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LLS Chapter 155 – Extreme Berserk

Chapter 155 – Extreme Berserk
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukinek, Khh
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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When Yue Yang arrived, he realized that there were hundreds of mercenaries that were surrounding a mountain cliff in front of the Ant Hole.

On the ground, blood was flowing like a river and corpses were strewn everywhere.

With one simple glance, he could already estimate that there were at least several thousand corpses. As for summoned beasts’ corpses, their were piled up like mountains.

Black-coloured and dark red blood flowed together forming small ponds everywhere, and several creeks had also formed from the continues flow of blood… The desperation of this battle had gone to an extreme point. This didn’t seem like they were only fighting for a few Golden Ant Eggs, this seemed like a great war between two countries fighting for a city! Yue Yang simply couldn’t understand how things could get this far. It was merely a few Golden Ant Eggs, was there a need to slaughter everyone like this?

Yue Yang felt that he understood mercenaries quite well. Other than those newbies who just joined in, the older mercenaries who could survive so far were mostly sly, cunning old geezers.

They bully the weak and fear the strong, and they especially cherish their own life the most.

Death was something they would avoid entirely.

As for these mercenaries, they liked to enjoy their lives all the time… With this kind of attitude, how could more than a thousand mercenaries act like those military soldiers who were trained to fight to their deaths without protecting themselves at all. How could they have done this just to snatch three Golden Ant Eggs?
Although Golden Ant Eggs were good, could they be more important than their own lives?

Could it be that they were completely brain damaged?

Yue Yang really couldn’t understand why. However, he immediately saw Hui Tai Lang, whose body was fully covered with wounds and was carrying the unconscious Yue Bing on its back. When Hui Tai Lang gave a loud miserable howl to him, Yue Yang instantly became furious, as if it had lighted the wick that lead to an explosion in his heart! Yue Yang felt like there was lava flowing underneath his feet and whirlwind in his head. Inside his body, right at that moment, he felt like something had exploded. He turned into a mad, violent and bloodthirsty force that couldn’t be restrained anymore, his power rose up by a hundredfold. Furthermore, his muscles and blood all felt like they had become ‘excited’. His body’s senses felt sharper than before, he could even feel blood flowing through his blood channels and his heart beating… At this time, Yue Yang didn’t think of anything other than ‘destroy’ in his heart.

The mysterious thing was that Yue Yang felt that his awareness still remained completely clear.

This kind of fury, although it was difficult to restrain, it was a conscious action. It was contradictory just like flames that had ignited on ice.

He knew that his massacre would cause countless of people to die, but at the same time, he also felt the impulse, the hunger and thirst to slaughter every single living being bubbling up in his heart.

These people in front of him weren’t human beings anymore in Yue Yang’s eyes… Yue Yang who was in a berserk mode felt like they were just as puny and as low as little ants… With regards to their actions of violating his own family, Yue Yang felt like he couldn’t forgive these people no matter what.

Since these ants had tried to bite people, then he should use his foot to stamp them to death.

This was Yue Yang’s berserk mode perspective.

“All of you, die!” Yue Yang raised his Hui Jin Magic Blade and Crescent Blade on both of his hands as he furiously roared.

Purple flames soared up to the sky as Yue Yang’s aura exploded greatly.


Like a Shock Wave Blast, Yue Yang quickly sped through!

Yue Yang who was in berserk mode was completely different from his usual appearance. His eyes glinted with a golden light as his clothes and hair moved with the wind.

A faint golden light appeared on the surrounding of his body.

A mysterious and strange ring of light appeared right below his feet!

Yue Yang completely didn’t have the time to notice the change in appearance after he went berserk. He only wished for bloodbath and slaughter right now. Only that would appease the deep hatred he felt in his heart!

The mercenaries didn’t even have any time to react. Even the strong warriors hidden amongst them could only see a golden person-like figure charging forward like a Demon God. Yue Yang was even fiercer than a tiger who entered a flock of sheep. In an instant, he started his violent, mad manslaughter. Only after countless heads and limbs flying off and a sea of blood spurting out from necks… did they finally hear Yue Yang’s roar that he had shouted earlier!

Yue Yang’s movement speed was even faster than his roar.

