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LLS Chapter 156 – Destruction

Chapter 156 – Destruction
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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That Level 6 [Elder] who was seriously injured supported himself on the mountain walls as he took out a summoning crystal stone and summoned his last beast.

A Bronze-ranked Level 5 Giant Mammoth appeared in front of Yue Yang.

It had long tusks and a body like a giant mountain.

Such a beast would definitely be able to sweep through the whole area easily. However, although it was gigantic in size, it was deeply frightened by the berserk Yue Yang. When the others watched it, they realized that the Giant Mammoth’s gigantic body was even slightly trembling. Its small eyes revealed a shocked expression.

When Yue Yang took one step forward, this Giant Mammoth couldn’t help itself but to take one step backwards.

Seeing that the situation was not good, the Level 6 [Elder] immediately concentrated his mind and commanded the Giant Mammoth to charge towards Yue Yang and use its legs that were as thick as pillars to stomp on him.

Its master’s command and the fear in its heart collided with each other.

The Giant Mammoth struggled with its steps.

It lift its legs up at one time as if it wanted to move and charge forward, crushing its enemies with its stomps; but it also seemed like it wanted to move backwards and flee from the battlefield. Its legs were raised up high, yet it was also extremely hesitant, moving forward and moving backward at times. Hence, it could only helplessly stay on its original place, shaking the ground with its steps.

The Level 6 element-type [Elder] behind him urgently summoned his Meteor.

A red light flashed.

A creature that looked like a Fire Crow was summoned out.

It immediately flew to the sky, spreading out soundlessly and turned into a ball of fiery light.

When the ball of fiery light exploded, the whole sky turned crimson red. Even the clouds seemed to shed drops of blood. There seemed to be ripples forming in the sky, like the ripples formed when wind blew through a lake. The crimson red undulations in the space grew bigger and bigger, rotating from internally to the outside, getting faster and faster. In the end, a few meteors ignited in flames appeared in the sky, rumbling with a loud sound. Two of the biggest meteors aimed towards the top of the mountain cliff where Yue Bing and the others were present, another two aimed at Yue Yang, while the last one aimed at the mercenaries.

That kind of rumbling sound sounded like the end of the world…

Every single mercenaries thought that it was the end for them. How could they still be alive if the Meteors rained down upon them?

What made the others wonder was that Yue Yang didn’t try to stop it at all, as if he was purposely letting that Level 6 element-type [Elder] summon his Meteor.

All of the ordinary mercenaries were all concerned about their imminent deaths, so nobody tried to guess Yue Yang’s thoughts. However, the six [Grandmasters] and two [Elders] all felt that something was wrong. Why would this fellow who had gone berserk did not even try to stop them at all?

When they were about to retreat altogether into a cave on the mountain walls and wait for Yue Yang to fail at saving his comrades and be crushed into meat paste by the meteors, the Giant Mammoth suddenly ran away. Its body that looked dumb and heavy was actually extremely spirited. It had immediately run towards the cave to hide its body and only left its big butt outside. The thing that made them even more dumbstruck was that there was a Gold-ranked Bloody Queen flying in the air right in front of them the moment the Giant Mammoth had stepped aside… Then, just as the few [Grandmasters] and [Elders] were about to raise their weapons, with a speed even faster than lightning, no one managed to stop the Bloody Queen before she let out a shrilling [Banshee Scream] that exploded in their ears.

The six [Grandmasters] immediately fainted to the ground.

That [Elder] that was seriously injured from Yue Yang’s blows was even more heavily injured by the scream, so much that his eardrums had ruptured. His hands couldn’t even prop his body up as he immediately fell to the ground.

However, the person who was injured the most by the Bloody Queen’s [Banshee Scream] was definitely not him. It was the other element-type Level 6 [Elder] who was concentrating on commanding the meteors to fall to the ground…

If Yue Yang had never studied in school before and had never listened to Grandma Wu Teng’s lectures, then he would have long since charged forward, solve his problems with his barbaric fists and stop the element-type Meteor attack to be released.

The current him, however, had learnt a simple method from Grandma Wu Teng, and that was “Interruption”. When one was summoning an element-type beast, he must control it with his mind. The stronger the element-type beast was, the greater the mind-control it would require. If they lose their mental control, they would instead suffer from the element-type beast’ recoil. This was equivalent to when strengthening-type beasts left its master’s body, or when a fighting beast-type beast abandoned a battle and run away. This was all caused by the master’s lost of control over their beasts… Furthermore, amongst all of recoils, the element-type recoil was the scariest one.

