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LLS Chapter 160 – Reunion of the lovers, blissful embrace!

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Chapter 160 – Reunion of the lovers, blissful embrace!
Translated by: Yunichan
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Arrows suddenly poured down from the sky like a torrent of rain.

Unleashing his [Spherical Beheader], Yue Yang repelled all the arrows back towards the sky. Yue Yang’s move scared all the attackers so much that they shivered uncontrollably.

Unfortunately, Yue Yang had yet to successfully execute the combined use of both Level Two Yin Yang and [Space Teleportation] skills masterfully. Otherwise, this combo attack would probably decimate these fellows who liked shooting arrows so much. Yang ha just experimented with combining the use of Level Two [Spherical Behader] and Teleportation in a single slash. After executing that attack just now, Yue Yang came to a completely new realisation. He had always thought that after the countless great battles he had been through, especially the one with the Marquis of Zi Jin, he should have been able to level up even further. The time of his breakthrough should not be too far from him now. It was just that he still had not reached the tipping point for the breakthrough to happen. The flurry of arrows just now had provided an opportunity for breakthrough for him, but unfortunately, he had not prepared himself sufficiently for it. Otherwise, he would have successfully broken through his current state and levelled up.

Yue Yang’s attack did not actually bounce the arrows back up high enough. All of them had fell back down onto the ground in a parabola-shaped arc, hence they did not pose much threat to most of the flying-type beasts.

However, some of the Flesh-eating Crows, Drummed Wing Lizards and Giant Bats were unlucky instead, running into the rain of arrows when they swooped down to attack the soldiers and eat their flesh. They were immediately shot by the arrows, falling to the ground.

“Look out, maintain the circle!” The Mercenary Commander in the valley who had noticed Yue Yang since back then immediately commanded his subordinates not to create any form of disturbance or attack Yue Yang.

He discovered that arrows were useless against Yue Yang.

It was simply a joke to use normal attack methods against such a Ranker.

One must use the battle strategy of pitting soldiers against soldiers and rankers against rankers. They could only execute their plan of beseiging the town tonight successfully if their greatest threat was removed.

Old General Ma took in everything that was happening.

Even though he did not make a sound, he was secretly pleased.

Before this, he had already knew that the masked brat was unusually powerful. However, because of his identity as a student of Da Xia Empire, he could not ask for his help to serve Tian Luo Kingdom. Now that he had taken the initiative to stand up and attack the enemies to rescue his comrades himself, even effectively deterring the enemies in the sky in the process, he had taken a large burden off him. It was their best glimmer of hope in such a nasty situation.

For Hope Town’s current situation, every extra ounce of military strength was an extra helping hand.

Especially with the immense strength that this masked brat had that was definitely not lesser than his. This was practically God’s blessings for the soldiers, mercenary soldiers and citizens of Hope Town.

Yue Yang may not use his full effort to help Hope Town, but he would at least protect his comrades.

To the enemies who had secretly planned to besiege Hope Town, Yue Yang would also become a large threat and an unpleasant shock to them.

These enemies would never have thought that such a powerful opponent would unexpectedly appear in Hope Town. Their miscalculation on Yue Yang’s presence might perhaps be the start of the collapse and failure of their entire plan…

Hence, Old General Ma was secretly extremely pleased by Yue Yang’s decision to help attack the enemies.

In such a dangerous situation, he was unable at present to come over and express his gratitude to Yue Yang. He quickly led his elite soldiers to counterattack against the Giant Spiders that had invaded the town.

“Use fire, spiders are afraid of fire!” Old General Ma had plenty of battle experience. With a wave of his hand, the soldiers behind him immediately shot out flame arrows. Subsequently, many soldiers threw out petroleum and lighted torches, burning the Giant Spiders which had just crawled through the walls of the town, making them squeak in panic.

“Are you alright?” Yue Yang was enjoying the wonderful sensation of Yi Nan’s fragrant, soft and lovely body that was hugging against him. It was simply so comfortable that he could not help but extend his wolfish, sinister hands to caress her back.

