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LLS Chapter 161 – Don’t show off too much, or you’ll be struck by lightning!

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Chapter 161 – Don’t show off too much, or you’ll be struck by lightning!
Translated by: Shiro
Edited by: Shiro
TLCed by: Shiro

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“Black Winged Tan Wu Fang, your opponent is me!” Old General Ma received the blade that was coming towards him, charging forward with big steps.

In his heart, he felt that they must not lose Yue Yang, this young one.

It didn’t matter if they were in a dangerous situation and had to force themselves to be strong, or if they have to be diplomatic with other countries. The best way to threaten their enemies was to keep and train the strong Rankers in their midst in the best way possible. Old General Ma knew what kind of person the Black Winged Tan Wu Fang was. He was the ‘Black Winged Human Demon’, one of the Demonic Palaces’ Sky, Earth and Humanity three different Demons. His name was renowned as the 108th rank in the Falling Cangue Mountain’s Demonic Palace. On the surface, it seemed like he was weak because he couldn’t manage to enter the top 100. However, this was definitely not because his abilities was lacking, it was because his achievement points weren’t enough yet. If one took into consideration how he managed to climb up from over 3000th rank to 108th rank in 10 years by fighting countless battles, one would be able to imagine how strong he was.

Old General Ma reckoned that the Black Winged Tan Wu Fang would definitely be within the top 100 amongst the Demonic Palace’s ranking in terms of abilities, or maybe even the top 50.

With regards to the Black Winged Tan Wu Fang, Old General Ma was extremely familiar.

He was one of the rebels from the Tian Luo Kingdom, who had escaped to the Falling Cangue Mountain. He was once the audacious, disguised robber who attacked the Princess of Da Xia who had come to Tian Luo Kingdom for a marriage

When his plot had failed, he became a wanted man and was hunted after by strong Rankers from both Tian Luo and Da Xia Kingdom.

He was heavily injured a lot of times and had almost died, but he managed to escape from dangerous situations every time.

His streak continued until the Tian Luo Kingdom finally dispatched one of their Five Enshrined Elders, Wan Li Sha, also known as “Sandstorm”, who finally managed to capture him and upheld justice for all.
(Shiro: Wan Li Sha also meant Thousand Miles Sand)

However, right at the day of his capital punishment, the strong Sky Demons from the Demonic Palace, “Sky Pearl”, “Sky Law” and “Sky Wrath” created diversions and saved him with a crafty escape plan. Throughout history, the Black Winged Tan Wu Fang was the only offender who had managed to move the Three Major Sky Demons into action to save him. It could be clearly seen from this how greatly the Demonic Palace had thought of him.

After recovering from his deadly injuries, Tan Wu Fang, who was almost like a disabled person initially, recovered his previous battle power, and even improved his strength.

In a few years, his rank continued to increase unceasingly from countless battles, defeating hundreds of demons. He rose from 3000th plus to the 108th rank. Finally, he rose to become one of the Sky, Earth and Human Demons, the “Human Demon”. His promotion speed almost rivalled the Falling Cangue Mountain’s fastest promotion record. The holder of this record rose to the top 10 from the 5000th rank in just two years, finally ranking just below the extremely strong Sky Demon Ranker, “Sky Calamity”.

Although Old General Ma had never fought with the Black Winged Tan Wu Fang before, he knew that this renegade Tian Luo rebel, who killed people easily as if they were flies, was definitely not any weaker than him.

He was worried that Yue Yang was too young, did not have enough experience and would fall for Black Winged Tan Wu Fang’s tricks easily.

Hence, he decided to step forward bravely and meet the Black Winged Tan Wu Fang head-on.

“Ma Xing Kong, I don’t want to fight you, you are too old for me!” Black Winged Tan Wu Fang didn’t even take the Old General Ma into consideration. In reality, the Old General Ma wasn’t really old, it was just that his expression was a little strict and his brows were always tied up in a knot. He was also experienced and knowledgeable, and furthermore, he loved his soldiers as if he loved his own children. Hence, he was nicknamed Old General Ma.

“It’s useless to try provoking me.” Old General Ma wasn’t affected at all. He walked over with grand steps as he summoned his strengthening-type beast, Burst Giant Bear, to add extra strength to his body. His arms started to transform into a bear’s arms.

“You are still as foolish as before…”

Black Winged Tan Wu Fang suddenly took out a Crystal Stone and summoned a cloud of strange, grey-coloured fog.

When the strong mountain winds blew, that cloud of grey-coloured fog dispersed in all directions.

Everyone immediately smelled a kind of potent and extremely fragrant smell, but nobody felt unwell. Instead, they felt their salivas building up in their mouth as they quickly gulped it down. Fatty Hai, especially, was drooling so much that he had created a waterfall of drool.

Old General Ma, who was walking so determinedly and domineeringly like a huge mountain, suddenly waved his sword in pain and stabbed it into the ground.

He tried to prop himself with the sword, but that hard metal sword bent and broke under his weight.