The element-type beasts possessed a destructive power. However, the moment it recoiled, the one destroyed would be its master.

Yue Yang could have killed the Fire Crow before it flew up to the sky and summoned the Meteors, but that would only count as an initial stage ‘Interruption’. The Fire Crow’s death would only cause its master to have a terrible headache.

When it had successfully summoned the Meteors, if its master’s mental control weakened and Yue Yang carried out ‘Interruption’ in this moment, the consequences would be…

The five Meteors suddenly turned in direction, flew in a bended arc and fell straight towards the element-type Level 6 [Elder] immediately.

“Ah, no!”

When that [Elder] awakened from his dizziness, he realized that the Meteors was falling towards them. He shouted miserably.

Yue Yang threw the unconscious Behemoth monster on top of Ye Kong and Li brothers to cover them, then stood on top of the Behemoth monster holding Yue Bing tight in his hands as he erected his [Halo Shield]. The Bloody Queen flew fast like an arrow into the shield and hugged Yue Yang tightly. Seeing that there was no space for him inside the shield, Hui Tai Lang immediately buried his head and went underneath the Behemoth monster’s stomach. Unfortunately, its tail was still outside when the huge explosion exploded down to the ground.

The five Meteors which were burning brightly with fire rained upon the valley almost simultaneously.

The whole mountain shook as blazing fire soared up to the sky.

The shock wave blast and the raging flames even decimated the creatures underneath the Ant Hole completely.

The loud explosion and the great earthquake was as if the whole earth had split. The explosion caused the whole mountain cliff to rumble, burst, collapse, as chunks of boulders flew about everywhere. Even that Giant Mammoth who was hiding inside a cave was thrown into the sky. Subsequently, a mushroom like smoke rose up to the sky following the explosion.

Suddenly, a mountain peak snapped and collapsed.

Following that, half of the mountain then collapsed, breaking into countless chunks of boulders and slowly fell to the ground.

In the end, increasing in momentum, the boulders fell into the valley with loud rumbling sound. The mountain peak fell not more than 20 meters away in front of Yue Yang, before breaking apart and falling into the valley.

The whole earth shook once again.

Yue Yang was secretly relieved. He had taken the Meteor falling into his consideration, but this piece of mountain peak was beyond his calculations. Luckily it had not fallen and smashed at the mountain cliff. Otherwise he could only kick Ye Kong and the others into the deep abyss beside them and commanded the Bloody Queen to save them before they were smashed into meat paste… That was already difficult on its own. Let alone their numbers, Fatty Hai had even turned himself into a monster. This ability of his…

The mercenaries underneath the mountain cliff were definitely finished. Let alone them, even those six [Grandmasters] and two [Elders] must certainly be dead.

They were first smashed by meteors, before being smashed by a huge mountain peak to boot.

Even if their ancestors were cockroaches, they would definitely not be able to live.

After experiencing two great earthquakes, the flat mountain cliff that Yue Yang and the others was on had become slanted from its level position. Luckily it was still strong enough to withstand the explosion and did not crumble.

Hui Tai Lang wriggled out disorderedly from within the Behemoths body and climbed towards the flat mountain cliff side to look down. It realized that the meat below had all disappeared, they were all buried under the rain of rocks and boulders.

After the earthquake, Ye Kong, who had collapsed from exhaustion, also wriggled out from underneath the Behemoth Monster’s stomach with great difficulty. He shook his buzzing head and rubbed away the bloodstain on his nose and his mouth with his sand-covered hands. He then asked Yue Yang weakly, “What had happened? I seem to see people lighting up fireworks in my dream…”

“That’s more or less what had happened.” Yue Yang’s berserk mode had slowly calmed down, and he also felt a little tired.

“What is this monster that is squashing me?” Ye Kong asked as he realized that there was an extremely ugly monster that was snoring very loudly lying on the ground. It had squashed him to the point that he couldn’t breathe.

“Don’t you think his snores are familiar?” Yue Yang felt that as long as someone had heard Fatty Hai snored before, they would definitely recognize his snores.

“Is this monster that damned fatty?” Ye Kong was so shocked that his chin dropped to the ground.

“Who else do you think in this world could still sleep so soundly after suffering such grave injuries, other than Fatty Hai himself?” Yue Yang felt that Fatty Hai’s sleeping skill was definitely one of his Inherent Skills. It was an extremely powerful Inherent Skill that would allow him to sleep soundly anywhere and anytime.