When his thunder-like furious roar finally shook and resounded throughout the mountains, Yue Yang had already killed at least a hundred people.

It didn’t matter if they were high-levelled or low-levelled, it didn’t matter if their beasts were big or small, every single mercenary guarding below the mountain cliff that Yue Bing was in had all been instantly killed by Yue Yang.

The mercenaries were like wheat that was being harvested with a sickle, cut to the ground one after another.

When Yue Yang rushed through them like the wind, even their torn limbs would fly from the force of the wind, dispersing in all direction. They could neither react nor escape in time, they could not even cried out in time. Just like that, they were immediately killed by Yue Yang who were like a berserk Demon God.


As Yue Yang charged through, killing all mercenaries on his sight, suddenly, to his surprise, when he was slashing his blade towards an ordinary-looking mercenary, he realized that he could actually block his thunder-like attack.

There was a strange feeling coming off from this person’s body. Yue Yang couldn’t help but to feel that he was different from the rest.

If Yue Yang had completely lost his reason, he might have just rushed through without thinking about all these.

Furthermore, this person immediately hid himself within the crowd, as if he didn’t want to show his true capabilities. Just now, he only revealed himself because he was forced to defend himself from Yue Yang’s deathly attack. Yue Yang shouted loudly as he furiously charged over, sending all the surrounding mercenaries flying away as if he was a hurricane passing by. Then, he used his Level 3 [Divine Vision] and looked towards the weird man who was the only who could withstand his furious attack. When he saw through him, Yue Yang suddenly had an enlightening realization. Turned out that there was really something wrong with this person! Turned out that amongst the ordinary mercenaries, two Level 6 [Elders] and eight Level 5 [Grandmasters] were hiding secretly…

Amongst the mercenaries in Soaring Dragon Continent, it’s not as if there weren’t Rankers, but there was definitely no mercenary with the ability of a Level 6 [Elder]!

A Level 6 [Elder] would normally be conferred the title of City Master or Mistress by the Kingdom.

Even if they refused to be a City Master or Mistress, they would also become the Kingdom’s generals.

Even if there were strong Rankers that were willing to became a lowly mercenary, a Ranker that had reached the level of a Level 6 Elder would probably go up the Tong Tian Tower to train, they probably wouldn’t stay at the Soaring Dragon Continent and become an ordinary mercenary soldier.

If such a person exist, then they were definitely suspicious. They must have a hidden intention that couldn’t be discussed with anyone else. Just like this time.


Yue Yang didn’t care who these [Elders] were, he also didn’t care if they had any secret plot.

As long as they had dared to injure his sister, even if they were Princes, Yue Yang must definitely kill them without mistake! Almost in that moment he had realized his opponents strength, Yue Yang immediately flew towards that person’s head and slashed his Hui Jin Magic Blade down with a speed and sharpness that could tear heavens apart. However, that person’s speed was extremely quick. He didn’t receive the blow head on, and instead, he slipped through the sea of mercenaries like a mudskipper, walking in a zig-zag, unclear line. The thing that angered Yue Yang the most was that this person could even change his disguise as he escaped, becoming another mercenary to fool Yue Yang.

If Yue Yang had lost his reason, then that person’s disguise might have worked.

But right now, he was just a joke!

Yue Yang waved his Crescent Blade and suddenly created a perfect [Spherical Beheader].

When that person turned back to look, he was immediately surprised as he shouted loudly, “This is bad! This brat could still act with reason as is really high-levelled. He even knew a powerful martial art skill… “

He thought that Yue Yang would attack him like a wild cat, pouncing and slipping quickly through the crowd towards him.

But Yue Yang did not pursue him.

Instead, suddenly, Yue Yang disappeared right under their eyes, disappearing right into thin air.

In the next moment, he had mysteriously teleported to an ordinary mercenary who was secretly climbing a mountain cliff. He took out his Crescent Blade full of bloodthirst and pressed it to that person’s neck, shouting loudly, “You annoying idiot, turn back now. Let me tell you whichever fool who dared to attack my family will not have a good ending!” That ordinary mercenary started to tremble all over. He completely didn’t think that at a distance of more than ten meters apart, this frightening killing machine could appear at his back out of thin air.