Under the public’s gazes, Old General Ma dug his bear-transformed arms deep into a rock.

Although there wasn’t much difference in his expression, only a deeper frown on his thick eyebrows, an observant soldier would be able to notice that at this time, the Old General Ma’s back was already drenched with his sweat. His arms and legs that had dug deep into the ground were also slightly trembling. It was extremely obvious that he had suffered from the Black Winged Tan Wu Fang’s secret attack. His body was in serious pain. However, Old General Ma had a willpower made of steel. He was still enduring and persisting with all of his efforts.

Suddenly, the Black Winged Tan Wu Fang appeared right in front of Old General Ma.

He raised his legs and landed heavy kicks on Old General Ma’s body, kicking his body right and left repeatedly. He also stomped on the Old General Ma’s bloodied face, laughing disdainfully, “Ma Xing Kong, one of the top ten generals in the Tian Luo Kingdom! Aren’t you strong? Come and get up then, come and beat me up! I have even already stepped on your face, aren’t you angry? Go on, get angry and let out your fury! Raise your bear palms, make me afraid of you!”

“I’m definitely not angry. Don’t even think of [Enraging] me!” Old General Ma’s face was swollen from the Black Winged Tan Wu Fang’s stomps, but his glare was still as sharp as a knife and as cold as ice.

“Traitor, you dare to hurt the General! I’m going to kill you!” Two [Grandmasters]-ranked Deputy Generals immediately charged forward bravely without caring about their lack in power against the powerful enemy. They simply couldn’t stop themselves when they saw that their Old General Ma had been humiliated and stepped on the face by the Black Winged Tan Wu Fang.

“Annoying trashes, begone!” The Black Winged Tan Wu Fang waved his hands and immediately summoned a strong wind. The two Deputy Generals were flown ten meters away, coughing up blood when they hit the ground.

Old General Ma suddenly howled loudly as his eyes turned bloody red. His whole body slowly turned into a bear, but he quickly squashed his fury down and returned to his original appearance. “Everyone, stand back. I can defeat this traitor.” He then commanded his subordinates to retreat.

“So turns out that he had used the Mad Bees Fog to [Enrage] Old General Ma… Isn’t that mere child’s play!” Yue Yang had used his Level 3 [Divine Eyes] to see through the Black Winged Tan Wu Fang’s trickeries.

This fellow had actually summoned a rare kind of special-type [Mad Bees Fog] beast. The fog that he emitted just now was actually the fine honey powders that the bees had produced. Normal beasts would not be affected when they smelled it, but bear-type beasts would immediately lose control and go insane. This Black Winged Tan Wu Fang had purposely summoned a beast that was the Old General Ma’s Burst Giant Bear’s arch-nemesis. He wanted to provoke the Old General Ma and make him go insane with anger, turning into a killing machine who would kill anyone within his sight, just like those mercenaries who had slaughtered each other like madmans. He wanted him to destroy the whole of Hope Town.

As for Old General Ma, he’d rather be beaten than be angered as he gritted his teeth and endured his humiliation. He continued to resist the Mad Bees Fog’s smell until it had completely dispersed away.

His strengthening-type beast Burst Giant Bear had an unparallelled defense and strength, so he wouldn’t be injured by the Black Winged Tan Wu Fang’s kicks. This was only humiliation by words designed to make him lose control and be angry.

“Ma Xing Kong, look at yourself. Do you even still look like the reputable Great Ten Generals? Why don’t you change your name to Miserable Worm instead?” The Black Winged Tan Wu Fang raised his large leg and bashed it furiously on the Old General Ma’s face. He humiliated him as much as he liked, his words sharp and unkind. He continued to provoke him, hoping that the Old General Ma would go into rage and lose control, becoming an insane violent Giant Bear who would kill people blindly.

“I think the Miserable Worm nickname is more suitable for you!” Suddenly, Yue Yang appeared right behind the Black Winged Tan Wu Fang’s back, without him even knowing when.

“What?” The Black Winged Tan Wu Fang froze. Someone had actually sneaked right behind him without any indication at all.

Yue Yang was extremely shameless. Normally, people would speak first before launching their attacks. However, he was different. He would attack first and warn the enemy later. He had kicked the Black Winged Tan Wu Fang squarely on his butt and sent him flying away before leisuredly spoke out his sentence of warning, “Let me demonstrate how people usually stomp miserable worms to death!”

The Black Winged Tan Wu Fang was furious. He break the impact of Yue Yang attack in mid air and prepared to flew down to counter-attack Yue Yang.

However, suddenly, Yue Yang had re-appeared once again at his back.

Clasping his fists together, Yue Yang swung them down hard right at the Black Winged Tan Wu Fang’s back.

When his opponent crashed down to the ground like a meteor, Yue Yang had even managed to do a roundhouse kick at the exact place on the Black Winged Tan Wu Fang’s back that he had knocked earlier.