“I’m, I’m fine!” Yi Nan discovered that his burning big hands were caressing her back. Pleasant shivers reverberated throughout her skin. Discovering that this bastard’s hand were creeping down her back and had almost reached her butt, she hurriedly pulled his hand back up and placed it firmly on her lower back. She could not bear to release him for now. Instead, she thought that the feeling of him hugging her to him was an extremely comfortable one. It gave her a sense of security in her heart, and at the same time, the sensation of their skin pressing tightly to each other, their bodies and hearts becoming one, made her feel blissful. As for his concern for her, Yi Nan was afraid that he would see the streaks of tears on her face. She hurriedly lowered her head and secretly wiped them away.

“Sister Yi Nan- I mean, Brother Yi Nan!” Yue Bing was still little and not very aware of things related to love and whatnot. Not knowing that she was interrupting the blissful moment that her older brother and future sister-in-law were currently sharing, she flew over in excitement when she saw that Yi Nan was safe, opening her arms and hugging both Yue Yang and Yi Nan tightly.

“Brother Yi Nan, it’s great that you’re okay!” Fatty Hai also wanted to pretend that he was idiotic and opened his arms, but Ye Kong stuck out his leg and kicked him into the mud like a dog.

With the crowd gathering near her, Yi Nan immediately felt embarrassed.

It was fine if it was just Fatty Hai and Ye Kong. Yi Nan already knew that they could tell that she was a girl.

But she still wanted to maintain her identity of ‘Brother Yi Nan’ in front of Yue Yang so that he would tell her more of his true feelings and talk about things that she would never hear if he knew that she was female.

To prevent Yue Yang from being suspicious or misunderstanding, Yi Nan explained a little vaguely. “Ah, this is a custom in my hometown. When people meet again after a long period of separation, we would mostly hug each other to express familiarity and well wishes to each other. Just like this!” As Yi Nan explained herself, she hugged Yue Bing. Yue Yang inwardly laughed, but he pretended to not know anything. He sighed deliberately. “This custom is really not particularly pleasing. It’s fine if one were to hug a beauty, that would be good fortune. But to hug a guy, it really does not feel good!”

Yue Yang even pretended that goose bumps had arisen on his body, to express his discomfort of hugging Yi Nan.

Yi Nan almost wanted to kick him. She had never seen such an idiot like him!

When Fatty Hai heard this, he immediately pretended to be excited. “I like Yi Nan’s hometown custom. Come, let’s have a hug too.”

Ye Kong and the Li Clan brothers immediately hit him to the ground simultaneously. Ye Kong then pounced on him and started to beat him up. “My hometown’s custom is that once we see somebody irritating, we will beat him up, just like now!”

Seizing this opportunity, the Li Clan brothers started to stomp on Fatty Hai’s meaty butt, nodding matter-of-factly. “How coincidental, our hometown also has the same custom!”

Yi Nan inwardly laughed. Recalling that this state of affairs was caused by her, she felt sorry for Fatty Hai. She hurriedly pulled Yue Yang and Yue Bing away, in case Fatty Hai said even more wrong things that would caused him misfortune. She firstly said a few pleasantries to Yue Bing, before asking Yue Yang. “How is it? You attended a few days of classes in the academy, did you see any beauties or campus belles?”

Yue Bing was afraid that her future sister-in-law would feel jealous, so she immediately shot Yue Yang a pointed look, trying to indicate to him to not make any irresponsible remarks.

But Yue Yang pretended not to see them. With one hand over Yi Nan’s lovely shoulders, he said. “I didn’t see any beauties or campus belles. My main objective is still to attend the academy. But on the first day, I happened to pick up a sexy Drunk Cat Oneesan downstairs. Tsk tsk, her figure was really hot! I’ll describe it to you in detail when we had the opportunity. I guarantee that you will salivate in lust.”

“……” Yue Bing put her hand to her forehead. What a headache, this future sister-in-law would now be jealous enough to fill three big bowls of vinegar.
(Shiro: jealous in Chinese is 吃醋 – which literally meant eat vinegar)

“Really? What happened to the Drunk Cat Oneesan after that?” It would be a lie if Yi Nan was not at the least bit jealous, but she believed that Yue Yang would not immediately sleep with a Drunk Cat Oneesan that he had just picked up. At most, he would just gallantly rescue the beauty and revive the Drunk Cat Oneesan from her sleep.