This point had really made him respect Fatty Hai deeply.

Ye Kong was dumbstruck for a very long time before he finally nodded his head, certain that this ugly monster was Fatty Hai’s transformation.

It’s just that it was extremely strange. This was not strengthening-type, element-type and most definitely not a fighting beast-type beast. So what kind of beast had Fatty Hai summoned? Why would it even transform his whole body into a monster?

In Fatty Hai’s bronze-ranked grimoire, there wasn’t the existence of this beast.

With regards to all these thing, Ye Kong couldn’t figure it out no matter how long he thought about it.

Yue Yang had already realized that Fatty Hai was different from the rest and had a potential in him before. However, Fatty Hai had never told them about this before, so he had respected Fatty Hai’s secret and did not ask him about it too.

It was only after using Healing Stones for quite a while that Fatty Hai’s monster body slowly turned back to his original appearance. However, before his monster appearance disappeared, he gave out an extremely smelly fart that took form in a yellow cloud of fog that lingered on his body for quite a while. The smelly fart shocked the Bloody Queen and Hui Tai Lang so much that they immediately ran away. As for Yue Yang, he had already carried Yue Bing as he teleported a hundred meters away.

The mysterious thing was that when Yue Yang was on berserk mode, his teleportation ability had become extremely accurate.

The current him who had calmed down, on the other hand, had missed his teleportation target very far away. His head had almost knocked into the mountain walls on the opposite side of his teleportation target. Had it not for his extremely quick reactions, he would have fallen into the valley.

Ye Kong had wanted to check on Fatty Hai with good intentions. Who would have known that he would have to bear his smelly fart head on?

He choked and fell to the ground in the midst of the giant yellowish fog of a fart, his mouth frothing with bubbles. His two legs twitched uncontrollably, just like an insect that had been sprayed with insecticide.

Luckily there were a lot of strong winds in the Despair Abyss that blew this yellow, dense, mysteriously huge fog of a fart away in a few moments. Then, a naked Fatty Hai slowly woke up from his sleep and mumbled, “I think I smelled the smell of barbequed meat…”

“Get down immediately or I will kill you!” Ye Kong, who was still squashed beneath Fatty Hai’s butt, gritted his teeth as he struggled to grab his weapon on the ground.

“Eh? You are still alive, monkey? Didn’t you die already? Then I have been sad for nothing!” Fatty Hai looked at Ye Kong very innocently, as if he didn’t realize that his big butt was actually becoming the main culprit for killing Ye Kong.

“I am not dead yet, but I’m going to die soon from being squashed by your butt!” Ye Kong’s spine was groaning. He, who had collapsed from exhaustion, didn’t have the strength at all to move Fatty Hai away. He could only howl madly.

“Brother…” The weakened Yue Bing woke up, and the first person she saw was Yue Yang.

She hugged Yue Yang emotionally. She, who had forced herself to be strong all this while, finally shed her happy tears, “I knew that you will definitely return safely…”

Yue Yang consoled her with a gentle voice and patted her head that was covered with lustrous black hair slowly. He also helped to wipe her tears away.

In the skies far away, there were still quite a few large flying beasts carrying a few men that were dressed as mercenaries, quietly observing everything that had happened in the valley.

In the end, a middle-aged man that looked like their commander gestured with his hands, and those flying beasts immediately followed his orders and left this place quietly, as if they had never appeared before. Before he departed, that middle-aged man who seemed to be the commander glanced at Yue Yang, his expression seemed to be extremely complicated, as if there were hatred, surprise and fear mixed together into one.

He then looked at the Gold-ranked Level 5 Bloody Queen before quickly urging his flying beast to move, catching up to his comrades in front.

Very quickly, they left the valley.

“This matter… It’s definitely not that simple!” Yue Yang had also used his [Divine Vision] to deeply remember that middle-aged man’s look. He would ask the Luo Hua City Mistress when she arrived here. If this matter was indeed related to him, then he would need to investigate till the end. No matter who was behind all these, he would investigate it to the end and track all of the clues. He would definitely catch the main culprit behind this matter.

“Brother, there are a lot of Fire Red Ants climbing out from that place!” Yue Bing was lying weakly in Yue Yang’s arms when she suddenly saw movements from the valley below.

“Could it be that the Golden Ant Eggs are over there?” Seeing that, Yue Yang’s heart immediately twitched.

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