When that person turned back naturally as he heard Yue Yang’s words, Yue Yang had already abandoned the two blades in his hands, and started to twist that ordinary mercenary’s neck.


Very slowly, he twisted the ordinary mercenary’s head off.

In his last moments, that ordinary mercenary let out an extremely miserable, painful cry that resounded throughout the whole mountains unceasingly.

Yue Yang twisted that ordinary mercenary’s neck off then raised it high up before smashing it towards the mountain cliff, splitting it up like a watermelon. Then he kicked it towards the mountain side, turning the head into a ball of bloodied flesh and broken bones that no one could clearly make out its original appearance anymore.

“Hui Tai Lang, you idiot of a dog. Why are you so useless? You can’t even protect a single person!” Yue Yang carried Yue Bing’s body before angrily raising his foot and kicked Hui Tai Lang madly. Although it was beaten up, Yue Yang channeled a lot of his Innate Qi into its body. Hui Tai Lang’s wounds immediately healed, its demonic energy started to burst out once again. It howled loudly towards the sky and ignited the dark flame on its body. It leapt up from the ground and roared majestically at the beasts on the mountain cliff, announcing its resurrection!

As long as its master was here, it would forever be a wolf-cockroach that would never die!

Yue Yang immediately rescued his sister. He placed her on a clean stone and pinched off a Healing Stone, allowing a white light of recovery to envelope her body.

However, at the moment he saw Yue Bing’s pale-white face and the numerous wounds covering her body, Yue Yang was extremely furious and became berserk again immediately.

“All of you wretched ants, I’m going to kill every single one of you. I’m going to destroy every single one of you!” Yue Yang who experienced the second outburst felt that his strength and power could still increase by hundreds folds. This time, he didn’t even pick up his Crescent Blade and Hui Jin Magic Blade. Instead, he took out the blood scythe that the Blood Scythe Demon left behind and ignited it in flames. He leapt down the mountain cliff and swept the blood scythe towards the crowd of mercenaries.

A level 5 [Grandmaster] had summoned a strengthening-type Bronze-ranked Level 4 Steel-armoured Armadillo. Not even blades could injure his body.

However, under Yue Yang’s furious slash, his whole body was immediately cut into two.

The effects from the strengthening was completely useless in front of Yue Yang who had gone berserk… His other comrade, who was also a Level 5 [Grandmaster], wanted to escape. However, he had not even ran for more than 5 meters before he was whipped with a Demon Whip that was ignited in dark flames. His whole body was immediately beaten down on the ground.

The whip was like a living snake as it crackled noisily.

A person’s head was thrown into the air.

The Level 6 [Elder] who was the first person that blocked Yue Yang’s attacks and was continuously running away and changing his disguise, that Level 6 [Elder] who dressed like an ordinary mercenary on the outside and liked to hide in the crowd, had secretly summoned a smoke-like beast that could turn his body invisible.

Under Yue Yang’s bloody, violent and insane slaughter, this fellow was even more cunning than a mouse. He hid his body and quickly escaped through a crack on the mountain walls.

Even if he was a Level 6 [Elder], he still wanted to avoid this battle.

When he had ran around 50 meters away, he went through a crack on the wall.

Turning back, he realized that the bloody manslaughter outside was still ongoing, nobody had realized his presence. He couldn’t help but to heave a sigh of relief secretly as he took out a teleportation scroll, preparing to escape.

Suddenly, a Demon King Trident pierced into his butt deeply, and penetrated out through his legs.

He had already strengthened his body with a strengthening-type beast, Golden Bull. However, even that unbelievably strong defense was useless. His body which couldn’t be penetrated by swords was pierced like paper with the Demon King Trident. Without waiting for that person to even struggle, Yue Yang had already pulled his trident and flew into the air with that person still impaled on his weapon, before smashing him ruthlessly to the ground. That Level 6 [Elder] supported his body painfully with his hands, but before he could even cried out, Yue Yang’s leg had arrived right onto his face, causing his teeth and blood to fly out. At the same time he kicked that person’s body flying away, Yue Yang shot out his Demon King Trient as quick as lightning, impaling his body right on the mountain’s wall before ridiculing him furiously, “Dear fellow-who-have-hidden-his-head-but-forget-his-tails, since you wanted to become a cuckold so much, I shall allow you to pretend your fill!”