“After that, I brought her back to the dorm. If not for her Golden-ranked Little Panda Niu Niu protecting her… hehe!” Yue Yang grinned conspiratorially as he patted Yi Nan’s lovely shoulder. His underlying meaning was “We are both guys, you know about this stuff”. His lustful expression made Yi Nan roll her eyes secretly. With such a beauty in front of him that he could not even tell, he was still telling her about pushing down the Drunk Cat Oneesan. He was practically an idiot that made her at a loss of whether to laugh or be angry at him!

“Brother was actually very well-behaved. When he brought her back to the dorm, he just laid her on the bed and went away to study. When the Drunk Cat Oneesan woke up, she started to beat Ye Kong, Master Hai and company up. On the other hand, Brother was studying and researching on beasts with me outside. Because Brother was a good student, he didn’t get beaten up… ” Yue Bing hurriedly spoke words of praises about her brother.

“I don’t think I’m that good… Did you know that she even left a note for me? This proves that she kept me in her mind constantly and can’t forget about me.” Yue Yang was immensely pleased with himself, bragging about how overly handsome he was that beauties left love letters for him!

“What note?” Sure enough, upon hearing this, Yi Nan become tense.

“Isn’t this one?” Yue Yang took out a note from his robe. Yi Nan immediately snatched it over. Seeing that it was an adorable little paw print, she was puzzled. What did this mean? A secret sign for a date? A secret love letter?

“Yi Nan … … Brother Yi Nan, this was left for him by the Little Panda Niu Niu, she likes to eat sweets.” Yue Bing started to giggle.

“I see. Congratulations, Yue Yang, you successfully captured a little girl’s heart.” Upon seeing Yue Bing’s gestures to describe the Little Panda Niu Niu, she realised that the girl was just a little kid, and was immediately humoured inwardly. She also felt ashamed for her own nervousness. Why was she even jealous of a kid! This fellow may be good-looking, but he was actually a big idiot. He had been cooped up in his home so much that he did not even know how to win favour with girls. Also, he always wore his mask. No wonder no beauties had fallen for him!

Her fate was intertwined with him. Even though he appeared to be a little lustful, he still ultimately belonged to her. No one could snatch him away from her!

Thinking about this, Yi Nan was elated. She did not mind Yue Yang’s hand that was hugging her shoulders, and even pressed her body closer to him. She did not need to care about her actions in front of Yue Bing, since she was already treating her as her future sister-in-law. She also did not need to hide what she was saying from her. With a hint of bashfulness, she said in a low voice. “I have an easy method for you to see beauties. Next time, I’ll introduce you to my little sister, I guarantee that you will salivate in lust with one look at her! If you want to see her, I’ll make the arrangements. Do you want to?”

“Hmm, I’ll think about it.” Yue Yang pretended to be mindful of Yue Bing’s presence beside him and hence looked as if it was inappropriate to express what he really thought. However, he seemed to be anxious and filled with anticipation at this suggestion. This made Yue Bing giggle secretly and Yi Nan extremely happy.

With the conclusion of their small reunion, when Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and company came over, everybody started to feel tense about the situation again.

The flying-type beasts in the sky were temporarily biding their time. They had landed on the rocks of the mountain summit, looking down at Hope Town.

Near the enclosed walls outside the town, countless Giant Spiders were trying to crawl in. There were poisonous fluids and spider webs all over. From time to time, there were soldiers caught by the spider webs. Luckily, there were enough soldiers defending the town. There were elite soldiers guarding within every few meters of distance. When they saw the spider webs, they immediately torched them with fire.

The spider webs, which were immune to blades and spears, were extremely vulnerable to fire instead, melting immediately upon burning. Currently, there were not a lot of casualties amongst the soldiers. The soldiers which were injured or poisoned were also bitten by the smaller spiders.

As long as they took the requisite antidote, the soldiers’ vital organs were not bitten and treatment was rendered in time, their lives were generally safe.

But it was merely the start of their attacks now.