“Despicable!” The Black Winged Tan Wu Fang broke his fall with his hands as he crashed to the ground, but he still sunk deep into the ground from the large impact of Yue Yang’s force. Without waiting for the Black Winged Tan Wu Fang to struggle free from the earth, Yue Yang had already floated down to the ground right in front of him. The Black Winged Tan Wu Fang’s expressions immediately became frozen. Wasn’t this brat’s movement speed too fast to be possible? He had came crashing down, yet Yue Yang had managed to float down before him. What kind of beast had this brat actually summoned that made his speed even faster than himself?

“You haven’t seen despicable yet!” Yue Yang revealed a smile that would even make demons shiver as he cooly raised his legs and kicked at the Black Winged Tan Wu Fang’s chin hard. Yue Yang kicked him out of the earth like a soccer ball.

The Black Winged Tan Wu Fang flew ten metres away, but he immediately bounced back and roared furiously as he returned back with a speed even faster than a hurricane to attack Yue Yang.


His fist punched into empty air. Yue Yang had already disappeared from his original location.

Unbeknownst to the Black Winged Tan Wu Fang, Yue Yang had already soundlessly appeared right behind his back.

As the Black Winged Tan Wu Fang revealed a disbelieving expression on his face, Yue Yang’s right hand had already pressed onto the back of his head as he smashed the Black Winged Tan Wu Fang’s whole body down to the ground. Yue Yang then pushed his face forward, drawing a trail of pit on the ground with Black Winged Tan Wu Fang’s face, before finally smashing his face against a wall. As the Black Winged Tan Wu Fang tried to struggle free, Yue Yang used his other hand to grab onto the Black Winged Tan Wu Fang’s left leg and lifted him off the ground, before smashing his whole body onto the wall.

“Boom!” A deafening sound resounded.

The mountain wall crumbled to dust, burying the Black Winged Tan Wu Fang deep inside.

The previously overbearing and arrogant Black Winged Human Demon Tan Wu Fang had practically been beaten up by Yue Yang to the point he didn’t recognise which way was north. Watching this, the soldiers couldn’t help but to burst out in a loud cheer!

The declining soldier’s morale had once again rose a hundredfold higher.

“Ahhh, this is too refreshing! Good job in beating him up. Beat this son of a bitch even more!” Fatty Hai was so excited that his face was red. Realizing that Yi Nan and Yue Bing were looking towards him, he immediately corrected his speech, “Uhm, actually, I am a gentleman. That sentence just now, I was merely helping to shout what Ye Kong and the other monkeys who did not have a good upbringing would say. I take extra attention on elegant demeanours and bearing. You guys could see this immediately in the refined manner I usually carried myself. I speak politely, have a kind heart, am enthusiastic and concerned about other’s welfare. Such a low-profiled gentleman like me would definitely not tell you that I had once donated all my pocket money to victims of natural disasters as a kind act. I was only six years old at that time… Ah? Who hit me?”

He had not even finished speaking before Ye Kong and the Li Clan Brothers started to administer his daily fix of beatings.

In the darkness, there was suddenly a sharp and cold voice calling out, “Fool! He had already seen through all of your weaknesses from the start. I have already said before. Don’t summon the Mad Bees Fog in front of a strong Ranker, you would only decrease your battle power greatly that way!”

“Give me more time and I will personally kill him!” The utterly miserable Black Winged Tan Wu Fang pulled his body out of the rocks and calmed his fury as he glared at Yue Yang.

“Don’t make me wait too long.” That sharp, intense voice that was as sharp as needles harrumphed before disappearing into the darkness.

“That scared me… Hey, mysterious expert, don’t show off too much or you’ll be struck by lightning*!” Yue Yang ridiculed the voice and took out his Crescent Blade at the same time. He then charged forward together with Hui Tai Lang from the left and the right of the Black Winged Tan Wu Fang respectively. His expression seemed to say, “This young master had only just started to reveal his true strength.”
(Shiro: Uhh for those who can read Chinese, this is the raws for added humor – 不要太装逼,装逼被雷劈!)

The Black Winged Tan Wu Fang froze as he hurriedly called for the Black Steel Wing Griffin in the sky to come down, fusing together with it.

His body became more sturdy and more masculine as his muscles rippled.

A pair of Black Steel Wing appeared on his back, and his fingers turned into terrifying claws that could even split metals apart. In an instant, his battle power had burst up to more than dozens of times.

Right now, this was his most powerful state. He had finally become the true ‘Black Winged Human Demon’ Tan Wu Fang now.

Just as the Black Winged Tan Wu Fang flew upwards with confidence and was about to tear Yue Yang into shreds, that sharp voice that was as sharp as needles suddenly shouted out anxiously again, “Cancel your summon quickly, cancel your strengthening fusion! Fool! You have fallen into his trap! In that brat’s body, he had some…”

“Spores.” Yue Yang smiled brilliantly like the sun as he helped the voice to complete his sentence.

When everyone present was all baffled by this, the Black Winged Tan Wu Fang who was flying in the air suddenly shouted “AHH!” and fell to the ground like a piece of log.

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