At the moment of his death, the Level 6 [Elder]’s strength immediately changed. He mumbled a summoning incantation in his heart and his body started to glow with a crimson light.

He then punched at the mountain’s wall with a powerful force.

The mountain’s wall immediately burst into pieces.

His whole body started to twist like a snake. Even his body which was impaled by the trident could unexpectedly be freed on his own. He then ran away from Yue Yang’s Demon King Trident. Although he was heavily injured, he was still a Level 6 [Elder]. Even at this time, he still had the ability to escape.

“If you guys still stay frozen like this instead of attacking him, we will all die in this place!” That [Elder] summoned a Jungle Boa that was thicker than a bucket and commanded it to restrict Yue Yang.

As for himself, he climbed the mountain and quickly escaped towards his comrade, anxiously shouting, “Summon Meteor quickly and crush him to death with the Meteor. This brat’s barbaric power is crazy. Beasts wouldn’t have any effect on him! We must use the Meteor. Don’t hide yourselves anymore, help me quickly and kill this brat!”

The two Level 5 [Grandmaster] who were nearest to him immediately helped him, summoning a Bronze-skinned Lion and Metal-bone Leopard to support that heavily injured Level 6 [Elder]. However, in front of the berserk Yue Yang, these two Bronze-ranked Level 4 beasts were simply as weak as a sheet of paper. Not even the Level 6 [Elder]’s Bronze-ranked Level 6 strengthening-type beast, Golden Bull, could defend against the Demon King Trident’s frightening physical attack power. Let alone these two Bronze-ranked Level 4 beasts.

The Jungle Boa had been beheaded by Yue Yang with a single slash of his trident.

The Bronze-skinned Lion was immediately pierced through from its mouth to the back of its head with the trident.

As for the Metal Bone Leopard with the fastest speed, it had long since abandoned the battle and ran away in fear when it saw Yue Yang. However, it was unfortunately pierced through from its anus right to its abdomen by Yue Yang’s trident.

“Stop him, I need at least a minute to fully summon the Meteor!” The other Level 6 [Elder] who was hiding in the crowd and was an element-type Ranker immediately shouted, his expression extremely unsightly. Yue Yang’s unexpected appearance and his incomparably strong powers had completely foiled his plans, and was even endangering his life. But this was not the main point. If their plans were to be exposed, then he really couldn’t think of the consequences. Not only themselves, but a lot of other people involved would definitely be sentenced to capital punishment…

Hence, he must kill him to protect their secret.

They would not hesitate to use every single method to kill this brat and his other comrades. It was better late than never.

As long as they could quickly kill every single person here, then their plans would be completed successfully.

It’s just that, would Yue Yang give him that kind of time?

Yue Yang, whose whole body was covered with fresh blood from both mercenaries and beasts, making him look like a Demon God, held his Demon King Trident on his hands as he swept the beasts blocking his path away easily, cutting them into chunks of meat before he walked forward step by step towards him.

In the whole area, other than the six Level 5 [Grandmasters] and two Level 6 [Elders] who survived, other mercenaries had fallen to the ground. Even those who were not injured had trembled so wildly and paralyzed on the ground by this time. Every single person was trembling at the sight of Yue Yang, whose fury could even reach the heavens. Every step that he took was like a stomp to their spirits, shaking their hearts and making them feel as if the whole mountains was quaking.

He was the Demon God who had descended, each step he took was like thunder and lightning!

“Die!” Yue Yang said it easily with just one word. However, the moment this word came out from his mouth, every single person there was immediately trapped within the cage of death.

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    Originally, everyone was just like NPCs to him.

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    But then these ignorant fools just had to show up and ruin everything.

    They pretty much killed the last shred of humanity Yue Yang had left inside of him.

    Now, these people don’t even qualify as NPCs anymore.

    Now, he views them all as insects that he can kill as he pleases.

    (NPCs would at least still resemble Humans. They would just be considered fake Humans that exist as part of the system.

    Unfortunately, he now views them as insects, which ranks even lower than NPCs.

    At least with NPCs, you wouldn’t normally go around killing them without a good reason for doing so.

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