The Giant Spiders which the soldiers killed was not even one-thousandth of the total number. Also, there were still numerous spiders crawling out in dense packs from the Despair Abyss, spreading across the mountain slopes, forming a ghastly sight. Old General Ma furrowed his brows tightly together. He could tell that his soldiers’ strength was exhausted quickly and that their beasts were starting to suffer from more injuries. Now that there were no reinforcements, they might not even be able to kill all these spiders in one whole day and night … There were still thousands of flying-type beasts and Corrupted Beings on the mountaintop that were eyeing the town covetously, merely waiting for the best chance to attack.

This battle’s initiative was entirely controlled by the enemy. It was practically a fight to the death.

If the masked lad was willing to lend a helping hand, they could perhaps last till dawn. Otherwise, just with these two thousand soldiers under himself, they would definitely not be able to last beyond tonight.

Old General Ma immediately turned to look at Yue Yang’s direction. Howeve, he suddenly discovered that there was a ranker riding on a Black Steel Winged Griffin in mid air that ignored the ranged attacks of the soldiers, loftily hovering in the air. He suddenly spoke out to Yue Yang and posed a proposal, “You guys are not soldiers, and also aren’t our targets. We have decided to let you go. Go now and leave this place immediately!”

Everybody was looking at Yue Yang. Some were worried that he would accept the proposal, some were envious that he got a chance to leave, some resented his good luck, some others wished that he would stay and fight together with them, some shook their heads in despair, while some people pleaded with their eyes …

Ye Kong and company’s eyes only revealed one piece of information. That was, they were resolute to follow Yue Yang’s decision.

They were not willing to fight against strong enemies, but they could not bear to abandon so many soldiers and leave just by themselves.

Hence, they chose to listen to his decision.

As for Yi Nan and Yue Bing, both of them would definitely support Yue Yang’s decisions.

“When I was three, my father taught me not to believe what the enemies say. Did you think that everybody are as dumb as you are? Save your cheap tricks and saliva, nobody will fall into your trap to lure us away.” When Yue Yang said this, the surrounding soldiers immediately heaved a sigh of relief, and started to break out in cheers.

Even Old General Ma who was a distance away also nodded his head resolutely. As predicted, he did not make an error of judgment of this person. He did not fall into the enemy’s’ trap nor abandon the soldiers and leave alone by himself.

A good man should be like this.

Old General Ma looked at Yue Yang. Suddenly, an air of confidence and heroic spirit lifted his heart. With this man here, the situation did not look as bleak now.

The expression of the ranker riding on the Black Steel Winged Griffin immediately changed.

With regards to Yue Yang’s answer, he seemed to feel that he had suffered great humiliation. He immediately somersaulted and jumped down from the Griffin’s back, pointed at Yue Yang and coldly snorted. “Since you want to die, I’ll send you on your way! Don’t think that you can be cocky with some lousy martial arts skills. We only treasure talents. With that arrogance of yours, don’t blame us from not holding back. You egoistical young fellow, die!”

Yue Yang’s Level Three [Divine Vision] could see the enemy’s real power that he had hidden. This masked ranker was even stronger than the two that he had met in the Ant Hole.

He should be an Advanced [Senior Elder] who owned strengthening-type beasts and was an expert in martial arts. His power was probably not below Old General Ma’s.

This fellow was also the strongest one amongst all the Corrupted Rankers that Yue Yang had met.

With just one sub-rank difference, he was still two times stronger than the two [Elder]s that he met at the entrance of the Ant Hole added together. However, Yue Yang, who had defeated the Marquis of Zi Jin, was of course not afraid of him. But in this situation where it was inappropriate to expose Xiao Wen Li and the rest under the scrutiny of many public eyes, Yue Yang could not use them in battle. Yue Yang thought that it would not be easy to defeat him just by relying on his strength alone.

What made Yue Yang vigilant secretly was that there was a Ranker who was multiple times stronger than this fellow hiding someplace in the darkness, observing the battlefield.

That person must be the true leader of all these attackers!

Faced with the enemy’s arrogant challenge, Yue Yang’s reaction was to yawn lazily. “If you want to fight, just start. Stop saying so much rubbish. This young master is about to fall asleep with your yap!”

“Roar!” With this, the soldiers’ emotions were stirred up. All of them raised their arms and cheered loudly.

“Yah! Yah! Yah!” They shouted loudly in unison as if to make Yue Yang even more awe-inspiring. The shouts reverberated throughout the skies and earth as the soldiers’ morale soared up high!

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