and go to the Tian Luo Kingdom Capital and ask for reinforcement? Please ask His Majesty to send at least one member of the Heavenly Imperial Guardians. Only then would we be able to come out safely. Otherwise, when the powerful Rankers from the Demonic Palace came here, we would all be in danger.”

Yue Yang frowned a little and said, “I am just a student from the Da Xia Kingdom, would His Majesty believe my words?

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